Sex with My Sister (Book 5 Chapter 5) by Arquillius

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Fiction | Consensual Sex, Incest

The rest of the night went off, pretty much without much happening. Mom and Emma didn’t say a word about the trip, and it left me wondering what the two of them had planned. I didn’t attempt to ask, and they didn’t even come to my room to say goodnight.

The next morning when I got out to the car, I found out what they had been planning. The back had been curtained off, and made into a traveling bedroom. The trip was going to take about half a day at most, and when Mom and Emma came out of the house, they were working out driving arrangements so that they could both enjoy getting fucked for an even amount of time.

“So, Cyrus, Emma tells me that the two of you are trying for a kid.” Mom said.

My face went beet red. She had told her? What was she thinking? It was one thing for us to be dating and fucking, but trying for a kid was probably going to be out of the question. I swallowed hard expecting to hear explicatives come from my mother with her disapproval.

“It sounds like a great idea.” Mom said.

My jaw dropped. Our mother had just given her approval for us to keep fucking unprotected and to keep trying for a child. I mean sure she had kids by her own brother, but to try for it openly seemed like an entire different ball park all together.

“Actually, I plan to get in on it.” Mom continued. “Between you and your father this weekend I expect to get knocked up at some point.”

I don’t think my jaw could drop any lower. Just hearing my mother say that to me had me completely turned on. Thinking of her and my sister walking around pregnant with my children was all the motivation I needed. I pretty much jumped into the back area of the car, pulling her in with me, tore off my clothing, then hers, and plunged my cock into her pussy without thinking twice. I was like an animal, and didn’t pay attention to us pulling out of the driveway, or anything else but fucking her as much as I could until we came to the first rest stop.

“We’re here!” Emma called back to us as I slammed my cock one more time into my mother’s pussy and came.

I slowly began to pull my cock out of my mother’s pussy as I heard her give off an unsatisfied groan. My cum oozed from her snatch as I sat back.

“Well that was unsatisfying.” Mom said as she sat up.

“What?” I said.

“Well you didn’t DO anything, really. As soon as I got in, you took my clothing off, pushed me into a missionary position and began humping away.” Mom said.

She was right, I had just gone in and started fucking her. I hadn’t considered what she wanted. I had just been so turned on that I didn’t care. Now, I felt bad. How could I do something like that? I felt like a dog who had just been hit on the nose with a newspaper for pissing on the floor.

“So let me guess, you’re gonna let your sister come back here and be as unsatisfied as I am right now?” Mom asked. “Is that the way we’re supposed to remember road trips?”

“N…no…” I stuttered.

“Good, then before I let her come back here, fix the situation.” Mom demanded.

She started by telling me to suck on her neck, and then had me move to her tits where I licked and sucked her nipples. When I started to suck and lick her nipples, it was no different than Emma’s tits, but after a few minutes, I noticed an odd taste in my mouth, and realized that my mother was lactating into my mouth. She found it very erotic, and held my head in place as I drank from her tits, and I could hear her letting out soft moans with every suck. It wasn’t long before she had pushed me onto my back and was grinding her hips against mine, with her pussy grinding on my cock. My mother grinded on me as I sucked the milk from her tits, until she came.

“Wow, Cyrus… That was awesome.” Mom said, pulling back her tits from my face.

“I didn’t know you still could breast feed.” I said.

“Well, as you might know from health, after giving birth, the baby can feed from the breasts as long as they produce milk. If you continue to stimulate the breasts with things like breast pumps, you can continue to produce it. After you two were weaned, I used a pump to sell off my breast milk. There are a lot of parents and perverts in the world who want breast milk.” Mom explained. “I always felt a bit horney after pumps, or feeding you kids, but I’ve never gotten off while giving milk.”

“So you feel better now?” I asked.

“Yes, that was much better. But make sure you aren’t just fucking your sister, Cyrus.” Mom said.

What she had said to me made me think. Was I in this just for the pleasure, or did I want them to feel good too? We quickly got dressed, and made our way out of the car to grab some food at the restaurant at the rest stop. After the restaurant, I opted to sit in the front seat with Mom driving. I needed a break before I came again, but Emma, wearing little more than a sundress climbed on my lap and we continued on our way. Within a few minutes I could feel her grinding her pussy on my crotch. I reached around her to her tits and began to grope them through her dress.

“Mmm. That feels good Cyrus.” She said in a low moan.

