The day Kay discovered she is bi-sexual, Ame part 1 by LeSteel

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Fantasy | Bi-sexual, Female, First Time, Lesbian

Kay is a fit military female instructor in one of the military schools on the south coast. Ame one of her fellow female instructors is just as fit and makes no secret that she is a lesbian. What Kay did not know is that Ame secretly crushed on her. Kay always saw herself as straight but did admit to herself that Ame is one sexy woman.

Kay decided to jog to work that morning and decided to shower there just before work starts. She normally runs home or does her exercise in the afternoon but today she decided to do it in the morning because the afternoon she has an appointment. That morning went as planned until she entered the shower rooms...

As Kay enters the shower area, she can hear one of the showers going. Kay can hear moaning coming from the shower. The person in the shower obviously didn’t hear her enter. Kay makes her way to the shower bench to put her things down. As she does, she hears her name coming from the shower. Looking up towards the shower she can see through the opening in the shower curtain. Ame her fellow instructor is in the shower with her fingers between her legs. At the same moment Ame looks up and straight at Kay. Ame freezes but doesn’t remove her fingers.

Kay doesn’t know why but she starts undressing not taking her eyes off Ame. Once naked she walks straight into the shower with Ame. She locks lips with her and covers her hand with her own between Ame’s legs. Ame doesn’t pull back and Kay deepens the kiss by putting her tongue between Ame’s lips. At the same moment she can feel Ame moving her hips forward into their hands pushing her fingers deeper into her. Kay move Ame’s hand away and replaces it with hers. She pushes two fingers in, it’s wet and warm allowing her fingers to slide in and out easily.

With her right hand she cups Ame’s breast and gently squeezes her nipple between the forefinger and thumb. A loud moan escapes Ame’s lips. Kay breaks the kiss and moves her mouth to the open breast and starts sucking gently. Now and then biting the nipple softly and following up with a circular licking motion around the nipple and then sucking again. Kay can feel it’s getting even wetter between her legs. She loves the fact that she is having such a reaction on Ame. She keeps alternating between biting and sucking while still gently squeezing the right nipple with her fingers and pushing her fingers in and out of Ame’s sweet wet pussy.

Ame is moving against her moaning. Kay pauses and looks at Ame and asks her “Is this what you want” All Ame manages is a nod yes.

“I want you to say it Ame” Kay pushes.

“I want this, I always wanted it” Ame whispers.

“I can’t hear you” Kay teases.

This makes Ame put both her hands on Kay’s butt cheeks and pull Kay roughly closer until they connect pussy to pussy,she then starts rubbing herself against Kay.

“I want you, I wanted you since the first day I came here, to rub every part of my body against you and taste every single part of you” Ame emphasizes each word by grinding her clit against Kay’s. Their hips starts moving grinding their clits together, they start kissing almost devouring each other. Kay also moves her hands to Ame’s rear end to push her even closer to her. She breaks the kiss and starts kissing Ame in the neck she can feel herself building to a climax at the same moment Ame moans “I am getting close”. This makes Kay grind faster and harder pushing both of them over the edge. They both keep grinding, lengthening the earth shattering climax while kissing deeply.

Ame starts to pull back but Kay pulls her closer, grabbing her butt with the one hand and putting two fingers back into Ame’s pussy “We are not done yet Babe” Kay whispers against Ame’s lips. She pushes her index finger and middle finger in and out of Ame's wet slick pussy while making circles with her thumb around her clit. Her tongue is keeping to the same rhythm. She can feel how the juices is covering more and more of her fingers. It doesn't take long for Ame to start moaning and shaking. "Cum for me Babe" Kay whispers into Ame's ear. This took Ame over the edge, Kay can feel how her muscles clenches over and over around her fingers her juices running all over her fingers.

Ame was hanging onto Kay but Kay wasn't done. Despite Ame's protest Kay goes down on her knees. She basically stairs at Ame's pussy in front of her. She has never been so close to someones pussy before. She really wanted to taste and explore Ame's pussy with her mouth and tongue. Curious she dipped her fingers in again, making a shiver go through Ame, when she pulls her fingers out she puts in her mouth and sucks on it while looking up at Ame.

The desire in Ame's eyes encourages Kay, she extents her tongue and starts licking Ame slowly while still looking up, from her bottom all the way up to her clit. She swirls her tongue around the clit enjoying the texture and the feel. Ame's hands shoots to her shoulders to stabilize herself.

"You going to make me cum again" Ame chokes out.

Kay continuous until Ame reaches her climax again, this time a clear liquid squirted out all over Kay's face. She automatically licked at it and licked Ame's pussy clean. She stood up and kissed Ame deeply. When they break the kiss, Ame says "I do not normally squirt but you just do it for me".

Kay smiles "So that means I did it right? You are my first" she confessed. "No way" Ame says smiling.

"Yes, you are" Kay admits again.

"Woman we are going to have a blast if you are up for it" Ame says smiling from ear to ear while pulling Kay closer for another kiss.

"So much fun" Ame says before their lips lock

Rating: 78%, Read 3077 times, Posted Aug 18, 2020

Fantasy | Bi-sexual, Female, First Time, Lesbian


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