An Average Friday Night by t_coli22

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Fantasy | Consensual Sex, Cum Swallowing, Incest, Male, Romance, Teen, Teen Female

My name's Charlie and this is the story of how one phone call would change my life forever. I'm 25 years old and I live in New York City. This story begins on a pretty typical Friday night. I was out at a bar with a few of my friends. There was nothing special about tonight, just getting drunk at the usual spot with the usual people. Trying to pick up girls, find drugs, you get the idea. Things didn't seem to be going too well for me that night as it was already 2AM and I had not succeeded in either the drugs or girls category. Feeling somewhat disappointed in myself I told my friends that I was just going to head home and call it a night.

I'm lucky enough to live right in a very busy part of Manhattan so I was able to just walk home that night and didn't need to pay for a cab or deal with the subway. I put my headphones on and started walking the 10 blocks back to my apartment. It was a hot summer night and I happen to like walking so this was actually looking to be the best part of the night. That is until my phone rang. For a second I thought about just letting it ring and not even looking at it. I figured it was my friends wanting to urge me to come back to the bar. Maybe they had scored some cocaine or even met a group of drunk girls. But I was already half way home and was feeling really tired so there was no chance of me going back. For some reason though, I took my phone out of my pocket and saw that it was my Aunt Susan calling me.

Now, me and my aunt have always been close, she had two children (my cousins) who were right around my age and we had always been very good friends. Her oldest, Jason, was exactly my age and we had been close as brothers for our whole lives. He lives in a different city now, so we see each other less often but we still talked occasionally. My younger cousin Ashley, Jason's sister, was 19 at the time and had recently dropped out of college. The whole family was pretty worried about her, but I knew her well enough to know she was a smart girl and just needed some time off. After all, I had done the same exact thing at her age and everything ended up working out just fine for me. So while it wasn't totally unexpected that Aunt Susan would call me, the late hour still made me wonder if everything was OK. I hit answer and was brought the phone to my ear where I was greeted by a clearly worried Aunt.

"Charlie?! its your Aunt Susan, thank you so much for picking up, I hope this isn't a bad time. Did I wake you up?" "No" I said "Its all good I was just heading home actually, whats up? Is everything OK?" "I hope so, but I need to ask you a huge favor" At this point I knew I had to do whatever it is she wanted of me or word would get back to my mom and Id have to deal with another angry phone call tomorrow. So of course I told her I would do whatever I could and asked her what she needed.

"Its Ashley, she was out in the city with her friends from back home tonight and those little bitches ditched her. They even took her bag so now she's stuck there with no phone or money and the next train she can get on isn't until 7AM tomorrow. Do you think there's any chance you could go get her at Grand Central? She called me from a pay phone there. If she can just crash on your couch for the night I promise we'll find some way to pay you back"

Now me and Ashley had always been friendly so of course I didn't mind her crashing on the couch for the night. Grand Central was only one stop away on the subway so this really wasn't such a huge favor after all. I told Susan that of course I would go get Ashley and that it was no problem for her to spend the night. I changed direction and started walking to the nearest subway stop. On my way over there I was thinking about what dicks her friends must be to just leave her here and take all her shit like that. I'd have to talk to her about this. She should know better than to hang out with shitty people.

Anyway, the trip to Grand Central was pretty uneventful and upon arrival I saw the station was busy as ever for a Friday night at 3:00AM. I started wandering around looking for payphones or my cousin. There really aren't any pay phones left in Grand Central except for one bank near the info booth so I knew pretty much where to go. As I got closer I saw that there was only one person standing over by the row of phones. It was my cousin Ashley and she was leaning against a pay phone looking down at the ground and shuffling her feat, looking pretty sad overall.

I had always known that Ashley was pretty. I had watched her grow up and couldn't help but notice that she had developed into a gorgeous young woman. She was about 5'4" with long straight light brown hair and huge blue eyes. She was always very skinny and had small breasts. Id guess they were an A cup, just enough to fill your hand. Of course I had never really spent much time thinking about her boobs as I had mainly only seen her at family gatherings in the past. So I had never seen her dressed up as she was right now, but with the outfit she had on the first and only thing I could think of was how fucking hot she was. I literally had to stop walking for a second and just stare at her before she saw me walking over. She had on a short tight leather skirt that just barely covered her ass and this little white crop top that exposed most of her breasts and a good amount of the black lacy bra she had on underneath. It was really a very slutty outfit overall and I was more than a little shocked to see my good little cousin Ashley dressed up like this.

