Apocolypse chapter 15+16 by fairieboi69

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Fiction | Alien, Anal, Boy, Gay

Ok you know all the legal stuff, if you're not 18 you shouldn't be here. If

you don't like this stuff you shouldn't be here. This is all fake ok, in

other words its fiction. It has situations and acts of a sexual nature between

young boys. Like I said if you don't like that then LEAVE NOW. If you do like

it then read on by all means. if you like it let me know


Chapter 15

(Ok just

a little background to the characters of the story so far incase you can'

remember who's who or if I have failed describe them enough. Derrik, he's a

typical American teen age boy. 13 years old 5 foot 5 tall around 115 pounds.

Light brown hair and hazel eyes and is our lead character. Chris was the next

boy to come into the story. He was found locked in the freezer at the school.

He's 11 with short darker blonde hair and blue eyes weighing around 80 pounds

or so. Next was Josiah or Joe for short. He was the boy that was found at the

bottom of the pit where he fell running from the aliens. He lived in a

neighboring town to Chris and Derrik. He is 12 years old has short brown hair and

is slightly bigger than Chris in size. Next to arrive is Adam or AJ, he is

Josiah's cousin. He also is 12 but a bit smaller than Josiah. He was found in

the bomb shelter of a collapsed house. Around 4 ft 6 and nearly 90 pounds or

so. Light brown hair and had blue eyes when he was found. And now we also have

AJ's baby brother Donny. He was found at the aliens food camp in a holding

pit. Very similar to AJ in appearance only smaller and is 9 years old. And now

we are joined by a new person. Sgt. Williams. A soldier for the US army

rangers. He came upon the boys by chance fleeing from the monsters while he was

looking for survivors.) Now back to the story

The next week or so went by like a blur. The day to day living in the house

seemed to be mostly just surviving and trying to keep from being discovered.

We didn't go outside unless we really had to. The threat of Alien attack was

always there in the fore front. The soldier seemed to be becoming restless at

the fact that the others and I were getting use to staying in this big

house. All he did was go over his maps again and again and clean his gun over and

over. He hardly socialized with any of us, but when he did it was like he

wanted to be commander of the pack or something. He was always so bossy. To the

older kids it was understandable that he be the way he was, but definatelly

didn't understand why he was so mean to the little kids. The day it all fell

apart was a bad one. I guess Donny being a little kid cooped up in a house

like he was got bored so he went exploring. He found his way into the soldier's

quarters and saw his map book and some documents laying on the desk. Donny

had no idea what in the world he was looking at, but apparently it was of some

importance. "What the hell do you think you're doing soldier?" The man yelled

at Donny. Donny was frozen with fear, he didn't know what to say. "This room

is off limits. How much of those papers did you see?" he yelled again. Still

Donny was silent. The soldier walked over to Donny and grabbed him by the

collar of his neck and forcibly removed him from the room and pushed him into

the hall way. At the moment he pushed Donny down to the floor in the hallway

Adam just happened to be walking by. He erupted when he saw what the guy just

did to his brother. "You mother fucker!" he screamed as he charged at the man

with intent to cause extreme pain. He ran and tackled into the man with all

the force his little body could muster. He knocked the man off balance and he

almost fell. AJ began to pound away at him with closed fists getting shots in

where ever he could. The plain fact was AJ just wasn't big enough to be much

of a match to the trained soldier. The man grabbed Adam by his neck and

yanked him away from him and began to shake him. "Striking an officer is

punishable by death soldier!" he screamed at AJ. Hearing that scared Donny that the

man was about to kill his big brother. "NO don't hurt my bubby!" he screamed.

He ran at the man and began swatting at him trying to help his brother, but

the man just pushed him back down pretty hard this time making Donny cry. "Son

of a bitch!" AJ yelled as he struggled to get free from the guys grip on his

neck. By now most of the house had heard the commotion and came to see what

was going on. I walked into the hall to see the soldier holding AJ by the

neck as he was trying to get free, and Donny was laying in the floor crying.

"What the fuck is going on?" I asked. The only thing I could hear was Adam

calling the guy names and being super pissed off at him. I guess the man got to

the point he was tired of AJ's struggling so he grabbed him with both hands and

threw him against the wall hard. AJ fell into a heap into the floor writhing

in pain. I totally lost it when I saw the guy draw his pistol and point it

at AJ. I totally blacked out at that point and the next thing I knew I was

waking up in the clinic. "What happened?" I asked as I opened my eyes scanning

the room to see Alicia sitting there in between the two beds. I looked past

her to see Adam laying in the other bed. "You're ok no just try to relax you

passed out and fell to the floor." Alicia told me. "How's Adam?" I asked her.

"He's sleeping now. Looks like the guy hurt his neck and shoulder." She

replied. "What happened back there? Where is the soldier now?" I inquired. "He's

gone now. I'm not totally sure what happened but when he pointed his gun at

Adam you said no and then your eyes began to glow red. The guy pointed his gun

at you then and you said remember. Then he dropped the gun and grabbed his

head with both hands and started yelling get out of my head. He ran into his

room then and grabbed his stuff and jumped out of the window and ran away." She

went on to tell me. "Wow the last thing I remember was him pointing the gun

at AJ. Every thing was blank after that." I said. I got out of the bed and

walked over to AJ. I pulled his shirt back away from his neck and sure enough he

was swollen a bit around his neck and shoulder. "Let's let him rest a

while." I told Alicia. We left him there to sleep when I went to find Donny. I

found him in the bed room laying on his bed. "Hey squirt you ok?" I asked. "How's

my bubby?" he asked. "He's asleep right now. He's going to have a sore neck

when he waked up though." I told the little guy. "What happened down there?

What led up top him trying to kill your brother?" I asked Donny. He told me

the whole story of what happened and I couldn't believe that the man would get

so psycho over such a small thing. I reassured Donny his brother would be ok

then I went to my own bed. I sat down and tried to concentrate on the soldier

to see if I could see what he was up to. I could see lots of trees and the

top of the mountain near the house. Next thing I saw was a view from on top of

the mountain. Then I dawned on me, he was trying to use the short wave

radio. I concentrated even harder then and it was like I was standing right next

to him then on top of the hill watching him. He tried calling on the radio

then using his binoculars to look around. I wasn't sure what it was but he got

his rifle and took aim at something down the hill in the woods and fired a

shot at it. A few seconds later we heard the shot in the house. "Did you hear

that?" Donny asked me. I waved to him to be quiet so I could try to see what he

was shooting at. All I could see was something with a glowing aura around it

in the woods near the road. Then I lost contact as Donny nudged me. "You ok

Derrik?" he asked. "Yea bud I'm fine I was just thinking was all." I told him.

I got up then and went to find Chris. He was playing his psp in the common

room just chilling out. "Hey Chris come here I need to talk to you." I said.

He walked up to me and I told him to follow me to the clinic. "I had a vision

of the soldier on top of the hill and he shot at something. Did you hear that

bang noise a minute ago?" I said and he nodded yes. "I want to go and see

what he was shooting at." I suggested. Chris agreed to go with me so we grabbed

a few guns and a first aide kit just incase we needed it. We went outside

and jumped in the truck to go looking. Technically it was my first time driving

but I think I did pretty good.

I drove to the area where I saw the guy shooting at and where the glowing

aura was. It actually wasn't that far away from the orphanage down the road we

came up to get to the house. Not long after we left the house we got to the

area where I saw the glow. "Ok Chris you hear anything or smell anything? What

eve I saw should be right around here some where." I asked. Chris sniffed

the air and tuned his ears to the sounds around us. He pointed off to our left

towards a tree line off the road. "Over there. I heard twigs snapping and I

smell something weird I don't know what it is." He said. We raised our guns

and slowly walked towards the trees. Only a few feet into the brush we were

stopped in our tracks. Something that I could only describe as a lazer light or

something like lightning wizzed over our heads. Chris and I dropped to the

ground quickly and pointed our guns in the direction of where the lazer came

from. "Don't come any closer!" a voice yelled out. "We're not here to hurt you.

