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President of Taylor Incorporated , Elle Moore, was introducing the candidates to the chairwoman of the board, Bella. She was using first names only.

"One at a time ladies. This is one of our vice presidents, Eda."

A six foot one inch ash-blond came into the executive conference room. In her early forties she still had the striking beauty of her youth only enhanced by maturity. A full bodied woman with hazel eyes , and a regal figure.

"Vice president of our engineering division, Gail".

A five four petite woman came in. In her mid thirties she had a slim waist and athletic build. She still had the great legs of a former semi-professional ballet dancer.A light brunette ,hair shaded more towards red. She took her seat glancing at Elle with her pale blue eyes.

"This is a senior engineer in our engineering division, Dana."

She was a slim tall five foot ten, her dark brown hair to her shoulders. China blue eyes set in an angular face. She sat down and crossed slim athletic legs.

"Senior attorney in our law division, Grace."

Dark brown eyes ,long coal black hair, a consummate Latin beauty with olive skin. In her mid twenties she too had an athletic figure though unlike the other three women,with their perfectly proportioned breasts, her bust was generous.

The four women looked superb in their chic business suits. Just the right amount of makeup. Sophisticated, well educated sharp career executives. Elle began. "I think you all know chairwoman Bella. As you ladies know you are here today to take advantage of you achievements. To make a quantum leap in management. The founder of this firm , Hattie Taylor, wished to honor those who had given good service to the company by rewarding them with a chance to attain their next carrier step quickly. However she was a strange women and the process is unusual."

She glanced around the table, " you have shown yourselves to be ruthless without bound in the attainment of your position and you actions of the last year have shown how far you would go to attain more power in the company." Speaking to Bella she explained," Eda conceived a plan to eliminate one of our competitors , with the help or Gail and Dana they engineered a disastrous chemical spill that cost the lives of ten thousand people, then through clever legal maneuvering broke the financial back of this competitor, even got some the claims money for us."

Turning her lined face towards the ladies Bella addressed them,"yes and now each of you will have a chance to advance. Eda to President of the Board , Gail to Executive Vice President and Grace and Dana to Presidents of your respective divisions. However since the terms of the ordeal you are about to undertake are so unusual , and will undoubted cost the life of at least one of you if not all, I must ask if you have read the terms of the agreement and the detailed statement of each of your tasks that have been written up for you."

She looked at each of the women in turn , getting agreement from each. Inwardly she knew each thought that what was about to happen was crazy. She had to admire their avarice, what they were about to undertake was crude and probably not to the liking of such refined women.

"Good, what you have done for the company to now you have done with you brains, but now it will take athletic ability and intellect to proceed, it is quite dangerous , so good luck."

Ellie said, "If that is your agreement then go to your rooms and change into the clothes provided and meet us in the testing chamber in the basement in one hour."

When they met again they were in a modest sized auditorium. There was a stage divided into three sections. In the middle was a large transparent tank of water. To the right a strange cage with an terraced incline, on each of the terraces something dark moved. To the left was a simple set of three ropes , two longer ones attached to a winch system in the ceiling , and the third was a noose. In front of the stage was a circle of six hooded nude men in chairs with their hands tied behind their backs.

Ellie spoke. “Each of you know in detail what your ordeal will be but here we have brought all together for the first time. Eda who is striving for the most, though each of you will have your own task you will help her by providing sexual stimulation for the men."

Continuing "Eda 's task will be to give a fellatio to six men in one hour, she must bring each to climax with flowing semen. If not, she will receive a lethal electric shock exactly one hour after starting."Now ladies take you places."

While the women got onto the stage the eager guys in the audience watched. Grace took here position first. She was now dressed in a white full white peasant skirt with fringe and inlaid leather high heel boots. She wore a low cut white blouse buttoned up the front. the tops of her substantial mahogany breasts showing. The skirt was cinched with a silver and turquoise belt. She wore her hair loose at her shoulders , flat silver earrings showed through coal black hair. She took her position by the ropes. A muscular male attendant came forward one placed the ropes about her booted ankles and the noose about her long neck. She reached over her head with both hands and grasped the rope. As the rope was drawn taught she kept the rope from chocking her by drawing up her body weight with her arms. She was confident she could endure for an hour.

