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A spasm of hurt rippled through me with such suddenness that I was almost certain it showed on my face, but I tried to control my expression, keep everything about me neutral and cold – aloof and detached.

I stared up at Silver, blinking back the burning sensation of tears.

"You liar......"

I said through gritted teeth, my fists were clenched, nails digging into my palms.

He simply avoided my gaze, pretending he couldn't see just how abused I was by his betrayal.

"You lied....."

I repeated, reaching out for the pink shapeshifter, to save it it from clutches of this monster, but Silver grabbed my wrist.

"I didn't lie to ya!"

He shouted, shaking me slightly.

"What the hell are you talking about! You just shot us down from the sky without a second thought! The captain is wounded! You said you'd never hurt anyone! You're a pirate! A godamn pirate and you never even told me!"

I screamed, jerking my arm out of his grasp and backing away furiously.

Silver released Morph from his hand and the pink blob floated to my side, curling up against my bruised cheek.

Silver glared at us both, his mechanical red eye flashing.

"It was Scroop! I tried to stop him.....none of this would've happened if you weren't eavesdropping! What was I supposed to do? Let you run off and warn....THEM!"

He spat the last word in disgust, pointing up towards the cave, where Doppler and Amelia were supposedly huddled up in a corner, wrapped around each other as if their lives depended on it.

I couldn't believe it, who was this guy? Where was the old cyborg who was always telling me not to pick fights cause violence was a crime against humanity?

"What's the matter with you.....? Why are you so evil...?"

I huffed, gripping the sides of my beaten down leather jacket.

Silver started towards me, his expression softening.

Before I could escape, he wrapped an arm around me and pulled me close, looking both ways, as if making sure there was nobody in earshot.

He whispered:

"If we play out cards right.....we could walk away rich as kings....."

I still couldn't believe him.

"Yea right......hey where's the gun? Aren't you gonna shoot me or something?"

I snapped, ducking from under his fleshy arm.

"Hey! I'm serious!"

He growled, reaching out to grab me again, this time by the front of my shirt.

"You go get that map and an even portion of the treasure is yours!"

He grinned.

I gazed at him, surprised at how sincere he could sound.


I pretended to sound intrigued.

He pulled me down beside him,

as he sat back down onto the large boulder, and patted his robotic leg.

"It's been downright snarky since that game of tag we had in the galley....."

Silver chuckled, but seeing the same emotionless expression on my face, he wiped that stupid beam off his.

"You know....."

He tried again.

"whatever you heard back in the galley, at least the part concerning you, I didn't mean a word of it...."

He sighed, looking rather sheepish.

"I mean, the crew thought I had gone soft! They would've gutted us both!"

He added, drawing an imaginary x on his chest, as if to demonstrate the crew slicing out his heart.

His cold heart.....

Silver was surprised, and I gotta admit, even I was when a maniacal laugh escaped my lips.

" really are something....aren't you?"

I hissed, standing up and circling around him like a shark, eyes narrowed, and maybe even blackening.

Silver looked confused.

"I mean....all that talk about light coming off my sails and all the other shit you told me to boost my vibe....seriously dude...."

I turned away suddenly, to suppress a sob.

Them I whipped back around and yelled.

"Well you at least taught me one thing right! Stick to it! Well I'm gonna make sure you never see a drubloon of my treasure!"

Silver flexed his fingers menacingly.

"That treasure is owed to me, by 'tunder!"

He shouted, leaping up.

So I shouted even louder, even throwing in a little sass.

"Well try to find it without my map by 'tunder!"

Each day, I was sounding more like him.

Silver kept his own glaring eyes fixed on mine, for a few minutes, as if we were competing in some sort of sick staring contest.

I could hear his short gasping breaths, and I bet he could hear the voice screaming in my head.

"Run! Run Jim! He's turning his freak of an arm into a flintlock! RUN!"

But of course, i stayed rooted to the ground, while Morph turned into a cloud above out heads, sprinkling down a flurry of snowflakes to try and lighten the mood.

At last, Silver broke the awkward silence, while stroking his newly formed gun, while anticipating my more reasonable reaction.

