August Heat_(0) by Lady+Kristyl

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It has been a very long and hot day working in her garden. She has been working hard to keep the weeds from overtaking her vegetables and flowers. As the hot August sun beats down on her, she pauses to get a drink from the bucket of water beside her. After a long draft from the spoon, she wipes the sweat from her brow and then pours a bit of water over her voluptuous chest to cool herself off. As she leans back and closes her eyes to enjoy the coolness of each drop of clear, cool liquid flow over her body, she does not notice the appearance of someone watching her from the gate.

He stands at the gate and watches as she attempts to cool the water flow over her breasts making her shirt more damp then just from her sweat. He quietly opens the gate and closes it behind him and walks over to where she is, and stands before her, blocking the sun momentarily. She opens her eyes slowly as she notices the light fade. Shielding her eyes from the sun, she looks into the long legs and raises her eyes to meet his gaze. She admires the view she has, as she recognizes the man she has seen many times in town.

“Hello, Dru. How are you? Staying cool?”, she asks hoping he does not notice the tremble in her voice. His sudden appearance has startled her a bit. She smiles pleasantly, then realizes the state she must be in....sweaty and dirty from the work she has been doing.

“Hello Kris. I am fine, though you look very hot. It has been hot today and you look as if you could use a break from the sun.” She looks him over again, and smiles. It has been a long day in the sun and she could use the break.

“Would you like to come inside and join me for a glass of iced tea?” she asked. He replied, “That would be delightful, thanks. You sure it is no trouble?” He smiled and offered her his hand, holding on strongly as she stood. She takes his hand and stands, wiping some dirt from her legs, then wiping sweat from her again, unaware that she has just spread a fresh layer of dirt/mud across her forehead. He wipes the dirt from her forehead and pushes a few strands of hair out of her face.

They laugh together, then she says “Won't you join me inside for that drink?” He nods and she turns to lead them into her home. She motions to a chair at the kitchen table for him then goes to the icebox to retrieve the pitcher of fresh tea. She gets two glasses from the cupboard, stretching to reach the shelf the tall glasses were kept on.

He watches her in admiration as her lean body strains, to reach the glasses. He gets up from his seat and walks over behind her, leaning his body against hers. He reaches over her to get the glasses. He inhales deeply as he is so close to her now. He thinks of all the times they have spoken and how he has wanted her for so long now. Could today be the day his prayers are answered? Could she possibly feel the same for him?

She shrinks from his closeness, not from disgust, but from embarrassment at the pleasure and desire the slightest touch from him sends through her body. She chuckles nervously as she hears him inhale and she lowers her head. How she must look and smell after a long hot day in the sun? She is suddenly very self-aware, and nervous as he leans over and kisses her neck softly. The hair on her neck raises and she gets goosebumps on her arms.

She knows she should tell him to stop, but she so desperately wants him to continue, she can't. She reaches behind her to hold his head. She turns her head so he has more room to maneuver, sending new waves of desire through her.

He smiles as she does not reject him for his forwardness. Smiling even broader as she moves her head, allowing him better access to the deliciousness of her skin. He gently places the glasses on the counter top and wraps his arms around her instead.

She turns her head and offers her lips to his. This kiss, their first kiss, must be special. She opens her mouth slightly and tries to convey her desire for him. A desire which increases with each moment. Her kiss is soft, yet passionate. He offers her his tongue and she sucks on it gently, rolling it around in her mouth with her own tongue. She turns to face him, and their second kiss is filled with greater passion and a deep longing.

He lets his hands wonder down her back pulling her closer to him. She takes a breath before kissing him again, softer, but with more desire than before. She looks into his eyes and strokes his cheek slowly. He smiles as he stares back into her eyes and runs his hands over her cheek and up into her hair while leaning in for another kiss.

He gathers her in his arms and carries her through the house, as if he knows exactly where he is going. They continue to kiss, small, gentle kisses with great desire, as he climbs the staircase with her in his arms. She motions to a room on his left and he carries her there, gently laying her on the bed in the center of the room.

