Trailer trash teen ch.7 by Punky+Girl

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Fiction | Exhibitionism, Oral Sex, Prostitution

Thirty minutes into Friday, Tina was sitting in

Razor's parked SUV just outside his strip club, EZ's.

An enormous wave of anxiousness washed over her as she

stared at the blinking lights that encircled the

building; she studied the entrance, the Budweiser beer

banners, and the large, well-lit marquee that promised

the "most beautiful women in town". Looking down at

herself, the teenage girl could only sarcastically

think, Women?

Razor was on his cell phone. From what the girl could

gather he was speaking to one of his partners, but she

wasn't exactly sure what the conversation was about.

He'd been pretty quiet to her for the last ten minutes

or so, ever since she'd finished giving him a blowjob.

She sighed and looked away. She couldn't believe her

behavior, and was afraid of what she was becoming. She

looked out toward the club again and, for the

hundredth time since getting into Razor's SUV, wished

she had cancelled when she'd had the chance. After

leaving Joey's, she had almost done just that.


After returning from the 12-year-old's, she had taken

her third shower that day. It'd been a numb shower.

Her body and her mind had been numb and her parting

words to Joey, that she was "no good", had swum around

in her brain, unwilling to let go. She'd stood under

the hot stream of water for what seemed like forever,

her young mind unable to focus on anything clearly.

And after finishing she had gone out to her bedroom,

dripping wet and completely naked, and had picked up

the phone.

But she hadn't dialed the number. After listening to

the dial tone for some time, she had slowly put down

the receiver, dried off and gotten dressed.

She had decided to wear the nicest dress she owned,

one that she had purchased the year before for the

homecoming dance. She felt odd wearing it now. That

night had been her first date with Leon. Things had

been so much different! Everything in her life had

been so much different.

But the dress hadn't changed much, though Tina thought

it felt smaller than she remembered. Perhaps she'd

grown a bit. It was a red, slinky long-sleeved v-cut

dress which stretched around her petite young body to

about five inches below her panties. It was a simply

styled, nylon fabric dress which highlighted her

slender neck and tight small body. The sleeves were

tight to about her elbows, then loosened up and flowed

around her wrists. Its length revealed the difference

in her size since its purchase: she didn't remember

having to push it down so much the year before! So

either the dress had shrunk, or she'd grown an inch or

two. It was hard to say.

After dressing she'd quickly done up her hair. The

dress didn't look right with her hair down, she'd

decided, so she decided to wear it up. She used her

brush to pull her blonde hair back and up, and then

had used a barrette to bunch it together near the top

of her head. This caused some loose strands to come

cascading down which she had quickly brushed around

her ears and down her neck, which Tina decided looked

pretty sexy: it was, after all, all the rage in

Hollywood! And for a final effect, she had pulled two

long strands of hair out near her temples so that they

hung down her face to either side.

After she finished, Tina had stared at her sad

expression in the mirror and realized that she was

looking pretty good. She actually looked great.

She hadn't had time to enjoy her new appearance long,

though. After applying a little make-up to cover up

what remained of her black eye, she had gone out to

the living room to wait because it was nearly time.

It was then that the 16-year-old had almost broken

down. What she'd told Joey an hour or so before had

come back to her with a vengeance: she was no good.

And perhaps tonight would seal that. She was, after

all, going to officially become a prostitute.

And then she saw Razor's large SUV pull up outside her

trailer and she'd known she was out of time. So she'd

simply grabbed her purse, turned off the lights, and

headed out to the truck.

Razor had whistled when she got into the truck. She

was feeling angry and had to force herself to thank

him after he complimented her for her appearance. And

a few moments after that, she had snapped at him when

he'd asked her if she was "excited" that she would be

making money soon.

"Oh, yeah," she'd said sarcastically. "I can't wait to

'ho myself out, it's been my lifelong dream."

Right after she'd said it she'd known it was a

mistake. Suddenly the truck lurched off to the side of

the road, and stopped. They had been coming up on the

exit to the freeway and were now parked on the

shoulder of a rather busy road.

"What the fuck did you just say?" he'd snapped after

the truck had stopped.

His tone was scary to the young girl, and it jolted

her out of her bitchy mood immediately. "N-nothing,"

she'd said.

He was staring at her, and he didn't look happy. "You

going to get a fuckin' attitude with me, now? That


She had shook her head and struggled to find words to

apologize as cars whizzed by on the road.

"Maybe you aren't ready," he said next. "Maybe you

need me to bring you the fuck home, to your shitty

little trailer, huh?"

"No, no," she'd stammered. His sudden anger had been

unexpected, as was the threat of taking her home. He

seemed like he meant it.

"No, fuck you," he'd spat. "I'm taking you home. You

acting like a spoiled little brat isn't what I need.

You're wasting my time."

Then he'd thrown the truck into reverse, spun out

insanely fast, back onto the busy road, and sped away

the way they had come.

"NO!" Tina had cried, tears welling up in her eyes.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry..."

"Fuck you," he'd said. "I shoulda known you were too

young for this."

"I'm not too young!" she'd sobbed. "I'm so sorry, I'll

be better, I need this, please!"

Silence followed for a moment as she sobbed. For the

first time since leaving Joey's she felt like herself

again, as if the fog she'd been in had lifted. And she

found herself scared, and upset, and desperate: how

would she get the money for Saturday now?

Then, to her huge relief, the truck had once again

pulled over and stopped. Tina, sniffling, had looked

up at him expectantly. He was still looking pissed.

"You gonna stop being a bitch?" he'd asked.

She nodded imploringly.

Then he had sighed, shook his head a moment, and said,

"Alright. I'll give you another chance. One last

chance. But don't you ever disrespect me like that

again or I'll send you packing, you hear?"

She had nodded as relief welled up through her. "I

will, I won't, I swear," she had stammered.

More carefully this time, Razor had turned the truck

around again. Then he'd said, "Why don't you show me

you're mature enough for this, then? Show a little


Wiping away the tears from her eyes, she started to

ask, "What do you-," when she saw. He had pulled out

his dick from his jeans, and it was semi-hard.

Just as they pulled out onto the freeway she began to

go down on him.

It was an awkward angle to give a blowjob, and Tina

had found her ass sticking up behind her as she

struggled to give good head in the speeding SUV. This

hadn't seemed too bad to the young teenager, though:

after all, she had blown him before. Doing it with the

truck moving was just something new. At least he

wasn't angry anymore.

"That's good," he had encouraged her as she bobbed her

head up and down in his lap. "Suck me off, show me

you're sorry..."

She gave him the best blowjob she could, and had

frankly been relieved to have something to distract

her from her thoughts. She kept bumping her head into

the steering wheel at first but Razor didn't mind, and

it hadn't taken long for the girl to get a good rhythm

going. She bobbed her head in low, until her teeth

nearly touched his jeans zipper, then pulled back

while stroking his shaft with her small left hand. She

did this over and over, never quite able to deep-

throat at this angle, but causing him to sigh and

breath low above her all the same.

Once she really got going he had continued to

encourage her, each time sounding less angry than


"That's it, not bad, slower, faster..." he instructed.

She hung on his every word. She'd wanted to do the job

right, and it was actually turning her on blowing him

in the truck like this. Every time he said her name

she'd felt even more excited, until finally he was


When he turned on the dome light, Tina hadn't thought

much of it. Perhaps he'd just wanted to get a better

look at her. And then he'd suddenly said, "Okay, I'm

going to cum... keep it in your mouth but don't


She'd followed his instructions, and soon her mouth

was full of his warm sticky sperm. When he was done

cumming she pushed herself up and fell back into place

in the passenger's seat, wondering why she wasn't

allowed to swallow and feeling a breathless tingling

up and down her body.

Then Razor had said, "Look."

She looked. Riding side-by-side with the SUV was a

large semi-truck. The driver, an overweight black guy,

could clearly be seen staring down at her with a grin

on his face.

Struggling from surprise not to swallow, she had

turned to Razor, eyes wide.

"He's been watching for a while," Razor had explained.

"Does that piss you off?"

Tina was blushing at this point, but she shook her

head. In truth, it really didn't piss her off that

much. Instead, she found herself feeling somewhat...

excited! To be watched like that by a stranger was,

sexy, almost.

"I think he deserves something," Razor then said. "Why

don't you show him those small titties of yours?"

Tina blushed further. Her heart was racing by now in

excitement and embarrassment, but she realized that

she had to do what Razor suggested. This was obviously

some sort of test.

So the teenager had slowly sat up in her seat, turned

toward the large truck keeping pace with them, and

began unzipping her dress. When she finally looked up

at the man again his eyes were wide and he was

obviously having trouble keeping his truck under


At that point, Tina had smiled. She wasn't sure why:

perhaps it was because she felt in control somehow.

This guy couldn't hurt her, he couldn't even touch

her! As she smiled a dribble of cum had leaked out

from between her lips, just as she pulled her arms out

of the dress one by one. At this point Tina had

realized she growing wet: it was the rush of

adrenaline surging through her body, she would later


Her bra came off quickly, and Tina hadn't hesitated to

press her small tits against the window of the SUV as

the man watched on. Just then, the window began going

down and a rush of air began blowing inside the truck.

Tina had to struggle to stay up.

"SHOW HIM WHAT'S IN YOUR MOUTH!" Razor had yelled over

the roar of the wind.

Pushing her body up higher, Tina had then leaned out

the window somewhat and opened her cum-filled mouth.

She couldn't be sure the man saw anything at first,

but when the wind began blowing the sticky cum away

she heard him blow his truck's loud horn.

Feeling the rush continue, Tina made a show of licking

the rest of the sperm off her fingers after wiping it

from her face. Her eyes maintained contact with the

trucker's as she smiled sexily.

When the window began going up again Tina had pulled

back in time, and blown the trucker a kiss. Once the

window closed she leaned back in her seat and felt

satisfied, somehow. She almost felt like laughing!

Or, better yet, like fucking.

And then Razor had asked, "You want to fuck him?"

Tina's heart stopped at his words. "Uhm..." she began,

breathlessly. Not once during the flashing had she

wanted to fuck _him_. Though she'd grown horny, she'd

thought of Razor.

"He's gesturing for us to pull over," Razor explained.

Tina looked back at the truck. Sure enough, the

trucker had turned on his interior lights, too, and

was repeatedly pointing to the shoulder of the


Not knowing what else to say, Tina had taken a deep

breath and said, "If you want me to."

Just as she finished saying that Tina had been thrown

forward as Razor slammed on the brakes.

Okay, she had thought, no biggie, I'm going to fuck a

stranger, I'm going to do that later anyway...

And just then Razor had sped up again, pulling across

two lanes and onto an exit ramp.

"Good answer," he had then said, smiling. "Very good.

But I don't want you to fuck him. You did good, did

good... that was hot."

Tina had sighed in relief.

And that's when his cell phone had rung for the first

time. Tina had lit up a cigarette as Razor talked, as

they made their way back onto the freeway. They had

apparently missed their exit when she had been going

down on him but it wasn't long before they were parked

in the lot of EZ's.

Now Tina was lighting up another cigarette. The rush

and horniness had left since then, though only minutes

had passed. And that rush had been replaced by

anxiousness. She continued to wonder whether or not

she should have cancelled the whole thing when she'd

had the chance.

