Watching from the wardrobe. by nicky_b

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Fantasy | Bi-sexual, Blowjob, Cheating, Consensual Sex, Erotica, Voyeurism

Eurotica 3

Jane walked through her front door and slammed her case down in a huff.

Her flight had been set back two days and she wasn’t sitting in an airport shopping mall for all that time.

‘Bastards!’ she hissed. This would cause problems at the office but that wasn’t her fault. Who wants to stare at perfume that smells like donkey piss for forty-eight hours?

She struggled upstairs with her case, placed it in the spare room and decided to get a shower. It was still morning so her husband Robert wouldn’t be back for hours.

It would be a nice surprise for him.

The bedroom seemed empty at this time of the day, she started to undress and went and stood in front of the large bedroom mirror.

She watched closely as her clothes slowly slid from her voluptuous body.

Soon she was standing there naked.

She placed her hands on her hips and slowly began to slide them upwards: over her belly, around to the small of her back and over her breasts. Jane’s nipples began to swell and protrude, her breath deepened and eyes closed as she squeezed them.

There was a tingle in her pussy. She was feeling so horny!

She heard the front door slam shut downstairs; her husband was home.

This would give him a nice surprise - a seduction!

It suddenly became clear that he wasn’t alone; Jane heard a female voice.

‘What was Robert doing home at this time? And who the hell was he with?’ Jane asked herself.

Footsteps on the stairs sent her into a panic, she looked around and then dashed into the wardrobe. The voices became louder and anger began to build in her stomach.

‘So, he’s brought a little whore home with him has he?’ She wanted to jump out and surprise them both but remembered that she was, after all completely naked.

So she stayed – unsure what to do next but wait and see.

The two of them entered the room giggling, Jane could just see through a gap in the doors. The woman was Jenny - a wife of one of his colleagues.

‘Oh my god! The little slut!’ Jane wanted to jump out on them but stayed put, not knowing why. She found her attractive in a strange sort of way and had heard that she went with women too. An intriguing thought for a highly sexual woman.

In no time, they were both naked with clothes strewn over the floor. Jane’s weren’t even noticed.

Jenny got down on her knees in front of him.

She ran the tip of her tongue over his balls – rotating it while maintaining eye contact.

He took a deep breath and his cock began to swell, she traced the tip all over them and then ran it upwards. She went up the length of his growing shaft and stopped just below the slit. She massaged it so it got really hard.

‘Ooohhhhh!’ he said unable to hide his pleasure.

Her tongue rolled down to his balls again and she licked them harder this time.

Wrapping her finger and thumb around the base of his cock, she angled it down.

Her lips opened slowly and took the end of his cock just inside her hot mouth, then more.

What seemed like a lifetime later, her nose was pressed against his stomach with his cock in up to his balls.

She wrapped her arms around him and squeezed his buttocks while digging her nails in lightly.

‘Oh Jesus!’ he hissed.

So did Jane, she couldn’t believe what she was seeing and felt her nipples stiffen again. Her breath was heavy but she managed to keep it quiet.

Her hands were exploring her own naked body again as she watched her husband’s cock get sucked.

Jenny let his full length slide out and then in again, his cock was so hard that the veins showed and the bulb was shiny red. Jane hadn’t seen him that aroused for a long time.

Jenny made him fuck her face, closing her lips tighter as it slid out and brushed over her lips.

Her left hand was between her own legs and stroking her clit with the tip of her finger, Jane discovered to her surprise that she was doing exactly the same.

She wasn’t mad! She was getting turned on at what she was seeing and slowly slid a finger into her now drenched pussy.

Robert got on the marital bed. As luck would have it, he was on the side that gave Jane the best view. Jenny also got on and sat astride him.

She poised over him and took hold of his hard cock; she ran the tip over her wet pussy entrance to tease him.

‘Ohhh nooo, fuck me now, fuck me now!!’ He was so horny he was panicking to take her.

Her wide hips moved down and enveloped him.

‘Ohhhhhhh!’ all three said in unison and Jane quickly covered her mouth to avoid detection.

Jenny’s knees pressed harder on the bed so she could lift herself up again, and then she began to ride him.

Holding onto his shoulders she draped her breasts in his face and slammed her hips against his. He licked each nipple as they swung before him; Jane rotated her fingertips over her swollen clit and stood with her mouth wide open in the dark – panting as quietly as she could.

Jenny’s buttocks rippled on his thighs with the force of each penetration. He held her hips and pushed them back to meet his.

Jane could hold back no longer, she grabbed a dress and buried her mouth in it as she climaxed. It was the strongest one for a while and hated having to repress it so.

She struggled to control her breathing and kept her noise muffler; an expensive red number over her mouth for now. Her face grimaced.

‘Whoa, whoa!! I’m gonna cum!’ Said Robert.

‘What now? I’m just getting started’

‘I need to, can’t hold it any longer. Let me shoot on your tits’

Jenny got up disgruntled, laid next to him and pushed her breasts together.

He aimed his cock and jerked off.

‘Ooooooohhhhhhhh! Shit! Shit! I’m cumming!’ He shot his hot thick cum over her breasts. There was a lot, she was covered by the first powerful volleys and then milked the rest by jerking and dribbling it over her.

Then he rolled over on his back exhausted. She frowned at him.

‘What?’ he said.

‘Nothing! Just nothing’ and she looked away.

‘That’s no way to treat a lady!’ Jane was stood before them still naked.