She pulls his shirt over his head and kisses his chest, then his neck...nibbling on his ear and tickling it with her tongue. His body feels the shivers running up his chest as she kisses him. He uses his hands to pull her shirt up while starting to kiss up her belly. She arches her back to help him remove her shirt, taking shallow breaths as he kisses her belly, finally revealing her ample breasts to him. He slowly kisses up her belly then between her breasts to her neck again. He runs his fingers lightly over her naked breasts, not touching her nipples.

He lightly bites down on her neck and begins sucking to leave his mark. He wants there to be no question this woman was now taken. She bites her lower lip as he sucks her neck, moaning softly. He releases his kiss and grins up at her as he starts to trail wet kisses back down her neck. She smiles as she turns her head for him. He makes his way down to her ample breasts and kisses circles around her nipples, insuring he doesn't touch the erect nipple yet.

She runs her fingers over his back and ass, feeling how tight and in shape he is. She lightly scratches him, softly leaving her own marks. He feels her nails spurring him on and continues his assault on her breasts. She purses her lips as he teases her and thinks to herself, “boy is he gonna pay for that!”

She arches her back and tries to get him touch the nipple he is so deliberately avoid.

He smiles inwardly at her attempts as he licks around the other nipple. He then lets his hands run gently down her sides to her hips. She groans softly. He lets his tongue close in on her erect nipple, lightly flicking it as he uses his hands to hook her pants dragging them down slightly. She moans, happily raising her hips one at a time to help him ease off her clothes. He lightly bites her nipple while flicking it with his tongue She softly bites her lip as he bites her very erect and sensitive nipple.

He gets her pants over her arse and moves his hands back up her sides till they are cupping her breasts. Then starts to suck on her nipples softly as she uses her feet to finish removing her pants. She runs her hands down his hips, tucking her thumb under the waistband of his pants and slides them down to his knees. He breaks away from her nipples to trail kisses up her neck till he reaches her ear. He starts to nibble on her ear lobe as his hands wander over her ample breasts.

With a bit of help from him, she uses her feet again, to remove his pants this time. He kicks them off the bed. She giggles and kisses him again. He kisses her deeply on the lips as she pushes his shoulder so they roll over. She moves from his lips to his cheek, nose and forehead, letting her breasts hover over his lips as she continues to kiss his forehead and suck gently on the tip of his nose. He runs his hands down her back using his finger tips to lightly draw circles in her soft skin, as his tongue laps at her nipples as they hang near his face. He moves his hands from her back to squeeze her breasts as he licks around her hard nipples.

She smiles, leans away and tosses her hair back and forth. Then she leans back down to kiss his lips again, playfully flicking his nose. She leans forward to kiss him, pulling back several times before kissing him and suck on his lower lip before biting it gently. Moving down his body, now she kisses his chin and licks his neck and chest. He moans softly and runs his fingers through her hair. She licks across his chest from one nipple to the other and down his torso to his navel.

She licks it and sucks on it gently before moving back to his nipples, flicking them with her tongue gently before nibbling on each. He moans slowly as her tongue sends shivers though his body. Then he pulls her face back to his, kissing her deeply before whispering into her ear 'you have gotten me very horny girl'. After which, he nibbles on her ear lightly licking around the out side. She giggles as he tickles her ear, the smiles and kisses him deeply and slowly.

She looks into his eyes and goes for another run across his chest, nibbling and sucking on his nipples. Then tracing every line and curve in his abs, stopping to play with his belly button again before making eye contact again. Softly and playfully, she bites her lower lip, moving farther away from his gorgeous and clear steel blue eyes. He stares down at her wondering what she is up to. She deliberately allows her breasts to touch his cock as she moves lower, all the time watching his face, til she reaches her destination.

Smiling, she lowers her head to suck on his inner thigh. Very careful not to touch his balls, at least not yet. Then moving lower, kissing his leg softly before changing legs and reversing the order, kissing his thigh softly as she rises again. He slowly sighs at the new sensation. Raising her head, she glances at his face and returns to her task, softly caressing the hair and pulling on it playfully, gently, softly touching it as she moves her tongue lightly over the hair which guards his manhood.

