A TALE OF TWO ISLANDS_(1) by jonmichael

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titled: a tale of two islands. part 1

The evening sun was still warm when we rode our way into west bay and closed on west dollar and east dollar island. The islands at one time where one large island in the western shore of Lake George. There were actually two camping islands that were usually very busy this time of year but the high cost of gasoline had keep lake traffic down this year. As a result east and west dollar camp grounds were ours again this week. we were about 4 miles from another island with straight cliffs on our east shore. perfect tranquility as we were as alone as one could get , except for the passing boat that was looking for a place to park and swim for the day. The east island had a small dock that we removed from the water as soon as we arrived, it was the only place to beach a large boat. we preferred not to have company sneak up at night. We were totally alone.

My family consisted of my teen aged sister Kay who just turned 17 this month and my other sister, Ariel . Ariel was 15 years old and caused us nothing but trouble. I was the oldest at 18, Bobby, just starting my first year in college in the Fall. Cathy and John were Mom and Dad. they were the average boat people whether it was sunny or raining they loved being on the boat. I can see why. The Sea Ray was was 34 feet of comfort; forward bunk area that slept 3 comfortably and the aft bunk room that my parents likes was away from the rest of us to allow them some privacy. dinning area also slept 3 so we had plenty of room.

On special occasions we would rent out the island for the whole week, mom and dad would commute to work daily parking at the Marina. they of course left me in charge. we have a smaller run about that was left at our disposal in case of an emergency but mostly play. we went water skiing and tubing a lot. I was the loner type and did not have a girl friend at this time nor did I have a good male friend. I kind of read and listened to the radio and short wave a lot. The two girls were always up to something which was not at all amusing.

they often brought their friend Angelina along for a swim. her parents were divorced and with her mother working, she sat around the house all Summer. Angelina, Angel, was a friend to both my Sisters since her age fell right in the middle of the other two girls. She always was watching me when I was around her. I would glance her way and she would drop her eyes.

All three girls were very attractive my oldest sister had large boobs and a skinny waist. She looked great in a two piece bathing suit. and Ariel was a little shorter at 5 foot 8 inches and a little less big in the bra size. More Model Looking. Angel was 5 foot 3 inches of dynamite. slim figure, smallish boobs with a b cup. All three were dirty blonde with blue eyes. They all knew that they looked great to boys and were a little stuck up with the exception of Angel, who was almost completely innocent. I thought. She thought about things before she dove into them. the other two dove first looked around later. a stark contrast .

So now we begin our tale with a whole week ahead of us for adventure. we had the island for the week and our parents were working, only visiting us every 3 day or so on the island. We had the big boat this time because there were the 4 of us and it promised to be a rainy week. the first night we always have a roaring bon fire and we sit around telling ghost stories. Ariel was in here 2 piece bathing suit with a white robe. Kay had a brief two piece on with out a cover, she was never cold. Angel was wearing a two piece suit and a white beach robe. the fire was blazing. The sun was going down and we decided to play a game, poker, with pennies for betting . Kay was as usual cleaning up. She relished on winning the more devestating the more she liked it.

Then someone, I'm sure it was Kay, said why don't we play strip poker. Since Kay was winning, she got to pick the game. I was wearing trunks and a t shirt as the game started. Until the first hand was lost, no one really thought that anyone would actually strip. no one here was a prude, the girls would normally squat and pee, walking a short distance off the trail, without a second thought. I would do the same but maybe not go as far off the trail so anyone that wanted to look had a good look at my cock.

Speaking about my cock, I was satisfied with it completely, it hung down almost vertical about 7 inches . when angered it would grow a little but got bigger round by double. It the stuck out but at a up angle from my body. which comes in handy if you are fucking from behind. Usually I can find the hole without using one hand to guide the cock into a tight pussy.

Getting back to the game now. we saw interesting developments right away. Kay who always wins was down to her bikini bottoms. both arms crossed her perfect double d tits. She acted upset. Ariel had elected to remove her bottom and not her top. The sight of that perfect little pussy drove me to instant hard on visible through my trunks. It was the sight that I had always dreamed of as a perfect pussy. it was small and the lips closed it tight. there was some sand wedged between the lips of the pussy that begged to be licked away with my tongue. Angel was topless but she did not try to hide her little tits. like a tea cup turned over but each mound had a wonderful nipple that extended out 2 inches from her breast. banana nipples. what a sight.

next of course it was my turn to lose. when the trunks came off my cock was hard and at full length. it almost looked mean. Kay immediately got up and stormed off to the boat when she saw it. while Ariel was close behind, not bothering to cover her pussy or by now her tits that were totally bare. she walked nude to the boat. her pussy lips visible from just below her ass when she walk on the hard sand. This kept my cock hard when I saw her pussy, maybe it was the way she walked. the end result was her pussy with those little lips opening and closing as she walked. turned me on, sure she was my sister. but a sister with a wonderful exciting pussy.