Meanwhile Gail was being placed in the cage with the snakes. She was dressed as a in light blue formal ballroom dress with plunging neckline. She wore her hair up pinned into place with a silver clasp. The full skirt of the dress descended to just above her ankles and a pair of satin open toed formal high heels. A simple set of pearls around her neck was elegant above the tops of her creamy fair-skinned breasts. Her arms attired in long light blue evening gloves. She looked with discomfort from the top of the first incline. Before her lay about eight feet of steep roughened carpeted slope ending on a flat terrace which was solid with snakes. They were vicious aggressive poisonous elapide like Black Mambas, Kraits, Taipans and Cobras. They were held to the terrace by a six inch high finely barbed fence across the edge of the flat landing. Beyond this was another terrace which ended at floor level with another expanse of snakes to be crossed before reaching a door which would be unlocked for a hour. Gail knew she would have to proceed slowly it would be disaster to lose balance and tumble into a pile of snakes.

Dana was being prepared for water tank. The proud brunette was wearing a thin white turtle neck sweater, she was braless and the nipples of her firm young breasts pushed lasciviously against the thin material. She wore a full black and white checkered cotton skirt cinched at the waist with a wide dark leather belt and a smart pair of black high heeled pumps which had small straps that encircled her ankles and buckled. Her hair was drawn back in pony tail and held with a white scarf. She sported a pair of white button earrings.

She had been handcuffed with her arms over her head and now the attendant was fastening a releasable clamp into the manacles on her wrists. The attached rope ran up to the ceiling to a winch and was now being powered up. She was being lifted slowly from the floor. Dana was thinking about the ankle straps on the shoes. Since her task was to tread water for an hour while being handcuffed her was hoping that she would be able to kick off the shoes. She could not do that now.

While the other three women were being prepared Eda was allowed to get a bit of a head start in enticing the men. She was still wearing her two piece tan business suit with the smart ruffled blouse and matching tan bow tie. She sat on the edge of the stage in front of the men. She slowly lifted her left leg and rested the long high heel of her brown pump on the edge of the stage. This caused the hem of her skirt to slowly rise above her knee. She teased the men with a view up her long tan stockinged legs. They could see past the gartered stocking top to a pair of peach colored panties. The eyes of the men were on her she was getting some interest from them. By scooting back and them forward the material of her skirt and brown lace trimmed slip bunched above a pair of smooth ample thighs , the straps of her garters impressed into the skin. The straps disappeared beneath the thin panties. She was able to get the skirt and slip finally above top of her panties were the top of the brown satin garter belt showed. The men exhibited interest. She noticed from Ellie that it was about time to start. She stood up and slowly slid out skirt and slip.

Carefully rolled the thin panties down and off of her long nylon clad legs and kicked them off her shoes. She removed her brown jacket , blouse and tie. She was wearing a beige merry widow waist cincher. Stretching her arms over her head she was able to tease her breasts out of the bra cups the pink nipples stood stiff in the cool air. She was wearing now only her corset ,gartered tan hosiery, light brown high heels ,a gold chain necklace and matching gold chain bracelet.

Pretty hot stuff for such a cultured lady, Elle thought to herself, she was sure Eda felt some discomfiture , but she was a covetous lady too. As a male attendant handcuffed Eda,Elle said, "You will , as you know, only be able to use your mouth to bring these men to climax and try not to electrocute one if you time runs out."

Eda did not look amused. The attendant came forward with two long wires and attached alligator clips to the hardened nipples. She winched briefly in pain. Crude but effective she thought. She put it out her mind and bent towards the crotch of the first man. Elle added,"there are medical attendants, those alive at the end of an hour but in need will be helped. Now we may began."

Dana had been hoisted to above the surface of the water in the ten foot deep water tank. As she was now being lowered the high heels of black pumps pierced the surface of the water. The full cotton skirt and a lace trimmed petticoat spread out on the water on the water like a lily pad. She gradually went down giving a slow sensual revelation of her legs. Nicely turned ankles, slim calves, refined knees , trim but full thighs, the tops of tightly gartered grey tone stockings, white garter straps against fair skin vanishing under a pair of dip-front white cotton bikinis which now became translucent in the water revealing the rest of the garter belt beneath the panties and a triangle of curly brunette pubic hair. She was released from hoist cable, she dipped under the water for a second but came up strongly treading water.