He starts to feel like now it is he being teased. Perhaps he should not have teased his lover? Moving slowly down to his balls she reaches her tongue out to lightly lick him. Then she pokes his sack with her tongue, lightly moving it over them and licking hard at times, before sucking gently on the skin. She then gently sucking one and then the other into her mouth and rolls them around in her mouth with her tongue. His eyes open wide. He did not expect this! He runs his fingers through her hair playfully.

With her index finger, she traces circles over his balls making sure she lightly, very lightly, touches the spot. oh yes! She knows all about the small tag of skin that connects the scrotum to the rest of his body! It is soooooo very sensitive. She looks into his eyes to see his reaction to the touch. He pushes his body into her finger as he feels her touch the sensitive skin. He closes his eyes slightly. "Ohh girl that is sensational" he lets out half under his breath. She smiles as she watches the look on his face at the touch of her fingertip, then licks that very spot, sucking on it gently and persistently.

"oooh shit.." He exclaims and arches his back slightly under the pleasure he had not expected. She takes her time there before moving again, licking the sack as she zeros in on his now rock hard cock. Gently licking from base to tip and back, rolling it around her tongue before licking the head softly at first, then with more passion. Feeling her tongue on his shaft, he opens his eyes and looks down at her. She ties her hair up as best as she can at the moment. Taking the head into her mouth and sucking on it softly, rolling her tongue over the surface and into the hole. She stops and looks into his eyes again, before licking her lips and drizzling a little saliva over him before smiling and taking him into her mouth. She slowly begins to stroke him with her mouth up and down, sucking and licking as she moves

her head up and down, leaving the shaft wetter and wetter with each stroke. Taking more of him in with each stroke until she has taken him completely into her mouth and throat, sucking and swallowing at the same time.

With his entire length down her throat, he could barely breathe. The sensation made his very blood boil!Both his hands gripped the sheets tightly as he pushed his hips forward. The sheer pleasure he felt made his cock become even harder as the blood pumped into it. He tried to say something to spur her on, or even to say something, dirty but he was lost for words. Instead he just moaned. She pushed her hair back from her face, hearing him moan makes her smile again, though a bit difficult at the moment...being full as it was. Slowly and very deliberately stroking the entire length and deep-throating him, licking the base of his shaft and playing with him for a bit longer before giving him time to breathe. She moves slowly from the cock back up his chest, kissing and nibbling as now as every inch of his skin is super-sensitive to her tongue. She only stops long enough at his neck to suck on it and leave her mark, which is gonna be huge now as she is used to sucking and continues to want to do just that.

Shaking off the sensation she has given him, he pulls her lips off his neck and throws her onto her back. He smirks wickedly as he looks her naked body up and down. “Time for you to squirm,” he thinks as he reaches out to her, running his fingers down the inside of her leg till he reaches her feet. Lifting one foot up, he kisses her ankle wetly before starting to lick a line up to her knee. She smiles again as he takes control for now, and bites her knuckle as he licks her leg. Once he reaches her knee, he reverts back to kisses and works his way along the inside of her leg, lingering every few kisses and lightly biting her soft flesh.

She smiles and writhes under his kisses. Finally, after kissing up to where her leg meets her body, he licks along the line where they meet. With his right hand, he drags his fingers over her firm belly. He looks up for a second to see if she is ready for this. She takes a deep breath and smiles as he looks into her eyes. First he plants a wet kiss above her opening, still looking at her. She chews on her lower lip. His tongue leaves his mouth and slowly enters her lower lips parting them while his eyes remain fixed on hers. He can taste how wet she is as his tongue brushes over her clit.

