Hot Office Romance by Vamp4U

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Fiction | Bi-sexual, Blowjob, Consensual Sex, Female, Male, Masturbation, Solo

Jerry thought “hay its not that often that an opportunity like this comes along”. He was of course referring to Peggy who he had only known for two day’s since he hired her. Jerry Fantasized about her ever sense he met her. “Talk about total package” the woman had the brains of a mathematician, and a body that was built for the bedroom. “She is my secretary Christ I work with her every day” he thought but his body kept telling him differently. Peggy didn’t have the slightest idea what was going on inside her bosses head; if she only knew the thoughts that jerry was having of both of them. Peggy had promised her self a long time ago not to get involved with someone at work. “He is a hot hunk of man and it has been a while” “Dimmitt stop it Peggy he is your boss for gods sake”. Oh well Peggy sighed, it is almost lunch time. Peggy was meeting some one for lunch today, it was one of her old friends from College Jodi. Jodi and Peggy were a little closer than friends in college but she had never told anyone. Peggy actually Shuddered as a thought of Jodi’s small but supple breasts and her laying spread eagle on the bed with the pink flesh of her pussy bare for all to see; if any one walked in they would surly be impressed with a natural red head’s talent in between the sheets. “Peggy No” She calmed herself although, it has been a while sense she has seen Jodi and she did enjoy her company and she was a fantastic lover.

If jerry only knew about Peggy and her friend, “what guy has not fantasized about having two beautiful women share his bed with him”? Jerry watched her get up from her desk just outside his office. Peggy called back “I am taking my break now Jerry”, her voice was as sweet as honey to Jerry’s ear’s, not half paying attention and lost in his thought of her he nodded a response to her. “Just this once” Jerry thought and I swear I will Never Do It Again. He had convinced himself that he would ask her out the following week. It was Tuesday afternoon and that was still nine days away, he didn’t know if he could wait that long. Sense his wife of ten years had died unexpectedly, just two years with out any action that was a long time in his mind. Jerry thought “if I can hold out until then, it’s not going to be easy but I will get through it”.

His thoughts drifted to imagining Peggy with silky smooth panties and a see through bra his thoughts went wild as he gently stroked her blond hair away from her neck, and slowly and passionately kissed her neck. Cupping her large breasts with his hands, she moaned and relaxed her weight pressing against his rising erection. He gently stroked her nipples through her bra and it was an instantaneous reaction for her nipples to stiffen and become erect form the sensation of his touch. He slid one of his hands down Peggy’s side heading for the treasure between her legs. He lightly stroked her through her panties as he slid his other hand down her back and kneaded her round but firm bottom. He said “do you like it when I do that Peggy” she softly said yes in response to his soft words in her ear. “Well you are really going to love this then” Jerry said as he slid his hand inside of her panties and stroked her pubic hair teasing her with his magical touch.

Peggy showed him where she wanted him to go and thrust his fingers inside her. Peggy shuddered in response to his subtle advances, slowly taking his time with her making her want him even more. Peggy stopped him and turned towards him his erect love pole was bulging in his pants like it was an untamed beast waiting to break free. She stroked his hard member and it pulsed Peggy smiled and began to unbutton his trousers and pull his boxers off. “Ring” “Ring” “God Dammed Phone” Just when I was about to get to the good Part. Jerry Answered the phone after being rudely yanked out of his day dream about that gorgeous creature that sat at the desk outside of his office. The thought had passed never to return until his mind drifted back to obsessing over her.

Peggy walked briskly down into the parking garage where she had parked this morning. Her candy apple red Mazda meata set perfectly still until she slid the key into the ignition switch. The Car responded with a roar to life and after it was started it began to purr sounding like a grate lioness after a satisfying meal. Peggy glanced behind her to see if it was clear to back up and drive away. It was, and she did. Coffman Boulevard the little café wasn’t that far from the office, Peggy flipped her cell phone open and said “Call Jodi” the phone responded to her command and dialed the appropriate number. “It shouldn’t take this long” she thought to herself the connection was made and a soft but pleasant voice answered. “Hello” Jodi said, Peggy Responded with “I am on my way to the Café now Jodi and I will see you in a few” Jodi responded “Are you talking on the phone while you are driving again, it’s dangerous don’t do that” Jodi’s voice scolded but Peggy blew her criticism off like it was old news. “Peggy you hang the phone up and I’ll see you when you get hear dear Buy now” Jodi said with a soothing voice. “And stop twirling your hair it causes split ends”. Peggy was nervously doing just that very thing Jodi knew her to well and sometimes; that scared the hell out of her because, she would finish Peggy’s sentence before she could.

