My Pretty Little Slaves -- Chapter 5 – The Training Continues with Janet's Surprise by mrfootlong69

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My Pretty Little Slaves – Chapter 5 – The Training Continues with Janet's Surprise

Characters Introduced:

Janie, 20 5'2 Blond hair blue eyes 34C

Alex, 15 5'4 Blond hair blue eyes 36C

Carly, 13 5'0 Blond hair blue eyes 32C

Carol, 31 5'8 Brown hair hazel eyes 38D

Ken, 36 6'5, Carol's husband Black Male 14” 4” wide

Elfie, 13 5'0 Black hair and eyes 32B, classmate of Carly's and daughter of manager of Italian Restaurant that Ben and Becky frequent

Antonio, 43 6'0 8” long cock average width Elfie's father.

The training continues:

From chapter 4:

They come into the living room to see what is going on. He tells Michelle she is next followed by Missy. He will do Rebecca, Reanna, Alice the next day and then Sarah, Sam and Jennifer the day after they will all have their anal training done at that point. Then have Hanna, Missy and Michelle complete their oral training followed by and Rebecca Jennifer and Alice the next day. Then starting the following day Reanna, Sam and Sarah complete their pussy training then finally the next day it is Jennifer and Alice's turn to complete their pussy training. This should only take a week, then I will call Janet and tell her she can start her training the following weekend. Becky took notes on the schedule as Ben continues to pound Hanna's ass. When Ben is done Hanna passes out for the pain and pleasure.

Chapter 5....

Becky tells Michelle “Master has to have time to recover. He needs to eat breakfast”. Michelle gets his breakfast and heads over to Ben, “Let me feed you and take care of you, Master. You do so much for us let us take care of you, at least while you are training us”. Ben was fed by Michelle and she cleaned him by licking the crumbs off his chest and lips. She picked up by the hand and leads him to the pool and they descend into the shallow end. Hanna is awake and goes to the pool. Ben swims with Michelle on his side she is kissing him and sucking on his lips. She tells him that he is loved and that his slaves are going to take care of him for the rest of his life.

Michelle then gets out of the water dries off and puts anal lube into her ass and tells Master to come over and let her lube BIG FELLA up. She sucks him till he is hard and lubricates BIG FELLA. Ben takes his pills after he has fucked Michelle's ass hard and fast just like she likes it. He is still erect and goes three more times throttling her like a piston in an engine. She has screaming orgasms and yells and pants continuously. They fuck like rabbits for 5 hours until he is finished. He tells Missy she is next after he recovers. It takes him 2 hours to recover.

Missy tells Ben “Let me ride BIG FELLA, you need a break and I will do all the work. They fuck for 8 hours before it is completed. Missy cuming regularly every thirty minutes. After they are done they go to the pool and cool off. The rest of the training goes as planned, everybody grunting and sweating and climaxing. He is tired after training so many at once. He literally cannot get it up with the help of the little blue pill. Becky says hands off for a couple of days. Ben sleeps for 24 hours and gets up and takes a soak in the tub and then goes gets a shower and then back to bed with his bed slaves taking care of him.

The next morning at breakfast he is not going to train anymore slaves for a while. He needs a break. No more slaves training. Also I am off of sex for 72 hours. His slaves wash him feed him and are very attentive to him. They rub him down and massage his muscles avoiding his groin area altogether.

Amber moves into the house, “Master, Can I help you with the training of the new slaves?”.

Ben “Yes, you can help Mistress Becky prepare my next slave”.

The final training session is done, and Ben gets a call from the architect. He calls and sets up an appointment for the next day. The next day he and Becky arrive at the architects office and he goes over the plans and goes over the details. There are 70 bedrooms 40 of which have in suite bathrooms. 10 servant quarters with a separate entrance. Master's Suite just like you wanted . 15 car garage. 20 rooms for children with 5 large bathrooms with showers and tubs in each. A nursery, family room, entertainment room, a large theater room. A formal living room, and dinning room, a casual living room and dinning room. A large guest house adjacent the mail house with 15 bedrooms with in suite bathrooms and a living social area and with a bar. There are three greenhouse behind the guest house. Each bedroom that has an in suite bathroom also has a walk-in closet. Out back there is a pool with a gazebo and bathroom with a shower. Volleyball and basketball courts, playground area. Inside the house there is a indoor pool with a hot tub and jacuzzi. The workout/exercise room is next to it with a sauna and showers and a bathroom.

Architect shows the computer rendering of the house. They like it and approve the plans. And asks the Architect how long does he estimate it taking to build if they work 24x7 365 days. Depending on the work crew, inspections and the such one year. Less if you have a really large crew.

Becky asks “How much will it cost to build without furniture and appliances?”

Architect estimates 25 million with an escalating schedule.

Ben “Get it approved and put it out for bids with estimate time of completion with maximum number of crew members. I want to break ground before we leave for Hawaii in 6 weeks is that possible”.

Architect “No, when you get back from your two month honeymoon”.

Ben “Let's get this done, I want a copy of the plans”. He hand him the plans and goes home, he talks to Becky about the plans and they said they need to talk to everybody at home and tell them their plans.

At home they get everybody together and tell them that construction on a new house will begin when they all get back from Hawaii in November. It should take a year or more to build everybody will have there own room with plenty of room for babies and children. There will be an indoor and also an outdoor pool. They tell them all the details. They are all astonished by the grand design and the number of bedrooms. He hopes to have it ready for the Christmas after this, so that the girls in New York can ask their parents down for the Holiday's if they want to. Until then they will have to stay in a hotel.

Ben then talks to Becky about Janet. Becky likes her and tells him it is OK with her if she is invited to be a slave and join the family. Ben calls Janet and informs her of their decision and tells her to come over tomorrow night to meet the family. She is hysterical, thanking Ben for asking her to be a slave. Ben tells Becky that they need to go to the Bridal Store and pick out her wedding gown and bridesmaid dresses. He tells her he will call Carol in the morning to setup something.

Ben calls Carol in the morning after having sex with Becky, Sam Sarah and then Tiffani. He tells Tiffani he needs to know what her cycle is and when is she the most fertile. He wants to get her pregnant. Tiffani tells him what her cycle is. He tells her to remind him of it and that they will have sex at least once a day no matter what.

Ben tells Becky about the appointment with Carol and asks her who her maid of honor is. No surprise it is her mother Tiffani. Becky ask him who was his best man is going to be. He thinks about his friends and tells her that he is not that close to any men. That in the short time they have been together she has become the one person that is closest to him and is his best friend, that if everything else disappeared and the only thing he had was her love and friendship the he would count his life as successful. He tells her that he does not need nor want a best man. All he wants is her love and companionship for the rest of their lives.

Becky starts to cry hearing her love speak of her like that. She takes him to bed and loves him until there appointment was upon them. She tells him that we will continue this when they get back, they shower and tell everybody that they are going out. He tells Tiffani to drive the crew that will not fit in his Expedition. They arrive at the Bridal Shop, Ben introduces Becky to Carol, “Carol, this is my bride to be, Becky”

Carol “Master, She is beautiful. She looks like and angel”.

Becky, “Thank you, Ben “You are full of surprises, I am beginning to believe every girl in this state is one of your slaves”, Carol we are planing on getting married in Hawaii in six weeks. I want a dress that will, of course, compliment my body and also be contemporary with an Hawaiian theme for the bridesmaids dresses. All these ladies are going to be my bridesmaids, Tiffani here is going to be my maid of honor”.

