Candid Shae Part 1_(1) by Coolguy95

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So let me start off by explaining to you my daughter Shealyn, shes part latino( my wife being latino and me being white). Shes got a tight little body, with what I hated to admit was one of the nicest asses I’ve ever seen, just the right size and I know it was tight cause I had gotten her in to cheerleading at a young age. I couldn’t help but stare. The older she got the hotter she got, her ass only got bigger and started to develop breasts, her breast was easily C’s maybe D’s. By the time she hit 18 she was a absolute bombshell and I had grown kind of an obsession with her, watching her leave in her sexy cheerleading outfits was her tight ass move back and forth.

Me being a single father and having to work long hours and my job meant that I haven’t gotten laid in a long time, so I started to masturbate thinking about Shaelyn. I started to get in to candid videos which is pretty much just pictures of video of girls in every day clothes without them knowing. I knew that I had to start getting some of Shaelyn, it was pretty easy since i was her father and she was never expecting it. So I would start getting her to do her chores and I would watch her talk to her acting like I was just bored and wanted to spend some time with my daughter, even tho the whole time im video taping her sexy little body.

I had been doing this for months of had what looked like thousands of pictures and videos of my daughters pefect little body. I had the idea to post some of them online, the thought of other people masturbating to Shaelyn got me so horny. I posted some on a local candid site that I was using and people loved her I mean I got hundreds of messages downloads. So I had the idea to start up a website and charge for it, I called it and charged per video.

I started to get more gutsy in recording Shaelyn since I knew hundreds of people would be seeing these videos. I started to insist that we spend more time together since she was 18 and was moving out soon, I suggested we go on hikes and she agreed saying it would be good exercise. I had other reasons why I wanted to go hiking, I was going to record the whole thing and get some really good shots of either her in spandex or some tight short shorts because I pretty much threw out all of her conservative clothes. So after me getting all of these pictures of my daughters perfect little body you could say that she was becoming pretty popular on the internet.

I was just busy masturbating to Shae like I do every day when I got a message, it said “ I know you can fuck your daughter, message me if you want to know how”. So seeing that I thought fuck it why not, I repled “How?” he replied “ Drug her with Xanax and fuck her when she passed out, whats the harm, she’ll never know. Seeing this I get angry saying I could never drug my daughter that’s too far, I shut my laptop off and went to bed. I had been tossing and turning for hours thinking about fucking my daughter, the thought of her being passed out and me taking advantage of her popped in to my head and I could not get it out. Knowing that I wouldn’t be able to stop thinking about It I get up and turn my laptop on and message him back “ Im thinking about it, I cant get Xanax tho.

He messages me back saying that he has some and would drive and meet me right now, so I drop everything and go to meet him. I meet him at a mcdonalds around the corner from my house, he looked pretty disgusting he had long greasy hair and he was probably 300 lbs. So we talk for a bit and he admits how obsessed he is with Shaelyn and that he jacks off to her everyday, I laugh and admit that I do too. After a few minutes of talking I tell him I have to go and put the plan in to action, he asks me to just get a few pictures of her naked and send to him in return for the Xanax, I agree and go back home to start planning.

Later that day during movie time I put the plan into action as I crush up 2 of the Xanax pills and put them in her drink. After about 10 minutes I see her start to nod off as I see the drugs are working. I wait another 10 minutes just in case then I call out her name, I get no response so I start to nudge her while calling her name louder. She didn’t even stir so I realize that she is completely out I turn her over to reveal her perfect latino ass in some black spandex. I grope and carress my daughters perfect little ass I pull her pants down to show a lacy little black thong, I couldn’t believe how amazing my daughters ass was.

I slide the thong down and start to lick her asshole giving her a sloppy rimjob, her ass taste so perfect,. I started to lick her from her pussy to her ass like a hungry dog. After about 10 minutes of this I turn her over and start to caress her perfect supple lips enjoying every second of it, I start to trace the inside of her mouth with her tongue, sensually kissing my daughter. After minutes of this I start to get more aggressive as im tongue fucking shaelyn, I can hear the slopping sounds and their amazing. I start to grope her breasts while im still making out with her, I realize as im feeling my daughters tits that she got them pierced, that bitch for not telling me, I was going to punish her in my own way. I rip her shirt and lacy black bra off to reveal Shae’s perfect little tits and pierced nipples I start to maul them and lick them with passion. After a few minutes of that I knew that I had to taste my daughters sweet little pussy so I bend down and have my first real look at her tight pussy, it looked like it had never been touched it look so perfect. I start to lick her pussy like ive never licked anything enjoying and tasting her sweet juices. I was rock hard at this point and I knew I had to fuck her.

I strip off all of my clothes and guide my cock to her awaiting pussy, I guide my 10 inch cock to her entrance and I start to tease her pussy only going an inch or two in at first. Realizing that this pussy has been used before I start to slide in and out more, after a few minutes of this I cant stand it anymore and I shove my cock all the way in going balls deep inside her. As im fucking her I start to make out with her and tongue fuck her, I loved kissing her perfect supple lips. I had been fucking her slowly and passionately for what seemed like ever when I start to get gutsy, I start to really fuck Shae as I feel the slapping sounds of my balls hitting her.

I turned her over and started to fuck her doggy style as I grip on to her hips as I start really giving it to her. After what seems like ever I feel my climax coming and I didn’t care that she was my daughter I was going to cum in her perfect pussy. I cum the most ive probably ever cum in my life even when I fucked her mother I never came that much, I pull out as I see cum just pouring out of her pussy like a faucet. I couldn’t believe how much there was, I knew that she was probably going to be pregnant because she wasn’t on the pill but I didn’t care it actually kindof turned me on.

I didn’t know how long the drugs were going to last so I grab a towel and start to clean the cum out of her pussy. After cleaning her up I look down to admire my daughters perfect body for one last time taking it in. I slide her clothes back on and give her ass one last smack as i leave the room wondering what she would say tomorrow

Rating: 64%, Read 7195 times, Posted Oct 19, 2016

Fantasm |


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