But she knew, the same as she'd known after her shower

and the phone had been her hand, that she had no

choice. The loan sharks her dad owed would be back on

Saturday and Tina had promised them money. God knew

what they might do if she didn't have it, not only to

her, but to her father, too.

Fucking asshole, she thought, tears nearly forming in

her eyes. This was all his fault! The entire week,

everything, was his fault! From the moment he'd

punched her in the eye up until know, all of it had

been caused by him. Why did she even care if he got


He's never even been a real dad anyway, she thought



"Are you okay?" Razor asked.

Tina was startled at the sound of his voice. She

looked down at the clock: it was 12:35, now. She

nodded, not knowing what to say. She was somewhat

surprised at the tone of genuine concern his voice


"You look really fucking good," Razor said to her,

smiling. "I mean it."

"Thanks," she responded, her voice a whisper.

He reached over and brushed a long strand of hair from

her face. After pulling into EZ's she'd had to redo it

somewhat, since the wind from the flashing had messed

it up.

"You don't have to be nervous," Razor whispered.

"Nothing bad is going to happen to you."

She nodded. "I'm okay," she said.

Then, to her surprise, he said, "Look, I'm sorry about

earlier. I was just worried I'd made a mistake about

you and I get pissed off when I think I made a mistake

about someone. You know?"

She didn't respond. She didn't know what to say.

He smiled. "I'm glad I didn't make a mistake. The way

you acted back on the freeway... that proved it. You're

going to do well here, make some good money. Don't


She nodded again. Suddenly she felt stupid, like a

little kid: she'd asked for this! She wanted to be

here, had chosen to be. She felt embarrassed that

Razor saw how nervous she was. Thinking quickly Tina

said, "It's not this, I was just, thinking about...


He leaned back. "What about it?" he asked, obviously

not believing her.

Hands trembling, Tina finished her cigarette and

flipped it out the window. Then she said, "I, uh,

really have to go to class tomorrow. But, I missed the

last three days... without permission... so my dad needs

to bring me."

Razor nodded. "But you said he's out of town?"

"Yeah," she said. "So I'm just, pretty much fucked I

guess. Until Monday at least."

"I understand," Razor said kindly. After a brief pause

he continued, "Tell you what. I'll bring you in myself

in the morning."

She looked at him in surprise. "Really?"

"Sure," he responded, shrugging.

"But what if... I mean, what if they don't think you're,

uh, him?"

"They'll believe me. Trust me, I'll make sure of

that," Razor grinned, his eyes turning hard. Tina

shuddered at the sight: there was an underlying menace

there which thrilled her and terrified her at the same

time. It was similar to the look he'd given her

earlier after she'd pissed him off.

She couldn't help but smile in disbelief now, though.

"That is so... thank you, Razor! ... You don't know how

much... I mean, I've been so worried..."

"You don't need to worry," he interrupted the girl.

"Not about anything. Okay?"

She stared at him and felt genuine relief and

appreciation. For the second time this week, Razor's

generosity would save her. First when he'd given her

the money to pay her dad on Monday, and now this.

Plus, she reminded herself, he was giving her the

opportunity to earn money for herself, now. She owed

him a lot.

And, she thought, he hadn't done anything bad to her!

If anything, she'd been bad to him. She realized now

that she really had deserved his anger earlier when

she was acting like such a bitch, and vowed not to

behave like that again.

"Alright," Razor finally broke the silence which had

filled the truck. "We'd better get in. Just stick

close to me and make sure you don't say anything,

alright? It's going to be really loud so just follow

my lead.

"I'm going to bring you through the main bar, just so

you can see it. You won't be working there. But after

that I'll show you how to get in and where you'll be


"And after the bar closes," he said, as if he were

giving the best news in the world, "I've chosen you to

entertain some special guests."

"What... does that mean?" she asked.

Razor smiled. "The bar closes at 2am. Has to, because

of our liquor license. But occasionally we have... after

hour get-togethers. Tonight a group of five high

rollers from Texas, oil men, are going to be here.

They usually stop by whenever they're in town, and

they always want a special show. And I've chosen you

to be one of the two girls entertaining."

Tina nodded, unsure of the significance of this.

Razor looked slightly annoyed. "You said you needed

money, right?"

"Yeah," she responded.

"Well, there's not enough time for you to make much.

But these guys tip big, really big. All the girls beg

me to be there when they're in town, but I've chosen


"Thanks," Tina finally said. Realizing her tone, she

added quickly, "Seriously, Razor, thank you... I'll do a

good job. I promise."

He nodded after a pause. "Okay," he said. "Let's get


"And remember," he reiterated, "Whatever you do, stay

close to me. I don't want you getting lost."

"Okay," Tina responded, her anxiety level rising once


They got out of the truck and headed towards the club.

Tina's legs felt rubbery and she couldn't stop pushing

down her dress. She kept looking around the parking

lot, filled with cars, and the blinking lights of the

building. It all felt so surreal.

Upon entering, Tina's senses were immediately

overwhelmed by the darkness, the flashing strobe

lights, and loud rock music. The bouncer, a large

Mexican looking man, merely nodded respectfully at

Razor as the two passed by.

As they proceeded farther into the main bar, Razor was

stopped several times by people he knew wishing to

talk to him. This gave Tina a chance to take in her

surroundings, and catch her breath.

Along one wall stretched a long bar, behind which were

three attractive women dressed in tight white shirts

and black miniskirts. They were bustling to fill

glasses and take orders: every barstool was taken,

filled by men of all sizes and ages. The clientele

included men from their early 20's to late 50's,

wearing everything from suits to factory jumpsuits.

But none of the men were paying attention to the

attractive bartenders. Instead, they were turned with

their eyes fixed in the opposite direction.

That's where the main stage was, and as Tina panned

over toward it, her heart skipped a beat. The stage

was T-shaped, its long walkway stretching out into the

heart of the room then forming a wider stage which

reached out, creating the top of the T. The stage was

lined with soft lights, but the floor itself was white

and lit from underneath making it glow. Mirrors on the

ceiling and flashing strobe lights made the whole

scene appear unlike anything Tina had ever seen.

It was about four feet off the main floor and along

all sides were chairs filled with slack-jawed men

drinking beer, holding out money, or flirting with

scantily clad women. And on the stage were the


Tina immediately saw that they were beautiful.

Presently the two young women, probably in their early

to mid 20's, were writhing around poles set up along

the walkway. They were both wearing high-heeled

stilettos, skimpy thongs, and tight, tiny tops which

barely covered their large chests. Both women spun

around the poles expertly, dropped to their knees on

the floor, then continuing their erotic dances up and

down the stage.

Tina watched with amazement. The women were not only

experts at this, they seemed to be enjoying

themselves. Perhaps it was an act, but if so, they

were damned good actresses! They were continuously

smiling, licking their lips, squatting toward the men,

and basically behaving as if they were getting off on


Tina heard an announcer over the loud rock and roll

music announce the next song, ending his rapid speech

by saying, "...and that's song number two gentlemen, you

know what that means!"

A loud burst of applause mixed in with whoops of

approval erupted from the men. Tina felt pushed from

behind as a couple men surged toward the stage, drinks

in hand. She regained her stance and then looked

around, confused. Razor was still talking with a

large, beefy man who seemed pissed off. When Tina

looked back at the stage, she suddenly understood the

crowd's excitement, though.

The women were taking off their tops. One of the two,

with larger breasts and bleach-blonde hair, pulled

hers off nonchalantly then immediately continued her

dance. The other, however, made a real show of it.

She was definitely the more attractive of the two,

Tina thought. She was a tall, slender Asian woman

probably 20 or 21 years old. She had a bigger chest

than Tina without a doubt, but it was smaller than the

blonde she danced with. Her hair was short and jet-

black, and she was wearing dark eyeliner on her pale,

Asian face.

And she knew how to please the audience, that was for

sure! She unclasped the front of her tiny covering

then paused. Tina noticed that many of the men

continued staring at her, though the other dancer was

now topless. This black-haired woman then began to

writhe with the song, swinging her body ever so

subtly, as she ran her hands up her sides. Then,

gripping a pole with her left hand, she swung onto it

fast enough to force her top open. When her breasts

were suddenly revealed, a whoop of appreciation came

from the crowd. Tina found herself smiling, too.

This stripper wasn't just a dancer: she was a

performer! She had the crowd in the palm of her hand.

Tina found herself gripping Razor's arm tightly as the

show continued. She was amazed at the way the women

received their "tips". She saw the blonde crawl over

to a group of men near the stage on all fours, then

take their money by pressing her breasts together

around it. The black-haired woman, meanwhile, slid

down from a pole onto her butt, scooted forward, and

then dangled her legs over the shoulders of one of the

men near the stage. She then lay back and winked at

the other men while he pulled the waistband of her

thong away from her slender body, shoved in a couple

of bills, then step away. The dancer then leaned

forward, kissed his forehead, and swung her legs

around and stood in one expert, catlike motion.

"TINA!" Razor yelled in her ear.

She jumped, then blushed in embarrassment. She looked

at him.

"THAT'S LUCY!" he said, pointing to the Asian cat on



Tina gulped and nodded. How could she compete with

her, she wondered?

Razor then gestured for her to follow, and she let

herself be led away, all the while holding his arm and

taking in the scene of the barroom. She noticed that

many of the strippers not currently on stage were

sitting with the bar's patrons: on their laps and

otherwise. She also noticed one woman with red hair

lead a man by the hand toward the back of the room.

There was a door there.

Ahh, Tina thought.

She continued to follow Razor around tables and past a

couple booths. She noticed that many people,

waitresses, strippers, and customers, were stepping

out of his way as he approached. They must know him,

she realized. All the same, Tina caught several of the

men she passed stare at her, some with curiosity and

others with longing.

Tina couldn't help but feel flattered: for men to want

to look at her while those two beautiful women were

dancing naked on stage was a huge compliment!

Eventually they reached a door opposite the way they

had come in. Another Mexican-looking man sat on a

stool outside it, and even in the dark atmosphere he

was wearing sunglasses. She heard Razor yell at him,


The large man shrugged his hefty shoulders, then

gripped the doorknob and opened the door for Razor.

Tina followed him inside.

Once the door shut behind them, and the music was

deafened, Tina caught her breath. She'd been holding

it, she realized. Razor smiled at her.

"And that's EZ's," he said. "The main floor, anyway,

but definitely not the most profitable part.

"Back there," he pointed down the long hall, "is the

way you'll come whenever you arrive. There's a door

behind back of the building that'll get you in: just

buzz and someone will open it for you.

"No one is allowed back here except for the staff.


She nodded. It was hard paying attention, she

realized, because the sights and sounds of the main

bar area were still overwhelming.

He led her down the hallway, pointing out his office,

the employee bathroom, and finally the dressing room.

They went in and Tina was surprised at its size: there

were a dozen make-up tables, two sofas and a recliner,

and several clothes racks. Sitting on the couch were

two women in their early 20's, and at one of the make-

up tables was a third, perhaps in her mid-thirties.

Tina thought she recognized her.