Dana was embarrassed. She had never shown off her legs to men this was before. And the men were appreciating her. From the bottom of her high heels to top of her white garter belt she was a beautiful picture of well muscled slim legs and lingerie. The soft action of the water seemed to mold her skin and enhance the beauty of her legs

Meanwhile the ropes had become taught and Grace's booted feet came off the floor. Now she had to put some muscle into keeping the rope from choking her. She felt confident she could support her weight this was while the angle of her legs increased. Her legs were also drawn apart at about a forty five degree angle and she had to fight against a tendency to twist on the ropes.

Gail had decided the only way to negotiate the first incline was feet first. She figured she would deal with the terrace full of snakes when she got there. She sat down and began scooting down the steep incline her gloved hands overhead, flat, to ease the way down. This caused her some chagrin too because now the friction between the carpeting on the incline caused her skirt and frothy slip to retreat up her legs. She could see some of the men ogling the well rounded musculature of a dancers limbs enhanced by blue tone nylons. She was half way down the incline before skirts were completely bunched above tightly gartered hosiery, sublime thighs and tight powder blue half briefs with a blue grater belt visible through the material.

Eda knew the men were aware that these cosmopolitan ladies they watched had never displayed their charms this way before. She was having an easy time with the first guy. Her tongue laved the underside of his cock. She twisted her head rotating her lips around the top of the organ, she could feel stiffness increasing. She did not have a lot of experience in this but she was a smart lady and could figure out how to arouse a man.

She drove down on the guys dick impelling it to back of her throat. Her chin lightly touching his balls. She could feel the quaver of his excitement the hot love fluid was rising. Arching his groin he came,the thick juice coursing to back of her throat. She suppressed a retch and let the fluid flow from the corners of her mouth to show her success. She milked him to the last squirt and pulled back and looked at the wall clock. Six minutes, not bad but she would liked to have gone faster.

Dana floated with ease, her abashment about her exposed legs and undies was less now. She even took some amusement in the leg-show for the men. She knew that she had great legs and as she slowly rotated in the water she showed off their well curved musculature enhanced by sheen of the wet nylons. She noticed the coolness of the water on her body. Colder than she would have liked. She could feel a slight amount of numbness creeping on her feet.

Soon she felt she would have to tread more vigorously water to improve circulation. She did not like this for she was hoping to float to conserve energy. Now the hem of the skirt became heavier with water and floated down. Since this confined her motion in the water she wished she could rid herself of the skirt. She did this by neatly catching a high heel in the hem of the skirt and petticoats. Shoving downwards the two garments tore form her waist and floated free. She looked even prettier in her wet turtleneck and hosiery.

Gail had reached the plane of the first tier. She had let her high heels down careful to the flat surface. She was still flat on her back on the incline. The bunched up skirt and petticoats made it hard for her to see were she was putting her feet. She felt terribly exposed putting her bared legs that near to dangerous snakes. Her strategy was now to stand and walk to edge of this tier as gingerly as possible.

She was able to arc her back and stand up. The full skirt of the evening dress discreetly covering her legs again. She picked her way though a writhing mass of elapide. A skillful lass,she did not disturb a one of them. Reaching the other edge were she needed to start down the continued incline, she encountered a problem. The small spiney fence that keep the first tier of snakes confined now made sitting down on the incline surface difficult.She made it with effort. However the hem of her long skirt and petticoats became entangled in the wire. She was caught only three quarters over the edge of the terrace the material of her dress ensnared back underneath her. Her head almost resting on the small wire fence. She made no notice this time of the total exposure of legs and lingerie. The bundle of caught skirts almost at her arm pits was hindering any progress.

Craning her neck she reached back to work with the snagged material. Digging in her heels and arcing her back she was able to tear part of petticoat off. In the process she caused her high peaked breasts to lurch from under the top the dress. Pink aureoles and stiff red nipples gradually escaped the distressed neckline. The material caught taught beneath her breasts leaving the exquisite mounds fully uncovered. Gail could feel something on her arms.

Struggling, she had not noticed a large Taipan had decided to use her as an avenue of escape from the terrace. She at once lay still. The snake slithered over her head and down her body. Down her outstretched left leg. It looked as if it was going to exit down the slope but it seemed to change its mind and reversed its direction. It coiled underneath her leg and advanced upward spiraling around the outstretched limb. She could feel the movement through the fabric of the her hose. Finally the scaled body tracing along the flesh of her inner thigh. The head rose up above her crotch. She stared at it , she had been cool up to now but her body stiffened at the sight of the venomous head. The Taipan sensed this and became alert. Then triggered by an unintentional twitch in Gail's leg, it struck. It sent fangs though the thin fabric of blue panties into her mound of Venus and pumped its poison. Gail arched her back and twisted involuntarily. The snake disengaged and tumbled down the slope.

