Happy b'day Rachael 2(the next morning) by BLONDIERACH

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This is a sequel to my first part 'happy b'day Rachael'.Its not necessary to read the first part in order to understand this but i would still suggest you read that one first.

I woke up say the least,it wasn't huge but it was very firm with perfectly round cheeks.I was daydreaming of spanking her when her cellphone rang.

With the towel wrapped around her body,she answered her phone.It was her mom,she just wanted to let her know that they won't reach here until dinner time.I was ecstatic to know that cause we still had the whole day to have some more fun although i was sceptic that Rachael would allow me to do anything more today.

She went into the shower before informing me about her parent's plans.She asked me to stay till afternoon..I was in no hurry to leave so,i dozed off again. I am pretty deep sleeper so,i don't know for how long i have been sleeping when i heard Rachael's voice saying"wake up,you lazy ass".I opened my eyes to see Rachael standing near the bed,she was wearing a blue sweater and a black jeans.Her long blonde tresses were still wet and she was looking very beautiful.When i opened my eyes,she had her dark blue eyes staring intently into me.She leaned into me,kissed my lips and said"take a shower,i am making breakfast"

I went into the bathroom and took a long shower.I got dressed after the shower and went into the kitchen.Rachael was making coffee when i entered the kitchen,she had her back towards me so,i put my arms around her waist and kissed her cheeks."Need help?" i asked," "Nope,breakfast is ready.settle down"she replied.

We ate breakfast very silently which was very weird cause Rachael is a very talkative and funny girl.She likes to joke around.I thought something's wrong,maybe the fact that she had just lost her virginity the other night.I have heard that girls behave a bit weirdly for a few days after their first time but i never asked her anything.We decided on watching a movie,considering her mood i asked her to put any 'Jim Carrey' movie.We sat on the couch of her living room and put on 'Yes man'.

Its a very funny movie so i was laughing a lot but she wasn't.Rachael smiled once or twice maybe but even that smile looked forceful. I thought thats it,i have to ask her so,i switched off the t.v. Which startled her.She looked at me questioningly then i asked her"whats wrong with you babe??why are you quite??thats so unlike you"

At first,she said"its nothing...nothing really" but when i insisted she gave in and started speaking very slowly"umm...we have been dating for a year,right?"i nodded to her.She said"i have always been a very non-sexual person all this time Because i never fancied having sex or anything related to sex but after yesterday's experience i feel brainwashed".

I was just nodding silently to her.She carried on"when i had my first orgasm yesterday,it felt so amazing.Words aren't enough to express the feeling i had,i feel like doing it again before you leave but i didn't wanted to sound mean and selfish".

"Mean and selfish??why would i think that"i asked, to which she replied"well...i have heard that eating a pussy is not a very pleasurable task to do.Most guys don't wanna do it and even if they do it,they're more or less hoping to get a blowjob in return.Now,the problem is i don't know how to give a blowjob but i really wanna make love to you and do everything you did yesterday". I had some mixed feelings after hearing her although i was sad that her pink,juicy lips are not going to be around my dick anytime soon,i was elated to know that she's ready to do it again.So,I Smiled at her and said"that was troubling you??i thought you're tensed because you had your first time just yesterday or you're in pain or something like that"Rachael showed a faint smile before saying"ya there's a little bit of pain down there but i am having a stronger 'itching' feeling too.It felt so crazy when i was in the shower that i even thought of masturbating" that really shocked me.I didn't knew that she masturbates or she even knows how to masturbate as for that matter.

I took her face in my hand and said to her"you don't have to give a blowjob to me,okay??and i would love to have sex with you anytime.You're so goddamn sexy"

She blushed at that and said"I do want to give you a bj but i don't know how to do it.I have never watched any porn so,i don't know anything about it". I brought her face close to me,kissed her lips lightly and said"I don't mind waiting... as for now,lets do away with your 'itch' down there She smiled at me when i said that but that smile couldn't exist longer as i brought her face close to mine and started kissing her soft pink lips.I was stroking her hair and neck while kissing her.I brought my hand down to her chest and fondled her boobs before giving it a firm squeeze,she moaned into my mouth.My hands were roaming all over her soft,round boobs and i was kissing down her neck when she said to me"let us go to the bedroom".I put my right hand under her legs and the left one behind her back and lifted her up.She started laughing as i carried her to the bedroom like a baby. I let her down to stand on her feet when we reached the bedroom.I put my hands around her waist and pulled her close to me.We started kissing again,her hands were rubbing over my chest.She opened her warm mouth to make way for my tongue.Our tongues wrestled as We french kissed.Suddenly,images of her perfect,round butt came to my mind which i was staring in the morning and I fondled her butt passionately with both of my hands before pressing it,she gasped.I broke off the kiss and pulled out her shirt.She was wearing a gray bra,i fondled them over the bra before leaning on to give a kiss on them.My hands went behind her back and unhooked the bra letting her gorgeous boobs out in the open.Rachael boobs were firm and even after removing the bra they were not really hanging.She had small pink nipples which were erect.I put my hands on her bare boobs and caressed them.I took my head near her boobs and took one of the nipples in my mouth.I sucked on one of her boobs while playing with the other.I licked her nipples one by one and even gave a bite to it with my teeth.It was a soft bite,soft enough not to hurt her but good enough to earn me a sexy moan from Rachael.I have always been a boobs man,so giving the necessary attention to her boobs was mandatory for me.When i was done with her boobs,i was very pleased to see her nipples were bathed in my saliva. She lifted up my shirt and i helped her to remove it.I laid her on the bed and pulled out the damned jeans revealing Rachael's long,slender legs.I always thought that her legs were her 'assets' cause they were so perfect.Long,toned and smooth.I didn't take out her panties purposely cause i really liked rubbing her pussy over her panties.I leaned in,kissed her while my hands rubbed her pussy.She moaned very sexily into my mouth.I ran my hand all around her pussy and along the slit before pressing her clit with my thumb.

