The Devil's Pact, Hell Chronicles Chapter 7: Lilith by mypenname3000

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The Devil's Pact, The Hell Chronicles

by mypenname3000

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Chapter Seven: Lilith

Chantelle Paquet-Holub – The Abyss

“I am Superman!” the brawny, naked man roared as he flew forward, zipping across the sulfur plain.

With my dancer reflexes, I dodged to the left as Lana threw herself to the right. I rolled across the sulfurous dust, spitting the rotten substance out of my mouth as I came up in a crouch. The man pulled up into the sky, twisting around in the air to attack us again.

I recognized the man. He had made international news after Brandon's death. The man thought he was Superman. Worse, he made Pacts with Lucifer to give him all the powers he needed to become Superman. But Mary was a wily whore. I heard rumors that she used an illusion to look like Lois Lane and the idiot couldn't resist fucking her.

So if she exorcised his powers, how was he flying?

Superman dived back down at us, his disgusting cock flapping before him. Lana rose to her feet, her large breasts smeared with yellow Dust. My wife fell into a defensive stance, raising up her arms, ready for the asshole's attack.

The man roared as he hurtled down. Lana side-stepped him, seizing his arm and attempted to use his momentum to throw him into the ground. It didn't work out well. She tried to pivot, but he had too much mass or something, because Lana was instead yanked off her feet and thrown into the dust as he spun about.

“I am the defender of truth!” Superman bellowed. “I will protect you from Hell, but you must obey me. Submit to me.”

“Fuck that,” groaned Lana as she stood up. “I don't care how fucking super you are, I don't need a man to protect me. I'm going to rip off your balls and shove them into your mouth.”

The delusional man bellowed like a bull and charged at Lana. My wife leapt far higher than she should, flipping over him. As she turned, her will lashed out to the ground, forming a bolder of sulfur in Superman's path.

The idiot crashed into it, cracking the boulder as Lana landed, a smirk on her fac

“How did you jump like that?” I asked, racing up to attack Superman as he stumbled away from the rock.

“I just wished it,” Lana shrugged. “I think that's how Superass is flying.”

Right, Hell. Things were malleable here.

“Superass?” grolwed the man, blood streaming down his face. He wiped it away, throwing red drops to the yellow ground. I guess he couldn't make himself invincible. “I have been lenient, whore, but I see you are an enemy of truth and justice.”

“And the America way,” quipped Lana.

I launched a leap kick at Superass, my legs thrusting forward as I flew, wishing myself to soar across the ground like I was in some wire fu action movie. My foot planted into his side, sending him stumbling as I did a back flip to land on my feet, my dark hair whipping about me.

I laughed as I landed. This was amazing.

He recovered as Lana jumped, her feet kicking furiously as she almost hovered in the air. Superass brought up his arms, blocking her kicks. Then he seized her legs. Lana gasped in surprise as he swung her about.

“Let her go!” I shrieked, rushing forward.

He did. Right into me.

“Chantelle!” Lana gasped as she streaked towards me, her blonde hair flying wildly.

I slid to a halt, my feet furrowing the sulfur ground. My wife struck me. I coughed in pain, the pair of us tumbling across the sulfur plain in a tangle of limbs. My vision swam and my head ached when we came to a wrest.

“Fuck, that hurt,” groaned Lana as she rolled off of me. “I'm going to kick his ass.”

“How?” Superass bellowed, looming over us. “I am invincible.”

Before I could react, his fist seized my throat, squeezing hard, and then he threw me. I tumbled through the air, the world spinning about me. And then I hit the dust, bouncing hard and coughing and gasping.

I lay stunned.

My body ached.

Lana screamed.

My wife needed me. I couldn't lie here like an idiot.

“You will feel every inch of Justice,” Superass yelled.

“You named your cock?” Lana groaned. “You are a super asshole.”