Tiffani “It is nice to meet you, Carol, by the way we are all Ben's slaves and I am Becky's mother”.

Becky is introduced to Ken, Carol's husband and a friend of Ben. She talks to Ben “Why don't you ask Ken or Doctor Reynolds to be your best man?.

Ben “I don't know, I just want to spend my honeymoon with my ladies and have no other guys there”

Becky “We can get them a separate house or better yet a hotel so they can enjoy Hawaii with us and not be in the same house. Why don't we invite both and they can both stand for you”.

Let me think about it and tells her to pick out the dresses. He then goes over to Reanna and whispers something in her ear and they disappear into the dressing room. In there she sucks his cock, swallowing all his load, then gets him hard again and then strips and starts to ride him cowgirl style. She has a very load orgasm, Becky opens the door and says “You too sound like you are having a good time, can you keep it down in her Reanna?”. “I could if Master was a normal man, but he unleashed the BIG FELLA in me and it feels so good to have him back in me”.

Carol overhears the conversation and when Becky walks back to where she is trying on dresses Carol asks “What is BIG FELLA?”, “Wait until they are finished and I will show you”. About 45 minutes Ben climaxes hard. They dress and exit the dressing room with smiles on their faces. Becky calls Ben over to Carol and asks him to show her “BIG FELLA”. Carol likes Master's new cock tattoo asking if that was Becky's idea and they tell her it was. They pick out the dresses and Carol tells them that they will be ready in a week. On the way home he calls the tattoo artist and tells her that he has 8 girls that need tattooing. She tells him that she will be there in the morning.

That night Janet arrives and knocks at the door. The maid leads Janet to the pool after she strips naked. She is followed by three other girls, one looks like she could be in her early 20's and the other two are teenagers. They are all naked and walk over to Ben and Becky kneeling the all say, “Master, please take me as your slave!”

Ben “Who are these girls?”

Janet “They are my sisters, I am there only living relative. I told them what I was doing last night and they wanted to join me, sorry I did not say anything sooner, Master. This is Janie, she is 20 and here is her test results along with mine, she has had only 3 sexual partners and none for the last two years. This is Alex she is 15 and is a virgin, this is Carly she is 13 and she is also a virgin. Please let us all be your slaves”.

Ben “I was just expecting you, I do not know if we have enough room for 4 girls”. He looks at Becky and they leave to discuss it. Becky says they cannot separate the family. You have to make it clear what is required of the girls. They go back in and tell them of their decision and the rules and training requirements. They all get up and Ben inspects their pussies. Janet, Janie and Alex go get their pussies shaved and Ben takes Carly and tells her to start sucking his cock.

Carly kneels in front of Ben, “Master, thank you for letting me be your slave. I will do my best to suck your cock, Master!” she takes hold of his cock and can barely get her little hands around his shaft. She kisses the head and notices the tattoo. “MMM, Big Fella, That is appropriate, Master” she then takes the head and gets it into her mouth and starts to suck it and then pushes it deeper into her mouth. Ben says when it hits the back of your mouth to swallow and breath through your nose. She pushes it to the back of her mouth and does not gag she then starts to swallow and takes the whole thing down her throat. She bobs back and forth and they watch the head of BIG FELLA push her throat out. It is amazing sight, She sucks him for 20 minutes as her sisters arrive back from having their pussies shaved by Becky and Tiffani they see the youngest sister sucking on Masters cock. And come over to watch.

Janet “Master, she is taking the whole thing down her throat. I can see the head pushing out her throat as it moves back and forth”. Ben cums a huge load down Carly's throat. She removes his cock from her throat and sucks it all the way out.

Carly “Master, did I give you a good blowjob?”. Amazing job sweetheart

Ben tells Alex it is her turn to suck his cock. She gets on her knees and get encouragement from Carly.

Carly “Alex it was amazing, I could feel the bulge in my neck as the head went up and down my throat. Breathe from your nose and suck when the head gets to the back of your mouth. You can do it Alex, you can get it all the way down your throat too!'.

Alex takes hold of BIG FELLA and puts the head in her mouth and starts pushing it to the back of her mouth and swallows and starts to breathe through her nose and starts pushing it deeper and deeper until it passes her gullet and continues to swallow and then it pushes down her throat. She starts bobbing on his cock back and forth until he comes 30 minutes later.

The other two girls suck his cock and make him cum in an hour.

Ben then tells Alex and Carly that he plans on them being Bed slaves along with her fiance, Sam and Sarah. In order to do that he will need to pop their two remaining cherries. They say they want to be his bed slaves and the get on two lounge chairs with their legs in the air spread apart.

Ben first takes Carly, he sucks on her sweet little pussy until she climaxes licking up on side and down the other sticking his long tongue deep into her hole until it hit her hymen she was going crazy screaming in pleasure “Master, you are making me feel soooo good, Master. After she climaxes he then pushes an erect BIG FELLA past her lips of her pussy and then into her vagina until it hits her hymen. “Are you ready sweetheart?” she does not answer just thrust her hips and pops her own cherry. He then sinks all he can into her until he hits her cervix. He drop 8 inches inside of her and then stops to let her adjust when she finally pushes back on him he feels her trying to get more inside of her pussy. He tells her no and then strokes her for 10 minutes before flipping her over and lubricating her ass. He then pushes the head into her anus making her scream and starts pushing inch after inch into her ending up with 10” inside her. She stops screaming as he hold it there.

Ben “Carly are you alright. Let your ass get use to my size”.

Carly “Master, I am alright it hurts like hell but I want to be your slave and be a good lover to you, please fuck my ass and make me your bed slave”.

He begins to push back and forth in her ass. Slowly and gentle at first, then faster, he does not want to hurt her or cause permanent damage. He tells Becky to get Alex's ass ready for penetration. He pounds on Carly's little bubble butt for 15 minutes, and then moves over to Alex's luscious ass and pushes 10” into her in one pass causing her to scream in pain. He waits there for her to adjust to his size and begins to stroke her ass. Hard and fast for 30 minutes before finally climaxing. Big Fella eventually becomes limp to ten inches, more than most black cocks and a lot bigger than a lot of white cocks.

Carly “Thank you Master for popping my cherries”.

Alex “Me to Master!”.

Ben “I have not popped your pussy yet. One more cherry

The three of them get into the pool to cool down. When he gets out he is leading Alex and Carly by the arms and tells everybody they are going to the master suite and tells everybody good night. Becky show Janet and Janie where they can sleep. Sarah and Sam follow their Master to bed. Ben gets into the bedroom and tells his new slaves-in-training Carly and Alex that their pussies and asses are really tight, he loves it, but they need to be stretched out before they can complete the pussy and anal training. He is going to have sex with each of them tonight in both their holes and again in the morning.

Sam starts to suck on BIG FELLA to get him hard while Sarah starts to eat Alex's pussy. He tells Alex that she is going to have to learn how to suck pussy, just think how you like your pussy sucked and go from there. Carly straddle your sisters face, Alex is going to practice on you.

They both say “Thank you Master!”.

