Skiing with My Daughter by rclark

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I've been skiing most of my life. There's something about the making first tracks in newly fallen snow with the wind in your face. The contrast between snow laden trees and blue skies is awe inspiring. My 16 year old daughter, Jenifer, Jen for short, started skiing when she was 14 when she got into high school. She hadn't wanted to ski until new friends she found in high school were hitting the sloops regularly during the winter.

Jen and I had only gone skiing 2 or 3 times in the past. This trip was her idea because everyone was busy. We got to the mountain early and skied every run until lunch. It snowed heavily during the morning replacing all the tracks with fresh powder every couple of runs.

Over lunch we talked about leaving because of the heavy snow fall. "Do you think we should head home because of the snow?" I asked.

"No. Let's stay for a couple more runs then head home" was Jen's reply. I did not object.

We skied for a couple more hours. I realized that Jen was a very good skier and probably better than me. She was always ahead of me on the runs. I watched her carve perfect turns on even the most difficult runs. I was proud of the progress she made in her short skiing career.

At the bottom of the latest run, we decided it was probably time to head for home. We took the chair back to the top of the run and headed for the car. After loading all the gear in the car and shucking the ski clothing we were finally on the road. It was very slow going. Apparently everyone had the same idea we had.

"You're a great skier Jen. It's like it's natural for you" I remarked.

"Thanks Dad. I really enjoy it. I'm surprised I didn't start earlier since you've skied so long."

"You're mom and I decided when you were born that we would not push you into anything you didn't want to do. Your mother doesn't like to ski. She says there's too much to remember and too many cloths to wear. "

"I understand why mom would say that. It's really a great sport once you get by all the hassles." she replied.

"Have you tried snowboarding yet" I asked.

"I tried it a couple of times but couldn't get the hang of it. I'm definitely a skier."

We continued our conversation as we made very slow progress getting off the mountain. Jen suggested we listen to the radio rather than the CD to get a local weather and road report. As soon as we switched to the radio, we got the bad news. The highway department could not keep the roads plowed due to the storms. Multiple accidents had closed all roads leading off the mountain.

"Now what do we do?" Jen asked.

This had happened to me before so I had some viable thoughts. "We'll, we can wait in traffic or find a room and spend the night."

Jen commented "I don't want to spend the night in the car. Let's see about a room."

We were nearly to a hotel that I used in the past for just this type of emergency. I'd also stayed here when I came up for a complete weekend of skiing. I pulled into the registration line and went inside with Jen to see about a room.

The clerk greeted us with a smile and asked "Hi, Welcome to the Inn. What can I do for you?"

I had decided before we entered that I would ask for two rooms to give Jen some privacy. I replied "My daughter and I don't want to wait in traffic to get home. Do you happen to have a couple of rooms available for the night?"

"Lots of skiers have decide to take the same option. The only thing I have available is one room with a king bed and Jacuzzi."

That was not the answer I wanted to hear. My mind rushed with other options including looking for another place to stay. I quickly discounted that because all the other lodgings were experiencing the same business.

I looked at Jen and said "What you think Jen?".

To my surprise she replied "That's ok Dad. We need a place to stay."

I registered for the room, went back to park the car and get some things. Because I had experience this before, I always carried an emergency bag with extra cloths and toiletries to stay comfortable. The Inn would have anything else we needed. I decided we would work out the sleeping logistics later.

We got in the room and began to relax. Jen called her mother to explain what we're doing. My wife had no objections, in fact, insisting this was the right thing to do because of the storm. Jen said we'd call in the morning on the way home.

By this time it was late afternoon and the sun was setting.

"You hungry honey?" I asked.

"I getting that way. What do you have in mind?"

There was a deli next door to the Inn so I suggested Pizza.

"That sounds good."

"Ok. Let's go get it and bring it back to the room." I replied.

"Can you got without me?. I'd like to stay here and clean up a little and relax."

"Sure. I'll be right back."