She takes short shallow breaths as he touches her most sensitive spots with his tongue. He removes his tongue from her partly open pussy and moves his face lower so that he can lick the lowest part of her. His tongue renters her there and he feels the juices start to run down into his mouth as he slides his tongue up her slit, from the bottom to the top. Once his tongue reaches the top of her opening he starts to circle her clit, brushing his tongue over it every so often. She shudders and cannot keep from moving around under his control, arching her back to give him better access and clutching the sheets in her fists. He can feel her shudder and picks up the pace of his tongue. While he licks quick circles around her clit, he starts to rub a finger at her opening parting her pussy lips with two fingers so he can quickly lick the length of her pussy and then resume licking her clit. After a few more circles of her clit, he decides to begin lightly sucking and nibbling on it as he pushes a single finger into her very wet opening.

She wriggles and squirms, moaning softly. He is a master with his tongue. She is at his mercy and loving every second of it! He pushes the finger in and out, slowly getting it wetter, and then pushes a second into her when he's sure she has been stretched enough. She gasps and breathes a bit harder. He starts to think wicked thoughts as he hears her breathing, and so pushes a third finger into her. He stops his assault on her clit to look up at her face, "do you like being stretched?" She purses her lips to exhale slowly. Barely able to breathe, let alone speak, she nods. He starts to wonder how far he can take this, as he resumes lightly sucking on her clit. Would a fourth finger be too much? He can feel her pussy juices running down his hand and smiles as he changes to licking quickly on her clit. She whispers “that is soo.......nice...mhmmm.” She writhes under his touch. She grasps the sheets tightly in her hands and then runs her fingers through his hair. He decides he will be as wicked as he can and puts the fourth finger to her opening. Letting it push is way in, stretching her far beyond what he though it would. He stops licking her clit so he can look at her pussy lips stretched out over most of his hand.

She gasps lightly and drops her head onto the bed. He also has a good view of just how wet she is and doesn't fail to notice the juices running down her legs and onto her arse. She whispers his name and breathes harder, holding it once in awhile and shuddering under his control. He grins at her while starting to move his fingers in and out, and his thumb rubs her clit. She whimpers, "please...oooo......ummmm." Smiling, as she sees he is watching her now, she takes her hand and starts to suck on her fingers, one at a time. Then takes two and moves them in and out of her mouth, sucking on them. He watches her sucking her own fingers and wonders if she will suck her own juice off his fingers. Decides it is worth a try, so he removes his hand and gazes at her stretched hole, leaking fluid out that runs onto her arse cheeks and over her arse hole. Reaching up, he offers her his fingers while smiling She pulls his hand and him to her, whispering weakly, no begging for him. She puts his fingers in her mouth, sucking them like she sucked his cock. She wants him inside her and she wants him now!

She pushes him onto his back and then returns to suck on his cock, deep throating a few more times before climbing onto him and lowering herself onto his throbbing cock. He can feel her sense of urgency as he is mounted in one swift motion. Lying on his back he has a great view of her breast bouncing as she moves. Grinding and rocking back and forth, she takes his hand into her mouth again and sucks on his finger, licking every drop of herself from his hand. With his other hand, he slips a finger onto her clit rubbing it in time with her grinds. She reaches down, and she caresses herself with their hands. Getting her fingers wet again, then offering them to his mouth. He sucks on them longingly, licking up and down her long fingers.

She continues rocking and grinding with him, leaning back for deeper penetration, moaning with every stroke. He runs his fingers down her upper legs feeling his cock getting deeper "oh you sure know how to ride...." he let out as he laid his head back onto the bed. She smiles and grinds harder and faster, moving with him as if he can read her mind. Reaching up, he sqwesses both her breasts as she contues to grind hard onto him and as if spurred on, he gets slightly rougher with her. Slowing as he gets rougher, wondering if he wants to take control now, she watches his face for a sign he wants to switch and be on top now. He groans and looks up at her riding him, thinking he must have gotten a tad too rough for her. He wasn't sure if she was ready for him.

