Slut Slave by Dominate_Man

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True Story | Anal, Ass to mouth, BDSM, Domination, Humiliation, Submission

Chapter 1

All of the aspects of this story are true - we have done these things, I just put this together in the form of a story and had my slut read them and verify that she wants to do this again. Her name has been changed to protect her privacy - she looks like a normal attractive woman in every day life, a businesswoman, a mom - but - she has needs that I help her with.


Zoe - 5'5" blond, attractive (she turns heads wherever she is), waxed pussy, curvy, 44DD

Me - 6'4" 220, athletic build, 7" thick, (I have been told that I am a good looking guy)

We are both in our late 40's and enjoy playing with others as well.

My slut has recently played with a couple in FL at my encouragement - she enjoyed it very much.

The Story - Chapter 1

I start planning our adventure.

I go to FL for business, you meet me there.

I get a room and a car.

You come to my hotel and I tell you to strip naked outside my door before coming inside. You do as you are told.

You knock and I answer examining you to make sure that you are ready for the next 3 days - your pussy is waxed, your ass has been cleaned, you are wearing only sandals and holding your suitcase which contains all the elements and toys for three days of fun.

I let you in - but not before someone sees you standing naked outside my door. The man admires your round ass and wonders, "what is happening in that room?"

Your first task is to step in and drop to your knees, put your hands behind your back and open your mouth.

You are drooling, I rub my cock on your face and allow you to smell it, then push it into your mouth.

I want you to choke on it, gag, I want your throat to expand as I put my cock in . . . I want your spit on it.

You start sucking, licking, tasting my cock.

I grab your head and fuck your face, until you are desperate to breathe, you want to move your hands from behind your back but you know it will be a problem for you if you do.

I relent and allow you to breathe. You gasp for air, spit is trailing from your mouth and my cock, I wipe it on your face.

Your 3 days of being my sex slave have begun.


Zoe replies: Yes, please. : )

I continue with the plans:

The first night is spent with you naked in my room - I play with you off and on for a few hours, you are exposed to an audience via a live chat site and i force you to use a dildo in front of those in the room. You will suck my cock in front of them and I will turn you around and spank you with my belt - welts will rise on your ass and everyone watching will get to see you being abused.

I finger your asshole, 2 then 3 fingers - stretching your hole, then have you clean your fingers, licking them so that people watching will see what a slut slave you are.

I will allow you to have a few drinks and I will get you some food - but you will not wear clothes. You will be naked in my presence for the 3 days.

You know what will happen to you next, this is why you want to come and join me. You are scared but, you have told me that you want it and that you are desperate for the next step.

You will be beaten and whipped, tied up and slapped.

Your breasts will be tied and bound and I will be slapping your nipples.

Your ass will be whipped - with a belt, a paddle and a thin piece of plastic pipe - the one you love and hate at the same time.

Your pussy will be hit with my belt, it hurts so amazingly when I hit your pussy - your face is a mixture of pain and pleasure.

Your mouth is full of your panties so when you cry out no one will hear you.

I will shove a plug into your ass, pull it out and shove it in again - stretching your asshole.

The pain will make your head swim and you will think that you want me to stop, but I won't. You have already asked me to abuse you and I have told you that once we start this - we stop when I say.

You are my slave for the next 3 days and you have agreed to allow me to do anything I want to you and you have given up all say in the matter. You are mine and everything about you is mine.

When you cannot stand the pain anymore - and your body is aching, welts and bruises on your breasts, ass, thighs and stomachs all rising up, your pussy will be gushing cream. Dripping wet. I may give you some relief and rub your clit for you - allowing you to cum.

You will be sweating and shaking - your hope will be that I will fuck you and give you some relief. But, that is not coming anytime soon.

Your legs will be released so that you can join me in the bathroom - I have to piss.

Into the shower you go, you kneel again and you ask me, "please, may I have your piss sir?"

And I will give it to you.

You will be peed on, all over your chest, your face - opening your mouth to catch some of the hot piss coming from my cock.

It feels warm and tastes salty - you are overwhelmed at how wonderful it feels to fully give yourself over to me for my use. You are owned and enjoying it.

I have you lay down in the piss and make you raise your hips and pee on yourself - you are a filthy slut, a piss covered, abused filthy slut who is only at the beginning of 3 days of abuse.

I am deciding if I want to fuck you tonight or just leave you tied up in my piss.

What would you like Zoe? Would you like to lay there covered in our piss or would you like to join me tonight?

I ask Zoe a simple question; "More?"

Her response, as I received it; "Yes please sir. I want more."

I tell Zoe that I will give her more but that tonight, she must use her dildo as she thinks about me.

Zoe replies to me the next morning: "I did. And I licked myself off of it when I was done just as you would make me do to you."

Zoe has a problem anticipating my wants . . . she assumes a bit too much. This has caused her trouble in the past and her ass has received many spankings for her assumptions.

The story continues in the next chapter.

Rating: 58%, Read 20264 times, Posted Jul 26, 2011

True Story | Anal, Ass to mouth, BDSM, Domination, Humiliation, Submission


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