Breaking off the kiss,I went down her, kissing everywhere until i reached her treasure.When i realised my face was just above her panties i stopped and let my hot breath fall on her pussy then i kissed over it.I knew Rachael would be anticipating me to throw her panties away at any moment so I parted her legs and licked onto it without taking it off.I wanted to tease her a bit.

Finally,i pulled out her panties making her completely naked.

I inserted my finger into her pussy,it was still amazingly tight.I finger fucked her leaving only after she was drenched in her juices.

I was sucking on her clit while fingering her when Rachael moaned loudly,i felt her legs tremble and she shouted"i am cumming...i am cumming...don't stop...ah".That moan acted as a encouragement to me as i sucked on her clit harder.Thanks to her juices I easily increased my fingering speed,she ached her back,rose her pelvis and almost shouted "ahhhh...".as Rachael had the first orgasm for the night.

I licked on her clit for some more time before she calmed down.

I removed my jeans and boxer briefs to become naked like Rachael.

I kissed her and said"would you like to be on top,this time??"i was eager to try new positions with her.She said"okay" I lied flat on my back with my fully erect penis,Rachael squatted on it.She took my dick in her hand and slowly guided it inside her.She was doing it really slowly inch by inch,i guess it was still hurting her.

Once fully in,she rested for a few seconds and then started riding my cock.Her boobs were jumping on her chest,i groped both of them with my hands and squeezed them hard.Then my hands did similiar treatment to her sexy ass.

I started playing with her clit while she was still riding me.She had been riding me for sometime when i felt her pussy grip my cock more tightly,she groaned and slowed down as Rachael was about to have her second orgasm but i hadn't cummed yet so,i grabbed her hips and made her to ride me.

Rachael shrieked in pleasure as her hot juices bathed my cock.Her hot juices on my cock really excited me and i came too,inside her.

She fell beside me on the bed and her breathing slowed down later so did mine. It wasn't much long before i felt my cock getting hard again.After i had seen her perfect ass in the morning i couldn't stop thinking about having butt sex with Rachael but i wasn't sure she would agree.I decided to give it a try though.I kissed Rachael on her lips lightly"babe can we have anal sex??".She didn't looked pleased at my question and said"i have heard it hurts a lot in there".

"ya it always hurts the first time but the pain subsides after some time and you can always ask me to stop at anytime you feel like" I said.

"umm...okay,but please don't get upset if the pain gets unbearable and i stop you" Rachael said. I nodded my head in agreement and replied"okay,great".

I asked her to get on all fours,she did and her perfect ass was just in front of my eyes now.I put my hands over her butt and felt it thoroughly ,ending with a firm squeeze.I pushed her butt cheeks apart which showed her petite asshole.It was so small just the thought of sticking my cock in it was making my cock throb violently.Honestly,i have never fancied licking someone's asshole so i didn't do it rather i massaged her hole with my fingers.I invaded her butthole with my index finger which made her groan so loud,i thought she's gonna stop me at any moment now but she didn't.I finger fucked her asshole for few minutes making her ready to take in the real thing .

I took my finger out and took my hard dick near her hole. I parted her cheeks with my hands and entered my dick very slowly.I had only entered the head of my dick into her when she groaned loudly.I thought she's gonna stop me now so,i just gave a powerful push and i was fully inside her.

Rachael's moans weren't really sexy anymore she sounded more like someone wreathing in pain.Although,i was enjoying penetrating her butthole I didn't wanted it to be our last anal experience so,i let the pain to reduce as i stood still with my dick inside her butt.

I started stroking her when i realized she isn't moaning anymore.I played with her clit while fucking her ass.Her butt was so tight it was really tough for me to last long.

I came inside her butt after some time.

Both of us were really exhausted after this sex session so we took a nap after it.

I woke up,wore my cloths and left for my house with a grin on my face.I had accomplished more than i had planned.I couldn't wait for the next time and i hoped that i would soon get another chance to fuck this gorgeous girl.

Rating: 93%, Read 28364 times, Posted Dec 27, 2012

True Story | Blowjob, Male, Masturbation, Oral Sex, Spanking, Teen Female


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