Eda was working on man number three while Gail was undergoing her difficulty with the snake. The sight of the reptile entwining about her attractive leg seem to excite him. Eda was just scraping the tip of his stiff member with her teeth and tongue as the snake struck it venomous blow at the juncture of Gail legs. The guy sighed and let out heated cum, it splashed off her front teeth.

Eda glanced at the clock , thirty minutes , she thought. Three more to go . She was a little disappointed she had not gone faster. The clips on the tips of breasts caused a numb pain that now annoyed her.

The cold water in the tank had finally motivated Dana to tread water. She slowly scissored her shapely legs. It was a bit difficult , the high heels hampered and the full-fashioned hose was not help in keeping her limbs warm.

At thirty five minutes Grace was holding out well. The continuing increase in the incline of her legs was now past horizontal and increasing. It was her turn for discomfiture,for the lace trimmed skirt hem retreated gradually over her well-proportioned legs reveling bone white stockings against tan skin. When the angle became large enough the white skirt and wide cotton slip gathered at her waist. A pink garter belt with dainty bow trim held up the tops of the white nylons. Over these were a cute pair of lace trimmed pink string bikini panties. A hint of raven pubic hair crinkled the fabric.

The strain of the weight of her body accentuated the firm muscles of flat belly and handsome legs. She had supported her weight with her arms for more than thirty minutes now. She now noticed that the flood lights on her were a little hot. Sweat was beginning to stand on her brow. She realized that a little more had been added to the trial. She now began to curse the hot lights.

Gail had regained calm. Her movement caused by the snake bite had torn her free from the small wire fence. Tatters of the bottom of her skirt and petticoat were caught there. She looked down at her pubic area, she could just see four small rips in the fabric, stained slightly with blood and venom. She felt no pain there but she knew she must get to the medical help. She glanced at the clock, nearly thirty minutes had passed.

This incline was longer and steeper. She tried to move more quickly. The bandanna of skirt and petticoat beneath her impeded her. She did not even notice when the friction of the carpet against the seat of her panties caused too much stress on the material. The holes in the fabric made by the snake became rips.

Finally the crotch of the panties tore completely out only the elastic legbands encircling her thighs. The cute blue garter belt framed the curls of her light brown pubic hair. She had a prominent patch which traced lightly up to her belly button. But she was beyond embarrassment at the disclosure of her twat. She was beginning to get sick.

Dana was beginning to suffer the first stages of hypothermia as she was now a little drowsy. The heavy manacles tended to pull her arms down. As she moved her legs to keep up her circulation she noticed something funny. The water had taken the elastic out of her underwear. The elastic in the waistband had decomposed in the water. Another annoyance by the perpetrators of this trial, she thought.

The waist band of the panties drifted down making the underwear inverted, unveiling a triangle of brunette hair bordered by the white garter belt. Drifting downward hesitatingly this made a wispy hindrance constricting her thighs. She tried tearing the material by moving her legs but though light it was tough. Now she did not care about abashment , the material was constricting her movements, so she would have to work them off. The first thing she noticed was excessive salivation and then abdominal pains. It was five minutes past the Taipan bite. Gail's composure was slipping.

She had finally reached the bottom of the second incline and carefully put a foot down on the level surface. She rested, her intent to thread her way on foot through the snakes as before. She was drowsy, she had a feeling of thickened tongue and difficulty in swallowing.

Painfully she got the other foot down but now as she tried to push upright the high heels slipped from under her and she slid off the edge of the incline her bare rump landing on the floor. She sat there one leg with knee up and the other flat. Her legs wide apart. She watched in horror as several snakes shifted over her legs.

She lay with her head back on the incline and her arms with the long gloves outstretched on either side. Her firm perfectly proportioned breasts upthrust. A Mamba curled up between her open thighs. It weaved in front of her face for a moment. A small twitch in her body seemed to irritate it and sprang upwards sinking fangs in her left breast.