Alex tells Sarah that she is doing a great job, she moans and groans and the yells “Oh, GOD I am cumming, Please SARAH keep sucking on my pussy!”. After BIG FELLA is hard and Alex has come down from her climax Alex tells her Master “Master, FUCK ME FUCK ME NOW. PUSH BIG FELLA IN MEEEEE”. Alex gets her wishes as Ben pushes more and more cock into her tight wet pussy. Sarah has learned how to suck pussy pretty good. As Ben starts to build his pace in fucking Alex, taking long deep strokes until he hits her cervix, He asks Sam to continue to suck on Carly's pussy to get her sweet. He keeps pounding away on Alex, while she keeps egging him on to fuck her. “Master, I love your cock, I love your cock in my pussy, pound me MASTER, make me cum hard”.

Becky and Amber come into the room and watch Master pound away in Alex's pussy that only a couple of hours ago was virgin. He tells Becky “I love virgin teenage pussy. I love you honey, my dear darling angel. Please get me my pills”. She gets him his supplements/vitamins and 2 little blue pills. He continues to fuck sweet little Alex, he finally climaxes 25 minutes later.

Ben “Sam, how many times do you think Alex came?” “At least three big ones, Master” was her reply.

Sam speaking to Alex and Carly “Master, is an excellent lover. It is what God put him on earth for. We are privileged to be his love slaves”. “Master, let me clean BIG FELLA off and get you hard again so that you can fuck Carly next”. Ben does not say anything but Carly says “Hell yes, Master I want BIG FELLA back into my pussy, I want it to stretch me out, I want it all in me Master!”.

Ben “You are way too tiny my whole cock would do permanent damage to your womb, you are my sweet little baby girl, I love you and will never harm you nor will I ever let anybody ever harm you. You are mine and only mine. When you get older you will bare me children, I will stretch you out right about now!”. With that he pushes BIG FELLA all the way up to her cervix, she bucks and thrust her pelvis. She tells him to make love to her, to take her fully. “Master, I am your willing slave, I love you, I finally feel like I am at home and loved, Please fill me up with your cum, I want to feel it inside me. He pumps and pumps into her extremely tight pussy. She keeps moaning and screaming until she declares in a loud voice “I AM CUMMMMMMMMMMMING MASTER” she says that three more times before he drops his load into her.

Becky gives Ben his pills and put him on his back. She sucks him clean, “It is my turn, Master, I want you to fuck me doggie style, pound me long and hard just like I need and want it!”. Ben rests for five minutes as Alex and Carly both crawl over to him and kiss his lips neck and chest. The suck on a nipple each and then each tell him that they love him and that his is their man. They kiss BIG FELLA on the head and tell him “I LOVE YOU TOO, BIG FELLA”. The lick the shaft and each take turns sucking on the head until he is hard.

Becky is down on all fours and tells Alex and Carly, “This is one of Masters favorite positions, I love it too, it gives Master full access to my G-SPOT and my womb. He loves fucking me deep, Master I am ready”. Ben gets between her legs and sticks his finger into her pussy and tells her not wet enough and starts eating her pussy and sucks on her clitoris. He licks his soul mates pussy from clit to the top of her ass crack. He licks her asshole deep and then back down to her clit sucking it until it is erect. She tells him “Stop teasing me, Ben and Fuck me hard and deep, hard and deep”. He then positions BIG FELLA in her opening, he pushes the head in and then stops he then pushes a couple inches in and then pulls out. Becky screams “God Damn it Ben, FUCK ME, FUCK ME, FUCK ME, Master Ben POUND MY PUSSY” He pushes his head it and then four inches in and out and does this for a couple of minutes. He then pulls out. The other girls are watching and see he is enjoying teasing her. She then takes BIG FELLA by hand and lines it up and pushes back until she can't do anymore. “PUSH IT ALL IN NOW DAMN IT”. “Are you sure you want my beautiful cock, Becky?”. “Yes, YEEEEEEEEESSSSSSS” he slams the whole cock into her hitting her cervix and starts pounding it until it opens up and then starts jack hammering her pussy. “FUCK THAT PUSSY, FUCK THAT PUSSY, FUCK THAT PUSSY” is Becky's chants until she scream “I AM CUMMMMMMING, I AM CUMMMMMMING. Master you are a FUCKING GOD”. She has three more orgasms like that before Ben is done with her pussy. He then pushes into her ass and after another 15 minutes dumps a huge load into her colon. She is sweaty an exhausted. She turns over and and jumps on Ben's lap and ask him “You are really a pussy tease you know Master?”. “Did that decrease your pleasure?”. “No, if anything it made me cum harder!, God I love you my love, my master and my best friend!” They kiss and hug until Amber, Sam and Sarah ask him what about us? Their pussies are wet from watching the two lovers fuck. He then takes Sam first pushing BIG FELLA into her sopping wet pussy. He pushes all the way to her cervix, he stokes her with the full length going in and out back and forth, over and over again. He then turns over and has Sam do the cow-girl facing him and has Sarah mount his face so that he can eat her pussy, sucking her sweet teenage pussy juices. Sam is bouncing up and down on Ben's cock her 34c breasts bouncing, she cums repeatedly and before Ben can ejaculate Sam jumps off of him and deep throats his cock sucking until he cums. She swallows a huge load then sucks his cock dry. She then gets him hard again for her sister to ride while Amber straddles Ben's face.

Sam says to Carly & Alex “That is what I call a great dessert, I love the taste of Master's cum”.

Sarah is now ridding BIG FELLA bouncing up and down really fast, stretching her sweet little twelve year old pussy. “Man I love this. Master you are an amazing lover, you always make me feel special and loved!”. She bounces up and down for a good 45 minutes before Ben cums, and climaxing 4 times herself. Becky starts eating Sarah's pussy while Sam cleans off BIG FELLA. Becky says it is Amber's turn and then it is bedtime, we need to give Master a little rest before he has training tomorrow. He pounds Amber until they climax hard together. Ben tells Becky that he is going to use the ring tomorrow on Janet, “That should drive her crazy!”. Becky laughs.

They go to sleep with Becky and Amber to the left and right of their master, Sarah and Sam are between his legs swapping BIG FELLA between them. Sarah and Sam tell BIG FELLA “GOOD NIGHT SWEETHEART, Goodnight Master, Mistress”. They lick and suck on the shaft of Ben's cock as they go to sleep. Alex & Carly lay down on his chest with their legs straddling his waist/thighs. Carly tells Ben, “I think it will be very easy for me to love you, Master”. She kisses him and then Becky, Amber and her sister Alex, “I feel so loved!”. You are loved they all tell her. Alex “I love you, Master, I also fell loved” they go to sleep. Ben whispers into Becky's ear “I love you and can get use to sleeping like this” Becky french kisses Ben. They all fall asleep, nobody has moved an inch when finally at 10 in the morning Tiffani walks in.

Tiffani “It sounded like a lot of girls came hard last night and into this morning, everybody was masturbating listening to you guys. Time to get something to eat”.