Then there was Angel. She was still sitting on the rock now with her hands cupping her tits. she was playing with her nipples, rolling them slowly between her fingers. She was either not aware I was staring at her or the warmth of the fire and the fire that was burning in her was all she cared about. After watch through her pull and roll her nipples, she started to press in on each tit as she brought herself to orgasm. Her bathing suit bottom was dark in the crotch area as the fire gave a surreal glow to her climax. the fabric had been pulled into her pussy slit and was rubbing on her open slit as her legs opened and closed wildly.

In a split second she became aware of her situation with me watching her and jumped up hands still on her tits and ran toward the boat cuming as she ran.

My cock was hard and I was stroking it back and forward , my speed increased as I watched Angel run for the boat until I shot all over Kay's bikini top that was on the ground where she was sitting. while not intentional, it made me come harder until the cups were filled with my cum all over my sisters bikini top. I could have had Angel in some way that night if I had gone over to her and stuck my cock on her open mouth. I was not aware of her experience level in fucking but I would have had my prick into her mouth before she could have protested. Patients was a virtue in this case.

I jumped on the boat with all the tree girls whispering in cabin. I decided to grab a cold beer and sit in the rubber tube anchored to the boats swim platform. before I knew it it was daylight and I was fighting the ducks for position on the swim platform. It was nice just to get up and pee'd into the lake. I had not bothered to redress, so the first thing Angel say of me that morning was a stream of golden pee coming from my cock and dropping into the lake.

A quick look at my Angel and it was evident that she cleaned herself up a little bit from last night . She wore my t-shirt and no top or bottom as she dove into the lake for a bath. She did not remove the shirt and soaped up under the cotton. As if I had never seen her body before. I was wondering if this was for my benefit or prudishness and she climbed on the swim platform with me the wet cotton thin shirt clung like a second skin to her body. She walked past me and dragged her left hand across my naked body and gently caressed my cock and squeezed my balls in a slight caress. It made me wonder what else she knew about fucking.

Here came her majesty the bitch. It was her turn to take a bath and she was her usual Kay, stuck up and bitchey. There was no place to go and she pulled past me wearing a bathrobe. She walked around the island to a private beach out of sight and took her bath. Aerial came up the stairs with a happy song singing just under her breath. She was fine in what happened last night, maybe she had repressed it. As she went past me she called out for me to start breakfast. removed the towel she was covered in and jumped naked into the water. well, I guess she had no unhappy feelings from the previous night. I did not really look like I was staring at Aerial's body but in actuality

I could not take my eyes off the whole package , tits and pussy sure but the curve of her back and the shape of her hips . She had the ability of being a fashion model as she stood there shivering in the cool morning. I know I am her Brother but I wondered how used that little pussy was between her legs. There was more than one way to have fun with your sister without committing the forbidden Incest of sexual relations with a sibling, cock in pussy sex.

That's why there are girls mouths and ass holes for a boy's pleasure. sister or not.

I started breakfast over the fire and before I knew it food was ready to consume. everyone got together on the pick nick table and never spoke a word about the previous night. Kay was the first done and she went off to study for a exam she was having in Biology the next monday in school. Aerial and Angel went off to talk on the next island as the sunbathed topless and listened to the radio. I busied myself with gatherin fire wood and doing maintaince on the boat. If these jobs were not done, Dad may not be so nice about letting us stay here again, The thought of spending time in my back yard without a pool was distasteful at best. Also I would not have as tempting scenery as I have now. For some reason Kay was the first to be confronted about our new sexual freedom.

"no, you suggested we play strip poker" I said. directing a stare at Kay. "well I never thought you would never go along with it" Kay said. instead you liked looking at my body. "You keep staring at my boobs and they will never be your playtoys. " Go stare at Angel she loves to dream about you and her in bed. With that she walked away, leaving my mouth open in dismay. Dinner time came and went as I was fixed on Angel and almost not aware of my sisters.

Well they can't bitch about me playing around with Angel since she is almost of age(well, 3 more years anyway). I was 18 after all. and subject to all new sexual laws regarding under 18 year old girls.

The argument ended with Kay again retreating to the main cabin. After it cooked off a little bit, I decided to close the cabin vents to keep it warm er down there. I went to close the master cabin vent when I hear what I thought was Aerial speaking softly on my parents bed. looking down the vent I could see a the bed clearly and most of the cabin beyond it into the shower stall. There was Kay holding aseriql's legs wide appart and her tongue burried in her pussy. Aerial had a towel under her ass and this towel was actching all the pussy juice flowing out of that little pussy. Kay was playing with Aerial's ass hole as she had about 2 inches of her middle finger right hand up her ass hole. and aerial was moaning. "please don't stop, Kay fuck me with your tongue, I want to cum now". Kay dug around in Aerial's ass until she came out with her middle finger. She ran it under her nose and into her mouth, tongue was sucking the cum and shit off her finger. Aerial was a complete SLUT. Kinda like everything started to fall into shape. Kay, the homecoming Queen with very few boyfriends and Ariel the nodel with no boyfriends. I always thought that was a little strange but sometimes the most beaautiful girls are never approached by boys because they are deemed unreachable by the average high school boy.

