Mark and his Cousin by Eric1770

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Mark was angry, he had to spend his saturday at his little cousins birthday party. He knew it was going to be a total drag. the would be nobody his age, just little kids and older women and men. There was one person he was really looking forward to seeing, and that was his cousin Ally. Now Mark was about 6,1' and was in decent shape, and had brown hair and brown eyes. Ally was 22, blonde, short, about 5,3' and had blue eyes. Her tits had to be about a C-cup, and were always stretching against Ally's shirt.

Mark arrived at his aunts house, said hello to everybody and then found Ally. She was wearing blue short shorts and a tight white shirt. She looked gorgeous.

The two sat down on the couch to talk.

"So Mark, You mom told me you failed German for this year?"

"Yeah, its not my fault the teacher is a total bitch"

Mark knew this excuse was bullshit and he really just was too lazy to study.

"Well you better do good next year, or ill beat you up"

"Yeah, okay Ally, I would pay to see that"

With that, Ally pounced on Mark and started hitting him with the pillow. Mark couldnt let her be better, so he grabbed it from her, put it over her face and just held there as it muffled her insults.

"Your such a dick mark!"

"Yeah, what are you going to do about it?"

"Pshh, Ill hire a hitman to get you"

"Right Ally, Right..."

Mark and Ally Continued to talk and throw small little insults at eachother like a bunch of kids on the jungle-gym. They ate some food and had a few soda's. Then Ally told Mark she wanted to go for a walk.

"Alright lets go" Mark said.

During the walk they talked about what they have both been up to lately, what there plans are. But the whole time Mark was staring at Ally's tits as they bounced merrily as they walked down the road. Mark had always thought Ally was attractive, even at a young age, always wanted to be with her, and do what she was doing. Mark always thought it was a one way street and that nothing would ever come of it.

So they were walking down the street and mark noticed Ally's button was undone, and being a gentleman like he was most of the time, figured he would let her know.

"Hey Ally, your button to your shorts is undone."

"Oh thanks Mark, hey what made you notice that you pervert?"

"Nothing, just happen to notice." Mark said trying to stay cool.

Mark and Ally had reached the end of the street, and decided to follow the trail into the woods at the end of the street. After about five minutes of walking the both settled down and sat down on a big rock to relax for a bit. The whole time Ally was talking about some thing she had done with her friends, and Mark could care less, he was busy staring down her shirt, trying to picture what her tits would look like without that thin white shirt in the way. The conversation had come to an end, and to keep it going Ally took some lotion out of her purse and started to put some lotion on her hands, and mentioned how the weather is making her hands all dry. Mark was again just looking at her, and realized her button was undone again. Out of instinct, Mark pointed it out again.

"Thanks again Mark, Im not sure how you noticed again, but thanks." Ally tried to button it again, but couldnt get grip on the button because of the lotion.

"Mark, Think you could help me out? It keeps slipping."

Now Mark was totally excited and couldnt believe he was practically putting his hands down Ally's pants.

"Sure Ally, Ill help ya."

Mark tried buttoning it aswell, but the lotion from Ally's hands were on the button. Mark Kept trying but also trying to brush his hands up against Ally's lacy red panties. After about a minute, He thought Ally might catch on, so he just gave up.

"Sorry Ally, I cant get it. Guess youll have to walk around with your panties showing for now." said Mark with a little chuckle.

"Dont rub it in Mark.."

Mark noticed as they just sat, and walked around, her shorts kept slipping down a few inches, and tried to get a glipse of her thong and her ass, ever chance he got. It had been about a half hour, so he figured, he would be nice and try again.

"Hey Ally, why dont you let me try that button again."

"Sure Mark, be my guest."

Mark started fiddling with it again, and it was still slippery. Mark was so close and he kept slipping. So he knew this time was it. He got ready and pulled the two side together, and went to put the button through the hole, and slipped again, but this time his hand slipped down Allys Shorts, and just brushed her clit. Ally let out a slight sigh. She looked at Mark nervously, hoping he didnt hear it. But he had, he kept his head down, knowing she would be glaring at him. Mark knew what was going on, and he wanted to do it again, so he purposely made it look like a legitimate attempt, but slipped, and brushed Ally's clit again, but this time she sighed louder.

Mark knew if he wanted anything to happen he had to make his move.

"Enjoying this are you Ally?"

Ally was blushing, Mark knew it was working.

"No! your sick mark! you just, just, caught me by surprise, thats all"

Mark couldnt let it end like this, he had to act now.

"So if thats the case, you wouldnt mind if I did this?"

With that Mark slid his hand down her Shorts, and flicked her clit through her panties.

Ally jumped with Exctasy.

"Mark stop it!" Ally yelled as she jumped away.

"Oh come on Ally, I Know you enjoyed it."

"Yes I did Mark, but this is wrong. Your my Cousin!"

"Its wrong? Says who? Society? I say fuck it. Come on Ally."

With this Mark walked up to Ally, she wasnt resisisting so he Slid down her Shorts. Ally just stood there. Mark then got down, and moved her panties to the side and flicked her clit a few times, then started to finger fuck her. Mark could tell Ally was nervous, she was tense, had a worried look on her face and she was shaking slightly. Mark was Nervous aswell, but was afraid to show it. He was a virgin, and didnt want to ruin his chance.

"How does it feel Ally? mark said with a smile.

"Go-good" Ally said with excitement.

"Mark let me sit down, when i cum, I cum hard."

Mark let her sit down on the log.At this point mark removed his fingers from his cousins dripping pussy, and replaced it with his mouth, that was saliating with the thoughts of eating his cousins pussy. His cousins pussy!!! he was doing something he knew was wrong and loved it. He didnt care anymore, he wanted it. He ate Ally's Pussy like a savage, enjoying how great she tasted. Her love juices were very sweet.

"Oh god mark! Im Cumming!"

just seconds later Mark felt her whole body spasm with extasy, and kept eating away.

Mark removed his face from his cousins crotch, started to finger her again.

"Ally,I have wanted to do this for years, and now im finally getting it."

Mark leaned in and started to kiss Ally, Mark broke this kiss, and smiled.

"How does your own love juice taste? Huh Ally? Your own cousin just kissed you, and his lips are covered with sweet juices?"

Ally was too busy with her next orgasm to respond, mark noticed and got back to eating her out.

"Oh god mark! Im cumming! Im cumming! Im cumming in my cousins mouth!"

Mark savored Ally's juices, licked his lips, and just stared At Ally as she slowly regained energy. They both smiled, and knew it would only get better.

Part II if people like it.

Rating: 88%, Read 31892 times, Posted Jun 28, 2009

Fiction | Female, Incest, Teen Male


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