" really don't know how to pick your fights do yeh boy?"

He growled, aiming that dispicable weapon towards my face.

Once again, I didn't so much as blink.

I folded my arms across my chest, and rolled my eyes, even thought my heart had accelerated to a million beats a second.

My cockiness seemed to infuriate the guy.

He lowered the cannon, and instead aimed it at a nearby tree, which blew up in flames in less than a second, sending swirls of smoke towards us.

Okay, now that was unexpected.

I nearly shit my pants.

Silver held out a large finger in my face.

"I get that map tomorrow by dawn or so help me...ill use the ship's cannon to blast yeh all to kingdom come!"

He bellowed, sending an army of crows soaring out of the other nearby conifers.

A horse sprinted past us, neighing with all it's might.

I bet I looked unaffected my his threat, cause I wasn't.

Yea, that old scalawag never scared me.....and he never will....

Silver waved a handful of flurries out of his face, and glared up at Morph.

"Hop to it!"

He howled.

And when the poor pink shapeshifter didn't stop snowing, Silver hollered even louder.


Which sent it flying for cover behind me.

I could feel the shaking jelly like texture against me.




I muttered, at his retreating figure, as he made his way back down the hill.

I turned my back on him as well, and started heading off back towards the cave, towards the setting sun.

Then out of nowhere, I felt this gravitational force that seemed to force my head to look back over my shoulder at the cyborg, and as if it were some coincidence, he had stopped and was glancing right back at me.

I swore I could see traces of distress in his eyes, signs of remorse....for having yelled at me so much.....for his many threats to ruin my life.....but then, maybe it was just the remaining sun rays casting shadows over his face.

I sighed, quickly looking away......

I thought he whispered my name.

"Jimbo......." Pleadingly...

I looked back at him, but he was already gone.

At least that's what I thought........

I felt somebody grab my shoulder from behind and spun me around with such a force I was nearly knocked off my feet.


I screamed in shock, reaching for his hand that was gripping my shoulder firmly.

"How the fuck did you get there!"

I yelled, hardly believing my eyes.

Silver simply glared at me, blank expression, although I could notice a mysterious sparkle in his eyes, as I stared up at him in wonder.

"Listen kid, I'm not leaving......"

Silver growled.

"What.....? I told you I'm not giving you the fucking map!"

I protested, jerking free from his grasp.

"I'm not talking about the map!"

He groaned.

I blinked in confusion, struggling to understand what he just said, with Morph chirping by my ear uncontrollably.

Silver, seeing my bewildered state, sighed.

"I don't need the map.....look Jimbo, I don't need any of this, I don't need the ship, , or the gold, or the crew......"

He seemed to have great difficulty in telling me whatever he needed to say.

I squinted at him as if I've never seen him before in my life.

Was this cyborg for real?

After 6 months in space, 6 months of undercover plotting to take over the Legacy, he was giving up?

And for what....

".......I need you....."

Silver finally managed to spit out.

"Come again bro...."

I whispered, hardly believing what I'd just heard.

Silver indeed looked like he was having an internal struggle, his eyes looked distressed, his forehead was creased in anxiety, he was shaking!

"Look.....Silver.....JUST TELL ME ALREADY!!!! Why don't you want the treasure anymore? Huh? It's your life!!! You've been at it your whole life-"

He cut me off, reaching out to grab me by the collar of my ripped shirt.

"I don't want it no more! Don't you understand!? Don't you get a single thing I've been trying to tell you these past months!!! I'm in love with you!"

He roared.

Silver then shoved me away, turning to face the setting sun.

I can't tell you the exact sensation I was feeling at the moment, it was unlike anything I've ever felt before.

It was lust........

It was torturous......

I reached out to touch his bulky arm.

"Yea......I know...."

I whispered.

Silver turned back around to face me.

"Jimbo......I'm gay....."

He muttered, tears streaming down his cheeks.

I nodded.

"Me too......"

I said, stroking his skull tattoo.

Morph exploded into a dozen fireworks, nearly setting my hair on fire.

