Megan Pt. 9 by NKL13

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That night, after I spent part of the day getting fucked by my dad and the next door neighbors, I went over to my uncle and aunts house to 'baby-sit' my cousins. I assumed that this was just some ploy to get me over there so they could all fuck me again. I didn't want to disappoint so I decided to wear something very provocative. I wore my shortest skirt, thong panties, I low cut small white top shirt. It showed off my pierced belly button. I didn't wear any bra. When I got over there my aunt and uncle were actually going out and my cousins, Justin and Jake each had one of their friends over. I recognized one of their friends as he had just entered my high school in my senior year.

My aunt and uncle said they wouldn't be back to late and the boys had not had any dinner yet. My aunt made a comment about how much the boys were going to enjoy what I was wearing. I was a bit embarrassed since I was not expecting anyone else to be over there but there was nothing I could do, aside from just going with it. After they left I went into the family room where the boys were playing their video game, they hadn't seen me yet. Well I could tell they all approved of what I was wearing since their eyes nearly popped out of their heads and I could tell they got instant erections. I did my best not to notice the effect I was having on all of them but my nipples had other plans. I glanced down and it was clear to everyone as my hard nipples could be seen pushing on the fabric of my shirt. Asked the boys if they were hungry I would make them dinner. I took there order and went off into the kitchen. I gave them a few minutes before I snuck back to the doorway to listen in on them.

Justin's friend was the first to speak up. "Man, did you see Megan's nipples?"

Jake added, "Yeah, but never mind that. Did you see how hot our cousin looked?"

His friend chimed in, "She is hot! I wouldn't mind having sex with her."

Then they started talking in hush tones about my tits and just how hot I looked. It made me smile and I figured I would do my best to drive them all wild. I didn't think my cousins would try anything with their friends there, the whole incest thing, so I thought I could really drive them crazy. I brought them all out their drinks, being sure to bend over enough that they could see up my short skirt to see my ass and the thong I had on. Then I thought I would really tease them so I brought them their dinner’s one at a time. Each time I would bend over so they could get a good look down my shirt. I did it for my cousin Jake first; I saw his eyes fix on my bare tits as he looked down my shirt. I left and listened to hear if he told the other boys. Of course he did, he told them to make me bend over, I had no bra on and they could check out my tits. One at a time I brought them their plates, bent over to give each of my teenage voyeurs a nice view of my tits. As they were looking down my shirt, I was glancing at their pants and it was such an erotic feeling, seeing their pricks twitch in side their shorts.

I left the room, stood next to the door way against the wall and listened to my four horny boys talking about my tits. I heard one of their friends say how he would love to suck on them. My cousin Justin said, "I know she is my cousin but I would love to fuck her tits and cum all over them." His friend said 'who cares if she is your cousin. She's hot and if I was his cousin he would be thinking the same thing about me. I really didn’t realize that this was my cousins testing the water with their friends about incest; I didn't realize that until later. I sat with them having my dinner, I caught them all starring at my hard nipples sticking through my shirt at one time or another. After having dinner with the boys and driving them crazy I decided to go upstairs to their parent’s bedroom to watch TV. I was curious to see what they would, if anything, next.

Time went by, first an hour then another before all four of them came upstairs knocking on the door. I had to quickly turn off the TV, I had found the video their mom, my aunt, had made when they all fucked me. Needless to say I had been enjoying it and fingering myself at the same time. "What's on your minds?" My cousin Justin ended up being the spokesperson for the group.

"We were going to go swimming in the pool..." He let his sentence trail off with that. My aunt and uncle had a great in-ground pool. It had large patio around it, well lit and the pool had underwater lights too. When none of them said anything more I felt this was the part where I had to speak.

"And? Are you asking me if it's ok? It's fine with me if you all want to go swimming."

They all looked at each other, Jake gave Justin a nudge, 'go on ask her' he said to his brother under his breath. "Well cousin Megan, we wanted to know if you would like join us." I was tickled with the way he called me 'cousin Megan' and I was curious about why they wanted me join them. I thought about it before I answered.

"Well I would love to but I don't have a bathing suit and I know nothing your mom has would fit me."

He shot back pretty quickly, "Well Andy and Rob don't have any either. They were just going to swim in their underwear. You could do the same Megan." I actually blushed as my cousin had actually backed me into a bit of an embarrassing corner. I had to admit that I did not have a bra on.

"Well you see boys I am panties and I actually...don't have a bra on." They all grinned for a moment then Justin quickly worked on his case.