It took about 30 minutes to get the pizza, cola for Jen and a six pack of beer for myself. I heard the shower running when I got back to the room. I put the pizza on the table and the drinks in the small refrigerator in the room. I went to the bathroom door and knocked. "I'm back Jen."

"Ok Dad. I'll be out in a minute." came the reply from behind the door.

Jen had been watching TV. I started surfing thru the channels for something we could watch.

Moments later the bathroom door opened with a wall of steam rolling out. Jen walked out wearing nothing but one of the t-shirts I carried in my emergency bag. Her hair was still wet from the shower. All of sudden a twinge came over me. I'd never visualized my daughter this way before. Jen was 5'8" with long naturally curly blonde hair like her mother. Her abundant but not over size breasts filled the t-shirt which conform to her harden nipples. The shirt extended down to mid-thigh. From there the most gorgeous legs I have ever seen extended to the floor. I could tell she had no bra but didn't know if she had any panties on with the t-shirt. I saw my daughter in a new light. She's a very sexy young lady I said to myself. I felt a twinge in my groin.

She looked at me and said, "I hope you don't mind if I use one of your shirts?"

"No, that's fine" as I looked away back to the TV to keep from gawking at my own daughter. I forced myself to not think about the thoughts I was having. Unfortunately, my manhood was beginning to swell only slightly. I decided I need to do something to take my mind off the vision of my daughter.

I got up from the chair and said "Pizza is on the table and cola is in the frig. It's my turn for the shower."

Jen replied, "Ok Dad. Enjoy."

The steam had dissipated in the shower and the full length mirror was not steamed over. I removed my cloths and took a moment to look at my 38 year old physique in the mirror. My penis was somewhat swollen after what I just seen from my daughter. How could I think about my daughter that way?

I closed the translucent curtain on the shower and started the water running. The idea of replacing thoughts of my daughter in my mind were not working. My cock was becoming more erect by the second. I stepped into the shower hoping this would help. My erection was almost complete now. The only thing left for me to do was to jack-off to eliminate the situation. I grabbed the soap and began lathering my now fully erect cock. I'd always liked stroking off in the shower so this was not new to me. What was new was the idea that looking at my daughter had caused this. I continued to stroke knowing I would be relieved shortly.

Suddenly there was knock on the door. My mind went wild and I stopped stroking. "Yes?" I said.

"Dad I have to pee really bad. Do you mind?" Jen asked.

Oh my god. I'm in the shower with my erect cock trying to jerk off because my daughter is so hot and she wants to come in to pee. I had no choice. "Sure honey. Come on in".

Steam had taken over the shower again. I hope that she would not see me with my erection while I continued to shower. She opened the door and came in. The question of whether she was wearing underwear was answered when she immediately pulled up the t-shirt and sat on the toilet. How much longer and harder could my erection get. I heard the tinkle of her pee which even my wife would not do if I was in the bathroom. My cock was now rock hard and starting to turn blue on the end.

I watched her through the curtain. She was taking more time than needed for pee. She moved her hand down to her pussy to begin rubbing slowly on her pussy. I saw her lay her head back. She brought her other hand up under the t-shirt and gently massaged each breasts. My erection began to hurt.


"What Jen?" I answered with a slightly higher voice.

"Can I have one your beers?" she asked.

This came out of the blue. I wasn't sure what to do. Jen had had wine at previous family functions but I didn't know if she drank outside the house. "Can you handle it?" I asked.

"Of course I can."

"Ok. Go ahead."

"Thanks Dad."

I saw her take the toilet paper and clean her pussy. If I could see that, she could see the erection that was hurting more and more. I heard the toilet plush. She tapped slightly on the shower curtain. "Better hurry up. The pizza is getting cold." she announced and closed the bathroom door.

With all that had just happened it took only few strokes to blow my cum all over the shower. I had never had an ejaculation as strong as this in my life. I was nearly wasted from the experience.

I finally was able to walk out of the shower without my erection. I had put on sweats and a t-shirt. I never wore underwear when I slept so I didn't bother to put them on. My mind continued to race on the events that had happened over the last couple of minutes. Not being one to get multiple erections I felt confident that I could relax.

