Ginny and Dad by gunner77

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Fiction | Female, Old Male, Teen, Voyeurism

Ginny was in her freshman year at the local community college. She had the grades to go to the state university, but her parents and her decided it best she stayed closer to home. It would be a lot cheaper, and since she would be staying at home, there would be no need to take on any unnecessary debt. Ginny was a good girl. She hung out with her friends, occasionally going to parties, but never getting drunk. She did on occasion smoke a little weed, but to call her a pot head, would be an egregious error. She wrote in her journal, daily. Summing up her events, as well as writing about her thoughts. Two Saturdays ago, Ginny went into her parents master bath to borrow some foundation from her mother. She did not realize her dad was showering. She caught a glimpse of her stepdads figure. Instead of turning away, she stood there watching him. The frosted glass blurred the image, but it was evident he was stroking his dick. Mesmerized, she could not turn away. She was aroused and her juices began to secrete. Her hand slid down under the waist ban of her sweats. Her lips were moist. She saw her daddy rapidly stroking then suddenly stop. She thought she heard him moan. Startled, she quickly left, went to her room, shut the door, and rubbed her clit. She was on her third orgasm, when her dad tapped on the door. He did not enter, but told her he was running to get some lumber and would be back in an hour. He asked if she wanted anything from Starbucks?

“Of course,” she said.

“The usual, Carmel Macchiato?” He asked.

“Yes daddy. You know me all too well. I lub you.” She responded in her little girl voice.

She did love him. Her real dad walked out when she was 4 and he had been in her life, since she was six. He taught her how to ride a bike, drive a car, change a flat, he even taught her to shoot a gun. He was there when she had her first broken heart. He was her dad. The man that showed up at her graduation and refused to help with college, was nothing more than a sperm donor. She didn’t hate this man, she felt nothing for him. After Ray, left for the lumber store, Ginny finished with a huge orgasm. She fantasized that Ray had came into her room. He lay next to her. She asked him to rub her back. On thing lead to another. Soon they were kissing, his hands expertly exploring her moist loins. She imagined what it would feel like having him inside her. She had been with two boys in her short life. Neither one made her feel special. Neither one bothered to worry about her arousal. Both came in about 5 minutes and left her wanting more. Not in her fantasy with daddy. She took her time with this orgasm. She brought herself close a few times, finally on the fourth climb, the flood gates released. She had one the best climaxes of her life. Afterwards, she wrote in her journal, about being turned on by her voyueristic activities earlier that morning. Watching daddy jerk off, brought questions to her mind. Why isn’t mom taking care of him? He shouldn’t have to that. Then she thought if I were mom, I would wear him out. Part of her felt guilty for having those thoughts, but mostly she was turned on.

For the next few days, she wrote a lot in her journal. Fantasies she had mostly. One night she fell asleep writing in the journal. It fell by her bedside. Hastily when Ginny made her bed, she did not notice it on the floor.

Ray was an architect, he had a very profitable business. He worked from home. He picked his clients. He could be busy 24/7, but he believed in spending time doing things he loved and spending time with those he loved. Mom took a job to help out with college. Mostly for the final 2 years. It was going to be close to $75,000 for the two years at the state university. She picked up any overtime she could. Her schedule was noon to midnight Saturday and Sunday and 4 to midnight Monday through Wednesday. Sometimes she worked 4 to midnight on Fridays. She went to the gym almost everyday.

With Ray, working from home, he did a lot of the domestic duties, like laundry cooking, washing dishes, and keeping the house picked up. Once a week Merry Maids came in vacuumed, dusted, cleaned the bathrooms, and detailed the kitchen. Today was no different, while Ginny was at school he took her folded laundry and placed it on her bed. He saw, the journal, opened to the last entry. He picked it up and was going to close it. His intentions were to put it in her night stand, where it went. He knew where she kept it. Never had he looked at it. It was private... sacred. Two things stood out and stopped him. One was in all caps OHHHH! DADDDY! The other was a drawing of a penis. For the next 45 minutes, he read about her seeing him in the shower. He read numerous fantasies about she wanted to be fucked by him. Words like cock and cum were used countless times. There were scenarios of her sucking his balls and jerking him off. All over the house, no place was sacred, in her journal they fucked everywhere, not even the bed he shared with his wife, her mother, was left out. He was turned on. No longer was she this innocent little girl. This was a woman-child with intense sexual desire. Now it was he who could not stop thinking about having sex with her. His marriage was ok, it lacked in the area of sex. Although Mary, was only 40, she was going through early menopause. Ray had always been a high needs sex guy. It did not stop when he got older. 45 and he was still a once a day guy. Sometimes the shower, sometimes in bed. He jerked off daily. Today would be no different. He carefully placed the journal back where he found it.

