Sex Adventures 2: The Sister Effect by DirtyBadger

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True Story | Anal, First Time, Incest, Teen

It had only been a few short weeks after that eventfull but delightful stay at My Aunt Helens. But I thought about it everyday, which would usually lead to me getting horny and then having to have a wank over one of my Aunt's Pics in the Porn Mags she gave me. These Mags were more hardcore than the one I had previously owned and featured my Aunt in sexual poses with other ladies and the occasional guy.

Since that night, my interest in Women had shot up. Before I had noticed them and maybe fancied one or two but now every single one was a potential fuck. and I would fantasize what they would be like in bed no matter what they looked like

but then one day came the most unexpected fantazy. My 13 year old Sister, Kelly.

The day started off like any other, I got up, showered (wanked in shower) got dressed and went downstairs for breakfast. Kelly and I exchanged the typical brother/sister insults at the breakfast table then we walked to school. Now this is when things began to get interesting, My sister met up with her friend Carla and walked a few steps ahead of me, as she did this I noticed for the first time what a great figure my sister had, and took the time to admire her figure fully. As it was summer Kelly was wearing her white blouse which I could see the straps of her bra through and a short skirt that came to just above her knees. Her blonde hair, tied back in one big braid came down to her shoulders Occasionally she would turn around to see if I was still behind her and I would catch a glimpse of her ample 32b breasts and her sparkling light blue eyes. At this moment in this glorious sunshsine she reminded me of a young Christina Aguilera (from Genie in a Bottle Video only in a school uniform) It was just about then that I had the vision of fucking my sister, instead of being grossed out I was incredible turned on. Bit embarressed to be thinking of my sister that way I decided to check out her friend Carla. they have been best friends for a couple years now and did everything together. Her Dad was from Africa and her Mum was from Sweden, this gave Carla a super sexy look, her dark skin only enhancing her natural beauty from her mothers side. Carlas hair was light brown, curly and came down to the middle of her back an her eyes were an emerald green, she had bigger breasts than Kelly although not sure what size I would have to say 34c. Dressed in the same school uniform as my sister only with a slightly shorter skirt Carla looked hot as hell.

Watching these two hotties walking in front of me I began to get aroused again, and a couple times I had to shift myself round to let my cock grown in my trousers. I had noticed they were both looking over their shoulders back at me, then turning away giggling, I didnt mind it was what school girls did. but then I over heard my sister mention me in the shower, before I could ask what they were talking about we had reached the school and they began to head off in their own direction, although Carla turned round and shouted see you later big boy, before running off laughing with Kelly. Shrugging my shoulders I made my way to class.

School dragged like a motherfucker, it was far too hot and sweaty to be stuck in school studying and not even the beauty of my english teacher Miss Cain (who I would secretly masturbate about at the back of class in my pants) could lighten my mood. Today was friday and I had nothing to look foward to for the weekend.

After school I walked home with my mates, stopping at the local arcade to have a few blasts on the latest Street Fighter 2 game. I arrived home, helped myself to some food in the fridge and began to watch trash on TV. My Mum came in and sat in front of me and informed me that she was going out with my dad tonight to a party down the road, and if I would be so kind to look after Kelly and her friend Carla. My ears perked up but I decided not to show to much interest "Am I going to get Paid?" I asked and with that my Mum slipped me a £20 note, plus said there was money for a pizza in the kitchen. With that my Mum went upstairs to get ready. I said Hi to my Dad briefly once he arrived from Work, and he went upstairshe was late and I could hear my parents arguing, when they came downstairs they pretended everything was fine before heading out. About 20 mins after my parents had left, the doorbell went. I answered and in the doorway was Carla her hair hung over her shoulders and she was wearing denim cut off shorts and a small crop top tshirt, Kelly came bounding down the stairs and dragged Carla in and up to her room. I went back to watching trash TV for about another half an hour when I decided to go see what the girls were doing.

As I walked upstairs I could hear the girls giggling and I waited silently outside Kellys door this is what I heard.

Kelly: "I swear to God!"

Carla: "Thats your Aunt Helen?"

Kelly: "Yes honestly!"

Carla: " and you found this in your brothers room"

Turning in the corridor I looked towards the loft/attic lid that led into my room was not shut properly, knwoing full well my sister had been in there I pushed open her door, walked in and grabbed my magazine from Carla's hands

"How dare you" I shouted turning to Kelly "Who gave you the right to go in my room and go through my things?"