Below a small Krait was making passage underneath the strap on her garter belt. As she started at the Mamba strike it drove deadly teeth into graceful inner thigh. At Gail's new thrashings the snakes withdrew in confusion. Her vision was blurring and her respiration was labored. She began to go into convulsions.

Eda had been having a hard time with man number four but now she noticed a quickened stiffness in his prick. She sensed he was watching something. Out of the corner of her eye she could see Gail's death throes. The guy was excited pushing his hard organ to the back her mouth. Come on and die lady she thought.

Gail's movements were completely involuntary now. She rolled in the snakes and they swarmed on her. A Cobra was impailed into a shapely buttock. She pitched her breasts as scaled bodies crossed her flat stomach. A few snakes entwined her graceful stocking clad legs. She raised her hips in spasm after spasm. She sustained bite after bite. Mewling sounds became croaks. Drool leaked from her mouth. For several minutes her nearly nude body thrashed among the snakes. She rolled in the snakes. She came to rest on her back the bottoms of her satin high heels scooting against the floor with last death twitches.

Gail's arms fell back as she died. She lay there legs spread eagled, nipples pointed upwards. The remainder of her skirt and slip up underneath her breasts. Her panties circled her just above her belly button just the tatters attached to the waist band. Her tongue lolled out of her mouth, attractive eyes staring in death.

The surprise on her face ,wide open pale blue eyes, her still beautiful charms framed in tattered dress, her dancers legs and pert breasts displayed in death now excited guy four to loosen his cum in Eda mouth. He convulsed in joyful spasms, squirting down the back of her throat.

Eda moved to the next guy, he he has already hard, the last display had excited him. As her mouth closed over his cock she winched in the pain of her sore neck muscles. She hoped one of the women behind her was about to meet Gail's fate.

She was about to get her wish for Grace was now in trouble. After forty five minutes of feeling strong she was loosing her grip. Gail's thrashings and sounds of dying had unnerved her. The heat of the lamps has causing her to sweat. The blouse was so soaked that it was translucent now her ample breasts almost revealed by the wet material.

Her legs were now almost at forty five degrees from the vertical. Perspiration ran down the white hose and made rivulets on the dusky expanse of her thighs. The bikinis were sodden with sweat. Her hands were wet and the rope was wet.

She lost the hold of left hand. This caused her to twist over face down. The apparatus that held her booted feet up rotated in compensation leaving her still with legs spread but now she faced the floor but with her arms in a more awkward position.

She was able to get hold with her left hand again. Her breasts pushed so hard against the cloth of the ruffled blouse that the top four buttons popped off. The open v-front gradually widened first nutbrown nipples slipped out then both breasts rolled unrestricted out of her blouse.

Her back and shoulders muscles ached unmercifully. She had uncontrollable tremors in her arms. She could feel the noose indolently tighten on her windpipe. She broke long nails trying to keep her grip. She made desperate whimpers. Finally one hand then the next slipped off the rope and she could not get purchase again.

Eda could feel the guys enthusiasm in the stiffness of his prick. She was aware of the something happening to one the the other women but she did not have time to look. She sucked and licked trying to get the man to discharge Like some wanton bird Grace kicked and twisted. Supported only by the ropes on her boots and the knot about her neck. Her face a mask of dread , veins standing out at her temples. Slender stockinged legs lurched and generous breasts surged as she made a weak effort to grasp the rope again.

The rope crushed into her trachea. Her tongue protruded and bloody foam welled from her mouth as she tried to suck precious air. Death spasms rippled in the muscles of her gorgeous slim legs. In a shudder that ran along the body and with a the sound of a death rattle from her throat,she stilled. Her lovely dark brown eyes staring in tortured exhausted amazement.

Watching a beautiful young woman die like that was almost enough for man number four. But the loss body function capped it as urine bubbled from the lady coursing though the fabric to the panties running down her almost inverted body it dripped from the tips of her breasts . His belly tightened and feverish fluid filled Eda's mouth.

Dana had worked the panties down far enough that she could get her left foot out of them. They caught on her right shoe making a dainty flag that moved back and forth with her movements. But the effort tired her and the water now seemed frigid. She was having trouble concentrating.

