Enslaved by sexynicole69

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Fiction | BDSM, Bi-sexual, Female, Group Sex, Male, Oral Sex, Threesome, Written by women

Jim stirred from the blackout that had over taken him and opened his eyes slowly. His head felt groggy and his eyes sore. He hadn’t remembered having a hangover this bad in a long time.

“He’s waking up,” he heard a voice say.

Jim started to bring his hand to his face to rub his eyes only to find it chained to a steel pole as was his other arm and legs.

“What the fuck?” he said in a whisper. A bright light was switched on as a slim, dark haired woman with shoulder length dark hair. She was naked and he stared dumbly at her exquisite 38C tits with pinks nipples before looking up into her face.

“Hello Jim,” she said.

Jim blinked his eyes taking in the woman who stood beside where he laid.

“Madison! What the hell is going on?”

She smiled nastily.

“It’s simple.” She leaned close to him and yanked the blanket off his body. His dick stood straight up. He hadn’t noticed due to pain in his head he was still had from coma-like sleep he’d blacked out into. The hard on he had wasn’t natural he could tell.

For one, it was harder and fully erect than it normally was he was aroused, not to mention the painful throbbing it was exuding. He looked at Madison.

“What the fuck have you done to me?”

“Diane here is a chemist.”

A tall and skinny tanned topless blonde with short cropped hair and large 38 D tits walked around Madison to stand at the foot of the bed he was bound to. He recognized her from the bar he’d been at earlier that evening who’d bought him drinks.

Funny he’d thought nothing of it at the time.

She raked the nail of her index finger deep into the flesh of his dick causing him to hiss from the pain and moaned when she pinched the flesh of his head between her fingers.

“Hello, Jim.”

She stared at him a very evil smile curving her plump lips.

“I take it you don’t remember me, do you?”

Jim shook his head slowly. “No, I do remember you.”

“Do you remember the lesson you taught me?”

Jim swallowed hard.

“I had Diane here buy you drinks all night that her brother, the bartender served by the way and slipped roofers into, until you passed out,” Madison said drawing his attention back to her.

“You see Diane’s big brother and let me emphasize big, cares about Diane and I very much and he was only too happy to toss your ass into the back of his van and help us teach you a lesson.”

Madison walked over to Diane and slid her fingers to her pussy opening them letting Jim see how her pink juicy cunt.

“He also enjoys making us happy very much.”

Madison slid her finger up and down along Diane’s clit. Pulling out a chair behind Diane, she pushed her into it as Diane opened her thighs and Madison knelt between them. Jim’s cock started to throb as he watched Madison slide her tongue up and down Dian’s wet slit and sucking and licking her clit. Diane raised her legs so her heels meet her ass cheeks causing her pussy to open wider.

“It’s not that we didn’t enjoy being fucked by you,” Diane told him between moans as Madison started to finger fuck her pussy, “it’s about..uhhh….oh yes…control!” Diane cried out as her cunt juices squirted all over Madison’s fingers.

“OH!” Diane gasped. “Damn! That was so fucking good, baby!” Madison smiled as she brought her fingers to her mouth and started to lick them clean. Diane brought her legs down and leaned toward her to give her another long open mouth tongue kiss.

Jim groaned, half in pain, half in arousal. He wanted to fuck so bad and blow his load. Looking over at Jim and noticing his distress, the girls shared a smile.

Diane straddled his legs and sucked his cock into her mouth. Sucking and licking his cock wasn’t satisfying Jim, and he wanted badly to fuck her mouth. But she seemed in no hurry to oblige him. Once she had his cock lubed up from her salvia, she raised her pussy over his cock and slid down on to slowly.

Diane looked over at Madison who watching them and playing with her pussy. “Baby, why don’t come over and put the sweet pussy on his face? You would like that wouldn’t you, Jim?”

Jim’s answer was a low groan and a nod as Diane began fuck his cock in long, slow strokes. Madison straddled his head with her thighs and her pink shaved pussy spread open glistening with cunt juice. If there was one thing he loved more than fucking pussy, it was eating pussy and he began to lap up Madison’s juices with his tongue. Then he began thrust his tongue in and out her pussy. Madison began to pant for breath her climax drawing near. Suddenly, she shuddered and cried out when she felt her pussy spasm and squirt all over Jim’s face. He made sure not to waste it and lapped up every drop.

Diane on the other hand was fucking her cunt right on the head of his penis but always keeping him short of letting him blow his load into her hot cunt like so fucking badly wanted to do. His cock was rubbing her right on her g-spot and her fingers rubbed her wet pink clit back and forth furiously.

Her orgasm started building up however and she began to fuck his cock harder and faster. Jim felt his balls tightening and the pressure in his cock became more intense with every thrust of Diane’s pussy on his cock. They came at the same time, Diane’s pussy clamped down around his cock as Jim’s hot spunk came spewing out and filling her hot drenched pussy.

Diane and Madison were both smiling at one another as they climbed off him.

“Having fun, Jim?” Diane asked him.

Jim nodded once and let his head drop back down to the mattress.

“Let him rest and let’s go shower. Besides, when Sam gets here, Jim’s going to need it,” Madison said in Diane’s ear.

“See you later, Jim,” Diane called out as the two girls headed off to shower.

Jim just smiled.

Rating: 86%, Read 10242 times, Posted May 06, 2012

Fiction | BDSM, Bi-sexual, Female, Group Sex, Male, Oral Sex, Threesome, Written by women


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