The Institute part 2 by Sexy+Mommy

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Fiction | Female, Girl, Group Sex, Incest, Lesbian, Mind Control, Threesome

Standard disclaimer, all stories take place on an alternate earth, where the orbit is over 1100 days, making all ages 1/3 our earth ages, and where the age of consent is now 6.

Michelle was a woman we met in the grocery store or all places. Michelle was a middle height redhead, with a real nice figure, solid B cups, nice waist, and a curvy shapely ass. She was there with her two daughters, twins in fact. The only difference I could see between them was that Susan had slightly blonder strawberry blonde hair, Allison’s was a bit redder. They were about 8. I wasn't interested in them, Michelle was cute, and pretty, but the girls were younger then I prefer, Donna on the other hand, has yet to see girls too young. She was enamored with them, so I arranged to program them, and now they are ours, and had been ours for about 6 months now.

“I'm so happy Michelle and the twins are coming,” Donna excitedly told me, “I've just been so horny, and it's the kind of horny only one of my little girls can fix.”

“You do like them young.” I told her. “is there any limit to how young you'll go?” I asked.

“Haven't found it yet.” was her reply, she winked and grabbed my ass as she walked by.

“Well get dressed, they will be here in 5.” and with that she emerged from the bathroom looking amazing. Short strapless red party dress, I could just see the top of her shiny tan stockings, and snakeskin pumps that were at least 5 inches tall. Donna had a good figure, and she showed it off on nights like this.

9:00 PM exactly, the doorbell rang. I ushered all three ladies in. Apparently Donna, who is in charge of clothing, except shoes, was going for a cocktail party look. Michelle looked stunning in an emerald green party dress, cut to mid thigh, but with a slit half way to her waist on her left thigh. Emerald green stiletto heels were very tall, and everything in between was covered in shimmery black nylon.

The girls attire was difficult to get, but we have several custom tailors and even a custom shoe maker on ‘retainer’. They were instrumental in getting party dresses, lingerie, and high heels for 8 year olds.

I could see Donna went for a bookend type look, Susan was in all white, while Alison wore all black. Their dresses were cap sleeved, pure silk, and very tight to their body, you could see erect nipples from the chilly night air. I couldn't tell what was underneath of course, but the dress ended above mid thigh, just slightly past their ass, and these girls had tremendous asses for 8 year olds. Thigh high stockings clung to their upper thighs, and patent leather heels of about four inches finished the look. Their feet were so small, it made the four inch heels look like 6 inches.

The study was set with cocktails all around, and hordevories scattered about, and chamber music played. As we entered, Donna greeted out guests.

“Michelle, so nice to see you.” and she embraced her. “And my special ladies,” she said addressing Susan and Allison. She knelt down and embraced Susan first, she went right for the kiss, it was slow, and controlled, but her tongue spent much of the time in Susan’s mouth, and Susan's in hers. She repeated this with allison, taking the time to grab her ass while doing it.

“I had many plans for the evening,” Donna said, “but they are not going to happen.” as she said this, she reached back and started unzipping her dress, which soon fell to the floor. “I'm just too fucking horny for that. So were getting to business.” her stockings were thigh highs, and she wore a red satin thong which was already showing dampness.

The girls giggled. Quickly Susan had unzipped Allison and Allison had done Susan, they stood together. They wore teddies under the dresses in matching colors, these had cut always where they nipples were, leaving them totally exposed, and the crotch was little more than a string, held together not with snaps, but a single satin ribbon tied in a bow.

Michelle was half undressed by the time I looked, she was wearing a black body stocking, it went shoulder to toe, it was silky, shiny and sheer all the way, with a cut out for her crotch, and because I like red hair, she was allowed to keep a VERY small patch of pubic hair above her slit. It didn't support her hits well, but they didn't need much, and the black nylon made them look great. I have never understood the appeal of body stockings, but seeing it in person, I liked it.

Looking back at Donna, she was standing with a twin on each nipple, nursing like sexy little babies. She was rubbing a nipple of each in return, their nipples were tiny and very hard. “Oh my sweet little babies, you make me feel so good.” she told them, I could see them grin at each other.

