Caught Jacking Off #2 by Luvagobfull

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Fiction | Oral Sex

Once the kids were back, what happened that day became a memory, at first.

For a week or two, there were no more words spoken and only an odd wave from Gina.

I kept getting flashbacks.

These flashbacks weren’t about Gina and her well maintained toned body or her platinum blonde locks, they were instead about Jordan.

All-day I felt guilt.

Whether it be at my part-time job at the liquor store or at home, my thoughts kept being interrupted with visions of his cock sliding into my mouth.

Up until that day I would never have fathomed I would willingly do anything so daring.

I had never thought of sucking cock before nor did I want too.

Now when I closed my eyes I’d see replays of his cock sliding inside my mouth.

I had to shake my head at times to try regain focus.

In my dreams, I would relive that day, beginning with Gina’s smile but quickly switching to Jordan’s sliding cock into my mouth.

Every detail of me sucking cock was replayed vividly in my imagination.

The excitement was overwhelming me with guilt.

I’d wake up thinking I had a saw throat from him slamming his cock in to it.

It was so real that when I spat phlegm out, I thought it was his cum.

I was so taken out of my game that I took a week off work.

The fact that both parties haven’t uttered a word to me since was nerve-racking.

I felt depressed, guilt and humiliation, plus ecstasy all at differing times of the day.

It even put me off wanking.

Until on the third week after the event, I thought to myself “Fuck it.”

I jacked off with images of me sucking cock re-playing in my head.

That’s when the frustration ended and I started feeling a little more relaxed.

It was much later that night that the images started returning.

The next day I started to edge-wank by stopping just before I’d cum.

It helped control the images in my head.

For hours this went on to images of Gina’s smile and tits and then the cock swallowing.

I was starting to think about visiting the Doctors, but didn’t know what to say.

“Hey Doctor can you help me, I sucked cock now all I see is cock,” Yeah I’m sure that will go down well.

I even got to the stage where I’d lay on my back, wriggle my legs over a sofa and let them flop past my shoulders.

From there I’d try in vain to suck my own cock.

I couldn’t but instead I jerked my cock inches away from my mouth, so I’d cum on my face and tongue.

All these images would stop once I had cum.

I just lay there almost puffed and almost dozing off for minutes.

The mess on my face and stench wasn’t the same as when it was Jordan shooting all over me.

Maybe it was because I didn’t have my cock planted inside Gina at the same time.

Who knows?

Eventually, I’d clean myself up and try relax.

As I cleaned myself up I felt confusion, disgust, and guilt again.

“What’s going on, FUCK?” I growled at myself and head-butted the door frame.

I knocked myself out.


Hours later after I had some sleep.

I started questioning myself again.

“Am I fag or something but I like girls?”

I still fantasized about Gina and having my cock buried balls deep in her pussy, but what about this other shit?

“Fuck, fuck, I’m not a fag I like pussy,” I tried telling myself.

“Fuck this,” I ranted to myself and decided to leave the house.

I went for a drive.


This nonsense ended once I got back.

Gina came over for a visit.

She noticed I was staying at home a lot.

Then she told me that Jordan and her were going through some dramas.

They may divorce or separate, the kids are they only reason they still together.

“That night when I/we all got together, I can’t get the images out of my head,” I opened up.

“Was I that good?” She said with a cheeky grin.

“No/yes, it’s not you but Jordan who is stuck in my head,” I ashamedly said.

“Hmm, interesting,” She went all quiet.

“Seems like I’m making all the guys in my life cock chasers,” She said, with a nervous smirk.

“Remember the first time we met, remember the first time we spoke,” I began.

“It felt like ages, remember our feelings, and remember the fireworks of that night,” I kept talking.

“Well there was an ending to the fireworks and that was Jordan finishing in me,” I finished.

“Oh-kay,” she said, puzzled.

“I keep seeing Jordan sliding his cock in my mouth and splattering my face,” I hysterically said.

“It won't go away, that’s what I am confused about,” I said, almost breaking down.

She gave me a hug, a long hug.

“There, there it’ll go away once you make your choice,” She patted my back.

“Choice?” I almost broke her embrace.

“Yes honey, whether you’re vanilla, bi or a gay faggot like Jordan,” she softly said.

“Look Jordan craves the kids, but every now and then he goes cock hunting at bars,” She said.

“He didn’t really know until he went back for seconds what he wanted,” She finished.

She gave me a cute little smile and then a wink.

In a blink of an eye, she was down on her knees and ripped my cock of my shorts.

Dam she has no off button.

She tugged at my cock gently and squeezed my foreskin.

Then she clutched her hand down the base of my shaft and cupped and tickled my balls.

Gina had her thumb around the base of my shaft and was tickling or treating my balls like she was about to roll two dice.

I let out a sigh when she circled around and around the slit of my cock.

She then put my cock in her mouth deeper and deeper, while still juggling my balls.

Gina released my balls once she started sucking deep and hungrily.

She tickled my cock with her tongue and lovingly licking the tip.

There was drool all over my cock now as she kissed it and sucked it back into her mouth.

I had my hands cupping her juicy asscheeks as she sped up her sucking.

She had her lips firmly clamped tightly around my cock driving me insane with lust.

I knew I couldn’t hold on much longer and I think she knew too.

If my heavy breathing and groans weren’t a sign then her eyes being shut and her steady rhythm did.

“OOHH!” I moaned, as my cock starts feeling fatter.

She slowed a little as my legs started to stiffen.

“GGUURRDD!” That was it, my balls started to empty in her mouth.

What I pumped out was weeks of frustration.

I don’t think she expected so much but as the little cock warrior, she was she held my cum in her mouth until I wasn’t pumping anymore.

Then she gulped it down with a single swallow.

She licked her lips and kissed me.

I could smell and taste my cum.

“Feeling better?” Gina asked.

“I feel amazing and yes,” I said.

“Flattery will get you more,” She said and kissed me again.

This time passionately.

I felt reluctant to kiss her after swallowing my cum but I went with the flow.

“Hmmm tangy,” I said.

After we cleaned up we kissed some more and then she left before the kids got home from school.


Rating: 87%, Read 7616 times, Posted Nov 19, 2019

Fiction | Oral Sex


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