Please don't shot at us again." I yelled back. "We're going to come towards

you don't shoot us ok." I yelled again. Chris and I got up cautiously and

walked towards the voice we heard. We walked about another 30 feet into the

trees and found someone laying on the ground. "Holy shit Gavin is that you?" I

asked surprised to see a boy I knew from school. "Yea it's me. Is that you

Derrik?" he replied. "Yea it's me." I said then I saw he was holding his side and

his shirt was covered in blood. "Oh shit are you ok? What happened?" I asked

with concern. "I'm not sure we were walking along and then I felt this

burning pain in my side and I hit the ground. I felt my side and it was covered

with blood. Oh god it hurts." Gavin replied. "So you're what that bastard was

shooting at. Wait, wait did you say we? Who else is with you I don't see any

one?" I asked him. "It's ok you can come out now they're friendly." He yelled

out in a labored breath. I looked around and didn't see any one at first so I

diverted my attention back to Gavin's side. I tried to put pressure on his

wound to slow the bleeding. "Oh my god what the hell is that?" Chris asked

looking past me to my rear. I snapped my head around to see the source of the

glowing aura I saw before. "Gavin what the fuck am I looking at here dude?" I

asked not taking my eyes off the glow. "It's ok their friends. You can show

your self now." Gavin said. the glow then subsided and I got a view of something

I had never seen before. It looked like a boy, but it also looked like one

of the good aliens. "Gavin what is that?" I asked again. "Don't hurt him he's

friendly. He's a hybrid." He answered. "What's a hybrid?" Chris asked. "He's

half alien half human isn't he?" I stated more than asked. "You are correct

young human." I heard in my head. I figured since he was half alien that he

could pick up on my mind powers so I thought some things with out saying them.

"Can you hear my thoughts?" I said and the hybrid nodded yes. "Ok if you can

read my thoughts then you know we won't hurt you as long as you don't us. But

for now Gavin is hurt and we need to get him medical help." I thought. "I

agree with you Gavin is in great pain I sense it in him. We must help him." the

hybrid thought to me and Chris. "Wow how can you talk with out opening your

mouth?" Chris asked. "Chris, dude he's an alien remember." I said then he got

the hint then. My attention then came back to Gavin who was looking pale now

from loss of blood. "Come on Gav let's get you back to the house so we can

help you." I said as Chris and I help him stagger his way back to the road and

into the truck. "Chris wait here with him, we can't leave that thing out

here as much as I don't know if we should take it with us." I said. I went back

to the spot where we found Gavin and the hybrid was still standing there.

This time I got a more detailed look at it. It looked like a normal human boy in

most ways. He looked to be about 12 or 13, but his body was totally hairless

not even any on its head. The reason I say it was a boy is because it had a

dick and balls. Looked to be about 2 inches limp. The stand out feature of

him were his eyes and skin pigment. He was as white as a ghost and he had eyes

that looked like AJ's, totally black. "Come on we can't leave you out here

one of the monsters might find you." I said to it as I waved him to me. It

followed me as I walked back to the truck and got in the front next to me since

Chris was in the back seat with Gavin. I tore up the road as fast as I safely

could trying to get Gavin the medical help he needs.

As I drove up the driveway to the orphanage I was blowing the horn trying to

get the others to come out and help us with Gavin. When I pulled up to the

door it looked like mostly everyone was standing there to see what was going

on. "Josiah help me we found some that the soldier shot." I said running

around to open the door of the truck. Joe ran out to the truck and as Chris jumped

out of the truck Gavin collapsed into Josiah's arms. Since Joe had the super

strength he had no problem carrying Gavin inside to the clinic. As we walked

in the room Adam sat up slowly in the bed he was laying in and looked

surprised and in pain. "Who's that?" he asked. "His name's Gavin Saunders. He went

to School with me and Chris." I answered. Josiah laid him down in the other

bed and I grabbed the alcohol and bandages to try and stop his gun shot wound

from bleeding. I wiped him down and got the blood off his stomach and could

see the bullet hole in his lower left abdomen. I put pressure on the wound but

for some reason the blood kept coming out. "Quick turn him on his side and

check his back for another hole." I heard Adam say. We turned him and sure

enough he had another hole in his back where the bullet exited. We applied

bandages to that wound and cleaned around it to. Alicia took his pulse and it was

dangerously low. She flipped through the medical books we had and it said to

put fluids back in his body. We had no idea what fluids to put in him or how

to do it. He was now unconscious from blood loss and looked as pale as the

hybrid did. I grabbed the book from Alicia who was getting hysterical over Gavin

possibly bleeding to death in front of her and looked through it to see what

it meant by getting fluids in him. It had a diagram of how to put an I-V in

his arm and what fluids to use. I tore through the cabinets in the room till

I found some bags filled with what looked like water. I read the label and it

said saline solution. I grabbed a bog and connected a tube to it before I

inserted a needle in his vein and hooked the bag to it. Every one in the room

was either crying or getting hysterical by now so I had to raise my voice,

"Shut up dammit let me think! Crying isn't going to help any is it?!" they all

calmed down some then so I could think of how to help him. I held the bag of

fluid in the air and slightly squeezed it to force the fluids into his body a

bit faster. After 2 bags of fluid his pulse began to rise and his color came

back, but he was still out cold. "Derrik who's that in the truck?" Cody asked

me. "Oh shit I forgot about him." I said as I handed the saline bag to Chris

to hold for me. I ran out to the truck and the hybrid was just sitting there

looking straight ahead. I opened the door and then it hit me that he was

naked. I was about to bring him inside, but then I thought it may be better if I

cover his junk up. I took my jacket off and told it to wrap it around it's

waist when it stepped out of the truck. "Why do you wish me to cover my

genitalia?" he thought to me. "Ok I can see you have a lot to learn. I'm going to

tell you now everyone here is going to freak out when they find out what you

are and see you. I'm going to take you up to my room and I want you to stay

there until I break the news to everyone else." I explained to it. He jumped

down form the truck and did as I told him with the jacket. I could see he was

physically cold since he was shivering a bit. I guess I would be to if I was

out in this weather but ass naked. I led him up to my room then and had him

set on my bed. "I'll be right back in a few ok. I need to explain a few things

to you that you ma not know." I said. Down stairs I called everyone into the

common room to explain about our special guest. "Ok everybody I know you saw

some one else I the truck. The cat is it is a he, and it is a hybrid." I

said. "What's that?" Donny asked. "He is half human and half Alien, but the good

kind of alien. I don't know entirely how he got out in the woods with Gavin

but I will soon. I am going to bring him down in a little while after I find

some things out and I don't want any one freaking out ok." I told everyone.

Back in the bed room I began to ask the hybrid things about him through my

thoughts to save time. "So what are you exactly and how did you get out there

with Gavin?" I asked. "I was bread and born in a research facility by human

scientist. My genetic make up is part human and part that is alien to this

world. Beyond that I do not know entirely what I am. As for my association with

Gavin Saunders he freed me from my restraints and a certain death. For that I

joined him in his quest for help." He told me. "You mean you're a test tube

baby? What kind of stuff did they do to you?" I asked. "All types of medical

experiments to further human knowledge of alien races. My contact with

humanity was strictly limited to that of what the scientists would allow me to

know." He said. "So you mean you really are a kid, and you never got to really be

a kid? All they had you for was experiments?" I wondered. "Correct. Gavin

Saunders is the first human child I have come in contact with. My entire

existence was spent in a confined study chamber. The humans ran all sorts of

experiments on my physical body looking for weaknesses and strengths." He told me.

The more this thing told me the more I understood he has been a prisoner his

whole life and never gotten the chance to live life. I got an idea at that

point, "Hey I have an idea. You are half alien right, so do you think you can

scan my mind for experiences and memories and things that you can imprint on

your own mind? It might help you to find out what being a human really should

be." I said. With out saying a word he raised his hands and placed them on my

temples of my forehead and then closed his coal black eyes. I closed mine to

then and I felt a rush of energy surge through my mind making me dizzy and

light headed. I opened my eyes then and he lowered his hands from my head. He

opened his eyes then and I could see a tear roll form the corner of his onyx

eye and roll down his cheek. "You ok?" I asked. "I believe I am feeling

remorse and pain for the loved ones you have lost. This is totally unexpected. I

can not believe that being human was like this. Thank you my friend, I

understand what you were talking about before now. I also partially understand what

that is really for as well." He said looking down to his limp dick. I looked

down to and couldn't help but stare at it. He had a perfectly shaped limp

cock. Completely smooth with two small balls hiding in a tight hanging sack. I

wondered exactly what he meant by what it was used for, "Why did you say that?

What do you think it's used for?" "From what your mind memories tell me it is

for draining urine from my body and also it is occasionally used for

pleasure in activities with other human males." He said. I cracked up right away.

"Ok your partially right. You use it for pissing but the other part is sort of

right. Really you're supposed to do that stuff with a girl, you know a

female, but you can do some of those things with males to. I just prefer it to be

with boys." I explained. "I understand. Will other human children I sense in

the building be willing to allow me to imprint their minds onto my own as

well?" he asked. "We'll I'm sure some of them will, and I' sure some wont, at

least not right away. As I was explaing some of the human element to the hybrid

Alicia walked in the door. "Oh oops I'm sorry I should have knocked." She

said sneaking a peak at the naked hybrid boy sitting next to me before she shut

the door. "That female had an elevated pulse rate and she was releasing

excess amounts of estrogen when she saw me. Why?" he asked. Again I laughed at

him, "It's ok she was horny. She saw you naked and it turned her on." I told

him. "Humans have a on switch?" he asked. "My friend you have a lot to learn.

