Under the Thrall of Cock by CertifiedHeat

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Fantasy | Blowjob, Coercion, Cum Swallowing, Incest, Masturbation

Sarah twiddled with the pack of cigarettes in her hands, pondering whether or not she should smoke one more cigarette before she ventured down the road frequently traveled, which is quitting the stuff. Better not, she thought. She wanted to quit cold turkey. There were many attempts before in her 32 years of life, but she had an extra motivation this time. Months ago, she and her long-time boyfriend split. She wanted to cut down on her vices and be the best version of herself.

She and her brother TJ had a solid relationship. They were close and clearly cared for one another. They lived together in her apartment, but TJ lived there while he was attending college. As of late, after the demise of Sarah’s last previous relationship, it had been only the brother and sister living together. TJ had an idea on how to help his sister Sarah assuage her nicotine urges, but he had contrived a latent manipulative plot to accomplish a personal carnal goal of his: fuck his big sister Sarah in the ass.

TJ was 21. He had lusted after his sister Sarah for as long as he could remember. Sarah was rather sexy by her nature. She gave off a sexual aura by her attitude, from the way she walks with her big ass cheeks swaying back and forth, slowly and sensually, to the way she talks, softly and to the point. Sarah was of above average height; her round Duke blue eyes glistened, and her dirty blonde hair was frequently worn tied up. Her lips were full and wholesome – not too big, and not too small, just right. Sarah was thick. She carried fat in what she thought were all the right places. TJ thought so, too. In her thighs and her ass. Sarah’s ass was the source of TJ’s sexual appetite. He was insatiable, and he had a plan to satiate his lustful hunger.

TJ was tall, a bit over six foot or so, I’d estimate. He was virile, square-jawed, lean with broad shoulders and thick arms, hairy all over. Masculine to the max. He had black hair that appeared to be a bit brown in the light, with figments of very noticeable gray hair. TJ didn’t mind the gray hairs; in fact, he liked it, because he looked distinguished among his young adult peers. His deep voice gave him the aura of a dominant male, and with his charismatic persuasiveness, he had an idea on how he might sexually manipulate Sarah.

As mentioned, TJ was a college student. He dabbled in psychology and nutritional science. He had an affinity for studying the human body and physiological reactions to chemicals. One of the relevant chemicals in particular? Nicotine. He figured that he could mindfuck his sister Sarah into fucking him. After years of intense masturbation sessions, TJ had a plan to fuck Sarah senseless, but he had to be methodical.

Sarah sat on the bed in her bedroom, clad in a pair of pink pajamas and a gray tank top. half paying attention to the recorded episode of “Desperate Housewives” on her TV and half thinking about cigarettes. It had only been a couple of hours, and the cravings were already kicking in full force. She had not yet disposed of the pack of cigarettes sitting on her dresser. Every few minutes she’d glance at the smokes, mentally convincing herself – at least trying to – that she had no need for them. The physiological cravings were proving to be too much.

Around that time, TJ knocked on the door and let himself in without his sister’s approval.

“Forget how to knock and actually wait for a reply?” Sarah rhetorically asked, rolling her eyes in disgust, exasperated by her brother’s rudeness.

“Why are you so damn grouchy?” asked TJ, reciprocating with a rhetorical question of his own. “You’ve shut yourself in here like you’re some damn prisoner of your mind,” he stated with words of truth. Sarah had been in her room for the last three hours, filling up on recorded TV dramas. TJ perused the room, seeing the light pile of clothes lying beside her bed (including a pair of pink panties of hers that he recalled sniffing a few weeks back), the makeup rack scattered all over the place on the shelf, then he spotted the pack of cigarettes on the dresser. He pointed towards them before saying, “You are trying to quit smoking, and you have a pack of cigarettes sitting on the dresser? What, are you keeping them as a memento? A vigil?”

“No..” Sarah retorted, annoyed by his caustic words. She hesitated a moment. “Sorry. I don’t mean to be this way. Take them. Throw them out. Do something. I really, really want to quit smoking this time around.”

TJ grabbed the pack of cigarettes and ‘shot’ them into the garbage can as if he were shooting a basketball. “Do you? You tried every other time, and inevitably failed. Sarah, I want to help you, but this time you have to listen to me. Every single time I tried to lend my supportive suggestions, you ignored me.”