"Oh come on Megan. You normally wear a thong bikini and you could leave your shirt on." I could tell they really wanted me to swim with them so I thought I would have some fun and make them beg me to join them. After a five minute debate I finally reluctantly agreed to join them. We all went downstairs and out to the pool. I let them strip down to their underwear, then watched them all jump into the pool. All four of them looked at me urging me to join them. I acted like I was shy and very hesitant.

"I don't know guys... I am your cousin so I don't know if people would approve." They all promised they wouldn't tell anyone and kept saying 'come on Megan, jump in join us. I very slowly took my skirt off, Jake and his friend started cheering, 'take it off Megan, take it off!' I spun around and told them if they didn't stop that I would not come in. But I really wouldn't do that to them. When I pulled my skirt off they all let out a gasp of approval as I stood in front of them wearing my white thong and my white T-shirt. I jumped into the pool and joined them. We did the usual fooling around in the pool, splashing each other and such. I am not stupid, I knew that my soaking wet T-shirt was plastered to my tits and everyone could clearly see them, my areola and nipples.

I acted like I didn't noticed but I did notice that they were all staring at my tits. It did not take long for my T-shirt to be plastered to my chest and when the lights around the in-ground pool hit my chest just right my tits, areola and nipples were all visible. After some time we were all just standing in the shallow end of the pool chatting away. All of them staring at my tits and I was glancing down at their erections; the bulges were very obvious. Then Andy, Jakes’ friend blurted out, “Your tits look so good Megan.” I looked down, pretending not to have known my T-shirt was transparent, and I covered up my tits with my hands. The boys all groaned with disappointment telling me not to do that. I teased my cousins that I was their cousin and they shouldn’t be looking at me like that. They said I was so hot they couldn’t help it and of course their friend’s agreed with them.

Now the four of them started to plead with me to remove my hands, after I made them suffer for a bit I very reluctantly removed my hands. Justin’s friend then asked me to take off my shirt; there was no point to wearing it now. I said no! So they quickly asked me to at least flash them. I thought about it and said “I guess but you can’t tell anyone! On the count of three guys, get ready. One, two, three!” I pulled my shirt up for a half second flash. They loved it but were so disappointed by my quickness which lead them to pleading with me to do it again and for longer. I didn’t notice my cousin Justin moving slowly up behind me.

Suddenly he grabbed me from behind, holding my arms behind my back. He rested his head on my shoulder and spoke, “Now we are going to get a better look at your tits. Jake pull up Megan’s shirt so we can check out her tits.” I squirmed around, now knowing their game; I ordered my cousin to let me go and told my other cousin not to touch me. Of course they ignored me and their friends didn’t help, they just moved in closer to get their look. Jake pulled my soaking wet T shirt up over my tits and now they all gawked at them and my very hard, erect nipples. The looking lasted a few second when Justin reached his hands around from behind my back and began to fondle them. Instantly I had four pairs of hands fondling them, squeezing them and pinching my nipples. I bit my lower lip as I wiggled around, doing my best not to show how much I was enjoying it. Jake grabbed my legs and lifted me up.

He put my legs on either side of his head; his face was inches from my pussy. Of course he commented on my nice camel toe. I squirmed around a bit more but not enough to get free; I was enjoying being helpless like this with these very apparently horny boys. My cousin’s friends were playing with my tits when Justin told them to suck on them. I begged them not to but before I even got halfway through my plead, each one of my nipples was in their mouths and they began to suck away. I stopped squirming and just let them lick and suck away. Jake became bold and started to rub my pussy through the wet thong underwear. “Jake stop it!” I screamed out. The boys stopped to see what he was doing and then told him to keep it up.

Rob suggested that they get me out of the pool and lay me down on the deck so they could all enjoy my body more. They all agreed and I was carried out and layed down on the deck. Jake sat on my legs and Justin put my arms between his legs so he could easily bend over my body to reach my tits or my pussy. Now they all took great pleasure in playing with tits, sucking on them, fondling them, while hands were rubbing up and down on my pussy. None of them made any attempt to put their hands down my thong; they just rubbed on my pussy. I couldn’t stand it any longer and I began to wiggle around, this time with pleasure. I softly moaned for them to stop but it was more of a moan of sheer delight. I loved it, having them enjoying my body. Justin adjusted himself and his legs so I could rest my head on his lap and watch all of them pleasuring my body. It made me so horny watching their hands, tongues and mouths working all over my body. They each took turns licking my pussy through the thong, each claiming they could taste me. Soon I was bucking my hips, rocking them up and down. Both of my cousin’s knew I was going to get off.