"I love you too man...."

I choked out, tears streaming down my cheeks.

"But yer young and wild and free! And I'm a blasted pirate three times yer age! This is never gonna work out....."

Silver whined.

I simply smacked him across the face.

"I don't fucking care! I've been meaning to tell you the same thing ever since I laid eyes on you, you old scalawag....."

Silver let himself smile, for the first time in what felt like decades.

I collapsed onto the large boulder, while staring at my bruised hands.

Silver sat down next to me, laughing sheepishly.

"You know.....I can kill Scroop if yeh want.....I've always hated that spider..."

He admitted.

I grinned.

"Sure.....why not....."

We both watched the sun set, his arm around my shoulders and my arm half way around his very wide waist.

At last I broke the heavy silence.

"It's dark....we should go....."

Silver pinched my cheek in agreement.

It took is 5 minutes to climb up the hill towards the cave that Doppler and Amelia were hiding in.

Morph was floating ahead of us, leading the way, while making those cute gurgling noises as it eyed us both lovingly, apparently satisfied with out friendship reunion.....(I'd rather put it this way...)

Upon stepping into the dark cavern, Doppler cried in relief.

"Oh Jim! My boy! What took you so long!"

But then he gasped out loud in horror as soon as he spotted Silver by my side, half concealed by the dark.

"Uh......yeh know....I don't think this cave is big enough for all of us....."

Silver stroked his chin as if trying to think of something extraordinary.

After a few seconds, he simply turned his robotic hand into a gun and shot Doppler straight in the face.


I screamed.


The cyborg grunted, blowing at the smoke that was issuing out of the pistol hole.

"I can't believe...."

I started, but then I realized that Silver did have a point.

There was no way he was letting his mother find out he was gay....with Doppler being her best friend and all......he was sure to spill the news....

"Oh well......"

I shrugged.

We both dragged the bloody corpse out of the cavern and buried it under the damp dirt a few kilometers away, then Silver placed a large bush on top of his grave.

"Rest in peace.....oh and send Captain Arrow my blessings...."

Silver spoke to the bush, before I pulled him away shaking my head.

We nearly forgot about Amelia, but seeing her lying pale faced on the cold floor, with her eyes rolled back into her sockets, she was good as dead.


I rubbed my hands together, shooting Silver a sly look.

He bared his sharp teeth and beckoned me forward, chuckling in mock anger.

I ran straight at him and leapt into his outstretched arms.

Our lips smashed into each other, which was sure to leave a bruise the next day but who fucking cares! I was with the love of my life, and there was nobody there to stop me.....

I poked my tongue into his mouth, and explored, rubbing the tip over his pearly shark like teeth, enjoying the rough pointy scraping sensation.

Silver ran his fingers all over my back, pressing me even closer to his massive chest.

"Fuck put me's gettin hot in here...."

I panted.

Silver dropped me onto the floor and I fell onto my butt with a thud.

"-the hell was that for?"

I snapped.

Silver looked down at his pants.

I followed his gaze, then let out a gasp.


I smirked, admiring the giant bulge.

"It's not funny......"

Silver scowled.

"Oh is....."

I giggled like a girl, as I got up onto my knees.

I tugged at my shabby shirt, and tore at it, until there was nothing left but the collar.

I tossed the fucking shirt aside then thrust out my chest, and looked down at my 6 pack.

"Godamn it Jimbo! Why didn't yeh tell me you were ripped!"

Silver yelled.

"It's a shut up"

I ordered, as I got onto my knees.

I reached up to stroke his boner.

Silver grabbed be wrist.


He pleaded.


I rolled my eyes.

"Not with Morph here....."

Silver growled.

I whipped around, expecting the pathetic blob to be floating behind me.

"Who's not like it knows what we're doing anyway...."

A manically laugh escaped my lips, surprising is both.

It was Silver's turn to slap me this time and I instantly fell silent.

(Story continued in third person)

"Morph! We need a little private time so if you could just step out for the night...."

Silver cooed, turning around on the spot, searching around the dark cavern.

"Gay! Gay! Gay! Hee hee!"