“All you say is ‘mind over matter’ this, ‘mind over matter’ that, but you don’t even fucking understand how hard it is to stop.”

“I don’t, but I can support you and help you, and I read something online this morning that is helping plenty of former female smokers stave off the cravings. Will you listen to me, and actually hear me out, or is everything going to go through one ear and out the other like last time?”

“Okay, okay… I will. What did you ‘find out’ about this ‘groundbreaking revelation’?” Sarah said with a forced half-smirk.

TJ remained calm on the exterior, but inside his mind couldn’t stop racing with the hopeful possibilities of fucking his sister. What he was about to tell her would instigate the footsteps that would lead to Sarah’s sweet ass. As Sarah bloviated about her new stop smoking efforts for the last week, TJ conjured this grandiose idea, and now it was time to put it into place.

“There has been countless scientific studies posted all over the place about…” he purposely hesitated, maintaining eye contact with his sister. “Hear me out, hear me out… don’t get all pissy about it, but I read that intermittent clit stimulation and oral sex over the course of a day has proven to be an extremely effective way to help smokers curve their addiction.”

“Uh… what?” Sarah quickly asked, puzzled all to hell. “How would that stop the cravings, exactly?”

“Well, I was getting ready to tell you. Remember how I told you a long time ago about the neurotransmitter ‘dopamine’ and how it’s called the happy hormone because whenever levels are up, you feel joy? Well, every time you smoked, you elevated the amount of dopamine that your body naturally produced, and now that you’ve stopped smoking, the stimulant effect from the nicotine is no longer there, so your dopamine levels are low, and that’s why you feel like shit.”

So far, TJ was being truthful with what he was saying. He continued…

“By stimulating the clit and giving oral, the sexual physiological responses naturally raise dopamine levels just like the nicotine did. With the woman’s lips around a penis, instead of having a cigarette in her mouth, she will stimulate her same senses like she would have done with a cigarette.”

TJ had officially turned on ‘bullshit mode’, but Sarah didn’t look so convinced. “Isn’t that just replacing one addiction with another?”

“Not really. If it is an addiction, it’s a healthy addiction compared to cigarettes. Besides, it’s basically only masturbation and a blowjob,” TJ said with a big grin.

“There’s no way I can do that, then. Well, the first one, yeah… but the oral sex? The only option to give oral is to go find some stranger and blow him, and I am NOT going to do that.”

“Is that really your only option, Sarah?”

“What do you mean?”

This was it.

“I’m your brother, and like I said, I’m here to support and help you no matter what…”

“What?! TJ, seriously? I am NOT going to suck your dick. That’s wrong on so many levels… ugh!” Sarah said, almost pretentiously as she emitted those words with a bunch of forced faces tantamount to the looks Charles Manson used to make in those old interviews. “That’s incest, and it’s fucking gross.”

“How in the hell does a blowjob count as incest? Especially if it’s not even sexual in the first place?! It’s only meant to help you stop smoking”, TJ replied, intensely defensive. “Would you rather put your lips on some guy that only wants to use your pretty lips for sexual satisfaction, or would you rather trust your brother, the one person you CAN trust in your life without a shadow of a doubt?”

“You made all of this up, didn’t you? You little fuckin’ pervert! You are that desperate for sex that you want to trick your own sister?”

“See, this is what I mean, Sarah!”, TJ emitted with a raised voice. “You never listen to my suggestions. You always write them off like you are doing now, calling me a pervert because I suggested some unorthodox advice you said you’d hear me out on. Look, I’m not going to ‘make’ you do this. I just think it would be worth a shot to try. Fuck it. Go back to the nicotine patches and the bullshit chewing gum. Pretty soon you’ll be smoking again, and I’ll have my face in my palm. If only you knew how badly I wanted to help you. Instead of actually hearing me out and understanding my true intentions of wanting to help you, you write me off as being a depraved piece of shit. I appreciate it, sister. Thanks.”

TJ gave a grade-A Oscar nominee effort in his act of guilt-fucking.

He turned around and began approaching the door when Sarah spoke up.