We watched TV as we ate the pizza and drank the beer. My mind had finally got back on track as we watched a military movie.

There was only one slice of pizza left so I told Jen to finish it. She grabbed for the remaining slice, asking "Can I have another beer Dad?"

Again I wasn't sure how to answer her question. "I don't know honey?"

"Come on Dad. It's just you and me. We aren't going anywhere. Maybe it can be a bonding moment for us?" she pleaded.

I was not sure how to respond to her comments. Jen and I always had a good relationship. She had talked to me about many life experience events. I knew that she and her mother were best of friends. There was nothing that they could or would not talk about. I heard no slur in her speech so I said why not.

"Sure honey, but don't let your mother know. She probably hang me by my balls." I gasped that I said that. "So to speak." I added with slight smile on my face. I was a little embarrassed. Jen and I had never talked about sex. I assumed she got all her information from her mother.

When we finished watching the movie it was nearly 8:00 o'clock. We'd been up early and I was getting tired. I let Jen surf the channels to find something she wanted to watch. The only thing that was really available on the limited cable was mostly sports, which neither of us wanted to watch.

Jen jumped up from lying on the bed. "Let's get in the Jacuzzi. It would be great to relax after the day we had."

I began to wonder if the beer had gotten to her. "I don't know honey. That's something I haven't thought about and I don't think it would be appropriate for us to do that."

Jen responded. "Why? Are you embarrassed? We do it at home."

"It's not that honey. Even though we get in the hot tub at home we usually wear suits. It's not right for a father to get into a Jacuzzi naked with his daughter. It just doesn't seem right."

"You and mom do it. I've even seen you have sex in the hot tub at home. It was pretty hot."

Now I was embarrassed. Chris and I tried to be so careful when in the hot tub.

Jen went to the tub. When she bent over to turn on the water, her smooth soft round cheeks showed themselves from under the t-shirt. At the top to the terminus of her gorgeous legs, her naked pussy left no doubt that my little girl had grown up.

These revelations had not yet convinced me that this was the right thing to do. "Jen, I'm not sure about this." My logical mind needed to say that. My animal mind was already to do this and much more. I had to restrain myself. I'm glad that I had jerk-off earlier or I knew I was in trouble.

"Come on dad. It's not going to hurt anything. It will be our secret that we can share together. We need something like this for our bonding. I'm not stupid. I know you jacked-off in the shower earlier. Don't you think I planned that?"

My jaw dropped to the floor. What had I set myself up for? I couldn't believe that my own daughter would want to seduce me, if that's what she wanted. I sat there not knowing what to say. My mind wrestled with all the information I was processing. It was not the right thing to do.

"I'm sorry about that honey but when I saw you in the t-shirt with your wet hair, my body reacted."

"Don't worry about it dad. It's a normal thing. I only wish I could have watched." My jaw again dropped to the floor. What was I suppose to do?

The Jacuzzi was nearly filled with water. Jen turned on the jets, again exposing her pussy, and turned around to look directly at me. I felt my cock becoming erect again. She grabbed the t-shirt she was wearing and pulled it over her head dropping it to the floor. Standing before me was my 16 year old daughter completely naked. I had never seen her this way before. I was amazed by her breast that stood up so firmly with the perfectly proportioned nipples which were getting hard before my eyes. Her stomach was flat and perfect. A mound of trimmed blonde hair topped the lips of her pussy.

As she stepped into the tub, I could see her pussy lips split. It was a beautiful sight. "Come on Dad. Get in the tub." she demanded.

I gave my mind one more chance to say no, but the animal in me said yes. I pulled off the t-shirt and sweats and walked over to the tub. I was beginning to feel my cock become aroused although it had a long way to go to full erection.

