Bad Boy Experience Part 5 by BlazinGirl96

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It had been 3 weeks since i made my decision and picked Mason and i was very happy with our relationship. Jordan had not been talking to me whatsoever and are parents were suspicious to know why we weren't. I told them so bullcrap story about how he never respects me and they feed right into it. I told them i would be at my friends house for awhile but they didn't know it was Mason. Even if they did they probably would think he was gay or something because their little good girl would never go for a guy like him I guess they just don't know me anymore, i can honestly say i don't know myself either because the things i've done this week is nothing like the old Mya would have ever thought of doing. And that is where the rest of my story starts.

"Mason it;s time to get up baby." i said happily because for the past few days we have been having great morning sex and i was ready for him to pound at my wet pussy immediately. " What's for breakfast?" he said while slowly getting up. "Me." i said as i got on top of him and started sucking on his neck. " I want real food , so what's for breakfast?" "I didn't cook anything, you didn't tell me to," "Well should i really have to tell you too?, No i shouldn't get off of me i'll make something to eat myself." He said as he picked me up and dropped me onto the bed. I looked at him as he walked down the stairs. "What the hell is wrong with him?" i said to myself as i got up and started to get ready for school. "Aww is my little brother bored with you already girly, you know i will still take you if you really want me to." i snapped my head towards the door to see Vicky smiling at me. ( When the group of people were at my house and she was working my pussy i loved her just because i didn't know her, but when i found out the bitch was related to Mason and Mason told me they fucked non stop my feelings towards her changed and to make it worse she annoys the hell out of me every morning).

"How about you fuck off and let me handle my relationship." "I'm just trying to help you out, you know point out obvious clues that he's bored." "Like what?" I said walking closer to her. "Well for one he hasn't been getting erect as fast as he usually does am i right or am i wrong?" "You're right" "I know i am and he hasn't been going down on you the right way or been pounding at that little pussy of yours, I mean i haven't heard you scream out like you were doing last week." " So the sex is still great for me and him!" "If you say so chicka but when he dumps your ass i'll make sure i treat his cock better than you ever did." She said as she walked away back into her room. I sat on the bed and sighed because i knew she was right something wasn't right and i'm pretty sure it was my fault. "Mya get your ass down here and come eat!" Mason said with a harsh tone. I walked down to see of course Vicky with her arms wrapped around him kissing his neck, and he was smiling. (What the hell was this supposed to be Mason and Jordan in reverse now i had to fight for my man because his sister wanted him to?)

I slid the chair out loudly so they would stop whatever they were doing and tapped my nails on the glass table. Mason came and sat next to me with a stack of pancakes, eggs and bacon. "Are you eating?" "no not hungry." i said with a attitude. He rolled his eyes and began to eat. "Yo bro what you make?" My heart began to race as i saw jasper walk into the kitchen with no shirt on showing his deep six pack. (What i felt for Jasper was strictly lust unlike Mason is was lust and love but for some reason i lusted for Jasper more than Mason). "Why don't you check." "He made Pancakes, eggs and bacon." Vicky said handing him a plate while biting her lip. "Little slut wants both her brothers." i said in a loud whisper. Mason gawked at me right along with Vicky. "Sorry" I said dully. "Well Vicky ity is true." Jasper said laughing as he looked at me. I smiled and got up from my seat walking past Vicky. "Where are you going?" "To the car, why?" I said turning to look at Mason. "Your driving with Jasper i'll take vicky." Vicky smiled and walked out the door I balled my fist up and smiled slightly. "Okay baby." i walked out the door and went into Jaspers car slamming the door in anger, my face flustered red. (Why was he being an asshole to me what did i do to piss him off).