She looked again. She did recognize her. And then

realization dawned, and Tina nearly gasped in shock

and surprise:

She didn't only recognize the woman, she knew her. It

was Ms. Masons, her next-door neighbor.

Joey's mom.

"So this is where you'll get ready," said Razor. Tina

barely heard him. Her heart was racing in shock and

utter embarrassment as she started at her neighbor.

"Any table is fine to pretty yourself up, except the

first two," Razor explained.

"Okay," Tina replied as softly as possible. If she

could have, she would have disappeared. But it would

have been too late because just then, Carol Masons got

done applying some lipstick and had turned to see

Razor and the new girl.

Tina noticed the woman's look of surprise. She looked

away from the older woman's gaze and wished to God she

was anywhere else. She waited for Ms. Masons to call

her name.

She didn't, though. Instead she just stared. Tina

could feel the woman's eyes on her.

"Oh," Razor said, as if noticing the three women for

the first time. "These are three of our dancers. Those

two are Ashley and Sabrina," he stated, pointing to

the two girls on the couch, "and that's Sonya."

Carol looked back into the mirror as Razor said her

name. Sonya, Tina thought. A stage name.

Tina looked toward Ashley and Sabrina, just to look at

somebody else. Both were skinny, very cute, and so

similar in appearance that they could be related, Tina

thought. One was slightly taller, about 5'10", but

both had light brown hair, large C-cup breasts, and

milky white skin. They also wore matching outfits:

tight, neon green shirts with numbers on them ("04" on

the taller one's; "12" on the shorter one's). The

shirts came down to just below their belly buttons

where a couple of inches of skin began before turning

into tight black-nylon shorts. They were very pretty,

if a bit weird looking: the taller one's hair was in

pig-tails, and she had glitter on her face. The

shorter one, Ashley, also had the glitter but her hair

was short: it looked like she'd chopped it off without

much regard to its final appearance, yet the way it

spiked up all over her head actually looked really


"Girls," Razor said, addressing the women for the

first time, "this is Tina. She's new."

There were genuinely nice "Hello's" coming from the

two on the couch, but to Tina's relief "Sonya" didn't

say a word.

"Okay," Razor said, after a brief moment of awkward

silence. "Shouldn't you girls be out on the floor?"

The taller of the two girls on the couch, Ashley,

said, "We're just taking a little break..."

"She's drunk," Sabrina sighed, grinning as if it was


"Oh, I am not!" Ashley said, playfully slapping the

other woman on her arm.

"I don't give a fuck," Razor said interrupted. "Get

back out there or get the fuck out."

"Fine," Sabrina said, standing up. Tina noticed her

wobble for a second, giggle, then saunter toward the

door. For the first time Tina noticed the girls' tall

tube-socks and tennis shoes, and it dawned on her:

these two were dressed up like soccer players! Tina

briefly wondered if a lot of the girls dressed in


"You two would make more money if you weren't so

fucking lazy," Razor said coldly as they approached.

"Yeah, we know," Sabrina replied, smiling devilishly.

"We're not lazy," Ashley pouted.

Tina noticed that Ms. Masons hadn't moved from her

place at her make-up table, and that Razor apparently

didn't mind.

"Okay," he said to Tina. "Stay here a second. I'll be

right back."

"Where you going?" she asked anxiously.

He turned back to her and grinned. "Relax! I'm just

going to check the receipts at the bar. I'll be back

in a second."

Tina watched as he left the room, following Ashley and

Sabrina back into the main bar.

Tina stood nervously after the door had closed. She

looked around the dressing room, unsure where to

settle her gaze. She certainly didn't want to look at

Ms. Masons. Or say anything to her. But she suddenly

had no choice.

"Tina," the older woman said. "What in God's good name

are you doing here?"

Tina froze. "Hi, Ms. Masons," she whispered.

The woman stood up. She was tall, and although she was

36-years-old, she was still very attractive. Her

breasts were large double-D's, yet still relatively

firm. Her body was voluptuous: she was about 5'11"

tall with wide hips and a narrow waist. She was

beginning to look her age, Tina thought, but was still

plenty sexy.

Presently she was wearing nothing more than a red silk

bra with matching panties. Around her shoulders she

had a light, thin silk robe which went along nicely

with her lingerie. Tina averted her gaze, not wanting

to see Joey's mom like this.

She approached Tina, staring at her with her large,

cat-like eyes. Her face was pretty in a domineering

sense and her curly blonde hair was worn up making her

seem even taller. And as always, she had large hoop

earrings in her ears and maybe a bit too much make-up


She felt like a little child about to be scolded by a

teacher as Ms. Masons studied her. She'd known the

woman for years, since she was a little girl, and knew

her son even better. She felt completely ashamed at

being seen by her here. Tina continued to stare at the

ground rather than look her in the eye.

"So," Ms. Masons said once she was standing right in

front of the girl. "You're going to work here."

Tina blushed. She stuttered, "Uh... I d-don't know... it's

just temporary, Ms. Masons..."

"Bullshit," the woman smiled. It was not a happy

smile. "Do they know how old you are?"

Tina nodded, eyes still downcast.

"Shit," Carol said, shaking her head. "Fucking Razor,

always trying shit like this. What're you gonna do, be

a hallway girl?"

Tina finally looked up. "I'm... not sure," she said,

honestly. "Razor said something about lap dances, and

a party later, and..."

"A party?" Carol asked, surprised.

Tina shrugged. "Yeah, I guess. Some guys from Texas,

or something..."

Carol took a step back. She looked like she'd just

lost her best friend.

"With Lucy?" she asked, softly.

Tina nodded. "Are... you okay, Ms. Masons?"

The woman was shaking her head. "Fucking asshole," she

said softly. "Fucking ASSHOLE!" she yelled.

Tina stepped away. "Ms... Ms. Masons?" she asked, fear

in her voice.

Suddenly the woman snapped a cold look at Tina. The

teenager shuddered. "I shoulda known it was you,"

Carol suddenly spat. "When I heard Razor talking to

Needles about some tight little white-trash girl, some

stupid little slut he'd fucked earlier this week. It

was you, I should have known it'd be you."

Tina gave her a dirty look but struggled not to say


Carol went on, hands now on her wide hips. "I helped

fucking raise you, you know. When you were little, and

your dad was passed out or gone or whatever, remember?

I used to help you out. This is the thanks I get?"

Tina didn't remember her experiences with Ms. Carol

when she was a little girl very fondly: most of it

involved her helping watch Joey, or doing the dishes,

or cleaning her living room. But Tina didn't mention

any of this. Instead she asked, "Ms. Masons, I don't

understand... what are you talking about?"

"Like you don't know," Carol spat. "You come in here

with that skinny little body and young, tight little

cunt, and you don't realize what's going on? Are you

that stupid?"

Tina bit her tongue.

"Honey," Carol said softly, voice dripping with

insincere concern, "you're his new bitch, didn't you


Tina gulped. "It's... just temporary..."

"He gave you my fucking place tonight!" Carol roared.

Tina flinched and backed away involuntarily. She'd

never seen Ms. Masons so mad.

"This is my bar, little girl," the woman continued.

"Razor may own it but I run the girls. Get it? They

need a leader and I'm it. I make the most money and

see the most important clients. How DARE you come in

here and try to change that!"

"But, no," Tina said, voice wavering in anger and

fear. "I don't even know... I don't want to change

anything! I'm just here to earn some cash, then I'll

be gone! And Lucy..."

"Fuck you," Carol said icily. "Don't mention that

chink-bitch to me. Is she your friend, now, or

something? You become her little whore, too?"

Tina's face blushed a deep crimson. She'd backed up

nearly across the room, but now stopped at the end of

one of the couches. Carol had kept pace and stopped,


"Ms. Masons," Tina said. She didn't understand the

older woman's anger, couldn't fathom it, but decided

to try and appeal to the woman's gentler, maternal

side. There wasn't much gentle about this woman, Tina

knew: this woman had treated her like a slave when she

was little. She beat her own son - innocent little

Joey - on a regular basis. But there had to be

something there, Tina figured, that was motherly!

This in mind, Tina took a deep breath and said, "I

swear, I don't even know Lucy, and I don't even know

anything about this bar or anything! I got in trouble,

you see, BIG trouble... they're gonna hurt me, Ms.

Masons! I need money, that's all, and Razor offered...

this job... I took it. That's all!"

Carol seemed to consider this. Then the older woman

grinned again: a cold, nasty grin that sent shivers

running up Tina's spine.

"Leave now, then," Ms. Masons said calmly. "I'll give

you whatever money you need."

Tina gulped and slowly shook her head. She didn't

believe her. "I can't," she whispered. "I..."

"You want me to tell your dad you're a prostitute?"

Ms. Masons continued sharply.

"Please don't!" Tina begged, her lower lip trembling.

"You don't want him to know what a piece of trailer

trash he's raised?"

That was it. Tina snapped. She was frightened, yes,

but she was also angry. How dare anyone - how dare

THIS WOMAN - judge her like this!

"At least," Tina said, voice rising in anger and

trembling with fear, "I've had no choice so far! At

least I'm gonna be something in a few years, not some

middle aged single-mother in a shitty little trailer

home fucking guys to make end's meat!"

Tina regretted it as soon as she'd said it. Suddenly

she felt her face get slapped, extremely hard, causing

a loud whacking sound to fill the otherwise empty


She nearly stumbled over the couch from the blow.

Carol said in a cold, menacing voice, "How DARE you!

"You fucking little CUNT!" she yelled, pushing the

girl backwards. Tina was already off-balance, and now

fell over the armrest of the sofa and onto its seat.

She struggled to get up, but it was too late. Carol

came down upon her, gripping the girl's wrists in her

hands and pressing her body down upon the small

girl's, pinning her.

"You lying little TWAT! All I've done for you, you

treat me like this!?"

Tina struggled to get free, but only managed to slide

back on the couch until her whole body was laying upon

it, only her ankles resting on the armrest, now.

"I fucking TRUSTED you to watch my boy!" Carol cried

as she shook the young teenager. "I bet you wanted to

FUCK him, didn't you!? I bet you couldn't WAIT until

he was older, you fucking lyin' little SLUT!"

Tina blushed and cried as the woman hurled insults at

her. Try as she might, though, she was unable to push

the woman away.

Ms. Masons managed to shift both of Tina's wrists into

her own left hand, and her grip still remained

impossible to break. Now she used her free right hand

to violently grasp the teenager's left breast though

her dress.

Tina howled in pain at the sudden violation. "You like

that?" Ms. Masons asked. Her voice had grown

dangerously soft, nearly playful, a stark contrast to

the teenager's screams. "I bet you do, I bet you like

all kinds of nasty sex, don't you, hon? Is that why

Razor wanted you here? Did Lucy do this to you, too?"

"RAZOR!" Tina was now screaming, tears streaming down

her pretty face.

"Shh, shh," Carol cooed. "He's not coming. Don't you

know why he left you with me? To 'check the receipts'?


"Stop it, STOP!" Tina cried as the woman continued to

twist at her small left breast, right at its nipple.

In the back of her mind, Tina was trying to figure out

what the woman meant: was she saying Razor left her

here like this on purpose?

"I initiate all the new girls," Ms. Masons continued.

