Mom’s Obsession With Panties by fbailey

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Mom’s Obsession With Panties

I was fourteen years old when I discovered my mother’s obsession with panties. She not only bought a new pair for every day but she kept the old used ones too. Maybe that should be, only used once panties. She also kept my sister’s used once panties. Erika was sixteen at the time.

I had my suspicions but when I found the boxes of panties up in the attic I knew. They had dates on the outside of the boxes with Mom’s name on some, Erika’s name on some, and unknown on others.

I opened a few boxes and peeked inside. There were dates tucked inside the Ziploc bags containing Mom and Erika’s panties. The ones marked others had pictures, descriptions, and occasionally a name and address.

I recognized a few of the names. They were people that Mom and Dad knew. Mom must have stolen them when she was in their house. Others were labeled ‘Girl at Laundromat’ “Slept over with Erika’ or ‘Paid her to give me her panties.’

I put the boxes back exactly as I had found them.

I found Mom in the kitchen starting dinner. I said, “I found your panty collection. Can I help you get more?”

Mom looked surprised at first, then she smiled at me and asked, “What do you want in exchange for your help?”

I replied, “I would love to see some pussy and maybe even get some sex out of it.”

Mom laughed and said, “Let me see if I’ve this right. You want to see my pussy and fuck me?”

I was totally taken off guard. I had not even thought about it being my mother. I was just hoping for maybe my sister or some of her friends.

So anyway I said, “That would be very nice. Do you think that I could get a look at Erika’s pussy or maybe fuck some of her girl friends?”

Mom smiled and said, “I can only speak for myself. Every time you help me add a pair to my collection I’ll let you fuck me.”

I was jumping for joy inside but I told her that it was a deal. Then I went to my bedroom to jerk off.

After dinner Mom asked me to go over to Tim’s house and come home with a pair of his mother and his sister’s panties.

I gave Tim a call and told him that I would bring over a game that he has wanted to borrow. When I arrived I noticed that his sister smiled sweetly at me. So when Tim got interested in the game I went to Claire’s bedroom. She was very interested in me and she let me kiss her and feel her up. I slipped her panties down her legs and then I slipped them into my pocket.

I got my very first look at a real pussy. Claire was only thirteen but she was cute as hell and willing to let me do things to her. Very gently I pushed her onto her back on her bed and got my face right in her crotch. I looked at her puffy lips, I saw her downy pubic hair, and I smelled her sexual excitement. That excited me. Without any fanfare I leaned in and got my first taste of pussy.

Claire said, “Oh that’s dirty down there. If I had know you were going to do that, I would have made sure that it was clean.”

I liked the taste. It was strong, it was pungent, and it had a slight taste of urine. She was right it was dirty. I wondered if she would let me try it again when it was clean. I managed to find her little clit and tickled it with my tongue. She must have really liked what I was doing because she grabbed my hair and pulled me into her pussy even tighter. She was breathing real hard one moment and then not breathing at all the next. She had an orgasm and I had caused it.

Claire said, “I’ll let you fuck me next time.”

I thanked her and headed toward her bathroom where I found three pair of panties. One was small and belonged to Claire but the other two were bigger and belonged to her mother. I took them all, said bye to Tim, and went home.

Mom was very pleased with the ones from their bathroom but she really loved the damp pair that I had taken away from Claire’s excited pussy.

That night after Mom had had sex with Dad she cleaned herself out and came to my room. My second look at a pussy was that of a real woman, my mother. She had shaved most of it but she had a big triangular patch on her mound.

When I got close she smelled real good and she tasted even better. So that is what a clean pussy tastes like. I managed to give Mom an orgasm too. Then she helped me get my cock into her vagina opening. After that it just came naturally. I was still excited from Claire so I lasted all of about two minutes before I exploded inside Mom. She kissed me and said that I could do it again in a few minutes. She was right, I was hard again in a few minutes. I put my cock back in her pussy without any help and started thrusting into her. I must have lasted three or four minutes that time.

Mom kissed me good night and said, “You get to do that to me three more times.”

I looked at her funny and she said, “Four pair of panties gets you four fucks from me. You have three more coming. Goodnight lover.”

The next day in school Tim said, “I love that game. Can I keep it another day or two?”

I said, “Sure. Whatever.”

Then Tim said, “Claire wants you to come over tonight. She said that she likes you. Maybe she’ll let you fuck her. She won’t let me do her.”

I said, “You’re her brother.”

Tim laughed and said, “Yeah, but that girl grew up over the winter. Have you seen her in her new bikini?”

I said, “No! Maybe she will model it for me tonight.”

Tim said, “Better yet, come with me after school. My parents both work and that’ll give you an hour with her. I’ll play your game and give you two some space.”

The next time I saw Tim he said, “If you do get lucky with my sister I want to hear about it. Okay?”

I never did answer him but I walked home with him.

Claire was excited to see me come in with her brother. He told her that everything was cool, that she had an hour, and that he wouldn’t come out of his bedroom.

She took me to her bedroom and said, “I cleaned it out if you want to try it again.”

I removed her panties and put them in my pocket.

Claire said, “You are going to have quite a collection before I’m done with you. If I run out I’ll have to go commando.”

I totally enjoyed eating her pussy until I gave her two orgasms. Then I kissed her and she licked my lips. I was already as naked as she was so I just slipped my cock into her virgin pussy. She was ten times tighter than Mom had been. I really had to push myself into her love hole. She felt the incredible tightness too, but she told me to keep going.

Fucking Claire was great. I wouldn’t give up fucking Mom though. She didn’t cum with me but she was happy that I had cum inside her. She had seen some adult videos where the guy pulls out and splashes his cum on the girl’s face. She didn’t want that.

When I said goodbye to Tim he asked, “So how was it?”

Behind me Claire said, “It was great but you’re still not getting any.”

Mom was pleased with another pair of panties and told me that she owed me four.

Two weeks later when I was fucking Claire she asked, “How would you like a dozen pair of used panties to add to your collection?”

I asked, “What would I have to do?”

Claire said, “Nothing. I’ll sneak into the girl’s locker room during cheerleading practice and take them out of their lockers. I’ll even record who they belong to if you want.”

I said, “I love you so much but a dozen panties would make me love you even more.”

Claire and I made love at least six times a week and I often got her mother’s panties too. My mother was not always able to spend time with me. Needless to say at one point I was fifty or sixty pair ahead of her.

The End

Mom’s Obsession With Panties


Rating: 91%, Read 50497 times, Posted Dec 18, 2011

Fiction | Consensual Sex, Female, Oral Sex, Teen Female, Teen Male, Virginity


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