‘Holy shit! Jane! What the fuck…’ They both sat up quickly and horror ensued.

‘So this is what you do while I’m away is it? Sit down you!’ Jenny who was about to leave stopped dead in her tracks and returned to the bed.

‘So you were going to Dubai but you are naked in the wardrobe?’ she remarked sarcastically.

‘Don’t get smart with me, slut!’ Jane noticed Jenny’s eyes were lighting up as she scanned her body.

‘Bob!’ She looked sternly at him

‘Huh!’ he was still in shock and scratched his leg where an unexpected dribble of cum flowed out and began to dry.

‘So you like to fuck other peoples wives do you?’

‘Look, darling…’

‘Shut it! She cut in to silence him, well I’ve got news for you; so do I! Go and sit at the dresser and concentrate on getting yourself hard again’

He obeyed confusingly while Jane got on her knees in front of Jenny.

She began to rub her husbands cum over her rival’s breasts, it had dribbled to a pool in her navel and it was spread up over her front.

At first she looked shocked and stared into Jane’s eyes, then gave a little gasp of pleasure as her breasts were massaged lovingly.

Her nipples stiffened and went as red as strawberries – ripe for picking.

Jane picked her husbands shirt off the floor and used it to mop up the stickiness, then she threw it at Robert.

‘Jerk off now! Adulterer’ and he continued trying to get his cock to stiffen again. Jenny smiled.

Jane took hold of her and gently eased her over onto her front on the bed; with her knees on the floor.

She applied the tip of her tongue to the back middle of her thigh and began to run it upwards. She got higher by the second and Jenny gasped again – she was squeezing her own breasts having laid them on her hands.

Jane’s tongue passed over her buttocks, over the small of her back and began the trail back down the other thigh. Right down to her knee joint.

Her tongue travelled upwards again and this time was in the middle, instead of sliding up over her buttocks, she touched the opening of her pussy between her legs.


Her knees shuffled apart on the floor to give better access, Jane’s tongue was parting the pussy lips and gliding up and down and round and round.

She held her buttocks tight and then brought the palm of her hand down sharply.

It slapped hard on the milky skin and made it redden a little.

‘Mmmmmmmmm! Harder! Please!’ came Jenny’s surprised voice.

So she slapped the other cheek too, then again, then both at once and rubbed her smarting skin. She never lost contact and each slap made her pussy tighten around her tongue.

‘I’m hard now!’ Said Robert.

Jane got up and ignored him, she went back to her wardrobe and started rooting around inside. After a minute or so, both Robert and Jenny looked over to see what she was doing. They continued pleasuring themselves in the meantime.

Jane emerged with a strap on Dildo, Jenny’s eyes lit up and Roberts jaw fell open.

She put it on herself and went over to Jenny.

‘Now take this like the little whore that you are!’ She leaned on the side of the bed again.

Her raw cheeks were high in the air and ready to receive the rubber cock.

Robert was concentrating to keep his own hard out of disbelief. He never knew his wife owned such a thing.

Getting down on her knees behind Jenny – Jane slid the Dildo upwards between her cheeks to collect the juices from her dripping pussy.

Then she aimed the tip while Jenny lifted herself to accept it.

The rubber cock was slammed in hard in one go, the full length.


It began to pump in and out of while Jane pulled her hips back to thrust it in harder.

‘Ohh, ohhh, Sooo good!’ Jenny moaned.

Their skin slapped together and soon, sweat was trickling down their thighs.

She grabbed her breasts and squeezed them, then pinched the swollen nipples.

Thrusting all the time, Robert stood up.

‘Sit!’ came Jane’s breathless command, he knew better than to argue.

She slowed down to stir it around inside her and roll it against her hot pussy walls.


The movement began to speed up; she was ramming the Dildo so hard into her that she felt her own buttocks ripple with the rapid movement. It slid in and Jenny felt every detail brush over her lips. She moved her hips back to encourage it to go deeper still.

Reaching under, she began to stroke her own swollen clit. She was close now, really close!

‘Take that cock! Take it like a real husband fucker!’ Said Jane.

‘Ohhhh, Ohhh! Fuck me!’ She said, almost in a squeal of pleasure.

Digging her nails in lightly, Jane clenched her teeth in exertion.

‘Oh my god! Oh my god, OH MY GOD!!!’

Jenny’s climax made her whole body quiver, her head was right back with her mouth wide open and eyes tightly shut.



Slowly, her orgasm melted away and Jane withdrew. She was out of breath but able to talk.

‘Get dressed, time for you to go’ Said Jane as she stood up.

‘But I want more!’

‘Not here you won’t, go fuck your own husband or I will do it for you’

Roberts jaw fell open yet again, she passed her clothes to her and she dressed quickly.

Jane went rooting in the cupboard again. She took something out and hid it behind her back.

‘Ok, see yourself out, said Jane; I have to make sure my man doesn’t fuck around again. Not ever!’

Jenny left and had a last glance around at them both as she did; Jane had made no attempt to remove the strap on and produced a tube of lubricant from behind her back.

Roberts face was a picture and his cock was growing again – until Jane squirted the cream on her toy and spoke.

‘On the bed fucker, your ass is mine now!’

Rating: 75%, Read 26729 times, Posted Apr 08, 2005

Fantasy | Bi-sexual, Blowjob, Cheating, Consensual Sex, Erotica, Voyeurism


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