“You kids are lucky, my parents were never fully accepting of my incestuous relationship.” Mom said as I reached up to the straps of Emma’s sun dress and pulled them down, freeing her tits so that I had better access to grope them.

I pulled her back against me, and let one of my hands slip down to her waist. I began rubbing her pussy through her dress and she let out a loud moan, almost as if I had already slid inside her.

“Maybe I should pull over and let you two go in the back.” Mom said.

“We’ll be fine as soon as Cyrus slips his dick inside me.” Emma said as she reached for my dick.

She slid her hand in my pants and pulled out my fully erect member. I began sucking on her neck. She arched her back, and began bucking her hips violently against my hand as her first orgasm of the day hit.

“Oh Cyrus!” She cried out as she came, her juices flowing on to my hand and down her legs.

Before she could come down all the way, I pushed her panties aside and slid my cock inside her hard, pushing her over the edge again. She ground herself against it, as I began rubbing her clit as vigorously as I could. She cried out as she had orgasm after orgasm. I thrusted my cock hard inside her, as I spilled my seed deep inside her womb as she rode her ninth or tenth orgasm. After she finally came down, she turned sideways on the seat, Pulled up the top of her sundress and gave me a very passionate French kiss, before snuggling into my chest and falling asleep.

“Looks like Emma really enjoyed that.” Mom said. “I’m glad we had our little talk about pleasing your partner.”

“Me too.” I said as I looked down at my sleeping sister. “But I have a feeling that we’re a long way from being done.”

“Actually, I’m not sure how your father will react to the two of you having sex, so until we break it to him, I don’t want you to have sex with me or your sister when we’re at his farm.” Mom told me.

“Really? I would think that he’d react the same way you would.” I said.

“Not really, and I already explained this to Emma.” Mom said. “But your father wasn’t the one in our relationship that started it, I was.”

“Really? Well you never really told me.” I said.

“Well it all starts back when I was 18. I had just finished High School, and was looking at colleges. Back then the best thing you could become was a secretary, or a nurse or something. No one would ever think that a woman could climb up to be a head of accounting like I did. Your father, my brother, came to me and told me a quick way that I could earn some cash for college… Pornography. There was a producer that he had met while bussing tables and the producer told him that if he made a video with an attractive young woman, the two of them could make a good 10 grand off a set of 40 videos or so. So, reluctantly, I accepted. Paul asked me if I knew any guys that I could fuck on camera, and that’s when I pulled him in. I had been attracted to him for a while, and he was very surprised when I tackled him, and pretty much fucked him there on the spot.” Mom explained.

My cock throbbed at the thought, and my sister let out a sleepy moan, reminding me that I was inside her. I kissed the top of her head.

“So the next night, we talked over the details and he agreed to wear a condom for the sex in the video. I’m sure you saw the whole thing.” Mom said.

“Yeah.” I said. “The condom broke and you got pregnant with us.”

“Right. So we went on doing the videos, after finding out that I was pregnant, and stopped using the condoms. The money we made from the videos easily put me through college. I was a star among the college, but off limits to guys, because Paul kept them away. After college, I wanted to move to the city for my new job, but your father didn’t want to come with me. He felt that if you two knew that your father was your uncle that you might do something early in life that you’d regret when you were older.” Mom said.

“Hence what happened with the cave.” I said.

“Yeah. I’m just glad that the two of you just learned the joy of sex in that cave in and didn’t get killed.” Mom said.

“So are those tapes still floating around?” I asked.

“Oh yeah, they’ve gone to DVD and are available on the web. I still get royalty checks from it.” Mom said. “They come in those large manila envelopes once a year. Those are statement reports about sales and views.”

“Maybe we should get back in touch with this producer.” I suggested.

Mom laughed at this. “And do what? A mother son? Another brother sister?” Mom laughed.

“Maybe!” I said.

“I’ll keep it in mind.” Mom said. “But don’t go getting your hopes up. I don’t know if I’m ready to do more porn.”

My cock throbbed at the thought of fucking my own mother on camera, and it woke up Emma. She leaned up and kissed me, then snuggled back into my chest.

“I can’t believe you’re still hard.” She said sleepily.

“Mom was telling me about how she and Dad got together.” I said.

“Oh, that story. She went into some pretty graphic details for me. It was all I could do to stop myself from masturbating on the spot.” Emma said. “So I’m guessing that you got told we couldn’t have sex until Dad knew.”

“Yeah.” I said.

“That’s gonna leave us all pent up.” Emma said.

