The Start Of An Incestuous Relationship With My Cousin by Larten21

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Fantasy | Consensual Sex, Erotica, First Time, Incest, Male, Teen Female

Taking a large drink from my beer I look out across the dancefloor of the small bar we had rented out for my cousins eighteenth birthday party and I smile, Samantha, my cousin, is out on the dancefloor spinning and flailing around with a huge smile on her face obviously having a great time, getting admiring looks from every guy in the place as she dances wildly in her tight black short skirt and matching black t shirt that hangs limply off of one shoulder leaving her shoulder and portion of her back bare and revealing an almost indecent amount of cleavage.

I am very close with my cousin we live very near each other with only a couple of streets separating our houses so we had grown up together, gone to the same schools and had always looked out for each other, our parents were also very close so would spend a lot of time at each others houses with both sets of parents, we had Christmas dinner at each others houses and even went on holiday as one big family at least once a year.

In high school I tried to push her away a little bit because as my hormones raged inside me she had started to mature into a very beautiful young woman and I had felt myself becoming attracted to her, I had realised that the attraction had gone too far when I started fantasizing about her when I masturbated, imagining my hands exploring every inch of her olive skin with her small hands doing the same to my considerably paler skin. I tried to gently distance myself from her in the hopes that my incestuous fantasies would dissipate over time but I never got the chance to find out if it would have worked or not. I still remember the day she let me know that she wasn’t going to let me push her away.

I was sitting in my bedroom playing video games and wearing only a pair of shorts when she had marched in looking fierce and angry, she stormed over and stood in front of my TV, I watched belatedly as my avatar was riddled with bullets.

“What the fuck Sam?” I snapped at her annoyed because I had been on a big kill streak and was dominating the match.

“I know what you’re doing and it isn’t going to work.” She almost shouted at me, I looked at her confused, “I don’t care if your friends think it’s not cool to hang around with me, we are family and I wont let you push me away.”

She wrapped me in a hug and I could feel the soft skin of her bare arms against my back and her budding breasts concealed in her T shirt pressed hard against my bare chest, I could feel my cock starting to grow at our contact and I panicked at the thought that she would see or feel my growing erection and get angry about it. I was lucky that when she stopped hugging me she turned and walked towards my door giving me enough time to adjust my shorts to hide what would have been a very obvious erection.

She turned around and looked at me with that fierce look still on her face, “you gonna stop trying to push me away then?” she asked me sharply and all I could do was nod my head, “good.” She smiled, “love you cous.” She said lightly before bouncing out of my room and closing the door behind her.

I shot out of my chair and lunged at the door to lock it before quickly taking my cock out of my shorts and masturbating furiously to the memory of the feel of her arms around me, her clothed breasts pressed against me and the sight of her ass jiggling slightly as she skipped out of my room, it didn’t take me long to shoot a massive load of cum.

I snapped out of the memory and decided I wanted to have a cigarette so I headed out of the hot and humid club and headed for the smoking area. The outside air is much cooler than the club and is a welcome breath of fresh air, I sit on one of the benches at the edge of the light, take out a cigarette and light it before taking a long drag.

I hear the door to the club open and then close but I don’t pay attention to who it is until I feel the bench move slightly as they sit next to me. I turn around to look at who it is and see my cousin Samantha sitting on the bench, facing me with her legs crossed on the bench in between us, her straight dark brown hair is slightly matted with sweat and her olive skin seems to shine in the low lighting as her flesh is also covered in sweat from her wild dancing.

“Can I have one of those?” She asks me indicating my cigarette.

“You shouldn’t smoke.” I tell her and she gives me that look that says ‘but you do’ making me sigh deeply and hand her a cigarette.

She smiles at me, “see you can’t say no to me today, it’s my birthday.” She teases me as she lights the cigarette.

“Only if the same rules apply on my birthday.” I tease her and a torrent of sexual thoughts flash through my mind as I turn and straddle the bench to face her.

She smiles at me, “Oh we’ll see.” She laughs.

I’m momentarily captivated as my eyes shoot down to admire her long smooth legs when she shift them slightly to make her self more comfortable, to distract myself and not make it so obviously that I’m checking out my own cousin I pick up my beer and take a swig and when I place it down she picks it up and takes a swig as big as mine.

“Hey.” I protest but again she just flashes me that smile.

“You can’t say no to me today remember.” She giggles before she becomes more serious, “Kate hasn’t stopped talking about you all night.” She groans, Kate is one of Samantha’s closest friends and she also has a huge crush on me unfortunately for her she isn’t my type.