I gathered my will, forcing my body to rise up. I staggered on my feet. Superass had Lana pinned with one hand, his muscles rippling as the other forced her thighs apart. His cock was thick and hard, stabbing at my wife.

A red-hot anger surged through me.

This bastard dared to rape my wife? I would make him pay.

I reached out with my will. Hell was malleable. Was he? Could I reshape him into something better? I would take away everything he prized. His bulging muscles, his chiseled chin, his throbbing cock.

I would emasculate him fully.

“What?” gasped Superass as my will struck him.

His body rippled like a viscous gunk. I strode forward, focusing my will like a laser beam, picturing his new form in my mind. His body contracted as he rippled, his muscles disappearing, his shoulders narrowing. His thick cock vanishing.

“No!” he screamed, his voice high pitched now, almost feminine.

Breasts sprouted from his chiseled pecs, growing heavy and round, his nipples swelling into fat, pink nubs. Her ass grew bubbly, her thighs shapely. Her cock shrank up into her body, a pink gash appearing between her thighs.

I smiled as a petite, shuddering woman writhed atop Lana.


Svitlana “Lana” Paquet-Holub

I gasped in shock with the ripples spread across Superass.

And then I smiled as his strong chin rounded, his angular face softened, his lips growing plump. A beautiful, feminine face appeared, framed by growing, brown hair. Her skin grew sleek and her body curvy. Round breasts appeared, fat nipples rubbing into mine.

And her cock vanished.

“What did you do?” the new woman squeaked.

“Mmm, Supergirl, you are cute,” I purred, wrapping my arms around her.

“No, I'm Superman,” she protested.

“Not with those tits,” I laughed, my hand sliding down her back to squeeze her ass. I pulled her down, her groin rubbing into my clit.

“Or that cunt,” Chantelle added, striding up.

“You are amazing,” I beamed at my wife, my fingers dipping past Supergirl's ass between her legs. I brushed a hot, silky fold. “You have a pussy, Supergirl. You can't be Superman anymore.”

“No,” Supergirl wailed. “Please, give it back.”

“What do you think?” Chantelle asked as I ran my fingers through Supergirl's pussy.

“I think her cunt's getting wet. I think she likes being a woman.”

“No, I don't,” Supergirl said, shaking her head.

“Then why are you squirming on me?” Lana asked as she probed a finger into Supergirl's tight pussy. “Why is your hot cunt growing so wet?”

Supergirl's fair cheeks grew flushed, and a soft sigh escaped her lips as I fingered her. “What did you do to me?” she wailed.

“We gave you want you wanted,” Chantelle laughed, kneeling between our thighs and reaching out to play with Supergirl's cunt with me. “You've always secretly wanted to be a woman, right?”

“No,” she moaned. “No, I haven't. I'm a man.”

“Are you?” Chantelle purred in her sexy, French accent. My pussy itched in delight. “Because it was so easy to change you. Are you sure you didn't secretly want to be a woman?”

“I...yes.” Supergirl didn't sound convinced.

I worked my finger deeper into Supergirl's cunt. “Are you sure you never wanted to have a pussy and experience a hard, thick cock reaming your hole?”

“It's better than a finger, Supergirl,” Chantelle purred, leaning over to kiss and nuzzle at the new woman's bubbly ass.”

“ I don't...oh, wow...”

“You like that,” I purred, massaging inside her pussy. “That's your G-spot. My finger feels nice, but you'll love a cock.”

“Please stop. You're making me...feel funny...”

“Hot and bothered? Are you about to cum, whore?”

“I...I am. Oh, yes! Keep touching me there. Oh, wow.”

I ripped my hands away.

“No. Please, don't stop. I need it.” Supergirl looked down at me with her brown eyes. “Please, I need to cum.”

“Beg for me to fuck your snatch with my big cock,” I purred.

“But...but you don't have a...” Her eyes widened as I let my clit grow into a cock, the hard girth popping between her silky thighs and rubbing against her drenched pussy slit. “You do have one. Oh, wow.”

