Rule of Woman Chapter 2 by DesTodes777

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Fantasy | Domination, Female, Group Sex, Male, Romance

Rule of Woman

Chapter 2

When in Rome; Run

The needle pierced skin as it slid into the flesh of Jared’s arm. Suppressing a wince, he watched as a petite female attendant in a lab coat push the plunger down. The liquid went painfully into the muscle of his arm. An arm that was sculpted with bulging veins. Once the pain dissipated, a warm sense of contentment washed over as the drug spread through his body. Then the affect happened.

Against his will, he began to get horny. It made him painfully aware that he was naked. Naked and strapped down, which was too bad for him. If he was free, he would have grabbed the smaller woman and fucked the hell out of her. Instead, he would stay strapped to the table awaiting the shot to fully go through his system. It was after all, the final step in preparation.

Twelve men were circled around on the wall. Each of them was being attended too by another woman. Jared struggled to relax but the sounds of another attendant slurping herself up and down another male’s cock as she sucked him off was flustering. Another could be seen by him riding her charge with wild abandon. A third yet was bent over in front of hers and was impaling herself on his cock with a poisoning speed. If the situation was different and not so dire, Jared would have enjoyed the sight more. If you had asked him, he would have denied it, but now that the serum had worked itself through his body, his cock was throbbing at full attention. Hard like a diamond and big to boot, but he never thought it was something to brag about.

“Oh,” his attendant said in surprise. Like she had just seen a cock for the first time, but then all women were like that. Cock-hungry sluts is what they were. A few women gasped in adoration and he watched as his attendant reached out to grasp him.

“That’s mine,” he said coldly.

“For now maybe, but soon it won’t be,” she said before turning around from him. When she turned back to him, she was holding up another needle for him to see.

“One would normally be enough, but seeing how you refused some of the relief I could provide, I am going to give you too.”

He swore at her, which only elicited a laugh from her. She stuck the needle in the same arm. When the plunger dropped this time, there was no pain now, but a feeling of unadulterated lust filled him. He could smell not just the women in the room, but especially her. Her scent of want and sex. Every muscle strained as he tried to break out of the restraints as his baser instincts overruled his mind.

“Now you want it,” she said with amused laughter.

“Yes,” he said. “Let me out and you’ll beg me to stop.”

“Promises,” she said. “I may be small, but I can take whatever you can dish.”

It almost seemed like there for a moment to Jared that she was actually going to release him.

“It’s too bad that you already had your chance,” she said with a frown. “What you did to your owner is just unspeakable.”

“That paper your looking at doesn’t tell what I did does it?”

“Refusal of sex with your proprietor. A crime that is punishable by the Arena.”

Some bell rang and then all of a sudden, all of the other attendants began to leave the room. Though the one’s involved in their unsavory activities hesitated. Including his.

“Such a pity to have wasted your ample talents. Any woman it seems would have been lucky to have you.”

“You’re right and I hated mine,” he said coldly. It was the mental push he needed to regain control. He watched as a look of horror came across the blonde’s face.

“How can a man hate a woman?” She said. “It’s just unnatural.”

Her eyes narrowed at him.

“You’re sick,” she said with a finality before turning on her heel and leaving. Once she was gone, a metal door swung into place with a click. Men around him began sobbing.

“Gonna be fun in the arena boys,” one man shouted. Another roared in agreement, but the majority were silent after that.

Jared took the chance now to look over the room and it disturbed him how many hard cocks were in front of him. That drew his. Attention t his own throbbing member. Never before had he needed relief so badly in his life. Something that his “owner” would have appreciated, but the sudden thought pushed his lust down. With a shiver and a deep breaths, Jared felt in control.

“Good evening men,” a female voice suddenly said with booming excitement. “Let em be the first to welcome all of you to the Arena.”

Somewhere there was the sound of rising voices. It sounded dull, but it grew into an audible roar.

The Arena. Everyone shuddered at the name if they were a male, including Jared. Every man knew what the Arena was. A place for men to be hunted down for sexual sport by women who were typically enhanced, always powerful ad athletic. Jared had seen it many times on the tele, and often time while be forced to pleasure his mistress as she screamed in excitement at the show. He hated the days were she had a party in tribute to the show. That always ended in some sort of orgy where he was forced to sleep with countless women.

“Here that guys?” The voice continued. “There is the sound of al your

spectators. Hundreds of women who have payed well to be here today.”

He groaned in annoyance.

“First let it be known that this show is for entertainment purposes, but be advise you are al criminals. I’m looking at many of the the crimes you all have been convicted of. There is even one in here for refusal of sex.”

Jared grinned at that.

“If you guys could here the gasps of terror.”

“Shut up will ya,” another man shouted.

The sobbing stopped in reply, but Jared doubted the comment was meant for that. Probably another who shared his spirit.

“Being that most of you are fit specimen’s of men, it has been decided that today the Arena will have an open event.”

Jared relaxed just a bit from that news. Open events were wild card days. Men would be set free in an open environment where they would evade their pursuer’s of women. It was a game and whatever woman managed to get a man to what was affectionally called the “Gate,” would be granted full ownership over the man. Though if a man managed to evade long enough, he was granted full rights as a sovereign citizen.

“Today men, you will find yourself in grassland when you enter the Arena. It is the hope of this woman that you all will disperse from one another and that almost all of you will avoid the forest on the other side of the Arena. To convince you men to avoid the forest, special plants have been grown that will provide some extra fun for any risk takers.”

Jared like the sound of the forest. If it was filled with fun plants, that they wouldn’t just be an obstacle to him.

“As is standard for these events, you will be provided one hour to run and hide. Also, when you are caught, the event will be televised so please, from the bottom of every woman’s heart, put up a good fight.”

Jared was astonished at this part of the Arena. This part was never televised. Especially when the woman went into a spell about legal rights and such. None of which mattered in this case to the men, but the biggest part was that anyone could be killed. Death coupled with sex. A combination that women found extra tantalizing and Jared knew there was an established squad of women who would seek out at least one man to kill. With his crime, it would probably be him.

“For any man who manages to evade capture for more than forty-eight hours, he will be granted his freedoms. Though between you guys and me, that has only ever happened once in the two-years the Arena has existed.”

Jared remembered that win. Some lucky bloke had managed almost a week in the wilderness. Women had been outraged if he remembered correctly. The scandal being how men could want to be away from women willingly.

But nonetheless, Jared wanted to hear those words. A binding promise that spoke to him of salvation.

“Now,” the voice continued. “Please exit by the way the door opens. In the next room, you will find some clothing and items to help you. Make sure to grab a back pack.”

Suddenly, the straps snapped lose and Jared fell to the floor. All the other men did too, but he scantly registered that information before he went on.

He was the first to go, which was all good to him. In the next room, he pilfered and found a nice pair of boots, jeans, and socks. There wasn’t a shirt in sight, but that was probably so that eye-candy could be presented to the spectators. Then doing as he was bid he trapped a pack and shouldered it.

After a bit, the last of the men came into the room. Some complained about the clothing options but most just dressed silently. There wouldn’t be any team work in this group. Either way, he was lucky to have been the first one into the room. One poor sap only managed to find a loin clothe to wear, to which Jared kept chuckling to himself over.

Then as they waited, some men began to complain about how horny they were. A few had begun to masturbate in earnest. Not Jared though. He sat against a wall and did some breathing exercises trying to steady his berating heart. After a bit, he managed to get his heart rate down and seemed to himself, stifle the effects of the drugs pumping in his system.

Then another door opened. Jared was the first one up and through it not even bothering to acknowledge the other men. He heard others footfalls behind him. Reason he was so driven is because he had heard stories to what happened to men who stayed. The others may have too, but all probably had. Seen an episode or two where men refused to exit the room and into the Arena. Those horrified scream were probably etched permanently into the minds of any man who had witnessed it.

After walking down an empty corridor, all twelve of the men walked through an exit. The sunlight was blinding, it haven been a week since Jared had seen sun. His ears filled with the continuous roar of a crowd. He took a moment to look around.

Framing the entrance in the Arena was an amphitheater filled with cheering women and their men. The men of course, where all waiting on the women in some sort of fashion. He even saw a few couples having sex. Other still where openly masturbating while their men stood idly by next to them like properly trained dogs. Then a horn sounded and without warning, the crowd crescendoed even louder.