It was an oval tub with jets all the way around. Jen sat at one end. She looked up and down my body spending a few extra seconds admiring my cock. It was definitely getting erect. I stepped into the other end, sat down and rested my back against the flowing jets. We were now facing each other. Jen moved here left leg between my legs. Here foot was resting so close to my balls I could feel my hairs titillated by her foot. The water was just high enough to cover her nipples but as the water agitated they became visible for short periods of time. My precious angel was now a sexy wanted woman.

"That's not so bad is it Dad?" she asked.

"I'm still not sure. I shouldn't be having these feelings about my daughter let alone be naked in the Jacuzzi with her." I said.

"Don't worry about it Dad. This is a secret between you and me."

"But why Jen?" I asked.

"It's easy Dad. I have a lot of girlfriends that think you are very attractive, which I agree. We've all had fantasies that we all talked about. You were one of mine. We had talked about whether we could fulfill the fantasies if the opportunity came available? We all said yes. Several of the other girls have some great fantasies about you too. We made a pack that we would fulfill them and tell the others all about it."

My cock was getting more erect as I watched my naked daughter and listen to her telling me stories. It was soon going to break the surface of the water. I thought I better prepare her even though it probably wasn't needed. "Listen honey. All this is very erotic. I'm afraid I'm getting an erection. I'm sorry."

"It's not like I haven't seen one before."

Jen pushed herself up from a sitting position to her knees and moved closure to me. Her breast were now totally exposed. I bent forward to reach out and touch the firm mounds of flesh. "Oh, this is so not right." I said to myself. Her nipples became harder as I caressed them between my thumb and index finger. My cock had breached the surface. Jen grabbed my cock with a very tender touch. I moaned the minute she touched it. I could not believe that my daughter had a tight rein on my cock. She began sliding her hand up and down on my throbbing erection.

I continued to rub here flesh as she moved her face closer to mine. She still had hold of my tool as she gently kissed on the lips. She kissed me lightly again. The third kiss was much more intense. She ran her juicy tongue over my lips then spread my lips with her tongue. Her tongue darted in and out of my mouth. I responded with my tongue on hers. She was giving me one of the most intense and passionate kisses I ever had. My mind could not believe what was happening. I could not keep up processing all the information I was receiving.

When the passionate kiss was complete, she looked into my eyes and said "How you doing?" The sincerity in her eyes was unbelievable. She really wanted this to happen.

"Oh, I'm doing real good." I said as I moaned.

Jen moved her mouth down to my cock and gently kissed the tip while continuing to stroke my member. She looked up at me. "We do everything my way. I want to fulfill my fantasy. This is our bonding moment. Ok with you?"

"Jen, I know this is wrong but I can do nothing to stop it. You have complete control."

"That's good because this is going to be good for both of us." she replied. She raised her mouth to mine and gave me one more passionate kiss. I responded with equal enthusiasm.

She began kissing lightly down my chest giving special attention to my nipples. Her mouth was now completely over my cock as see sucked every inch. Moving up and down, she was taking all my cock in her mouth. I wasn't really doing anything with her. I was resting my arms one the side of the tub allowing Jen to suck me off the way she wanted. Occasionally I would run my hands thru her hair to hold her head as I began small thrust of my dick in her mouth. I reached down to feel my member entering her mouth. I could not believe this was happening. This was not the first time she had sucked cock. Occasionally, she came off my cock and licked and sucked my fingers, them moving back to my cock.

She moved the hand not wrapped around my dick to my balls to begin messaging them. The pleasure of this would surely make me cum any second. My thoughts went back to jerking-off in the shower. Maybe that was delaying the next explosion of my cum. I don't remember the time when Jen's mother and I had multiple orgasms, I began to think today would be one of those days. I continued to moan as she massaged my balls and licked my dick. Her hand came off my balls and I felt a single finger begin circling my asshole. She continued to move my dick in and out of her mouth. My thrust into her mouth were getting stronger and deeper. Suddenly I felt her finger resting directly on my asshole. At this point I could not believe that I was not shooting cum deep into her throat. Her finger laid on my asshole doing nothing for several seconds. She began moving the finger lightly around again. The pleasure was so intense. Suddenly, I felt her finger enter my asshole. The tactic was sensational. My wife and I had used this technique to facilitate ejaculation. I was surprised when Jen withdrew her finger.