Michelle had moved over to me, and started rubbing my dick through my pants. I gave her a kiss and we both started undressing me while the kiss went on. I was quickly naked. We entered a more formal embrace, my arms up and down her back, grabbing a good hand full of her cute ass. The nylon felt smooth and sexy over her body. I spun her around quickly, I started kissing her neck while both hands found her tits, the bodystocking did nothing to smooth over her hard nipples. She had smallish areolas, with beautiful large nipples. I started grinding my cock in to her ass, it felt so good.

Donna sat down in a chair, bringing the girls with her. She undid the small bow that connected the tiny patch of fabric that almost covered their small slits, to the string that went up and between their ass cheeks. Once exposed she started to slowly caress them between their legs. Almost as soon as she started, the girls moved their feet to open their legs wider for her. Both girls moaned in unison. “That’s it babies, I'll make you feel good, you are so wet, were you excited to see me tonight?”

“Yes miss Donna,” both girls said in unison.

“I want to suck your cock.” Michelle said, turning her head to my ear. She didn't wait for an answer, she just spun and went down to her knees, and engulfed me. All the subjects were programed to not just like giving oral sex, but they derived great pleasure from it, and will often have their own orgasm while pleasing others. Michelle went at me like she needed an orgasm bad. Watching her blow me was actually better than the blow job itself, sha wasn't the best at it, but she was so into it, she was getting off. She was moaning loudly, sounds escaping from around my dick. Faster and harder she went at it, she was moaning and getting breathless, but wouldn't give up, its was such a turn on to watch her, she was like a woman in heat.

Donna pulled her right hand from its crease and sucked it clean with a grin. “Allison, you taste so good.” she stated as Allison smiled. Her hand returned to Allison's puffy lips, and did the same with her left. “And Susan, you are delish as always.” Susan gave a sly grin. “Would you two like to give miss Donna a show? It would really turn me on.” both girls nodded quickly, so eager to please. “Show me what you like to do when your alone.”

The girls looked at each other, smiled, and pulled away from Donna. The girls went to about the middle of the room, only a few feet from Donna. Allison laid down on the floor, brushed the hair from her face, and opened her legs wide. Susan climbed on to Allison, and the went immediately to eating each other in their half sized 69. Allison brought her knees up high and wide, giving Susan great access, while Susan had her legs as wide as possible. They ate each other noisily, wet slurping sounds filled the room,

“More on my clit sis.” Susan said before rapidly returning to her sisters wet cunt.

“Ok, Im Close, Suse, spank me.” Allison said in a voice muffled by her sisters pussy.

Susan never let up on eating Allison's pussy, but began spanking Allison's ass with one hand, it was clearly exciting them both. Donna sat on the edge of the couch, rubbing her pussy frantically, fingering her cunt with two fingers on one hand, rubbing her clit with the other. She wasn't far from an orgasm herself. She moved out on the floor by the girls, on her knees spread wide. She rubbed hard and fast, Susan and Allison were crazy good at this, and they were approaching orgasm quickly, they both began to shudder, Allison quickly slid a finger up inside Susan, and Susan stopped spanking her sister and did the same. They girls began screaming into each others sweet bald puffy cunts, which did little to muffle the volume. They were loud and it was very sexy.

Donna started to cum right after they did. She rose then squatted over them. As she came, her legs got weak, and she balanced herself with one hand on Susan's back. Her ass seemed to quiver as she moaned loudly, fading in to a restrained scream. Donna semed disappointed that she didn't squirt this time, she was looking forward all day to squirting on these two. But I knew she wasn't done yet.

Michelle was watching as she sucked, and seeing her two babies cum sent her over the edge. She never pulled my cock from her mouth, not all the way, but she started screaming and shaking, had she been standing she would certainly have fallen as her legs lost strength even from her knees. When her orgasm subsided, she went right back to work on me.

“Get Up now Susan, my turn.” Donna said, and Susan jumped off her sister and stood beside Donna, pulling up one of her stockings that had slipped. Donna got on all fours and crawled between Allison's legs, she was so wet I could see her shine from across the room. She dropped her face and buried it in Allison. She groaned and moved her hips up in to Donna. Susan crawled behind Donna and began eating her from behind, licking hard from her pussy up in to her ass, Donna would let out a muffled gasp when her tongue hit her clit or anus.