Let's just get you dressed and then you can meet the others. And oh yea no we

don't have a on switch." I explained to him giggling at his ignorance. I got

out some of AJ's clothes since he was the closest to the hybrid's size and put

them on him. Now that he had shorts and a shirt on I stood back and looked

at him. I could see a slight physical difference in him now. "Hey you look a

little more human now. I mean you don't look as pale as you did before." I

said. "I believe it is from the imprinting that you gave me. I am feeling the

humanity inside of me growing." He answered. "Ok well let's go and meet some of

the others now." I told him.

Downstairs in the common room most of the kids were waiting on us with a few

in the clinic. I led the hybrid in and everyone's mouths opened wide. "Is

that an alien?" Cole asked. "Yes and no, he's half alien. His name is... is...

what the hell is your name?" I asked. "I have no name only a registration number

from the laboratories. I was called specimen 5." He answered. "I got an

idea. I mean he's part alien right? Why not call him Adrien. You know like

A-L-I-E-N." Cody said. "I think it's a damn good idea. What do you think? Do you

like it?" I asked the hybrid. "With all desire yes." he answered as I saw

another tear roll off his cheek. "See every one he's not so bad is he. Meet

Adrien." I said to the other kids. They all seemed to perk up then after just

giving this creature a great honor of naming him. I walked over to Cody then and

said, "Great thinking bud. You really made his heart feel good." I turned to

everyone else then and asked a major request of them. "Every one I need to ask

you to do something and it's really important. You can say no if you want to

but it would be great if you say yes. Adrien has been a prisoner in a lab

his whole life. He's never got to be a kid or see what it was like to be a

human. I let him scan my mind upstairs to give him some sense of what being human

is. He and I both agree that he needs more to help him on his road being as

close to being like one of us as he can. I mean look at him you all saw him

before he was solid white. Since he scanned my mind he has got some color now.

I think if you all let him scan you he may actually get to look normal. Will

you guys help this dude out?" I asked all of them. Chris and Josiah were the

first ones to step forward to volunteer. I figured since they knew about the

aliens already they were ok with helping this alien to become a kid. Donny

then stepped forward as well. Everyone except Phillip and Justin walked up to

let him scan them. "What about you guys?" I asked them. "No way I don't want

any one messing with my mind." Phil said. I looked to Justin and he just

shook his head. "Ok guys it's kool you may change your minds sometime." I told

them. I sat Adrien down on the couch and Chris sat down next to him and the

imprinting began. While that went on I went to check on the boys and Alicia in

the clinic. AJ was awake so I explained everything to him and Alicia. "Wow

that's so neat. He's really a half breed?" AJ said. I nodded yes and I sensed

Alicia thinking, "That dick sure looked human enough to slide in to my pussy."

I just smiled to myself at her naughty thoughts. "Well shit dude help me up I

want to meet him to." AJ told me. I helped him to his feet and I could

definitely see the pain in his body. "Adam just lie back down. I think you are

actually hurt worse than you are letting on. I'll bring him to meet you ok." I

told AJ. I helped him lie back down then and I could sense in his mind he was

hiding pain. "Hey Alicia why don't you go and meet him, well I mean you

already did kind of but talk to him this time." I said. She got up and turned 5

shades of red in embarrassment as she left the room. I sat down next to AJ then.

"What did you mean by that?" he asked about what I said. I told him about

her seeing Adrien naked and about what he sensed from her being horny and what

I just sensed her thinking. He tried to laugh but I saw the pain in his dark

eyes. "Adam tell me what's hurting please. I know you are hiding something."

I said quietly. "I think that dick head soldier might have broken my ribs

when he threw me down. My side hurts so fucking bad when I breathe." He said

starting to cry letting the pain out. I pulled his shirt up and sure enough his

side was a bit swollen and red looking. "I think you may be right, it's all

swollen up right there." I said pointing to his right side. Broken ribs more

or less have to heal on their own so all he can do is take it easy and just

let them heal. We weren't exactly sure if that's what it was though. He may

have just bruised some tissue around them. Any ways he needs to stay in bed for

a while. "Just lay here bud, we'll take care of you." I told him as I kissed

him on the fore head. Since no one else was in the room that could see me I

reached down and gave his dick a little squeeze then. "When you get a little

better I'll take care of this myself." I told him. That's when I heard Gavin

stirring on the other side of me. He was beginning to come back to this world

from coma land. "Where am I?" he asked groggily. "Relax dude you're ok now.

We took care of you bullet holes. Just lay here and take it easy. Don't move

your arm much we had to put an I-V in it you to get some fluids back I you." I

told him. "Where is the hybrid? Is he safe?" he asked. "Yea man he's fine.

We brought you guys back to the orphanage after we found you in the woods. You

almost bled to death. You're still bleeding some but not as bad as you were.

The hybrid is fine, he's even got a name now. We named him Adrien." I

explained to Gavin. "I don't mean to sound weird or nothing but you are covered in

blood. We kind of need to get you bloody clothes off so you can get cleaned

up." I said. "Ok but where's the doctor or the nurse?" he asked. "There is no

doctor or nurse. There's only a bunch of kids here. Hell you and I are about

the oldest guys here." I told him. "Great. Who fixed me up?" he asked. "Well

it was me mostly, but one of the other guys named Josiah helped and a girl

named Alicia did. Don't bitch dude you're alive aren't you?" I said joking. He

kind of shrugged then. "Ok so how about the bloody clothes? I mean shit dude

you don't have to worry about it we've seen each other naked before in the

locker room at school right?" I stated. "Ok I guess so go or it. But Derrik, if

something happens after I'm naked please don't make fun of me." He said. I

asked what he meant. He motioned for me to come closer then. I got down and he

whispered in my ear, "Don't make fun or laugh if I get a boner ok. It does

when ever I get naked." "Is that all? Shit dude I thought you had a disease or

something. Don't worry about it if it happens ok. Same thing happens to me

to most of the time." I told him to make him feel better. I helped him slide

his bloody pant off then his under wear. Sure enough just like he said his

dick sprang to life pointing at the ceiling. "Ok I gotta wipe the blood off of

you now. You going to be ok with me wiping it all off?" I asked referring to

his dick that was slightly red tinged from blood to. He thought for a second

and answered, "Ok but just keep it between us ok. I don't want every one

knowing I let another guy touch my dick." Hearing that I realized he had no idea

that I liked guys so I just played along like I didn't. I acted like it was

gross to wash his dick off, but ass unattracted to him as I was I couldn't help

but to get hard from the fact I had his cock in my hand. I washed his lower

body off as fast as I could and wiped his top half off the rest of the way.

"Ok squeaky clean now. Why don't you try to get some rest. I'll make every one

leave you in peace so you can snooze. The whole time I was messing with Gavin

AJ was laying in his bed in pain. He knew that Gavin and I were in the room

and I was doing, but his pain ruled his brain at the moment. Just as I gave

Gavin some water before he tried to fall asleep I heard AJ crying to himself

trying to keep me from hearing him. I turned my attention back to him then.

"Adam are you ok?" I asked in concern. He didn't answer so I went around to the

other side of his bed to face him. There I could see tears flowing from his

eyes and the pain in his face. "Adam answer me please." I said. "It hurts so

bad." he cried. Seeing the hurt in his face and knowing I couldn't do

anything about it was killing me. "AJ I don't know what else to do I'm sorry." I

told him rubbing the tears from his eyes. I knew how bad he must feel right now

since AJ has been a tough guy and didn't want to show pain since I've known

him. Seeing him with tears pouring from his black eye balls I knew he was

truly hurting bad. I grabbed the medical books and looked through them to see

what I could give him for the pain. the book told me what pills I could give him

to make him sleep so I looked through the clinic till I found them. I gave

him two and sat with him till they kicked in. slowly his eye lids got heavier

and heavier till they finally closed and he fell asleep. I rubbed his hair

back out of his fore head and kissed him good night.

I had to leave my friends to rest and heal for a while, but they needed some

one to keep watch over them and I was in no shape for doing that right now.

I went to the common room and asked for a volunteer to sit with the guys for a

while. Alicia volunteered with out a second thought. I can usually read

everyone's minds, but now my mind was so tired I couldn't read any one. I

thanked Alicia and she went to the clinic and I to the bathroom up stairs. I walked

in the door and just leaned my back against the wall and slid down to the

floor. The pressures of this place were taking a toll on me and I was starting

to feel it. I brought my knees up to my chest and I buried my face in them

then. I felt like just bawling like a baby, but I knew there was no point in it.

The problems would still be there later. While I was sitting there trying to

rest my senses it constant request for my attention rang out again. Cody was

yelling for me from down the hall. "Now what the hell do they want with me."