Supergirl squirmed on me, rubbing our breasts together as she humped my shaft. She bit her lip.

“You want to feel her big cock, don't you,” whispered Chantelle as she leaned over, stroking Supergirl's ass. “You want that big, thick cock stretching your tight cunt out.”

“No. I...I'm a...”

“A woman. A slut who needs her hot pussy satisfied?” I grinned.

“I...yes...” she groaned. “Oh, yes! I need to be fucked. Let me feel that cock in me.”

Chantelle grasped me, guiding my throbbing shaft to Supergirl's dripping pussy. The new woman gasped as I slid into her tight depths. She shuddered atop me, mewling in delight as she experienced her first cock.

“Oh, wow! Oh, that's nice.”

“You like it, slut?” I giggled.

“So much!” Her hips writhed, sliding up and down on my cock. “You're stretching me out.” Supergirl's eyes widened; my wife had spared the woman's asscheeks apart. “Oh, yes, lick my ass. That's hot, too!”

“You are a slut,” I moaned, her pussy massaging my cock.

Supergirl grinned, humping me with an eager need. She ground her clit into my pubic bone as her new pussy massaged my cock. I groaned, savoring the delights of her paradise. She writhed her hips, swirling me about in her hot tunnel.

Chantelle loomed over us, her black hair draping down across Supergirl's back.

“What are you doing?” gasped Supergirl, looking over her shoulders at Chantelle.

“I'm fucking your ass,” Chantelle giggled before thrusting. “Why do you think I licked your asshole?”

Supergirl gasped and writhed as my wife invaded her ass with her own clit-turned-cock. Chantelle filled Supergirl's bowels up, pressing on my own cock buried in her pussy. We were tag-teaming the slut, giving it to her from both ends.

“Yes, yes, yes,” I groaned, humping my hips up into Supergirl's cunt, savoring the feel of my wife's dick through the slut's flesh.

“Oh, yes! Two cocks are even better!” groaned Supergirl as she writhed about. “Yes! Yes! Give it to me! Oh, yes! I'm just a big whore for it! Oh, yes! Oh, wow! You girls are so amazing! I'm...oh, yes! Oh, wow!”

Supergirl's pussy writhed about my cock, milking me as she came. The new woman loved being stuffed full of dick. She gasped and moaned, screaming out her joy for all of Hell to hear. Chantelle grinned, fucking her harder, slamming into Supergirl's ass.

“Oh, yes, Chantelle!” I purred. “Her pussy is so tight! Oh, yes! I'm gonna cream her.”

“Do it, baby,” purred Chantelle. “Oh, yes. The little slut is ours.”

“I am!” Supergirl panted. “I am! I love your cocks.”

Her soul was chained to us. Energy flooded my body. I shuddered, my cock spewing cum into our new slave's cunt. Bliss pummeled my mind. Lust churned through the bond, feeding us more energy as Lana buried her cock into Supergirl's ass and flooded her bowels.

My wife rolled off Supergirl. Our new slave shuddered as she stood up, her red S painted across her heaving tits, our cum running down her thighs. I pulled Chantelle next to me, struggling to regain my breath after the wonderful fuck.

“What are we doing now?” Supergirl asked.

“We find Lilith,” I smiled. “Your Goddess.”

“Goddess...?” Supergirl asked.

“She's the Goddess to every woman,” Chantelle informed. “And we're her high priestesses.”

“Then we should begin our search,” Supergirl declared.


Marybeth Ayers-Sargent

We found the end of the Sulfur Plain.

It was the farthest we had ever ventured out from our home. My wife and my step-daughter padded at my side, wrapped in the Ghost's invisibility. Everything in Hell had changed the last week. A void echoed through the vile place, begging to be filled.

The demonic armies that had been gathered had been unleashed on the living world. All the great demons were gone. Those of us that remained could feel the void of their absence, seizing great power for ourselves.