That left Angel, I wondered how she fit in my sister's sexual picture. was she gay or maybe I was putting a label on all of that when it was was not the whole story. My sisters may have reacted to a situation of necessity, horney and no men, well except their brother whom they may regard as untouchable. Also they had no idea if I would keep heir secret from our parents. Sexual experimentation? maybe we will see in the next few days.

Tuesday morning Mom and Dad showed up after work and all the junk stopped immediately. all of us were actually over clothed for the length of their stay. It would not last and the next morning almost as fast as they pulled away from the island in their boat, clothing started to come off. Angel was prancing around in a cut off tank top just below her tits and a thong set of underwear. that had a front patch of cloth that just covered her pussy. when wet it was see through no doubt. Kay had another one of my t-shirts on taked without asking me. g-string bottoms. The t-shirt actually came off in a hour and she walked around us all bare breasted. The tits themself were works of art . no sag at all and they were honest 36 dd as it was tagged on her bras I found inside. Ariel almost as an after thought had the thong bikini you see in Victoria Secret' s catalogues. two tiny patches of thin see through cloth over each nipple. one could see hair, very fine over the top of her pussy that needed to be shaved off and a fine trail of hair that went up her back. I wondered if offred my cock if she would have taken it. She seemed disinterested in her almost nude parading around, like it was natural.

Thats how my day went. about 3 pm I was hot and jumped into the water. My have hard dick srunk in a second with the cold water and it felt restricted in the mesh of the suit. Oh , hell off it came. this time even with the cold water the dick got hard again. well half hard antway. t-shit was a tank to that went just below my bell button. no hiding my cock here. The only problem, as I said before, is that my cock when hard stands up in the air .

Every one that came close bumped into it as it hung . The girls could not help but notice it . Kay was the first to notice it, "nice cock" she said. "too bad you have no place to put it around here". it sounded like a threat or a challenge

but that started the wrestling match that was not uncommon with Kay and I at home. Of course she is not dressed as briefly home and I always had shorts on to protect my hard cock. There so I did admit it. Kay makes my cock get hard.

Of course we attracted a audience with the two other girls. She got me in a head lock that almost smothered me with her breasts. I got pissed and ripped the bikini top off her chest. then my t-shirt was rioped off and finally her botton was ripped from her body by a quick grap and snatch on my part. We were nude wrestling on the warm sand. I got her on the ground and I was on top of her holding her arms out above her head pinned to the sand.

She kept on abusing me verbally saying that I have no balls and never could handle a girl like her. well the answer was near her face, I did have balls. So with that I noticed that she was very wet from our horse play. She felt my hand and middle finger open the lips of her cunt to see her moisture pour out on her lips. She was really making me mad and hit me in the face with her upper arm causing me a lot of pain.

Here is the problem. The pain made my cock harder and more dertermined to end this wrestling match quickly. As she ground her ass in the sand trying to get her leg up on my back, I quickly shifted my weight and put that 7 inch cock all the way up her gaping hole wet pussy with one thrust. Blood came out as I started to pump quickly. kay was over whelmed with my action and responded with a strange, shocked look on her face, outh open but just escaping moan sound from her throat. There was a slow grinding circular moton with her ass pushing against my cock wanting it to go deeper. It would not. after about 5 minutes of grunting and Kay wanting me to fuck her harder, she came. gushes of pussy juice flowed out of her cunt and sprayed over my cock, balls amd lower body. She could squirt just like the porno actesses on my hidden CD's. "fuck me harder" , "stick it in further" she screamed.

When she came for the third time she fell away off my cock completely exausted. falling on her back gasping for air. her breasts heaving covered with her juices, as everything else was when she sprayed a quart of her pussy juice.

I had not cum yet because I was in awe of what I was seeing . The butch queen was devestated by a good old fashon fuck and came like a whore. the two girs were playing with their and each other's pussy until they came very loud a few time. Me, I had about five seconds left of intense pumping my cock before I sprayed a lot of cum all over those 38 dd tits of Kays. I offered up a finger full of my cum to her lips after a second and she sucked the cum and my fingers clean. we all collapsed for about 20 minutes before we tried to sort out what happened . What did happen next was one for the books literally.

Rating: 93%, Read 51968 times, Posted Mar 29, 2013

True Story | Female, Incest, Lesbian, Male, Masturbation, Teen Female


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