I wondered. I dragged my self back up to my feet and went out in the hall

almost running over Cody. "What?" I asked in sort of a mean tone. "Sorry I

didn't mean to make you mad." Cody replied looking like he was about to cry. "I'm

sorry I didn't mean to be a dick. It's just... What is it Cody?" I asked him.

"Oh the alien guy is in our room laying in a bed and he's glowing." He said.

I laid my hand on Cody's shoulder and we walked together to check on Adrien.

Sure enough he was laying in Cole's bed on his back and he was glowing a

bright white color. I could sense something coming from him I had never felt

before so it kind of worried me. "Every one out now! Go to the common room and

wait." I told Cody, Cole, Justin, and Zack. They all left looking worried as I

shut the door behind them. There before my eyes Adrien began to levitate from

the bed about a foot in the air above it and he began to glow even brighter.

The clothes we had put on him earlier seemed to fade away from his body like

ice melting. I watched in awe as I didn't know what exactly I was seeing at

that point. I could sense his mind there, but it was like it was going a

million miles an hour. I couldn't lock onto one specific thought. He began to

glow brighter and brighter till a burst of energy flew from him knocking me

backwards against the door. Evidently I hit pretty hard since the force of it

knocked me out. Almost everyone in the house came running when they heard me fly

against the door. They tried to open it, but since I was knocked back

against it they couldn't get it open. I began to hear a faint yelling of my name by

several people and I could feel them beating on the door as I slowly began

to come back to my senses. I opened my eyes and looked up to see a new sight.

I lay on the floor looking up at this angelic looking naked form standing

over me smiling. "Who, who are you?" I mumbled. I adjusted my eyes and I could

tell it was Adrien, only he looked so much different now. I moved up to a

sitting position then unblocking the door and it flung open. Everyone stopped

yelling then. "Who the fuck is he?" Phillip said. "Oh my gosh it's Adrien. At

least I think it is." Chris said. The naked boy extended a hand down to me to

help me up. I took his hand and he pulled me to my feet as I rubbed the back

of my neck since it hurt now from hitting the door. "I'm sorry I didn't mean

to hurt you." He said to me. "What happened?" I asked him. "It's complicated

for me to explain. The easiest way I can say it is I just ascended to better

me." Adrien said. I rubbed my eyes one more time and just like everyone in the

hall I took a full look at him. He looked totally different from before, but

I could also tell from his facial features it was him. His skin turned from

the pale white color to a normal fleshy color. The most stand out feature was

he now has a mop of short brown hair on his head and no where else. His eyes

still had the dark black tint to them, but for the most part he looked like

a normal boy, and actually a cute one. He saw me rubbing my neck and said,

"Let me fix that." before he put his hand on my neck and I felt a warm sensation

then. He pulled his hand away and the pain was totally gone now. "How the

hell? How did you do that?" the pain's all gone now." I asked. "Like I said I

ascended. My powers have grown to. The least I can do was heal the pain I

caused you." he answered. He turned and smiled then waved to everyone on the hall

not having a care in the world that he was but ass naked. "Come on people

give the guy some privacy would ya." Josiah said as he pushed everyone away

from the door as he winked to me shutting the door behind himself. "Dam man I

don't know what to say I'm in shock." I said kind of laughing to Adrien. "I

know what you mean. This is all new to me to. I took everything that I copied

from the others minds and personalities and combined them to form a ascended

form that I will be from now on." He told me. "So you mean you're kind of human

now more or less?" I asked. "Yes, and no. I mean physically I'm still only

half human, but I feel more like a human now than I did before and I thank

everyone for what they gave to me to make me what I am now. There's so many

things I still want to know about but I guess we should take it slowly. I'm

enjoying all the new sensations and things." He said smiling. "Well my friend lets

get some clothes back on you. I don't think you want to walk around with

your dick hanging out all the time." I said getting him something to wear.

"Actually I rather like it. The feeling of being free feels good to me." He

replied. "Yea I know the feeling. I like being naked to, but we can't just be like

that all the time here there's too many people around for that." I told him

tossing him one of my shirts. I gave him another pair of Adam's shorts and he

slid them on over his limp smooth cock. As he was putting AJ's shorts on it

hit me that he healed my neck pain. "Adrien how far does your power go? Can

you heal like deep injuries and stuff like that?" I asked. "I don't know

really. I knew somehow I could heal your neck though." He answered. "Well my friend

you need to come with me. Two of my friends are laying in the clinic in

major pain right now. I'd like you to please try to heal them. And I am begging

you please." I said bowing my head thinking about seeing AJ's face when he was

hurting. "I will try my best Derrik. Gavin saved my life so I owe him at

least to try to heal him." he said. I led him down to the clinic where the hurt

boys were sleeping.

When we got to the bottom of the stairs we came upon Chris sniffing at the

air. "What?" I asked. "I don't know I smell something different I never

smelled it before." He replied. "Sniff it out dude lead us to it." I told him. At

that point I was worried that he was picking up on something bad so we

followed him. He sniffed his way to outside the clinic door then stopped. "It's

coming from inside what ever it is." He said. Since my friends were inside I got

worried now. "Ok guys stay back I'm going to burst in and see when it is.

I'll tell you when it's all clear." I told Chris and Adrien. They stood back as

I slowly turned the handle to the clinic door. I pushed it open slowly and

burst in. I saw something totally unexpected then. "What the hell?" I said. AJ

was in his bed totally in a medical induced sleep. Gavin on the other hand

looked to be having a bit of a pleasurable time. I stood there looking at Gavin

laying in his bed and the one that was supposed to be keeping watch of the

boys straddling him totally naked. "Alicia are you doing what I think?" I

asked. She turned red and tried to cover herself. She was straddling Gavin's lap

with his cock slid into her pussy having sex with him. "I'll, I'll just let

my self out ok." I told them not knowing what else to say. I backed out of the

room shutting the door behind me. "What? What was it I smelled?" Chris

asked. "Pussy." Was all I said. Chris got a disgusted and weird look on his face.

"You smell pussy. And why do you smell pussy? Because Alicia has hers wrapped

around Gavin's dick right now." I told him. "EWWWWW Gross!" Chris said

turning his nose. "They were breeding? Sorry, I mean having sex?" Adrien asked.

"Yes they were." I said then Alicia walked about of the room and paused to look

at me like she was about to die of embarrassment then barged off. I went

back in the clinic where Gavin was laying in the bed with his cock still hard

and totally uncovered. "Sorry Derrik. I was sleeping and I felt this feeling on

my dick and I woke up and she was sucking on it. I didn't know it was going

to happen like that." Gavin tried to apologize. "She was sucking me and when

I woke up I was getting into it you know. It felt great. So I guess she knew

it so she stripped and climbed up on top of me and spread her pussy open and

next thing I knew we was fuckin. I'm sorry dude." Gavin said. "Man that was a

first." I said as I began to laugh. Gavin saw me then laughed to, "It felt

great though man I just wish we coulda finished." He said. "Sorry to spoil the

fun man, but I got a mutual friend that wants to see you." I told him. "Ok

guys come on in." I yelled into the hall. The others came in then as I was

covering Gavin's lower half back up. "Ok I saw the little dude before, but who is

he?" he said pointing to Adrien. "That's Adrien. The hybrid." I told him. He

looked totally lost then. "Derrik what the fuck is going on here? The hybrid

was solid white and didn't look anything like him the last time I saw him."

I said. Adrien walked over to him then and smiled. He reached his hand out

wand placed it on Gavin's temple. "It is me my friend. Let me prove it to you."

He said as he tapped into Gavin's mind and showed him how he has progressed

to be who he is now. Gavin opened his eyes then. "It is you isn't it? Wow man

you look great now. Almost normal." Gavin told his friend. "You saved my

life before so now it's time for me to return the favor." Adrien told him as he

laid his hand on Gavin's bullet wound. "Ouch what the hell? It burn!" Gavin

wined. A second later Adrien grabbed the bandages and ripped them from Gavin's

side. "Holy shit!" Chris said with his mouth hanging open looking at the

bullet hole that was now healed into a scar. "The pain's gone now." Gavin said

feeling his side. "Fell like trying to get up an see if you can get around

now?" I asked him. "Man I feel like a million bucks. Hell yes I want to get up."

Gavin answered throwing the blankets off exposing his nude body to us. He

swung his legs out of bed and stood up then. "Man I don't know how you did it

but thank you my friend." He said taking Adrien's hand and shaking it. "Chris

why don't you show Gavin where the bath room is. I'm sure he'd love to take a

hot shower and wash all that blood and other stuff off him." I said laughing

pointing to his cock that had the pussy juices on it. He looked down at his

dick then it hit him and he laughed to. He started to walk out naked but I

stopped him. "Uh Gavin you might want to wrap that blanket around you. There is

another girl here and some younger kids." I told him. He did like I said and

Chris led him to the bathroom then. "Adrien this is my friend Adam. We call

him AJ to, but the fact is he's hurt. He may have broken ribs or maybe worse

we don't know. Can you please help him, for me?" I begged. He smiled and

nodded yes. I kneeled down next to AJ and shook him awake. As he woke the pain

instantly set back in on him and he began to cry. The pain in his face was

killing me. "Adam Adrien is going to try to help you. He's got powers that can

heal other people so we are going to see if he can make you feel better." I

said stroking his cheek. I moved out of the way and Adrien kneeled next to AJ.

