Neighbours - Part 7 by jimfox

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As time went on, I spent most of my weekends at Paul and Jane’s. So far, when I stayed over, Sarah was at Lizzie’s so I only saw her in passing. One evening though, on her way home from school, she dove into my house to ask me to come to her birthday party. She had slid my zip down and had reached in to grasp my cock which she now stroked as she said “It’s going to be really cool” she enthused, “Lizzie’s coming and Adam and Mick will be there. So will Hassan, I hope, and some more of mom and dads friends.”

“Why in particular do you hope Hassan will be there?” I asked, knowing his particular talent and wondering if Sarah just wanted to jerk me off or whether she had time for me to fuck her. As I spoke to her I slid my left hand inside her shirt and under her bra to feel her pert little tit whilst my right lifted her school skirt and I moved her pants to one side to allow me to slide my finger into her. This was the funny thing about having sex with this girl, and with Lizzie as well come to think of it, everything was so matter of fact. It was just like they were playing a game and the winner was whoever was first past the post. How they got there wasn’t that important.

“You know why,” she responded, “he keeps going for so long but when he cums he really shoots so far! It’s amazing to watch if he lets it fly through the air. Besides which, Lizzie has a thing for him and she just loves the way he keeps it up so long.” I looked into those bright wide eyes of hers as she told me this and I could see she was visualising Hassan’s cock spurting his cum all over her. This, and her rhythmic strokes were bringing me off so soon and I pulled her panties down and lifter her up onto my cock to spear straight inside her.

“Oh Tom,” she gasped, as she clutched me around my neck and began to ride on me, “oh yes fuck me Tom, fuck me quickly now! You cum inside me now and let me feel it!” I cradled her buttocks in my hands and began to lift her and then let her fall as I fucked her whilst I stood with her legs around my sides. She slid on my pole and her tight little cunt gripped me and I began to cum inside her as I shot long hard bursts of spunk into her little teenaged cunt. She gasped again and I felt her twitch as she too came to her orgasm and she bore down on my stump as hard as she could.

When I finished I lowered her slowly and she knelt down in front of me to lick our mixed cum juices from my cock. Looking down on that pretty little head I realised how lucky I’d been to move into this house and knew that my fuck adventures with this family would be going on for quite some time yet. “So, are you going to come?” she asked, bringing me out of my daydream “my birthday party, are you going to come?”

“Yes, yes of course I’m going to come,” and I thought to myself that I would surely cum at her party as well, “wouldn’t miss it for the world.”

“Great,” she said, “I knew you would” and she turned to leave.

“Do you want to use the bathroom before you go home?”

“No. Mom knew I was coming to invite you to my party and she told me to save some of you for her. So I’m taking some of you home!” and with that she ran out laughing and waving as she made for her house.

This family is amazing, I thought to myself. Whatever are they going to come up with next? At the night of Sarah’s party, I would find out!


Party night arrived and I made my way over there. The drive was full with parked cars and the road was pretty busy as well. I could hear the music from yards away but thought what the hell, it’s a teenagers fourteenth birthday so she’s going to have loud music playing. The door was open when I got there, which is just as well as no one would have heard me knocking, so I walked on through.

As I entered the lounge, Jane spotted me and yelled into my ear that I was the last guest so she would now lock the doors. She walked past me and I looked around the room. All the furniture had been removed except for the low table that we had fucked Jane and Jackie on a few weeks ago. This was in the centre of the room and had cushions piled on it. I spotted Adam, Mike and Hassan and then Paul. There were another six men I had not yet met and a short haired blonde woman who I also did not know. Over on one side of the room was Sarah surrounded by Mike, Adam and four of the other men. Lizzie was nearby talking to Hassan as she stroked his cock through his trousers whilst the other two men and Paul were paying attention to the blonde.

Jane returned and came over to me and wrapped her arm around my neck as she purred into my ear. “Oh Tom, are we going to have fun tonight. I wasn’t sure everyone would get here but they all managed and we should be able to give Sarah the birthday present she asked for.”

“So, what is the present she wants then?”