Peggy said “all right” and hung the phone up then tossed it in the passenger’s seat next to her. It was not that long until Peggy was pulling into the parking lot of La Café Bistro it had been there hidey hole away from school and away from the rat race of dormitory life which was cramped and smelled like mildew most of the time. Both Jodi and Peggy passed and graduated just one year ago today it was an anniversary of sorts both friends haven’t seen each other since then and they had a lot of catching up to do. When Peggy scanned her sapphire blue eyes over the people seated in the Café she automatically recognized Jodi it wasn’t hard to spot that flaming red hair in a crowded restaurant. Peggy eased her way over to where Jodi was seated with the writhing grace of a feline when she walked up and said “is this seat taken” Jodi immediately recognized her by the way that Peggy had always carried her self with a air of confidence of Aphrodite and she knew she was beautiful and knew how to milk it for every thing that it was worth. Jodi stood and stepped closer to her and kissed her full on the mouth, Peggy reciprocated the affection and returned Jodi’s kiss. Jodi broke away sit down Peggy take a load off “god what has it been since we last saw each other” Peggy responded by saying “It’s been a year, one year ago today if I remember correctly”. “It’s been that long; man it doesn’t feel like it Jodi said. Peggy asked “so what are you having Chicken parmesan as usual”. “Yes you know me to well Peg” Jodi said and “I suppose you are going to have the Chicken salad with extra chicken as usual”. Peggy said “we both still know each others habits and I guess that’s a blessing and a curse all rolled into one” The two friends conversed and caught up on old times and Peggy asked if Jodi could come by her apartment later and of course Jodi said yes.

Jerry was thinking “where could she be she is twenty minutes late that’s not good on you’re your second day in a corporate environment”. Just as the thought left his mind Peggy showed up. “Your late” as jerry was pointing at his watch. Peggy said “I know it will not happen again”. “It’s all right Peggy all is forgiven” Jerry said. Five o’clock cant come fast enough Peggy thought to herself. The rest of the day Flew by when you are busy doing menial tasks like filing and writing memos and the lot.

Peggy wanted to get home as fast as she could shower and change and just relax before Jodi showed up and she would probably want to stay for the night Peggy thought.

I hope that she does want to spend the night I would love to eat her out like we did in college. From that jaw dropping kiss that she planted on me at lunch boy she wants it real bad. I had told her seven o clock it is five thirty which means that I have one and a half hours to get every thing done. Peggy was heading for the bed room she kicked her shoes off one by one and unbuttons her blouse and throws it into the hamper that is setting by the television. Peggy stands there in front of the mirror and unhooks her bra letting her natural beauty come through. She strolls to the bath room as she turns the water on and waits for the Ice cold liquid to warm to a tolerable temperature, “which is hot but not to hot”. She spins the skirt around to unzip it and she lets it fall to the ground and steps out of her skirt. She pulls her panties down and steps out of them, and slowly removes her thigh highs one leg at a time. Patty had been waiting for a nice hot shower all day. “Jerry is kind of cute” her thoughts are drawn to him like a moth to the flame. She steps into the shower pretending, fantasizing, about what he would be like if she had sex with him. Not that she would Peggy did not mix business with pleasure but if she could get him to make the first move she may reconsider.

The water flowed over her womanly curves as she began to relax she began touching herself thinking it was his hands that gently caressed her large supple breasts and her nipples responded immediately by becoming erect and hard to her touch, she gently pinched them and rolled them in her fingers. Her body shook with the anticipation of what she was going too do next. Peggy was seriously turned on by the thought of his hands touching her, probing her, letting herself be carried away by the flowing water and the thought of his fingers inside of her. When the first orgasm struck her she was lost to its sweet embrace. Peggy began to play with her clit slow at first and gradually intensifying with every stroke of her wet fingers. The orgasms were now coming one right after the other and Peggy rode them all until she was spent. Just when she thought it was over she climaxed and squirted her womanly juices that flowed like the river Styx she finished her shower and turned the water off and began to dry herself.

When she was finished drying her naked body she dressed in something that was extremely comfortable she found some old sweat pants and a sweat shirt and put them on over her still weak body. Peggy thought “god dam that was the best orgasmic experience that I have ever had, I should do that more often”. Peggy glanced at the clock it was quarter after six she had been in the shower for forty five minutes. She strolled into the living room and sat on the couch laying back she flipped on the television to wait for Jodi.