Kelly just sat there, looking a bit startled then exchanging looks with Carla they both burst out laughing

"You better not tell Mum or Dad about this" I ordered

"Do you have sex with Auntie Helen" Kelly asked outright

I was stunned, lost for words, she couldnt have known about that, Kelly was in Rachels room when I fucked my Aunt Helen.

"Is it true you wank?" Carla laughed

I stormed off and went to my room but before I could close the floor door behind me, Kelly and Carla both followed me into my room

"Get Out" I shouted

"Kelly says you got a big willy" Carla said "Lets see it"

"No" I replied, Kelly and Carla both laughed

"Why not?" Kelly asked "If you do me and Carla will show you our pussies!"

I was just about to say no, when I realized what was being offered to me, so I deicded to make the stakes higher

"Ok" I finally agreed "but we all got to get completely undressed"

Carla and Kelly looked at each other a bit concerened at first exchanging an occasional shall we and I will if you will.

"Fine but you go first"

I walked over to the floor door and collapsed the staircase and shut it behind me. Turning to face my sister and her friend I pulled off my t-shirt and dropped it to the floor

"Now you take off your tops" in turn Carla and Kelly both pulled off their tops and dropped them to the floor, Carla had a Bra on but Kelly didnt her breasts looking more perfect than I could have imagined. I turned to Carla

"allow me" I said as I reached around her and undid her bra, I could feel her catch her breath as I did I took a step back and admired both of them, feeling my cock already begining to swell I quickly undone my trousers and dropped them to the floor and kicked them to one side. My cock creating a bulge in my boxers

"Now you" They undid and dropped their shorts to the floor and kicked them over to where my trousers lay, Kelly was wearing cute little white panties with flowers on them whilst Carla had heart shapes on hers. Carla already had her hand down her panties and through the cloth I could see some slight motion from her knuckles.

I pulled my boxers down and my cock sprung to life and although not fully erect it swayed in the air kind of pointing at the girls, I had noticed Carla eyes were fixated on it, but Kelly was looking awkward and looked away.

I walked over to Kelly and brushed her hair behind her ears and she looked me in the eye, then I kissed her as I did one of my hands reached round hte back of her head pulling her into the kiss and another grabbed her breast. I could feel Kelly kissing me back and her arms wrapped around my back. Her tounge exploring my mouth as mine did hers. I pulled away from kissing Kelly and called Carla over, I pulled Carla so my lips met hers and we swapped saliva for a min or two

my hand still holding Kellys breast. I motioned for them to start kissing eachother and they did Carla being the more keen one with her hands grabbing at Kellys breasts. Kelly kept her hands to her sides not knowing what to do with them. so I guided one to Carlas bold pussy, I wathced as Kelly clumsily stroked at Carlas pussy her fingers just caressing the lips, Quickly I turned to my bed and kicked off all the magazines onto the floor. Turning back to the girls Kelly had now slide a finger into Carlas pussy who was now returning the favour. Guiding the two over to my bed I pulled them apart and pushed them onto my mattress, I climbed on top of Kelly and began sucking on her titties as Carla contiued to finger my sisters cunt. in between her moans Kelly kept telling me stop and that it was wrong. I stopped kissing her and told it was fine. I moved Carlas hand out the way and positioned my cock next to my sisters virginal pussy, placing the tip just on her pussy lips, Carla llied down next to Kelly kissing her gently on the mouth, I could feel a lot of resistance as I tried to push my cock into my sisters pussy, Kelly winced and turned from kissing Carla. reaching up she put both hands on my shoulders and moved her legs wider apart, reacjind down I grabbed the base of my shaft and eased my cock into Kellys pussy, her face contorted with the pain as my cock broke into her pussy, tears welled up in her eyes and she mouthed a silent OW! Carla kissed and sucked on Kellys breasts as my cock de-flowered my sister. Kelly opened her eyes and smiled at me as I pulled my cock slowly back out, I noticed a trickle of blood on my shaft but ignored it as I slide it back in to my sisters cunt, she arched her back as I did so and let out a whimper. Carla had now moved to the side of the bed and was stroking her pussy as she watched as I fucked my sister. I began picking up rhythmn as my cock thrusted in and out Kellys tight cunt. Carla kept moaning as she pleasured herself

"Hope you got enough for me" she asked softly

"Dont worry Carla" I gasped as I pumped my cock into virgin cunt "You will get your turn"

Kelly had now become more vocal and kept saying "Fuck Harder" which I did, I was unsure if to cum in Kelly or start on Carla, I kept on fucking Kelly feeling my balls tighten as I was getting ready to shoot my load.