Jake said in a loud voice, “Hey! I think we are going to make my cousin cum! Let’s keep it up and make her get off!” It didn’t take much longer, between the pussy rubbing and the tit sucking I mewed like a little kitten as my orgasm hit, a very intense one too. I squirmed around with my eyes closed, allowing them to pleasure me for as long as my orgasm lasted. Then they let go of me, all of them had a satisfied look on their faces like they just accomplished some great feat. I quickly got up and ran over to my pile of clothes and grabbed them. They asked where I was going, standing up at the same time showing off their hard cocks. Each one of their underpants looked like a mini tent with their cocks sticking out. I snapped back at them.

“I’m going back up stairs! You guys have had your fun for the night. Be glad I don’t tell your parents what you just did.” I hurried off and back up stairs. I knew that it was not over and I waited to see what they would try next. Well I did not have to wait too long. The boys were a few minutes behind me. No sooner had I shut the door then did it fly open, Justin, Andy and Rob came in. I spun around just as Justin grabbed me. “Let me go you guys! You have had your fun.”

Justin held me by my wrists saying, “No we haven’t Megan! Look at how hard you made us! We got you off now you are going to get us off!” He began to push me to the floor in front of the bed, Andy and Rob quickly moved in helped get me down onto the floor. Jake came into the room and went to their father’s tie drawer. Justin pulled off my wet T shirt. I struggled around a bit but deep down I was really enjoying this! They tied my hands behind my back, tying them to the leg post on the bed. Jake told his friend to pull off my thong, which he very happily did.

Now the four of them huddled together as I sat on the floor, tied to the bed post completely naked. I couldn't hear what they were talking about all I heard was them laugh and say 'yeah lets do it. That will teach her lesson and make her suck us off.' They all left the room which really peeked my curiosity as to what they had in mind. I was enjoying this, being tied up and at the mercy of my cousins and their friends’ sexual pleasure. I didn't have to wait long as Justin and his buddy came back into the room with the digital camera. They set the camera up on a tripod and angled towards me. My cousin said sarcastically, "Smile Megan." I couldn't help but look at their cocks, rock hard, red in color and just bobbing up and down as they moved about. I wanted to suck them off right then and there but I figured my cousins wanted me to continue play the game of not wanting to have sex with them or their friends.

Jake came into the room without his friend. He shut the door with one hand; his other hand was behind his back. He had such a wicked smile on his face as he looked at me, then he looked at his brother. "I got it. You guys ready?" They nodded yes and then he brought his hand out from behind his back. He proudly held up a large jar of peanut butter. They all smiled with an odd evil smirk. Jake looked down at me, "Now Megan, we are going to teach you a lesson." Justin added, "Yeah, we are going to show you what happens to cock teaser's like you. Making us horny and then refusing to suck us off." They all knelt down around me, reaching scooping out large gobs of peanut butter. Their friend rubbed the peanut butter all over my pussy lips, wiping his fingers off on my tits. Then Jake added his gob of peanut butter to my pussy lips and clit before doing the same and cleaning off on my tits. Justin knelt there looking at me with such an odd, evil, wild look. "Do you think she needs some in her pussy?" His brother and friend both nodded yes. Then he said, "Ok, spread her legs and cunt lips."

I struggled a bit, trying to keep my legs closed but the boys pulled my legs apart and Justin got between them. They placed their fingers on my wet pussy lips and pulled them apart as I watched and felt Justin's sticky fingers slid into my pussy. The peanut butter was cold which oddly felt good as his fingers worked inside of me coating my pussy with it. He withdrew his fingers and held them up to my mouth. "Lick them clean Megan." I turned my head keeping my mouth closed so Justin forcibly wiped his finger across my lips. They all stood up, a wild eyed look on their faces, their cocks were drooling pre cum like there was no tomorrow. Justin looked at his brother and told him it was time to teach me a lesson.

I still had no idea what they had in mind. I couldn't figure it out but I didn't have to wait long to get my answer. Jake opened the bedroom door and told his friend to come. He did, leading their male German Shepard into the room on a leash. Justin and his friend grabbed my legs, spreading me wide. My eyes shot wide open as it hit me what they were going to do, they were going to have their dog eat me out! "NO! Please don't! Not this!" I yelled out as they lead the dog between my legs, I could see him sniffing the peanut butter. Their friend looked at me, angrily he said, "You had your chance Megan. Now you going to learn that when a guy tells you to suck his cock you better suck it!"