"Hello my new friend. I see we have something in common don't we." Adrien said

looking into AJ's black eyes that looked just like his own. "Let me feel

where the pain is." He said as he placed his hand on Adam's chest and side.

'This may hurt a bit at first, but you will feel fine after that." Adrien warned

him. "Ouch! Owww!" Adam cried out as his pain sharply increased and the tears

streamed from his eyes. He was full blown bawling now and it got the

attention of his brother. Donny heard his brother crying out and came to see what

was wrong. "What's he doing to my brother? Don't let him hurt my bubby!" Donny

yelled. I grabbed him as he rushed towards the hybrid and his brother. "No

buddy just wait. He's trying to help AJ." I said in Donny's ear who was now

crying to worried about his brother. Adam stopped crying then and began heaving

deep breaths. Adrien then took his hand from AJ's bare chest and Adam sat up.

"It's gone! The pain's gone. How did you do that?" he asked wiping the tears

from his cheeks. "Inner powers my friend." Adrien answered. AJ

uncharacteristically grabbed Adrien around the beck and hugged him. "Thank you so much!

You have no idea how bad I was hurting." AJ told him. "Bubby!" Donny yelled as

he ran to AJ. They grabbed each other in a loving hug and showed Adrien what

brotherly love was. When they broke their hug and Adam wiped the tears off

his baby brother's face I asked, "Donny would you please take Adrien out to the

kitchen I'll be there in a minute ok." Donny hugged his brother one more

time then took Adrien by the hand and led him to the kitchen. As soon as they

left the room I lost control. I grabbed AJ in a hug and started to cry. He

hugged back and cried with me. "Oh god I thought we were going to lose you." I

cried. I turned my head and kissed him on the cheek then, "I love you Adam.

You're like a brother to me." I said in his ear. "A brother with a nice body."

He said making me laugh a bit. I let go of him but for some reason those black

eyes from hell of his drew me in until our lips met. We shared a quick kiss

and I pulled back away. "That's how much I love you. You're a brother with

benefits." I told him smiling. "More like a brother with a stiffy." He said

raising his eye brows. "Well now that you're not hurting maybe we can take care

of that stiffy in a little bit." I told him and he was all smiles then.

Adam got dressed and we left the clinic to join everyone else. I went to the

kitchen to find Donny introducing Adrien to the joys of a pop cycle. "Oh my

gosh what is this thing called again? A pop cycle?" Adrien asked loving his.

"Yep aren't they great." Donny said. "Yes they are I love them!" Adrien said

putting his back in his mouth. "Hey how's my lil bubby doing?" AJ asked

Donny. Donny ran over and hugged AJ being careful not to get his pop cycle all

over him. "Wow you two are definitely brothers you look so much alike." Adrien

told them. "Yep AJ and his mini me." I said joking getting funky looks from

both of them. I looked out of the window and it was dark out now, I had totally

lost track of time during the day. I sat down at the large table and laid my

head down on it. "You ok Derrik?" Donny asked me in between licking his pop

cycle. "Yeah squirt I'm just tired is all. It's been a long day." I told him

yawning. "Bubby I'm hungry." Donny told his brother. AJ looked at me then. "My

god guys do I have to do everything. What are you guys going to do if I'm

not around to take care of you?" I stated. I got up and went to the large

pantry and dug out the PB&J supplies so they can make sandwiches. "Here you go

have at it guys. And make Adrien one to. He doesn't know how." I told them. I

sat back down and put my head back down on the table. I tried to close my eyes

just to rest them for a minute and the next thing I knew I was snoring. I

fell asleep right there at the table. I woke up sometime around midnight and the

house was mostly dark except for a few dim lights we left on at night. We

had to keep the house dark at night so no one knew we were there. I went to get

up from the table and noticed Adrien was till sitting there. "Hey why are

you in here all alone with me?" I asked. "I think everyone is scared of me. No

one really wants to talk to me or anything." He answered looking sad. "Oh. I

think it's just because they don't know you yet. Give it time I'm sure

they'll all get to be your buds with you." I said sitting next to him. He yawned

then and it seemed to scare him. "What was that I just did?" he asked me. "What

yawned? It's nothing to be scared of dude it just means you're sleepy.

Haven't you ever slept before?" I asked. "I have never needed it before. Remember

I was still a freak till earlier today. I think the ascending changed

everything for me." He answered. "Well my friend I think it's time to introduce you

to something called sleep. Come on let's find you someplace to sleep." I

said. We went to the first floor boy's room and it was full. Al beds were taken.

Next was up to the upstairs boy's room. For some reason al the beds in it

were full to, even mine. Gavin decided to crash out in it. I guess it was ok

just for tonight but it did kind of erk me a little. The only room left to sleep

was in the girls room and in the clinic. There was 2 beds open in each room.

The beds in the clinic needed cleaned up and I'm sure the girls didn't want

us in their room so I had to think. "Well shit, it looks like we gotta sleep

on the floor tonight all the beds are full." I told him. Then it hit me, the

head masters room had a bed in it. It's where the soldier was sleeping till

he tried to kill AJ. I smiled and took Adrien's wrist pulling him behind me.

"Come on I know where there's a bed at. Only thing is we're gonna have to

share it." I told him. He and I walked into the head master's room and there

before us was a full size bed made up with military precision. The window to the

office in the next room was broken from where the soldier jumped through it,

but it was covered at the moment with boards nailed to the wall. "Ok I don't

know how you feel about this, but it looks like we don't have much choice." I

said taking my shirt off. "I do not know how to feel about something I have

never done before." Adrien said. "Well I'll try t make it a peaceful first

experience then." I said. I pulled the covers down then tool my pants off

leaving me in my boxers. Not sure of what to Do Adrien did what I did and took his

shirt and shorts off. Since we hadn't put any undies on him he was now naked

so I said what the hell and slid my boxers down and off to. We stood there

sizing up each others naked bodies and my dick came to life. I got rock hard in

a second looking at his nice looking body. To my surprise his dick started

getting hard to. He looked down at it and asked, "Is it supposed to do that?"

"Yeah it does that sometimes. Usually at the worst times to." I said

laughing. "Don't worry about it though you got a nice one." I told him. "Why does it

do that?" he asked. "Well it does that when you get horny. You know um....

Sexually aroused is the words." I said. "I am sexually aroused?" he asked. "Well

evidently you are cus your dick is hard as a rock." I said laughing. "How can

I be sexually aroused? I mean I thought that could only happen with a male

and female?" he asked looking confused. "I could lie to you and tell you a

made up bunch of stuff, but there is this thing called being gay." I started to

say but he cut me off, "Gay isn't that where males prefer other males

sexually?" "Yes it is, I guess." I answered. "Am I gay?" he asked me. "I can't

answer that Adrien I'm not you. Only you know if you like boys or girls. But you

can like both." I said. He looked at me like to say how? "Tell you what lets

just get in bed and get comfy and I'll show a few things about being a boy." I

said as I laid down on the comfy bed. I stretched my tired body out loving

the feeling of the soft bed on my naked skin. I did want to show him some

things to do with his dick but it seemed like he fell asleep as soon as his body

was comfortable. I lay and watched him snooze peacefully for a few minutes

before I nodded off myself.


Chapter 16

Morning comes around way to quickly to me now that it seems like I have so

much responsibility. I awoke to the sunlight streaking through an opening in

the blinds of the window and saw that Arien was still sleeping peacefully next

to me. As much as I wanted to play with that super body of his I knew it

would be impossible when I heard Justin and Zach playing loudly out in the hall

way. Apparently Adrien heard them to since he sat straight up in the bed and

looked actually scared. "You ok?" I asked. "I do not know. I was seeing

visions while I was unconscious." He answered. "Oh, you were just dreaming. It's

nothing to be afraid of." I told him. It still didn't put his fears to rest, it

took me a good 10 minutes to calm his nerves enough until he realized I

wasn't lying to him. I told him how almost everyone dreamed and how it was a

normal part of sleeping. He calmed down enough so that we could get up and

dressed for the day, even though I wouldn't mind looking at that great nude body of

his all day. By now the whole house it seemed was awake from the amount of

noise outside the room we were in. "Derrik I have that sensation right here

again." He said pointing to his abdomen. "Oh you probably have to pee is all.

