The Flame Breathes Love by LoveEternal

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Fiction | First Time, Male, Romance, Teen Female, Virginity

First things first. I would like to Say hello to all of the new readers on here. Its been a while since my last submission to this site ( around 5 years or so ). When I last was writing stories I was around 15 years old and I was just discovering the many wonders of the erotic world we so shamefully hide. I was also unfortunately new to the whole spell-check thing as well HeHe. If you’re new to my stories then I’d just like to let you know what my genre is and has always been about. I simply like to write about Young, Inexperienced and conditional Love. Basically stupid kids who want to express themselves but just don’t know how to show it. I’m a bit older now, but I still have a passion in my heart to let the world know there’s still true, real life, romance and that its some of the best real sexual encounters left. I wrote this story when I was 13 years old. I’m 21 now and now that I’m fully graduated with my degree in engineering, I’m starting to write new works for this account but this old story is a good entry into what my works will contain in the near future. I’m really putting this story out as a test to see if people would still enjoy reading what I have to write. So please give me all the feedback I can get. Negative or Positive, feedback is feedback and will let me know if I should, in fact, keep putting stories out for the readers here. On a side note, if you like this story and would like to read more of my works from when I was a teenager, I have some spread across two old accounts I used to write on. (Boston Richards and Jeremy 1) So I hope you enjoy this story and what is to come because this is why I am doing this, to entertain YOU the reader. Also to make you get the release you come to this site for : D.

Dillon’s cold fingers lay restless upon the keys of his Mac book. He was intensely bored.

I really need to do something tonight, Dillon thought to himself. I can’t survive another night in this cold house. It was a very cold night in Madison Wisconsin, and Dillon was wrapped up in a huge blanket strolling through the same boring forums, as he did the night before, and the night before that. His parents had left him and his sister home for the weekend and the thought of being able to do something out of the ordinary was enticing him, but the fact that nothing had come to his mind was haunting him.

Dillon was 15 years old. He stood about 6 feet tall and weighed around 140 pounds. His hair, brown in color and long in length, fell in front of his eyes, which he casually shook his head from time to time, to clear his blue eyes line of site to the screen of his computer. All of his friends were perfectly busy, on this perfect night for him to leave his house. The truth was, his sister was having her friends over, and the fact of the matter was he hated most of them. They were loud, annoying and shared all of the interests of his sister, who didn’t share any of the same interests of her brother.

“You really need to put some clothes on, you bum” Audrie shouted at her brother from across the room.

“My friends are coming over and I highly doubt they would want to see your naked self, right out in the open like that”

“Ill have you know, I have girls wanting to see me naked each and every night of the week” Dillon said calmly with his eyes closed in digression

“and ill have you know that all of those girls from your forums are really 50 year old fat men wanting a 12

year old girl to fuck them” She said laughing

“ I guess we will never know” He shot back at her with an unimpressed look

“Just please stay in your room. You’re a real bother ya know?” She pleaded

“Fine ill go out on the deck and start a fire, it’s a lot warmer then this fucking place” He said as he walked off with his laptop to the deck leaving his sister behind to prepare for her guests arrival.

Dillon made his way out onto his porch, which was a separate extension from the house. His dad had it built just for them so they could have a place to hang out. There was a fire place, which Dillon then started to make a fire in. His father was strict on using so much heat and claimed having a fire place would help with a lot of the rising heating costs of the Madison area. After the fire was started, and Dillon saw fit to stop stoking and tending to its needs, he grabbed his Laptop and adjusted a comfortable spot on his couch. Now upon his seat, he stared into the fire, as it started to burn higher and higher and illuminate his presence in the dark room. He drifted off for, who knows how long, and began to dream of the majestic sparks floating in his head.

