Katha pt.1 - A shitgirl must learn to live her secret desire by Michael_O.

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Fiction | Reluctance, Scatology, Teen Female, Teen Male

A few years after Janet and her family had moved away from our region, our school classes were re-arranged, and a number of students coming from smaller villages outside were put in because their former schools were closed. Among them was a sexy little girl named Katharina, but everyone including herself just called her Katha (please allow me to keep the original german names, you know I'm german - in english speaking countries, her name would have been Kathryn shortened to Kate). I was now 16 or 17 years old, and since the time my shit sex relationship with Janet had ended, I had no other girl that was into this kind of games. Sure I had tried, had fingered their assholes when I had a girl, but they always reacted disgusted even only at the tought of shitty games, so I had no chance to play this kind of games ever since, but the thoughts had kept rummaging in my mind.

Katha was a really sexy girl, a bit smaller than me with a nice slim body. I guess she didn't know her original hair color herself anymore since it changed every few weeks, but that didn't lessen her attractivity. She loved to wear tight fitting jeans or leggings, and after just a few days I knew I wanted to fuck her: during the breaks, she sometimes sat across the desk with her legs spread wide which of course fired up my fantasy, during another break, she had to write something but remained standing beside the desk, bending over her paper and sticking out her nice little ass so I had to really keep myself as not to grab her hips or ass and start thrusting my crotch against it. During some of the lessons, we used to write each other small "letters" (just pieces of paper), and I tried to make it pretty clear to her what I was up to, but didn't mention shit games at first. Her answers sometimes were really hot, sometimes more evading, but the game was started with this.

After a few weeks, I came from a break and went into the classroom, not knowing the lesson had been cancelled. Katha was standig at the desk as she had done before, sticking out her butt and writing something, and no one else was in the room. I got behind her, seeing my chance, and grabbed her butt cheeks, which made her jump with surprise.

"Hey! Are you crazy?! How do you come to grabbing my ass?"

"Come on - you know what a sexy little thing you are, you know what I want, and I haven't heard a definite 'no' from you. It's just time for you to see I'm not kidding around, I wanna get in the heat with you."

I had hoped for a nice little fuck or at least a date, but she wriggled herself out of my grip and got away a few steps.

"What makes you think I would even consider fucking with you??"

"Your letters sometimes were pretty hot", I grinned back. "You managed to make me hot, and this makes me think I could get my hands and other body parts on you."

She blushed to a nice red color, obviously thinking of what to say.

"Em, Michael... the letters were just playing around... you don't have to take this too serious...", she stammered.

"Hey!", it was my turn to exclaim now. "You can't make a boy hot and then just tell him to leave you alone!"

She kept thinking, then came to a conclusion.

"Okay... but not now, the rest of the class can come in at any moment. Besides - if you wanna fuck with me, you will have to prove to me you really want me. I will subject you to a little test, showing you what I'm really up to, and then we will see."

Well, I had no other choice but to accept this for the moment, and she was right about one thing: others of the class could have come in at any moment (it was only a few minutes later until I got to know this lesson was cancelled, I was the last who got informed). Besides, I couldn't press further, she hurried to her desk and grabbed her things, nearly fleeing the room and me for the moment.

Her test came a few days later. I had my desk at the last row in the classroom, right before the cabinets where books, wall maps and other teaching material was stored in. The next lesson would have been geography, and Katha was ordered to get out certain wall maps and books out of the cabinet I was sitting before. She opened the cabinet and started rummaging around in it, but before this, she gave me a little smile and a blink of her eye, and I knew it was time for her test. As she kept searching the books inside the cabinet, her nice little ass stucked out. She wore sexy leggings that day, and I assumed she wore no underwear. I took my chance and moved my hand to her ass, taking care to make sure the others in the room didn't notice or were paying any attention.

This time, she didn't react shocked or backed away. Instead, she pressed her nice little ass to my hand, and I could rub around. She adjusted her own movement in a way my finger got right at her asshole, and now I felt that I was right: she was wearing no underwear that day. At her movements, I felt I was meant to keep my finger at her asshole, and silently, I obeyed, not really daring to hope what was coming next, feeling my boner started to fill with blood.

