Tribe - Part 1 by @Rooster

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A tribe of scantily glad, statuesque, women are out in the jungle hunting cock!

Unlike other local tribes the warriors are white with the exception of the leader and a couple of the younger girls who have darker, olive coloured skin.

Having lured him into a trap they snare a Tarzan like figure. He is dressed in just a loincloth, is really well built and muscular. It takes 4 or 5 of the warriors to wrestle him to the ground.

As he is pinned to the floor a couple of the girls are already grabbing the front of his loincloth, checking out his equipment!

Once they have him tied up they march him back to their camp, which is in a small clearing in the jungle and as night falls it is time for fun by the campfire!

They are keen to assess his ‘potential’ so they have him standing with his hands tied behind his back around a large wooden pole driven into the ground, in the open space in the centre of the village. The prisoner is at one side of the space and the Queen of the tribe’s ‘throne’ is on the other side of the space, directly opposite the prisoner. The scantily clad warriors are sat around in a semi circle fanning out from the throne.

The space is illuminated by a number of small fires burning around the perimeter. Their light creates an eerie yet warm glow.

The Queen walks slowly into the circle and goes across to the throne. Laya is stunning; she’s a tall, athletic type, with long legs and slender thighs that are topped by a short animal-skin skirt. Her long dark hair is tied back in a tail. She is a buxom girl and her top barely contains her ample breasts. Either the cool night air or the anticipation of what might be to come has made her nipples hard and push up against the soft material of her top.

She sits down and crosses her legs showing off her slender thighs. She stares at Tarzan’s loincloth wondering whether what lies beneath will please or disappoint.

Tarzan stares back wondering whether he will get to feel those thighs around his waist whilst he pleasures her pussy! He feels the blood start to surge into his cock.

A short command from Laya brings Tarzan back to his senses and causes one of the younger, olive skinned warriors to rise up from the her position in the semi circle and move toward Tarzan.

Ona is barely twenty and slightly shorter than most of the other warriors. Nonetheless she has ample breasts and long dark hair like Laya; Tarzan wonders if she might be her daughter!

As she stands a few feet away she stares into Tarzan’s eyes as she takes off her short, little skirt. Then in just an animal skin, bikini like outfit she starts a slow, erotic dance as the tribe start to clap and chant rhythmically!

As she gyrates around in front of him she slides her hands up and down her body, occasionally stroking her ample breasts through her taught little top. At other times she runs her long slender fingers across the front of her knickers provocatively.

It is not long then before the warriors see the first signs of a bulge in the front of Tarzan’s loincloth.

Encouraged by his response, Ona slowly removes her top and her ample breasts spill out. Her nipples are long and hard and the dark circles around the base are so swollen they distort the perfect shape of her tits. As she continues her dance she massages her tits and the long hard nipples poke between her fingers.

Now her hands slide down to her hips. Slowly, as she continues to gyrate, she hooks her thumbs into the waist of her knickers and as she slides them down over her slender hips her dark bush is gradually revealed. Despite it being thick and curly, Tarzan can just make out her perfect peach-shaped pussy and can see that her clit is hard and swollen.

Instinctively he runs his tongue around his lips as he imagines flicking it across her magic button!

She moves towards him thrusting her pussy at the bulge in his loincloth and gyrating against his hardness. Tarzan thrusts his hips at her and they both imagine his cock in her pussy!

As she dances up close to him now she slowly turns, bends slightly forward and pushes her pert little arse against his growing bulge. Again he thrusts at her and as he looks down he visualises splitting her big round cheeks with his cock.

Now, she moves away from him and as she dances naked in front of him her hands all over her tits and pussy. The tribe watch as the front of his loincloth continues to rise.

Intrigued by the big bulge Ona stops dancing and drops to her knee in front of him. She takes hold of the loincloth and starts to pull it down slowly over his muscular hips. First they see the curly hair, then the thick base of his cock, then his big heavy balls. And then, as she continues to slide the garment down, inch after inch of his thick, swollen shaft starts to appear until his cock springs free.

A gasp goes up from the tribe!

Just released from its prison, his cock is not yet fully erect but even so it arches out some 10 inches from his hairy groin. Not only is it long, the shaft is thick too; really thick and the big swollen head droops towards the girl at his feet.

She resists the temptation to give it a pull but instead she flicks out her tongue and licks the head several times making it glisten. Then she sits back on her haunches and watches as it keeps growing and the droopy head slowly rises up until it is pointing toward the night sky.

It is huge!! Tarzan is hung like a horse!!

Now she can’t resist the temptation any longer! She grabs the middle of the horse like shaft with both hands, pulls down the head towards her face and takes 4 or 5 inches of cock in her mouth. It is so thick it she has to open her little mouth really wide.

As her head bobs back and forth on the end of his cock, she pulls the thick shaft vigorously and Tarzan growls his approval.

Sucking and pulling, she works his cock getting it bigger and harder as the tribe egg her on. Soon she has Tarzan in frenzy!

As Tarzan looks around the circle of girls sees that many girls are either stroking their tits through the sheer material of their tops or bareback. Some have discarded their skirts and have their hands stuffed in their panties rubbing their pussies.

In the centre Ona releases his huge cock and stands up before him. As she faces him she runs her hands over her ample tits, rubbing the erect nipples. Then she turns her back to him, bends forward placing her hands on her knees and wiggles her tight, little ass at him, teasingly.