He knew every desire she had and it turned him on. He began using her fantasies to fuel his own orgasms. For the next week, it was awkward. She was avoiding him. He was avoiding her. They rarely made eye contact, because they couldn’t stop thinking about having sex. It was a personal Hell for both of them. Saturday, after Mary, left for work, Ray approached her. “Ginny” he said in his best Forrest Gump voice. “We need to talk.”

Ginny responded, “about what daddy?”

“I have a confession, sweetie.” He meekly replied, as he took a deep breath.

“What did you do this time.” She asked in a joking tone.

“Ummm... I sorta read your.... journal.” He muttered. Continuing, “it was open, I am so sorry.” He saw the embarrassment on her face before she buried it her hands. “No, no, no, it’s ok. Nothing to feel ashamed of... I am the the one who should be ashamed.” He continued, “I couldn’t stop reading it.” “I can’t lie, I can’t stop thinking about you... I love you like your my own daughter, yet I am conflicted.” He adds. Sitting next to her, he place his arm around her shoulder, pulling her closed to him. She begins to sob. Comforting her, he rubs her shoulder. Openly, she wraps her arms around him. Although, a woman, she will always be daddy’s girl. She snuggles up next to him. Her head in the center of his chest. She can feel and hear each heartbeat. The familiar smell of him, adds to her feeling secure. She knows she can trust him. He would never harm her. Her face damp from the tears and her eyes dilated, she looks up at him, in an endearing manner. “I love you daddy, I mean it, I really do!” She confesses.

“I love you too, baby girl... you know I would do anything for you.... anything.” Implying yes, even sex. He brushed her hair out of her face, looked deep into her eyes and added. I can’t stop thinking about you.

She peered deeply back at him, then she said, “daddy I want you to teach me.”

“I want you to please you. I have a 4.0 because I want to please you. I keep my room clean, because I want to please you. I have done a lot of soul searching these last few weeks. I owe everything to you. My fantasies are just an expression of my love to you. Honestly, I have been lying to myself for a long time. As much as I want to, I don’t know how. Teach me daddy... please! She pleaded.

Not knowing how to respond, he dipped his head and partially opened his mouth. As his lips met hers, he instinctively moved his head, allowing easier access, for their tongues to meet. He led and she followed as their tongues intertwined. Soon daddy had his hand inside her shirt. He cupped a breast in his hand, lightly squeezing. The more he groped her the more aggressive her tongue became. Soon it was she, who was leading. Daddy followed as Ginny cooed. Her moaning made his penis stir in his jeans. Her hand went straight for his growing manhood. He thought to himself, what was he supposed to teach her? It was now he who was moaning. She had him rock hard. There was no more room inside his pants. There kiss finally broke. His hand went south. He rubbed her crotch through the denim of her “skinny” jeans. She melted in his arms. There was no thought of stopping. As much as he wanted to rip her clothes from her body and fuck her sweet pussy relentlessly, he restrained. Ginny lifted her shirt and with one move she sat there topless. Her breasts completely exposed. “Suck my titties daddy.” She commanded. Without thought, he buried his face into her soft flesh. Taking first one nipple then the other into his mouth. She moaned. She was now straddling him, grinding her pussy against his hard cock. He was dry humping her meeting her grinding with thrusts of his own. Her moans continued.

His poor cock, was begging to be released from the confines of its humid cell. He easily lifted her from his lap. Ripping at the button and then unzipping his pants, he rolled by pulling is pant and underwear down. His cock sprang forward. His cock was not huge, but it was more than average and rock hard. He pushed her to her knees. “Have you ever sucked a dick before?” He asked. She moved her head from side to side. “Take it in your hand,” he guided. Her small hand reach out and held it. “That’s it baby, now stroke it. His cock jumped as she rubbed it. It was still growing. He could not remember, the last time he had been this hard. “Lick the head,” he requested. “Now the shaft... that’s it... don’t stop baby... lick it.” He continued. “You’re doing good.” He encouraged. Take it in your mouth and suck the head... yeah, oh yeah.... slide your mouth down... keep sucking... that’s it... keep sucking... now pull up... keep sucking... up and down, up and down. Oh yeah... you’re a good little cocksucker.”

He took her head is hands and guided her it, back and forth. Each time he went deeper inside her mouth. His thick cock filled her mouth. As daddy took more and more control, Ginny became even more turned on. She liked being submissive to him. She fantasized often about having her body used as a vessel for his pleasure. He sensed her need to be dominated. Just like she had mentioned in her journal, while she liked being daddy’s little princess to the world, she desired more to be his slut. “That’s it, take my cock like the slut you are.” “Suck it, suck it tramp!” He commanded.