“She must know by now that I’m not interested.” I sigh.

“You’ve never said why.” Samantha says, again trying to find out why I’m not interested in her blond, beautiful and curvy best friend.

“She’s just not my type.” I tell her not wanting to tell her that the real reason I’m not interested in her friend is because I’m in love with her.

“Who is your type then?” She asks and I swear her smile turns a little cruel but like she is expecting something as I think what to say.

“I’m not sure.” I stall for time to try and think of something to say that doesn’t exactly describe her, “we have to get along and share a similar sense of comedy and taste in music.” I tell her before cursing myself because so far I’m describing her, I take a drink from my beer and think fuck it.

“I prefer brunettes.” I continue, “and those who are a little less well endowed but long legs.” I tell her and watch as she blushes a little.

“So someone like me.” She says and I feel myself blush as well, “you know I’ve been waiting for this day for a while.” She tells me her voice quiet and her blush deepening.

“So you can go out and legally get drunk.” I laugh but Samantha doesn’t, she just looks at me seriously.

“No.” She says her voice as serious as her facial expression, “There is another thing I can now legally do.” She let’s her legs drop on either side of the bench to match how I’m sitting and shuffles forward towards me.

My heart is beating so hard that I’m almost certain Samantha can hear it pounding away, my breathing is heavy and I suddenly realise that so is Samantha’s. She reaches forward and takes the cigarette from my hand and grinds it into the ashtray at the same time that she does her own, I open my mouth to complain but she leans forward and her lips meet mine.

I freeze up for a moment as her lips meet mine wondering if this is real or some kind of dream and before I can react and kiss her back she pulls away and looks a little upset.

“I thought...Me...You...” She says obviously trying to say something but was getting flustered, “I guess you don’t then.” She whispers sounding upset and it hit me what she was talking about she had rightfully thought that I had a crush on her.

I reach out, cup her chin and force her to meet my eyes, I move forward to kiss her, I move slowly to give her enough time to pull away from me in case this wasn’t what she wanted but instead of pulling away from me she leans forward so our lips meet. The kiss starts off soft and cautious but quickly becomes hard and passionate as we explore each others mouths.

I have wanted this for years and had imagined so many scenarios that lead to this outcome but I had never expected it to happen and now that it was happening I kept thinking how this was so much better than I had ever expected and part of me never wanted it to end.

Samantha broke the kiss and sat there looking at me panting with a huge smile in her face, “so you do then.” She said breathlessly.

“Do what?” I ask her knowing what she meant but wanting to hear her say it.

“Well Kate always said the reason you weren’t interested in her was because you have a thing for me.” She said it like she had never considered it being true, “that just proved she was right.” She said grinning at me a little maniacally which had me worried, had she only tried kissing me because she wanted to see if her friend was right and she was now disgusted with me or was the feeling mutual, I had to know.

“Well I, erm, kinda.” She places a finger against my lips as I struggle to find a way to tell her that this didn’t have to effect our relationship.

“Shhh.” She whispers, “don’t speak just kiss me.” She basically orders me as she leans forward removes her finger from my lips and replaces it with her own lips.

I feel dizzy with excitement, the girl of my dreams, my own cousin was sitting here with me at her own eighteenth birthday party and we were making out, it was pretty much a dream come true and I couldn’t believe it was happening.

“I’ve wanted this for so long.” Samantha whispers when we take break to breathe and I couldn’t believe my ears I had always thought that if I’d told her how I felt she would hate me and be disgusted by me but hearing her say the exact same thing I had just been thinking had my mind spinning.

“I wish I’d known sooner.” I say breathlessly before pulling her back towards me and kissing her again, the kiss is shorter than the last and when we break the kiss Samantha rests her head on my shoulder and whispers words into my ear, words I had wished to hear her say for so long but never expected to actually hear her say.

“I want you inside me.” Her voice made me shiver.

“We could get caught out here though.” I tell her, I desperately want to fuck her right here and right now but I know that if we got caught it would monumentally fuck up our lives and neither of us would want that no matter how much desire and need we feel right now.

“I don’t care.” She whispers and I’m taken aback by her words because I never thought she would act like this, I always thought she would be very restrained and careful.

“You would if someone saw us.” I tell her, I know for a fact that if someone saw us then her parents and mine would find out and the family would fall apart and they would try to stop us from seeing each other ever again.