"I give the final interviews, you little CUNT... and

you've failed. Razor lets me, see? He knows he has


Tina stopped screaming and was now merely blubbering

hysterically in pain and humiliation.

"Shh, dear! What? Did you think you were something


Tina struggled anew as she felt the woman's hand slip

off her breast then slide down her side. It quickly

reached the hem of her dress and began to make its way

back up.

"Thought your little pussy was so tight that he'd

'protect' you? Huh?

"Let me tell you something," the woman breathed into

her ear. "You're not special. You're nothing. Just

another piece of meat, another girl for the hallway.

Another desperate, stupid bitch! The only thing you

have going for you is your age, but believe me, that

doesn't last.

"You're nothing," Carol concluded. Nothing to me, and

nothing to Razor."

Tina couldn't believe the woman's words. She felt

embarrassed, humiliated, used. She HAD believed Razor,

after all. But Carol was right about at least one

thing: Razor hadn't come. Tina began to realize that

he wouldn't be coming, either.

He'd left her here for this. He'd lied to her. Just

like all the men in her life had lied to her, she


She gasped loudly as the woman's hand made its way up

her outer left thigh, then right up to the waistband

of her panties.

"It's been a while since a girl failed an interview,"

Carol said softly as her hand gently played with the

waistband of Tina's panties. "Your friend Lucy did,

too. But she ended up liking this..."

Tina gasped as the woman suddenly pulled on her

panties, causing them to dig painfully into her


Carol laughed. "Remember the last time I touched your

panties?" Carol mused, voice full of nasty delight.

"Remember when you were eleven? I taught you all about

your new body. Remember?"

Tina remembered. It had been her, after all, who'd

explained puberty to the girl. But though she'd

touched her a bit to show her how to use feminine

products, she'd never touched her like this.

This was intimate. Violent. Dirty. And sexy.

Oh, God! Tina thought desperately.

"Relax, stop struggling," Ms. Masons whispered. "You

can still work here, you just need to learn your

place... and I want to see how tight this pussy really

is... what all the fuss is about..."

Despite herself, Tina had begun to relax. Not from

acceptance, but from defeat. What could she do?

She felt the woman's hand slide under the waistband of

her panties, then slowly make its way between her


Tina lurched forward in one final, desperate attempt

to escape when the woman's hand made contact with the

light fuzz just above her pussy.

She was immediately rebuked: Carol slapped the girl

hard in the face again. Tina cried at the sharp and

sudden pain, then gave up. Though her arms were free

now, what could she do?

Please, oh God, I don't want this, Tina thought

desperately as her young body went limp.

"Relax, Tina, relax," Ms. Masons purred. "I'm sure

you've done this before... had a woman's hand down here,

right? Lucy's maybe? One of your friend's?"

Tina cringed as Carol's hand roughly gripped her

pussy. "No, please, no..."

Carol laughed like she was drunk. "No? You've never

messed around with any of your little girlfriends?

What's that rich-girls' name... Michelle? The one with

the big tits? You never had your tongue in her hot

little snatch?"

Tina blushed. She hadn't. She'd never been with

another woman, nor had she ever wanted to. She began

to struggle again, but it was only for show: she knew

she was too small, too weak, to stop Carol, now.

"It doesn't matter," Carol hissed. "You will, soon.

Does that turn you on?" Tina felt Carol's hand squeeze

harder upon her lightly fuzzed pussy mound. "Does that

get you all wet?"

Tina was sobbing again. This was all too much.

And then she felt the woman, her next-door neighbor

who had taught her how to use a tampon years earlier,

press her boney right index finger between the folds

of her pussy.

Tina's back arched automatically. She felt the finger

press into her roughly, dryly, unrelentingly. She

shuddered, then she collapsed, issuing a long exhale

of air as she did.

" tight," she could barely hear Carol say. "Nice

and tight. Tight, trailer-trash teenage pussy. Razor

was right!"

Tina stared dazedly up at the woman's neck. She felt

so small and vulnerable and helpless beneath her. The

invading finger - Carol's finger - continued to press

into her dry hole.

Realizing that she couldn't escape, Tina instead

attempted to distance her consciousness away from what

was happening. She tried desperately to think about

work - Holiday's - and school. Joey. Her friends. Don

and Larry. Anything else!

As Carol continued to expertly slide her finger in and

out of Tina's vagina, the teenager found herself

thinking about all those porno's she'd seen with women

having sex with each other. Had those actresses really

wanted it, or had they ever been forced to, like this?

Tina dazedly pondered whether or not the fact she was

beginning to enjoy Carol's finger made her a lesbian.

"Oooo," Carol suddenly whispered. "You're getting all

wet! Very good, little girl, very good..."

Tina sighed. She was good, she thought to herself.

Tina felt the woman's finger pull out as the woman

pulled herself off of her small body. She wasn't

surprised when Carol then pulled Tina's panties down

her legs. She didn't resist it, either, only laid

there, sort of staring up at the ceiling, neither

happy or sad, the only emotion in her young mind that

of arousal and numbness. When her panties were off,

the girl found herself spreading her legs slightly,


Carol didn't get back on top of her. Instead the woman

kneeled on the floor and whispered into Tina's ear,

"I'm going to teach you who's really in charge here.

Remember what I said? Not Razor... me!"

Tina didn't respond. She could feel the woman's lips

on her left ear. It made her shudder.

"Mmm," Carol continued as her left hand slid back down

between Tina's spread legs, "I never thought I'd see

you like this... I remember when you were only ten,

remember you used to do my dishes and I'd pay you a


Tina was ignoring her. All she wanted to feel right

now was the finger that was sliding playfully up and

down her slick slit, and the soft lips lightly

brushing her ear.

Suddenly she felt the woman's tongue come out and lick

her earlobe. Tina moaned softly at the sensation: it

was too much!

"Oh God, Ms. Masons," she said breathlessly, dreamily.

At that exact moment two things happened. Carol's

finger slid back into her tight pussy, nearly causing

the young girl to cum. Also, Razor entered the room.

Tina heard him yell something. She was so close to

cumming that her mind didn't want to focus on anything

else. But then Carol's finger was suddenly out of her,

and her mouth was no longer sucking on her earlobe.

Tina heard yelling. Dazedly, she looked up. Carol had

scrambled to her feet and was backing away, but Razor

was screaming at her and marching right at her.



Tina leaned up, a look of confusion and longing on her

sweet face. She saw that Carol had a totally different

expression, now: fear.

Then she saw Razor slap the woman incredibly hard, so

hard that Carol dropped to her knees and sobbed


"Get the fuck out," Razor said. His eyes were wide and

insanely angry. His whole body was tensed up like he

was about to kill somebody.

"I-I-I," Carol was blubbering.

"GET THE FUCK OUT! NOW!" he screamed.

Tina was now sitting up, wondering if she should do

something. Maybe she should leave! Maybe Razor was

angry at both of them. She didn't know what was going


Carol then stood up, and ran to her make-up table. She

grabbed her purse, a shirt and shorts, then stumbled

towards the door.

When the door closed, Razor turned to Tina. She

recoiled instinctively, afraid he was going to hit her

or something.

"Are you okay?" he asked, shortly.

She nodded stupidly.

"Hang on," he said.

He left the room suddenly. While he was gone Tina

pulled her panties back on, stood up and adjusted her

dress, and lit a cigarette.

She was shaking all over. From fear, and also from


She looked at the door. Maybe she should leave.

Just then it opened. When Razor came back in he seemed

a bit calmer. He came straight to Tina, sat down on

the sofa, and pulled her to him.

"I'm so sorry," he said.

Just then Tina burst into tears and cried.


"She's nuts," Razor was explaining about fifteen

minutes later.

Tina had cried most of that time. As always, after the

rush and horniness were gone a flood of regret had

filled her mind. The way she'd acted was inexcusable:

to be turned on, by a woman, and Ms. Masons no less!

To simply give up and then, like some total slut, try

to cum like it was all that mattered. She felt dirty

and confused and just plain awful.

But she calmed down after she stopped crying. Razor

had carried her to his office, where she was now

sitting on a nice leather chair slowly sipping a beer

in her trembling hand.

She was thankful to be okay, now, thankful that Carol

had been lying: Razor hadn't tricked her after all.

Razor had saved her, not only from Carol, but from


She had gotten so close to climaxing from a woman.

What would she have done if she had? How could she

ever forgive herself?

"Ever since I bought most of the bar two years ago,"

Razor continued, "she's been a problem. Constantly

challenging my authority, thinking she's more

important than she is."

"She said that she... did that... with all the girls,"

Tina said softly.

Razor shook his head in frustration. "No, she doesn't.

But she used to, apparently, back when Duke owned the

place. He supposedly had a deal with her, that she had

final say in who got hired or not. But I put an end to

that, though she's tried what she did to you with...

several others."

"Lucy?" Tina asked.

Razor nodded. "That was the last one. How'd you know?"

"She really hated her," Tina said softly.

"Yeah, I guess she would," he sighed. "See, after Lucy

started she immediately became the most popular girl

we have on stage. You saw her: hot little body, and

she knows how to use it. Sonya got really jealous and

ended up, well, 'initiating' her.

"I didn't find out until two weeks after it happened,

and believe me I was pissed. But Lucy had moved on,

and Sonya swore she'd never do it again." He shrugged.

Tina nodded. The beer was helping calm her down, and

she was thinking a lot more clearly. She asked, "Are

you going to fire her?"

Razor shook his head. "I don't know," he said. "Maybe.

But she does bring in a lot of clients... do you think I


Tina was surprised he asked. She thought for a moment

then said, "I don't... think so..."

"Why not?" he asked.

She took a deep breath. It was time to tell him. "I

know her," she said softly.

She explained to him that they were neighbors, and had

known each other for a long time. Razor seemed

surprised at first then just nodded.

"I knew she lived in a trailer but I've never been

there," he said.

"What if she tells my dad?" she asked, worriedly.

"She won't," he said firmly. "I'll make sure of that.

I won't fire her, at least for now, so that I can keep

an eye on her. Okay?"

Tina nodded. She believed him.

"She's just getting old," Razor finished. "She's old,

and pathetic. Already she doesn't get as many clients

as she used to... five years from now she'll be out of a

job. And she knows it."

That made Tina realize something. "But... didn't you

say that your girls made a lot of money?"

He nodded.

"Then, uhm... why does she just live in a trailer?"

He looked at her. Without so much as a pause he said,

"Come with me, I'll show you."

They walked back to the dressing room. It was empty.

Razor went straight to Carol's make-up table, opened a

drawer, then after rummaging around pulled out a

little baggie.

"See this?" he said, holding it up.

The bag was small and empty. Empty except for traces

of white powder.

"She's a druggie?" Tina asked in surprise.

Razor nodded. "Big time. Heroin addict. She shoots up

on her feet so no one will see the track marks, but

everyone knows.

"Two-thirds of what she makes here either goes up her

nose or into a vein."

Tina was initially surprised, but then realized it

made sense. Carol had always been eccentric,

unpredictable, and had violent mood swings. She would

leave at weird times of the day, and sometimes when

she got back she looked like hell.

"Okay," Razor said. "It's almost 2am, now. We're going

to close. And you didn't even get to work." He seemed

a little annoyed.

