He took me away from Kayla by JaniLove

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True Story | Bi-sexual, Blowjob, Cum Swallowing, First Time

How can my mom send me to mathtard lessons after school. I have a B in that stupid class and top of that I’m in pre-algebra. I miss one stupid assignment and mom gets mad at me. I’m an idiot like Willy, I’m better and smarter. I shouldn’t have to listen to my stupid teachers lecture after class about how I don’t meet my potential, WHO GIVES A DAMN? Can’t she be happy with what I have and call it a day? Hope Mrs. C burns in the depths of hell. Yea that seems appropriate!

Moving on with my life I went to go talk to my cousin and of course I saw her flirting with some older guy. I go over there and ruin there like the good cousin I am and mess it up for her. “Hey Babe, Lexis, and hello cutie! What are you a 9th grader?”

“Ke-Ke why are so noise? Go hang out with friends your own age,” she giggled realizing that I started staying after school a week ago. “You should know I only talk to men. He’s a 10th grader. Come on guys let’s get away from my little cousin.” With that they started walking off.

I yelled in my little squeaky voice, “I’m only a year younger than you! And Lexis I don’t care if your Babes bff I want my scarf back!”

“Yea love you to babe!”

I walked over to the after school bus area. How grand is it to go to a mix high school middle school? Being a sixth grader sucks. Ignoring the thought I went over to my sixth grade friends who were all gathered around sitting a circle, and trust me this wasn’t a game of duck, duck goose. Two people were sitting in the middle touching each other asking if they were nervous. How stupid can they be?

Kayla saw me and walked turned me immediately. “Hey look who decided to show up. Isn’t she just gorgeous? I mean, I know her tits are small, but that ass is huge, who wouldn’t want to touch it?” She sounded seductive. “Come play with us Ke-Ke.” Before I could answer she took my hand and pulled into the middle of the circle. “Michelle, Criss get out the middle and let Omar in the middle.

My hair was pulled back into a pony tail, just barely going past my shoulders by an inch. I wore a pink V-neck t-shirt and shorts that barely covered my ass. My skin was like milky chocolate and I had little eyes like an Asian. I just started wearing a training bra but my butt made up for that. But Kayla was dirty blonde with B 34 size boobs. She didn’t have a butt, but her sparkling emerald eyes made up for that. Her skin was almost albino but still she was cute and her outfit matched mine.

“Ok just keep going down Omar’s chest to his dick until he says nervous ok?” I sat on my feet and started at his shoulder. She began she massage my shoulders, “Good now slowly go lower and gentle.” I felt the touch of Omar’s hand on my boob and tensed up. “Relax its ok. It’s just a hand right?” Omar’s hand slide down to my stomach and mine to his. I was so nervous but didn’t have the guts to admit to it. Kayla kept massaging my shoulders, encouraging me to go down further. Soon our hands were in each other’s pants. He rubbed my pussy and I stroked his cock. After about 2 minutes I felt myself getting wet and pull my hand out of his pants and gently whispered, “I’m nervous.”

“It’s ok Ke-Ke you did well for your first time playing the game. I didn’t know you were slutty like your cousins.” With that she kissed me and I pulled away not knowing what to think or feel. I saw the late buses arriving and I ran to mine.

God you are a slut. You’re going to Hell for what you’ve done. Being gay is a sin. Ignoring the thoughts I sat in my usual spot in the front. Michelle sat across from me at smirked without saying a word. What happened replayed in my head over and over. I can’t believe what just happened. I had to quickly but the thoughts behind me as the “cool” kids came on the bus. Sadly one of them was my brother and the other was Ken. Most of the cool kids sat in the back, but since Ken always got in trouble and had to sit in the font, he usually sat himself next to me. Today was no different.

Ken was half black, half white and had perfect tone muscles. He does band and is in the ninth grade. If he wasn’t such a druggie he would have every girl in school praising him, including me, but for now he was just some asshole with beautiful brown eyes. “So ghetto girl what’s up?”


“Ouch, I see you haven’t changed.”

“Neither have you.”

This was our usual conversation. He would try to touch me from time to time but I always pushed his hand away and always tried to put it back. We got at the same stop so he usually wouldn’t let me off until I was the last person and on the way home he would walk with me, my brother, and my friends Chris and Myles just to bother me. Today it was just me and him because Willy wanted to hit on some girl and the guys didn’t stay after.

“So, why do you hate me so much?”

“Why did you my cousin a cigarette at lunch behind the school?”

“She wanted it, now answer my question.”

“I don’t hate you, you just disgust me.”

“Listen I’m not as bad as I seem once you get past the fact I like drugs like every other kid in high school.”

“Shut up and help me hop the fence, and nothing funny this time.”

Of course he touched my ass anyways said goodbye and left. I waited for my idiot brother to get to the house so we could walk in together and my parents wouldn’t be suspicious of anything. He came 5 minutes later. I got my key out my bag and I could smell the spaghetti as soon as walked in. “Hey daddy!” I said in my most cheerful voice.

“Hey Keek, Willy. So how was school?”

“Good but I have homework so I’m going upstairs so he doesn’t distract me with his stupidity.”

“Hey stop messing with your brother.”

“Sorry,” I said unapologetically. I went upstairs into the bedroom where I saw my brother, Derik, and his best friend, Chuck, playing halo on the Xbox. “Hey D, hey other brother.” I threw my stuff on the floor and went up on the top bunk to read a poetry book by Langston Hues. I couldn’t get into the poetry because I couldn’t stop thinking of how Omar made feel and how Kayla made it feel like it was okay. My mind slowly started to think more about Kayla.

Its second semester and I’m barely noticing how she would always choose me two be her dance partner in our modern dance class. How she would always try to hang out with me during lunch and even stayed for mathtard lessons when she didn’t need them. Kayla. I later had a dream we were in a dungeon and she hung me high in the air touching my pussy making me feel so good.

The day at lunch Kayla took me to her older friends and introduced me. They were all seniors and juniors and brought back Jack in the Box for both of us. After we ate they asked if I could get 2 hall passes from my other cousin since she was ASB president. I did as told and got instead Tina was nice enough to give me 3. I kept one for myself and gave the other 2 to Kayla and a senior named Bernard. They said to meet in the 6th grade girls’ bathroom. (It’s called that because it was near most the 6th grade classes)

I had to go through 5th to 6th period not knowing what to except. I showed my hall pass to my 6th/7th period teacher and I left to the girls’ bathroom. It was huge with about 30 stalls since it was a huge school, 6 of which were the really big stalls. I waited patiently for the other 2 to arrive. When they did we went immediately to one of the large stalls. Kayla pulled down my shorts and showed me how to touch myself once I got the hang of it she undressed and went down on her knees. She undid his pants and his dick was soon in her mouth.

I was so turned on this was my first time watching someone give a blowjob, let alone see a dick or another naked. She deep-throated him and when she was done she swallowed all off his cum without spill a drop. To end off 7th period she French kissed me but I didn’t pull away this time I liked. The after taste of Bernard and the dominance she had over mouth turn me she began fingering my pussy while continuing to make-out with me. She didn’t stop until I came for my first time. 5 minutes before last bell we dressed and got ready to leave. Bernard went to his car and I went mathtard lessons after school with Kayla. We played footsy together the whole time.

Life went like this for 3 weeks until Ken took me away from my sweet albino, Kayla.

Rating: 38%, Read 12442 times, Posted Jul 19, 2012

True Story | Bi-sexual, Blowjob, Cum Swallowing, First Time


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