The pink flubber suddenly shot straight at Jim's face, knocking him right over.

It had shape shifted itself into a pair of lips and was lapping ferociously at Jim's full, pouty ones, nearly suffocating him.


Silver's voice sounded grave.

He held out his hand.

Morph stopped assaulting Jim and turned back into its usual form.

It headed over to Silver, gurgling in delight.

Silver's robotic hand switched into a pistol.

Morph gasped.

Jim stared in shock,


Silver hollered, sending the blob flying out the cave for cover.

Whimpering could be heard from outside but other than that, it was a peaceful night.

Silver helped his little lover back onto his knees.

"Now.....where were we.....?"

He grinned.

Jim's face lit up.

He reached for Silver's fly and unzipped slowly, his eyes widening more and more by the second until at last, they were the size of compasses.

Jim stared at his prize, a fully aroused, juicy cock that was already leaking pre alien cum, the colour of sky blue.

"Heh heh heh......."

Silver chuckled at Jim's amazed gaze.

He ruffled the boy's hair.

Jim stuck out his tongue and quickly licked the head.

"Get ready Silver, imma do you like no bitch ever has before....."

And with that, Jim opened his mouth wide and shoved Silver's dick right in.

He slurped and sucked, and with his other hand, cupped Silver's massive balls, feeling the heavy load of cum.


Silver groaned in pleasure.

He felt his cock throb and pulse in the boy's wet mouth.

Jim suckled like a child would on his lollipop.

Silver felt himself pumping his seed into the kid's mouth.

Startlingly, Jim pulled back, coughing and spluttering.

"Ah....lad.....easy does it...."

Silver crooned, rubbing his shoulder.

"Sorry.....but I think you've just had a most explosive cum shot of the century...."

Jim managed to choke out, creamy cum dripping from his lips.

"Did I now? Well I'll be.....keep sucking then....heh heh"

Silver grabbed Jim's neck and shoved his head back inbetween his legs.

He felt his cock twitch violently in the boy's mouth, and Silver thrust his hips slowly, shoving his meat stick farther towards his epiglottis.

Silver groaned in pleasure, as more cum squirted out, he could hear Jim gargling.

"That's it kid.....nice work...."

Silver encouraged him.

Jim's eyes began to water, but he continued to bob his head up and down, letting the penis slide up and down his throat.

"What......are....what's happening....?"

Said a sudden, dreamy woman's voice.

Silver snapped his neck around, only to find Amelia had risen off the ground, and was staring at the two absentmindedly.

Jim, who was too busy trying to swallow the load of semen, didn't even notice when Amelie cried out his name.

"Jim! What are you doing! Where's the map!"

She squealed.

Silver pointed his pistol at her.

"Shut up bitch!"

He shot her in the eye, piercing it into the wall behind her.

The former captain fell face down onto the floor, blood streaming towards the Jim and Silver.

The boy pulled himself away, wiping his mouth, while staring at the bloody floor.

"Jeez.......who's gonna clean that up?"

He wondered.


Silver yelled.

The blubbery pink blob flew into the room, shivering violently from the night air.

" little son of a bitch.....clean this shit up..."

Silver ordered.

The blob immediate turned itself into a broomstick and began mopping up the blood.

"Hey Silver......what about the body?"

Jim asked.

"What about it? It ain't gonna rot overnight! Shut up and keep sucking!"

Silver grabbed a fistful of Jim's hair and forced him back into his groin.

20 minutes later, Silver felt his cock twitch like never before in his life.

It smacked Jim's inside cheek then it exploded, shooting out about half a liter of cum.


Silver could hear the boy gulping it all down.

After about 10 minutes, Jim finally wiped his mouth and stood up.

"How was that?"

He smiled.

Silver grabbed him around the waist and pulled him close so he could plant another smooch on his red lips.

Silver had to bend down to meet the boy's lips, being 3 feet taller than he was. He felt the boy's rock hard abs and pinched his nipples.

"You sexy mutherfucker......imma pound your ass next....."

Silver said.

"Eh.....not's gettin late....and your dick needs a rest....."