But I wasn't disappointed. I could feel her body tense somewhat, her butt hole opened, and a little tip of soft shit started to come out. Instantly, I began rubbing around it. She obviously hadn't expected me to do so because as soon as my finger had made two or three little circles at and around her asshole, smearing around her nicely soft warm shit, she got her butt away, evading me, took the books and hurried away. I remaind where I was, playing the cool guy who was completely undisturbed by what had just happened, but secretly brought my finger to my nose and took a deep sniff - and, sure enough, got a nice shitty smell of girlshit, this reminding me once more of Janet a few years earlier, and my dick now became really hard. When I looked around I noticed Katha was watching me, seemingly not believing her eyes, and I gave her a small dirty smile, making a gesture with my other hand that must have looked random to any unknowing watcher but pointed towards my hard dick for her.

After a few minutes, she came back to my desk, still not talking to me but taking away my geopgraphy folder, opened it, placed it right and sat down on it. Now she sat, her back and especially her ass facing me, at my folder at my desk, chatting with her friends as if nothing ever had happened. I watched her backside closely, searching for any note whether she would continue her game, but found no evidence of that. Soon after, the break was over and the lesson begun, and it was only a minute or two until a torn piece of paper, a letter, landed at my desk, thrown by her to me.
Don't wanna sniff your folder?, it read. I looked at her, finding her watching me carefully. I just shrugged, opened my folder at the page she had used as a seat some minutes earlier and looked closely at it, hoping to find at least some brown spots - but could not see anything. Slowly, I lowered my head down on it, pretending to trying to read something that was written too small, and inhaled. I got a very faint scent of her shit - but this was really, really faint. I took the letter.

My finger smells better!

It didn't take long for her to answer.

You can catch up with this? Because if you wanna fuck me, you shouldn't be disgusted of me!

I just shook my head.

Is that all you got? This little shit? I'd expect at least a bigger amount of it.

I watched as she read my message - she gasped with surprise.

You kidding?? I can't walk around with a mass of shit in my leggings! And if I would've let you continue to play, you little pervert, I'd have by now a visible brown stain in the seat of them, you idiot!

That lets you stop? Once, I knew a girl who did exactly this. Maybe you're not as daring and a challenge than you yourself tought to be?

Once again, she held her breath, clearly having trouble to believe what she saw at the paper. It took her some minutes to answer this time.

Wanna meet me here in this room during lunch break?

I grinned, seemling I had managed to convince her.

Luckily, it wasn't long until lunch break anymore. First, I took a little walk until all others had been gone, then returned to the classroom. Katha was already there.

"So you're up for more?", I asked.

"Hey, you little pervert, I didn't think you'd really come. But there you are - and you have stood my little test. So..."

With this, she climbed onto a desk, turned her back to me and slowly lowered her leggings. I wasted no time to get behind her and got my hands at her ass.

"Not so fast. First, sniff my asshole for real so I can see you're serious", she said, glancing over her shoulder to see whether I was obeying.

Of course I was. I pulled her nice little butt cheeks apart, finding her ass hole covered in shit - it was the shit I had smeared around earlier, but it was such a small amount only the muscular ring of her hole was covered. I brought my nose to it and inhaled - and got a noseful of really nice, softly shitty smell, not unpleasant as one would expect but really horny, and I had to get my hand at my jeans to get my steel hard cock into a position where it was in no danger to either rip my jeans or got broken. Then, I looked up at her face with a lucky smile.

"Smells great, but maybe too few of it. Any chance to get more?", I asked with a sugar sweet voice, already bringing my finger up at her asshole, but before I could started to finger her butthole or even her pussy she backed away, obviously uncertain.

"Well... I gues I have to tell the truth now... I just wanted you to let me alone. I could not have guessed you're liking shit games...! It was only to get you scared...! What next?"

I let my hands sink, looking sternly at her.

"So, what's that all about now? Do you like shit games or not?", I demanded.

"To be honest, in my fantasy, I have had dreams about it, but never dared to bring them to reality... and I can't imagine any boy would allow me to try this kind of games, I always thought anybody would be just disgusted, mark me as a pervy girl, fleeing me and getting me isolated by telling all others what a pery thing I am", she confessed.

"Seems you've found Mister Right now."

"Hey, Michael, I never thought you to be Mr. Right... we can't do this now... why don't we just forget the whole thing?"

I could feel I was getting angry by now. Time to take over control over the situation and over her, I thought.

"Listen. As I've said before, you can't make a boy hot, especially by using his special desires, and then just fly away and saying, 'It was only a joke'. That doesn't work! We will now turn your fantasy into reality, or else...!"