Jared was never one to look back. He took off towards the forest, which he could barely see on the horizon. To him, all he needed to do was make it to the forest and he would have a much easier time. The deeper he got into it, the more likely he was going to hit that evasion clock. He just hoped another man or two had the same idea. No use was a hiding spot if you were the only one seen going towards it.

For Jared it felt like an eternity had passed since he had started running. Because he was so fit though, he surmised that only thirty minutes had passed for him to reach the forest. Not wanting to think too much about what he was to run into, he just plunged into the thick foliage of the place.

That was a bad idea it turned out. No sooner had he gone in, that he started gathering that the forest really was no ordinary thing. It seemed to be raining, but to his astonishment, it was just dripping sap. He got tangled in some plants and everything was hot and sticky. So much so that he realized that was the trap of the forest. He figure there would have been some weird look plants or something, but he was no botanist. By the time he took a few steps he was hornier than ever and his breath was coming in ragged shortness. But he pressed on, trying his breath exercises to some degree of success.

After he was in for what seemed like more than a few feet, he took his first break. Finding a tree to lean on, he took of his pack and decided to look in it. To his delight, there were water bottles, two of which he drank. There was also the tablet, though he didn’t care to turn the thing on. Lastly there was some medical supplies.

He would have dwelled longer on that thought but the snap of a twig caused him to frantically gather his pack up. Heart beating fast, he waited quietly, hoping almost frantically that that he hadn’t been discovered. Shaking, he almost cried out when a deer stepped out of the surrounding trees. He collected himself and as soon as it saw him it took off in a blur.

Jared let out his breath. As he calmed himself, he realized that his desire for sexual release was perversely overtaking his body once more. With a hard cock, he set off through the woods.

Now for Jared, he had watched the Arena many times. He didn’t know where he was exactly in location of the world. He did know that in every iteration of the Arena, they had to be the same location. As such, he knew that there was a river that cut through the middle of the Arena. That is where he wanted to go. His goal was to follow that river to either the coast or up in the mountains. Either way, he reasoned that the water may help throw off his pursers or at least make him harder to follow. Not that he had anything to base on that assumption, but he had hope.

Twigs and vines snagged him as he went through the forest. As he went, the toxins promised that were secreted by the various plants soaked into him. He became delirious with not only the heat of the air, but with a lust coursing through him. Before he knew it, he was shedding clothes as he ran.

Jared was consumed by the thought of having sex. It was no wonder that he was naked, but one part of his mind had him hold onto the backpack. Be it an unconsciousness or an just his muscle memory realizing that backpack couldn’t be discarded, he dragged it in one hand. His other hand was using the sap on his body to stroke himself.

How long he walked through the woods in that delirious state was unknown and unimportant to him. So when he heard a feminine voice swear, it brought him out of the trance. Deep breaths and standing still, he managed to numb himself temporarily to the effects of the drugs plaguing him.

Sneaking quietly as possible, he listened and tried to move to the voice of whatever female had spoken. After a minute, he was about to give up when the sounds of moaning filled his ears. The drugs in his system lurched against his rational mind. Like a moth drawn to a flame, Jared moved through the woods as quickly as possible to the sound.

He was lucky to not have to back track. As he snuck through the woods, the moaning becoming louder until there was a sudden burst of what sounded like completely abandoned pleasure. With a sudden wanton rush he ran through the trees until he saw the prize he was looking for.

She was laying on the ground in a really small clearing in between the trees. He saw her dark skin and was awed by the site of her four giant breasts. While she had a slightly athletic build, he was surprised that she was completely naked. There didn’t even seem to be clothes laying around or even a weapon. It was a temptation that he couldn’t resist. When he stepped out of the trees in from of her, she locked eyes with him.

“Well?” She said to him, but she didn’t stop masturbating.

“Well what?” He replied.

“Aren’t ye goin be tear’n this pussy up?” She said biting her lip. The scene was strangely erotic to him. Even though he wanted to escape and run away, it was the prospect of sex that kept him there.

Suddenly the woman was up in front of him, her hand replacing his. A moan sounded in his throat as she stroked him.

“Yes,” she said with a hiss. “let’s enjoy some pleasure together.”

He wanted to pull away and somehow she sensed that. She pulled on his cock and suddenly he was laying on his back in the ground.

“Best prepare yerself boy,” she said. He looked up her heaving chest and a lurch of disgustion went through him. There was no fighting what was about to happen. She may be repulsive, but his body craved release. “It’s gonna be a rough ride.”

The woman dropped down on him and he grunted out in pain as the air rushed out of his lungs. Hands roamed over his dick as she fished to get it inside of her.

With success, they both gasped out. Her in pleasure and him in pain. Painfully tight, he knew that the sex would only be for her own benefit. It was a reason why Jared had been refusing sex from his original owner. Always for her benefit. Never did she take into account his needs or pain. Just her own and just like the woman who was roughly riding him now.

“Oh lord,” she said in a cry. With an iron grip, she grasped his wrist and force them onto on of the sets of her tits.

“Play with them,” she said in a demanding voice. Jared not really caring anymore about his own pain decided to bring it to her. With a sudden twist of his wrist, he wring her nipples to what he hoped was a painful lesson. Instead, she let out a whoop and began riding him once more.

They stayed together for what seemed like hours. He watched as her body began to sheen in her exertion. What was worse it that she kept him buried deep inside of herself with little movement up and down his shaft. In short, her tight cunt maintained a vice-grip at the base of his cock and deprived him of any pleasure he may have gotten from the sex. Pain or no pain, his body didn’t seem to mind one bit.

“So close, please make it hurt more,” she begged of him.

“Bring those tit here,” he said no longer concerned about the ramifications of giving in. To him, now she wanted him, he was going to give it to her. If only she had listened to him then.

Whoever the woman was, she was still only concerned with her pleasure and reaching the orgasmic bliss she sought. With no more patience left in her orgasming, anger went through him.

“What are you doing?”

He heard her say it, but it fell on deaf ears as he literally stood up with her. Cupping her ass in his hands he prepared to finally get some relief.

“Prepare yourself bitch,” he said through gritted teeth.

“No stop,” she cried out. He could literally feel the panic in her body. Bitch probably had always taken what she wanted from a man never even considering the possibility that a man could pleasure her himself. Not that it mattered. As he cupped her ass and forcibly bounced her up and down she moaned and he laughed in relief.

Minutes passed as he fucked her like this. Her four big breasts pressed against his chest, he barely felt the hard nipples and her nails digging into his flesh. Eventually holding her up become too much work and he threw her to the ground.

“Look her mate,” she said.

“Shut up whore and get on all fours.”

Jared was surprised when the dark beauty obeyed him. In no time, he was thrusting into her form behind and cooing as he became closer to climax. His partner however wasn’t fairing well in the position.

Her moans and cries of pleasure had devolved into fevered mutterings. It didn’t stop his thrusts. Not even when she would whimper after her orgasms. With a final thrust for himself, he released himself into the woman he had fucked into submission.

Falling off her, he caught his breath as the fog cleared. His cock was still hard, but it wasn’t all-consuming to him anymore. The woman next to himfas unabated by her own release. She was already back to masturbating and was begging for him to fuck her again.

He of course did not have the desire to shove his cock back into the weird titted woman again. He wha getting up to gather his clothes when a weird shrilling could be heard form his back. Picking it up, he pulled the tablet out which immediately blurred to life with sound and picture.

“Here we have one of the male’s about to be captured,” the announcer spoke. “Three of the best athletic women we have are about to teach this man a lesson in proper behavior.”

The hint as there as to what the man’s crime was. In fact, a little pop up told him the man had been convicted of improperly behavior in public. His actual charge being that he had been stealing and hoarding food. Poor dude had no hope against the three women in front of him.

The three women were stacked with muscles. If he could guess, they looked to be right out of a picture depicting ancient Amazonian women of legend. One of the women had a pole with a noose on it. Another had a cattle prod and the last had a weighted net. The one with the cattle prod lunged forward suddenly.

“And Diana has struck the first blow,” the announcer exclaimed excitedly. Jared could see the man wincing in pain as he struggled to get away.

He managed to run past the one named Dana only to be netted. While the man struggled valiantly in the next the narrator announced that Janice was moving into the capture. Janice happened to be a red-head and he watched as she tossed the noose away. From somewhere on her naked body, she produced a needle out of a case. In a flash that needle was into the man and he wasn’t moving anymore.

“And he is down for the count. Luckily the male was injected with a concoction of drugs one of which is a libido maximizer. In a few hours, these women will be treating us to a show as he ravages them.”