Jim said, tracing Silver's face creases with his index finger.

"No.....I think we should do it...."

Silver grinned.


Jim giggled.

Silver slid out of his pants, revealing one thick hairy leg and a robotic substitute which reflected the moon's light off its titanium metal.

Jim slowly tore his shorts off, slightly blushing as Silver looked him over.

His cyborg eye flashed a red beam at the boy's small dick.

"Very nice....."

Silver breathed.

Jim piped up.


"Yea......come 'ere....."

He grabbed the boy by the upper arm and shoved him against the wall.

" spread your legs a bit more.....perfect! Yeh ready?"

Silver exclaimed, wrapping his fingers around Jim's small waist.

Jim had his palms pressed against the smooth cavern wall for support.

"Yeh.....pound away!"

He said gleefully.

Silver hesitated, looking back and forth between Jim's ass and his massive cock.

How the fuck was it going to fit inside....?

"Just do it already!"

Jim snapped, looking over his shoulder at the cyborg.

The pirate could see his monstrous reflection in Jim's bright blue eyes and he sighed.

"This is gonna hurt....."

He warned.

"Fuck it I don't care!!"

Jim screamed, pounding at the wall with his fists.

Silver slapped the boy's butt cheeks, enjoying the soft smooth texture.

He cupped one rosy cheek in his hand, rubbing it slightly.

Jim moaned in pleasure.

"Oh yeh like that don't you....."

Silver bent down onto his knees and spread open the boy's ass cheeks, to reveal his anus.

Silver stuck his tongue inside and started swirling it around his tight virgin hole.

"Ha ha ha! That tickles you cunt!"

Jim screeched.

Silver thrust his tongue through the hole a few minutes later, attempting to stretch it a little.

Once satisfied, he stood up, a gave Jim one final slap on the butt, as hard as he could that was sure to leave a mark.

"Ohh....fuck yea...."

Jim enjoyed the pain, and Silver could tell.

He shoved his dick into his hole and began slowly jerking his hips back and forth.

A short cry escaped Jim's lips.


Morph sang, dancing above their heads.

"Shut up"

Silver said, barely resisting a grin.

Jim yelped, as Silver greedily shoved himself deeper, his 9 inch widening his little virgin hole to the size of a Silver's golden compass.

Silver could still feel his dick throbbing with lust, there was still some cum left and be squirted it into Jim's ass.

"There.....lets just hope we don't get yeh pregnant eh lad?"

Silver chuckled, slapping Jim's lower back.

"Fuck you"

Jim moaned.

Silver pulled away, panting in relief.

Jim felt extremely sore, he slid onto the ground, enjoying the cool floor against his behind.

Silver pulled his pants back up then joined the boy at his side.

He wrapped an arm around him, hugging him close.

Jim rested his head against his chest, and stretched his arm over Silver's round belly.

"Looks like I won't be able to walk for a week"

Jim murmured.

"Eh.....don't worry lad.....first times always a'll be more gun the second time around.....or the third...."

Silver reassured him.

Silver stared at the full moon while Jim counted the stars.


Jim muttered.

Silver placed a finger under the boy's chin and tilted his head up to face him.

"Yeh know Jimbo.....yer eyes are brighter than all the stars in the galaxy combined...."

He said, admiring the sea blue orbs that glistened like glass.

"Aw....Silver.....that's so sweet......"

Jim squealed.

He grabbed Silver's cyborg arm and fiddled with the many buttons and switches.

"And you know what? I think cyborgs are sexy as fuck...."

Jim said.

"You're sexy as fuck...."

Silver chuckled.

" are..."

Jim protested.

"No you are..."

Silver kissed him lightly on the forehead.

The two lay in the moonlight for the next half hour or so, listening to Morph (in the form of a harp) playing a slow beautiful song.

"Tomorrow's a big day...."

Silver said at last.


Jim agreed, cracking his knuckles.

"I get to kill Scroop...."

Jim laughed evilly.

Rating: 66%, Read 4902 times, Posted Feb 26, 2015

Fantasm |


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