She continued to take the full length of my cock in her mouth. I began to feel my cum start its journey to a wondrous orgasm. Again I felt her finger touch my asshole. She seem to be looking to make sure she found the right spoke. My moan and the heavier thrusting of my hips to meet her mouth was the answer she needed. Suddenly, I felt a slight pressure on my asshole, then Jen entered me with two fingers with a rhythm that matched my thrust in her mouth.

'Ohhhhhhhhhhh." I moaned. I came instantly blasting my cum down Jen's throat. Jen continued to ride my cock with her mouth while my ejaculation continued until I was finally dry. The feeling with her fingers in my asshole and her tongue caressing back of my shaft was tremendous. I kept thrusting my hips because it felt so good.

Jen finally raised her head off my limp tool. She looked up at me and smiled as cum drooled from each side of her mouth. She pulled her fingers from my ass and moved up to my face. With my cum still on her face she placed her lips on mind, gently spreading them with her tongue and deposited my cum in my own mouth. Our tongues began the same dance on each other again.

She pulled away from me and licked the cum off my face. Again see looked directly in my eyes and asked "You still ok?"

"Honey, I'm more than OK." I rubbed her breasts as she moved back to a kneeling position.

"Where did you learn the asshole trick?" I asked.

"Mom told me about it. Did you like it?"

"Absolutely but we need to talk about the things you and mom talk about." replying with a smile on my face.

"Maybe later," Jen replied, "now it's my turn."

Jen raised herself on the edge of the tub and spread her legs. Her beautiful pussy was now fully exposed to me. She had taken care to trim her pubic hairs as if she knew this was going to happen. Her labia was perfectly proportioned to the access of her vagina. The clit hood was just waiting to be sucked. This was virgin territory for me but I was ready to take the exploration. I felt the surge in my cock again. I looked up at Jen and said "It's your fantasy and you're in control!"

"Well Dad, let's start by you coming to me and passionately kiss me."

I got on my knees and move my face quickly to her face pausing only inches away to look in her eyes. I placed my arms around her to pull here closer to me. Her breast and hard nipples felt good on my chest. I could still see the sincerity in the eyes that had started this wonderful sexual adventure. I kissed her tenderly on her lips moving around to kiss her on her checks then her eyelids. I moved down to her neck and began kissing with determination. This probably wasn't in her plans but it wasn't going to hurt. Jen moaned softly as I continued to kiss her neck. Her arms reached around my neck and held tightly. I moved down from her neck placing very gentle kisses on her breast in route to the perfectly formed and stiff nipples. I sucked each nipple with just the tips of my lips as they continued to get harder . I could feel Jen's breaths getting deeper and deeper.

I continued to kiss her body as I moved back to her neck. Again up the checks with a little tug on her ear lobe with my lips. I pushed back just slightly to again look at her beaming face. The sincerity was still there. "This is your fantasy. What's next?" I asked.

It took her a minute to recover. "Oh, yeah...Next you're going to lick my pussy until I tell you to stop."

I responded with a very passionate and aggressive kiss. Jen responded enthusiastically exploring my tongue and mouth.

I began moving my hands from around her back to caress her soft thighs. I slowly moved my hands down to the top of her butt crack to rub and massage her tight little ass. I lightly ran my finger up and down her crack going a little deeper each time before it rested lightly on the Jen's ass. She made no attempt to get away.

With my hands firmly in place, I began kissing down Jen's breast to her flat stomach definitely moving in direction of the pussy I was about to tongue. I pulled my hands around to the inside of her thighs gently pushing her legs aside to expose this wonderful pussy that looked back at me longingly. I looked up at Jen to see her looking directly into my eyes. A small grin appeared on her face. I lowered my head between her legs and began to gently kiss her labia and role them between my lips. There was a sweet scent of love juices as her pussy became very moist. I realized that my erection had returned and I was ready for the tool to begin work again.