Ben “Fix plates and bring them to us please, We are enjoying ourselves too much”. The girls are just starting to stir when Tiffani returns with juice, toast, eggs and bacon. After they eat they get into the shower together, Alex & Carly have never seen a shower stall that big. They wash each other and each take their turn to wash Ben and BIG FELLA. After drying off they go back to bed. He tells Alex & Carly he is going to open up their asses now. Becky gets the lube and lubricates their asses while Sarah and Sam take turns sucking BIG FELLA. Once erect and lubed, he pushes BIG FELLA into Carly's ass. She moans and grunts as he pushes 8” into her and quickly pumps every once in a while he exits completely only to force it back in. He fucks her ass for 35 minutes before climaxing, he quickly gets hard again. Ben then moves over to Alex and pushes 10” into her in stroke making her scream “Master, oooooo you make my ass feel so full, FUCK your willing slaves ass hard and make me cum!”. He does and so does she four times before he is finished. While he is pumping Alex's ass, Janet and Janie come to the bedroom and ask if they are going to get their turn with BIG FELLA.

Ben “Go downstairs and get your pussies wet, I will be down when I am finished pounding your sisters ass her. I think she likes it!”.

Alex “I don't like it. I FUCKING LOVE IT!!”. “So do I, I love my Master and so will you too” Carly interjects.

“Alex & Carly are you happy I brought you with me?”. “HELL YES!”. Is the answer.

After Ben finishes the tells the girls to go shower and clean up and then head to the pool. He then gets his cock ring and his pills. Soon Janet will be getting the pussy training of a lifetime. “Becky, I am going to fuck Janet for 16 hours straight, I need you to keep her awake if you can. I am going to fuck her brains in!”. Becky “This is a side of you I have not seen before, a little sadistic”.

Ben “Does it scare you my love?”. “NO, kind of makes me horny!”.

Ben goes down to the pool and tells Janet to get into the doggy position. Becky puts the ring on BIG FELLA at the base and sucks him until he is hard. He then pushes the head into Janet's love channel. She lets out a ooooohhhh, and then he pushes into her until he hits her cervix. He pauses and tells her I am not going to stop until I have cum 10 times. I doubt your cervix will survive today's pounding. I plan to put all 16” into your fertile womb. With that he stokes her for 3 hours. Going faster and faster. She climaxes 12 times. She looks over and says you have not cum yet, Master. They all laugh, Becky tells Janet he has a cock ring on BIG FELLA. Do you know what that does? No. It prevents him from climaxing prematurely, it usually takes him 2 hours to cum while training. So I imagine you have at least another hour probably two before he climaxes. He is going to do that to you 9 more times before you can sleep.

Janet “None of my former lovers ever went longer than 20 minutes and that was a rarity, Master fuck me senseless” He pounds her for over 24 hours without breaks, he eats his meals by the pool. When they are done the both pass out. He rests for 8 hours and then tells Janie to get ready she is next.

Janie “Are you going to fuck me with that cock ring on?”. “No that was for your sister”.

“Thank you Master, you are amazing, I loved that. You can fuck me like that whenever you like” Janet tells Ben.

Becky gets Ben his pills and a little blue pill and he fucks Janie ten times in little over 10 hours. He strokes Janie deep pushing all the way to her cervix. It takes him sometime before he can penetrate her cervix and cream into her womb. When he does Janie goes insane with pleasure. After he pumps load after load into her womb he pops out of her cervix, her cervix captures his cum into her womb. After he as cum for the tenth time she passes out and sleeps where Ben left her. He then tells his bed slaves to take him to the master suite, he needs help his legs are weak. They take care of their lover, bathing him washing BIG FELLA. They put cold clothes on BIG FELLA to cool it down. They take him to bed and they sleep for 12 hours. The next morning he inspects the recently tattooed girls, Rachel and Reanna he tells them they look beautiful he sucks on their nipple rings and their clit ring.

Reanna tells Master, “Your slaves feel a little neglected with all this fucking going on, when you are done with the training during the day can you please fuck one or two of us PLEASE. I know you have a lot on your plate”. Ben replies “I will try my love, after I train all my new slaves why don't we have a group slumber party in here all sleeping together”. The both say that sounds great. Rachel “I love you Master, you are so sweet, Please do not over do yourself training these new girls”.

It is Sarah and Sam's turn to get their tattoos and piercings today. The both kiss Master and tell him they love him too. Becky is in charge of the tattooing while Ben pounds Janet and her sisters.

With that he takes both girls to the pool area and sees that Janie is there but not Janet. He tells Rachel to go get Janet. Rachel and Janet arrive and he tells Janet & Janie it is time for their anal training, the both tell him that they are anal virgins “Not for long my slaves-in-training, you will eventually love it just like my other slaves, Right Missy?” Missy agrees as does everybody else. He then puts the lube on his cock and on Janet.

“Janet, this is going to hurt, just remember to breathe it will get better. Oh by the way I have the cock ring on?”. “Please Master, NO!”, are you being disobedient to your Master?”. “No, Master, just a request please, My pussy is still sore and throbbing from the pussy training you gave me”. I never told you it would be easy did I, Janet? No, but I never thought you would fuck me for 24 hours straight. I loved it just can't handle it again right now.

Ben pushes twelve inches into her ass in one stroke, stroking her ass they all notice her ass gripping BIG FELLA like a vice. She is screaming, crying as he strokes her ass, he is pounding her into submission. He finally pushes fourteen inches into her an holds still. “Are you OK, Janet?”

“You ask now, That fucking hurt like hell, please go easier on my ass Master, I do not want to tear something back? Do you want to hurt me?” “Janet, I want you to never deceive me again, tell me the truth always. Never keep anything from me again.” “Yes, Master, sorry about deceiving you about my sisters, but I could not lie to them and when I told them about you and BIG FELLA they all wanted to try it out for themselves. I see that Alex and Carly like having sex with you Master, They told me that the are in love with you. Thank you for being gentler with them”. With that he starts stroking her again making her finally cum after 45 minutes, and the cum together after 90 minutes of constant pounding.

“Janet it gets easier from here”. He then mounts her and pumps her for 45 minutes before cuming. He continues to pump her for three more times and then starts to jackhammer her ass. The final time he has Janet get on top and tells her to do him cow-girl style. She does this for an hour before they climax together.

“Rachel, please get me my pills, Janie it is your turn to start. I am just going to pop your anal cherry tonight and then finish the training tomorrow. I am then going to be with Rachel and Reanna”. Janie thanks master. Rachel comes back with the pills with water and gives them to Master. Reanna informs her what Master is planning and she kisses him and thanks him for choosing them. He lubes up Janie and BIG FELLA after Reanna has suck him hard. He then slips just the head into her anus. With a loud pop she cries out. She starts to pant as he pushes more and more of the his cock into her ass. He finally puts ten inches into her ass and holds it there. She starts to breathe hard and tells Master that her ass feels full and that she needs to go to the bathroom. He says that is just his cock in her ass. She will get use to that feeling. He starts to stroke her ass and Janie starts pushing back on his cock. The fuck like that for 90 minutes before Ben climaxes. He gets out and takes Janie and Janet into the pool to cool off.

Ben “I love you both, as all my slaves. Janet, do you want to continue to work at the jewelry store?”. She replies yes “Well tomorrow you need to call in sick and tell them that you will be out, I will have you complete your oral training tomorrow. When you go back to work I need six sets of piercing rings and I need four sets of topaz earrings, two sets of sapphire earrings. I will be buy to pick them up. You will refer to me as anything but Master when we are in public.”