They led their dog up to me; at first he licked my tits. I thrashed around, making my tits sway back and forth but that did not stop their dog from using his long, wet rough tongue on them. Deep, deep down inside of me it felt so good. It was a new feel and the dogs tongue felt really good licking on my hard nipples. Without any coercion the dog sniffed all the peanut butter that had been pasted onto my pussy. To the delight of my cousins and their friends he bent his head down to my crotch and began using his tongue on my cunt, licking away at the peanut butter. I let out the loudest moan ever! It was such an amazing, new sensation as their dog lapped at my pussy; it felt so good and tickled me at the same time. I tried so hard not to show the pleasure that I was experiencing from this act. I closed my eyes, twisting my head back and forth doing my best not to look, not to enjoy this bestiality but I knew I couldn't keep it up for ever. I was so horny I knew their dog would make me have an incredible orgasm. I struggled around quite a lot, trying to put a stop to this before I let myself go, allowed myself to enjoy this but the boys held my legs spread wide open cheering as the dog lapped at my pussy.

I had forgotten that not only were they having the dog eat me out; they were filming the whole thing too! Finally I stopped struggling around; I opened my eyes and just looked down at their dog eating me out. I let myself go, giving in to the forbidden pleasure I was experiencing. I knew I was going into a new kind of trance, one brought on by an odd ecstasy I was feeling as this rough tongue licked away on me. It did not take the dog long to lick clean all of the peanut butter that was smeared all over my pussy. Then I heard Justin say that all the peanut butter was gone from my pussy lips. His friend said, "How about the peanut butter you put in her cunt?" I looked at my cousin and he flashed me such an evil smile. He told his brother and.... to pull my cunt lips apart so their dog could get a better taste of me. I was moaning softly, my nipples were so hard from the pleasure. I looked at them then back to the dog in my glazed over trance of dark sexual enjoyment. I watched my other cousin and his buddy place a couple of fingers on my pussy lips then they pulled them apart as the dog lapped away. I moaned softly to them, "Oh please no...You have to stop...please don't let the dog do this...oh feels so good!" My eyes rolled up into the back of my head with such delight when I felt that tongue dig deep into pussy. The length of the dog's tongue went deeper than any other guys had gone and it felt so good.

I couldn't hold it in any more, the pleasure was too intense and I released a very loud moan, tilting my head back and closing my eyes. The boys loved hearing me moan! I heard my cousin Jake, whose idea it was, say "I knew it! Megan enjoys getting eaten out by the dog!" His friend responded, "Your cousin is such a slut." I kept my eyes close for a minute or two, moaning as loud as my sexual delight would let me at the same time I began to grind my hips into the dogs snout. Suddenly I felt lips on my tits, sucking away which sent my pleasure soaring to a new height. I opened my eyes, starring blankly at my cousins' friends sucking on my tits as the dog ate my pussy. I felt an incredible orgasm building up very quickly in pussy. I began to rub my pussy as best as I could up and down on the dogs tongue. It was difficult considering I my hands were tied behind my back and tied to one of the legs of the bed. I heard Justin say, "That's it you slut, enjoy it. We are going to teach you a fucking good lesson."

Then my orgasm hit, catching me off guard. As the intense, electrifying pleasure hit me I screamed with delight. I raised my ass off the floor nearly trying to fuck the dog's tongue. My orgasm was so incredible I closed my eyes, my mouth wide open as I shouted aloud, "Oh god yes! I'm cumming! Aaahhh yes!" Suddenly I hard cock slammed into my open mouth and my eyes shot open in a flash. My cousin Justin was going wild fucking my mouth! He had fanatical look in his eyes as he grab handfuls of my brown hair, holding my head steady as he pounded his cock in and out of my mouth. My moans were muffled by his erect prick; my head was now being thrust against the bed mattress over and over again. Everyone started cheering, "Yeah fuck her mouth! Give it to her! Fuck that dog loving sluts' mouth!" I tried my best to suck his prick but my cousin was so lost in fucking mouth the most I could do was work my tongue all over his cock with each hard, fast thrust into my mouth. He kept his eyes focused on mine as he looked down on me. Their dog suddenly stopped licking my pussy, part of me was relieved but another part was disappointed. Then Justin snapped an order at his brother to put more peanut butter on my cunt and make the dog keep eating me out.

I twitched as I felt multiple hands hastily slopping peanut butter on my pussy then I felt their dog eating me out again. I moaned a little but you could not hear over the slurping noise coming from my mouth as saliva and pre cum mixed in a tasty wet paste. I could feel the saliva pre cum mix running down the sides of my mouth as this prick pumped in and out of my mouth. Justin looked down at me. "Suck it! Suck it you slut! Suck my fucking cock or I will have the dog fuck you!" Now I did my best to work my head back and forth on his cock as he fucked my mouth faster and faster. I heard my other cousin tell him to give it to me and to fill my mouth with cum. Justin kept looking at me, "Don't worry, I'm gonna fill our cousins mouth with cum, I'm gonna cum down her throat and watch the slut swallow it all! Make sure you get it all on tape. I want to jerk off to it over and over again when our fuck toy cousin is not here."