Lets go take a leak." I suggested since I had to piss to. We went to the

bathroom where a few of the guys were doing their morning business and pissed in

the urinals. "I never knew urinating could feel so pleasurable." Adrien moaned

as he pissed. "Man we need to teach him how to talk right." Chris said from

the toilet stall, well actually more like he grunted from the toilet stall.

It was true our alien bud did talk like sort of a nerd at times but it was the

only way he knows. I have noticed though the more he is around us the more

he picks up on what being a 13 year old kid is. He is trying I will give him

credit on that. "I apologize for the way I speak." Adrien said hanging his

head. "No don't be like that just say shut us Chris and finish shitting." I told

him. He repeated what I said and everyone in the room cracked up. The twins

were also in the room brushing their teeth and they were laughing so hard

they were literally foaming at the mouth, tooth paste. Chris was even laughing

in his stall. Adrien had a totally lost look on his face. "You did great. It

was just how you said it was funny." I told him patting him on the shoulder.

We finished p and went out to see the rest of the house residents. About half

were in the kitchen looking for some breakfast and the other half was either

in the bathrooms or in the common room. More and more lately I been noticing

Gavin and Alicia have been making goo goo eyes at each other. Hmm maybe the

fact that they have already fucked could be the reason for it. I walked in the

kitchen and stood behind Donny sitting at the table eating some dry cereal

and rubbed his messy hair. "Whatcha doing squirt?" I asked him. "Eatin." He

said with his mouth full of cereal. I couldn't help but crack up at him, he was

definitely a character. Zach was feeding the dog scraps and Justin and

Nathan were eating to and making a good mess at it I might add. "You guys know you

had better clean up this mess when you're done eating." I told them all

before I went to get myself some clean clothes so I could jump in the hot tub

again. For some reason my body was still sore and the only reason I could think

of for it was I was stressed out.

I went to walk in the bathroom with the tub in it and apparently I had just

missed seeing Carry naked from showering. "Oops sorry I shoulda knocked

first." I said. "It's fine. It's not like the others haven't seen me naked

before." She said. She left the room still wet and naked with a towel wrapped around

her body and another around her wet hair. I turned the water to the tub on

and let it fill up before I got in. I stripped down and sat on the edge as I

waited for it to fill and then one of the younger boys walked in. I knew it

was a younger kid because he was coughing. I turned and looked over my shoulder

to see Nathan walking over to the urinals to pee. "Hey Nate how ya doing

bud." I said. He finished pissing and turned to face me as he was putting his

little cock away. "I'm ok I guess." He replied coughing again. "You sound like

you got a cold dude. Come here and let me check your temp." I told him. He

walked over and I felt his fore head. He did feel slightly warm, but that could

have been just the temperature of the room since it was steamy from the hot

tub running. "You feel a little warm. When was the last time you bathed?" I

asked. "I don't remember." He replied being a typical kid. "Well if you're

done eating and stuff go ahead and strip down and get in here with me. It'll be

like a mini swimming pool." I told him. He seemed to like the swimming pool

idea because his clothes seemed to fly off his body. He was naked in no time

and ready to climb in with me. "Ok now this water is really warm so don't piss

in it." I told him as he stepped his first foot in. He gingerly and slowly

stepped in as his skin got use to the tempi followed him and eventually we

were now sitting in the big tub. "We never got to use this thing before. We

wasn't allowed to. It was for the people that took care of us to use." Nathan

told me. "Well I', glad you like it so far, but it is a bath tub so you do have

to get clean while you're in here." I told him. I sat back and just enjoyed

the warm water for a while as he splashed and played in the water jets. Time

did come for us to get cleaned up though so I closed the glass doors around

the tub for some level of privacy. "Ok bud time for that getting clean part.

Come over here and I'll wash your hair and back for you." I told him. He crawled

over to me and to my surprise the cute little guy climbed on my lap instead

of just sitting in front of me. I went right to washing his hair first to get

that out of the way. I scrubbed his head until it felt clean and he dunked

his head to rinse the suds out. "Ok now the hard part is over let's finish the

rest." I said. I took the soap in my hand and began to wash his small back

for him and when I got to his side he began to squeal like crazy laughing.

"That tickle?" I asked. He smiled and nodded yes. I tickled a bit more then went

on to wash him. as he was sitting on my lap some how I had missed the fact

that I was rock hard from the feeling of his skin on me. His hand bumped

against my dick and he stopped and felt what he had bumped. "Is that your thing?"

he asked laughing. I nodded. "Why's it so big and hard?" he asked. "Cus

you're sitting on me like that. it makes it feel good." I explained. "How come

mines not like that?" he asked. "Well I don't know let me check you out." I said

as I reached around to the front of him to feel his little pecker. He was

right he was limp, but that would change soon. I began to rub it and he didn't

complain one bit. In no time he was hard to. "Hey dude guess what, your's is

big and hard now to look." I told him. He stood up in the tub and we could

both now see his little stiffy pointing away from his body. "Kool it is hard

and pointy now to. That's neat!" he said happy. I pulled him back down on my

lap so I could finish washing the rest of his upper body. Once he was rinsed

off I had him stand and face me then. I washed his legs and tummy off then

leaving the goody area for last. "Ok bud I'm gonna wash your pecker and stuff

now. It'll probly tickle like crazy but try not to laugh ." I warned him. I took

hold of his still half boned dick with my soapy fingers and began to wash it

and all around it. "That don't tickle it feels neat! It feels good!" he

said. I finished washing him in a flash then I decided to try and have a bit of

fun with him. Just as I was about to ask him to mess around he hit me with

some questions. "Cody told me that you was taking him and Cole to the store

today, can I go to?" he asked. "Sorry bud but no. there isn't going to be enough

room in the truck, it's going to be full of clothes and stuff." I replied.

That seemed to crush his feelings so I tried to cheer him up. "Tell you what

kiddo, how about I bring you a big surprise when we come back?" "What kind of

surprise?" he asked. "Well that's why it's called a surprise you'll have to

wait till you get it to see what it is." I told him. That seemed to settle the

disappointment so I went back to trying to have fun. I took hold of his

little dick again and got him back to his stiff state. "Does that feel good when I

tickle it like that?" I asked. He smiled and nodded yes. "Want me to suck

it?" I asked hoping he'd say yes. He smiled again and smiled so I took that as

a yes. I scooted his body towards me while he was still standing and I leaned

forward and took his little boner in my mouth. He had no complaints as I

sucked away on his little rod. He began to buck his hips forward to meet my lips

as I went back and forth on him. It didn't take long till his breathing got

more rapid and shallower. I felt him place his hands on my shoulders to steady

him as his les began to turn to jello from the intense feelings. Shortly

after his hands came onto my shoulders I heard him grunt and take a deep breath

and his little body tensed up. I felt his pecker get a bit harder on my

tongue so I knew he was getting off at that point. I made sure to give him just a

little bit more extra sensitive pleasure to get him over the peak of his

orgasmic spell. As his body cleared the peak of its pleasure he nearly collapsed

onto me making my spit his little dick out. I took hold of him under his arms

and guided him back down to sit on my lap again as he came back to earth

from pleasure land. He opened his eyes and smiled showing how cute he actually

was. "Like it?" I asked. "Yeah buddy!" he said happily. I rubbed his little

dick as it slowly went about half limp while he was regaining his senses. "What

was that? it felt really good?" he asked. "Well it's kinda hard to explain.

Lets just say that's what happens when you get your pecker sucked or if you

play with it long enough." I told him kind of laughing a bit. "Do I have to do

that to you now?" he asked me. The thought did make my dick swell a bit. It

would be nice to have the little guy blow me but I wasn't going to force him.

"Well kiddo you don't have to if you don't want to, but it would feel good

if you did." I told him. "I don't have to? Good cus I don't think I can get

yours in my mouth it looks way too big!" he said giggling. I couldn't help but

tickle him some then. I knew then that I wouldn't be getting a B/J from

Nathan then. Maybe some day I might get in that cute little ass though, only time

will tell. We finished his bath and I got out of the tub with him and dried

him off then sent him naked with a towel around him to get dressed while I got

back in the tub to finish some business of my own.