Janet “Yes, Master, I will refer to you as Mr. Barnes as usual. I think I am going to love being your slave”

I need you to go home after you go back to work and pack up your clothes, you do not need furniture, just clothes and any personal things you girls have. You will need to tell your boss that you need two months off from work. She asks why. Because you are going to Hawaii so that you can be there when I marry my soul mate Becky.

Janie and Janet look at each other and start screaming the other girls get into the pool and join them.

Michelle tells them that their master is very generous and caring. They all kiss him and tell him that he is loved most girls stroke BIG FELLA and tell him they love him too. Janet tells Master that she is going to give him all the children he wants and then sucks BIG FELLA under the water. Janie says that she is in love with him that he has treated her better than any of her former boyfriends. Reanna tells her just wait it only gets better. Ben leaves the pool with Rachel and Reanna in each arm as they head to their bedroom.

He gets on their bed and they lie next to him on either side. He tells them “Listen, I know I have not spent too much time with either of you lately, I love you too” he kisses them and sucks on their breasts “I love your identical breasts, I want only the best for all my slaves, I know Rachel does not want to be with any of my friends and does not want to be shared. What do you want Reanna? I will respect you and your answer”. Reanna “I want to be with you, I will have sex with anybody you want Master, I would like to try it. I would not mind trying two guys at once, maybe three guys at once. I only want big cocks in me. I prefer them being black and strong like you are master. I would not mind sucking Doctor Reynolds cock when you go over there again. I will only do it if you know about it and want me to. I love you and trust you completely with my body and soul, Are you ready to make love to us now?”.

With that he positions Rachel on his cock and Reanna on his mouth and they start sucking and fucking. They twins start to kiss each other and suck on each others breast. The girls climax each four times before Ben cums in Rachel's womb, it is stuck there. They switch after they give Ben another round of pills. Rachel tells Master, Becky is wondering when he is going to be back in bed with them. I need to finish in here first. He takes his pills and Reanna & Rachel switch positions. Ben fucks each of their pussies and asses before the leaves them to go bed with his bed slaves. It is 1 am and gets into bed after taking a shower. The assume their usual positions and they all tell Ben that he is loved. He is very emotional and starts to tear up. Becky asks “Master, what is wrong?”. “I am just so happy, I have found my soul-mate that I love more than life itself. I have so many beautiful girls around me that say they love me, your mother seems to take to me.” All the girls tell him that they love him and that he makes them feel secure and beautiful. They all cannot wait to go to Hawaii, Alex and Carly ask them how are they going to get out of school? Becky tells them don't worry Master always has a plan and you too will be going. The go to sleep.

The next morning after he has sex with Alex, Carly, Sarah and Sam. He goes to the dinning room and eats brunch, Tiffani comes in and tells him that Hanna and Michelle are getting there tattoos put on that day and the next day will be Rebecca and Missy's turn. Hanna is on the table getting her tattoos put on and Ben goes over and looks at the tattoos as they are applied. Hanna motions for be to Ben to come closer. He bends over and she tells him that she loves him and then kisses him on his lips. The tattoo artist looks at Ben, “Master Ben, you are the luckiest man on the face of the earth. You have fourteen women living with you that love you and always want to have sex with you, and take care of you”. Hanna says we are the lucky ones to have been discovered by Master.

Ben leaves them to their tattoos and heads to the pool area. Janet is there and Ben asks if she is ready to complete her training? She is and starts sucking on BIG FELLA. She does not stop until he has cum 20 times into her stomach. Her stomach is bloated with all the cum, Ben having taken extra supplements this morning just for her.

“Master, you really came a lot this morning. Look at my stomach that use to be flat. It is bloated and full of your wonderful seed, I want that same seed in my womb, I want you to fill me up this weekend and make me pregnant. He then goes into the pool to do some laps and Rachel brings him his pills with two little blue pills he takes after he eats. Janie it is your turn, he lubes her ass and BIG FELLA after Janet sucks him hard.

Janie I am going to go gently into your ass and take it nice an easy. He begins to push BIG FELLA's extra large head into her anus stretching it and pushes thru with a ahhhhh from Janie. “Master push it in, I love you and trust you. Make me you slave. I want to be your slave so much, ahhhhhhhhhhh!” she can't talk anymore as Ben pushes twelve inches into her colon. He tries to push all sixteen inches and finally does. He pounds her for a while and then backs out and only does 10” inches into her. He fucks her hard for 45 minutes while she climaxes 3 times before he climaxes. The completes her training about 1 am in the morning. He tells her that all she has left is to complete her oral training. He then heads to the master suite and passes out before he gets to bed. Becky and the rest of the bed slaves wash him down cleaning him and drying him off. They finally get him in bed and caress and stoke his sore muscles.

Becky tells them that she needs to find a massage parlor in town and get Ben there. They agree as they see Ben lay there unresponsive. Sarah tears up “Master is still breathing right?” Becky says yes and they lay with him and nurture him back to health the next morning giving him his vitamins and supplements with a big breakfast in bed. After he is revived he tells Becky that he is only going to let Janie complete her oral training today.

“Alex, Carly when does school start back up for you girls?”. “After labor day weekend, Master”. “I will finish your training before then and have your tattoos applied to your bodies before that Friday. I want that weekend to be special for us, a going back to school weekend for you and Jennifer. We need to go shopping today. I think you girls need to get some clothes, or some proper clothes that will be reflect your my slaves. You have seen Becky and Tiffani's clothes, we need to get you so that all you girls are presentable”. Becky tells the girls that they are going out to shop. Janie goes to the living room with Ben and starts her oral training. She sucks him until 3 pm making him cum 21 times. They get up and go to the master bath to shower. They get dressed and start to go out shopping. Ben, Tiffani and Janie drive. When Ben sees what a piece of crap that Janie is driving he tells Tiffani and Janie to follow him to the Toyota dealership, where he tells Janie to pick out a new car. He tells her he cannot have his woman driving around in that piece of crap. I will not have my girls breakdown on the side of the road. She picks out a Toyota Land Cruiser in silver. Janie “This has plenty of room for passengers, is this fine Ma... Ben?”. She almost called him master. The salesman comes over and asks if he can help him. Ben tells him he will take the Land Cruiser that Janie picked out and tells him he wants 15k off the price. They go in to haggle while the girls look at the truck. Nice choice they tell her. Ben signs the documents and calls his banker and tells him to wire $9999 to the Toyota dealer. Thy give him his usual rate of 0%. He pays the car off at the end of September. He then calls his State Farm agent and tells him to add Janie to his policy. He give him her specifics and the dealer hands Janie the keys. Alright are you guys ready to go shopping.

At the mall he first takes them to Victoria's Secret their fancy undergarments. Janie whispers in his ear why do we need these things we are always naked. We won't always be home, and my ladies are always to be dressed in pretty things when they are out of the house. He tells them that he needs to pick up things and gives Becky a credit card with her name on it.

Becky looks at the card and it says Becky Barnes on it. She comes up to Ben and ask “What is this?”

“This is your credit card it has a 200k limit so do not buy everything in the mall, I will be back after I make a few stops, You need to go to the bookstore and get the fashion magazines you girls like to look at and pick out dresses for your cousins, Janet's crew and the girls from New York, plus Alice and Jennifer”.

Jennifer tells Ben she does not need all these things all she wants is to please her new master. You will by buying what you want in this store, you need to be presentable when you are with me, always.