“Look around. Can’t you guess? She wants her first bukake bath and Lizzie, Glena and I are going to be the fluffs for her. You and the others are going to come on her at midnight so don’t you go using all your cum before then or you’ll spoil it. Come on, Glena wants to meet you, you’ve met some of the others but later you can get to know the rest. That’s Jim, Tony, Jed, Harry, Ian and Allan. Glena and Jed are Lizzie’s parents and we’ve had a similar party at Lizzie’s fourteenth so now it’s Sarah’s turn.” Jane took me by the hand and led me over to where Glena was talking to Harry, Allan and Paul. Allan was stroking Glena’s pert behind through the thin material of her dress as she was sliding her hand up and down on Harry’s rampant cock.

“Now Glena,” chastised Jane, “don’t you go making them all cum too early. You know this is Sarah’s night. This, by the way, is Tom. Lizzie has told you all about him.”

“Hello Tom,” she said, withdrawing her hand from Harry’s cock and brushing it against mine, “Lizzie told us about your riding lessons with her and Sarah. I want some of that later” and she gave my cock a purposeful squeeze. “You must come over and visit us sometime. It’s not just Jane and Paul who have all the fun around here you know.”

The evening progressed with general mingling and everyone moving around from person to person. By eleven, we had all had our cocks stroked by the two women and the two girls and they had all been felt in one way or another by us. Clothes had been removed and we were all naked in one large wandering group of sexually charged people. I was standing behind Lizzie with her pulled to me and my arms around her fondling her pert titties as I slid my cock along the crack of her behind when the music was lowered and Jane spoke. “Ok everyone, we all know why we are here so let’s have a big cheer for the birthday girl” and she beckoned Sarah over to her as we all began to cheer her. She put her arms around Sarah and gave her a tight hug and a heavy kiss on the mouth where she slid her tongue into her. When she pulled apart she looked out to us and said, “This is my little girl and I love her so much. Today she is fourteen and she wants you all to share yourselves with her so don’t hold back and let’s make this a day she will remember. Let’s get to it.” And with that she reached across to Mike, who was nearest, and began to stroke his cock as she lowered her mouth to take him inside.

Lizzie tilted herself forwards to give me access to her little slit and I buried myself in her from behind as Hassan presented his cock to her mouth. She groaned out loud as she slid it into her mouth and down to the back of her throat. Across the room, Glena was squatting on Tony’s cock as she flicked between Paul and Jim, stroking and sucking on them. She hardly missed a beat when Allan moved in behind her and began to insert himself into her ass hole. Sarah had lain down on the low table with her legs splayed and her mouth hanging over the edge as Jed began to fuck her slowly whilst she jerked on Harry and Adam. Jane was now holding her tits together as Mike thrust his cock between them and Ian slid his cock into her. We were now all either fucking, sucking or being jerked off and the girls were loving it judging by the moans and shrieks they were making.

Ian was first to break the pattern as he whipped his cock out of Jane and ran across to her daughter. When he reached her he stood over her head and with a final couple of strokes he shot across her face. She lifted her head to him and he dipped his cock into her mouth to allow her to drain his final dribble. That sight started the ball rolling and Mike was next to cross over to cum on Sarah’s upturned face. This left Jane without a cock but she soon remedied that as she accommodated Harry and Adam who had left Sarah’s capable hands to give Mike and Ian space. Jane knelt on the floor and took both cocks in her mouth together. Her cheeks puffed out to the sides as they slid into her to brush along her tongue and teeth.

I felt Lizzie contract her tight little cunt on me as she orgasmed and I wanted to shoot my cum into her there and then but tonight the rule was to give to Sarah. I pulled out of Lizzie’s wonderful little box and hurried over to Sarah, hoping I got there in time. She turned her head to me and grinned as I held my cock alongside her open mouth and she reached up to pump on it. That was all I needed and I let my spunk fly. Thick heavy jets whacked into her cheek and mouth as she continued to milk me and I slid my cock into her open mouth to feel her warm moist tongue lap along my length. Paul followed me from the other side of her face and I watched Sarah as she took the cum from her father as readily as she took it from the rest of us.

One by one we all unloaded onto Sarah’s face and into her mouth. She was yelping with delight at each new cock shoot. Glena, Jane and Lizzie rotated around and carried on with their task as fluffs, ensuring that cocks remained hard and ready to shoot onto Sarah. Only Jed and Hassan had not cum yet. Jed, Lizzie’s father was still slowly fucking in and out of Sarah and he fixed his gaze on her wet cunt mouth as he slid in and out of her. He was stroking her little clit with his thumb and his cock was slick with her juices and he was saying, “God you guys! You should be in here to feel this beautiful little cunt twitch on my cock each time she cums.” This set Sarah off laughing out loud and she said to him “Come on Uncle Jim, it’s your turn now! Come on with my birthday present.”