I sat back down in the warm water of the tub and was about to grip my hard

rod when the twins walked in. I knew it was them from the sounds of their

vices. "Hey Cole, Cody come here a second guys." I yelled out. They walked over

to the edge of the tub to see what I wanted. "You boys ready to go to wal mart

in a little while?" I asked. They both smiled and nodded yes. "Ok great I

know you guys want to have some fun while we're out, but we have to be sneaky

about it. We're taking your sister with us." I told them. "What for?" Cody

asked. "Well dude we're going after clothes and stuff, don't you think Carry and

Alicia might need some new stuff to?" I said. they seemed to get the point

then, but I could tell they weren't to happy about taking Carry with us. I had

promised them we would have some fun when it was just them and I together,

some naked fun that is. "Ok guys I'm going to finish my bath then I'll come

and get you guys so be ready to go when I find you." I said. They agreed then

went to piss like they had came in the room to do origionally then left. Now

that I was finally alone I took hold of my dick and began to let my hand

relieve the tension in me. It seemed like I haven't gotten off in ages because it

felt so good. The head of my dick was super sensitive at this point so I paid

a lot of time making that area feel awesome. The more I made it feel good

the more intense my orgasm was building. It built up to the point where I

couldn't hold it back any more and it seemed to explode through my body like a

bomb. "OH FUCK!" I moaned out as my eyes began to roll back in my head from the

great feeling. I slowly began to come to a stop pumping my dick as my body

went nearly totally limp while I basked in the glow of the orgasm rushing

through me. I sat the just enjoying my rush and slowly coming back to normal and

some one in the room said, "Dam that sounded like a good one." I opened my

eyes slightly to see Adam peeking through the glass at me. "Peeping tom" I said

laughing. "Peeping yes but I'm not tom I'm AJ" he said laughing with me. "You

feel better now?" he asked. "Oh god yes lots." I said still enjoying the

after glow. "Wish you woulda told me you needed that I woulda helped you with

it." He told me. "Sorry bud it wasn't really planned, but thanks for the offer.

Maybe I'll take a rain check on your offer." I told him. "Any time Derrik.

You know I'd suck you when ever, as long as I get it in return." He said

grinning. "Deal!" I told him laughing. He then left me to finish my bath so I

could get a move on for the trip to get the kids in the house some new clothes

and stuff. I got out of the tub a short time later and got dressed so I could

round up the brothers and sister so we could get the show on the road.

I rounded up the twins and I also decided to take their sister with us. I

thought that Carry and Alicia might like some new things for them as well. I

let her go because I didn't know anything about what sizes the 2 girls wore or

what they liked to wear so I was going to let Carry decide. We all piled in

the truck and I tucked 1 of the pistols into my waist of my pants and we took

off for wal mart. The drive was uneventful from the orphanage to town as we

pulled into the limits of my home town. I drove slowly through the streets of

town with the gun ready just incase something out of the ordinary came up. We

pulled up to the front doors of the wal mart a short time later and parked

the truck right at the entrance. The twins and their sister followed me inside

as I had the pistol at the ready to shoot. I wasn't sensing anything abnormal

inside so we proceeded to gather up what we came for. "Carry go get some

clothes and things for you and Alicia. Just pile it all in a cart and try to

fold it as neat as you can, we need to cram as much as we can in the truck bed."

I said. She took off with a cart to the girls department and I had the twins

follow me. "Come on boys time to try on some under wear." I said to the boys

with a wink. They got the hint and smiled as they followed. I grabbed a cart

as well and piled it up high with clothes for the other boys in the house

who hadn't been to the store since the invasion happened. After I had a bunch

of shirts and pants of all sizes loaded in the cart the twins and I went to

the under wear isle like I promised them we would. "Ok guys, do you know what

size undies you wear?" I asked. They both looked stumped and shrugged their

shoulders. "Ok I guess we gotta find out the fun way don't we." I said with a

grin. They didn't know what I mean t at first but then it hit them both about

the same time and they smiled. I had them pull their shirts up so I could get

an estimate of what size they did wear so I could get close to it. I grabbed

a few packs of different sizes and then we went to find their sister. "Carry

the guys and I are going to the rest rooms in the back of the store. If you

want to try anything on you are going to have to go to the ladies room. The

dressing rooms are kind of trashed." I told her pointing to the dressing rooms

that had a section of the room caved in on top of them. The boys and their

sister followed me to the rear of the store and we went into the restrooms.

Carry took in all kinds of thing to try on so I knew she would be in there for

a little while which was great. I needed as much time as I could to make the

twins happy boys.

"Ok boys lose the clothes. First things first, we need to see which sizes

you dudes wear so get nekked and try these on." I said tossing them the packs

of briefs. They both stripped down completely and tore the under wear open.

The first few pairs they tried were way too big so I gave them a few more pack.

These were too small. I dug through the remaining packs I grabbed and got

some in the middle of the sizes they had already tried. "Well they fit but they

look kinda loose on you guys. What do you guys think?" I asked. "Yeah

they're to loose I like mine tighter to me." Cole said. I grabbed one more pack and

tore them open and gave the boys a pair each. The fourth try was a charm as

the fresh undies fit them perfectly and they were all smiles. "Ok now that we

know what you two wear put the rest of those in their packs so we can take

them back to the house with us. Maybe one of the other guys can wear them." I

told the twins. they put them back in their packs and I stacked them up on

the counter by the sinks. "Ok now that business is over with how about I make

those peckers of yours feel good?" I asked grinning at them. With out a word

they looked at each other and dropped the under wear to the floor and reached

for their limp peckers. "NO, no let me I insist." I said to them walking over

and taking both their little dicks in my hands. They were rock hard in no

time as I fondled their hard boy tools to their full 3 inch size. "Hey didn't

you two say you did stuff together before? Show me what you've done." I said

to them. I let go of their boners and they faced each other. They started to

rub their dicks together and dry hump and grind against each other. "That's

all you guys have done before?" I asked with a smile. They stopped what they

were doing and nodded yes. "Well my cute little friends you are going to love

what you're a bout to feel." I promised them. I picked Cody to go first as I

had both boys jump up and sit on the counter by the sinks. I instructed Cody

what to do and he followed directions to a tee. "I had him spread his legs open

and I got on my knees in front of him in between his legs. "You ready?" I

asked as I took hold of his little stiffy. He smiled and nodded so I opened

wide and sank my mouth over his little cock head. He inhaled sharply at the

first feeling of having his little dick sucked. I began to bob my head up and

down on him and he was loving it. Not long into it he started to moan a bit as

he closed his eyes and enjoying his first blow job. "Shh Cody, Carry might

hear." Cole said placing his hand over his brothers moaning mouth. I got the

hint and was quiet after that. I sped up my pace on Cody's dick and I reached

over and played with Cole's to make sure he stayed hard. After about 3 minutes

of sucking I felt Cody's hands on the top of my head forcing it down on to

his shaft. "Oh gosh I gotta pee you better stop." He said in between fast

breaths. I knew that to be my que to speed up. I sucked him as fast as I could as

he kept saying he had to pee. Then that very first overwhelming unexpected

felling flooded over him. His body tensed up and he drew in a deep breath as I

felt his stiffy get just little harder in my mouth and then pulsate as the

waves of pleasure from his first orgasm washed over him. When I knew the peak

of the sensation was over I raised off his little rod and let him sit there in

the afterglow. He opened his eyes about a minute later and smiled. "Oh my

gosh what was that? It felt awesome!" he beamed. "It's called an orgasm, you

know getting off. And yeah it does feel awesome doesn't it." I said rubbing his

inner thighs. "Heck yeah it does. You're going to love it bro." Cody told

his brother. Cole smiled big as I pushed his smooth legs apart like I did his

brother a little while ago. I got into position with him and with out warning

I slid him in my mouth. He moaned just like his brother did at the initial

feeling of his cock being tongue whipped. I placed my hands on his hips and

held onto him as I bobbed up and down on his shaft as fast as I could. I knew I

needed to get his orgasm over with quick because I knew Carry wouldn't be in

the ladies room much longer. Just like his brother I felt his hands on my

head as I slid up and down on his little dick even faster. This time he didn't

say anything as I felt his cock stiffen and his body tense up. "Oh gosh!" he

said a little louder than I would have wanted as he had his very first orgasm.

When I realized he was over the peak I slowed to a stop on sucking and just

gave the tip a tongue lashing to squeeze one last little shiver out of him as

he basked in the pleasure. Just as I had thought Carry was done in the

ladies and knocking on the door asking for us. "You guys done in there? Are you

descent?" she asked to make sure I was dressed. "Yeah Carry but hold on a sec."

Cody yelled out to her. Cody's dick had gone down to its normal lip size and

Cole's was rapidly deflating as he settled back on earth coming back from

orgamic heaven. Cody hopped down off the counter and grabbed the fresh pair of

undies and slid them on as his brother hopped off the counter. Just as Cole's

feet hit the floor Carry walked in the men's room. "Dam chic cant they have

some privacy?" I said referring to the twins. "Who cares I see them naked all

the time." Carry stated. I looked at Cole's naked body and he nodded, "She's

right. We see each other naked all the time. It's no biggy she's our sister."

He said. I took that as a sign that they were a close sibling group that

really cared for each other. "Ok well come on guys finish trying those undies on

and get dressed again." I said winking at the twins. They got my point and

just went on getting dressed with out their sister knowing what just went on

in here. Once the twins had their clothes back on and enjoying the feeling of

new undies on their freshly sucked dicks we departed the restrooms. "Ok come

on we're going to what's left of the toy department and then to electronics."