This little scene kept up for the next few minutes. My cousin standing over me thrusting his cock into my mouth over and over again as their dog continued to lick at my cunt. All I could do was sit there looking up at the look on my cousins’ face. He looked lost in his wild passion as he continued to fuck my mouth. Then I felt his wad begin to spurt out of his prick. He yelled out, “Watch this! I’m gonna cum in Megan’s mouth!” He kept the head of his cock in mouth as he jerked himself off. With each groan from my cousin signaled another eruption of his salty spunk into my mouth and down my throat. I swallowed as quickly as his wad pumped into my mouth. My cousin’s friends of course saw me swallowing which only excited them even more.

As soon as Justin finished unloading his cock into my mouth he pulled out and immediately my other cousin, Jake, slid his cock into it. I barely had time to swallow his brother's wad of spunk before he was wildly fucking my mouth with his prick. He grabbed a fist full of my hair, holding it tightly as he fucked my mouth. Jake was moaning with delight as I worked my tongue all over his hard shaft. I knew he was very horny judging by how much pre cum was working out of his prick. I was letting out muffled groans as their dog kept lapping at my pussy. I looked out of the corner of my eye to see Justin's friend moving around with the camera, filming me sucking off my cousin as well as getting ate out by the family dog. At some point I had another incredible orgasm, I just could not believe how good it felt getting my pussy licked by the dog! It felt so good feeling that long, rough tongue running up and down my pussy lips, on my clit and diving deep into my pussy. I knew the dog was enjoying the flavor of my sweet pussy juice along with the peanut butter.

Jake groaned how good I was sucking him off and to keep the dog eating me out. He didn't even last five minutes before I tasted the first small spurt of his jizz shooting out of his cock onto my tongue. Then he pulled out holding his cock. "OPEN WIDE MEGAN!" he yelled at me. I did as he screamed, opening my mouth as I moaned from the pleasure I was experiencing from the dog tongue. He jerked himself off into my mouth as Justin’s' friend moved in close with the camera, recording every spurt of my cousin's spunk rocketing into my mouth. Some got on my chin, which brought a comment from him, "Damn, Megan looks so good with cum on her chin. I can't wait to blow my cum into her mouth." When Jake finished his orgasm he put his prick into my mouth and ordered me to suck him dry. As I did that, my hands still tied to the bed, the dog still lapping at my cunt Justin's friend sat down in the chair that was room. "When she is done cleaning off your cock untie that slut and bring her over here. I'm next to get a blow job from Megan."

Jake pulled their dog away from my honey box as Justin untied my hands. My cousin pointed at his friend, pointing at his erect cock. "Crawl over there on your hands and knees. Suck him off!" I looked at my cousin, still pretending to be innocent I pleaded with them to stop. Justin fired back, "Get over there Megan. That's what slutty cock sucking cousin's are for. Give him head or you will be sucking off the dog!" I could tell by the look in his eyes he was serious. I never thought I would see that look in my cousins' eyes. I crawled over to him on my hands and knees in as seductive as a manner as I could. When I got close to his legs he spread them wide, stroking his cock he told me to get my lips around his shaft and to make him cum in my mouth. I took his hard prick out of his hand and placed it on my tongue, rubbing his pre cum oozing prick head all over it. Then I closed my lips around his throbbing shaft and slowly slid it all the way in and then slowly slid it out. He put his hands on my head helping to push my head up and down his cock. He let out a very approving groan as I worked his cock with my wet mouth.

I glanced up at him and he gave me a wicked smile. "Megan do you know how many guys in high school would want to be me right now? You may not have the biggest tits of all the girls who were cheerleaders but you are the hottest! We all thought you were probably the sluttiest of them all and we were right! We all thought you probably were a cum loving, cum swallowing slut. Oh yeah, guys would line up to have their cocks sucked by you, especially if they knew you swallow." I never thought that so many high school boys thought that about me. I always assumed they had fantasies about the other girls, the ones with C or D cups. It did make me feel very hot knowing that I was a jerk off fantasy to a lot of my classmates. I pictured them jacking off to pictures of me in my cheerleading clothes. "Hey, get the dog on her pussy again." he snapped out at my cousin's. Within a few seconds I felt sticky peanut butter being rubbed on my pussy and my asshole! I don't know who it was but someone pulled my ass-cheeks apart and now the dog was licking at my pussy and ass! I nearly got off again. It felt so good getting licked like that and the dog brought me to another intense orgasm. I nearly collapsed onto the floor but they held me up. I let this hard cock pop out of my mouth to groan out loud as my orgasm hit.