"What else?", she shot back.

"Do your other friends know about your dirty fantasy? Should I go and have a little talk with them?"

Kathas face became pale.

"No, please...! Don't...! OK, I will have you let your will... but I don't know how, really, I've never done this before. I mean, fucking, of course, but I've never really done shitting games!"

My anger softened away.

"Don't worry. As I wrote, once I knew a girl, we used to play this kind of games more than once. So, first, I guess it's best to come down and bend yourself over the desk, this will be a more comfortable position."

She did as I had told her, and I got the chance to take a glance into her leggings. There was a really small moist brown spot on the inside where my finger had been earlier, but too few to leak through the fabric. Well, she didn't want to ruin her leggings, I had to accept that, but we could have fun nonetheless without her leggings being browned any more. I grabbed her ass cheeks with both hands, then moved them as I explained.

"See. With this hand, I will go to your nice little pussy and caress your sweet little slit", my fingers wandered around her and found what I had been talking about, and I found her pussy to be freshly shaven, it was smooth and hairless, I noted with delight; "and with the other hand, I will take care of your nice smelly little brown hole. Its like this -", my hand wandered to her asshole, and her breath accelerated noticeably. I used my pointing finger to circle around her asshole, smearing around the little bit of shit a bit furhter, then I slowly poked the finger inside her which made her gasp. Meanwhile, I didn't forget to caress her pussy, and I felt her pussy juices starting to flow.

"You see, I'm not disgusted in the least", I told her whilst my finger was now almost completely inside her butt hole. Inside, I felt the moist warmth I was used to from my games with Janet. I worked the finger around a bit, turned it, worked it in and out and finally pulled it out slowly, and, just as I had expected, found my finger to have nice brown stains on it. I couldn't resist to bring it up at my nose and took a deep sniff - and got a well noseful of sexy, pleasant, nice warm girlshit, and my breath also started to accelerate.

"Yeah, Katha, this is it what really gets me going. You should try it!"

With this, I brought up my finger to her face, and sure enough, she brought her nose up to it and sniffed it, too. First, her face was showing some signs of disgust, but it quickly changed, and she took a second noseful. Her body juices were really flowing by now.

"Didn't you want to fuck me?"

"O-ho, not so fast. We still have some time left, and until now, we only have very small traces of your nice brown gift. -" I took my shitty hand back to her ass, placing it right, "- So now, come on, lets get into the real game - shit for me, Katha. Shit for me, little dirty brown princess, lets get the real thing."

She thought for a little moment, but then, I put two fingers inside her pussy, working them slowly in and out, and she just shrugged, and I saw her body tense. Her butt hole opened, and with some effort, she managed to press out a little bit of her soft (but not liquid) shit. Before it could reach her pussy, I took it with the dirty hand: it was really pleasantly soft, of a nice brown color and a really sexy shitty smell.

"Yeah, shitty girlie, that's it. Come on, get us some more", I encouraged her. Again, she started to push, getting a somewhat red color at her face from the effort, and some more shit came out. I collected it, too, and now had a small handful of it.

"That was all, I don't think I have any more", she gasped.

"That's just fine, that's a nice start", I soothened her. "Now we really can start to play, if you dare."

"You pervert - you've already gotten me that far, now it doesn't matter anymore, now I wanna go the whole way."

Well, she didn't have to tell me twice. I began caressing her lovely butt cheeks with my dirty hand - and with the shit she had given me, giving her butt cheeks a nice brown tone and partially covering them. The room was by now filling with shit smell, our breaths accelerated once more, and with my clean hand, I could feel her pussy juices were running in streams by now. But suddenly, she became scared, maybe she was surprised and shocked by her own courage, and she backed away.

"Now my ass is completey shitty... you can't really like this! I shouldn't have gone so far, now you won't take me to the summit... what have we done?"

"But Katha - you don't have to be worried. Need some proof I'm really not disgusted and would like to continue?"

She nodded shyly.

"Well then - look at this."

With my clean hand (in the other hand, I still held her shit that wasn't spent at her ass cheeks), I unbuttoned my jeans and put them down so she could see my steel hard boner, and she looked at it, seemingly being impressed. I laid down at the desk (the desks at our school were designed for two students sitting side-by-side so they were long enough) and looked at her.