Tina shrugged. "The party...?"

"Still on, if you're up for it," Razor said.

Tina thought for a moment. Then she said simply, "I

need money." It was true.

And of course, what else could she do? What else could

she say?

"Alright," Razor said after a moment. "But you're

going to be up late. Are you still gonna go to


She sighed. "I have to," she said. She really didn't

want to, but as always, she hadn't much of a choice.

"Well," he nodded, "We still have a little bit. Let me

explain what you'll be doing on a normal night."

Tina felt her stomach knot-up. She looked around the

empty dressing room. "Okay..."

Razor said, "Follow me."

He led her down the hall to another room, the "Monitor

Room", to explain it all. After entering, he dismissed

another large bouncer who was sitting in there and

settled into a chair. Tina sat down, too, in front of

a stack of small, black-and-white monitors. There were

thirty of them in total, all displaying different

areas of the bar. Razor then pointed out all the areas

of the strip-club that she would be working in, and

what she would have to do.

It was so simple: she would wait in the V.I.P. room,

just off the main floor, for someone to ask for a lap-

dance. If they wore a colored wristband she would give

them their "dance" in one of the little stalls of the

V.I.P. room, and try to get as many dances as


"You can make a lot of money just doing that," he

explained. "Some girls, they just work the V.I.P.

room, and make pretty good cash. But you'll make


That sounded ominous, Tina thought, but realized what

he was getting meant. He explained that if the

"customer" was wearing a black wristband instead of a

colored one, she had to offer to bring him to a

"private" room downstairs.

Razor pointed to the monitors as he explained this.

"That's where the private rooms are," he said. "We

have eight regular ones and a ninth Executive Room.

That's only used for special occasions, like the Oil

Men tonight, for example."

Tina nodded as she stared at the rooms. They were

small, simple, even dirty looking in a way. It was

hard to tell on the small, black and white monitors.

Presently, all eight of the regular rooms were empty.

Razor went on to explain how it would work. It seemed

simple enough. Basically, a stairway in the V.I.P.

room led down to a hallway in the basement with the

eight regular rooms. The bouncer there would give her

a key and she'd bring her client to one of the rooms,

and try to get as much money for whatever it was he

wanted to do.

"You charge whatever," Razor said as if that was a

great thing. "Get as much as you can for whatever it

is he wants... trust me, you'll make a lot."

Whatever "it" he wants, Tina thought, stomach

tightening. She realized immediately that "it" would

be some sort of sex.

"We listen in on the negotiations, just to keep you

honest," he went on. He flicked a switch and speaker

came to life. "We're listening to room seven." He

flicked the switch off.

"You keep 60% of whatever you make down there," he

continued. "You pay out before going back upstairs.

Usually you'll want to shower before going back to the

V.I.P. room, but it's up to you."

To her relief, Razor emphasized that she didn't have

to do anything she didn't want. And that included sex.

"If you get to a room and the guy wants something you

just don't dig," he said, "for example, he wants to

spank you or whatever, just tell him it's no deal.

Most guys just want a blowjob or straight sex,

sometimes anal. You're into all that so you should be


She blushed, because he was right! Anal, straight-sex,

oral... hell, she'd done all that and more in the past

few days alone!

After he was done explaining all the little rules

(like no drinking; no showing up late; etc.) he

emphasized again that she'd always be safe. "We have

monitors everywhere, as you can see. Plus, we employ

over a dozen bouncers a night, and everyone's wired.

We can get word to anyone virtually anywhere in


She nodded, then yawned. It was getting late. She

promised herself she would think over all this again

later, but right now, she just wanted to get the night

over with.

"So, when's the party?" she asked.

Razor glanced at his watch. "Soon," he said. "After

the bar closes. "I need to be sure you understand all

this. Next time you won't have me holding your hand

all night, okay?"

She nodded, and tried to perk up.

"All of our clients pay $20 for a wristband to enter

the V.I.P. room," he reiterated. "But not all

wristbands are equal. When a client has become a

regular and has... otherwise, proven himself, we offer

him the chance for an upgrade: from a regular

wristband to a black one. So don't ever worry about

cops or nothin'... only offer a bedroom to a black-

wrister and you'll be cool."

He went on, repeating pretty much everything he'd

explained already. It was hard to pay attention, Tina

was so tired!

I might not even be back, she thought to herself. It

was definitely a possibility: after she paid off those

loan sharks, there would be no real reason to return.

"Any questions?" he asked, glaring at her.

He realized she hadn't been paying attention. Thinking

quickly she asked, "I'll make most of my money, uhm,

doing the... lap dances?"

"Nah," Razor said. "Not once you get good, at least."

Razor stood, called the bouncer who he had disposed

back in, and led her back to the dressing room in


Tina felt guilty. He seemed pissed again, but what

could she do? So much had happened in one day, it was

late, and all she wanted was to take a nap!

Once back at the dressing room, Razor sat down in

"Sonya's" chair. "Party will be soon, now. No other


"Nope," she said.

That word, "Nope", sounded so weak, so stupid, that

Tina blushed immediately after its utterance. Razor

saw. As she blushed he asked, "You do... *know*...

what a lap dance is, right?"

The truth was, she didn't. She'd figured out by

context that it wasn't a simple dance, and that it

wasn't sex either. That had been good enough for her.

"Okay," Razor sighed. "Come over here. I'll show you."

Slowly, Tina stood up from her own chair. She stood

before Razor feeling sort of stupid, and totally

vulnerable. And she was aware that his eyes were

judging her young body, and her own self, as she stood

there meekly before him.

Her heart-rate, finally calmed since the Carol

incident, increased again: she felt that woozy feeling

once more, that tingling below, the peripheral

hardening of her nipples. Her small chest began

heaving. She thought about Joey for a second, for some

reason, before shaking it off.

"Relax," he grinned. "You'll get used to this. Get

over here."

She followed his gestures, and soon was straddling

him, her legs spread wide apart: it made her dress,

way too tight and too small already for even her

girlish body, ride right up to her waist. But she

didn't feel embarrassed, she realized. She was getting

comfortable with Razor.

Or comfortable with acting like a slut, she thought


She shook away the thought and placed her small hands

on his shoulders, nearly collapsing her body against

his when she did. Her immature young mind was suddenly

flooded with feelings of forbidden desire. She

remembered the last time she'd been in a position like

this: with Don and Larry. Only hours before. When

she'd been getting doubly fucked by them.

She shuddered at the memory.

"That's it," Razor cooed. "Just like you're gonna fuck

me. Scoot forward."

His hands then gripped her young ass roughly, and

pulled her toward him until her crotch was lined up

with his. Her dress had ridden up all the way by this

point: she was, basically, wearing only panties from

the waist down.

"Okay," he whispered. "You gotta grind down on me,

now... just like fucking, only with clothes on."

Tina obediently complied. Suddenly she was sliding her

young butt forward and backward on his lap, not

reluctantly, but willingly. She was doing it

inexpertly but with motivation: and finally she felt

his hard on pressing through his pants against her

panty-covered pussy. A crack of electric pleasure ran

up her body.

Her hands gripped his shoulders tightly, her

fingernails digging through his shirt and into his

skin. When she opened her eyes, she saw he was

grinning. "Enjoying yourself?" he asked.

"Yes," she answered simply. She saw no reason to lie:

she really was enjoying it! She felt in control, on

top, grinding her pussy back and forth on his clothed

crotch: it was stimulating her clitty in a rough,

abusive way, but she was doing it. She was getting off

on him!

Lap-dances, she was quickly deciding, might not be a

bad way to earn some money.

"Now get naked," he then said, encouragingly. "Show me

your tits. But don't stop the rockin'..."

A minute passed, during which time Tina unzipped her

dress down her back while managing to keep up her

sexual rhythm. Unsnapping her bra had taken but a

second more, and her tits were quickly freed. She

watched with much satisfaction as Razor's eyes became

energized at the sight of her small, teenage breasts.

"That's it," he hissed. "Now, remember though, they

can look but not touch..." Yet he said that as his

hands, still on her ass, began to slide up her back.

"Uh-huh," she whispered. She knew he wasn't being

completely serious.

She enjoyed herself for a few more minutes, grinding

back and forth on his hard-on, never realizing how

pleasurable a "dry-hump" like this could be. She was

practically ready to cum!

The sexually crazed girl then nearly jumped when she

realized that they had an audience.

She looked over to the right. It was Sabrina, one of

the "soccer sluts" from earlier.

"What is it?" Razor growled just as Tina began to feel

embarrassed at being seen like this.

"Sorry!" the sexy young woman exclaimed. She was

playing with her hair, still in pigtails, as she said,

"Ashley's really drunk now... she started fingering

herself onstage..."

"What!?" Razor exclaimed. His hands didn't leave

Tina's now sweaty back, though. Tina caught her breath

and realized he wanted her to continue, despite

Sabrina's presence. And she wanted to, too. The

feeling of his hands sliding roughly up and down her

glistening back, from her shoulders to her ass and

back again, was tantalizing and quickly blocked all

feelings of modesty she may have.

"Sorry! I'm sorry," Sabrina was saying meekly,


"Where's Needles?" Razor demanded. Tina barely heard

him. All she could hear was her own heart beating, and

the sound of her panties sliding continuously up and

down the length of Razor's hard-on. She found herself

wishing it was inside her, that they were naked and

fucking like primal animals...

"He's out there... on the floor," Sabrina said, eyes


Tina found herself looking at the sexy, slutty soccer-

girl who seemed so submissive in front of Razor. In

fact, she was feeling even more energetic, the heat of

an upcoming orgasm intensifying.

"Tell him to get her the fuck off stage," Razor said,

shortly. "And tell him to close the fucking bar! It's

past 2 now, ain't it?!"

"Yes," Sabrina whispered. Tina swallowed slowly as the

young woman looked at her, a smile nearly formed at

the corners of her mouth. Tina nearly smiled back.

"What is it?" Razor asked. His hands were no longer

playing up and down Tina's back.

"Just," Sabrina said, looking back at Razor. "Uhm,

Needles was saying that, uhm, we could stay open

late... I mean, it's five after and he said that--"

Tina was nearing a good orgasm. She felt total control

over it, she could manipulate it. She could slow her

grinds against Razor's body to prolong it, until just

the right moment.

She was lost now, lost in this carnal act. Her pussy

against his dick, both covered, her tits exposed. She

would cum soon, maybe now, maybe wait a moment more:

the fact that a stranger was watching seemed only more

sexy to the young girl. She would cum, soon, now,


But suddenly Razor was pushing her away.

"Wh-what!?" she asked stupidly, nearly falling to the

floor. She managed to catch herself and stand on

wobbily legs, breasts still exposed, bra still

dangling around her body, dress still bunched up

around her slight hips- an impending orgasm denied for

the second time in an hour.

Razor had stood. "This is fucking bullshit!" he was

yelling as he stepped toward the soccer-slut. "Go tell

the girl's we're closed. Start at the VIP room. NOW!"

Sabrina complied, running off instantly. Razor then

looked at Tina.

"Sorry. Needles is one of my partners," he said

bitterly. "And he's a fucking idiot. I gotta go take

care of things."