Jasper walked outside and opened the car door. "Hey can you pass me that green shirt in the back seat?" I handed him the shirt and watched him out it on and sit in the car. "He's bored." "What?" i said in confusion. "He's bored of doing the same thing every time you guys have sex, i know my brother and he's like me you need to change it up or Vickys going to get what she wants and thats for you to break up. ( I can't beleive i wanted to have a threesome with her!) "Well what am i supposed to do?" He laughed and drove off. "Do you really want me to help you out?" "Yes i do so tell me!" He looked at me his grey eyes turned to a dark green and lust took over. I bit my lip as he stopped the car. "If i help you you owe me." "Owing you doesn't sound too bad to me." i said smiling. He chuckled and kissed me before driving off again. "One thing you can never go wrong with is public humiliation." "Public Humiliation?" "Yes Mason and myself love to see a girl get humiliated in public. "Like what we did 4 weeks ago?" "Something like that, there is a black dress and thong in my back seat take your clothes off along with your bra and put it on and don't ask questions. I did as i was told and looked at him. "This dress is too tight and it just barely goes past my butt."

"Good" he said with a smirk and stopped the car once again . He pulled and egg shaped object out his pocket and stopped the car. He looked at me and put one of his hands on my pussy. I jumped up shocked and he pulled the thong to the side and opened up my pussy lips. "Wh-what are you doing?" "Shut up". He said before put his thumb on my clit making me wet immediately. I groaned as he started to rub my clit. He smiled and kissed my neck then slid his middle and index finger in my hole and slowly started to finger fuck me. I bucked my hips to him as i moaned. (This is what i wanted and who is to day Mason wasn't banging Vicky right now? I was going to get what i wanted and what i wanted was sex even if it was in car.) He then began to kiss me and finger fuck me faster sending me over the edge. "You're still so tight i'm surprised, now i know why he likes you so much your tight and get wet with just the slightest touch. You are going to make all the boys hard today. I looked at him in confusion and then moaned loudly ass i felt and ogasrm coming. "I'm going to cum." "No your not." Jasper said as he pulled his fingers out and put the egg shaped object in my pussy hole.

"WHAT THE HELL IS THAT!" I said as I reached down to pull it out. He grabbed my hand roughly. "Bitch like i said i'm helping you out if you really want Mason you'll do as i say got it?" I nodded as he drove off again. "Can you tell me what it is?" "You'll find out soon enough, you have to do the presentation in English today don't you?" "Yeah." He smirked and winked at me. "After today Mason will be all over you again, maybe even me depending on how good this works out. I got even wetter just thinking about having a threesome with them two. The rest of the ride to school i was so busy thinking about Mason and Jasper i forgot all about the egg object in my pussy. We arrived at school and i got out the car trying to pull my dress down a little. Jasper grabbed me and walked me to all my classes. My last period class was English and i was excited to know why Jasper wanted me iu this class so bad. When i walked in Vicky was already in my seat next to Mason who was kissing on her neck as she rubbed on his cock thru his pants.

I flustered red only to feel a slight push, i turned to see Jasper behind me motioning me to the seat next to Jordan. I sighed and sat next to Jordan trying not to look at him. "Hey." Jordan said. I turned to look at him with a weak smile. "Hey Jordan." He smiled the same weak smile and turned to talk to one of his friends. Jasper sat on the other side of me and took a small black remote out his pocket. I didn't really pay attention to him for long because i had my eyes on Vicky and Mason who were flirting up a storm making my face even reder. Mrs. Brandy came in the class and sat at her chair and began to take attendance. "Okay you guys who still has to presentate?" Me , Vicky, Mason, Jordan and a few other kids raised their hands.One by one kids went up to presentate their book reports till finally it was my turn. I went up and stood in front of everyone (the class was pretty small) i heard whistles as i tried to pull my dress down. All eyes were quickly on me even Jordan's Mason's and Vicky's who weren't pay attention to anybody the whole time.

"My book report was on Uncle Tom's Caaaaa." Before i could finish my pussy started to vibrate making me cross my legs. Everyone looked at me in confusion as i looked at Jasper who was now smiling at me. "Go on Mya." said Mrs.Brandy. i nodded. " The book was about oh fuck." "MYA!" Mrs.Brandy said surprised at me. I bit my lip and said sorry. I began to read my paper again only to feel the vibration in my pussy go faster. I dropped my paper and closed my eyes trying not to moan out. Mason bit his lip and got up picked up my paper and handed it to me. "Are you okay baby?" I nodded snatching the paper from him. He sat back down and watched me closely. I looked at Jasper pleadingly trying to tell him to stop the vibrator but he shook his head and smiled. Jordan looked at me lustfully making me wet.