“Let's check out up there,” Ursula whispered at my side, her invisible hand touching my shoulder.

“Yes,” I whispered back.

The sulfur plains ended at red, blasted hills and craggy rocks. The searing wind seemed to blow from the hills, growing stronger as we crossed the plain. It had grown so bad, two days ago we had to take shelter as the world turned entirely yellow.

“I'll go check it out, Momma,” Gabriella, Ursula and the Ghost's daughter, whispered.

“Okay, baby girl,” Ursula told her.

I watched carefully, noting the small disturbances Gabriella left as she scampered across the rocks, kicking up red dust and leaving behind her bare foot prints. We had to cross naked. We couldn't seem to make our cheerleader uniforms transparent.

Gabriella reached the summit of the hill. I waited, Ursula's hand squeezing down hard on my shoulder. She could be overprotective of her daughter sometimes. But Gabriella was more than competent. She had her mother's passion and her father's appetite.

A single, red rock lifted off the ground and bobbed twice—the all clear signal.

Ursula and I padded through the craggy terrain, making our way up the rocks. The ground was sharp, but our feet were toughened by Hell's terrain; I didn't notice the razor edges trying to cut my feet. At the summit, the searing wind howled. In the distance, a great city made of some coppery metal like bronze or brass.

“Dis,” Ursula whispered. “That's Lucifer's capital.”

“Was,” I corrected. “He left for greener pastures.”

“Well, someone's claimed it. Look at the gates.”

An army streamed out. They marched in columns, dressed in black armor. They almost looked like a forest, each man holding a spear, the tip gleaming in the red light. At the head, a man in fearsome, crimson armor rode a nightmarish horse, coal-black hide and fire for a mane. Every time its hooves struck the red earth, sparks flared. Three women dressed in kimono's rode side-saddle on their own demonic mounts behind him.

“We need to tell the Ghost,” Ursula whispered.

I nodded. The army was marching for the Sulfur Plains.


Chantelle Paquet-Holub

I hated the sulfurous plains. It was hard to tell which way to go. Supergirl came from a brass city, escaping out of Lucifer's prison. She whispered that a tyrant named Brandon was coming out on top in the fighting.

“The Patriots tried to fight,” Supergirl said, “but the Samurai's troops defeated them for Brandon.”

I shivered. Brandon Fitzsimmons. The man who almost defeated Mark. His attack prompted Mark and Mary to form the Theocracy and to dominate the world. Brandon had shown them how dangerous other Warlocks could be—the man had enslaved an entire military base, JBLM near Tacoma, to attack Mark—so the Tyrants hunted down every Warlock there was.

Brandon was reputed to be a cruel man. According to Mark's propaganda, Brandon sacrificed women to Molech. Over a hundred were raped and burned to death by the Demon. I believed the stories. And now that man might be in control of Lucifer's domain.

We needed to find Lilith as fast as possible.

The six of us set across the Sulfur Plains. Supergirl's three captured women became ours when we dominated the new woman. We freed them, and now they were followers of Lilith. We worked through the plains. It was easy to get lost in them. The plains were vast and featureless. There was no sun to give you a reference. The light of hell seemed to come from nowhere and everywhere at the same time, providing the same harsh illumination.

We walked through the dust, willing ourselves to find what we searched for. I began to trust my instincts, letting that guide us. I wanted to find Lilith, her daughters, and her worshipers, to unite them against Brandon and any other powers that lurked in the Abyss.

On what may have been our second day—time was a nebulous concept in Hell—we spotted a cloud of dust on the horizon.

“Check it out, Supergirl,” Lana hissed as we ducked down.

The new woman nodded, her face twisting in excitement. There were times Supergirl—that was the only name she would go by now—seemed to forget she had been a man. The longer she was a woman, the more the change seemed to consume her mind.