He began to walk away. Tina stared after him

breathlessly, her small body charged to its sexual

limit and her adolescent mind pissed off and

heartbroken all at the same time.

"Your outfit for the party," Razor called over his

shoulder, "is number twenty-four on the rack. Put it

on and get ready."

With that, the door shut behind him, and Tina found

herself alone in the large dressing room, horny as

hell and confused and frustrated.


After he left, Tina had seriously considered

masturbating. She was ready to explode from arousal,

and she couldn't think clearly. But then girls from

the bar began to enter, chatting loudly and quickly

filling the dressing room.

For a few minutes the room had been packed and

incredibly loud. It seemed like all the women knew

each other: they wanted to brag about how much they'd

made that night, or compliment one another on how

they'd done onstage, or make plans for what to do

after leaving. None of them, though, had paid any

attention to the 16-year-old blonde sitting at Sonya's

make-up table.

And that had been just fine with Tina, although she

did keep an eye open for the cat-like Asian girl she'd

be partnering with later: Lucy. She never came.

Ashley and Sabrina were the last of the girls to

leave, and had been the only ones to say good-bye.

They hadn't changed like most of the other girls, and

Tina had been impressed at how sexy Ashley seemed even

while stupidly drunk.

"Ohhhh," Ashley had said, wagging a finger drunkenly

in Tina's face, "yoor tha one, the party tonight?

Hmmm?" She then laughed in a friendly sort of way.

"Ignore her," Sabrina sighed, holding the other woman

up. "She's really, really fucked up! Have fun tonight,


"Sure," Tina had said. Sabrina smiled to the girl and

waved, and Tina smiled as well as she watched the two


After they were gone the room was once again empty.

Tina had again considered masturbating, but the mood

really was no longer there. All she could think about

was the future: was this her future? Would she be a

lap-dancing prostitute in this seedy little bar? Or

would she just do this one "party" and be done with it


Yet in a way this "party" she would be going to, with

Lucy and the Oilmen, was worse than what she would do

on any other night. Razor had explained what her

normal duties would be so calmly that it didn't even

feel like a big deal now. Giving lap-dances for cash,

and occasionally bringing back a "black-wrister" to a

private room for sex, didn't seem all that bad. At

least it wouldn't be constant, non-stop sex like she'd

first imagined.

On the other hand, this party. What the hell was going

to happen at the party? And why hadn't Razor returned

to explain it?

Finally, Tina shook her head and realized she had to

get dressed. She went over to the rack, found the

outfit numbered "24", and put it on.

Soon she was dressed up in a really slutty "cowgirl"

outfit. A costume, made perhaps for a little girl or a

really slutty adult. She studied herself in the mirror

after putting it on, and rolled her eyes in


The outfit consisted of a sleeveless denim top which

tied off just below her breasts; a pair of brown

daisy-dukes which were so tight that she'd barely been

able to button them up (even without panties on); and

tall, knee-high cowboy boots which were incredibly

uncomfortable to walk in. The boots were actually very

nice, a little too big for her feet, but probably cost

around $200 retail. She kept looking at them, walking

around a little, then sitting down after feeling

stupid for doing so.

Topping off the outfit were the accessories: a belt

with two gun-holsters that hung off her bony hips, a

cheap plastic sheriff's badge pinned over her left

breast, and two fake plastic guns kept in the


And, of course, she was wearing a cowboy hat. It was

red and had a wide rim which encircled her head and a

leather strap which hung around the back of her head.

She'd brushed her hair out, as the hat didn't fit

properly in its current do. Now her blonde hair could

clearly be seen under the hat, hanging down to its

normal shoulder-length. She lamented the time it'd

taken to put it up earlier- such a waste!

She thought she looked ridiculous, like one of those

teenagers who still trick-or-treated even though they

were in high school. But in a strange sort of way she

had to admit that the costume was sort of sexy: she

looked like a skinny, slutty young cowgirl. The shorts

accentuated what was, she thought, her best feature-

her ass- by clinging to it tightly, while also showing

off her firm, flat belly. Plus, the boots made her

strut sort of as she walked, and added inches to her

height making her stand maybe 5'8" tall.

Suddenly the door opened. Tina began to stand up,

expecting Razor, but instead saw her "partner".

The Asian woman looked like she'd just got done taking

a shower: a towel was wrapped around her incredibly

sexy body and her dark hair was still slightly damp.

When she saw Tina, she smiled. "Hi!" she chirped. "You

must be my partner tonight, huh?"

Tina nodded as the girl walked over. Tina was

surprised at her voice: sweet and American, without a

trace of an accent. She appeared so completely Asian

that Tina had unconsciously figured she was an


Lucy extended her hand. "Lucy, nice to meet you," she

said, smiling still. Her smile was full, with pearly

white teeth, and genuine looking, too.

Tina shook her hand. The woman was taller than her,

even with the boots on: about 5'10", Tina figured,

making the short girl feel even shorter. The woman's

hot body was more intimidating up-close: she was

skinny in a womanly way, with a large firm chest,

probably c-cup, and fully developed, mature curves

from her hips to her waist. Her Asian complexion was

soft and alluring, as were here large eyes and thin


Tina felt inferior next to her. She thought of how

she'd performed onstage earlier, which made her feel

even more inadequate.

"I know you're only 15," Lucy smiled. "I've never

worked with anyone so young!"

"Uhm, sixteen," Tina said softly, embarrassed.

"Oh! Sorry," Lucy said. She stood back again and

looked the girl up and down. "Damn, though! You sure

do make a sexy little cowgirl!" she laughed.

Tina smiled, blushing.

"The Texans are going to love you," she continued,

smiling still. "I can see why Razor risked hiring you.

I mean, you're cool right? You're not gonna go crying

to your mom and dad about this or anything?"

Tina rolled her eyes. "God, no!" she exclaimed.

Lucy smiled wider. It seemed like this young woman was

caught in a perpetual smile, and it made Tina feel


"Good!" she winked. "I'm cool with working with you,

then! I'm going to be your Injun." She winked again.

Tina couldn't help but grin: that smile was just too


A moment later Lucy got dressed, and Tina couldn't

help but watch. She really was incredibly beautiful.

An Asian princess, Tina thought. She wondered briefly

what she would look like dressed up like a ninja from

one of those Kung-fu movies Leon used to make her


When she was done dressing she turned and modeled for

Tina. If Tina made for a sexy cowgirl, the teenager

thought, then Lucy made for an even sexier Indian!

She was wearing an incredibly short, suede-leather

mini-skirt which barely covered her firm round ass. On

top she was wearing a matching tan-colored bikini,

made of the same type of suede leather, which was so

small Tina couldn't believe it stayed on. It was

styled with rips and designs, allowing one to see the

Asian flesh through it.

Lucy had also put on a pair of leather moccasins and,

of course, a tight head-band with a single red feather

sticking out at its front.

"Wow," Tina said, breathless.

Lucy grinned, then said sarcastically, "You know, I

don't see how Native American women walked around like

this all day!"

Tina laughed.

Lucy then led the girl out of the dressing room. As

they entered the hallway, Tina looked around

awkwardly. No one was there. The whole bar seemed

quiet: the music was off and there wasn't a sound to

be heard. It made the poor girl even more on edge.

"You're really soft-spoken, aren't you?"

Tina blushed. She replied nervously, "I'm just... This

is just new to me..."

Lucy stopped and turned. "It's okay, you don't have to

be worried or anything," she said. "You know the deal,


Tina shook her head.

"Really!" Lucy exclaimed. "Wow! Razor really just

threw you in, didn't he?"

Tina nodded.

"Okay," she said. "This is what'll happen. It's really


Tina listened intently as Lucy explained what was to

be done: how it would begin, what would most likely

occur, and what she should say and do.

When she was finished, Tina was frowning and her eyes

were wide. Her heart rate had increased and all her

nervousness returned, amplified even, and she felt her

knobby legs wobbling furiously.

"Are you going to be okay?" Lucy asked


Tina swallowed hard. She felt tears forming in her

eyes, and blinked them away. "Y-yeah, I'm fine," she


Lucy frowned, a stark contrast to her radiant smile.

"It really is going to be okay," she said. "Trust me.

These Texans are big ol' teddy-bears. Just follow my

lead and trust me, we'll make a lot of money

tonight... because the better we do, the more they'll

pay us afterward."

Then she grinned wickedly. "And I want to make a LOT

of money tonight!"

Tina forced a smile. "Okay," she said simply.

"Okay?" Lucy smiled. "Don't just say 'okay'! Say,

'Ohhh, Lucy, mmmm, I'm so HOT right now... I just HAVE

to get off..."

Tina giggled despite herself as Lucy continued with

her fake, sarcastic imitation of a horny woman.

"No, no, please, let's just cum... oh, I so need to cum!

Fuck me, oh, yes, I'm SO SO horny, keep on fucking me,


Tina couldn't help it. She was laughing now! Lucy was

just too much: too animated, too funny.

They laughed together for a moment. Lucy grinned,


Tina nodded, smiling once more. She felt better! Lucy

made her feel comfortable, had calmed her down.

"Let's do it, then!"

They made their way to the basement through a door in

the hall. At the end of the stairway was another door,

and Tina could see light coming out from underneath

it. She also heard voices behind it, loud male voices

laughing and chatting boisterously.

"Okay," Lucy whispered. "This is the 'executive'

lounge... basically it's the only fancy room in this

dump! Are you okay?"

"Yes," Tina said, honestly. Lucy's demeanor, coupled

with her words, had really had an impact. She now knew

what she would be doing, yet she was no longer upset

by the thought of it. It would be okay.

Lucy made it seem so natural!

"Alright, then," the Asian hottie winked. "Showtime!"

They walked into the room together. It was a large,

very nice room lit well by several lamps. In the

middle of the room were two black leather couches

directly across from each other. On each couch sat two

men, all of whom turned and looked over at Lucy and

Tina as they entered.

"Hello, boys!" Lucy said lightly as she strolled into

the room. She was holding Tina's hand.

Between the two couches was a low, wide coffee table,

probably five feet square and about two feet off the

floor. There was a chair set up at each end, nice

high-back leather chairs, each currently occupied,

too, bringing the count of men up to six.

All of them, Tina saw, were smoking cigars. Some were

nursing glasses of liquor, all were watching them.

Lucy led the two toward the table. On the way she

whispered, "Remember, they *love* you... You're in

charge now, not them!"

Tina nodded but couldn't say anything. She was getting

anxious again, and found herself gripping Lucy's hand

tightly as they continued toward the table.

"Whoo-eee!" said one of the six men, a Texas twang in

his voice. "Look at this, now!"

Tina blushed. The men were all richly dressed in nice

suits, and two of them wore cowboy hats, too. Those

two were the oldest: probably in their early 60's. The

other four were younger, maybe in their late 30's, and

wore more contemporary suits. But they were all

grinning at Tina and Lucy, dressed in such slutty

costumes, and silence filled the room as the Cowgirl

and Indian neared the table.

"Our li'l Injun," said one of the men wearing a cowboy

hat. "Lookin about tasty enough to eat, I reckon!"

Lucy didn't respond, but Tina saw her wink at the man.