Justin's friend held my head up by my hair. "Listen to her moaning! What a dirty slut! She loves sucking cock and getting her cunt and asshole licked by a dog! I want a copy of all of this to jerk off to!" He held my hair with one hand and his cock with his other; slapping his cock against my face and my lips. As I screamed with pleasure he slapped his cock against my mouth, "COME ON MEGAN! SUCK IT! FUCKING SUCK MY COCK! I didn't tell you to stop!" I went right back to sucking his nice prick, working my head up and down his throbbing shaft as he grunted with approval; telling me how he was going to blow his spunk into my mouth. I knew he was going to cum when he grabbed my hair tighter and began to buck his hips nearly shoving his cock all the way down my throat. Then he exploded in mouth and he was not kidding by how much spunk he pumped down my throat. It was way more than I could hold or swallow so his jizz ran down the sides of my mouth. As soon as he was done he pulled out of mouth with a very satisfied look on his face.

Jakes’ buddy was laying on the bed stroking his prick, “Over here Megan! Suck my cock!” My cousins pulled me up off of my hands and knees and shoved me over to the bed. They forcibly bent me over and had me take his prick into my cum laden mouth. I went to work sucking on him next. I never dreamed I would have this much jizz to swallow. Deep down I loved being filmed and I loved being their slutty fantasy.

As I sucked on this prick bent over the bed Justin stayed behind me rubbing my ass with his hands at first. He kept commenting to everyone how great my ass was and everyone agreed with him. Then he began slapping his hard cock on my ass cheeks, I could feel his sticky pre cum on my ass. His friend then spoke up, 'Are you going to fuck your cousin?' Justin kept slapping his cock on my ass cheeks for a bit longer. "Yeah, I think I will fuck Megan. Let's see what her pussy is like." I thought to myself, you, your brother and your father all know what my pussy feels like. But I kept up the secret that they had already fucked me. I could feel Justin searching around with one hand, feeling for my pussy. When he touched it I let out a moan, I was so horny and dying to have a hard cock inside of me. Then I felt the head of his throbbing shaft probing around my pussy lips before he slid it in. I released Jake's friends' prick from my mouth letting out a loud groan as my cousin buried his cock into my pussy.

"OH FUCK! Megan's pussy feels great! You guys are gonna love fucking her." With that he began to slam his cock into me over and over again. Jake's buddy grabbed my head and pulled it back down onto his cock, forcing it back into my mouth. I sucked away at it as my cousin was giving me a wonderful fuck from behind. I could tell Justin was fucking me with the sole intent of cumming as quickly as possible. His rough, fast nature told me that. He held onto my ass as kept driving his hard cock into my cunt again and again. With each thrust he groaned out his approval of the incestuous act he was engaging in. Jake moved around the bed filming me getting fucked while I sucked on his friends' dick. He asked him how he was enjoying getting head from me. His buddy moaned I was the best cock sucker ever. Justin told everyone about how tight and wet I was. His friend asked him if he was going to cum inside of me. Justin grabbed my long brown hair, yanking my head off the cock that I was sucking on he asked me a simple question. "Megan, are you on the pill?" I hesitated to answer, which only heightened their horniness. Jakes' friend began slapping my face with his cock yelling at me to answer. "Come on you slut, answer your cousin! Are you on the pill?" In an almost mewing voice I said yes, he could cum inside of me.

He let my hair go and I went back to sucking on the cock that was in front of me. After another minute or so of giving head Jake's friend told Justin to pull my head up again. Justin asked why and he responded in this wild voice, "I wanna cum in face!" Immediately Justin's friend got close to watch what was going to happen. Jake zoomed in with the camera letting everyone know that he had my face and his friends cock up close so they could enjoy watching me get a facial over and over again. My head was being held about an inch or so above this throbbing cock. Jakes' friend wildly jerked himself off, groaning out, "I'm gonna cum! Oh fuck yes I'm gonna cum all over Megan's face." Then with a deep guttural groan he erupted. I had to close my eyes as his cock unleashed his wad like jizz water fountain. I kept my mouth open as a target for him. I felt spurt after spurt of his hot, sticky semen spurting onto my face. He got on my cheeks, forehead, nose, my chin and into my mouth of course. Even though Justin could not see this happening I guess knowing that it was ended up being enough for him as he grunted like an animal in heat as his unleashed his wad deep inside of my pussy.