She smiles as she sees his confusion and takes the moment to roll over and have him on top, never losing contact as they roll. She kisses him deeper and longer than before, teasing his tongue with hers.

he pumps his cock hard into her. His tongue plays with hers before he slides it almost all the way out. Biting her bottom lip as he thrusts into her again harder this time. He contues the slow withdrawing quick thrusting movements till he feels the time is right to quicken his pace and start to really plow into her.

She swallows hard and lets her breaths deepen and quicken. She bites her lip and moans softly, as she clutches the sheets and pulls them towards her face. Unable to control herself, she leans up to kiss him hard, sucking on is tongue vigorously and moans loudly as he pounds her, she whispers under her breath for him to go faster.”” She is so close now, just a little more..........

He kisses her back before pulling away then grips her legs and lifts them up to her shoulders so that he can gain even greater penetration With her legs pinned up near her head, he uses longer strocks to push her even further. She moans louder and breathes harder, closer now than ever.

He watches her face as he pushes her knees into her breast with each thrust he tries to lean forward to kiss her as he he pushes his straining cock into her stretched pussy. She makes funny faces and her breaths get more shallow as she whimpers and moans and bites her lip fighting the urge to scream like a mad person! She closes her eyes and moves with him, moaning louder ad louder until she can control it no longer. She holds her breath as she explodes her warm juices all over him, screaming loudly in ecstasy

He feels her juices spraying onto his cock and quickly pulls out then moves his face down to her opening and starts to lick at her well used opening, lapping at the warm juices. She gasps, not expecting that, but enjoys it none the less. He smiles as he laps at her, trying to sense if shes had enough yet?? She bites her hand as she squirts him again, breathing hard and squirming and sucking on her fingers again. He once again homes in on her clit, licking small circles around it. She dances under his tongue and cries out again, pulling gently on his hair. Smiling, she has had enough, it is his turn.

He looks up and crawls back over her so that he may kiss her lips and allow her to taste her cum off his tongue. She kisses him demandingly, lingering there melting under his spell. Giving him control over her, she will eagerly do his bidding. All he needs to do is ask. He considers just doing things to her to make her scream. “Please?” she whimpers. He moves his face back to her nipple and starts to lick and nibble on one before changing to the other.

She waits for him choose. She longs to taste him again. He thinks that maybe they can both have there way and so lies back onto his back and grabs her. He pulls her onto him so that her knees are on either side of his head and he is looking into her very wet opening. She smiles and kisses the head of his cock softly and licking the cum from it, before stroking the shaft again with her tongue and lips. He runs his hands down her back and onto her firm arse while he resumes sucking on her clit.

He lightly and playfully bites her clit and runs his fingers lightly over her arse. She deep throats him again and sucks his cock without breaking suction. She will have to tell him she prefers to be on the bottom...there is just something about his balls hanging for her to play with. “Ohh you taste so sweet,”' he says into her pink pussy. She grabs his ass gently but firmly sticking her nails into it and pulling downward. He feels her nails, and thinks he understands what she wants so uses this arms to roll the two of them over so that she is on the bottom and he can really pump her throat like it was her wet pussy. She takes his cock entirely into her mouth and deep throats him, sucking and stroking in one clean and efficient movement. When she senses him start to ram her throat, she gently bites his cock. It is her speed or no speed. She waits for him to respond his understanding.

He halts sudden as feels her teeth press into his shaft. The warning was clear. He doesn't really want to cum down her throat. Not this time, not yet. Slowing his pace, he can go back to licking her pussy using his fingers to part her lips and tongue fuck her opening. He changes his approach to her satisfaction, going back to fingering her hot hole. He inserts two fingers and moves them in and out in time with the movement of her mouth on his cock. She returns to the task before her. Sucking and licking his cock, while using her hands to caress and tease his balls.

He moves back to slowly fingering her pussy while licking her clit quickly. She moans again and tries to wriggle away, knowing she can't nor wants to! She continues to roll his cock around her tongue. Smiling as she takes her hand and strongly strokes him, using her tongue to lick the head then sucking on it again. He shudders at the sensation she is causing and slides another finger into her and flicks her clit with his tongue. She moans softly as he drives her crazy and she rewards him with fresh cum flowing almost constantly now. She has lost track of how many times she has climaxed under his experienced and knowledgeable tongue and hands.