“That’s why I designed the car this way. By the way, did you two decide on which room you’re gonna choose?” Mom asked.

“Yeah, Cyrus’s room.” Emma said.

The truth of the matter was that we hadn’t talked about it. I looked down at Emma in a bit of shock. She wanted to live with me in my room? Hers was bigger by a few square feet.

“But we need at least a full sized bed in there.” Emma said.

“We’ll get you two one as soon as we get back.” Mom said.

“Good.” Emma said.

“Why my room?” I asked.

“Because I love your room. I always have. The way you have it set up, the way it smells like you. EVERYTHING.” She said. “And I love you.” She told me, as she looked into my eyes.

I pulled her into a passionate kiss, and began bouncing her on my cock. She moaned into the kiss, as I began groping her left tit.

“You two should climb into the back and fuck for a few hours, before we get there.” Mom said.

This time we took her suggestion and climbed into the back. Before Emma could take off her clothing, I pushed her onto the bedded area, and began sucking on her neck, and slowly worked my way down to her tits, then down to her pussy, moving her clothing aside as I went. I began by licking her clit, then started fingering her while doing it. Eventually I found her g-spot and began stimulating it until she was demanding me to stick my cock in her. I moved my hips up to her face, and wasn’t surprised when she immediately started sucking my cock. I pulled my cock out of her mouth, positioned myself over her and shoved it back inside her. She began moaning as I wildly pumped in and out of her.

“Cyrus stop! I’m gonna!” She warned.

Emma squirted all over my crotch as I continued fucking her. Her squirting all over my balls made me cum a little quicker, and I groaned as my seed shot into her womb.

“Cyrus, I think I peed a little.” Emma said as I finally pulled out.

She leaned forward and sniffed my cock.

“It doesn’t smell like pee though.” Emma said.

“It was probably you squirting.” Mom said from the front seat. “It happens when you are stimulated right.” She explained. “And it’s a good thing you two are done, we’re just about there. So get dressed and climb back in the front seat.”

“I have to change. My juices are all over my clothes.” Emma said as I fumbled to find my bag.

We got dressed and made it into the front seat, right before pulling into the driveway of the farm. The driveway was dusty, and never paved. It was long, and it took us a few minutes to get to where our Dad was standing. This gave Emma enough time to fix her hair, and pull it into a pony tail.

“How do I look?” Emma asked me.

“Like I want to rip off your clothes again and fuck you.” I said.

Emma giggled. She gave me a peck on the cheek as the car stopped. We all piled out. Paul, our dad, was waiting in front of the car. I couldn’t help but feel uneasy about all of this. He didn’t know that we knew, and Mom was going to break it to him when she felt the time was right.

“Paul, these are my kids, Emma and Cyrus.” Mom said.

“Hey kids, I’m Paul, a friend of your mothers.” Paul said.

A friend? What the hell? Were we supposed to act like we didn’t know he was even our uncle now? And then we found out why he said it as a young lady, about Emma and my age stepped up to us.

“Hi there, Emma and Cyrus. I’m Mary. I’m Paul’s daughter.” She said.

It hit me right there. Dad didn’t want us to know, any of us, so that he could freely have sex with Mom and rekindle their relationship without a lot of questions. Mary was our half-sister, and I doubt she even knew the extent of it. Emma stepped forward to shake her hand and say hello. Mary was about as tall as we were, with nicely tanned skin, and shoulder length wavy blonde hair. I could’ve sworn she was a cheerleader. She had the body for it, though you couldn’t tell much thanks to the overalls and t-shirt. She pulled Emma into a nice hug, then walked over to me and gave me one, groping my ass. I was surprised when she did it, to say the least. Here was my half-sister, who before this all began, I would’ve assumed was my cousin, groping my ass like we weren’t related. If she knew, would she still be groping me?

“Maybe we can find some alone time later to get better acquainted.” She whispered in my ear low enough so no one else heard.

Meanwhile, Paul was rambling on about some false past between him and mom growing up down the road from each other and going to school together. I wasn’t sure if he was just making it up as he went or if he had planned this story for a while. But as he told us it, he began showing us around the farm. Mary stayed behind us, watching me, I knew because of that eerie feeling that you get when someone’s watching you. Yeah, that feeling. I wondered how close she would be with Emma and me, if we had all grown up together. Would she have been disgusted by Emma and I being in the situation we are? How would life be different for all of us? This thought was interrupted by Mary taking the opportunity of no one looking to give my ass another squeeze.