I quickly came to my senses and walked the rest of the distance over to her shouting "Ash! What the fuck cuz? Someone get ditched?" She looked up at the sound of my voice and a huge grin came over her dazzling face. She ran over to me and threw her arms around my neck, actually lifting her feet off the ground making me hold her up in the air. "Charlie! Oh my god you're my fucking hero." she shouted into my ear. I couldn't help but pay extra close attention to the feeling of her tits being pushed into my chest during this hug. Damn, she was hot. I know she's my cousin and all, but there was really nothing I could do with the way she was dressed.

After she finally released me from her death grip hug I held her out at arms length and looked her right in the eye as I said "Seriously Ashley, this isn't cool. I hear you got ditched and robbed by your scumbag friends and then find you dressed like this at 3AM stuck in Grand Central? You got some explaining to do" She looked at me sheepishly and slowly nodded. "I know, but this really isn't my fault. My friends are just assholes. I know I've been running around with a weird crew lately but I never thought they would do something like this. Whatever, at least now I know who my real friends are" At this she gave me a wink and little nudge in the shoulder. She was too cute to stay mad at.

"Well, I guess you're crashing with me tonight. I don't live far, but we can take a cab home from here I'm too lazy to sit on the subway again tonight." And so we went outside and hailed a cab. It wasn't hard to do at such a late hour.On the ride back to my apartment we just kind of casually talked about everything and caught up a little bit. It was becoming kind of hard to hold a conversation with her though as I couldn't stop looking at those sexy legs and the amazing tits that were just staring me in the face the whole time. Luckily it was dark enough that she couldn't tell where I was looking.

We got back to my building and walked up the two flights to my apartment. I don't have a huge spot but it's pretty big for New York City. Its a one bedroom but I have the luxury of a big living room that I was able to fit a huge pullout couch, several chairs, and even a big table. My apartment had become the sort of unofficial hang out spot for my group of friends because of its above average size and so things were always getting left there. The most recent find I had made while cleaning out the couch was about a quarter ounce of same amazing weed that someone must have forgotten here last weekend. Me and Ashley had smoked before in our Grandmother's garage during Christmas and other holidays so it was only natural of me to suggest that we smoke a little. I asked her if she wanted to blaze and then maybe watch a movie or something and she said yes absolutely, even seemed a little excited at the idea.

She also asked me if I had anything she could change into and gestured at the obscene outfit she had on. "This isn't very comfortable and I just feel gross, I've been wearing these same clothes all day." Obviously I had to offer her an old t shirt and some sweatpants, even though a big part of my brain was screaming at me to make her keep what she had on. I gave her a change of clothes and pointed her to the bathroom. While she was in there changing I pulled out the couch into a bed because I didn't want to have to deal with it while I was high. I also had a few minutes to pack my bong and then I set it aside and waited for Ashley to come back. She only took about 10 minutes so I didn't have to wait long. She had washed off her makeup and changed into the clothes I had given her but it was too late, I couldn't help but see her as the incredibly sexy girl I had found waiting for me at the train station.

I let her have the first hit and we started poking around netflix to find something to watch. Eventually we decided on a nature documentary and killed the rest of the weed I had already packed. I was very high at this point and Ashley seemed to be feeling it as well. We both laid back on the bed next to each to watch the movie and I turned off the one lamp that was still on. I'm not sure when but at some point I fell asleep. It was a nature doc after all and I had had a very long night. Anyway when I finally woke up the movie was over and Ashley was sleeping as well. Except she was sleeping right on top of me. Her head was nuzzled right up into my neck with her arm draped around my face and her chest on top of mine. For a few minutes I just laid there and didn't know what to do. She seemed to be fast asleep and I wont lie and say I didn't enjoy the feeling of spooning this unbelievably sexy girl, whether she was my cousin or not.