"I'm going to cum" I moaned between pumps

"Fuck me Baby" cried Kelly "Cum in me"

With that I shot my load deep into Kelly my 13 year old sisters cunt, griitng my teeth as I felt the pressure in my balls release their load.

As soon as I pulled out Carla began sucking on my cock sucking off Kelly's blood and juices and my cum. Kelly just lied on the bed wriggling and smiling to herself, muttering how good that felt, from where I was sat on my bed I watched as cum dribbled out her pussy, it wasnt white but a more pinkish colour as it had mixed with her blood. After a few more mins of Carla tounging my cock it slowly began to harden again, when it reached full hardness I moved Carla onto her back and positioned myself between her legs, her pussy was already glistening from her juices and I proceeded to slide my cock into her. Again I felt the same resistance I got from Kelly, so I pushed harder this time I heard the crack at the point where I took her virginity, when this happened Carla dug her nails into my back and dragged them across it drawing blood. I winced in pain froom both the tightness of her cunt pulling on my foreskin and her nails digging in my back. I pull my cock out and slam it back in and begin to fuck Carla hard making her tits shake with ever thrust. She cried out with every thrust. I could feel my cock getting harder than ever before, as I continued to pound my hard cock into Carlas pussy I watched my sister as she gently plays with her throbbing clit. Carla has tears in her eyes but keeps crying out "YES YES OH BABY ITS SO GOOD" I pull my cock out and turn Carla on her stomach and then onto her hands and knees, and slide my cock back in, I fuck Carla in doggy position pulling on her hair and reaching round and grabbing her tits she moans as my hard cock penetrates her deeper, I call Kelly over and have her sit in front of Carla and push Carla down onto her belly so she can eat Kellys pussy. I pull out of Carla and move my cock to her asshole she looks back and ask what I am going to do, I tell her to relax and trust me. pulling her ass cheeks apart I begin to circle my cock around her asshole. I drip some of her pussy juice from my cock on to her shitter then edge my tip so it begins to enter her asshole,

"What are you doing" Carla said startled as the head of my cock popped into her ass, I could feel her ass muscles tighten

"its ok" I whispered "just relax"

she relaxed slightly and I slide my cock deep into her ass, Carla cried out with every inch going in. when my cock was right in I waited a bit for my sisters friend to get used to it, I watched as her gasps soon subsided and she carried on with licking my sisters dripping wet cunt. I edged my cock out and slowly slid it back the friction and tightness of Carlas ass making every thrust a pleasure. I move slowly so as to not cum to quickly grabbing Carlas firm butt cheeks I push my cock in and out, Carla reaches down with her hand and begins to finger her pussy. Kelly moves behind me and begins to stroke my balls as my shaft pumps Carlas tight ass, Kelly begins to whisper in my ear how she enjoyed our fuck and wants to try it in her ass too. I pull out of Carla and bend Kelly over and push my cocks head in, Kellys ass feels a lot smaller than Carlas, so I have to push harder, I feel her ass lips squeeze tighter as my shaft makes its way up her shithole, Kelly cries are muffled as I clamp my hand round her mouth, she tries to bite my hand, she pulls my hand away and I will never forget the words she said next


with this I placed my hand tight over her mouth as she pretended to scream, Carla took a step back as I wrestled Kelly to the floor my cock still deep in her ass, as we landed on the floor with a slight bump, Kelly really pretended to try and get away, fighting and scratching,and I began pounding away on her ass, under my hand her screams were muffled

Carla was egging me on (encouraging me) telling me to fuck her dirty whore of a friend, with these words I could feel my cum begining to release itself, a few more seconds and I shot my load deep into my sisters bowels, my cock and balls shaking as my love juice finnaly dribbled out.

Pulling out my sis I collapsed on my bed, all smiles, the girls cleaned themselves up in the shower and got dressed, I wiped myself down with a towel (I will have a shower later) we ordered pizza and watched a movie together all sat on the sofa our limbs entangled. A bit later on I asked if they wanted to go again but they said they were too sore, but took it in turns giving me a blow job, Carla was the lucky one to have my load shoot in her mouth and she swallowed it all up, shortly after that my parents came home. Me and sis retreated to our rooms and Carla went with Kelly to hers. I didnt need to wank that night I was feeling pretty empty. I feel asleep thinking that was the best £20 I ever earned.

Rating: 76%, Read 91186 times, Posted Aug 11, 2004

True Story | Anal, First Time, Incest, Teen


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