He loves the way her cum tastes as it runs down his hands. Most of all, he likes the way her soft pussy lips look stretched as far as possible. She strokes his cock, putting it in her mouth again...she cups her hand over his balls and finds the g-spot again. She licks her finger and caresses him there. Not as sweet a sensation as when using her tongue, but sweet anyway. Now that his hands are covered in her wet juice, he starts to work his fingers in and out of her before sliding in a fourth finger. It is time for him to cum. She moans loudly as he uses his hands to bring her back to climax yet once more.

He can feel her caressing him on the spot again. His cock feels like its going to burst as she plays with him. His balls tighten....but he is not ready yet. He picks up the pace of his licking on her clit while stretching her pussy with his hand. She takes him in her mouth slowly licking and sucking softly until he is completely in her mouth. She strokes him slowly up and down, deep-throating him again, this time not releasing him. He moans into her pussy as he pushes on his hips going deeper into her throat. Breathing through her nose, she now sucks on his cock, wanting to taste him again. Sucking on his cock like milking a cow.

"Ohhh you.... are going to make me.... arrhhh blow in your mouth!" he manages to say as he continues thrusting his fingers into her quicker than before. She contiues to play with his balls using her hand, moaning softly as she continues to suck on him, not breaking her hold on him. She smiles and releases her grip on him to take a breath and swallow...licking her lips and moaning softly she is amazed at his self-control, and wonders what he waits for? He doesn't know if he can hold on much longer. He wants to cum but isnt sure if she wants it down her throat.

He breaks away from her pussy to look at her stretched out over his hand. This makes him even more horny as he wonders just how far this will stretch? She licks her lips and takes him in her mouth again, completely in one movement begins to milk him again, sucking and licking harder and faster. She swallows easily as her mouth creates more saliva to lubricate him with. She can feel he is very close and forgets her own ecstasy and concentrates on his.

"Ohhh I cant take this anymore...." he moans, unleashing his hot cum with a massive squirt. She continues sucking and swallowing, caressing his cock efficiently as he cums in her mouth. She releases the suction to catch her breath and swallow hard. She does not want to spill a drop of him. He moans as his cock is sucked dry and he can feel her swallow his cum. She sucks on the head like a baby bottle, taking every drop of him as she sucks a bit harder til he has no more to offer, then deep-throats him again.

"Ohh that was great" he says trying to catch his breath. He looks up at her laying on the bed. Her ample breasts sitting perfect and her well used opening covered in her own cum. She smiles and licks her lips, nodding her approval slowly, before shaking her head in disagreement. "THAT was amazing” she whispers out of breath. She lay so he can view her body, waiting til he moves up to be with her. “You suck cock like no one Ive ever met." She smiles and tries unsuccessfully not to blush. He starts to run his hand over her naked body, lightly brushing his fingers over her ample breasts. He grins mischievously as he lightly pinches her nipple. She shudders at the soft touch on her highly sensitive and aroused body. He moves back to kissing her mouth longingly, sliding his tongue into her mouth. She returns the kiss with passion and lets her tongue dance with his. He breaks the kiss to lick down one of her breasts till he homes in on her erect nipple and gives it a very wet kiss. She moans softly and bites her lip gently, growing more tired every moment, finally allowing herself to relax and take in the events.

She smiles and giggles as he tickles her now. She is not usually ticklish but is today! Her body is so sensitive, that his slightest touch heightens her arousal again. "You are so beautiful You make me so horny...", he stammers looking into her eyes. She blushes and pulls him into her arms, kissing him again slowly and deeply. He asks her softly, "have you had enough for one day?" She chuckles lightly and nods sleepily, kissing him softly before laying her head on his shoulder and falling asleep softly in his arms.

Rating: 55%, Read 7110 times, Posted Oct 20, 2009

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