She then led Tina onto the coffee table. Tina felt her

whole body begin to tremble, and she was reminded of a

time back in the 7th grade when she'd been in a school

play. She was experiencing a similar form of stage

fright now: all the men were staring at her. Judging

her. She nearly tripped as she stepped up onto the

"stage", her high-heeled boots still causing her


Was Razor watching right now from the monitor room,

she wondered? How would he react if she messed this

up? She swallowed slowly and resolved not to let that

happen. She did, after all, owe him. For several


"Okay," Lucy said to the men once the two were

standing on the stage/table, right in the middle. Tina

felt as if she were on an auction block or something,

the way the men watched her.

"You guys ready?" Lucy asked innocently.

She knew them, and they knew her, Tina realized. She'd

done this before, or something like it, with these

guys. That was reassuring somehow.

"Boy, are we, li'l lady!" said one of the men wearing

a hat. The others nodded and agreed, loudly.

Tina found herself biting her lower lip. Her stomach

was full of butterflies and she had to force herself

to breath. This was much worse than that play! They

were judging her body, now, maybe thinking ahead to

what it would look like naked, what she may do to


But, she realized, she wasn't afraid, exactly. She was

just embarrassed, which was a whole lot different.

This realization gave her strength, and the teenager

found her smile grow more genuine as a result.

The eldest of the men, with a bushy moustache, then

said, "Tell me, li'l one, what's yer name?"

Tina managed to turn her smile into a sly one. She

answered, "Why, I'm Sheriff Tina, sir! What's yours?"

The man chuckled, as did the others. Tina blushed.

"Well, gosh-darn!" the man laughed, slapping his knee.

"Sheriff Tina! I bet you're all of fifteen years old...

Dang perfect!"

Tina continued to smile. She crossed her ankles and

looked down at her boots, feigning a shyness she no

longer really felt. "I's sixteen, sir," she said,

remembering to play her part. Cheesy accent and all.

"Whatever, darlin'! All I kin say is that Razor sure

knows how to pick 'em!

"But come on, now! Let's get it goin'!"

Tina knew that was her cue. It was time to begin. And

she was as ready as she'd ever be.

"Gentlemen," she began, a little too loudly. She

caught herself, and heard a couple of the men chuckle.

She glanced anxiously over at Lucy, who was playing

her part perfectly: standing tall, jutting out her

breasts. The perfectly proud, slutty Indian.

Tina started over.

"Gentlemen! I've done caught this here redskin on the

prairie, trying to, well..."

Tina paused. She forgot her line!

"What were you doin', Savage!" called one of the men

to Lucy.

Tina breathed out in relief when Lucy began to speak.

"I hunt land of ancestors. I done no crime."

She winked at Tina.

Tina smiled. "She did more than just a'huntin'!" she

declared, her confidence growing. "This local savage-

slut done try to steal cattle from good workin' boys

on the rail! An' then she gone 'round flashing her

heathen titties, tempting the good Christian men!"

The audience, enjoying this little show, booed Lucy at

this point. Tina felt a rush of adrenaline: she was

doing it!

She turned to Lucy, who was hanging her head in

feigned shame. "She will dance for us now!" Tina

declared. "As a test! If she does t'well, she may yet

escape the noose for her crimes... but if she goes

tryin' to escape, she'll meet the rope for sure!"

The men clapped and hollered.

Tina stepped off the stage. She felt energized, alive!

Still, she was a little relieved to be done, for now.

She'd done her little role well, the men had accepted

it. Now she could just relax a moment as Lucy did her


Immediately she felt hands on her waist, though, and

she was pulled roughly backward into the lap of one of

the Oilmen, the same she'd been bantering with a few

moments before, with the bushy moustache.

"Why donch'ya have a seat, li'l sheriff?" the man


Tina managed to keep smiling. She remembered what Lucy

had said: When in doubt, smile and obey. She said,

"Sure thing, sir!"

Suddenly, Lucy was dancing. There was no music, no

real style, yet Tina couldn't help but be entranced

just the same as she watched from the old man's lap.

The Asian Beauty knew how to use her body, how to

swing her hips enticingly, how to thrust out her ample

chest at just the right moments.

Meanwhile, the elder Texan whose lap she sat upon was

whispering in Tina's ear, "You sure are a sexy young

thing, darlin', and that's the truth..."

Tina didn't respond. The man's arms were around her

small body, engulfing her, his hands lying gently on

her thighs. It felt... sensual. And Tina relaxed back

into him.

As Lucy's seductive dance continued, Tina felt the

Texan's hard-on grow against her young butt. She

wiggled it instinctively, knowing what he wanted. She

glanced over and saw the man sharing their couch

leaning forward, chomping on his cigar and watching

Lucy, a hard-on also now straining against his pants.

All of the men were watching the slutty Indian dance.

Except, maybe, for one.

"Okay, li'l sheriff," the elder Oilman whispered, "I

think your 'captive' needs a good lesson."

At first, Tina didn't know what he meant. Then she

remembered what Lucy had told her before, and she

slowly slid off of the man's lap, feeling his hard-on

drag against her butt as she did.

All eyes were suddenly on her. Hands trembling

slightly, Tina gripped her fake guns, pulled them out

of their holsters, and pointed them at Lucy.

"Okay!" she called, trying to get in character again.

"Enough, now, ya dang Injun'!"

Lucy stopped dancing. Beads of sweat were dripping

down her pretty Asian face, and she had just a hint of

a smile there. Her hair was disheveled from the

dancing, but the headband and feather still rested

perfectly atop her head.

"You want other?" Lucy asked, voice breathless, still

trying to sound like an Indian from one of those old

black-and-white Westerns.

Tina kept the fake guns pointed at her 'captive' as

she crept back atop the table. She found herself

grinning slightly, from embarrassment but also from

excitement. This was so surreal!

"Yes," she said. "Get on your knees!"

Slowly, the slutty Indian obeyed.

Whoops of encouragement came from the Texans, puffs of

cigar-smoke issuing out of their mouths in the


This was the moment of truth. For a brief moment Tina

felt awash in fear and humiliation again, but she

quickly steeled herself against it: this had to be

done. And it was nothing. It was a game! A little

show. Nothing more.

"Pull... I mean, pull down my pants, Injun'!" Tina

ordered, voice soft yet maintaining an edge of

eagerness. She was staring down at Lucy, who was

looking up at her.

Lucy began by unzipping Tina's shorts. The men's

voices were loud with encouragement, now, but all Tina

could focus on was the sight and sensation of Lucy's

delicate Asian fingers pulling down on her zipper.

Then she watched as Lucy continued by unbuttoning her

shorts. She felt goose bumps form on the skin of her

pale, teenage legs.

Don't do that, she thought desperately. Stay in

character, don't get carried away...

Finally, the delicate hands of Lucy the Indian rested

lightly on Tina's hips, under her fake gun-belt. They

pulled downward.

And then the shorts were gently tugged down Tina's


She wasn't wearing any panties: they hadn't been part

of the costume. Tina was suddenly naked from the waist

down, and the men, strangers all, were getting a good

look at her naked teenage ass and pussy. Lucy was down

there, too, inches away from her lightly fuzzed cunt,

a slight smile still on her lips.

Tina's hands were trembling uncontrollably. Her heart

was racing. Yet she still managed to step out of her

shorts, kick them away without losing her balance, and

keep her fake guns pointed at Lucy's head.

"Lick me," the teenager hissed.

She'd had to say it, but was surprised that she had.

"Yeah, whoo-eee! Go on, you stinkin' Injun! Lick that

cunt!" yelled one of the Texans.

"Make her eat you, Cowgirl!" yelled another.

All their calls were mixed together. All the men were

leaning forward, a couple chomping on cigars, a couple

sipping on glasses of whisky. All of them with eyes

intent upon the scene before them.

The slutty Indian then placed her hands lightly on

Tina's hips, sending a chill up the Cowgirl's young

body. She felt her knees begin to wobble as Lucy's

head pressed forward and her tongue slide out from

between her lips...

And just as it occurred to her that this was actually

going to happen, the confused teenager yelped, "OH!"

when contact was actually made.

Lucy knew what she was doing, and the men could see

that, and Tina knew it. But Tina didn't even care

about those men anymore, or that this was a woman's

tongue on the folds of her vagina. If she cared she'd

be miserable. She was tired of being miserable.

All she could think about was the rush of sexual

energy throughout her body!

Lucy continued to lick her there, down slightly, then

all the way up again. Tina shuddered at the intense

pleasure of the woman's tongue parting the lips of her

labia: forcing it apart, up, then down again. Tina's

knees were shaking violently, and she clumsily placed

her feet farther apart to give her partner better

access. Her toy guns were no longer placed at the

Indian's head: they now rested on Lucy's shoulders,

just to keep balance.

"Call me names!" Lucy suddenly whispered from between

her legs, between licks at the girl's young cunt.

Tina barely heard her but immediately complied,

remembering her role suddenly. "Go on," she panted.

"Asian-uh, Indian-oh! In-injun-slut! Make me cum-oh!"

The men laughed at her attempts to sound demanding.

She was no longer very convincing as a dominant

Cowgirl, but they didn't care. Tina glanced around to

her left and right to make sure they weren't angry,

and found them in awe instead.

This gave her even more confidence. Tina let the guns

drop from her hands and she gripped Lucy's shoulders

tightly. She didn't care where it came from, but

relished the sensation of a tongue expertly sliding

from her clit, to her slit, to her hole. Again and


And again. And again.

She could cum right now, she knew. But instead, she

was suddenly pulled down to the table.

Before she could respond she felt one of the fake guns

pressed against her head, right against her cheesy

cowboy hat.

"Like this?" Lucy asked, in character.

Tina just shook her head in confusion. This hadn't

been part of the plan! Lucy was improvising. Tina

squirmed beneath the bigger woman until she felt

Lucy's hand between her legs.

"Or this?" she was asking.

"Uh, wh-what?" Tina stammered, not knowing what to


Suddenly Lucy's lips were pressing against hers.

Tina's body froze: froze completely and utterly. She

felt her heart stop. She heard the men's applause fade

away. She felt herself disappear...

And then she felt Lucy's tongue press into her mouth,

and Tina came to life again. She didn't care at all

anymore what was going on! She had to enjoy this

moment. It felt so good, it was so dominating! Her

pussy felt electrified, her titties felt so charged,

everything else was but a blur of detail, surely not


The Oilmen, all six of them, were now standing around

the table looking down on the Slutty Indian making out

with the half-naked Cowgirl. Tina felt their eyes,

heard their voices, but was only concerned with Lucy's

finger pressing against her moist hole. Her body

surged at the intrusion, but unlike her experience

with Carol earlier, she didn't mind that she was

enjoying it.

She focused on that, and the tongue in her mouth. Her

hands were meanwhile sliding up and down Lucy's sexily

full body too, begging for more. Her head was spinning

with carnal, nasty desires, desires which would have

made her feel disgusted just hours before.

When Lucy managed to pull Tina's blue-denim top up and

off, Tina didn't care. Her small breasts didn't

embarrass her since they seemed to please the men, who

whooped in appreciation. And being free, her tits felt

soft and natural and sexy as hell!