Sighing heavily, he packed up the pack once more and got fully dressed. The woman was still masturbating heavily. While he looked at her, her eyes shot open suddenly.

“Where are you going?” She asked.

He didn’t respond, just turned away and went back into the forest again. The last thing he heard form the girl was a curse and giggle abut how horny she was. Whatever the plants did to a person it was obvious that she wasn’t getting up anytime soon. He did feel guilty leaving her though. Not because he felt bad leaving her in that state, but because he worried that she wouldn’t be found at the end. With a shrug, he squashed the feeling and kept moving on.

Hours passed and Jared heard nothing. He was alone now in the world and for the first time in his life, he felt at ease. Well, as much as he could without the constant throbbing of his cock. It had taken a bit, but now he was back to having it almost consume his every thought.

Eventually he walked so far that he actually walked out of the forest. When he did, he saw that sun was beginning to set. He sighed in relief. Almost a whole day over. Once he made it through the night, a most assured thing being that the Arena shut down at night for safety concerns for the women.

He went back into the forest a few feet and sat by a tree. There, he pulled out the tablet and drank some water. On the tablet, he learned that there were only seven men left still. There was of course play backs and a bunch of other options. His knowledge told him that there would be a continual cycle of each captured man. A shudder of disgust went through him and he threw the tablet away out of the forest. With a throbbing cock, he leaned back to get some sleep.

“This is stupid,” a voice said awakening Jared with a start. He awoke in total backness.

“Assholes always toss these things around and break them.”

As his head cleared form sleep, he realized the woman was talking about the tablet he had thrown away earlier. Moving slowly, he came to the edge of the forest and found himself looking at a small woman standing in the headlights of some vehicle. She was facing away form him, but on the back of her blue jumpsuit was a yellow half-crescent moon with an arrow going through it. He didn’t recognize the symbol, but he did see a means to escape. Small woman out like she was in. vehicle. Easy pickings he surmised. She bent over to pick something up, and that is when he struck.

The girl let out a scream as he picked her up and dragged her back into the trees. She struggled, beating small fists on his sides.

“Stop struggling,” he said, “I’m not gonna hurt you.”

“Okay,” she replied in a meek voice.

Jared was taken aback by that as she just suddenly went limp in his arms. He tried to make it back to his tree, but gave up quickly in the dark. Instead, he found a tree that was in line of the headlights. He let her down and she fell to her butt at a random tree that he had picked out. He supposed he could just tie her to the tree, but to use the vehicle to escape, he would need her help. He couldn’t drive.

“What do you want?” She asked he voice still tiny.

“Your help in escaping,” he said calmly By now, the plants were beginning to work their magic again on him and he knew they would be on the girl too.

“We should leave the forest,” she said with concern in her voice.

“Why are you out here with a vehicle?”

“Oh that?” She said. Her breathing was becoming rather ragged. A look of worry came across her face. Looking down at her, he studied her.

Whoever she was, she had jet black hair. Her eyes were red, no doubt an augment of some sort. She had an alabaster complexion. She was small though, bordering on him even questions if she was a full grown-woman.

“How old are you?” He asked.

“I’m twenty-six,” she replied. Only a year older than him, he liked that.

“So what are you doing out here?”

“I am supposed to retrieve the tablets. When they are broken, cease working or the battery dies, they put out a signal and I have to get them.”


“Yeah, but I have a truck. I’m only allowed to come out to retrieve them at night. They don’t want to risk putting a low-class worker like me on the tele.”

“Is there a way to escape this place?”

“Not without help,” she said. “The Arena is located on an island.”

She was biting her lower lip and moving impatiently.

“Man I was looking for the driver to either swim out or escape into the mountains.”

“Bad idea,” she laughed. “At night that’s where the contestants stay in an effort to capture men.”

Jared swore to himself in frustration.

“What’s you name?”


“Like the music?”

“What are you talking about?”

“Nothing,” he said. “I’m Jared by the way.”

“So what do you want with me Jared?”

“Tell me where everyone is?”

“Like I said before, probably at the river patrolling it.”

“Good,” he said. “So you want to help me with a major problem?”

“Like?” She said.

Jared undid his pants and dropped them to his feet.

Liz gasped.

“That’s huge,” she said.

He grinned. To her eyes it must have been.

“What are you wanting me to do with it?”

“You’re a woman,” Jared said his mind completely blown that she would ask such a thing.

“I’ve never seen one n person before let alone been alone with a man.”

Jared had heard of women like her before. They were so poor that they couldn’t afford to use a pleasure home. Instead, they took a supplement that worked as long as they never had sex. Though, they were still plagued by the depravity and sexual lusts of any other women.

“How do you afford the supplement?” He asked.

Her eyes shot up in surprise.

“I’m surprised you know about that,” she said. “But to answer your question, I work for an organization that works to be free of men.”

Her answer only ignited his lust. Here was a woman who had no experience lacked any aggression and was for all intents and purposes, his type physically.

“So will you help me with this then?”

She reached behind herself and he took a step back in fear. Out from behind her, she produced a canteen.

“Wash it off and I’ll see what I can do to help.”

He accepted the canteen and did as she bid.

“I am sorry about this, I just need some relief and I’ll leave you to find some freedom.”

“I can help,” she offered.

“For a fee right?”

“No, but the only free here is what I am abut to do for you.”

Jared watched Liz shuffle over in front of him before getting on his knees. She tentatively reached out and grasped his throbbing member. She began to stroke it a bit.

“You know what you’re doing?”

“I may have never seen a cock in person, but I have watched plenty of videos.”

She continued on but after a few minutes it became apparent to both of them that her hands wouldn’t be enough. Even with the lubrication provided by his dripping precum, all it did was make him more anxious.

“I’m gonna use my mouth.”

It was comical to Jared when she tried to suck the whole thing down her throat. Her gagging and coughing broke his amusement.

“Stop Liz, there is something else we could do.”

“I don’t want you to resort to that,” Liz said to him looking up at him with pleading eyes.

“Why haven’t you demanded it of me?” He asked.

“Men should be free to offer what they have,” Liz replied.

It was an answer that provided Jared with a bargaining chip.

“If you help me escape, I’ll let you have it,” he said.

“No one has offered me it before,” she said. “There would be no going back for me.”

“Back to what?”

“Back to what I am now. There is no way I can afford a pleasure house. Once you’ve given it to me, I’ll need it jut to survive. Right now what few extra money I make goes to my pills and I have to masturbate almost nonstop. No joke, the shifter in my truck is probably permanently stained with my cum.” She said. “If you ant relief, you have to swear that no matter what happens, you’ll take me with you.”

Jared wanted to refuse, but he needed her help. Honestly, if he was smart, they both could jump in the truck and drive through the Gate. He was sure that the promoters would cry foul over it though. She was his best chance, and he did like her. But there was one more question to ask.

“What if I refuse?”

“I could scream really loud and make your life hard,” she said in a huff.

“I won’t be a slave again,” he said with warning in his voice.

“No slavery. You and me as equals as long as you keep that cock coming. You know its impossible for a woman to stay sane without it.”

Jared realized that in his bargaining he had trapped himself to her. Sure, he could now change his mind and run, but then every woman on the island would be near looking for him. He swore to himself with that revelation. Should have just grabbed her, had his way with her, and left.

“I accept you’re off Liz,” he said with conviction. “Now take that suit off so we both can get some much needed relief.”

“Oh thank goodness,” she said standing up. Without any further chiding, she took off the suit. Naked, she stepped up towards him. Jared grasped her shoulders and looked. Towards her. Her red eyes shown up at him, filled with lust.

“What should I do now?” She asked.

“Lay down on your back” he said.

The small woman obeyed his command and laid down in front of him. From above her, he could see her chest heaving in anticipation.

“Spread your legs,” he said.

Glistening in the light, her sex shown itself to be bright red and swollen. In fact, it was the most feminine thing on her. She had no breasts, but big bright angry looking nipples, which he liked. A crossed his mind if she liked what she was looking at.

“What now?”

“Now,” he said. “We have sex.”

He got between her legs and positioned himself to enter her when a hand on his chest stopped him.

“I’m sorry I lack so much. I can’t afford augments.”

“Don’t be sorry for perfection,” Jared said.

Liz’s breath caught in her throat and he saw her blush.

“You ready?”


It only took him a few seconded to get into her awaiting opening. She was breathing heavily, probably due to him lubing himself in her slit. Each time he moved his cock threw it, she had squirmed with a moan.