“Mary’s momma used to live just next door to me. Sweet little thing, like Mary here, and we got married just after she got pregnant with Mary around 19 years ago.” Dad said.

19 Years? So she was 18 too. I was betting she was younger than Emma and I. Emma was the one to ask her when her birthday was, and it turned out to be only a few days after ours. Which I’m betting Mom had already worked out. She kept a straight face though, and I knew that Dad had been with the other woman at the same time as Mom. As Dad explained, Mary’s mom died during childbirth, and Dad took it on himself to raise her himself. As we toured the farm, it began to get late. The farm hands made their way by and left for the day, and we settled in for dinner. Emma sat opposite me, and Mom and Dad sat on either side, with Mary between me and dad. At the table, she kept making movements, and rubbing my leg, and inner thigh. After dinner, we all went into the family room to watch a movie, after getting changed up of course, when I entered I was in a pair of boxers and a t-shirt, and I sat down in a big arm chair while Mom and Emma, who had both put on long t-shirts, took the couch and love seat. Dad had a blanket with him and laid down with Mom on the couch. He was wearing the same thing I was. Mary came in the room in a spaghetti strap shirt and a pair of shorts, with a blanket. She sat down on the arm of the chair at first.

“Mind if I sit in your lap?” She asked.

“No.” I said as Dad put on the movie, and the room went dark.

I felt her sit on top of me, throw the blanket over us, then she shifted around for a moment. She leaned back against me, and as the movie started, I could feel something grabbing at my cock then letting it go. It was her ass. She was intentionally getting my cock hard and before too long it was, and sticking out my fly. She began jerking it off with her ass.

“You like that?” She asked in a low voice so that no one would hear.

“Yeah, but our parents.” I protested.

“Look at them.” She whispered.

Even though there was a blanket on top of them, I could make out Dad’s arm moving, groping mom’s tits. I heard mom let out a soft moan. He had just put his cock in her. Dad was fucking mom in plain view of all of us. I reached in front of Mary and massaged her tits through her shirt.

“So you do want me too?” Mary asked me.

“What do you expect, you’ve been groping me all night, and now you’re using your ass to jerk me off.” I whispered.

We spent the better part of the movie with me groping her 32D cup breasts, and her jerking me off slowly with her ass, stopping just before I could get close to cumming, letting me go soft a little, then starting up again. Just before the credits rolled, Mary pulled back on her shorts, gave my prick a gentle squeeze with her hand, and shoved it back in my boxers, then ran off to her room, leaving me with the blanket. I yawned as the movie ended and made my way to my own room, not wanting to watch Mom and Dad fucking on the couch still. Watching them fuck would only leave me more pent up, and wanting to get in on the action.

I laid down on my bed and thought about all of this. I was gonna have some serious blue balls if Mary kept teasing me the entire time we were here. That’s when I felt a hand on my cock, and then my boxers being pulled off. At first I thought it was Emma wanting my cock, or maybe Mom needing me to finish her off, but when I felt the tight pussy engulf the head of my penis, and felt the resistance against it. She pushed herself down, taking her own virginity with my cock, and after a moment or two I pulled Mary off me, and sat up.

“Mary, we have to talk seriously for a minute.” I said flipping on the light.

She had to know the truth, and then I’d know. I looked over her beautiful naked body. She had full 32D cup breasts that were perky, with small areolas, and perky nipples. Her pussy was shaven, and her pussy lips were swollen and wet with anticipation. Her clit was erect, and I could clearly make it out as it pushed her lips apart.

“What? Do you have a girlfriend?” Mary asked. “Because she never has to find out.”

She didn’t know the half of it. I had to let her know the truth before I let her go any further. As much as I wanted to just let us both go at it, and fill her pussy with my cum, she just had to know. Otherwise, it would feel just wrong.

“That’s not what I meant.” I said.

“Oh come on, it’s not like we’re going to get caught. Your mom and my dad are still fucking in the family room. Emma went to bed, and they’re going all at it now.” Mary said. “I took a peek. They’re not even bothering to cover up now.

“Mary.” I said. “You’re not the first woman I’ve been with.”

“So?” Mary said. “Does it matter that you aren’t a virgin, and I am… err… was?”

“The first girl was Emma. During a series of Earthquakes, we both got trapped under some rocks in an awkward position. It pushed us into having sex.” I said.

“Alright so your first time was accidental, and you had sex with your sister. I’m cool with that.” Mary said.