Jodi showed up right at seven o clock which was, kind of unusual for her considering that she is usually fashionably late. Peggy who was half asleep dozily got up to answer the door. “Jodi welcome to my humble abode” Peggy said. Jodi acknowledged her friends politeness “Nice place you have hear peg” Peggy being modest did not reply instead she offered Jodi a drink and proceeded to make her way to the kitchen. Oh I’m sorry, have a seat Jodi and I will be there in a minute. Jodi did as she asked and made her self comfortable on the couch. The room was modestly furnished which was Peggy’s style but not extravagant, a simple pile carpet covered the floor and the television was placed against one wall. The walls were painted a tan color and various pieces of art work hung on the walls. “Hear you go Jodi” Peggy presented the chilled glass to her companion and often lover. Jodi took the glass from Peggy and downed it in three swallows. Peggy stared at her in disbelief “Lucky for you, I did bring the bottle in hear with me” and Peggy sat the chilled bottle of wine on the table in front of her. Jodi promptly poured another glass only this time she took her time with it. The two friends sat there for several minutes dinking the bottle of wine that was in front of them. So finally Peggy said “How have you been”? Jodi did not respond right away and Peggy prompted “what’s wrong Jodi is it that ass of a boyfriend of yours”? Jodi reluctantly told Peggy the whole story that she had caught him screwing some one else in her own bed and wanted to kill him right on the spot but she didn’t. Instead she proceeded to take his clothes up and throw them out of the window to the street that was three floors down. She threw every thing out and threatened to throw the Bitch that he was sleeping with out as well. Jodi slightly sobbing at this point said “Could I spend a few days hear peg, I’ll never go back to that ass hole again”! Peggy was of course expecting something like this to happen Jodi has not had the best of luck with men lately. “Yeah sure you can”. Peggy said and trying to calm her friend down at the same time. The pair of girls talked until eleven o clock the time went by so fast and Peggy realized she needed to sleep. She was going to offer Jodi the couch to rest for the night but Jodi was already asleep and Peggy was holding her. “Poor thing,” Peggy thought to her self.

It was six am when Peggy’s Alarm clock buzzed to life the annoying beeper kept getting louder. Peggy Reached over and shut it off as she went to take her hand away it fell to the floor with a thud. “Shit”!! Peggy exclaimed “Now I have to get up”. As soon as her feet hit the floor Peggy was wide awake and went into the bath room and went through her routine, it was like clock work every morning at this time. After she come out of the bath room and dressed for work that day. Jodi was still laying on the couch sound asleep Peggy went over to the counter in the kitchen took the pad of paper by the phone and wrote. “Jodi there is leftovers in the fridge and Cranberry juice. Just relax for the day and I will be home at around five thirty and maybe we will have a girl’s night out tonight”. The note was signed Love Peg.

Peggy arrived at her secretary job on time and got settled in and ready to start the day. Jerry watched her graceful walk to her desk out side his office. He thought that she moved like a cat and wondered if he should forget waiting until the following Friday to ask her out for the evening. I’ll do it after lunch, Hell why wait I’ll ask her out to lunch today. Jerry stretched out in his comfy office chair and his mind went immediately to the thought of Peggy standing there with the out fit that she had on this morning. Just waiting for him to come over to her in a dream any thing is possible. He would remember the out fit that she was wearing for the rest of his days. She was dressed very professionally wearing a pin strip jacket and vest, with an above the knee matching pin stripe skirt with the high heals that made her legs look so long and very sexy. The jacket was cut low enough that you could see just a hint of what was underneath just begging to be set free. Jerry hit the button on the intercom and said Peggy hold my calls, I have a lot of paper work to do and I’m going to be busy for a while. Peggy’s honey silk voice answered “yes sir, what do you want me to tell them”? “I don’t know you come up with something” Jerry said.