“No going back,” he said.

“I’ll never force you,” she said.

With a push forward, he was surprised when he slid with no resistance up her creamy depths. They both moaned as he entered and her pussy resisted spreading for him, but eventually he sank down to her womb.

“God it’s so big,” she moaned out spreading her legs even more.

“Just wait, it gets better,” he laughed.

And it did. He looked down as he slid his cock out of her and was astonished to see just how buttery her sex was. His cock glistened in the night and then plunged back in.

“Oh wow,” she cried out and squeezing his sides with her thighs. It felt like his cock was melting in her and for the first time in his life, Jared could say that the sex was wholesome and fulfilling. The only reason he said thought this way is because her couldn’t get his cock deep enough into her.

His thrusts were hard. Harder than anything he had ever offered before to any other woman. And Liz seemed to him, to be emulating that same feeling. Then he was convinced when her legs fell away and she started meeting his thrusts.

“Oh fuck, this is so different,” she cried out. Tears were falling from her eyes, but he didn’t say a word as he kept thrusting. “More, give me more.”

Hand gripped his butt.

“Harder, please harder.”

Jared thrust as hard as he could, the slapping of their bodies sounding like thunder in the night. Eventually he could hold out no longer, but Liz had given in minutes ago to her own release. Now she was just an incoherent mess underneath him. When he exploded into her, he was astonished when she suddenly lurched.

“Yes,” she hissed milking his cock with the squeezing of her cunt. Milk away she did, keeping both of their orgasms stretching for what seemed like an eternity. As he deflected, her pussy made an angry pop as his cock slid out of her. Falling back, he watched as his viscous cum slowly drained out of her.

“That was amazing,” she breathed haughtily.

“Yeah it was,” Jared said in amazement. He was aware now of how sweaty he was. Her body glistened to from sweat and the view was pleasant. A feeling of contentment washed over him and for a second, eh forgot his fear of being bound yet again to another woman.

Liz again bewildered him when she reached down to her pussy and began scooping the escaping cum out of her snatch. Mesmerized, he watched as she licked her finger clean and went back to scoop out for from her pussy.

“This is so good,” she moaned. Jared moaned thinking the sight was deliciously sensual. Licking his lips he realized how parched he was and looked to see that her suit had another canteen attached to it. Opening it up, he drank as much as he could while still watching Liz. Eventually she stopped and her red eyes focused on him.

“Did you drink all of that?”

He shook the canteen to show her that he had saved her some. She sat up and he passed her the bottle. Watching as she drank it down greedily, he debated on his next question.

“What now Liz?” He asked.

“Now I get you out of here,” she replied break off form the canteen with a gasp of air.


“I know some people,” she said standing up. “Man masturbating always give me energy but this is something else.”

She dressed quickly.

“Do you have anything for me to wear?” He asked. Not that he didn’t want to put the jeans back on, but he didn’t have a shirt.

“Yeah, back in the truck actually.”

“For men?”

“Yeah, so the people I know actually pay me to help find men in this game for them to release.”

“Well, hopefully it won’t fit too badly. I don’t want to look ridiculous in front of your friends.”

“They aren’t my friends and either way they won’t care.”

“What about us then?”

“What do you mean?”

“If they will set me free, what will happen?”

“Your free to choose.”

“Hey Liz,” Jared said suddenly. “How much are you augmented?”

“Of course. I have the usual ones dictated by lat. The port, and the one that increase my libido. I also have the one for my eyes.”

“Why red?”

“Oh, they are military grade. They swap in visions. Right now I have them set for heat. It’s how I see the tablets.”

The two of them walked over to the truck. There she gave him a shirt and some flip flops. He felt dumb, but the clothes worked. The shirt was even close to fitting, but loosely.

“So your eyes must have bene a gift by your secondary employers?”

“Yes, and so was the truck. I used to have to trek this job.”

They got into the vehicle.

“Why trek?”

“I was also required to pick up anything the could be possibly used as a weapon. I still kind of do, but the truck helps because I pick up anything I can scavenge.”


The truck roared to life and lurched forwards.

“I’m poor Jared. Even if I wasn’t saving up to buy better clothes to get a better job, I have to have something that provides me with extra.”

“That makes sense.” He said. “Lot of rocks.”

“Yeah sorry. Even though it is a truck, it still feels them.”

“It’s okay.”

“For now, but the part of the island we have to go to, is much worse.”

Form then on, the conversation was sparse which Jared liked for now. It gave him time to reflect on what had transpired that day.

“You know, I could have made it,” he said.

“The extra day?”

“Yeah,” he said. “All I want is freedom.”

“Freedom from what?” Liz asked.

“Of the control of women. To be my own and to be autonomous. To be free to choose a partner like in the old movies.”

The truck suddenly rocked heavily to the side.

“Sorry about that, the terrain is going to be bad until we hit the marsh area.”

“It’s okay,” he replied. “Do you live on the island?”

Jared tried to look where they were going, but she no longer had the headlights on.

“No one lives on the island,” she said. “Too much risk associated with that.”

“So where do you live?”

“I have a small one room apartment at the docks part of town.”

That would be a major change for Jared. His previous matriarch had a three story mansion complete with servants and the like. Women were abundant, but he was the prize kept almost exclusively alone. It gave him plenty of time with books which helped when he was brought out in circles for entertain. That was mostly his exposure to other people except of course form the constant needs of his mistress. Isolation and sex all for her. Never for him in the grand scheme of things. As long as she had the itch go away for a bit.

“That is small,” he remarked.

“I know.”

The vehicle rocked again violently.

“How big is this place?”

“Not very,” she said. “I can drive form one side of this island to the other in about an hour and a half.”

“SO it has a marsh and your employers work in like what, a cabin?”

“No, they reside in an underground complex hidden on the island, but the access to it is a pipe.”

He laughed at the absurdity.

“Hey, laugh if you like. They are trying to help. It’s a slow process but every few weeks they take someone.”

“Won’t they look for me?”

“Always, but they give up.”

Jared allowed the silence to return. Fatigue slowly crept into his body. His next struggle began and he must have lost because when the vehicle suddenly stopped he was scared awake.

“We’re here,” Liz said.

“If you’ve done this before,” Jared said with a yawn. “Why haven’t you taken advantage of men before?”

“I’m not allowed to.”

And that was it. She was out of the vehicle before he could ask any other question. Getting out, he swore as he landed in mud, the cold dirt covered his feet and squished between his toes. That may have been a distraction, but as he closed the truck door, he noticed his cock was back to being rock hard like a diamond.

“Crap,” he said.

“What’s wrong?”

“The mud,” he said, but it was really him being annoyed with being horny again. “But where are you?”

“Over in front of the truck,” she said with a laugh. “Sorry, I forget. Not often I have company.”

He walked to the front of the truck and almost jumped when something brushed his hand.

“Relax, just gonna lead you on.”

And so they walked for a minute or so before stopping.

“What’s up?” Jared said. Liz shushed him and he heard a click.

“Who is it?” A chipper sounding voice said on an unseen comm device.

“This is Liz, rank recruiter.”

Jared feeling apprehensive huddled close to her body. Her warmth was nice and he felt he stiffen at his closeness. No doubt she could feel his hot rod against her.

“Hey Liz, what you doing out here this late?”

“Have a recruit.”


There was a sudden loud click.

“Why didn’t ya say so sooner? Head on in.”

Liz turned around suddenly.

“Hey, you got to be careful with that thing. All I can think about now is it.”

“Sorry,” Jared said. “You want to take care of it?”

A desperate moan sounded from her.

“No, we need to go in.”

She stepped away and suddenly Jared was blinded by light. Something pulled him and he allowed himself to be guided as he blinked away painful tears. He was wiping them away when a professional sounding woman said something.

“Liz, good to see you.”

“Hey Denise, I brought a recruit.”

“I can see, what a specimen.”

When Jared’s eyes cleared he found himself looking at a tall blond woman. She was cry as hell, with wide birthing hip and huge breasts. All of it was barely contained in a red shirt, black skirt and a white lab coat. She had matching red-rimmed glasses that flared out at the edges and purple eyes.

“Why hello there,” Denise said extending her hand in greeting to Jared. “I’m Denise.”

“Jared,” he said taking the hand. Her grip was firm, but pleasant.

“My you are strong aren’t you?”