As she bends forward, the sight of her tight little ass and her plump, bulging pussy is the focus of his attention and he can contain himself no longer.

With a big roar he strains his huge shoulders and breaks the bindings holding his huge hands behind his back. Before Ona can react, he grabs hold of her slender hips with his huge hands and pushes her to the floor on all fours.

To the shock of the tribe, a huge wolf like dog walks through the cordon of warriors and up to the girl. It circles round first sniffing the air and then moves up behind her, sniffing between her legs. It then starts to lap at her wet pussy and the girl moans. As the dog laps away its cock starts to appear and there are murmurs form the tribe. Is the wolf going to mount the girl? But before it gets the chance Tarzan grunts and the dog moves out the way and lies to the side.

So now Tarzan moves up and as he stands behind the girl, with his huge cock jutting out over her petite frame. As he looks down at her he tenses his firm buttocks making cock bounce up and down to the delight of the girls watching.

Eager to take the gorgeous girl at his feet he moves quickly now and drops to his knees between the girl’s legs. He slides a big hand down over the smooth cheeks of her tight little arse, pushes his thick fingers through her curly bush and runs them along the lips of her swollen pussy. The girl barks like a dog!

Her pussy is dripping wet already as he strokes it vigorously. He pulls his hand out and wipes her juice over the big swollen head of his cock. He takes hold of his shaft and strokes it as he pulls it down to point it between her slender thighs. As he crawls forward on his knees to enter her for the first time her he lets out a heavy growl.

As he moves forward, Laya rises from her chair and moves towards the couple in order to get a close up of the forthcoming copulation. The tribe follow her lead and croud around the pair.

In the middle Tarzan slides the huge cock-head down between the firm cheeks of her ass and rubs it up and down her hairy snatch. Then with a lunge he hits the target and spears her pussy with his monstrous cock.

The girl moans but Tarzan can see that despite the power of his thrust, her little wet pussy is still so tight that he has only managed to push 2 or inches of the thick shaft into her. So he pulls out and gives another thrust. The girl moans again as a couple more inches slide inside stretching her tight pussy. From there, another thrust buries half the long shaft inside her and the girl shudders.

Now she is impaled on his cock the girl starts to wiggle her hips, first side to side and then back and forth sliding up and down the thick shaft. She is frantic, trying to work his big thick cock into her tight pussy.

She riding 8 or 9 inches now but it is not enough for Tarzan. He was keen to give her his full length so he grabs hold of her hips with his big strong hands he stops her little dance. She looks so small in his big hands, with her slim hips split by his huge rod.

Then he starts to pull her onto his equine cock. And the tribe watch as she slowly slides onto the huge rod, inch by inch until the thick base disappears and Tarzan is in up to his balls. His monstrous cock is now buried inside the girl. As he looks down he can see her tight little pussy stretched wide by the thick base of his shaft as he holds his cock deep inside. He tenses his buttocks causing his rod to expand further and Ona moans.

Again and again he does this to stretch her and then he starts to fuck her with his huge length. He holds her firm and steady and with big thrusts of his hips he gives her his huge glistening shaft. Stroke after stroke, length after length, he fucks the young willing warrior. Each time he pulls back the lips of the girls tight pussy are pulled back by the girth of his cock. Each time he rams home his full length sending a shudder through her body as his groin hits her ass and she groans. The power of his thrusts is lifting her knees off the floor.

He just keeps going and soon she is panting and shaking as the huge girth of his horse cock works on her G spot. She starts to cum. As his strokes continue her body becomes stiff and then she starts to shake and shudder. Her arms go weak and she can no longer support herself. She collapses to the floor and he follows her down placing his hands either side of her shoulders, moving to a reverse missionary position. His arms support him over her now as her body lies between his legs.

He is ramming down into her now; lunge after lunge sending his foot long cock deep inside her. His big heavy balls slap against her arse as he buries his length up to the hilt. She starts to cum again. And as before she first she goes stiff and then her body starts to shake and shudder. And she barks!

Tarzan is also on the verge; the friction from the girls tight pussy gradually getting there. And just as his wondering whether he should squirt deep inside her or pull out and impress the tribe with the power of his ejaculation the Queen, who has he hand in her panties rubbing her self to another orgasm, shouts “Fill her.” She must have read is mind!

So two, three, four more strokes with his cock and then “Aaaaaarghh” he shouts as he shoots the first load deep up inside her receptive pussy. He pulls back and then with another thrust squirts deep inside her again. And again, and again until her tight little twat has milked his balls of their fist full load of the evening.

Tarzan now moves back from the press-up position to sit back on his haunches astride the girls thighs, his cock sliding out of the girl’s pussy pulling her labia lips with it as he does so. As it is finally released from her tight tunnel it bounces up in the air shooting drops of his cum in to the air. He is still as erect and bone hard as ever. As he kneels there he wraps his big right hand around the middle of his thick cock and slowly pulls it. He is horny and ready to go again. Who will it be next?

Slightly to his right the huge wolfhound stirs.

To be continued!

Rating: 91%, Read 21817 times, Posted Apr 27, 2020

Fiction | Erotica, Female, Group Sex, Hardcore, Male


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