He goes to the jewelry store that Janet works at to pickup his purchases and asks when does she go to lunch. He tells her to go to Victoria's Secret and see Becky and pick out undergarments. Ask if she told her boss yet about the trip to Hawaii. She did not he just came in, he goes over and tells the manager that Janet will be taking two months off to go to Hawaii with him and his future wife and that she would like to have a job when she gets back. He says he cannot do that she does not have enough leave. She does not need leave or this job, Janet you just quit this sales job and come with me. She smiles and says goodbye to her co-workers and leaves smiling while she holds Ben's hand.

“Janet, I can get you any job you want. You are going to be with me in Hawaii”. “I love you Master, I really do, you take care of me and my sisters really well”. Ben leans in to whispers in her ear, “Does your ass still hurt?” “Yes, Master, but I will get use to it. As long as you keep fucking me.” Deal.

They go to Victoria's Secret, Ben tells her to pick out what you want. I will be back in 30 minutes. He then goes to Verizon Store and orders 16 Android Galaxy II phones with sequential numbers. They tell him they will have them shipped to his residence in two days. He goes back to where the girls are and they are ready to put on a fashion show. Viki, the salesgirl, leads them to a private room in the back and they precede to show Ben what they picked out. “BIG FELLA apparently likes what we picked out” Sarah says. Viki ask what is big fella and then notices the tent in Ben's pants. “Would you like to see it, Sam asks her” Viki nods and Sam unleashes the beast from his confines.

Viki “Oh my god, that is the biggest cock I have ever seen!!”. She drops to her knees and takes it in her hands and looks at his tattoo that reads “BIG FELLA”. “That is appropriate!”.

Becky “This is my husband, or soon to be, these other ladies are his slaves. He has sex with each and everyone of us”.

Viki “I want to be your slave”. Without saying another word she takes the head of BIG FELLA into her mouth and starts sucking on it.

Ben “WOAAAHHHH, you need to get a blood test done before you can do anything with BIG FELLA. Let me see what you have to offer, strip”. She does and they notice her 36D breast and big hairy bush.

Becky “First get the blood test then shave that big hairy bush. No hair below the neckline. If we accept you. You will only have sex with Ben. You will not have sex with anybody else after you get your blood test done. It might be three months before we get back to you”.

Viki “That is fine, I have not been with a man for 3 years and the ones I have been with have been white and a whole hell of a lot smaller than BIG FELLA. I want him inside of me. The biggest one I every had was 8 inches. He was an asshole. He thought he was God's gift to women”.

Reanna “Master is GOD's GIFT TO WOMEN!”.

Viki “OK, I will do it and wait for your call, here is my number”

They make their purchases and leave the store. Ben tells Becky “I really need to stop showing my cock to women, they all fall in love with it!”. “We love you, not your cock. Not that we don't love big fella”

Ben and his entourage pass by Janet's old jewelry store and Ben tells Janet's crew that he has something for them. He presents the six girls their earrings. Alex and Carly need to get their ears pierced.

Ben says “Janet isn't there a better jewelry store in this mall?”.

Janet smiles and says it is over here and waves and smiles at her former boss.

The go there and Ben picks out gold necklaces for each and gets each girl a diamond ring. He then tells that he can only marry Becky by law, but they are all his wives in his heart. Everyone cries as Ben puts their diamond rings on their fingers. He then goes to the bookstore and then the dress store. They pick out outfits with Becky, she knows his taste by now. While they do that he calls the fancy Italian restaurant that he needs a private room for sixteen at 7.

They buys dresses, skits, blouses, regular undergarments. Ben reminds Alex, Carly and Jennifer that they need to pick out things that would be appropriate for school. They say OK. Reanna, Rachel, Sarah and Sam ask him if they are going to go to school. He tells them not this year, they will be going next year for sure and that he has plans for them.

Becky goes to the bookstore and buys every fashion magazine and comes back. They head over to Target and they purchase more age appropriate clothes for school. Ben takes them to Fry's Electronics Store for each girl to get their own laptop for homework. The girls from New York have applied to University of Phoenix and start class soon. He gets each one fully loaded.

Becky tells him that they are all hungry. He says that he made reservations at 7 lets go. Becky sees the restaurant and smiles at Ben. When they get into the restaurant they are shown to the private dinning room.

Becky “Ladies, this is where I fell in love with my husband”.

Reanna “You mean you had sex in the restaurant?”. Everybody just shook their heads and laughed.

They all order appetizers plus their meals with gelato and tiramisu for dessert. Reanna as only she would do gets under the table and unleashes BIG FELLA from his confines and starts to suck on it. Becky sees Ben put his hand on the table and put his head down and asks “What is wrong?”. He points down and Becky lifts up the table cloth and sees Reanna.

“I should have know she was under there, Are you having fun?”. Reanna nods. Jennifer says we should all give Ben a BJ under the table, they all agree and Becky gives Ben his supplements. When the 6th girl finishes and Sam goes under the table as the waitress comes in and ask if they need anything else. She comes around and sees BIG FELLA as Sam starts to put it in her mouth.

“Shit that I huge!” She says. One of Ben's girls say “And he knows to use it. We are each going to give him a BJ for such a great day”.

“Damn, he can come that many times?”.

Janie “I already made him cum 21 times this morning and that is after he had sex with 4 girls before me and he has just cum 7 times with six girls that 32 times, we will probably fuck him a couple more times when we get home. We all live together and he is our master and we are his slaves”.

Waitress “After cuming 32 times in one day and still have some left in the tank to do it ten more times, he is a Master, probably a GOD, I would like to get me some of that sometime”. She writes her number down and gives it to Janie”.

Waitress goes and tells her manager that they are not done yet. Manager comes in and asks Ben if everything is OK. He nods and then the manger comes over and sees his cock. He leaves abruptly and the girls think they are in trouble. The manager comes back with a young black haired pretty girl he explains this is his 13 year old daughter and Carly recognizes her from school, they smile at each other. Manager ask Ben “My daughter here, Elfie, has been very curious about sex. She is a virgin and I want you to be the one to take it from her”. She looks at Big Fella and is scared. Carly “Elfie, I have had Ben he is very gentle and caring lover, he popped my cherry last week. He is definitely the one to loose your virginity to. You will also have to shave your pussy and loose your anal cherry to him”. Elfie, “Dad, I don't know about this?”. “I am, take her home with you and bring her back when she is a woman, Mr. Barnes”. Ben replies, OK

“Becky, I really, REALLY, have to stop show my cock to women!”. They leave after he has been blown by every girl there except for Becky, Elfie and Tiffani. They get home and Ben goes to bed with his bed slaves and Elfie. They all undress and Ben tells the girls he is going to take a shower. He tells Becky that she needs to help Elfie shave her pussy and armpits. They all go into the bathroom and after Elfie is done getting shaved Ben pulls her in the shower to clean her off. He then kneels in front of her and goes down on her. He looks up and starts to say something, Becky interrupts “I know Master, You love the taste of virgin teenage pussy!!!”. “Have I ever said that before?”. Only with every virgins pussy you eat. Ben makes Elfie have 4 orgasms before they get out of the shower.

Elfie “What the hell was that that I had in the shower four times?”. “An orgasm, multiple times” Sarah says. “You will have many more of those before Master is done with you!”.