Dillon awoke about an hour later to the door to the main house opening and closing with a loud bang. He felt alive knowing the presence of others in his house outside of his regular day attendance. His sister’s friends were here, and judging by the loud squealing, they were still annoying as fuck. He lifted his head and peered over the back of his couch to see who had arrived. The usually suspects had shown as usual like Marissa, Amanda, and Sarah but this time there was a new face, someone he hadn’t seen before. This girl was quite different than the rest of her counterparts. She stood around 5’4 120-130 pounds which was out of the ordinary considering most of my sisters friends were 6 foot blond bombshell cheerleaders. She was very cute and compact, which appealed to Dillon’s male senses right away. She wore thick rimmed glasses as if she was applying to be a librarian, and they framed her rather large Brown hues very well. The truth was, she was perfect in every way and his couldn’t help but feel an attraction as he stared helplessly from the deck. His gaze kept straight until he realized she had found his eyes as well. They stared into one another’s eyes for what seemed like months, until he noticed the smile upon her perfect face. Upon realizing how sketchy he must have appeared gazing from a distance like as he was, he ducked back down to conceal his presence and rolled his eyes into the back of his head to proclaim how awkward he felt. For the next hour or so he listened closely to the conversations that took place just beyond the threshold of his audible hearing range.

“So yea, its great you decided to come over Cammy, it’s always fun to have new people over.” stated Audrie

“Yea I’m very happy you would have me over, it’s kind of tough being new to your school and all, I mean like to meet new people and stuff.” Cameron said shyly

“Oh you don’t have to worry about that, not too much of a clique problem at this school, we all tend to get along with each other.” Audrie assured her

“Oh that’s very nice to hear. So who was that boy over there, if you don’t mind me asking?” Cameron said as she pointed over in Dillon’s general direction.

llon felt all the nerves in his stomach swell at the question. He was feeling very intense and the only way to lessen his excitement was to close his eyes and grit his teeth.

“Oh that’s my brother Dillon, don’t mind him, he’s just one of those geeks who plays on his computer all day” Audrie laughed

“Oh haha, that’s funny” Cameron laughed half heartedly as she stared off into the darkness of the room in which he dwelled

Dillon couldn’t be sure, but he felt her eyes staring, looking for his presence and the suspense was killing him. As he heard them all talking about the aspects of girl life in high school, he took a chance to peer over the couch again hoping to catch a glimpse of this beautiful new wonder that soaked up all of his thoughts for the past hour. As he slowly raised his head to send a watchful glance, he saw that she was still looking directly at where his head had popped before. His eyes widened as did hers, both knowing they were caught red handed. He then quickly shot his head down again in embarrassment as she turned her head back to the conversation quite quickly as well.

For the next 15 minutes or so, he stared at the fire with bewilderment.

“Was she looking for me? I wonder if she thinks I’m cute or something. I wish I could talk to her and see what she’s really like. She doesn’t seem to be like them, she seems to be like me.” All of these senseless thoughts paced quickly through his head. They seemed too much for him to comprehend so he quickly tried to compose himself as he spoke to himself underneath his cold breath. “I’m thinking way too much of this. She probably was admiring the light from the fire or something. Yea that’s it, it’s just the light of the fire.” Dillon assured himself over and over.

Dillon listened for another 20 minutes until he heard the girls head up the stairs giggling with one another. As the footsteps faded away, he went back to watching the fire and thinking the senseless thoughts that had been providing him with some of the best free entertainment he could have hoped for.

As the silence and comfort set back in, Dillon slowly drifted away into a light sleep, which contained endless thoughts of this angel, the angel that had haunted every waking thought he could posses since she had so suddenly come into his life, and stolen his heart for the first time.

Dillon had now been asleep for 2 hours or so when he was awoken by the crackling of the fire. It had still been burning very bright which was quite odd, seeing as how no one was there to keep it at its full potential. His was still quite blurred from just being awakened and he rubbed his eyes to better survey the dark room in which he was still sitting. Upon opening his eyes again he was shocked and somewhat amazed at the present he had received. There sat Cameron, across the room from him under a blanket staring directly at him.

“Why hello there” Cameron greeted him

“Uh…. Hi” Dillon responded with a little laugh as he stretched his arms to ease his excitement.

“Sorry to invade like this, but I was terribly bored up there” Cameron said with a slight smirk on her face

“It’s ok I was bored down here too” he said as they both smiled at one another

“So Dillon is it? My names Cameron. Id say call me Cammy like your sister does, but I hate that name. I saw you a little earlier and I wanted to say hi but I thought your sister would be kind of mad if I just introduced myself to you.” She said in kind of an exasperated state

“ Well then Ill call you Cameron” he said with a rather large smile on his face

“So I noticed you kept glancing over at me” she said with a shy smile

Oh haha yea. I just had never seen you before so it was kind of a surprise.” He responded

“Do you think im pretty?” She said with widened eyes

Dillon was foraging through many words he could say at that very moment. He probably would rather have killed himself then say something stupid and ruin any chance he had with her.

