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Chuck walked into the office of his small automotive repair shop. His customer waited patiently for him to give her an estimate of charges to repair her older model sedan. Chuck was not looking forward to the news he had to share.

"Ms Watson, you have a worn out suspension system that is going to cost about $1500.00 to repair."

The look on Ms. Watson's face was what he had expected. He had seen it many times before. His garage wasn't the best in town, but he seemed to get more of this kind of customer than any other; women in their forties or early fifties, divorced, with limited incomes and cars that were near the end of their useful lives. Ms. Watson was not an exception, but, rather the rule.

She was not at all unattractive, she had long legs that still looked good. She was maybe 45, blonde hair, blue eyes and a slightly plump figure that said she had tried to maintain her looks. She looked like she was always looking for someone to restore love she had lost.

Her head and shoulders slumped with the news.

"You might as well tell me it will cost a million." she said

Chuck had heard this before, a hundred times and always felt the same empty feeling in his gut. He told her that she shouldn't drive the car again until he got it fixed, and that he could ride her home if she wanted him to. It was near quitting time anyway, and Chuck had nothing to go home to anyway.

"Ms. Watson," Chuck began,

"Please, call me Mel, short for Melinda...." she said as her voice trailed off

"Mel," Chuck continued, "I can look around for used parts and do what I can do to get that down to what you can afford, if you would like. The car has been rode hard and not maintained as well as it should have been..." His voice trailed off as he saw the look of defeat in her eyes. She nodded her head as if to approve of this solution, and slowly gathered her things for the ride home.

She and Chuck got into his service truck and drove quietly toward her address. They struck up a conversation to make the half hour trip more pleasant and found that they had a lot in common. Both had gone through divorces that left them happier, but a lot less well off financially. They both had interests in cooking and creative culinary arts. Mel was trying to write a cook book, and Chuck laughed at his attempt to write a steamy novel. The mood had changed dramatically by the time they reached the house.

"I'll get back to you as soon as I figure out how soon I can get you back on the road." Chuck offered as he pulled into the drive.

"Won't you come in for a minute, just to see my book, if for no other reason?" Mel asked

"Well, I suppose I could." Chuck answered and turned off the truck and followed her inside.

Her home was nice enough, very isolated, the nearest neighbor was at least a half mile down the road. There was a dense tree line directly behind and to each side of a well kept small yard. There were flower beds that bloomed with bright colors of summer.

The house was air conditioned, to Chuck's delight as it was getting fairly warm outside.

Mel came in and prepared drinks for them. She asked if he wanted his iced tea hard or soft. He chuckled at that and said he would have his the way she had hers. She made a statement to the effect that she liked he tea like she liked her men, sweet and hard. They both chuckled at the naughtiness of that remark. Mel gathered a few snacks and they moved to an enclosed porch that gave them a view of the back yard and the nearby wood.

She told him that, if they were quiet, the deer would soon come out to the salt block she had set out for them. They both sat on a loveseat that gave them the best view of the yard. Chuck noticed right away that they were closer to each other than he had expected to get. Mel's thigh and his were in direct contact and he was getting a little aroused. He could also look directly down her low cut dress, which exposed a very nice set of D cup breasts. They looked delicious.

As they emptied the pitcher of Long Island Iced Tea the mood became lighter and more mellow. Suddenly, out of the forest, came a doe, her tail flipping to signal the rest of the herd. Mel cautioned him to be very still and quiet. She told him that they spooked easily. The doe approached the salt block and gnawed at it. Soon their were three does and a fawn in full view. Mel had snuggled down and leaned against Chuck's shoulder. Chuck had put his arm around her shoulder to make her more comfortable.

"Aren't they sweet?" Mel asked. Chuck just grunted an affirmative sounding grunt, and continued to look straight down Mel's cleavage. Her dress had fallen forward allowing a much better look at her tits, he could almost see her right nipple. He pulled her shoulder a little which exposed the swollen pink morsel to full view. Mel shifted to make the view even better.