I looked at my paper trying to find were i was at only to hear low groans. I looked up to see everyone staring at me and and boys stroking their pants i looked down and saw my wetness dripping down my leg. "Mya are you alright honey?" "Yes Mrs. Brandy i'm just a little shy." "That;s not like you to be shy Mya." Mason said smiling at me. I looked down my face red with embarrassment but also making me wetter to know everyone was looking at me knowing i was wet. I looked at Jasper again and he pressed a button on the remote making the vibrator og faster i started to breath heavily as i knew an orgasm was about to come i closed my eyes making low moans. "Mrs, Brandy i think Mya is shy because your in the room you should leave i'll watch the class for you, I've done it plenty times before." Mason said getting up and giving the teacher a sweet innocent smile. "Why that is so nice of you Mason i do have some things i need to do just lock the door and keep the cover down so nobody knows i'm not in here with you guys okay sweetheart?" "Of course Mrs.Brandy you have a nice rest of the day." "Thank you Mason tell me how Mya does on her book report okay and you guys be good listen to Mason okay!" "Yes Mrs. Brandy." the class says as she leaves the classroom locking the door behind her.

I Turned to Mason who was now looking at me. (Having sex in front of those kids at my house was one thing they were all a bunch of sluts anyways but these kids in my class were honors students and kinda of looked up to me not to mention my best friend was there and she already didn't approve of me being with Mason i was scared but horny at the same time.) "Well Mya your book report keep going, all eyes are on you." "Mason please don't." Don't what i'm the teacher so listen to me." I sighed and began reading my book report again. "Jasper i think Mya needs your help to relax don't you?" "Yes sir." Jasper said as he got up and came behind me throwing the remote to Jordan. Jordan looked at me and then Mason. "Dude you lost the girl i'll still let you bang her one last time and then you can keep my sister and do what you want to her." Jordan looked at Vicky who now looked at Mason a=in anger. "How dare you cast me off like that!" "SHut the fucvk up Vicky." she obyed and sat down. "What the hell at least i get to bang your sister." Jordan said and grabbed the remote turning it on full blast sending me past my limit making me orgasm hard and knowing people were watching me made me orgasm harder.

I looked at my friend Casey who looked at me with disappointment right along with the rest of the girls in the class, but i didn't care i wanted to be fucked so bad. Jasper pulled my dress down and began foundling my breast while kissing my neck. Jordan turned the vinrator off and walked towards me and took my now wet dripping thong off and pulled the vibrator out my pussy then started to finger me. Vicky got up and walked towards me only to be stopped by Mason. "This is only between the four of us. I smiled at Vicky walked back to her seat . Jordan kissed me and shoved four fingers up my dripping wet hole i moaned and kissed him back. "I'm not playing this slow shit i want her mouth around my cock now." Jasper said as he pulled me to my knees and pulled down his pants. i looked at his length which was thicker than Jordans and Masons which made my pussy wet i firmly grabbed his length and started to hungrily lick and suck on his tip. Hearing girls gasped and boys moan stent me over and i came again only to feel a tongue lick and suck my clit making me go down on Jasper. He groaned and tilted his head back. As i deep throated him and swirled my tongue around his cock. Another cock popped out next to my face and i grabbed it and began sucking on it while jack Jasper off.

I looked up to see Mason groaning. "Ahh baby suck my cock like the good little girl you are. I started to suck faster as Jordan licked at my pussy suck all my juices up like a thirsty dog. Jasper then grabbed my head and shoved his dick down my throat making me spit up all over it (luckily i didn't eat breakfast). Jordan got up and started smack my arse making me scream out "Smack my ass papi i'm a bad girl." Jasper, Mason and Jordan all groaned at that and i quickly turned to Jordan and started to suck hius cock while i jacked Mason and Jasper off. I then her girls start to moan and quickly looked to see they were fingering themselves even Casey fingered herself making me wet. "You see what you make people dpo to themselves Mya huh? look at what your making everyone do." Mason said as he slapped me arse. I groaned and started to deep throat Jordan as he fucked my face making me gag. I pulled away only for Mason to shove his cock down my throat. Drool slide down my mouth on to all their now slimy cocks.