“Yes, and we’ve been having sex with her constantly since then.” I said.

“Okay so you’re into your sister. We can work with that.” Mary said.

“And my mother.” I said.

“Okay, so you’re into incest, you can just pretend I’m your sister.” Mary said.

“You are.” I said. “Paul is my father.”

“You’re kidding, right?” Mary asked, looking at me for some sign that I was joking. “So I just lost my virginity to my older brother?” She asked after seeing my serious expression.

“No. Only Paul is my father, we have different Moms. He knocked up my mom at the same time as he did your mom.” I said.

“So we’re half brother and sister… wow.” Mary said.

“And my mom, is his sister.” I said.

“Are you done?” Mary asked in a tone like she was annoyed.

“Yes.” I said.

“Good.” She said before she plunged my cock into her mouth, and began sucking on it to bring it to full girth again.

“Cyrus, I don’t care if you’re my brother or not. I felt an attraction to you that I never have with a guy before.” She said after she finished sucking it.

She pushed me back onto my back and positioned herself over my cock. She slowly lowered herself on it, until I was about half way in.

“I had to try my hardest not to fuck you the moment I saw you.” Mary said. “Now, you’ve fucked your Mom, you’ve fucked Emma, time to take care of your little sister.” She demanded before lowering herself the rest of the way on my cock.

“Good, now, let’s make love, big brother.” Mary said. “Cause I…” She said but was interrupted by the screams of Mom.

Not screams in a bad way, Mom was cuming hard and screamed out “Oh yes Paul! I’m cuming!”

Mary giggled. “Well, I’m glad they’re enjoying themselves. Dad refused to date anyone while he raised me.” She said.

“I wonder what happened between him and your mom, while he was doing the porn movies with my mom.” I said.

“Wait, they did porn?” Mary said.

“Yeah. Their first time doing it was when Mom got knocked up with Emma and I.” I told her.

“Wow. Alright.” Mary said before she started riding my cock.

She wasn’t bouncing on it, just moving her hips back and forth. She leaned back a little and started rubbing her clit as she moved. I reached up and massaged her breasts.

“So, do you like my body, big brother?” Mary asked.

“Oh yeah.” I said. “But all you’re doing is masturbating right now.”

“It feels so good inside me this way, I’ve heard there are other positions, but I’ve never seen one, or heard how it’s done.” Mary said.

She stopped rubbing her clit and got off of me. I sat up and helped her lay down on the bed. I positioned myself over her and slid my cock back inside her. I began slowly thrusting my cock in and out of her. She pulled me into a passionate kiss, and I slid my tongue in her mouth. She responded in kind, sliding her tongue in mine and letting it explore. Then she broke the kiss, and her pussy began clamping down.

“Cyrus, I feel something, I think I’m about to…” She started, but she came, her hot juices enveloping my cock forcing me over the edge.

I let out a groan as my cock began spasming inside her, finally released from the teasing that had been done.

“Oh god, yes, cum deep inside me big brother.” Mary said.

I slowly came to a stop humping her, and pulled out. My cum was dripping out of her pussy, but I wasn’t done yet. I helped her flip over and raised her hips a little before sliding my cock back inside her.

“Oh god Cyrus, that feels so good.” She moaned as Mom let out another cry from orgasming downstairs. “Is she trying to get pregnant down there?”

“Yeah, she and Emma are both ovulating this weekend.” I said as I began thrusting in and out of her again.

“Whoa.” She said. “How do they know that?”

“They track their periods, and use checking tools.” I said as I pulled out.

I turned her on her side, and went back to fucking her.

“I hope I’m ovulating, so I can get knocked up by you too.” Mary said.

She started squirting all over the bed as I fucked her hard and fast. I was close to cumming again, and I was turned on by the thought of all three of them being knocked up by me.

“Oh yeah. I’m close.” I said.

“Do it, Cyrus, cum inside your little sister!” Mary moaned.

I didn’t need any more of an invitation as I slammed my cock hard inside her, and my seed erupted into her womb. Mary let out a groan of pleasure.

“You two are almost as loud as Dad and Mom.” Emma said from the door way, as she closed the door behind her.

We looked over to the door way and watched Emma walk over to us. She slowly stripped off her clothing as she walked, letting Mary take in all of her nudity.

“I hope you left some energy for me.” Emma said.

Something told me that this was going to be a long night.

Rating: 81%, Read 10230 times, Posted Oct 05, 2018

Fiction | Consensual Sex, Incest


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