Luckily the decision of waking her up or not was made for me when I heard her whisper in my ear "You have to just sleep here. I'm too comfortable to move" I laughed a little and whispered back "Fine by me, I wasn't really looking forward to getting up either" She showed her agreement by cuddling up tighter and nuzzling her head even farther into the space between my cheek and neck. After another few minutes she quietly whispered again "Are you still awake?" "Yea" I replied. "You'll be my favorite person in the world if you rub my back" "Haha OK fine, but only for a little while I'm fucking exhausted." My ex girlfriend had taught me a technique that she loved for exactly this situation so I figured why not go for it? Normally it would be wildly inappropriate to use on my little cousin, but fuck it I thought, this is already a pretty weird situation. I mean my beautiful little cousin Ashley was spooning me in bed and asking me to rub her back. How often would this ever happen?

So I began to very slowly run my fingers up and down her back over the old baggy shirt I had given her to wear. The trick is to go really slow and make an s pattern up and down her back as far up and down as you can go, really get the whole thing. This would always drive my ex crazy so I figured Ashley would like it too. I guess I was right because after only a few strokes she quietly said "Help me pull my shirt up, you're amazing, please don't stop." So I slowly pulled the t shirt up to just over where her bra strap was. I then continued my lazy slow s shapes up and down her perfectly smooth tan back. Every time I crossed over her bra strap I gave it a sort of little flick, as it was getting in my way and really breaking up the flow. Ashley must of thought the same thing as she gave an exasperated sigh and said "My bras in the way" I giggled a little but didn't stop the back rub, I was honestly enjoying this as much as she was and had already decided I might as well push this as far as I could go. I figured whats the worst that could happen? I cross a line and she asks me to stop? Big deal I'll just go to sleep in my own room and jerk off. So with that in mind I responded "want me to fix it?" "Please do, just un-clip it for me? You're the best, how are you so good at this?"

I didn't answer and instead just undid the clasp at the back of her bra and brushed the two sides away. I also pushed the back of her shirt up all the way to her neck so that now her whole back was exposed. She was still lying on top of me this whole time but it was easy to reach over her and continue the back rub. The reality of my situation had not gone over my head. I now had my gorgeous 19 year old cousin basically half naked on top of me in bed begging me to rub her back in a very sexual way. My heart was hammering in my chest as I continued the very slow lazy s shapes up and down. Going all the way up to her long slim neck and then slowly plunging back down the where the top of her sweatpants marked the swell of her amazing ass.

I only got to enjoy this amazing routine for another few minutes and I was really quite disappointed when I felt her start to roll off of me. The feeling didn't last long however as she casually said "Do my front too? Please?" I couldn't believe what was happening. She rolled off of my chest and onto her back next to me. In the process she lifted her shirt up and over her head completely removing it and exposing her amazing little breasts being barely contained by her now loose bra. She lay back down positioning herself so that my left arm was under the back of her neck and I had to get up a little to lean over and see her perfect flat little belly outlined by the top of my own borrowed sweatpants and the lacy black bra that was barely hanging on at this point.

I literally could not believe my luck. However, I didn't want to come off as some pushover so I jokingly said "Getting a little demanding aren't we?" she replied with a coy "Oh shut up, you love it too don't you?" This last comment really kind of took me aback. Was she feeling the same way about me? Is this her making a move on me? Or is she just high? Do I care? No. I get o rub my sexy little cousin all over and I am not going to question that. So instead of another sarcastic remark I just began the process again, this time on her belly. I started down the at the waistband of her pants and slowly made my way up to the very bottom of her bra. It was here that I would stop and roll back down o her pants yet again, stopping every once in a while to gently caress her belly button. I knew I had to somehow get that fucking bra off but I didn't want to come off as a creep. What if to her this really was just innocent and she just didn't realize how incredibly turned on I was. It had already become a challenge to position myself so that my raging hard on wouldn't be poking her in the leg.

Unable to come up with smooth way of taking off her bra I decided to try a different approach. Every time I would get down to the bottom I would push her pants down just a little bit. I eventually got them down maybe another two inches, just enough so that there was this sexy little bridge formed between her hip bones. It was one of the sexiest sights I had even seen. I could just barely make out the top of her matching black panties. At the same time I was continuing to stop at just the edge of her bra until I hear her just barely whisper the phrase I had been dying to hear for the last ten minutes. "My bras in the way again" Yes! She was into it! She must be with the way she was squirming under my touch. I knew this was my chance to finally push this into something more sexual. I quietly asked "Want me to fix it again?" She didn't respond with words but just looked me in the eye and arched her back enough for me to finally pull her bra the rest of the way off and expose her amazingly sexy tits.