“Uh.. sure” he said with a smile, But behind the smile he felt the failure of his words growing in the pit of his stomach

“I mean yes I do” he said feeling even worse for sounding too forward now

She just smiled at what seemed like his discomfort.

“Do you have a girlfriend?” She asked with a shy voice

“Uhm, no I’m not the most social person around. Not many girls around here like the same stuff I do.” He spouted back

“ I already feel the same way” she said smiling at him

They stared at one another for about 5 minutes with what would seem to any 3rd party perspective, to be the most awkward occurrence in history, but to them it seemed perfect.

“So do you mind if I sit with you? I mean if it’s not too weird or anything. This blanket just doesn’t seem as comfortable as yours and I’m quite cold over here.” She said with a slyer painted grin this time

“Okay.. yea thats cool”. He tried to sound smooth, but inside he felt an intense feeling growing in his stomach as she got up wrapped in her blanket and walked over to him

As she dropped her blanket, he was amazed to see her body again. She was wearing very short shorts and a tight black tank top. He admired the little pink bat drawings that covered the shorts she was wearing as she plopped down on the couch to sit closer to him. He opened the blanket to let her get underneath it as well. They were both now laying down at the ends of the couch staring at one another then back at the fire in a seemingly timeless ritual.

“This is much better” she said as she sighed and stretched her legs out.

“ Yea haha” He responded quite coyly

They sat there for a while. Still looking at one another in silence not knowing what the other was thinking. Dillon wondered what would be the next happening on this very weird night and just as he was thinking this she then made her next move.

“Would you mind if I took my shorts off? I’m not trying to sound like a slut or anything, it’s just very comfortable in these things and I can’t really relax in them. I mean I won’t if you don’t want me to.

“No its perfectly fine, he shot back at her with eyes wide open.

And just like that, she began to wiggle and pulled her shorts out from underneath the covers and let them fall to the ground. She smiled at his apparently shocked appearance and decided to make another move.

“My my, it’s still very cold. Hmm I wonder, would you want to sit closer? I mean it’s not all that bad if we just sat closer to one another, our body heat would make it seem less cold ya know?” She said slyly

“Oh yes definitely” he said quickly as she slowly slid closer and closer to him.

As she slid up right next to him he felt her bare leg press up against his and her arm touching his arm as she leaned into him.

“Well this is definitely much better. I was sooooo cold over there by myself and now I feel much warmer now.” She said looking right into his eyes

Dillon could barely breath. Here was this beautiful girl sitting right next to him and both of them were wearing barely any clothes.

“So do you think it would be a bad thing if we cuddled?” She said kind of laughing half hardly

“I think it would be awesome”, he said quit fast.

She then laid her back down on the couch and he slowly lowered himself half on top of her and half to the back side of the couch. She slowly turned her head to him as they now where both inches from one another’s face starting intently into one another’s souls.

“So what do you believe in?” Dillon asked in a whisper

“I believe in this. I believe in this moment” She whispered back

And just like that Dillon knew it was okay to move forward with the situation. He began slowly kissing up her shoulder and around her neck. He slowed his breath to long drawn out breaths of hot air, that made Cameron shiver with every exhale. His kisses trekked up the side of her neck until he met her young cold lips. He knew this was right. He felt her breaths enter his mouth as he plunged deep into her mouth with a long passionate kiss. The fire between them felt enough to burn the entire state to the ground as they fearfully conducted the beautiful battle of tongues and lips. His hands slowly slide up the side of her leg and grabbed her skin at random moments on its journey to her hips. His other hand gripped tightly to the back of her hair as he completely dominated her being. She moaned slightly whenever he would bight her bottom lip and he knew then that she enjoyed his ability to cause her pain and cause her pleasure at the same time. She felt helpless in his arms, and that’s exactly how she wanted to feel. She wanted him to take her, take all of her and keep it as his own.