“Go help them out.” I told Michelle, she promptly removed my member from her mouth and walked to them. I sat and watched, enjoying the show.

Michelle started by rubbing a finger up and down Susan's slit. As soon as she started, Susan spread her legs wide for her mom. A few seconds later, Susan let out a groan as her mother eased a finger up her tight pussy. She went in and out slowly, and every insertion brought out a pleasurable sound from Susan.

It was only a few minutes later, Allison began to shake, her silky legs wrapped Donna's neck while her hips thrust up at Donna's face. A long slow building scream came from her, starting a chain reaction in her sister. From my seat I could see Susan's ass shaking, she buried her face in Donna's pussy, eating her with abandon, while her mother continued the finger her, harder now, and faster. The twins came hard, and loud again. Donna and their mother seemed proud of their work.

Donna repositioned the girls, she mostly left Allison where she was, and put Susan on the floor, head to head. Donna climbed on to Susan's face, opening herself before setting per pussy down on Susan's lips. She motioned to me and patted Allison's soft cunt. I went to them, as I said, younger than I like, but it gets Donna hot. I brought Michelle with me. As Donna was getting eaten by one of her daughters, Michelle grabbed Allison by her black silky ankles, holding them high and wide in the air for me, her small labia pulling apart for me.

Donna looked at me, she wanted this so bad. “Fuck her, make her cum hard.”

I rubbed the head of my cock up and down her slit a few times, getting it lubed up. Allison would gasp when it hit her clit. Her mother seemed to get a vicarious pleasure from it also, making various pleasurable sounds as it did. I positioned the head right at her opening, and the head went in easy. Allison, Donna and Michelle all let out a moan. The rest went in slower, in and out, slowly, with a little more in than out each time. These little girls were tight but willing, their small vaginas both resisted, and encouraged. Allison began pushing her hips at me as I thrust in. I took this as a sign to go faster, and started thrusting a little faster. I was most of the way in now, and could feel her cervix hitting my head on deeper thrusts, this made her moan louder.

Michelle let her daughters legs down, they splayed out wide. She reached down and rubbed gently around Allison's stretched labia, enjoying the feel of her daughters pussy at its limits. She reached and played with Donna's nipples while she did this, but her eyes never left her girls. She was enjoying it, watching one daughter eat Donna's pussy, and the other getting fucked by me.

Donna was getting close, I could tell by her breathing and her hips starting to buck, Allison didn't seem far behind, her breathless moaning and panting getting very loud. I started in earnest, I wanted the 4 of us to cum together, I knew Susan would climax when allison did. My harder thrusting soon had my cock all the way in allison, Michelle's hand moved to her babies lower abdomen, she could feel it bulging with each deep thrust. She started moaning just feeling it.

“Susan,” I said between thrusting, “put a finger in miss Donna's ass baby.” and she did. This started a chain reaction. Donna started coming hard, crying out as she rubbed cunt on Susan's sweet face. A stream of fluid escaped her, Susan did her best, but most of it went down her cheeks. Almost immediately I began cuming in Allison, she wrapped her smooth legs around my hips, pulling me hard in to her as I did. Allison and Susan followed with their own orgasms, Allison much louder then Susan, Susan's being muffled by a wet pussy. Then Michelle started screaming, as an orgasm ripped through her, she had started fingering herself so she could climax with her daughters.

After pulling out, I told Michelle to clean up Allison, and she went to work. She spent the next ten minutes eating the cum from Allison's red pussy, she enjoyed it a great deal. Donna rested in a chair with Susan, casually rubbing her various spots in interest. There was more to the evening, but that was the best of it. Michelle and the twins left about midnight, and all were well satisfied.

“Who do we bring over tomorrow night?” Donna asked as we headed to bed.

“You are insatiable.” I told her.

Rating: 92%, Read 15404 times, Posted Jul 24, 2018

Fiction | Female, Girl, Group Sex, Incest, Lesbian, Mind Control, Threesome


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