She continued to kiss with Lucy, the Indian, eagerly

and fully as the Asian's finger slid inside her with

little fanfare. Tina wasn't sure which was more

exquisite: the soft lips, the wet tongue; or the soft

finger, in her wet pussy.

Then, as her orgasm was building to incredible

heights, she felt Lucy pulled off of her.

Her eyes widened and she saw all the men staring down,

Lucy's limp body in one of the men's arms.

"Say, Cowgirl," said the eldest one, the same one

she'd been sitting on a few minutes before, "you don't

seem to have tamed this here savage!"

"More like she's tamed you!" smiled another of the


Tina gulped. Her young eyes were wide with longing,

her small chest was heaving. She didn't know what to


"I think it's about time I showed you how the West was

really won!" grinned the eldest man.

Tina began to lean upward from her lying state, just

as the 60-something Oilman crawled up onto the table

and pressed his hefty form over the small girl.

"Oh, God!" Tina cried in surprise.

"Shh, girl, just relax, now," the man said.

Tina adjusted her body, which was only clothed now

with the belt and the hat and the boots. She spread

her legs wide and stared over toward the couch where

Lucy had been brought. Two of the other Texans were

leaning over her.

"I gotta," began the man, his voice strained, "show

ya, honey!"

Tina hadn't heard his zipper come down. She hadn't

realized his cock was out, and aimed at her tender

young pussy-hole. She was oblivious to all this,

because she was so preoccupied with the eyes staring

down at her and the fate of Lucy.

But that changed the second the eldest Texan's cock

began to press against her slick young cunt.

"Oh, JESUS!" she cried out in shock.

The three men still standing over her laughed. Their

boss, their leader, who was beginning to press into

the teenage-Cowgirl, merely grunted.

"That's, uh," he panted, "'Oh, Mr. Blackwell',


Tina squirmed upon the table as the fully clothed man,

old enough to be her grandfather, continued to press

his cock into her wet cunt. She had no idea how big or

thick it was: it felt huge!

"Oh, fuck, FUCK!" she cried obscenely.

And now Tina's immature brain no longer cared about

Lucy, either. Or anything. It was fixated only on Mr.

Blackwell and his hard penis, which was sliding down

and into her tight teenage pussy.

Tina threw her head upward, causing her cowboy hat to

fall off, as she draped her arms around this man's

heaving, bulky frame. His gut was pressing against her

flat belly, his hands were flat against the table, as

he forced his dick inside her teenagedly-tightened


Tina cringed and cooed and salivated at the myriad of

sensations that engulfed her. She was ready to cum

now, finally, ready to explode a night's worth of

sexual build-up!

Instead she jerked. She shuddered. She spasmed

underneath him, and wrapped her legs around him, and

mewed at the top of her lungs. The orgasm wasn't

centralized: it was all over. All over her mind, her

tits, her pussy: everything! She came hard, jerkily,


Yet it felt incomplete. It'd been so decentralized, so

all-over. She still felt it, tingling around her, but

she felt like she could come again, maybe better, in

any second.

The orgasm had made her body relaxed somewhat though,

and she realized that she was being fucked. Hard.

Really hard!

Mr. Blackwell's cock was pounding itself in and out of

her tight box, over and over again. Tina gulped and

stared, eyes watery, at his reddened face straining

above her. She felt his slippery dick sliding over her

clitty with every thrust, and whimpered breathlessly

as it did.

And then: "Come on, Cowgirl!" he was muttering. Tina

gasped and tried to catch her breath as he said, "Here

it comes!"

She felt his cock spurt out its seed right into her. A

moment later he was breathing heavily, no longer

fucking her, only trying to catch his breath. He

slowly collapsed upon her, squashing her small frame

beneath his elder, fatty bulk.

When he pulled himself up Tina gasped loudly to catch

her breath, the feeling of Good Sex emanating

throughout her mostly naked body. She laid there for a

moment, reveling in the aftermath of such a good yet

confusing cum. And then curiosity sunk in and Tina

turned her head and looked over toward Lucy.

The Asian Goddess was getting fucked in the pussy. And

in the mouth. Two guys at once! And she looked damn

fine doing it, too, if such thing were possible. Tina

tried to sort out all these sensations but was

incapable of doing so, for a part of her kept saying,

"Dirty! Dirty! Wrong!"

But another, more carnal part, remained adamant: "This

is good! This is fine!"

She slowly pulled herself upward, and slid toward the

edge of the table. She felt a trickle of gooey cum

leak from her vagina. Once at the table's edge,

though, she looked at Mr. Blackwell, who had taken a

seat on his couch once again.

Before she could say anything he said, "Take the rest

off, cowgirl."

He was lighting a cigar.

Tina complied dazedly, as if in a dream. She threw the

hat, which had been hanging around her neck, away. She

unlaced her boots and kicked them off, too, then began

to take off her belt, when she was stopped.

"That's alright," Blackwell grinned. "You look damned

sexy, just like that!"

Tina blushed. She was only wearing the belt, now.

She sat at the edge of the table, the sounds of

fucking and sucking coming from behind her as Lucy

serviced two men. Tina wanted a cigarette. And, maybe,

a shower. She felt spent, but pent-up. Her body had

that freshly-fucked feeling to it, that demanded rest

but needed more!

"Here," said one of the men who was still with her.

Tina looked over, half expecting a cigarette. Instead,

it was a cock.

She looked at Mr. Blackwell, feeling resistant

suddenly. But the older man just nodded.

Tina sighed. Remembering where she was and why she was

there, she managed to smile. Then she turned toward

the dick, which was average in size, and gripped it

lightly in her hand.

Just as she did she felt her other hand pulled

forcibly to her right. It was placed on another cock,

from another Texan.

Two hands, two dicks, Tina thought.

I can do this! she told herself. Almost done, now. Not

much further to go.

She began jerking them off simultaneously. At first it

went well: both penises swelled in her young hands,

and it was good. She remembered with a thrill the last

time she'd jerked off two guys at once, only days

before! But then the fourth man stood before her.

She stared at him. He reached out and gripped her


She groaned with desire at his touch: he was a strong,

younger man in his 30's, reaching down to her small

body and gripping her breasts as if they were his. But

he was also pressing her backwards, forcing her to

lean back onto the table.

She managed to continue jerking off the two other men,

who moved along with her. She was now on her back,

breasts being mauled by the man above her, a dick in

each of her small girlish hands, jerking wildly,

almost inexpertly.

When the man in front began to press his cock against

her, she was only barely surprised. Somewhere, in the

depths of her horny, perverted young brain, she'd

expected it. She thought of Joey.

His cock wasn't like Joey's. It was bigger, meaner,

rougher. And it pressed against her gooey hole with

little regard to that hole's owner.

Tina squealed. She froze the handjobs, trying to

adjust to the size of the cock fucking its way inside

of her. Her legs splayed away from each other and she

scooted her butt forward, heaving upward her pelvis.

This was going to be a big one! Could it give her the

orgasm she desperately wanted?

Did she even want that orgasm anymore, she wondered?

And then, yet another dick, was pressing against her


"UMPH!" she muttered in surprise, even annoyance.

It was one of the two guys who had been with Lucy, she

realized. Now he was with her, and she was forced to

open her mouth and take his cock in.

It would have been so easy to lay their, like a little

rag-doll, and let them just use her like this. She

even considered doing that. There was only one


Her body wouldn't let her! It was charged up,

confused, starved, nasty. Her mind quickly became

carnal again, too. So she began jerking the two guys

to her left and right with feeling again. She felt so

depraved, so completely sluttish! Dick in each hand,

dick in her pussy, dick in her mouth.

And then, tongue on her tits. She gasped and opened

her eyes widely, and saw Lucy there, her face buried

into her small pieces of tit-flesh.

They were all fucking her! Was this what it had really

been about? Getting her into this? Making her so horny

she didn't care? Her body flayed around on the table-

top as she stared, with her large, wide eyes, into

Lucy's, whose tongue was expertly flicking at her


The dick in her mouth was no problem. Tina knew how to

give a blowjob, and instincts took over. The dick in

her left hand? He seemed to be ready to cum any

moment. He was no problem.

But the cock in her right hand? Angry. Mean, and

angry, and unrelenting. Several times the man gripped

her young wrist and secured it in place, almost

showing her how to do it. It was annoying.

As for the dick in her pussy, well, Tina felt

stretched and stuffed. It was large. Had he fucked

like Razor, she would have cum several times by now,

she was certain. But he was sort of lazy: just the old

in-out, in-out. Boring, but brutal and uncaring.

Her legs flailed about. She started when Lucy bit

lightly into her nipple, and sucked harder on the cock

in her mouth in reply.

Then, the guy whose cock was in her left hand suddenly

came unto Tina's face. She continued jerking

involuntarily on the other dick, then sputtered and

blinked as the degradation set in. Gobs of cum on her

lovely, young face. She felt embarrassed somehow!

Without warning, cum filled her pussy, too. She felt

fuller, dirtier than she'd thought she would. She

grunted around the dick in her small mouth as she took

the semen of a stranger up inside.

Lucy's hand came down to her cum-filled, now dickless

pussy and, without any fanfare, began to finger the

teenage girl with abandon. The finger drew long

strands of sticky sperm with each withdraw from the

teenager's poor cunt.

"Tina," she heard the hand-job man to her right moan.

Then his cum spurted onto her forehead, into her hair,

and dribbled over her still jerking fist.

Finally her hands were free. She used them to grip

Lucy's head, massage it. She could feel the cum in her

hands wash into Lucy's lovely black hair.

"Okay, cowgirl!"

Tina gasped in surprise as the man whose dick was in

her mouth began to spurt cum down her throat. It

wasn't that bad, actually. It was just sudden, she

told herself.

Then Lucy stopped, too.

Tina laid there. Naked, mostly, save for her cowgirl-

belt. Her breasts were heaving, her limbs spasming

slightly. She stared up at the ceiling.

"God damn," she heard Mr. Blackwell say, his accent

thick as ever. "You sure was a good girl tonight!"

Tina didn't smile, nor did she frown. She just stared

at the ceiling. The feeling of cum inside her, and on

top of her. She'd just been so utterly fucked. Yet all

she could think about was that Lucy had stopped, too,

and was gone.

"Cowgirl brought low," said one of the men,


"Shuddup!" said Mr. Blackwell. "She done fine. Done

jus' fine!"

Tina wasn't listening. She was staring upward still,

as her body trembled in the aftermath of a vicious

fuck-and-suck cycle. She thought of little Joey.

She thought of school. And longed for Lucy's touch.

A female voice asked, "Anyone ready for seconds?"

"Sure are!" said four of the six men at once.

Tina grinned stupidly. She'd heard that. But who was

that female? Was that Lucy?

When they pulled her exhausted body off the table,

Tina knew what was expected. She allowed herself to be

placed on all fours, and readied her small, 16-year-

old body for the cocks again.

None of it mattered. Part of her wanted it, part of

her wanted something else, part of her wanted just to

sleep. But she was getting used to not getting what

she wanted.

And soon, the six big Oil Men were ready to violate

her young body once more. It made Tina feel wanted,

the teenager realized in the back of her crazed,

exhausted young mind.

She was doing a good job.




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