“Wait, stop, stop… you have to understand that you can’t just suggest that I give you oral and not expect me to blow up about it? It’s probably the weirdest stop-smoking method I’ve ever heard, but I don’t know…”

“I know, sis, but YOU have to understand that I’ve relentlessly tried to help you, and this is like a last ditch effort. Take it or leave it. What do you want to do?”

“Let me see it first…” Sarah said, biting her lower lip.

TJ unbuttoned and unzipped his pants before pulling them down and kicking them off. The only thing that remained in the way was his boxers. His heart was beating five thousand times a minute. So was Sarah’s. “It’s only a dick,” TJ quipped.

He curved his thumb and index finger over the waistband of his boxers and pulled them down, exposing his flaccid cock and the copious amounts of his jet-black pubic hair encompassing his solid pair of balls. His cock was minuscule while flaccid. He didn’t have a huge cock when he was hard, but it was the perfect length, or so he thought. He had many sexual excursions with the last couple of girls he dated, and he’d like to think he pleased the hell out of them. The thickness of his cock was a beneficial advantage, he reckoned.

Sarah gazed at his cock with wonderment. She had a blank look on her face, still biting her lower lip. She was curious, noticing for, really, the first time, that her brother was very much a handsome, hung young man.

“I’m really soft right now, but touch it. Just give it a try, sis. I won’t do anything you don’t want me to do. This is only to help you stop smoking… OK?” TJ affirmed. He was still very much hopeful.

Sarah was still speechless. She sat on the edge of the bed; her eyes, fixated on her brother’s cock, she took her right hand’s index finger and touched the tip of his cock, before cupping his balls in her palm, feeling his pubes in between her fingers. She licked her lips, giving them some moisture. TJ couldn’t believe this was actually happening. The image of his sexy sister licking her lips was almost too much to handle. His cock began to harden.

Sarah softly wrapped her delicate hand around her brother’s prick, clenching his shaft. She couldn’t control the natural feelings she was having over having her hand wrapped around her brother’s cock. Whether she wanted to think it was sexual or not, it was, and her body was betraying her as her pussy began to tingle. Still not emitting any words to TJ, she was speaking loudly to herself in her mind, fighting a futile battle by trying to rationalize that it wasn’t incest if she were only trying to abstain from smoking a cigarette ever again.

It wasn’t incest, she thought! She reaffirmed the idea that everything was perfectly normal and what she was about to do wasn’t taboo, but the sexual nature of the brother and sister’s ensuing oral act was very much erotogenic.

The erotic heat in Sarah’s palms had a predictable effect, as TJ’s cock grew in her hand under her stroke. He was harder than a brick, and he was fighting a battle of his own. His legs were almost trembling from the pure ecstasy of his sister jacking him off, and he was defending the urge to emit a pleasureful sigh or moan.

“When you are getting ready to cum, you better fucking tell me, or I’ll rip your balls off” Sarah said, making sure TJ understood, as she broke the deafening silence. “And when you do cum, grab these tissues and cum into them” she stated, pointing to the Kleenexes on her bed.

TJ nodded, but he had a reminder for his sister. “Okay, and for you, don’t forget about the clit stimulation. Take off your pajamas.”

Sarah released his cock and stood up, pulled down and removed the pajamas, revealing a pink pair of extremely feminine lace low-cut panties. TJ began stroking himself in order to stay hard, but it was a rather redundant act, as he didn’t need to because of the image of his sister in underwear being bestowed upon his eyes. His cock was groaning to deposit his cum all over his sister’s delectable body. He wanted, very badly, to inhale the scent of the front of panties to get a whiff of her pussy.

As Sarah reapproached TJ’s cock, he stopped her. “Wait, you have to take off the panties, too.”

“Ugh, what? No,” Sarah denied. “I’m not getting naked in front of you.”

“Seriously? I get naked in front of you, and it’s okay for me, but you can’t get naked in front of me? Wouldn’t it be annoying to flick the bean with panties constantly chafing against the back of your hand?”

“Ugh,” Sarah detested. “Alright, whatever. Just don’t use the term ‘flick the bean’ again.” TJ smirked.

She pulled down her panties, fully removing them and tossing them to the side. She was unmistakably nervous, as she knew her pussy was visible wet. TJ spotted her noticeable wetness immediately, and although he wanted to say something about it, he didn’t. Instead, he admired her with his eyes, as his lustful thoughts further sent him over the edge, but he wanted her too badly. He didn’t want to fuck this all up. Her pussy lips glistened with juice – they weren’t big, but at the same time they weren’t small. Just right in TJ’s dirty mind.