My exploration of my daughter's pussy lasted more than 10 minutes. Jen was now moaning 'Oh daddy. You do that so well." Her hips began to rotate with the rhythm of my tongue entering her vagina. Occasionally, I would move my tongue to her clit and suck on the hood. I began to rub my fingers around her labia as I continued darting in and out of her with my tongue. I moved one finger closure to her opening and rub gently to wet my finger with her pussy juices. I slowly inserted the finger. Jen reacted with a stronger moan "Oh Daddy." Her hip thrusting became more intense. As I pushed further I was surprised that my finger was not being halted by her hymen. There could be many reasons for this. Just one of the many surprises I would have today. I pulled my finger out. I looked up at Jen. She was smiling at me. I put my finger in my mouth and licked the sweet juices.

Jen took the finger out of my mouth and replaced it with one of hers. I began to suck her finger like a lollipop. She took my finger in her mouth while circling the finger with her tongue. At the same time she put 2 fingers in my mouth she place another one of my fingers in her mouth. There was no doubt that my cock was erect again. It took a second but I realized what Jen was telling me to do next.

I went back down on her pussy, licking and kissing a couple of times before I inserted two fingers into her vagina. She reacted immediately but wrapping the sides of her vagina around my fingers. I curled my fingers up ever so slightly to find her G-spot. I didn't find it right away but my search was causing Jen to stroke even harder against the fingers. I continued the search.

Suddenly Jen sat straight up and grabbed my fingers in a clamp that would not let go. I had found the "spot". I immediately began licking her clit while rubbing her G-spot with my fingers. Jen exploded with a yell......"Oh Daddy, Daddy, Daddy". Soon her cum was dripping from my lips. I began sucking all the juices I could find. Jen was thrashing more with her hips driving my fingers deeper into her hole. I looked up to see Jen with her head back and eyes closed.

She continued to hump my hand in what seemed a marathon session. I moved my free hand to the back of her neck and moved closure to her face. I smiled as her cum drooled from the corners of my mouth like mine had exited hers. She aggressively licked the corner of my mouth to remove the cum. In a very simple move, her tongue was now in my mouth and we tasted her cum together. I gently withdrew my fingers from her vagina that was no flushed with cum.

We pulled back from the passionate kiss and looked each. She still had the look of sincerity in her eyes. But a very satisfying grin now showed on her face.

I moved back to my side of the tub as Jen slipped into the water. Her breathing was rapid. A couple beads of sweat formed on her forehead.

I was erect again but thought we should talk about what just happened. I looked at Jen. "Are you ok?"

"Better than I could ever believe. How about you?" she asked in return.

"I think we should talk about this." I said.

"If you want" Jen replied. "What do you want to say?"

"Jen, I want you to know this was not right. I know it was not right. But it felt so good. What do you think?"

"It's ok Dad. I planned this. I've been planning this for a long time. Today seemed like the best opportunity. And 'yes' I thought it was great too." She laid her hand on my foot as sort of and 'it's ok' kind of touch.

"'But I don't understand. If you're mother knew this had happen she would kill me?"

"Mom and I tell each other everything. She's the greatest mom in the world. We get in the hot tub at home when you're at work. Without suits. We get in with suits for you because we thought that's the way you wanted it. A couple of years ago we started talking about sex. I told her I wanted the raw version and not the sugar coated version. I couldn't trust the information I was getting from school and other friends." she said.

"So we got down to the raw on sex. We talked about my pussy and what I could expect. She placed her finger on my hymen and said that was the first obstacle I would face. She told me how sometimes it's ripped a little and how sex the first time will probably detach it. She said it would probably hurt."

"I noticed that yours was gone." I interjected.

"I decided then I didn't want it to hurt the first time I had sex. So Mom helped my break mine. She was sweet about the whole thing. She had me set on the edge of the tub. She could tell I was nervous and told be just to relax. She began rubbing my pussy to make me relax. She told me that men would probably not be as gentle as she was being. I asked her if she could help me understand what it should feel like."