“John.” She said firmly using my name which she almost never did, she always called me Cous, short for cousin, “I’ve waited years for this and I don’t want to wait any longer.”

I always thought that if this ever happened she would be the reluctant one but now that it was happening I was surprised to find that I was the one who was reluctant, I knew though that I was only reluctant because it was such a public area where we could easily be caught by someone and the consequences for being caught would be destructive to our families but I had wanted this so badly for such a long time.

Sam must have seen my internal struggle and she spoke softly, “it’s my birthday, you can’t say no to me today.”

I laugh quietly and was about to say something when a fully formed plan suddenly popped into my mind.

“I have an idea.” I tell her, “we can have some fun now.” I tell her placing my hand on her inner thigh, “and then in about an hour tell people you’re feeling a little sick and I’ll take you home to bed.” I say with a wink as I let my hand travel up her thigh and come into contact with her panties.

She gasps and a big smile forms on her face as I start to gently stroke across her panties and over the top of her inner thighs.

“I can’t wait an hour.” She whispers breathlessly as I slide her panties to the side and my fingers come into contact with her soaking wet pussy.

“Half an hour then.” I tell her savouring the expression on her face as her eyes close and her mouth opens into an O shape.

“Only if you stop teasing me now.” She whispers her voice husky and filled with need.

“Deal.” I say before leaning forward and kissing her deeply just as I slide a finger inside her pussy, she moans into my mouth and shivers as she feels my finger slide inside her.

I start to slowly move my finger in and out of her pussy and after a couple of thrusts she pulls away from the kiss lightly biting on my lower lip as she does.

“More.” She says almost in a growl and when I pull my finger out towards the entrance to her pussy I slide a second finger inside her just as I thrust back inside her.

“Oh Fuck.” She almost shouts and I quickly lean forward and clamp my mouth over hers to try and keep her from crying out again and drawing people out here to see what’s going on.

I speed up my thrusts and after a moment I feel her start to tense up and she pulls back away from the kiss and as she does I feel her pussy clamp around my fingers so change from thrust with my fingers to rubbing her clit with my thumb and as soon as my thumb touches her clit she orgasms hard. The orgasm hits her like a train, her whole body starts to shake and she growls a low guttural noise at me before collapsing forward against me, I remove my fingers from her pussy making her groan softly, I then wrap my arms around her and brush her hair behind her head and kiss the side of her neck.

“This is going to be the longest half hour of my life.” She whispers into my ear then gently uses her lips to bite down on my earlobe.

She rests in my arms for a couple of minutes, I think if there is a heaven then this would be it and I would stay like this forever.

“I should get back into the party and let a few people know that I’m not feeling very well.” She tells me and I don’t need to see her face to know she is smiling.

She leans back out of the hug but before I let her up to head back into the party I kiss her, I had planned on it only being a quick kiss but suddenly our tongues meet and the kiss deepens and drags on. We stop kissing all too soon and when Sam stands up to head back into the party she glances down at my lap and sees my very obvious erection, her eyes widen and she looks at my clothed cock hungrily, “want me to take care of that for you?” She asks.

“Not yet.” I tell her, “I want to make sure I’m at my best for later.” My words make her smile and she bites her lower lip.

She slowly walks back towards the door to the club and she puts extra sway into her walk and I watch her ass as she walks like I’m in a trance.

“I love you cous.” She says over her shoulder before opening the door into the club.

“I love you too.” I whisper as she closes the door behind her.

I light up another cigarette, take a swig of my beer and try to sort through the swirling maelstrom that is my thoughts, I have just fingered my cousin, the one girl I have desired more than anyone else for as long as I can remember and in half an hour I will be taking her home to fuck her.

I spend most of the half hour sitting on the bench trying to collect my thoughts and restraint myself because right now I feel like if I went inside I would end up dragging her out of the party and fuck her senseless in the car right there in the carpark.

I use the toilet and when I walk out Sam is waiting for me, “could you take me home please, I’m not feeling too well.” She quickly winks at me.

“Yeah sure.” I say before jokingly adding, “that’s terrible luck getting ill on your birthday.”

“I’m sure I’ll feel better once I get home and into bed.” She tells me and while the sentence sounds completely innocent I know it isn’t.

“Ready?” I ask her, she nods her head and I lead her through the club and out to my car, as soon as I sit in the drivers seat Sam lunges at me and kisses me hard, I return the kiss with as much passion and need as I feel from her. I feel her hands making small circular movements against my chest and I can feel my cock rapidly hardening.

“Your house or mine?” I ask her knowing that our parents are all out together tonight.