“Have you ever done any of this before? She said with a shiver down her spine due to his masterful hands working her body

“Not really, this is all just coming naturally” he said in a whisper to her neck

“Do you want to go all the way?” She said now drawing attention from his eyes

“I’ll do whatever you want me to” He said with an assuring smile

“Do you have a condom?” she asked

“I don’t think so” he responded

“I don’t want to get pregnant for my first time” she said now as he began to hold her face

No that wouldn’t be good” he said now looking deeper into her eyes

“I think we can, but we just have to be careful” she said now biting her bottom lip in a pure moment of lust and bewilderment

“I think it will be ok” he said as his hands now rested on her hips

He then slowly dragged his hands down her hips letting her panties slide down with them. He brought them down to her feet and she raised her feet up to help him release her of her second to last bit of clothing she had left to release. He followed by sliding off his own undergarments and positioning himself between her young pale legs. His dick was now hard as a rock now knowing what was in the near future for his faithful friend. He slowly slid the head of his 7 inch dick up and down the already soaking wet slit that acted as the door way to her unexplored depths. She placed her hands on his shoulders and grabbed tight as his dick finally found the spot it seemed to have been searching for his whole life. She then nodded to him as he stopped for reassurance. This was all he needed. He then plunged forward slowly at first and pressed as much of his weight down as possible to let his member slide in as much as it could without hurting her. Her pussy was very compact and allowed little to no leeway for his dick to make it the full length. She shuttered and gripped his shoulders with a fierce clamp to signify her pain to him.

“Is it hurting too much?” he asked with a true sense of concern

“No its ok. It just needs to get used to its size” She said reassured with an odd looking grit look to her face.

“keep going I want you all the way inside me” She said between her slight gasps in breath

After this go ahead, he then pushed more forward and broke through her hymen. She gasped quite harder how and he began to pull out in fear that he might have hurt her way too much this time.

“No please don’t stop. You need to go through with it now.” She snapped at him

In the excitement of the moment he plunged all the way forward now pushing all 7 inches of his dick into her until there was no more left of him to go in. She inhaled quite loudly now, before closing her mouth. Her face looked shocked by the pain and the nails from her fingers clawing into the back of Dillon, enough for him to grit his teeth from the pain. He stared in amazement at the expression on her face as she subsided and brought her face up to his. He opened his mouth to meet her and they began to kiss as hard as they could. This seemed to be the way for both of them to deal with the pain.

“Ok you can start to move it” She said after about a minute or two from it being completely inside of her.

He then began to slowly move in and out in an un rhythmic style of thrust in order to get used to the natural stroke that all of the men in history had done before him. After 9 to 10 thrust he began to pick up the pace. He had stopped kissing her now and started to lift his hips up and putting deeper strokes into his movement. She began to breathe heavier and heavier as he did. More and more his strokes became faster and more violent as more and more she became vocal. Her petite voice started to moan as he buried his head into her neck and pounded harder and harder. His dick was well lubricated from her natural womanly juices and the blood from her cherry had being popped. He was going so fast now that his balls were slapping her ass and adding to the erotic sensation of it all. He was surprised that he had lasted this long but knew he wasn’t going to last much longer.

“I think I’m Cumming” He said in a slight groan

“Do what you feel is right” She said in a moment of lust and bewilderment

And just like that he took 3 large stokes into her that had them both shuttering larger then a category 5 earthquake. Spurt after spurt he shot hot streams of cum right into her teenage stomach filling her up as much as he could before pulling out.

“I couldn’t get out” he said with a disgruntled look on his face

“It’s ok. Whatever happens, happens. We will find a way” she said now with her hands upon his face

He got up and she let herself up to put her panties back on.

“Well I think I should get back up there, its almost 3 am and if your sister catches me down here with you shed probably be angry” She said laughing as she picked up her blanket and made her way towards the door.

“Hey Cameron?” He spoke to her before she walkeded away


“Do you believe in love at first site?”

She hesitated while smiling before she turned and made her way down the hall.

“I believe in this Moment”

Cameron then disappeared down the hall leaving Dillon alone on that dark porch. He then turned to the fire still panting from the massive orgasm he had just induced. The flames from the fire danced around in his head and illuminated the sweat beads on his fore head as he tilted his head back and fell asleep for the last time that night.

Rating: 88%, Read 11485 times, Posted Nov 21, 2008

Fiction | First Time, Male, Romance, Teen Female, Virginity


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