Sarah was stunningly beautiful. She looked at his cock while he looked at her pussy before her big blue eyes connected with TJ’s dark green eyes. They both stood in front of each other, her pussy becoming much wetter by the minute and his cock perennially stiff. They were both clad in t-shirts, but their genitals were completely exposed to one another.

The sexual tension between the older sister and her younger brother was evident without even saying a word. Both remained mute, as Sarah dropped to her knees, kneeling closer to TJ’s granite-like cock. This isn’t incest, this isn’t incest, this isn’t incest, this isn’t incest, this isn’t incest, she mentally retold herself.

All in one act, Sarah stuck her tongue out, looked up at him, their eyes connecting once more, as she swiped across the wet hole on the tip of his cock. TJ wanted more. He was in paradise.

Her juicy little pussy emanated even more discharge as she circularly rubbed her swollen tiny clit. She moved in with her thumb, stretching it out to rub her clit while she slid her index and middle fingers into her wet cunt. Her breathing became quick, as she kissed the head of her brother’s cock.

“God…” TJ accidentally let out with a pleasured sigh. “Sorry, sorry… it just feels good. Keep going. Think… think of it as a, a, cigarette. Mentally replace the cigarette with my cock.”

Sarah abided. With multiple, consistent kisses down the shaft of TJ’s cock all the way to the hilt, his pubes softly brushed against her pale, plump white cheeks. She continued to fingerfuck herself hard. She kissed her way back up to the top of his shaft, pressing her tongue against his head.

She pressed her sweet lips together and rubbed them down and back up his shaft once more. TJ was still in a state of shock and euphoria. He couldn’t believe his plan was working. Sarah was so fucking unintentionally horny. She needed to cum so desperately… she couldn’t even help it, and she hadn’t even taken his cock into her mouth yet!

Sarah gasped and let out a moan. Her breathing was intermittently heavy, her heart racing, she couldn’t stay still. Her legs squirmed, her pussy tingling… the taboo lust was only beginning to overcome her as she lavished her brother’s hard cock in her wet, sticky saliva.

As she made it back to the top of his cock, she tightened her lips and pressed them against his head, slowly pushing forward, before his cock finally broke through, into the warm, wet depths of his sister’s mouth. It was official: Sarah was sucking her brother TJ’s cock.

As her lips were now wrapped around his mushroom tip head, she progressively moved her head forward, nice and slowly. TJ might have told her to think of his cock like a cigarette, but it was too late for that. She was secretly enjoying herself. Sucking cock practically came second nature to her, as her ex asked her of it often.

TJ’s cock filled his sister’s mouth. “Sarah, it feels so good, I’m sorry…” he mumbled, barely audible. The fact that Sarah was sexually pleasing her brother made her pussy that much more wet. It was the greatest and most disgusting feeling she had ever felt up to that point. She felt so dirty, but at the same time she felt so right. She prided herself on being able to please a man by blowing him, and as wrong as it she felt it should have been, she was loving her brother’s thick cock in her wet little mouth.

TJ began moving his hips back and forth, lightly thrusting his throbbing dick in and out of his sister’s mouth. She began to clench her lips tighter around his shaft, greatly intensifying the sensation TJ was feeling. “Ohhh fuck yeeeah” he moaned. He relented the best he could, knew he wasn’t going to last much longer.

Sarah was lost in a sexual reverie. Her mind was spewing lascivious thoughts one right after the other. She was sucking her brother’s cock… and she loved it. She was on the brink of orgasm as she listened to her brother moan in pleasure. She took his moaning as a compliment. She knew she was pleasing him to the max, and for that reason she was on the brink of orgasm.

With every thrust of TJ’s cock sliding in and out of his sister Sarah’s mouth, loud slurping noises began to emanate due to the friction between Sarah’s lips and the ample amounts of her spit gratuitously covering all of TJ’s pulsing cock.