She blacked out for a second and took a breath of water. This chocked her. This revived her but now she could not keep her head above water. Her attractive face took on a look of desperation. The muscles in her neck were corded. She shook her head from side to side in defiance of her fate. She began thrashing her trim legs she screamed but these quickly became incoherent gurgling sounds. Vivacious breasts thrust against the thin cloth of the wet turtleneck sweater. This went on for about five minutes her movements becoming uncontrolled. As she finally died she still tried to tread water but only death tremors ran along her pretty athletic legs. She began to sink. The hem of the inverted skirt and petticoat floating up to near her chin. Exquisite blue eyes blindly gazing in painful incredulity.

The sixth man was hard as a brick. Eda knew that he was watching Dana's last moments. She smoothed her lips in the sensitive tip of his cock. She felt a thrust of his hips. She moved back sure the guy was about to have a climax. She looked at the clock, good lord five seconds left , she had lost track of time. She looked at the guy pleadingly . A bead of seamen stood at the top of his organ. Come on you bastard lets have it, she thought.

The current was low in amperage but very high in voltage. She was on her knees but now she rocked back on her legs,still upright. The electricity pouring into her breasts made them vibrate in a carnal dance. She writhed in agony as the amperage increased and coursed in her. Jaws clinched. She jerked her head, the semen that streaked her face flew off in droplets. Tiny wisps of smoke curled for the clips on her stiff nipples. She danced on her knees like this for about two minutes. Then the current went off.

Still sitting on her knees she seemed to be trying to take a breath. The gorgeous face was contorted in death. Her hazel eyes open in astonishment at her failure. For a few seconds she waved her breasts from side to side. Then she pitched head down into the man's lap. She rested face down on the guys cock. This was the last stimulus for him. Pleased he had not been shocked and excited by the erotic demises around him he shot a bus-load of cum onto her face. It coursed onto her face in thick creamy streamers, matting her eyelashes. Eda then slid off the man's lap and pitched face first on the floor.

Dana's body had been resting head down at the bottom of the tank , the heavy handcuffs causing her to be inverted. Her pony tail and the drifting panties caught on her right shoe waltzed in unison. Her skirt had drifted up to cover her legs. But now the attendant had gotten a cable loop around her left ankle. Pulling the body from the tank the skirts sweep back reveling the young woman's comely nylon clad legs again. The attendant brought her suspended body down to floor level. Water dripping from the pony tail. Blue eyes transfixed. She was the last to be checked by the medical attendant. He made his report to Elle and Bella. "All four are dead," he said.

"Well , we will have to wait for the next crop before we can retire, Bella."

She nodded to the three attendants. She ,Bella and the medical attendant left the room.

The attendants released the six men and led them from room.

When they came back the one who was attending Grace cut the rope that was around her neck. She swung down upside down the frayed end of the rope brushing the floor. He too was excited by watching a attractive young woman die painfully. He pressed his hands along Grace's sweaty thighs and rolled the waist band of her abbreviated panties back until it made a thin nylon band halfway between the juncture of her legs and her knees. He lowered her just enough so the black thatch of her pussy was right in his face. He got out his hard prick and eased it to her open mouth, his balls bumping on her pretty nose. Her dead brown eyes stared into the guys crotch.

The attendants with Dana saw this and became worked up. He lowered the woman's body to the floor and placed her on her back. The wet skirt and petticoat were wound around her waist. He took off his shorts and squatted over her gorgeous slim legs. He pulled her sweater until it passed upwards revealing pert breasts, pink nipples still hard from the cold. He placed his cock between them pushed the mounds together and moved back and forth.

Grace was being screwed in the face with abandon. The guys face buried in her crotch, his hands between her garters kneading buttocks. He came in great thrusting convulsions. His cream filled her dead mouth. When he pulled back the thick juice ran over her upper lip into her nose, over her staring eyes dripping off the long strands of black hair.

The guy with Dana kept himself excited by looking at her beautiful dead face, comely blue eyes transfixed. The top of his hard dick bumped against the bottom of her chin. When he finally hit his climax his cum leapt from him it a thick strand that landed diagonally across Dana's patrician face. Pearly fluid accumulated in the hollow of her throat.

They placed cable loops on a foot of each of the ladies and hoisted them up. The cables were affixed to tracks in the ceiling. The four women were yet not rigid with rigor mortus yet. In their disheveled clothes, breasts bouncing indecently and the glint harsh light on sheer hosiery, they made an obscene procession as they were conveyed out of the room. That night the attendants had fun teasing the crocodiles in their pit with the bodies of tasty career ladies.


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