“Mine.” She says breathlessly, “quickly.” She pushes me backwards firmly into the seat. I don’t need telling twice and I peel out of the carpark and race towards her house probably breaking the speed limit on the way.

I park in the house’s driveway and we bolt out of the car, I only just remember to lock the car as we hurry through the front door. The entire walk from the front door to Sam’s bedroom we spend with our lips locked together and tearing at each others clothes, I kick Sam’s bedroom door closed behind us and we carry on making out and clawing at each others clothes.

I push Sam off of me and quickly pull my T shirt up over my head and throw it onto the floor, Sam does the same and quickly reaches down to remove her skirt and seeing her actions I quickly undo my jeans and kick them off.

I’m stunned into immobility when she reaches behind herself and unclips her bra and let’s it fall to floor revealing her large B almost C cup breasts all I can do is stare in wonder and joy as she quickly removes her panties and I notice she has a small strip of dark brown almost black pubic hair.

I want to push her onto the bed and explore every inch of her body with my hands, mouth and tongue but instead I’m just frozen to the spot staring at her body her perfect breasts with hard pink nipples, her toned stomach, the small strip of black pubic hair and her long legs.

“You’re the most beautiful person ever.” I whisper awestruck and feeling privileged to just see her naked like I’m looking at the form of the Goddess of beauty.

“Hurry up.” Sam snaps, “I need to feel you inside me.” Her words break me out of my trance and I quickly pull my underwear off before lunging at her.

I wrap my arms around her and press my lips against hers, feeling her naked body against mine I still couldn’t believe this was really happening, I had dreamed about this for so long that now it was happening I needed to be sure that it was real and not just another one of my fantasies.

“Is this really happening?” I ask Sam needing to be reassured that this is reality.

Sam bites her lip and smiles at me, “yes finally.” She said reaching down and gripping my throbbing erection with her small hand.

She slowly starts to move her hand up and down my cock each time stopping at the head and using her fingers to spread precum around the head before using her hand to spread it over the shaft as well.

“I’ve had fantasies about this for years.” I tell her quietly with a massive smile on my face.

“So have I.” Sam replies her voice almost as quiet as mine.

I reach down and move her hand off my cock, I crouch a little wrap my arms around her just underneath her perfect ass and lift her up, she squeals and wraps her arms and legs around me before kissing me again. I can feel the warmth of her pussy just above my cock and I have to stop myself from dropping her down and impaling her on my throbbing erection.

Still holding onto her with her arms and legs wrapped around me and our lips locked together in a kiss of wild passion I walk the couple of steps to her bed and gently place her down on the bed, almost instantly she shuffles backwards and props herself up on her pillows so she is looking at me over her body before opening her legs wide allowing me the first sight of her soft pink pussy.

The sight of her glistening pussy almost drives me wild and I’m not sure what I want to do first, bury my face in her wetness and lick and suck every drop of her sweet nectar from her or plunge my cock deep inside her and fuck her until neither of us can remember our names.

“I’ve been saving myself for this.” Sam tells me, “I’ve always wanted you to be my first.” Her words make my decision for me and within seconds I’m on the bed above her my cock resting against the opening of her pussy.

“I’ll go slow and try not to hurt you.” I tell her gently moving some stray hair out of her face.

“You wont hurt me.” She tells me confidently, “I used a dildo to pop my cherry years ago so I could enjoy my first time with you without that pain.”

Knowing the fact that she popped her cherry years ago so she could enjoy her first time with me spurs me on and I slowly start to move my hips forward and I feel my cock slip inside her.

We both let out long drawn out moans as my cock slides inside her tight entrance, wrapped in her arms earlier I had thought I was in heaven but I now know I was close but wrong, this right here is the true heaven.

I gently push until my whole length is buried inside her and I see a look of pure bliss on her face as I hold myself in her for a moment to allow her to get used to the feeling of me being inside her.

“You’re so big.” She almost whispers her voice husky, my cock isn’t that big, in fact it is just a little bit bigger than average at just over 7 inches long.

I slowly start to move myself in and out of her tight pussy, I want to lose myself in my lust and fuck her hard and fast but I don’t want to hurt her so I hold myself back and fall into a nice soft rhythm.

“Harder.” She moans before looking at me like I’m doing something wrong, “don’t hold back.” She tells me, “fuck me like you’ve always wanted to.”

“Are you sure?” I ask, “I don’t want to hurt you.” I tell her truthfully.