Jasper grabbed me by my hair and pulled me up he immediately pushed me against the desk making me lean over it. He spat on my pussy and rubbed the spit in my hole and thrusted his dick inside my making me scream in pain because he was so thick. He rammed into me like an animal as i cried out in pain and pleasure. "Your tight pussy is constricting my dick you bitch." i moan out as he pulled my hair and slapped my arse making me orgasm. My wetness made it easier for him to slide in and out of me and he was now going deep inside me. "Beat my pussy up papi fuck me harder!" i said as i grabbed onto the table. Mason then turned me away from the table and shoved his dick in my mouth while Jordan jacked off. I grabbed on to Masons waist as Jasper pounded into me making me push into Mason who was fucking my face making me gag. I pulled away for air only for Jordan to come and shove his dick down my throat and for Mason to trade places with Jasper.

Mason smacked my arse hard and tears ran down my eyes. He slowly began fucking me with hard thrust. making me moan, then he started to pick up the paste making my moans turn into yelps. I orgasmed again and pulled away from Jordans cock. Breathing heavy. "I want two cocks inside me.? Mason paused and chuckled. "I have a little slut as a girlfriend." He then pulled out of me and i stood up straight.

I looked at everyone and in classroom and gave a sexiy wink. I then jumped on Jordan and slid his cock inside of me. "I missed you big hard cock inside of me Jordan, fuck me until i cum all over your dick." He kissed me and grabbed my waist and pounded me against him. I groaned at wrapped my arms around him. Mason then came behind me and stuck his length up my arse making me moan louder and instantly cum. They both rammed their hardons into me at the same time making my eyes roll back into my head. I used one hand to jack Jasper out as he kissed my neck/ Mason then pulled away and Jasper quickly took his spot and thrusted into me. He pulled out and did something that i never thought i would feel in my life. Jordan laid on the ground and began to thrust into me then stopped at Jasper mounted over me and slowly pushed his dick into my pussy hole with Jordan's cock. I screamed in pain as he slowly pushed into me and slowly fucked me.

Him and Jordan took turns while Mason came in front of me and shoved his dick in my mouth. I orgasmed once again making it easier for them so slide their cocks in. " Fucking fuck that pussy up!' i screamed out as Jasper pulled out and jordan began to thrust into me again and Jasper went back into my arse. All three of them thrusted into all my holes at the same speed. "Oh fuck!" Mason said at he pulled his cock out my mouth and started to jack off. Soon Jordan and Jasper both out up and jacked off to. I opened my mouth waiting for their hot sperm to enter my mouth. They all at the same time aimed their cocks at my face and came all over my face load after load. After they were don't i sucked them all clean and looked at the class who were all panting from orgasming themselves. I got up and put my dress back on barely able to move because of my aching pussy i sat on the table. And looked at Mason. He came up to me and kissed me Passionately. "I love you baby." I smiled and kissed him back. Jordan looked at me and winked then grabbed Vicky by her hair. "You're my bitch now got it?" she nodded and looked at me. I smiled and laid on the table.

"Oh Mya." I looked up at Jasper and yawned. "Don't forget sweet heart you still owe me he said laughing. I sat up and looked at Casey who smiled at me. "Jasper smiled at Casey. "Tell your little friend to meet you at the house friday i have plans for you two. I held my breath as he walked away. Did i really want to get my into this dirty life style? I didn't really have a choice i owed Jasper which really wasn't that bad for me and i actually did want to see what he wanted with me and Casey. "Hey Casey come over friday?" "Yeah sure!" She said and walked out the room as the bell ringed. Mason came to me and turned his back towards me. I hopped on his back and laid down i was pretty sure when we got back to his house we were going to fuck again even though my body ached i couldn't help but want his cock in me and i also wanted to know what Jasper wanted with me and Casey.

Rating: 82%, Read 7532 times, Posted May 31, 2013

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