I told the group. They followed me as I grabbed another empty cart and

filled it with all kinds of toys for the kids at the home. The twins picked out

what they wanted. Carry though wasn't very interested in toys. Now we had 2

carts of boys clothes and 1 of girls and 1 full of toys we pushed them all to

the front of the store and loaded them into the back of the truck. "Ok back to

electronics we have to get a few more things." I told the siblings. I grabbed

another cart and the twins browsed as if they were shopping looking at the

video games. "Hey watch this." I said as I broke the locked glass covering the

playstation 3 and games up. They watched in awe and horror as the glass

smashed like they were going to get in trouble for it. "Relax guys who's going to

catch us?" I told them. "Grab what you want it's all free now." I said and

they had a field day grabbing games they liked. I grabbed the remaining psp's

and 2 of the ps3's. By the time we were done the game isle was nearly cleaned

out. As we were piling our newly acquired merchandise in the cart something

along the back wall caught my eye. "Ooooh yeah!" I said to myself as I

spotted what to me was a huge tv on display against the wall. "Hey we need to cram

this stuff in the truck as neap as possible cus we're going to need as much

room as we can get in the bed." I told the others. "Why?" Carry wondered.

"Because we're taking that big bastard with us." I said pointing to the 50 inch

tv. "Cool!" the twins said together. We took the cart with the games up front

and I pushed the big tv with us on a flat stock cart we found nearby. It took

all four of us to get the tv in the truck and it fir perfectly in the bed

with the rest of the stuff we pilfered. The twins then piled the video games

and other things we scavenged in the truck bed where there was room left and

then we departed for the orphanage.

"Did we all have fun today?" I asked everyone on the drive home. "I sure did

I got some clothes I know I like and I think Alicia will like the ones I got

for her to." Carry said. I looked in the mirror at the twins in the back

seat of the cab and they were smiling ear to ear. I knew they enjoyed their day

out at wal mart. We arrived at the house a short time later and was greeted

by a few of the guys at the door. "What good shit did you find?" AJ asked.

"Adam why do you cuss so much? I mean I don't really mind but you shouldn't do

it so much in front of the younger kids." I said to him. "I dunno. I always

talked this way when I'm around my friends." He answered. "Ok well like I said

not around the little guys alright, your brother included." I said. He

accepted my request and said, "Ok then what good STUFF did you bring back?" "Video

games and clothes mostly. God knows we need something to pass the time." I

said. He followed me to the back of the truck and as I opened the lid to the

cap I said, "And we brought this monster with us to." referring to the tv.

"Cool!" AJ and the others who had gathered around said. We unloaded the tv and I

had Josiah with his muscles and Adam carry it inside. The only reason AJ

helped wasn't because of the weight it was because the tv was so awkward and big

to carry for one person. We put it in the common room and then it was off to

unload the rest of the truck. The clothes got piled in the common room floor

since we didn't know who was getting what yet and the video games were piled

next to the tv. I grabbed a psp and some games from the pile and walked over

to Nathan first. "Hey kiddo remember I said I was going to bring you

something neat? Hear you go." I said handing him the game. He was all smiles as he

hugged me for the gift. The boys all wanted to go through and hook up the video

games and wanted nothing to do with the huge clothing pile in the middle of

the room. "Guys as much as I hate to spoil the fun I think we should go

through the clothes and get them out of here first. I got all different sizes of

stuff cus I don't know what sizes any one wears." I told the others. The

littler boys whined and complained but everyone knew what needed to be done. We

spent the next half hour going through the clothes as the guys picked out what

they wanted. A few arguments broke out over who was getting a certain item

but we snuffed them quickly with a coin toss to see who won. Only the boys from

the orphanage and Gavin and Adrien went through the pile since me and the

boys from the mine already had some clothes. It was late after noon now and I

was starving to beat hell so I went to the kitchen as the boys took their new

stuff and put it away. I sat down at the table in the kitchen and made myself

a PB&J sandwich. While I was eating I was joined by Gavin. "Hey dude what's

up." He said. "Hey I been meaning to ask you, how did you get away from the

aliens when the attacked the school? And where have you been hiding all this

time until we found you?" I asked him. "Well I was in the boiler room where the

washers and dryers were washing some of the uniforms for the gym. When I

found out what was going on I crawled inside one of the dryers and hid." So far

he was making since to me. The washers and dryers were humongous and he

washed the uniforms for the football team for class credit in gym. "When I was

sure the monsters were gone I got out of the dryer and snuck out of the school

and hid in the basement of the general store. When the monsters came back I

decided it was too risky to stick around so I took off hiking through the woods

until I was found by a strike team of army guys. They took me to a base

pretty close by and I stayed there for a while. Well until the aliens found it

and took it out. Dude they totally tore that place to shit. I had to hide in

the air ducts till they were gone again. When I came out everyone was dead.

There was so much blood every where it looked like o real horror house. I

wondered around there for a while with a gun I picked up till I found this room

that said bio-research on the door. I snooped around in there for a little while

and found our hybrid friend in there. He was in this small room that was

like one of those cells in a nut house. You know it was small and it didn't have

anything in it and all the walls and the floor were padded. Scared the shit

outa me at first when I saw him. I was about to blast him with the gun. Then

I heard this voice in my head. It told me don't shoot and that he was a

prisoner. If I freed him he'd help me get out of there. I let him out and we got

out of the base and walked in the woods for a while and the next thing I know

some ass hole shoots me. The rest is history that you already know." Gavin

said giving me his life story in detail it seemed. "Wow sounds like you had a

fun time like the rest of us did." I told him. I told him my story and what

the guys that I found and I had been through up until the time we found him and

Adrien. We continued to chit chat for a while till the memory of him and

Alicia crossed my mind. "So what's the deal with you and Alicia?" I asked. "I

dunno. I mean she's hot dude. It felt so good when I woke up in the clinic and

she was sucking on me. I couldn't say no when she got up on top of me and

slid my thing in her." He replied. "I can see your point, but keep in mind dude

don't do anything you shouldn't ok." I told him. he wasn't quite sure what I

meant but he agreed any way.

After I had my afternoon snack I went to check on the kids in the common

room having fun with the big monster tv when the unthinkable happened. "Man what

the hell?" Phillip said getting mad. Just as they got the tv and games

hooked up to it the power went out. "Relax guys it's probably a circuit breaker or

something. I'll go check it out ok." I told them. I made my way down into

the now dark basement with AJ leading the way since he could see in the dark

and found the breaker box. I opened the box and to mine and everyone in the

house' dismay all the breakers were turned on. "Dammit. It's not a breaker the

power is out." Adam whined. "Well AJ you didn't expect it to last for ever did

you? I figured it would go out before long." I told him. The fact that the

power was out didn't bother me so much. The thing that got on my nerves was I

did all that work to get that big ass tv here and now its useless. "What are

we supposed to do now?" AJ asked. "Only thing we can do, just make do with

out it." I answered. He got a look of disgust and anger on his face, but he

knew there was nothing we could do about it. We made our way back upstairs and

broke the news to the others. They all got for a better word pissed at the

fact we had no juice now. "That sucks! We didn't even get a chance to play any

games." Nate whined. The house was pretty quiet for the rest of the day with

every one trying to find something to do that didn't need electricity. Finding

something to do wasn't my huge concern at the moment. Sometimes I curse that

alien for giving me the mind powers. All I could do was think about how we

would stay warm and how we would keep our food from spoiling now. I was

sitting in the head masters office which I had now adopted to be my own looking

through the paper work that was in the filing cabinets in there. Reading through

all the stuff I found out things about the kids that lived here that they

didn't tell us before. Things like how the twins and Carry were abandoned by

their mother because she was a dope whore. And how both of Zack's parents were

killed in a car accident in which he was also injured. I also found small

details like how Nathan had asthma and couldn't over exert himself because he

would lose his breath. More or less I found out the orphans back grounds with

out them knowing it. Maybe it would come in handy to know this stuff in the

future. As I sat there reading I noticed t seemed to be getting cold. I walked

out into the hall way and to the common room and now I saw it wasn't just my

room that was cold, the whole house was getting chilly. I went to my clothes

and decided to put on an extra layer to knock the chill off. As I was digging

through my clothes I came across the information storage device I got off

one of the dead monsters. I took it back to the office with me and sat down and

activated it and came across a file that said E. L. T. I had no clue what it

was so I opened. It. As the hologram appeared before me I saw a lot of alien

language writing and symbols and as I deciphered them it scared the shit out

of me. I left the room and went straight to find Adrien. I found him in the

kitchen with some of the kids enjoying some grub and I grabbed his arm and

pulled along with me. I took him to the office with me and shut the door. "Can

you read this?' I asked him pointing to the alien monster writing. "Yes I can

Earth Life Termination (E.L.T.). Is this what I believe it is?" he asked.

"Yeah I think it is. And if this is real we're in deep shit." I answered.


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