“Was I really a man,” she would sometimes whisper, staring down at her pubic mound. “Did I really have a cock? It seems like a strange dream. I'm a woman in my memories. It...makes somethings so interesting to remember.”

Supergirl skulked forward, climbing up a slightly higher mound than the rest of the plain. She crawling on her belly when she reached the top, peering over to see what the dust cloud was. I hoped it wasn't Brandon's forces. Dis lay nearby the plains, and I had no idea if we had moved closer or farther away from it.

If that even mattered in Hell.

“I feel good about this,” Lana whispered. “This feels like we made the right choice.”

“I'm glad one of us does.”

Lana put her arm around my shoulders, pulling me in close. “We'll find Lilith and her daughters. Our daughters.”

Lamia, my daughter with Lilith, would be here in Hell. I very much doubt my daughter would have escaped Mark's wrath. She had been in the City Hall when Mark took Seattle. His forces were merciless with Lilith's daughters, calling them monsters that had to be exterminated.

My daughter was not a monster.

Lamia was a beautiful creatures. I hoped to see her again. My other daughter, Lily, would be raised by Thamina and Fiona. If she was lucky, she would escape Hell when she died. Unless we found Lilith and figure out how to return the Goddess to the living world and unseat Mark. She did it once, and with our help, she could do it again.

Supergirl let out a scream. The ground erupted around her. She leaped back as something brown and sinuous moved through the dust cloud. I frowned, willing a pair of binoculars into my hand. I peered through them, the scene leaping close.

The monster was a woman shiny, brown skin and now hair. A Dabbat.

“I think that's Abby,” I smiled, letting the binoculars vanish. “Dabbat, stop attacking!” I screamed, running forward.

“It is Abby,” laughed Lana. Abby was Lilith first Dabbat born, a serpent-like daughter that could control the earth. “You can always count on her.”

Abby had found the Mispach for Lilith, the dagger that had almost killed Mary.

The Dabbat paused, glancing over at us. Her yellow-slitted eyes narrowed, and then she fell to her knees and bowed. “Priestess, do you know where Mother is?” Her voice hissed, but had a sibilant, child-like longing.

“No,” I answered her, reaching the top of the hill. “We're looking for her, Abby.”

Lilith's daughter rose. “Is it just you two?”

“I'm afraid so. We haven't found anyone other than Supergirl and a few women from Dis.”

“I have.”

I looked beyond the hill to see a large group of women, a dozen of Lilith's daughters circling them.

“It's Babylon and Crystal,” Lana smiled, waving down at the crowd.

Babylon's wiccan coven had formed the basis of Lilith's worship. Lana and I had converted Babylon, her daughter Crystal, Starlight, and the rest to Lilith's cause that wild night on the summer solstice. We hadn't found Lilith, but it was a start. We had our own force now. We could strive against the other powers of hell. We would grow stronger.

“Priestesses,” Babylon smiled as we drew nearer, her blonde hair sprinkled with yellow dust. The outer cordon of Lilith's daughters had let us pass, recognizing us. I didn't see Cora, Lana's daughter, or my Lamia though. “We gathered as many as we could. Do you have any idea where to begin looking for Lilith?”

“No,” I admitted, looking out at our followers. “But have faith. We'll find her.”

A loud, piercing shriek echoed across the plain.

“That's Luka,” Crystal said, pointing up at flying speck in the air.

The Alukah soared down towards them, flying on wings made from her red hair.

“She must have spotted something,” Babylon whispered. “She's agitated.”

“It's Lilith, Mom,” Crystal exclaimed, her youthful face twisting in excitement. “She must have found our Goddess.”



The chain bit into my neck. The brutes that captured me yanked hard. I stumbled, falling to my knees.

I was Lilith. I was the Mother of Monsters, the first woman. I shouldn't have to be subjected to this humiliation.

But Mark had killed me. The bastard cut off my head so he could save his whore wife. His golden blade had robbed me of all my powers, condemning me back to hell as weak as any normal human.