He smiled feeling conscious now of what she was saying. It seemed like she was taking stock of him like he was some sort of cattle. Fear went through him as he realized Liz may have lied to him. He was about to say something when two other women walked up and began talking earnestly with Liz. The trio walked off leaving him Alone with Denise in the hallway.

“Where are they going?” He asked.

“No where important right now, just catching up. Come with me, I’m sure your famished.”

Denise led the way never once breaking her stride. She asked him many questions about himself, which he did answer. As they went, he got the impression Denise hd no sexual interest in him, which was a surprise.

There were plenty of opportunities she could have pulled him into dark rooms. He saw plenty walking down concrete hallways.

“So what do you want with me?” he asked interrupting her current point and question session.

“I, or rather my organization, is devoted to trying to foster a world where women and men are equals when it comes to matter of both love and physical interactions. It disgusting how men have become second-class citizens in this world and we aim to change that.”

“And me?” He asked a little annoyed she never answered his question. They continued walking down the concert hallways.

“You will be afforded the chance to choose your path,” she said. “I’m afraid as much as our goal is to create this new world, we do have to follow the rules of this one to an extent. Our hope is to match you to a woman of your liking who will emulate the views.”

“Not possible,” he said in disbelief.

“But it is,” she said. “Take for example right now. Normally interacting with me as a woman you would have been provided two choices. One, you would be pumped full of chemical to increase your libido to unsustainable amounts to where you would practically be an uncontrollable sexual beast. I would present myself and you would fuck me.”

“And the second?”

“The second I would tell you to strip and fuck you,” she said. “The law supports either way, but look at us now, walking and talking. No sexual tension in the air right now other than the fact that you are in the throes of option one.”

Jared saw that she had a point.

“So what if I offered?”

“I would hike my skirt up and let you fuck the daylights out of me of course,” she said laughing. “But the point is that you haven’t offered isn’t it?”

It was. Nothing taken. If this had been him out on the street, he would have been free game. The riots that would have started over a free male. Probably make the headline news.

“So what now?” He asked.

“We have to figure that out,” she said.

“Could just get me a Freedom Card,” he offered up as a hopeful possibility. It crushed him when she laughed.

“That thing doesn’t exist dear,” she said. “That thing was just promised to the viewers to spin up the show and boost ratings.”

“But the winner,” he countered.

“Is currently burying his face in the owners snatch no doubt or never seen the light of day again.”

Jared had always suspected that, but it hurt him in a confounding way. There as never really any hope of escaping.

“A male that is free, that would be the day hell froze of there Jared,” she said stopping for the first time since they began their trek. She turned towards him. “I’m sorry. I didn’t realize that the promise of that thing would be told to the men.”

“My previous um owner used to watch the Arena all the time and tease me about it.”

“Who was she?”

“Cierana Holester.”

The reaction from Denise was what he would have expected.

“You spurned that woman?”

“Yeah,” he said with a smile.

“You are dumb,” she said with emphasis on the last word.

“Probably, but then again, I escaped and she has replaced me.”

Jared knew that she had. With her needs for sure. There wasn’t even a second though given to it probably. He wondered though if she had watched the Rena out of spite or skipped it.

“Mind if I pry and ask what happened?”

“Not at all, but the price is food.”

“Oh dear, I am sorry. Let’s go it’s right up here.”

The tow of them walked quickly now. Jared surmised that the woman had to be connected if she knew about Ceirana.

“Where are we?” He asked while the walked briskly. Somehow the clicking of heels echoing through the empty halls was disheveling to him.

“Still on the island, but in an abandoned power plant that has long since sunk into the mud of the marsh.”

“How does the Arena not know about it?”

“My family owned a lot of property years ago before a lot of it was seized up by the government in the restructuring fifty years ago. This place was one of them, but my mother never told them about it and so its like a secret home.”

The stopped in front of a door that was just painted black.

“Here we are.”

She waved a hand in front of it and there was click before it slid open. What Jared saw took his breath away. Just the aroma of cooked food was enough to make his head swim. He hadn’t realized how famished he was.

“Go ahead,” she said.

Rushing over, all manner of decency went out the window for him as he took handfuls of food and ate.

“No matter what, that never changes,” he heard Denise say with a laugh. He swallowed his current mouthful and offered an apology. “Don’t be sorry, I can only imagine.”

He nodded at her and watched as he sat in a chair in front of him. There was a napkin so he cleaned up and realized there was later and silverware. While he was cleaning his hands, he happened to look at her and found himself staring at a bare pussy. His eyes traveled up and Denise was smiling at him.

“So tell me, what happened.”

“Well,” he began as he stood up and sat on the couch across from her. As much as he was comfy in front of the food, her offered view was not what he wanted to look at. Despite the fact that his cock was again throbbing in hard vengeance, he wanted to keep it to himself. “So the last straw for me was when she decided to bring another man into the fold. I refused to partake in her game and she freaked out. There was no love between us, which she cemented in a torture session she decided to set up.”

“Doesn’t sound to bad,” Denise said.

“Yeah, but I refused to break and after a couple of hours, she grew bored and tossed me away like a broken toy.”

“Do you regret it?”

“No,” he said.

Denise smiled at him.

“Her loss, your gain.”

“Until I’m shackled again.”

“We have had no complaints from the men we have rescued and paired.”

“How many?”

“We currently have around forty successful pairing. I’m actually one of them.”

“And yet you would offer yourself to me?”

“We all have our faults,” she said with another laugh. It was annoying him. “Liz also happens to be a member of course, but we chose her due to find men because of her virginity and lack of sexual drive.”

Jared couldn’t believe Liz had no sexual drive. Way she acted back in the forest seemed to Jared that she was primed and ready for being a total woman. Then it struck him, Denise was under the impression Liz would never sleep with a man she had rescued.

“Take this room as example,” Denise said. “It represents one of my faults.”

Jared’s eyes wandered around the room. There were various paintings posted, statues on what looked to be on marble stands. Even the room was painted a different color.

“How so?” He asked.

“Its art,” she said. “I can’t get enough it. See, even if sex is the ultimate driver of the female sex now, it used to not be. Here you can see what humanity can give when sex isn’t the front runner.”

“So you art?”

She laughed.

“I do “art,” as you say, but its much more than that. See through training and will power I have pushed myself to not require sexual intercourse with a male as often as it plagues many.”

“And you have achieved what exactly?” he asked.

“Through abstaining I have achieved clarity. We we never meant to live like this, but as equals.”

“Do you treat your male as an equal?”

“He isn’t my male, but my partner and I do my best to. Biological needs override.”

Jared could see the woman was serious in her views. Especially being that the rom was pleasant and something he could tell that she put a lot of thought and effort into. That’s how it would be with Liz. His condition would to have this life that Denise had shown.

“My last um owner had little time for the arts,” he said.

“I bet. From what I understand she is heavily involved in foreign affairs. Her like of time and needs probably kept her too busy.”

“Or she had a lack of interest.”

“That could be true but she also has money and you know with her position there isn’t a need either.”

“What about you?”

“What do you mean?”

“You have money why not indulge?”

She shifted on the couch.

“I think that its better to live the way I described and I want ou to accept.”

“If I don’t?”

“The door is right there, and you’re free to leave.” She said as a matter of fact. “If you want to stay though.”

“I do,” he said. “But I’d like to see Liz.”


“I choose her.”

The look of Denise’s face was one of shock. Jared surmised the woman had never even thought the lowest pawn there would even be a choice.

“Are you sure, because it complicates things,” she said, but there was little emotion in it.

“I am,” he said. “You offered me a choice and I already like her, though I like you too.”

“I am not a choice,” she said before standing up. “Wait here.”

Denise left the room abruptly. Jared watched the woman go amused that he had disturbed her. With nothing else to do, he turned his attention back to the food.

Everything was still warm and he ate and drank to his heart’s content. It had been a long time since he had a proper meal. Once he felt full, he wanted to relax, but his throbbing cock came back with a vengeance. He wondered if he should have asked Denise if there was a way to help. He smirked thinking the woman would have offered only one thing. He frowned knowing it to be true. There was always the option of self-relief but he didn’t think that was the best option. Sighing, he breathed deeply and tried to get himself under control. It gave Jared a chance to reflect to.

Liz, the woman who had assuredly saved him form a much worse fate. Shackled again once more to a woman didn’t mean that he was gonna lose out like he would have with staying with Cierana or getting captured in the Arena. He was happy with his decision.

There was a click and Jared heard somebody come into the room. He thought it would be Denise and said nothing to the woman as she came to sit down. Much to his surprise, the woman sat down next to him and he looked over to see Liz.