“OK baby,” he said, “you know I can’t resist when you ask me so nicely. Here it comes so get ready” and he began to pound into her at a ferocious speed and she flew into another squealing orgasm as he pulled out and shot his cum. Long thin streaks of milky white spunk flew through the air over her. He cascaded across her belly, her little tits and even reached her face from there and he grunted in his pleasure. Lizzie meanwhile was still sucking on Hassan. She was keeping him all to herself and he was in no rush to cum just then as she slid her mouth along his lengthy rod. After I had pulled out of her, Ian and Allan had both been inside her and primed their cocks to shoot again over Sarah and Mike was currently pounding into her. Lizzie was clearly enjoying Sarah’s birthday party as much as Sarah was.

Glena had pulled me into her and I was sliding deep inside her. She stared fixedly into my eyes and said, “How do you like this Tom?” as she then squeezed her cunt walls together on me and gripped me like a vice. “I can crush an empty coke can with this pussy you know so how do you like to feel a cunt as tight on you as mine is?” I’d no real answer to this but just kept trying to keep my momentum going as she squeezed on me with those well trained muscles. I must follow up her invite I thought and get round to see this lady soon.

Paul by now was his usual self. He had managed to get Harry to fuck him as he sucked on Adam’s cock. Knowing Paul I was sure he would rather have had them cum in him than on Sarah but even he followed the rules tonight and let them move from him to cum on her face with he himself following shortly after.

Everyone had cum at least twice over Sarah and some three or four times. Everyone that is, except Hassan. He was still buried in Lizzie’s mouth and she was loving it. Finally Sarah said in a mock sulky voice, “Hassan, come on, I’ve saved you ‘till last but I can’t wait any longer.”

“All right little lady,” he laughed “here is your big present from me.” He moved over to her and, from past experience, I knew he was going to give a show. He stood over her head and began to pump his long thin cock with both hands. He maintained the slow steady pace he always did whether fucking or jacking off and then he tipped his head backwards and started to cum. Spurts of thick white spunk flew from his cock and shot over her. Some hit her face but most went way past it and landed on her chest and belly. It was like Jed earlier, only in reverse. As he was still shooting he began to move around her whilst he continued to pump his cock. It never once began to lose its rigidity and he positioned himself between her legs as he was still spurting and he slid himself into her little open cunt.

His rhythm never faltered and he continued with it as he began to slowly fuck her. She was rolling in delight and we stood around watching his performance. Some of us were fucking as we watched but most enjoyed this spectacle as Hassan carried on his long slow strokes. He would sink into her as far as he could but she was a little too shallow to take his full length. When he felt himself hit her base he began his slow withdrawal, bringing his cock head right to her opening before sliding back into her again. “Now Sarah,” he called to her, “Here is the icing for your cake” and he pulled out from her as the first spurt of this cum began to leave his cock. He slid himself up her body so that he sat over her chest and he slid his balls between her little titties as he dipped his shooting cock into her mouth.

We could see it twitch with each contraction as he let his spunk fly into her mouth. She closed her eyes and mumbled her pleasure as she began to drink his cum down. He twitched and twitched in her but she lost not one single drop as his cock now continued its pendulous movements and he fucked her mouth. Another ten minutes followed before he shot for his third time without a break and we all howled and applauded him as he roared with his head turned upwards and his cock twitching yet again in its spasms. Hassan now slid off Sarah and moved away as the rest of us queued to give her our final cum of the evening. We moved round her in a large circle with Glena, Jane and Lizzie jerking and sucking cocks to keep us all primed and as we were about to cum we would move to the head of the table to shoot our loads over Sarah’s face and have her sip the drips from our spent cocks.

Finally, we were all done. Glena lay with Sarah and swished her tongue around her mouth as Lizzie licked the froth from Sarah’s little cunt lips. Jane sat behind Lizzie and stroked the young girl’s little cunt, sliding a couple of fingers in and out of her and then offering the juice to the rest of us. Everyone was in a sort of dazed exhaustion but we all agreed…….this had been one hell of a birthday party!

Rating: 86%, Read 30581 times, Posted Jan 31, 2007

Fiction | Cum Swallowing, Female, Group Sex, Male


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