And I had quickly been rounded up by the brutes before me. They dragged twenty women behind them. When their passions overwhelmed them, we were raped. Three times they had chosen me, stabbing their vile cocks into me and grunting their enjoyment.

When I was free, when I had regained my powers, these two brutes would pay. I would skin them alive and boil them in oil. For eternity, they would know agony. Vengeance burned in my chest. I would punish every man. They would all suffer for their brutality to women.

“Gettin' dat itch,” grunted one of the brutes, rubbing his hard cock. “Whacha say. Fun time?”

The wart-faced second brute wheezed as he laughed. “I reckon so. These cunt's are fixin' to be tilled, and my plow's itchin' something mighty fierce.”

I quivered, lowering my head to the sulfur dust, hoping they wouldn't choose me. My violet eyes squeezed shut. Footsteps neared. Wheezing breath grew louder. A filthy hand clasped my shoulder. I shivered in fear, and a piteous whimper escaped my throat.

I couldn't help it. These men made me weak.

Mark made me weak.

The air hissed. Something wet and warm splashed on my face, dripping down to my lips, salty and coppery. Blood.

My eyes opened. The wart-faced brute fell in two pieces to the ground, roaring in pain. A woman stood over him, voluptuous, naked, her blonde hair falling around her large breasts. She held a green sword dripping in blood. Two other women cut down the other man.

“You saved us,” I smiled, looking up at them.

“Well, well, well,” the blonde smiled. “Is this who I think it is?”

“That's Lilith,” gasped another naked, young woman with short, black hair. “What is she doing here?”

“I guess Mark must have killed her, too.”

“I am Lilith,” I breathed. “Goddess to all women. You have earned yourself a place in my court, my warrior women.”

The blonde laughed. “I'm afraid that's not happening.” She bent down and seized the chains. I shuddered as she claimed our souls for the demon lord she served. Was it Astarte? Her territory bordered the Sulfur Plains.

“You're not letting us go?” moaned another woman.

“Nope. I'm Ursula, and that's my wife Marybeth.”

The black-hair girl nodded.

“And my daughter, Gabriella.” Ursula nodded to the other blonde, the youngest of the three women. “And you all have the honor of serving the Ghost.”

“Who?” I gaped.

“You'll see,” Ursula purred. “I reckon he'll induct you into his personal harem, Lilith.”

“The Ghost will love you,” Marybeth agreed. “And you'll come to love serving him as much as we do.”

Lilith shuddered as the girls seized her soul. Such power brimmed in them. They drew on this Ghost's powers. Whomever he was, he already was clawing himself into a Power of the Abyss. Hell had changed so much since I broke free.

“Let's go,” Ursula said, the physical chain dissolving from my neck. But I couldn't disobey her. My soul was chained to her master. She smacked my ass. “Mmm, everyone one of the Cult is going to enjoy you, Lilith.”

“A few of us lost kin to your plague,” Marybeth added. “I'm sure we'll all want to thank you personally.”

Escaping the brutes had seemed easy. They didn't have much power, but this Ghost...

I stumbled along with the rest of the women as we crossed the sulfur plain, a bony forest appearing ahead. Tears ran down my cheeks. If only Ziki hadn't failed. If only she had stabbed Mark Glassner with the Mispach, I would rule the earth.


The Samurai

“I know what you need, my Lord,” Orihime purred as I stepped into the tent.

The men needed their rest. Even in Hell, wearing armor and marching wearied a person. A few women had been captured on our march. The men vied for their chance to enjoy the spoils. It was disgusting, but my new master was a disgusting man.

But I swore my oaths. I would serve him until he violates our agreement.

My concubines awaited me naked, soapy water dripping from their bodies. “Let us wash away the days dust, my Lord,” giggled lithe Hikaru.