"Now put down your leggings and come here for a nice little 69. You will just have my cock, but I will have your pussy and your nice smelly butt. I won't lick the shit off your ass or your asshole, that's the only thing at this games I've never done or willing to do, but whilst I lick your pussy, I will have your brown ass and your shitty smell right at my nose the whole time."

She didn't have to be told twice. Quickly, she climbed over me, got into position and started sucking my dick. I found her pussy and started licking it - and, just as I had told her, had a nice view at her brown butt cheeks, getting a sexy shitty smell right into my nose. Quickly, she found the advantage of her position: with a quick move, she had my nose sticking right at her shitty moist brown butt hole, and I inhaled deeply. As a result, some reflexive muscles at my dick twitched around, and she lifted off herself, looking at me first with disbelief, then with pure joy.

"You're really not disgusted! How great...! I've never thought this games could be this hot!"

With this, she returned to her position and continued to play and suck my dick. I resumed licking her pussy, and after merely seconds, her movements became much faster, she bucked around uncontrollably and was nearly hyperventilating - she was reaching her climax!

Since I could not follow her with my tongue anymore, I helped out with my clean hand, as did she with her own hand, obviously really enjoying the waves of her orgasm.

After she had come down back to earth, she looked at me gleefully.

"Wow, that was really great... you managed to get me an orgasm! That's great work, Michael! Most of the stupid fuckers I let at my pussy until now didn't manage to get me even close to where I just was - good job, really! Is there any more you can show me by now?"

I grinned.

"Well, of course... how about a little real fuck while you get some smell of your own sexy shit?"

"Would love to! And how? I really don't have any more inside of me."

"No problem... luckily, I saved up some", I grinned, offering her my dirty hand where I was still holding some of her shit, it still being soft and moist.

"Let me give you something of it to spice up your breath", I told her whilst we both were getting off the desk. I brought her shit up to her face, and this time, she offered me no resistance, so I could smear around a good amount of if right around her nose, her nostrils and a small amount even inside it so she had her smell now with every breath. Besides, she now wore a really nice sexy makeup, I thought to myself.

"Now you will get the fuck you're still so hot for", I explained. "Bend over the desk again."

She did as I had told her, and I got behind her, slowly sliding my dick inside her absolutely wet cunt, and started fucking her for real - a thing I had wanted to do for several weeks now. After maybe a minute, she looked at my, her face now bright red, and sweat was running down her skin nearly everywhere - this sweet girl was now 'in the heat' for real.

"Please, Michael - fuck my ass. Fuck me right up my dirty shitter, fuck my shit, go fuck the smelly nasty shit out of me!!"

She had nearly yelled the last words, and I wasted no time to oblige. I pulled out of her pussy, brought the tip of my dick at her butt hole, and she took over command - she threw herself at my dick. I would have gotten inside her ass more slowly, but with a sudden movement, my dick slid into her well shit-lubricated asshole in the whole, and she started thrusting herself, I did'nt have to do anything. Soon enough, she reached her second climax, and this time, I had to cover her mouth with my hand tp prevent her from yelling her orgasm out aloud - remember, we still were at school!

Her movements slowed down, and I pulled out my hard dick off her ass. It was, of course, really shitty by now, and I really wanted to cum now, too. She knew what she had to do: she got down before me, took both her hands and started wanking my shit covered dick, and now, it were only seconds until I fired my cum away, showering her face with sticky white liquid.

When I was back down on earth, I looked at her, and now, she seemed to be really happy, the red color at her face slowly going back to normal. She smiled at me.

"Guess we have to clean up her now. Got any tissues?"

Luckily, I had brought enough tissues to clean up her face, my dick and her butt enough so we could at least leave the classroom (not before opening all windows, we let them open for this time) and go for the toilets where we had the chance to get clean enough to leave school. I'd have loved to join her at the girls toilet, but lunch break was nearly over, and students were walking around the floors, heading for their classes, so there was no chance for us to walk into one toilet unseen.

Later that day, we both were at home already, Katha was calling me over the phone, curios to get to know more about the girl I had my first shit games with. I took the cordless with me into my room and spent over an hour telling her everything, the memory alone getting me hot enough I nearly had to cum again (I did that that night, of course).

So Katha learned to accept and to live her dirty secret little fantasy - and it shouldn't be long until we met again for another shitty sex game.

Rating: 86%, Read 38692 times, Posted Jan 11, 2012

Fiction | Reluctance, Scatology, Teen Female, Teen Male


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