After my cousin had finished unleashing his load inside of my pussy he pulled his cock out of me. Jake handed off the camera and rushed around behind me taking his brother's place. He didn't say a word as his cock did all of the talking, driving deep into my ass. The guys stood around cheering him on while filming my cousin fucking my ass hard. I remained bent over on the bend groaning and squealing away as Jake jack hammered my asshole with his prick. It felt so incredibly dirty and hot and deep down I loved it. I loved getting fucked up the ass by my cousin, in front of everyone, being filmed and still having cum all over my face. Soon his cock went extremely rigid as he erupted. Each hard stroke of his prick into my ass made my cousin pump more of this thick spunk into it. Now when he was done Jake pulled me up off the bed, spun me around facing his brother and their friends. He pushed me into them saying, 'ok who wants to fuck Megan next?'

Justin's friend was ready to go again as his hard cock was standing straight out at me. He forced me down on to the floor, down onto my back. He very quickly positioned himself between my legs and buried his hard shaft into my pussy. Then the jack hammering of my pussy started. His first couple of thrust's made him moan as well as comment on the tightness of my pussy. "Oh yeah Megan! Your pussy is so fucking tight! Better than what the guys thought it would be." I just laid there on my back, enjoying getting another hard fuck but I tried not showing it at first. The boys were really enjoying fucking me and feeling that I was still protesting. My pussy was so wet from being fucked and especially from the dog eating me out; I swear it was the loudest slurping noise it ever made as he pounded me over and over again with his shaft. He slowed down for a moment, holding my legs tightly. "Ya know Megan I think every guy in high school wanted to fuck you. They would all be so jealous if they knew I was getting to fuck your nice cunt. I bet they would line up to take a turn at you. And if they knew you sucked cock and swallowed, they would encircle you, jacking off and cumming all over your beautiful face."

I wanted to tell him how much I would enjoy that. My brother, father and uncles had really brought out the smuttiness in me and the thought of all those horny teenage guys jerking off and cumming all over me REALLY turned me on. Then he told my youngest cousin and his friend to suck on my tits while he fucked me. They jumped down onto their bellies, each grabbing one of my tits they went to town sucking away on them. My cousin raised his head up after sucking on my tit for minute, looked across my body at his friend. "Too bad Megan isn't lactating. I would love to suck the milk out of her tits." My body flushed as I listened to him say that and I knew the rest of my family would stand in line to do that if I was. His friend looked up at him, "Yeah that would be great. And we could squeeze her tits and squirt milk all over." Justin's friend was still pounding my pussy as they worked on my tits and talked dirty about sucking milk out of tits. Suddenly he groaned and I could feel his wad rush out of his prick, squirting all over the inside of my pussy. His body jerked a couple of times before he pulled out with a huge smile on his face. "Oh yeah that was great! I could cum in her pussy every day!"

Jakes friend jumped up and rushed over to the bed and snatched all the pillows off of the bed then tossed them onto the floor next to me. He grabbed me and rolled me over onto the pillows. He positioned my body on the pillows so my ass was sticking up into the air. He got down on his knees behind me, "I think Megan needs to get fucked doggie style." He slid his cock into my pussy and fucked it for a bit, I could tell it was his first time judging by the moans and the awkwardness at which he fucked me. Then he pulled out, "Man there is a lot of cum in her. It's kind of weird; I think I will fuck her nice ass instead." He drove his hard cock into my very tight asshole, holding me at the waist he then drove his cock into my asshole over and over again. The entire time he kept saying, "take it Megan, take it up the ass. Yeah I know you love it. Slut's like you love it up the ass." Finally I just started to groan and squeal as he fucked my ass. I then began to beg him to keep fucking me, I begged him to fuck my ass. Justin pulled my head up by my hair; his friend had the camera and moved in closer to my face with it. Justin asked me if I was slut, over and over again until I looked into the camera and moaned yes. I said I was a huge slut and loved being fucked and loved sucking cock and swallowing cum.

Suddenly another cum load was unleashed. Jakes friend lasted maybe five minutes before he unloaded his wad into my asshole. With long hard thrusts and accompanying grunts he kept fucking my ass, letting his spunk shoot deep into it. I was squealing at the feeling, begging him to keep cumming in my ass. However since he had already gotten off once he didn’t have that big of a second load but it was more than enough for him to enjoy. When he was done he withdrew his cock from my ass, leaving me bent over on all fours on the floor. I remained there recovering from the nice ass fucking I had just received; meanwhile the boys all moved away from me and I could hear them whispering.

I really didn’t bother to pay attention to them, maybe because I knew it wouldn’t matter or maybe because I was enjoying having them do what they wanted to me. Deep down I was really loving it when guys had their way with me; I loved being the do anything horny slut. While I was lost in my thoughts I did not notice the boys going into action with their next perverted plan. Jake and his friend were suddenly kneeling down next to me, pinning my arms to the floor. Jake said, “We want to make sure you don’t go any where.” Then he gave me a very mischievous smile.