“Hey,” he said genuinely excited to see her.

“Hi,” she replied. She didn’t even look at him, just stared at the table of food.

“Get some,” he said.

“Can’t,” she said.

Jared figured it was because of the intended consumer. Denise hadn’t even touched the food. They sure wanted to make an impression.

“So what’s happened to you?”

“Nothing. Just a normal debrief until they sent me here.”

“Are you okay?”

Now she turned to look at hi Jared could see that she looked paler than she did before.

“What did you say?”

“I wanted you,” he said.

He saw her eyes brighten.

“Really?” she asked excitedly.

“Didn’t even ask to see the others,” he said.

“You didn’t have to, but you also didn’t need to choose me.”

He scooted closer to her, but she moved away.

“I know, but I promised,” he said. “If what’s sold here is believed, than I know how you will treat me.”

“No, you don’t,” she said and he saw tears suddenly flow freely down her cheeks. “Right now I want to just attack you. Ripping your clothes off for a long fuck would be amazing. I am stopping myself, but I’ve never felt so much pain before.”

Her confession took him aback.

“The impression I got form Denise is that a lot of will power helps.”

Burying her face into her hands, Liz leaned back and began sobbing. Jared stayed next to her, but made no effort to console her. To him, he figured if she wanted to be touched, she wouldn’t have pulled away before. Then again, he also knew that was a fear that he had dealing with Ceirana. Touching the previous mistress in any sort of way that lacked her control would be met with severe negative consequences. That mistake had only been learned once. Sighing Jared listened in guilt to Liz’s sobbing. Until Denise thankfully came back.

“Well you two have done it now,” Denise said announcing her presence. She took a seat once more on the couch across from Jared. He again saw her bare pussy as she sat.

“What did we do?” Jared asked anxious to keep his mind off of sex.

“Had I known from the onset that the two of you had copulated out in the wilderness there could have been some avoidance to some issues.”

“How is that an issue?”

“See it had already been announced and not by me, that a male had been rescued from the Arena. Liz was not considered a possibility in the women who would have been shown to you. Those women are complaining they didn’t get a fair chance and are raising quite the objection.”

“So no problem then?”

Both women looked at Jared with a bewildered look on their faces. Then Denise surprised Jared by laughing.

“I like you,” she said. “Not an ounce of restraint in you. Those woman are missing out to you Liz.”

“Thank you ma’am,” Liz said. A feeling of uneasiness washed over Jared as he heard Liz show docility.

“That being said, I have to get you two out of the facility before I have a full on riot on my hands.”

“They are that upset?” Jared asked.

“Yeah, well things can be complicated.”

“Or they don’t practice what is being preached very well.”

Eyes narrowed at him.

“Anyways, I intend to honor your wishes,” Denise said. “As such, Liz you will have to take him from here directly to a registrar’s office.”

“Thank you,” she said.

“Don’t thank me yet. A vote took place and you were voted out of the organization for your indiscretion.”

“Hold on now,” Jared said getting ready to rise angrily up. He stopped himself though.

“Look, it wasn’t my decision, but I won’t leave you empty handed. By their earlier votes, you will be compensated and given a new vehicle. I’m afraid though the compensation will be barely enough to cover the registration.”

Jared looked over to Liz to see if she would object. Instead she got up and hugged Denise.

“Thank you,” she said.

“You’re very welcome Liz. I am sorry that you were voted out, but you leave richer today and unshackled if you and Jared continue to work together as a team. Remember your vows and it will serve you.”

Liz gave her assurances before Denise informed them they really had to be leaving. Jared held back as Denise and Liz walked out. He followed the two of them in an effort to keep his suffering cock concealed. A small uncomfortable walk and the three of them eventually made it to a big red door.

“Here is the exit,” Denise said suddenly stopping. “I am really sorry to both of you. Take this.”

Denise handed an envelope over to Liz.

“It is a lot, but as I said before, it will probably only be enough to pay for the registration. Do not dally with that. Get it done.”

Liz nodded.

“Here are the keys to a car. Your truck will be driven and dropped off at your designated spot at work.”

“I can keep my job?”

“We don’t control that just like we can’t force you not to reveal us,” Denise said. The fear was evident on her face. “I know this is messed up, but they are good people.”

“I won’t reveal you guys,” Liz said. The two women hugged for a seconds before Denise opened the door for Liz to go out. Jared moved to follow but was stopped.

“Please take care of her,” Denise said.

“I plan on it,” he replied.

Denise stand into his eyes for a second before turning away. With a shrug he went out the door too.

The night had grown colder since before the entered the facility. Lack of ability to tell time kept him in the dark as to when it was. He didn’t say anything as he walked around the vehicle and got in. Liz of course was already inside. White knuckles gripped the steering wheel.

“You okay?” Jared ask.

Liz said nothing as the vehicle began to move. A look of determination on her face warned Jared not to press his questions. For Jared, he took in his surrounding as his only form of entertainment.

At first, trees lined the road, but then they crossed a bridge into drastic change. Nature had been tamed. Tamed by giant featureless concert buildings. It was a complete jungle of shaped rock, devoid of color.

“Where are we?” he asked after a few minuted.

“Matriarcha,” she said.

Matriarcha. One of the biggest capital cities that the Women ruled. The second biggest actually in the FDD or rather the Female Domination Dominion and not as populated as it could be. With city percent of the world supposedly under the control of the FDD it had may places open to voluntary new comers to society. On a world scale it sounded absurd, but it happened. Propaganda put out often promised those still resisting the onslaught of feminine rule a better life all around. Many countries had fallen to that.

One of the things Jared had in his life with Ceirana was time. Access to books happened to be the other. By his estimates, a hundred years ago about thirty percent of the world’s land mass had been submerged under rising tides. That had been the catalyst that allowed the FDD to push forwards in its world conquering.

The many continents that had once existed were now many islands. That had allowed the FDD to imply of a form of island hopping through various invasionary tactics using sex. Within a few years, the FDD had conquered about half of the land mass available. There it had stayed until present day where it used diplomacy as its main invasion policy.

He knew that too by just watching the news on late nights. With their tactics, man would fall to woman, enjoying the lust of flesh and nutting their control away orgasm after orgasm. At least, that is what he thought for a long time.

Treaties had been signed and that stopped the onslaught of naked honey women in the world for now. Mostly because the FDD lacked a major military force. Sure there were plenty of women who liked “conquering,” men of the battlefield, but in bloody war women failed.

There were a few countries who had invaded the FDD. The FDD didn’t employ much of a military, but they had millions of unpaired single women. After the last country had fallen to the FDD treaties had been signed. Everything in the “Free Countries” searched everything and often banned travel. Doors though to the FDD also stayed open.

“What year is it,” Jared asked out of the blue. Now that he had time to relax, small questions plagued him.

“2117,” Liz replied.

“A year,” he said. “I have been locked up for a year.”

“How do you know?”

“I went in late 2115.”

“What did you do?”

“Refusal of sex,” he said. “A crime punishable by death, but why waste a good cock?”

He looked over to Liz. A look of determination furrowed her brow, but she washed the road as they drove. Nothing, it seemed to him, would grab her from the mission.

“Can we get something to drink?”

Liz looked at him then for a brief second.

“You could get kidnapped,” she said after a moment and with a sigh.

“But it’s late and I need to heal,” he said.

“What if u ran?” She asked. Jared could hear a bit of fear in her voice.

“I won’t?”


“I gave you my word for one,” he began. “And for two, where would I go?”

They drove in silence for a few and Jared settled into tying to find the stars hidden in the city lights.

“I have to pee,” she said finally. “So you get your wish.”

“Sweet,” he said.

“It won’t be.”


“It won’t be,” she said. “Only places open this late are stores pandering to the late night huntresses. So getting food and drink at one will be weird.”

“Money is money,” Jared said.

“True, but women don’t but food this late at a sex shop. They buy either sex or things for sex.”

Jared was silent for a moment.

“So what then?” He asked. “They think it’s weird, why would they care?”

Liz was silent and that silence stayed there until they pulled up into the parking lot of a huge looking department store. She parked and then turned in her seat.

“Are you okay?” She asked.

“Yeah, just really thirsty and horny,” he replied.

“I can help,” she offered.

“I know, that’s why we are here right?”

They stared at each other for a minute, her red eyes glowing in the darkness of the car.

“Hey, we can have a quickie,” she said.