Ben tells them they are going to sleep tonight he is cummed out. They assume their usual position and he tells Elfie to get in between Sarah and Sam and take his cock into her mouth and breathe through your nose. They go to sleep that way. They wake up and he tells Sam and Sarah to teach Elfie how to deep throat his cock. They instruct her and make sure she can get it down her throat. When she makes him cum she tells them that she did not think she could get it all down her throat. Ben tells them to go get a shower and head down to the dinning room.

Becky “I should tell you that we do not wear clothes in the house!”.

They eat and then go to the pool and swim. Becky brings a white towel and when Ben is ready he tells Elfie it is time to get her cherries popped. She gets out of the pool and dries off and Ben positions her on her back with her groin over the towel and legs spread he licks her pussy making her cum and wet. He then takes BIG FELLA and puts the head at the entrance of her vagina. “Elfie, this is going to hurt when I break your hymen, I will then push all the way in until I hit your cervix, relax and breathe”. Ben does just as he said he would and she cries out when he breaks her hymen and then lets out an UGHHHHHHHHH when he hits her cervix. He waits there until he feels her adjust to the size of his 5 ½”cock. She tells him she feels very full and the pain is over. He starts stroking her slowly then faster and faster until he pounds her like a piston. She climaxes every 10-15 minutes for over 90 minutes before Ben climaxes.

Carly “So how was your first time?”

Elfie “It hurt at first then became very enjoyable. I think I came eight times”. You sure did sweetheart, Ben says. Elfie wants to do it again. Carly tells her it is time for her training.

Elfie asks Carly what training. Carly tells her we have to have sex with Master 10 times in our pussies and ass and have to deep throat him and make him climax 20 times without interruption. “Master, please start my pussy training!”. OK

He then takes his pills and 2 little blue pills and starts to pound little Carly in her pussy. They are in the missionary position for 4 times, then in the doggie position for 5 and then Carly rides him for the last one. They take 8 hours to complete the training. He then fucks her ass and completes training around midnight. They go to sleep and wake up the next morning and he takes his supplements and vitamins plus a little blue pill and tells Elfie it is her turn to loose her anal cherry. He precedes to push the head of BIG FELLA past her anal ring, and she screams. He tells her it will get better and then pushes eight inches into her. After he is done with her extremely tight ass. He tells the rest of them to go to the pool and eat breakfast. He lays there with Elfie and she is crying.

Ben “Are you alright?, I didn't hurt you did I?”

Elfie “No, well yes but you did not do it on purpose, it hurt like hell but I am going to get use to it.”

Ben “What do you mean you are going to get use to it?”

Elfie “I am going to call my dad and tell him I am going to become your slave so that you will have sex with me all the time”.

Ben thinks “Oh, SHIT”. Lets get in the shower and get cleaned up. They get in the shower and Elfie cleans off BIG FELLA and gets it hard and then precedes to try to get it down her throat. Breathe through your nose and swallow when the head hits the back of your throat. She does and eventually she gets it down her throat and Ben cums hard and long down her throat. She pulls out so that she can taste his cum. “Master, that tastes good!, I like the taste of your cum.” “I like your cum too, my sweet little Italian treat” let get to the pool.

When they enter the pool area Elfie runs over to Carly, “I have asked your Master to be my Master and make me his slave, I want that beautiful cock inside me the rest of my life!”.

Becky “Damn, We definitely have got to stop showing BIG FELLA off.”

Ben “Elfie is going to call her father and he is going to have to come over here and make the decision. I am not going to say yes or no until he knows what is going on. Everybody's responsibility in this endeavor, do you plan to go to college Elfie?”

Elfie “Only if it is close so I can still have sex with you my Master!”.

Ben “Call your father and tell him to come over.”

Alex are you ready for your pussy training? Ben asks she does not say anything just smiles and comes over and starts to suck BIG FELLA until he is hard. “Master, take my pussy and make it yours anytime you want it. I am here to pleasure you and be pleasured by you”. She then takes BIG FELLA and saddles Ben and pushes it inside of her all the way to her cervix. “I am going to fuck you until you enter my womb, I want your come in my womb, Master”. Damn.

The fuck like that five times before Antonio, Elfie's father arrives. Elfie greets her father and he asks Ben “How did she do, Mr. Barnes?”.

Ben “She did excellent a real trooper, I think she has something to ask you!”.

Elfie to her father “Dad, I want to stay here and be one of Master's slaves. I want to have sex with him every chance he will have me”.

Antonio “I don't know about that, popping your cherry was one thing, being his sex slave is another”.

Elfie “Well he has fucked me in my pussy and ass. I have even deep throated his cock twice. I want more”.

Ben “Elfie, go swim for a minute sweetheart, let me talk to your father. Antonio this is her decision. But one thing you must know when I take a slave she is mine for life. I take care of them for life. I will pay for there college education and if they decide to move out I will buy them a house. My love is unconditional and unwavering. As you can see I have a lot of slaves. I have three times as many in this town and the county. As you can tell I am well of, I do not have to work. I make love as work and I love my work. I will shortly start building another mansion that has over 70 rooms in it. I will take care of Elfie. But it is your decision. She will still be your daughter by biology, I will need a custody papers signed so that I become his legal guardian. You do not have to decide this today or tomorrow. I am paying for Michelle, Hanna, Missy and Rebecca's schooling. They are going to go to the University of Phoenix to start with. Why don't you go swimming with your daughter while I continue to train Alex here”.

Alex “Sir, Master is a fucking GOD. I love him. He is sweet and gentle when I want him. He is amazing. He takes care of me and my sisters, Becky and her whole family, your daughter will be in great hands” she is bouncing up and down on BIG FELLA as she tells Antonio this.

Antonio “I did not bring any trunks for swimming!”.

Ben “I do not wear trunks, I go commando. It will be alright, everybody here is naked”

Antonio strips and the girls see his 8” cock. He looks around and they smile and he jumps into the pool. He yells “It's cold but refreshing”. He swims with his naked daughter she kisses him and squeezes his cock. Dad this is my choice. I want this. I know ladies have asked you out and you do not go because it is just me and you. You will always be my father, I will just be Master's lover. It is going to be a better life that you always said you wanted me to have. This way you will be able to find a lover also. I want that for you dad”

Antonio has tears in his eyes. “I love you sweetheart”

Alice sees this and goes over to Ben and asks him if she can have sex with Antonio, if she gets rubbers.

Ben agrees and she gets dressed and goes to the convenience store and gets condoms and comes back.

Ben is talking with Antonio while Alex is still bouncing up and down on BIG FELLA. Antonio tells Ben he has his blessing. Ben tells him that his lawyer will bring by the custody documents for him to sign at the restaurant in a couple of days.

“Becky, Please get my pills, I also need to book the airfare tonight. I am going to need 19 first class tickets” Ben states. “Can you get her clothes packed for her and bring them over, please Antonio?”.


Antonio, I think Alice wants to see you over there. He goes over to Alice and looks at her and she takes his limp cock into her mouth and starts to suck him until he gets hard. She then puts a rubber on his 8” cock and tells him to mount her and make love to her. He is a little hesitant until he sees his daughter tell him to go for it. They fuck and he comes after 20 minutes. Alice says that is a good start, she then blindfolds him and sucks him until he is hard again. She fucks him again. And then sucks him again until he is hard. Elfie comes over and mounts her father and milks his cock until he cums. She leans over and tells Antonio, “Daddy, I love you!” He takes his blindfold off and says “That was wrong!” She says no it was not and that she loves him and that she has wanted him inside of her for 2 years. He cries and tells her she looks like her mother and that she is a great lover. They have sex three more times. “I love you Elfie always have baby, always will!”. Me too dad.