I felt Justin and his buddy pinning my legs to the floor; making sure I stayed on all four’s. Now Justin spoke up as he held my left leg down. “Well Megan, everyone here got to enjoy your hot body. You got all of us off.” There was a long pause with all four of them chuckling before he spoke again. “Everyone except the dog, now it’s his turn.”

I turned my head around as much as I could, my eyes wide open in shock and disbelief as I saw and heard the boys calling the dog over. I screamed out, ‘NO! Please, no! NOT THE DOG! I will do anything, I swear it! You boys can fuck me any time, any place! I will suck your cocks, anything just not the dog.” None of them were paying attention to me, well they paid enough attention to laugh and to tell me to just stay there like the good horny bitch I was. They added I would enjoy it; sluts like me just love to get fucked.

The dog came over and began to sniff my asshole then my pussy, smelling the mix of my juices and the boys cum. Justin’s friend then said, “Oh look at that. Hey Megan you are already making the dog hard.” I turned my head around and buried it into the floor pleading with them not to let the dog fuck me but after the dog gave my pussy a couple of licks I felt it’s hairy legs on either side of my body, placing them on the pillows which had my ass in the air. The dog moved very quickly mounting me and ramming its hard, slick cock into my pussy. I tried so hard to muffle the moan of pleasure I actually felt as the dog began to jackhammer my pussy.

So many thoughts clouded my mind as their dog wildly began to fuck me and the boys were urging him on. They were all saying things like, ‘Good boy, fuck her. That’s a good dog, fuck your bitch, fuck Megan good.’ My thoughts went from being shocked and horrified that the boys were forcing this bestiality act on me. I felt a very dark sense of pleasure in it, just the way the dog was fucking me was not like how any guy could and if felt so good. I thought on how wrong this was that this went beyond the incest I was already involved in, now I was being pleasured by a dog. Then as the dirty pleasure took over more of my thoughts I began to think how I would like to have more dogs lick my pussy. I small thought surfaced in my mind that I had to do this again, then I quickly tried to squash that thought. I couldn’t let them know how much I was enjoying this.

But it was too late for that, my constant, deep moaning gave away to the boys that I loved it! I was loosing myself in this new taboo pleasure. In fact I hadn’t even noticed that the boys were no longer holding me down. They had let go and were standing back watching and filming me getting fucked by the dog. The sexual was pleasure was so intense, so incredible I felt like I was in another world. All I could do was stay on all fours, moaning like a true slut. I could feel myself in an almost hypnotic trance from the delight, and then I noticed I was actually drooling a bit! I slowly turned my head and looked up at the boys and yet it did not register fully that nobody was holding me down.

I looked at them; I knew my eyes were completely glazed over. I was groaning my whole body was wildly jolting around as the dog humped my pussy very hard and fast. I could tell their eyes were going from the dog to my tits bouncing around and back to the dog again. I groaned out, ‘Oh god this feels so good.’ Jake responded with, “See I told you guys Megan would love getting fucked by our dog.” He was so right as I felt an incredible orgasm building in my pussy.

I screamed out over and over again, ‘Oh yeah! Oh yes!” Then I squealed, “I’m cumming! Oh god I’m cumming!” My body bucked and twitched as wave after wave of my orgasm ripped through my body. I guess the sensation of my pussy contracting and milking his cock made the dog unleash his seed inside of me. Every thrust shot more dog cum inside of my pussy at the same time making me groan and beg for more. I couldn’t believe it; I was begging the dog to keep cumming. I heard a voice asking me if I was enjoying myself and I groaned out yes, I loved it, I loved getting fucked by the dog.

Once there dog was done fucking me and filling my pussy with it’s cum it dismounted me and they boys let him out of the room. I was completely spent so I just laid there resting on the pillows as I listened to the boys discussing things. I overheard them saying how great that was watching the dog fucking me. Then they came over to me and pulled me up onto my knees. My cousin Justin was holding the camera in his hand. He grinned at me and said, “We got it all on video. When you go home, I’m going to burn copies for everybody here so we all have something great to jack off too.”

Jake added, “So if you don’t want anyone else to see it you are going to become our personal fuck toy. We want your number so we can text you when we want to fuck you. If you don’t then we will burn more copies and give them out to all the guys in high school who would love to fuck you.”

I sat straight up on my knees and looked at all of them. “Ok I will do whatever you want just don’t show that around. I would be so embarrassed if anyone saw me getting fucked by the dog.” After that I gave them all my number, we got dressed and soon afterwards my aunt and uncle got home and drove me back home. They asked me if I had a good time with the boys. As I felt all the cum oozing out of my pussy I just smiled and said yes; the boys and I had a great time.

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