“I would rather not right now,” he said. “Just too thirsty.”

“Well,” she began sitting back with a look of disappointment on her face. “I am about to go.”

“Not us?”

“No,” she said. “We can’t risk someone asking for registration. Plus the cops will side with themselves so I wouldn’t even be able to protest.”

Jared hadn’t thought much about that possibility. Police forces were notorious for taking men owned for minor crimes. Not too mention once another woman grabbed him, chances were that woman would fight tooth and nail to keep him. More woman would no doubt get involved from there. Free man, the Arena would happen in the streets.

“I’ll stay,” he said.

“Good,” she replied leaning forward. Her lips pressed against his and the kiss began. Too soon it was over for both of them, but Liz said nothing as she quickly left him in the car. The locking of the doors made him cringe.

Sitting there in the car, Jared watched the night life around him. From his car, he could see another car rocking. A woman walked with her man on a leash next to her. There was giggling and laughing that could be heard but not pinpointed from inside the care. He dare not investigate.

Even if the middle of the night meant people should be at home, Jared was quickly seeing that it did not mean women were on the prowl. He even watched two women exchange money and then walk off together. The rocking car had stopped, but now there was a couple actually screwing in the open. There were no decency laws. As uneasiness settled into him and he jumped when the locks on the card suddenly sounded.

The driver’s side door opened and Liz got in. She held over a bag to him, which he took and found that it had drinks and some other food.

“Water is yours,” she said.

He took the bottle out and handed her whatever she got. As he gulped down the much needed drink, he also watched Liz. She put some sort of powder n her drink and shook it up before quickly doing it. If Jared saw correctly, it seemed a little bit of color had returned to her cheeks. He didn’t say anything about it.

“So where is the office?”

“Only a few minutes away,” Liz said with a gasp of air after pulling the empty bottle away form her lips. “It will actually be open in a couple of hours.”

“What do we do while we wait?” He asked. He assumed she would offer sex, but instead told him to get some rest. She wasn’t tired, but she would stay up while he slept. Happy with the answer, Jared passed out in a few minutes.

Jared’s dreams were not pleasant. Running through city streets as nightmarish clamoring modified women left him rolling in sweat. His dreams replayed over the four-breasted athletic monster form earlier. Her grunts and his desperation for relief. As it continued, he came out of sleep with a startle while someone shook him.

“What?” He said groggily.

“Wake up,” a voice said. He blinked and tried to get the dregs of sleep form his eyes. Eyes that burned and watered as sunlight stung them.

“Liz?” He said after a moment.

“Yeah, it’s time. We are already at the office.”

Sure enough, as Jared’s sight cleared he saw that they were not in the parking lot of the story anymore. He looked over to Liz and jumped a bit in looking at her. Dark circles were under her eyes and she looked paler than before. His gaze travelled back to outside the car and he noticed that the streets were bare of people.

“We need t go in now before others show up,” she said.

“Women looking to snipe?”

“Of course,” she said with a weak smile.

They got out of the car and Jared followed her closely not the building. He may have been boisterous about his physique and ability to take care of himself, but being approached by random women would make it difficult to keep that persona. His fear would be that some woman who wasn’t Liz would snatch him.

The two of them went into the registration office. As an office, registration offices were not especially big. They often had a few rooms and only about six or seven state employees. A yearly registration was required, but most avoided the offices and just mailed in the required fees and forms. Jared knew from rumor women who failed to re-register often found themselves without.

After a wait, Liz was called to a window and both of them were shown into a room. There were seats and a dest but the biggest feature was the examination table. Even after the door closed Jared stood looking at the table.

“You okay?” Liz asked her voice was small and weak.

“Just memories of being younger with lots of needles,” he said before going over and sitting on the bed. Engrained procedure had him do that. Though his hear pounded in his ears, he knew the long wait the two of them had would be in actuality, shorter.

The door opening made both of them jump. An extremely busty redhead walked in. Jared felt a surge of anger in himself for the wait, but reserved it to a clenched fist. In addition, she also was dressed similarly to the techs in the Arena. A blue form fitting latex suit underneath a lab coat. Every curve was laid out in shiny eyefuls. The woman oozed sexiness in a way that could only be attributed to her piercing green eyes and breasts that looked like each weighed as much as Liz. The woman sat down in a chair in front of the desk.

“Hey there, I’m Alice,” she said in a peppy introduction. “I understand you are wishing to register your male?”

“Yes,” Liz replied.

“He is a fine looking specimen if you don’t mind me saying,” Alice continued. “Where did you get him?”

“I uh received as a bonus form work,” Liz replied but the hesitation in her voice was evident. Hell, as Jared watched her fidget he could tell the girl was super nervous.

“Relax, I’m not gonna take him,” Alice said. “We get that fear a lot here.”

“Okay,” Liz said.

“I want to let you know prices went up yesterday and before we can proceed you need to fill these forms out.”

Alice handed Liz a clip board.

“I will leave you here to fill that out, be back in five. Have to get some things for the exam.”

At that Alice got up and left the room.

“What are we gonna do?” Liz asked as soon as the door closed.


“If the price increased we don’t have enough.”

Jared thought about it.

“It’s a bluff,” he said. “What’s on the form?”

“A bunch of questions about you,” she said.

“Hand it over,” Jared told her. She did and he filled out the rest of the paper work.

“That was easy,” he said satisfied with his answers.

“For you.”

“What do you mean?”

“I could have died a virgin you know.”

“You really want to go your whole life without sex?”

“Its killing me now to go without it.”

“Is that why you look so pale?” Jared asked. He knew hat she was waiting for him to offer, but the entire time, he had been turning her down and avoiding the sex. In fact, now that he thought about it he wasn’t horny anymore. Had to have been the sleep.

“My medicine stopped working and now I get to be broke again.”

Jared heard her anger, but she looked so weak to him. He moved to get up but she scooted her chair away form the medical bed.

“Why didn’t you say anything?” He asked.

“Because its yours to offer, not mine to take.”

Her words had resolve in them even if she looked drained. Trembles were wracking her body. Her willpower was strong, but enough time had past that already the withdrawals were hitting her and hard. Another day and she would begin to deteriorate both physically and mentally. It was a rare condition, but it did happen.

“Liz,” he said getting her attention. “Will it bother you if I offer sex to her to reduce the price?”

“No, but what about me?”

“I will take care of you after her,” he Sid with a smile. “I promise.”

She leaned back in her chair.

“What makes you think she wants sex?”

“She’s a woman,” he said. “I know you’re aching but every woman feels those same pangs. Haven’t you noticed? The more cock one gets the worse it gets. She may be able to put up a front, but she gave herself away by increasing the price.”

Liz’s head dropped. He hoped an answer would be given, but then Alice came back into the room. Even though the door opening and closing announced the woman, her breasts really did that. Alice moved and grabbed the clip board.

“So you re paying then?”

“Yeah, but the price is too steep.”

A smile spread across Alice’s face and Jared smirked. Seemed he had hit the nail on the head on what the intention here was. The hunger etched on Alice’s as unsettling as it was, left him feeling challenged.

“I am prepared to offer you a fifty percent discount for a sample of your man.”

Liz wasn’t looking at the woman, but Jared saw Alice lick her lips.

“Okay,” Liz said sounding defeated.

“Really now,” Alice said with excitement.

“Yes but I want the sex to happen here and on that bed. And if possible I want something binding this agreement.”

Alice laughed.

“Of course dear,” she said. A piece of paper was handed over and Liz gasped. “Not that that has been taken care of.”

Alice turned suddenly to Jared.

“As the deal is, one load for fifty percent off. I want it in my breasts.”

At that, Alice unzipped the front of her suit allowing her titanic breast to fall out of them. She actually moaned while they bounced into bountiful perkiness. Jared’s jaw dropped looking at the mammaries and he was taken aback by the lack of nipples. There were big areoles but they bent in on themselves. What was unnerving about the sight is the copious amount of clear liquid seeping from between the folds of the inverted nipples.

“Yes, stare at them. Your cock is going into one of them,” Alice said. The hunger in her eyes now told him that she had become all consumed by her physical desires. Jared already knowing what would transpire if her made her wait, shimmied of his pants.

“Oh god, you’re so big soft. I that natural?”

He didn’t answer even when her hands gripped the rod of flesh and worked it up.

“Now them just sit there, I will do this part.”

Jared watched in fascination as Alice lifted one breast up. Amazement could have been etched on his face at how she lifted it with one arm and lined his cock up to the opening. Then it slid into what felt like a pussy.