"And what did she do." I inquired.

"She began licking my pussy and darting her tongue in and out. It felt strange it was mom but she wanted to help me. She continued with that when I start to feel a little pressure in my vagina. Mom's fingers were inside of me pressing ever so slightly. I was so focused on breaking my hymen, I failed to notice how good mom's mouth and tongue felt on my pussy. I began to feel an arousal that I had not felt before. Mom realized it too. She told me 'To go with the flow and not worry about anything. Let what happens happen'. I started processing a lot of information. Mom was licking my pussy, her fingers were in my vagina and I was about to cum."

I just sat there with my next erection now visible above the water line.

"Mom finally brought me to an orgasm which felt really, really good. Without my knowing she had put enough pressure to break my hymen. So we took care of two things at once."

We continued to talk. She add moved a little closer to me and began stroking my hard cock. She wasn't doing it to be sexy she was just playing with it while we sat and talk. Kind of like a teddy bear to hold. I was amazed about some of the other things, including details my wife had provided to make men happy. That's how some of the interesting facts Jen knew about me came out.

Jen turned around in the tub and rested her back on my chest. Between us, my throbbing cock in the small of her back. I put my arms around her being careful not to grab her breast. She wasn't going to have that. She picked my hands and placed them firmly on her luscious tits.

We sat there for a few minutes. I spoke first . "It's late. I think we should get some sleep. I'm going to take a another shower."

"Me too." Jen said. She turned her face and looked up at me with parted lips. I bent down to kiss the lips of the new woman in my life.

We got out of the tub and went to the shower. I was still uncomfortable with erection around my daughter. This too would go away. We lathered each other in the shower. Jen lathered and stroked by dick until I shot my wad all over her. We made fun about it and rubbed cum over each other. We had to lather up again and I helped Jen masturbate. It seem her organisms were becoming stronger as we progressed.

I had to pee really bad now. I told her I was getting out for the toilet. "No. Go ahead. Do it on me." she responded. Again I was amazed. It took a minute to relax and let the pee flow. When it started she aimed my cock over her body to feel the warm liquid drench her skin. She put her hand in the stream and rubbed it on her tits. Seconds later. I could hear and see her pee. I put my hand in her stream then massaged it into her legs.

We continued to shower as we washed the urine away from our bodies with soup and water.

We were both worn to exhaustion. We climbed into the bed naked. Jen fell asleep with my arm around her and her head on my chest. My erection was coming back but sleep called.

We both slept the entire night. We had moved around enough that Jen was on her side and I had nestled very warmly up to her ass. My erection had gone overnight but was becoming active again when I realized our current position. Jen also began to stir. She turned over and immediately grabbed my enlarging member.

Jen looked at me and asked "How are you this morning? Any regrets?"

I looked deep into her eyes saying "I have none if you have none."

"I have none. It was absolutely glorious."

"I'm going to need to work on a fantasy for you now that yours is complete." I said with a hint of humor in my voice.

"Wait. My fantasy is not over yet." Jen rolled me over on my back and with one continuous motion moved on top of me placing her stomach over my again erect penis. "There are just few more things before we leave." She reached over to the night stand and pulled out a tube of KY Jelly.

"Know what this is for?" she asked.

"I can only imagine."

Jen sat up throwing the covers completely off the bed. Her full frontal nudity still amazed me. She took the cap of the tube, grabbed my hand and put some jelly on my middle finger. Then she put some in her palm and gently coated my cock. She rolled off me and got on all fours. "Now...take that" pointing to my finger "and rub it into asshole." I rubbed the jelly on her tight asshole then stuck my finger in her bung hole. She began to moan. She turned her head and looked at me. "Now.....take that" pointing to my erection "and put it in my asshole."