"Once the buck came out and fucked all of the does right in my yard." Mel said totally shocking Chuck out of his reverie. He bolted a little as she snickered at her comment.

"Wha, wha, oh WOW!!" was all that Chuck could manage.

Mel reached down and squeezed his swollen cock with her left hand and pulled his head down to place a passionate hot kiss on his surprised lips.

She kissed with a purpose and he responded. His hands went right for those breasts and she allowed him full access.His hands were working, squeezing, massaging, and caressing her ample tits as she stroked his cock through his jeans.She continued to kiss him, her tongue snaking in and out making him wild with lust.

Mel loosened his belt and unzipped his pants. She had a prize in mind and she was not going to be dissuaded. Chuck's hard cock popped into view and Mel actually swooned at the sight. He was not terribly long, maybe seven inches, maybe a little more, but his cock was thick as her wrist, with a helmet that looked like it would bring tremendous pleasure. She gasped as she slid down onto her knees and took the head into her mouth.

Chuck's head snapped back as she swirled her tongue around his cock head. He hadn't had a blow job for a very long time, and his last was not the best. Mel was good, he concluded. She knew what to do to get the ultimate reaction from him. She bobbed her head to take more of his cock into her mouth, but could only get about the top three inches into her mouth. His thickness prevented any further insertion. She allowed his cock to pop free as if to catch her breath.

"He's beautiful." she said leaning back to observe his swollen member as she stroked it slowly.

"Thank you, Ma'am." Chuck offered as he, too, caught his breath.

With that Mel went back to her business sucking the top half of his cock into her hungry mouth.

Chuck managed to move her into a position that allowed him to remove her summer dress. She broke her contact only long enough to let him slip the dress past her head. It was as if she would lose her claim on her prize if she lost contact for too long. Her head bobbed as chuck unsnapped her strapless bra and her gorgeous tits spilled out. He wanted to suck on them but could not break her hold on his cock, not that he wanted to. As he hooked his thumb into the elastic of her panty, she adjusted her position and removed them herself. She was totally nude at his feet, sucking furiously on his dick. He raised her off his member and turned her around, placing her into a seated position on the loveseat. He dove head first into her waiting crotch. Her pussy was a beautiful mound of dark brown pubic hair, luxuriously covering her swollen labia. He ran his face through the softness as he took in her aroma. She spread her legs as wide as she could allowing him complete access to her love organ. He attacked her clit with his tongue. He hardened it as much as possible and swirled it around to bring the maximum pleasure. Mel gasped with ecstasy. He sank his tongue as deeply into her cunt as he could, pulling her pussy lips apart to get as deep as possible. Mel thrashed as her lover found delicious spots she had long forgot had existed. Chuck's attentions brought yelps of joy as she reached several mini orgasms on the way to that one mind-blowing pinnacle she so desperately needed.

Mel shouted that she wanted 69, and her lover obliged by maneuvering to give her a direct shot to his cock. They sucked each other wildly until she exploded in a release of passion that caused her to quake. Chuck's cum was almost painful as he emptied his balls into her waiting throat. They fell apart and away each other for the first time since the lovemaking had begun.

"Wow, indeed." Mel chuckled. "That was absolutely fabulous."

Chuck gathered himself as he looked at this woman whom he had met only a few weeks earlier when she stopped by his shop to make the appointment for service. She was plump, but not gross. Her body maintained curves that accented her beauty. He had maybe missed on those D cup breasts, they were probably DD's. Her hips flared nicely giving her a nice hourglass figure. Her pussy was amazing, naturally covered with a beautiful bush of pubic hair that now glistened from his attention.

Mel lazily stroked Chuck's wilting cock. She leaned to kiss the head, sucking in the head and cupping his balls in her free hand. She looked down her body at the face of her new found lover.

"How about some dinner?" she asked as if they were at a community social

"That would be awesome." Chuck replied as he looked for his jeans and underwear, which he did not remember removing at all.

Chapter II on the way...

Rating: 88%, Read 16093 times, Posted Jul 30, 2014

Fantasm | Consensual Sex, Cum Swallowing


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