“Yeah let that recognition sink in,” Alice said in a husky voice. “I love augments how do you think I got them so big?”

Jared only moaned in pleasure.

“My issue then arose in the fact that I love my big breasts but could never full show them off. I’m in charge but with mammaries this big how can I enjoy the loos of pleasure on a man’s face.”

He had too grip the bed to keep the pleasure of her squeezing breast from overwhelming his senses. In an effort to he looked over to Liz to see how she was holding up. To his surprise the woman was naked in the chair now and masturbating vigorously.

“So then I thought,” Alice said continuing her speech while milking his dick. “That I need a way to use these beauties. Sure tit jobs were the way to go at first but it deprived me of pleasure.”

She moaned suddenly loudly.

“I found a doctor willing to augment my breasts even further and now each nipple has been changed instead of being there to being another hungry and highly sensitive cunt.”

Jared had been begun thrusting himself into the orifice.

“And men love it. One taste of my specially brewed cunt milk and their cocks just melt into it.”

He would agree with that sentiment.

“That’s right, fuck it, give it all to me,” Alice cried out. Jared scantily heard the sound of liquid hitting the hitting the floor. Try as he might, Jared couldn’t keep his hips from moving. He looked over to Liz for help, but she wasn’t paying attention to what was happening anymore. Just masturbating as much as she could. With a sudden sputter he cock erupted into Alice’s breast.

“Ah you cunt,” Jared yelled. Alice yelled something back, but as he squeezed his eyes shut in what had to be the best orgasm of his life, that mattered little. As he came down from the euphoria, he opened his eyes to Alice looking like she was having some sort of seizure.

“More,” she was saying.

“Liz,” Jared said with a whisper. She heard him and stopped what she was doing to lock eyes with him. Then she heard Alice speaking the word and a recognition etched across her face.

“Free,” Liz said.

“It will be, just have him fuck me please,” Alice said. She had collapsed writhing on the floor, legs spread.

“Can you get it back up?”

“Her um breast hasn’t let it soften,” Jared said slightly embarrassed. The woman didn’t just have giant tanks but elastic ones too. With a pull and a push, the breast reluctantly came off with a wet pop. He jumped off the bed and prepared to give her another load but was stopped by Liz.

The two of them locked eyes and she pulled him into a kiss. It was short, but still electric.

“Fuck her and please come fuck me,” she said once the kiss was broken.

“I will, but I may need some help with rising.”

She smacked his ass and walked back to her chair. Jared got into position and sank into Alice.

It was immediacy clear to Jared that Alice never used her actual pussy for sex. Bitch was tighter in his opinion than Liz.

“Oh my god,” Alice cried out. The sex form that point was as rough as Jared could make it.

He just wanted to cum again and go to Liz. Worry had worked itself into his mind now and even though the squeezing cunt tried its best to milk him of anther load, his mind centered on Liz. Call it desire or maybe even fear, but eh cared about the smaller woman. Not the one who was spraying milky cum out her breasts and pussy right now. Mostly because he was now annoyed being covered in the sticky discharge. Eventually his ball did boil out another load and he fell away.

“God dammit,” Alice said. “I want another.”

“I need a break,” Jared said.

“No,” Liz said after a moment. “I need his cock now. Can you help a woman?”

“On my desk, there is a pen, open it and put the shot in his arm.”

Jared looked over to Liz once more. She was even paler and there was an apparent gleam of pleading in her eyes. He got up and went to the desk. The shot hurt when he put it in but the effects were immediate. His cock rose up and he knew what to do with it.

Please. That was the only word Liz spoke to him while he stood above her. She was on the edge of the chair spread eagle. Hands gripped her legs and he noted how flexible she looked as she held them spread.

“Nice view,” he said and meant it. Liz had a gorgeous pussy. Even though the ones he was accustomed too had exposed clits, hers was covered with a hood. A pristine beauty that he almost hated to ruin its waters with a hard cock.

“I can’t think anymore Jared,” Liz whispered.

Jared smile and descended upon the woman.

“Oh fuck,” she said with a moan. “I’ve waited to long for this.”

He bottomed out and had the pleasure of watching her pussy grip his dick as he pulled it out. He watched her eyes roll back into her head as he went back in.

The two of them were soon panting, especially him as the exertion made his head swim. But he didn’t give up. As his thrust down became harder, her cried became louder. Minutes, hours, days could have passed.

“Cum baby,” Liz suddenly said. “Please cum.”

Baby. He had never been called that before and there was a tenderness in her voice that was new. No woman before had shown him that compassion before. Not even his mother growing up. Always a tool for pleasure and sold as soon as possible. It was a connection he had never had and his body responded to that.

“Yes, fill me up baby,” Liz screamed. “Fill that pussy up.”

And he did. He had given one final thrust before he screams and he felt his balls themselves trying leave his body as he emptied them for a third time.

Hunger pained his stomach and he licked his parched lips. Pulling out, he was left in awe as his dick was coated in a mixture of both of them. Almost falling back, he caught himself by grabbing her.

“That was amazing,” she told him. There was a glazed look in her eyes, one of pure contentment. A smile broke across his face. He winked at her and was going to speak when a rustling garnered his attention.

Turning, he saw Alice redressing herself. For the first time, he noticed how salty the room smelled. Sex with two women then mixed well as it lulled him into a relaxed state. So much so that he felt like he could fall asleep.

“That was amazing,” Alice said zipping up her latex suit. “You lady have a male that is impeccable in not only flavor but ability and physicality. Well worth the discount.”

He watched as she moved over and stamped come papers.

“When she recovers, give her this card,” she said handing him a thick blue plastic card. It was featureless except for a chip on the edge of one end. “This is her permit.”

He nodded.

“Please try to get her to recover soon. We have already been in the room too long.”

At that Alice was gone, taking with her the tension and his anger. Feeling satisfied, he went over to Liz.

“Are you okay?” he asked.

“Yeah,” she said opening her eyes. The color was back in them now and she looked a lot better than a few moments ago.

“She said we have to leave.”

Liz slowly got up in the chair which proved to be a sight to watch as the woman had to readjust herself to a sitting position and then get up. She dressed quickly.

“I need a shower,” she said.

He reached out and pulled her into a hug.

“What are you doing?” she asked, her hot breath going through his shirt.

He pulled back and looked at her.

“I’m sorry for making you wait. I had no idea the risks you took for me and what it has done to you waiting.”

“It’s nothing,” she said.

“But it is. You struggled valiantly. What would have happened had you waited anymore?”

“I would have attacked you. The drive is way more now. You ruined me.”

The accusation stung but it was true.

“What now?” he asked, deciding to let her be angry at him.

“Now we try to figure out what to do.”

“Your place?”

“Probably but I’m hungry.”

“Well, we have money,” he said.

“Yes, we do.”

After all of it, he was elated as they walked down the hall that she thought of it as theirs. Not that he would press for it, but still, she considered him. They walked together out into the light and got back into the car that had been given to her from the organization. The car started up and they drove.

“So what about us?” he asked.

“Well, you are mine now it seems and neither of us like that.”

“I do,” he said after a moment of silence.

“Why?” Wasn’t your thing that you hated being owned by a woman?”

“No,” he said. “My thing is that I hated being owned by a woman who didn't see me as a partner beyond the act of sex.”

“But I am those women,” she replied. He noticed tears streaming down her face. “Don’t you see, it’s all I think about now since yesterday. I want sex, nonstop now. My body doesn’t even care if you don’t it just craves it now. You did this to me.”

“I did, and I don’t mind because even though your body still craves sex like a crazed slut, you are concerned about what I want. You aren’t demanding it of me.”

“But I want to,” she said.

“And you aren’t. That’s why you’re different and the best woman in the world.”

They were silent once more while driving. The paleness was coming back in her skin and he realized that without some sort of augment for himself to get it up more often, she would never get enough to function.

“My last owner never asked. She would show up and just demand any pleasure. I would be forced to do whatever she wanted. I am trained well you know, but there was one flaw. She liked having me struggle. I can't have sex nonstop because she wanted me to be weak in her presence.”

“She sounds bad,” Liz said.

“Liz, I’m trying to tell you I want you to own me in a way that we are equal. I know you are a slave to your body, but we can make me a slave to mine too.”

“You want to augment?”



“So that I can take care of you for helping me.”

“You really want to stay?”

“I do,” he said looking out past the windshield and to the streets.

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