TJ’s pubes were doused in Sarah’s saliva. She had drooled all over his cock, and it had leaked to his balls and was dripping onto the carpet. Sarah’s thighs were drenched in her pussy juice as a result that she was dripping wet. Her juices were also leaking onto the floor. This was symbolism at its finest of their brother and sister incestuous communion, sanctifying the new covenant between them. The covenant no longer between a brother and sister, but now between man and woman.

Sarah pulled back and released her brother’s cock from the clutches of her lips. As she sinuously pulled back with her mouth open, a thick string of her slobber connected her bottom lip and the tip of her cock. She looked up at TJ, and he reciprocated. They were breathing heavily.

“I want you to fucking cum,” Sarah seductively demanded with a sinister grin on her face. She looked like a dirty, little, wanton slut, TJ thought. He had never seen her behave like this, and it drove him to the edge to hear her speak dirty like that.

With that, Sarah continued fingering herself with her left hand, and with her right she wrapped it around the bottom of TJ’s shaft and began stroking it, fast and hard, while she interchangeably smooched the tip of his cock with kisses and tongue strokes. TJ could hardly stand it. “Sarah, Sarah… Sarah…..” he groaned. He was getting ready to cum, and she knew it. This sent her beyond her limits. “Cum, baby brother! Fucking cum!” Sarah demanded, before resting the head of his cock on her tongue, waiting for his viscous white seed.

He felt it. Her sexy words were too much for him to handle. “I’m fucking cumming, Sarah, I’m fucking cumming, fuck!” he growled out as he felt his cock jerk in his sister’s warm, feminine hands.

Sarah’s pussy pulsated. Her whole body began to shake and convulse. Her moans were so loud she was practically screaming. “Sorrrrrrrryyyy…” TJ mumbled out as his cock spurted, squirting a giant geyser of thick, gummy cum, hitting different places on her face. Some semen landed on her forehead and on her cheeks, a minuscule amount hit her chin, but most of his burning jism found its way into the back of her throat and on her lips.

“Unn-huh”, Sarah groaned out loudly around his cock, as her big blue eyes rolled into the back of her head in absolute nirvana. She made no effort to spit it out or retreat from the barrage of her brother’s steamy semen that had overloaded her face and mouth.

The sight of his cum plaguing his sister’s face combined with the sexy sight of her blue eyes rolling black in ecstasy, TJ felt another powerful spasm of pleasure took his breath away as it tore through his throbbing cock.

“Fucccckingggg take it…” he choked out, reaching down and pushing his sister’s head down, pushing her mouth further down the shaft of his erupting dick as it twitched and spat out its last burst of a fiery load into her mouth. It was the most exhilarating thing that had ever happened to him.

The loud, vulgar sounds of Sarah slurping on his cock and gulping down his sperm-loaded cream filled TJ’s ears as he held her mouth shoved down around his cock. His cum dripped from her chin and cheeks onto the floor, making a splat sound as it hit the carpet. They made a fucking mess. All from a fucking blowjob.

The smell of sex was very much in the air. Musk and sweat, cum and pussy juice. It was a delicious elixir, a piquant pungency. Sarah’s face was a mess. She looked like she’d just partaken in bukkake. Her forehead was dripping with sweat amalgamating with her brother’s semen. She was more relaxed than she had been in months. Her orgasm was the most intense orgasm she could remember having.

“So much for the tissues,” TJ said with a hearty laugh, as their breathing and heart rates began to normalize.

“That was… really fun,” Sarah giggled, with a smile. She began to blush. “It kind of got out of hand, but I guess that was to be expected, really. Hey, I’m going to go clean up.”

Sarah stood up and kissed her brother on the cheek. As she retired to the bathroom, TJ watched her big, round, meaty ass jiggle and sway back and forth. It was the first time he’d ever seen her bare butt. TJ had not yet fucked his sister Sarah, but he had just blown his load all over her face, as she had brought both of them to a glorious orgasm. The ultimate sexual feat was still to vie for: TJ needed to fuck his sister Sarah in the ass.

TJ put his pair of jeans back on, washed his hands and retreated to his bedroom to relax for a while.

A couple of hours later, he heard a knock on his bedroom door.

“TJ!” Sarah yelled for his attention. “I feel like smoking again.”

TJ grinned. . .

Rating: 94%, Read 101630 times, Posted Apr 18, 2012

Fantasy | Blowjob, Coercion, Cum Swallowing, Incest, Masturbation


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