I wasted no time. The resistance on my dick was only momentary as she relaxed to let me in. Soon I was stroking my cock in and out of her very tight asshole. I had never felt anything this tight before. I could tell that Jen was enjoying the experience just as much as me since she was meeting me thrust for thrust.

"Oh....Daddy....That feels so good. Please don't stop."

We continued until I my cum exploded in her anal cavity. I spurted 5 times before finally relaxing. After a few minutes of passionate kissing we decided to take a another shower. I turned on the water. Jen sat on the toilet. She had no problem with me watching as she pee'd and force out the cum I just deposited from her ass.

We got in the shower, lathering each other and playing with everything that could be played with. Even the 3 oz. plastic shampoo bottles became a toy. The experience of having that bottle shoved up my ass brought another surge to my cock. Jen sucked my cock for a few minutes while the bottle settled erotically in my ass.

"Okay Dad. Just a couple of more things and my fantasy is over."

My mind raced. There was only one thing that could be remaining let along two. "I can only imagine but we probably need to talk one more time."

Jen removed the shampoo from my ass and rinsed my body giving a couple of playful licks to my dick while sticking her finger in my ass. She took a fresh towel and began drying my back and reaching around to dry my cock. She dried herself and reached up to kiss me on my cheek. She took my hand and led me to the bed. She sat down and gracefully laid on the bed. She spread her legs, looked at me, and said "Daddy, I want you to fuck me. Just like you fuck Mom."

"Jen it's obvious that you have planned this very carefully but if you got pregnant......" I started.

"Dad, I've been on the pill for about a year. There is no problem there."

"Jen I'm not sure?"

"Daddy, one of the most important things Mom said about having sex was to make sure you love the person you're having sex with. It's something you don't want to wake up with regrets. Dad....right now you are the one I love and I want to have sex with you. I want to feel you fucking me rather than some inept teenager."

The sincerity in her eyes was still present. Jen was a determined.

I laid down on Jen. She immediately wrapped her legs around my waist. We began kissing passionately for several minutes. "It's ok Dad. Go ahead."

She reached down for my stiff cock and gently placed it in her warm moist pussy. I very slowly placed my entire shaft into my daughter, still not believing this was happening. We laid quietly for a few minutes with my dick inside of her. I felt her vagina muscles tug at my penis. I began to slowly move in and out. Jen matched the thrust.

"Oh Dad...this feeeeels soooo good. Mom said it would be this way."

I raised my head with a quizzical look on my face.

Jen gave my tongue a workout before smiling at me and saying "Mom said it would feel like this the first time. Dad, Mom got my cherry but you got my virginity."

Hearing this, the thrusting of my cock into my daughters pussy became more furious. She grabbed my dick with her vagina at each thrust. Her legs were wrapped tightly around me. The orgasm we shared lasted for several minutes. Cum from both of us had blended and spread over the bed. Jen had multiple orgasms that was not in her plan. She was very excited about that.

We took another shower to cleanup before packing to head home.

We drove home with very little conversation. Jen was basically sleeping. My mind was replaying all the events of the weekend. So much so I started to get an erection again. I pushed those thoughts out of my mind. My wife could not find out under any circumstances. She would divorce me.

We finally got to the house. Jen and I got out of the car and went inside. I saw Jen wink at mom wondering what was up. My wife smiled at me and kissed me on the lips.

I took a few minutes to put all the gear up. I was tired but exuberated over the events of the weekend. I decided to take a shower and get in the hot tub for a few minutes to relax, as though I haven't been relaxed enough. Drying off after the shower I put on a suit for the hot tub. It was a reflex action. I walked outside the bedroom to the enclosed tub and eased myself into the 100 degree water. The sky was very blue. I put my head back and just starred at the sky.

I'd been there about five minutes when I heard a noise from the bedroom as the door opened.

I opened my eyes and looked in the direction of the sound. Standing in the door was my wife and Jen, both totally naked. Jen had a tube of KY in her hand. My wife looked at me and said 'How's it going stud."

It took a few seconds to get suit off over the erection. It was off by the time the lady's had entered the tub.

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