Jerry stretched out again and started to relax in his big comfy office chair. It was only a few minutes before his mind began to drift back to her standing there with the pin stripe business suit with the short skirt, which she was wearing today when she came in. It is not that often that a man can enjoy a hot sexy secretary fantasy and actually have a chance to have it for real. His mind was racing as to what he was going to say when he asked her out for lunch. Jerry let his mind float back to Peggy and her so very hot out fit that she was wearing. He approached her from behind as she was standing there like an orchid that was in full bloom waiting to be gently plucked by experienced hands. Jerry brushed her gorgeous blond locks to one side over her shoulder. He began to kiss her neck ever so gently while he placed his strong masculine hands around her waist. One hand moved slowly up to unbutton her pin stripe jacket and slowly he removed her jacket and threw it on the chair that was in his office. “A woman that was this beautiful is meant to be savored like a fine glass of wine” Jerry thought. The other hand slid down her waist to her firm bottom and squeezed and kneaded it gently, jerry kissed her neck gently and licked her neck form the base to her ear and gently nibbled her ear. Peggy moaned softly and pressed her weight into him feeling his hard on she began to grind softly on his growing erection. It was like sweet ecstasy they were both getting turned on by the act of foreplay. His hand slowly walked her skirt up her luscious long legs she was wearing a sexy black lace teddy and was just begging to be fucked by a man that knew what to do with a woman of this magnitude. Slowly his hand found its mark and stroked her moist pussy through her black teddy twirling his fingers in her bush making her want him even more than she already did. His other hand moved from her shoulder down to unbutton her vest and he removed it and threw it on the chair with her jacket. By now his erection was full blown and hard as a rock. He was half way to the Promised Land of Eden. Peggy was fully aroused now and ready to take this to the next level of enchantment. Peggy slid her hand up his pants leg to gently stroke his rock hard cock and she imagined him sliding into her womanly parts and moaned with the thought of it. Peggy turned to face him and slowly unbuttoned and unzipped his pants, it seemed like she did this all in one motion. Jerry was moving her toward the desk and he cleared it all in one swipe of his muscular arm. Jerry leaned against the desk with his pants around his ankles he stepped out of them and kicked them across the room. Peggy moved back in with the lathing grace of a feline pouncing on its prey. She placed both hands on his shoulders “so brad and so strong” Peggy thought aloud. One of her hands moved down to his hard waiting love pole and she stroked it slow at first and she put her hand inside his boxers and wrapped her hand around it, it pulsed at her touch like it was alive and had a mind of its own. The second hand that was on jerry’s shoulder moved down to his waist and slid inside his boxers to grab his tight but; and Jerry responded with a grown. Peggy slid down his boxers and twirled her fingers in his pubic hair that surrounded his rock hard fuck pole. She removed her skirt and teddy revealing her heavenly body it was like an angel that had fallen from heaven. Jerry was ready to fuck her so hard but Peggy stopped him with a finger to her lips and said “Shh it’s your turn and then it will be mine”. Jerry did not say a word he got the message loud and clear this woman knew how to please a man in all the right ways. Peggy licked the long shaft of his love pole and licked around the head of it. She wanted him to be inside of her but that could wait for now, she wanted to enjoy his manly gift inside her mouth for a while. She wrapped her large luscious lips around him and began to move rhythmically up and down the shaft of his rock hard cock. Jerry groaned a response his voice was husky with the sound of lust “Suck it Peggy make it nice and hard”. Peggy did just that very thing she wanted to pleasure him in any way that she could. She reached up with one hand and wrapped it around his member and began to move it in rhythm with the movements of her mouth slightly twisting her hand with each stroke. She stroked him until he was almost ready to comb in her mouth and stopped. She slid her hands up his muscular body and pulled him away from the desk and sat down on top of the desk.

Jerry kissed from her shoulders down to her full heavenly breasts and licked her nipples first one and then the other. He kissed down her stomach and force fully spread her legs open wide. He kissed her passion and lingered there before moving on. He gently bit her inner thigh through the thigh high stockings that she was still wearing, she moaned softly in response to his gift. He used both hands to unroll the thigh high stockings from her leg first one the other. He threw them with the rest of her clothing. He kissed her ankle and the moving down her leg pausing at the knee he licked her there and she shudder at the thought of what was coming next. He licked her all the way down to her inner thigh right where the leg meats the hip and paused there he gently bit her there and moved on. He moved across her womanly gift and lingered the slowly licking her blond tuft of pubic hair and moved on to the other leg. Starting at the thigh and moving up her left leg and reaching her ankle he moved down her leg again. This time remaining at her treasure he licked her opening the taste as sweet as a summers rose. Peggy reached in and spread the lips of her womanly gift open for his eyes only. He licked her womanly treasure in all the right ways spending time around her clit. The first wave of orgasm struck her passion and began to over take her she was lost in its warm embrace. After she had comb she stopped him and stood up beckoning him to lie down on the desk. Peggy mounted him Peggy wanted to feel his hardness inside of her; she slid his rock hard cock in side of her wet treasure and started to ride him slowly at first. She watched the expressions on his face and sped up for a while when the expressions changed again she slowed her pace. Both bodies writhing in rhythm both breathing heavy and at last they came together in what must have been the ultimate climax for any two people.

Be ready for part two it gets even wilder.

Rating: 57%, Read 16000 times, Posted Mar 02, 2006

Fiction | Bi-sexual, Blowjob, Consensual Sex, Female, Male, Masturbation, Solo


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