Sid by Mr+B

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Sid caught the last bus out of Port Authority, the thought of a two and one half hour bus ride was not making him happy but he had no choice. With his car dead, it was this or a couple hundred for a hotel room in the city. Surprisingly, for as late as it was, the bus was packed, and he finally found a seat in the rear on the aisle next to an older well dressed guy.

Not much to do on a bus late at nigh except try and sleep, why did his car have to pick the middle of Manhattan as a place to fry the alternator. Sid had called his wife up in Sullivan County telling her he would be home if and when and would call her form the bus depot in Monticello.

Finally the bus pulled out headed for the Lincoln Tunnel and the first stops in Rockland County. Sid relaxed.

“Going far?” His seatmate asked.


“Don’t believe I have seen you on the bus before?” Came a second question as they headed northward.

“I normally drive, but my car broke down and can’t afford to stay overnight in the city.” By this time the bus had rolled through the tunnel and was traveling through North Jersey.

“Yeah, I can understand that. Well I ride the bus all the time, five days a week. It’s a little inconvenient but no parking hassles and no break downs.”

“Man I can hear that. It was kind of strange, after I got through with my business walked around Times Sq for a while to see what had changed, and wonder if I hadn’t done that if maybe the car wouldn’t have broken down.” Said Sid in rather a guilty manor.

“Nah, it would have broken down anyway.” Replied the man, “No use beating yourself up because you wanted to see a few porno loops before going home.”

“How’d you know that.” Was Sid’s astonished reply.

“Just a lucky guess.” Smirked the man, and then he leaned over and whispered in Sid’s ear: “Do you fool around?”

“Ah I don’t know what you mean.” Was Sid’s startled reply.

“Oh I think you do, no one notices anything on this bus, so its okay if you wanna eat me.”

“What the heck do you think I am, gay?”

“No we aren’t gay in that common meaning, but you have sucked a cock or two I can tell, and right now mine’s already for you. You know you been watching that porn all day and what you need now is some release.” The man carefully moved around and took his trousers down in the darkened bus. Reaching over he took Sid’s right hand and place it on his cock and balls.

Sid tentatively felt the man’s hardening cock and balls. The man raised the arm rest between them and whispered: “Come make love to me, suck my cock just like in the porn shops, this is real not tape.”

Continuing to play with the cock and balls, Sid looked around and saw no one watching he leaned over and engulfed the man’s cock with his mouth and began to suck the stranger off. The man gently placed a hand on the back of Sid’s head hold him in place.

The man had good control and Sid sucked and licked his cock for a good ten minutes before he felt him take in a deep breath and ejaculate three big loads of cum into Sid’s eager mouth. Sid swallowed the load and kept after the cock and soon it was hard again.

“My, my, my we are hungry tonight aren’t we.” Said the man as Sid continued to eat his cock. “Too bad we aren’t someplace where I could fuck you like you wanna be fucked.”

For his part these words set Sid off and he sucked another load of cum down his throat.

Then all was quiet on the bus, Sid got up from the man’s lap. Clothes were returned to normal attire and all was quiet.

Leaning back against the seat, Sid was contemplating the fact that he had queered out very easily and vowed not to go to as many porn parlors in the future. He drifted off for a couple minutes, then he was awakened by the driver calling out “Spring Valley”.

“Well that’s me friend.” Said the man and without further ado he got up walked to the front of the bus to depart.

The man was right though Sid, if there had been a place he would have rolled on to his back and let the man fuck him in the ass.

Sid felt the air from the outside as a few passengers got off the bus, and few more got on. A young man about Sid’s age came towards the back of the bus and inquired if the seat next to Sid was open. There were lots of seats up front.

“No, its all yours.” Replied Sid.

Once the guy was seated Sid leaned over and asked “How far you going?”

“All the way to Monticello.”

Leaning over Sid place his hand on the guys left thigh and whispered: “How far will you go?”

“Ah well you know all the way.”

Sid fumbled with the zipper on the guys blue jeans, and when he had them down he leaned over and took a very eager cock in his mouth and began to eat it.

“Oh yeah, whispered the guy, you are one hot babe, suck me.”

Soon the young fellow, somewhere around Middletown the guy came in Sid’s mouth.

“Too bad we don’t have more room,” said Sid as he swallowed, ‘I’d really like to feel that big cock of yours inside me.”

“My apartments right by the bus station, I’ll treat you to a beer and then fuck you till you can’t walk.”

Later that evening, actually early that morning, Sid still hadn’t called his wife, he was in the guys apartment on his back naked his legs in the air as the guy fucked him the way Sid needed to be fucked, deep, long and continuous.


Rating: 65%, Read 15894 times, Posted Dec 07, 2006

Fiction | Anal, Blowjob, Gay


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