Antonio tells everybody goodbye and tells Ben he will be back in a couple of days with her clothes. And asks where is he going to take his daughter. Ben “Hawaii, for my wedding to Becky.”

Elfie, “I am going to Hawaii?”. “Yes” She starts to scream and hugs Ben and Carly.

“Master, will you now pound my pussy, Talk Talk Talk, I am doing all the work and it is time to pound this pussy”. He turns her over and then pounds her pussy and finally pushes all the way into her womb and starts to cum. “OH MY GOD, OH MY GOD, HE IS COMING IN MY WOMB, OH MY GOD THAT FEELS AMAZING DO EVER FUCKING STOP PUMPING INTO ME”, “I AM CUMMMMMMING” Ben asks her how many times was that.

Alex “That is number two you need to fuck me 8 more times!”.

Ben “I have come more than that. How many more times do I have to go”

Alex “All that talking, you lost track of your own orgasms that should be a penalty for doing that”.

“Becky get me my pills and my cock ring. I am going to fucking wear Alex out if she does not tell me the truth?”. Ben states.

Alex “I am going to tell you the truth if you promise to fuck me unconscious?”. OK

Alex “You have done me 9 times, this last time you are going to put that fucking cock ring on and pound me until I loose consciousness” Becky gets the pills and cock ring.

Ben “You asked for it and now you are going to get it”. He dives into the pool and gets out and puts the cock ring on and Reanna sucks him hard. Ben slams into her pussy burying all sixteen inches into her jackhammering her for 3 hours and making her climax 12 times.

“You have not cum yet and I am still conscious, fuck me hard master”. He fucks her another two hours and cums. “I am still conscious, fuck me in my ass master!”. He pushes 13” inches into her she starts screaming waking the whole house. “YEAH FUCK THAT ASS MASTER, FUCK THAT ASS. POUND YOUR SLAVES ASS. I AM GOING TO LAST UNTIL YOU HAVE CUM TEN MORE TIMES IN MY ASS MASTER.” FUCK THAT ASS. FUCK IT HARD MASTER HARDER POUND IT.”

Becky comes down from bed, “DAMN IT YOU TWO, we are trying to sleep up there”.

Ben “Damn, Alex is going to loose consciousness before I am done with her. Get me more pills I am going to ware this ass out”.

It is 2 am and they fuck until 10 am and she is still awake and alert. He has come over 15 times in her ass. Alex says to Ben “I am still awake, you want my pussy again or can I suck you now” He drills her pussy two more times before Becky comes in and says that is enough.

Ben “She is not going to beat me, I am going to wear that pussy and ass out”.

Alex “Too late it is already worn out. But I always want more of BIG FELLA. I will never get tired of having sex with you Master. I love you and it is OK if you lose out to a 15 year old girl”.

“Damn. OK you win Alex and I love you too. I am going to take my little sex addict to bed we will see you guys when we awake. He picks Alex up and carries her to bed. Before they leave the pool area she asks him “You want to fuck some more MASTER?” “FUCK NO, I want to sleep before my dick falls off”

Alex “Thank you for that night long orgasm I just had. I love you Master. I just wanted to prove my point.”

“I am going to get you a tattoo on your thigh that says SEX ADDICT”. Ben

“I am a sex addict for just you, MASTER”

The next morning Ben books all the first class seats from Dallas to Maui. He then books. A flight from Birmingham to Dallas the previous day with a night at the Airport Hilton. He already has the house booked. And the itinerary laid out.

Alright Carly are you ready for your pussy training, she jumps up and goes with Ben to the living room and they fuck for 12 hours, he tells her tomorrow he will complete her anal training with Alex doing her oral training.

Alex and Sam talk that night and she tells her what her trick is. And she does it the next day to make him cum 10 times in one hour.

Ben “Sam you need to keep that little stunt to yourself, now Alex, BIG FELLA is going all the way down your throat and you are going to suck it until I tell you you are done. Understand me?”

“Yes, Master” Alex sucks him off 10 more times and thinks she is done. It is midnight and Ben tells her “I did not say you could take BIG FELLA out of your mouth little girl. Get it back down your throat!”

We are going to bed, keep my cock in your mouth Alex. The go upstairs to bed and Ben says to Alex “You are going to sleep with my cock in your mouth and make me cum all night, Becky get my pills please. Elfie after I take my pills I want you to sit on my face I want to suck your pussy some more”.

“Yes, Master, Thank you Master”. Once he has his pills he makes Elfie cum hard after 15 minutes. He sucks her to 5 more climaxes. Elfie “GOD I love to cum, GOD I LOVE TO CUM. I AM CUMMMMMMING is her mantra” the all go to sleep except for Alex who is sucking her Masters cock. When they wake up in the morning, Alex is passed out, her stomach is bloated with all the cum she has swallowed. He strokes his cock and tells her she is going to be punished. He has to start her oral training all over again and make him cum 20 more times.

Becky whispers in his ear “You are evil!”

Ben “Alex, I love you and I am going to fill your belly up with my cum”. She mumbles something but cannot be understood. She finally sucks him to 20 more orgasms by dinner time. They get up and take a shower.

He takes Alex down to the dinning room for dinner and everybody notices her fat belly.

Reanna “Alex it looks like you are 3 months pregnant with cum!”.

Everybody laughs and Alex just shakes her head and smiles. “I don't think I have room for dinner”

“You want more cum, Alex?”. Janet asks, NO.

Carly are you ready for your anal training. She smiles and says yes, Becky produces the anal lube and Ben's pills, he takes them and Becky sucks his cock until BIG FELLA is hard. She lubes him and Carly. Let's do this Master is all that Carly says. He pushes 8 inches into her ass and starts pounding her. It takes them 8 hours to finally finish her anal training. He makes Carly cum over 16 times before he finishes climaxing tenth time. He announces to everybody he is off limits until he has finished Elfie's training and Carly has sucked him off 20 times. Elfie I want some more of that sweet teenage pussy juice. He gets her over to the couch and sucks her pussy until she cums 6 times.

The next day he completes Carly's training in the morning and finishes Elfie's pussy training in the evening after fucking her for 11 hours. She climaxes every 20-30 minutes like clockwork. He is tired and goes sits in the hot tub for a bit. Becky joins him and then Elfie. Elfie tells Master “Thank you for completing my pussy training today. I know you are tired, lets rest tomorrow. I am not going anywhere we do not have to continue at this pace. Please I want you to rest. I love you and you need to take care and not put to much on your plate”.

Ben “Elfie you are sweet like a nice cup of gelato”

After they soak Ben tells go to the master suite and take a show and douche. Ben tells Becky that they are getting away for a couple of days next week after labor day. I need time to recuperate. Pick out the best spa in the country and we will go there. Tomorrow I will take a day of rest and relaxation. What would you like to do Becky. Stay in bed late with my best man and take care of him..

….continued in Chapter 6 “Girls at school, preparing for the wedding, and a special surprise”

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