Just the perfect handfuls they were topped with the sexiest little dark nipples I had ever seen. It was all I could do to just stare at them for maybe a full minute. I started the rub again from the bottom but this time when I got to her chest I went all the way up and slowly caressed her perfect boobs, my finger tip resting for just a moment on those tiny dark nipples. After a few of these slow strokes I could feel her nipples becoming hard. This was going fucking perfectly, I literally had my cousin in the palm of my hand. All thoughts of right or wrong went completely out the window at this point and I knew I had to fuck Ashley or I would lose my shit. It was obvious she wanted it too from her heavy breathing and the sexy way she would squirm a little whenever my fingers went over her boobs.

So the next time my hand got up to her chest I decided to just go for it and grabbed her whole tit giving it a gentle squeeze. She gasped sharply in and brought her face just inches away from mine. Here we go, I thought and I kissed her fully on the mouth. She responded immediately and passionately made out with me while I aggressively groped her tits. I started to kiss her down the side of her neck while she breathed heavily into my ear and I brought my hand back down to that little bridge of her sweatpants. It was just the perfect size for me to slide my hand down her pants. I wasted no time and immediately pushed her panties to the side so that I had access her dripping wet slit. I rubbed her whole cunt up and down a few times before gently entering her with two fingers. She gasped again and said "Fuck me Charlie, I need you to fuck me right now" and slowly scraped her fingers down my back.

Needless to say I was happy to oblige. I roughly pulled her pants and underwear off throwing them into a corner of the room. I realized at this point that I was still wearing my jeans and frantically took them off while my raging boner tented them up from beneath. While I struggled with my belt, I heard Ashley moaning next to me while she fingered her own pussy. "Hurry Charlie, please." I ripped my pants the rest of the way off and positioned myself on top of her. I looked down at her beautiful face and had a moment where I was suddenly unsure of myself. I mean this way my first cousin. I had known this girl for my entire life, had watched her grow up. What if our families found out? Her brother Jason would fucking kill me for sure, and if our parents ever knew then we'd both be toast. She must have seen the insecurity in my eyes because she reached up and ran her fingers through the back of my curly hair. "Its OK, I want you to. No one will ever know, I promise." She then pulled my head down in to another loving kiss as I pushed the head of my cock into her soaking wet pussy.

At this point all the doubt cleared my mind and I lost myself in the moment. We fucked like animals, going at each other desperately. She clawed my back leaving bright red scratch marks but somehow the pain only made the pleasure than much more. Eventually she pushed me off and I fell onto my back so she could climb on top of me. She grabbed my slick cock and put the tip of it back inside herself before slamming her whole body down onto mine. She was fucking me as hard as she could and I knew I could not take much of this amazing performance. Her pussy was so much tighter than the girls I was used to and she was really giving it her all. Going all the way up until my cock was just on the verge of slipping out before thrusting herself back down all the way into my hips. Her perfect little tits were bouncing up and down and her beautiful face was contorted in a look of pure ecstasy. I don't know if she had cum yet at this point but I knew that I was surely about to.

I managed to get the words out that I was about to cum and she rose off of me quickly getting down on her hand and knees over me and taking me into her mouth. This set me off immediately and I fired off a huge stream of hot white cum down her throat. She sucked it all up and swallowed it before I even knew what was happening and then laid back down next to me, both of us panting and sweaty just trying to catch our breaths. When I finally got my breathing and heart beat under control I looked over at her and said "That was fucking amazing" She just laughed a little and pulled me into a cuddling position again. This time spooning her from behind, both of us were still naked so my rapidly deflating cock got to rest right between her lovely ass cheeks as she grabbed my hand and brought it up to rest in between her tits. I knew I had to say something but I wasn't sure where to even start. "Ashley, that was great and all but you know that we can never tell--" she quickly interrupted me with a "Shut up Charlie, just go to sleep and lets pretend that everything's OK tonight. We can deal with all the serious shit in the morning" And with that she snuggled her ass closer into my hips and closed her eyes. I smiled to myself and thought about what had just happened for a while. I knew that shit was probably going to get pretty weird in the morning but I realized she was right. There was nothing that we could really do right now anyway so we might as well not worry about it. And with that I drifted off to sleep.

Rating: 92%, Read 45388 times, Posted Aug 13, 2014

Fantasy | Consensual Sex, Cum Swallowing, Incest, Male, Romance, Teen, Teen Female


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