“I'm sure.” She tells me firmly.

I lean down a little and gently bite her neck making her moan loudly, I release her neck and kiss her lips hard trying to convey to her just how much I love her, “I love you.” I whisper just before I thrust hard inside her, slamming all of my cock deep inside her.

“Fuck yes.” Sam growls as I start to pound her pussy mercilessly, I fuck her with long hard stroke almost pulling all the way out and then slamming every inch back inside her, soon the only noises that can be heard are the sounds of our flesh slapping against each other and our animalistic grunts, moans and groans of pure pleasure.

I continue to fuck her like we are animals devoid of any intelligence except the feeling of lust. Before long I watch as Sam’s mouth opens wide, her eyes roll into the back of her head and her body starts to shake, I start to slow down when I hear her trying to speak.

“Cu...Cu...Cu...” She keeps repeating and as I feel her pussy clamp down around my cock I realise that she was trying to tell me that she is cumming. With my pace backed off a little I shift my weight and move one hand down to her pussy and start furiously rub her clit, as soon as my fingers come into contact with her clit she literally howls like a wild animal. Her orgasm lasts for a good couple of minutes and by the end of it her pussy is clamped so tightly around my cock that I can’t move without fear of hurting us both.

“Uck E.” She says her voice raw, it takes me a moment to figure out what she said but then I realise she was saying, ‘fuck me.’

I start to gently slide in and out of her again slowly getting a little faster and harder with each thrust and before long I’m fucking like a wild animal again.

Sam tries to move underneath me and I stop my relentless pounding for a moment and she whispers to me, “I want to be on top.”

I pull out of her and we move so I’m lying on the bed with her kneeling above me, she lines my cock up with her entrance and slowly eases herself down onto my cock taking it all inside her, she rests for a moment with my cock deep inside her and just grinds against me, I lean up and pull her towards me kissing her deeply before moving my mouth down her body to her breasts.

I start to trace my tongue around and over her one nipple as she slowly starts to move her lower body, fucking herself on my cock. I suck her nipple into my mouth and she moans as I continue to apply suction while also letting my tongue dance across her nipple. After a minute I leave her one nipple and move to the other as she starts to pick up the pace and when I suck her nipple into my mouth she stalls for a second and I feel a small tremor run through her body which leaves me wondering if she just had a small orgasm.

I move my mouth away from her breasts and replace it with my hands so I can still play with her perfect tits and nipples as she starts to really speed up and becomes more aggressive with her movements. It takes us a moment but we find a rhythm where every time she lowers herself onto my cock I thrust upwards slamming my length inside her and when she moves up I pull back down almost pulling out of her each time before repeating, the whole time I play with her nipples rolling them between my fingers, lightly pinching then and grabbing whole handfuls of her tits.

After a while Sam leans forward knocking my hands away from her breasts and lies on me, she locks her lips against mine and starts to twerk her ass, fucking herself on my cock in short rapid movements and I feel myself rapidly approaching climax, from the look on her face I can tell she is close too.

I break our kiss, “gonna cum.” I growl.

“Me too.” Sam also growls, “cum in me.” She tells me and I look at her to see determination and need all over her face.

Part of my mind hears a noise out in the house but ignores it because I’m right on the edge of cumming, then Sam’s bedroom door opens.

“Sam, John.” Her mom, my aunts voice says hesitantly before rising into an angry shout, “what the fuck?” She roars at the exact same time I cum hard.

My hips buck and I feel myself start emptying my load deep into my cousins pussy, the feeling of my cum shooting into her triggers her orgasm and she let’s out a deep guttural growl and collapses onto me shaking.

I finish cumming and start to panic, Sam’s mom, my aunt just caught us fucking, my mind tries to concentrate on that fact because of the horrible repercussions it could have for both me and Sam but it’s almost impossible to do so with Sam still lying on top of me shaking with her pussy contracting around my cock trying it’s best to milk out every last drop of cum.

As her orgasm dies down and her pussy stops trying to milk my cock, I can think better and I realise I didn’t hear my aunt leave the room.

“I love you.” Sam whispers as she gives me a quick kiss.

“I love you too.” I tell her before also telling her, “your mom caught us.”

“I know.” She whispers, “I don’t care.” She tells me kissing me again this time the kiss is deep and filled with love before rolling off of me to face her mom and whatever may happen now.

Rating: 88%, Read 27424 times, Posted Mar 16, 2020

Fantasy | Consensual Sex, Erotica, First Time, Incest, Male, Teen Female


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