She did as her daddy wished. Without being told, she cradled his warm balls in one hand. They were much bigger than the boys she had been with before. Daddy lightly moaned in approval. This excited the princess, turned slut. She continued caressing his cum laden balls. Her daddy was fucking her mouth now. Gagging her, as he pushed further and further, into her wanton mouth. Soon he was in her throat. She tried to relax, but her daddy just kept thrusting harder and deeper. Even though he was gagging her on every thrust, she didn’t care. Saliva and pre-cum flowed from her mouth, dribbling off her chin and on to her hard young tits. He watched her face contort, further turning him on. The sloshing noises and her constant gagging, turned him on. Never had he abused a woman’s mouth the way he was molesting this girls oral orifice. The harder he fucked her mouth, the more turned on he got... and the more she loved it. He felt that twinge in his loins. His cum filled ball were about to be emptied. He knew it, as much as he tried to hold back, he didn’t want to. He wanted his little whore, to take his cum. He pulled out from her mouth, and began jerking off. Her mouth, soon replaced her hand, taking a testicle in her mouth. Sucking and licking his ball sack.

FUCK! I’M GONNA CUM! Ginny moved away from his balls and put her opened her mouth. Placing it in line with the head of his cock. The tingling sensation in his balls, soon moved through his shaft. As the fire burst through his cockhead, he looked the slut in the eyes. The first shot, landed on her tongue, a second smaller shot hit her cheek, then a stream struck her forehead. The cum was thick stretching from her right eye brow, to the top of her head, coating her hair in sticky goo. He continued to jerk. Ginny would have nothing of this. She was going to finish him off. The taste of his cum, had her longing for more. She thrust her open mouth around his magnificent cockhead... sucking out every drop she could, filling her mouth. He stood there, knees weak. As much as he wanted to call her names, all he could utter were a series of moans with one word interjections, like FUCK! and GAWD! Ginny began sucking him again. Just like he had taught her to do. She wanted more. Ray wanted more too. His cock never deflated. It wasn’t her mouth he wanted. It was her tight pussy he wanted.Like a mad man he pulled out of her mouth. He practically threw her on the couch and began tugging at her jeans. Ginny lifted her ass. He had one leg free. Her moist panties bunched up with the jeans that were still around her right ankle. She willingly spread her legs as an invitation to fuck her. She wanted desperately to have him inside her. FUCK ME DAAADDDDY! FUCK MY PUSSY! GIMME THAT HARD COCK! FUCK ME NOW DADDY! FUCK ME NOW!

He placed his cock between her wet opening. With a long hard thrust, he penetrated her all they. There pubic bones met with violence Ray had never delivered before.


Ray was a man possessed. He hammered the tarts wet pussy with a fury. His cock was dribbling massive amounts of pre-cum. He was fucking her harder than he have ever fucked a woman. She was loving it. Meeting every thrust with a thrusts of her own.

She could tell he was close. “Fill my little pussy daddy.” She spoke. “Gimme your cum daddy, give it to me, I want it, she pleaded.

Ray watched his cock move in and out of her horny pussy. He could see his cock move through her torso.

OH GOD! OH GOD! OH GOD! Ginny whimpered. All of a sudden her loins spasmed uncontrollably around his cock. Ginny’s heart raced. She was speechless. Out of breath, she gasped for air.

Daddy watched her young body shake beneath him. Her tits jiggled with each penetration. He could hold back no longer. With one final thrust and he shot wad after wad deep inside her fuck hole. He collapsed on top of her small frame... spent. His balls completely drained. As rolled off Ginny, she kept him inside her, rolling with him. He ended up on his back, with Ginny’s sore pussy still engulfing him. They fell asleep right there for a good half an hour. Her cum filled pussy was finally satisfied, at least for tonight. They showered together. Even though they took turns cleaning the other, they knew they didn’t have enough time to fuck again, before mom got home. They microwaved some mini pizzas and watched Forest Gump again for the hundredth time. Ginny fell asleep, fully clothed with her arms around daddy’s neck. Rays hand was on Ginny’s side when he too fell asleep. Mom opened the door and walked into the the living room. Mom looked at them and their smiling content faces, and thought, how sweet. She turned off the TV, woke them up and told them it was time for bed.

Rating: 88%, Read 59077 times, Posted Nov 04, 2019

Fiction | Female, Old Male, Teen, Voyeurism


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