My armor vanished with a thought, and I stretched my muscular body out, lying on my stomach for their soapy massage. Chisato pressed on my left, rubbing her body against mine as Hikaru took the right. Orihime and her heavy breasts slid up and down my legs, her hard nipples trailing over my muscles.

“You are tense, my Lord,” Chisato whispered. “What troubles you?”

“Our purpose,” I sighed. “This shall be our life. Campaigning to take over Hell for that pig of a man.”

“You regret serving him?” Orihime asked.

“It is not dishonorable to serve,” Hikaru murmured.

“It is. I should not have surrendered.”

“And that would only have boughten pain. For you. For us.” Hikaru's soft lips kissed at his neck as she slid her body up and down on him. “Is that why you submitted?”

“Yes,” I grunted. I couldn't face letting them suffer any more torment. It made me weak.

“Thank you, my Lord,” Chisato purred.

“We love you just as much,” Orihime added.

I felt love in their touches. They had loved me just as fierce the day they appeared before me, dressed in their schoolgirl uniforms, pledging their undying love to my cause. I could endure any humiliation, any pain for them. They had willingly joined me knowing they faced Hell. My pride could bend for them.

Their sweet shade had become my life.

I rolled over, Orihime's heavy tits wrapping around my cock, sliding up and down as she washed me. Only Orihime's breasts were large enough for this delight. I groaned, savoring the sweet bliss of her tits. My other two women purred in my ear, their pliant tits rubbing on my chest.

“We love you so much,” Chisato groaned, her hot pussy sliding on my leg. “We have no regrets.”

“None,” Orihime agreed, sliding her tits faster up and down my cock.

“I know,” I groaned, my eyes squeezing shut.

I let their sweet bodies pleasure me. Their moans and sighs filled my ears as their hot flesh rubbed on me. My cock ached, the tip tingling between Orihime's silky breasts. Hikaru's sweet mouth found mine, thrusting her tongue inside.

My hands explored their flesh. I pushed between their thighs. I found their pussies wet and dripping. Hikaru purred into my kiss and Chisato shuddered and mewled, her pussy squeezing down on my fingers.

“Thank you, my love,” groaned Chisato. “You always remember to give us our pleasure.”

“You are a generous, Lord,” Orihime agreed. “Cum, my Lord. Give me your cum.”

“Yes, give it to her. Cum on her tits. I want to lick her clean of your spunk,” Chisato purred.

I groaned, my cock throbbing. My cock erupted, my cum boiling out, covering Orihime's heavy tits in lines of milky white. Chisato spun, about, my fingers twisting in her pussy, as she leaned over to lick my cum clean.

“That's it,” giggled Orihime. “Lick my tits. Our Lord enjoys watching us.”

Hikaru broke the kiss, turning about to join Chisato, licking the cum up from Orihime's other tit. Orihime beamed as her fellow concubines sucked and tweaked her nipples. Pleasure burned in her eyes as she moaned.

“Samurai,” the harsh voice of Abimbola called from outside.

“Yes,” I groaned, pushing my concubines away as I rose.

“Our scouts have spotted a flying demon. It circles a host of women protected by other demons.”

“Ready the army,” I commanded, my armor flashing about my body. “We have tributes to gather for the God-King.”

“Such sweet spoils,” laughed Abimbola. “The God-King will reward us.”.


Svitlana “Lana” Paquet-Holub

Luka landed, her wings turning back into her hair.

“Priestesses,” she crooned as she stopped before us, her sharp fangs glinting as she smiled. Luka was gorgeous and deadly. She was a vampiric Alukah, drawing her strength from feasting on blood. She had been sent after Mark's servant Sam, but had been killed.

“What is it?” I asked.

“An army of men,” Luka answered. “They have women prisoners and they're already forming up to attack us.”

My blood chilled and I glanced at Chantelle.

“We have Lilith's daughters,” Chantelle declared. “We'll rescue these women and show these vile men where their place is.”

Luka smiled.

To be continued...

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