The Fate of a Kingdom; Chapter 6 by AvengerKnight

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Fantasy | Blowjob, Consensual Sex, Erotica, Female, Male, Violence

“Are you alive?” Rayne repeated.

“I hope so, because if this is heaven then my father lied to me” he half cracked a smile as he spat up some blood.

Rayne and I held an arm each as we both supported him to his feet.

“Can you walk?” I asked.

“Yes” he paused breathing slowly “yes, I think I can!” He stood for a moment, breathing heavy though his mouth. “What happened?” He asked in anguish.

“You were betrayed your highness! This was a trap!” I told him, still holding him up.

“By whom?” his face covered in blood and full of pain.

“You would not believe me...”

“You’re brother!” Rayne said matter of factly.

“Brutus? No he could never have! Your words are treason!!” His voice more venomous than before.

“It’s true my Lord! He has made a pact with Remus. Who do you think set up this meeting for peace?” I said to him. “Think what that white wolf in the cloak said as well!”

“It cannot be!l” he said as he shrugged me off and staggered over to lean on a wall. Rayne and I could hear him mumbling and talking to himself.

After several minutes of debate he finally turned to us. “He said when my brother would be king but I’m the heir to the throne!”

“You’re brother intended to kill you, become heir, then become king after killing your father!” Rayne said plainly to the Prince.

“My father may already be in danger” a sudden realisation finally taking over the Prince. “We must get back to Astu at once!”

“You think?!” Rayne said sarcastically.

“My men? The horses?” He asked as he staggered his way back to were the horses where.

“You’re men are all dead my Lord, the horses remain though!”

“That traitor!” He growled.

The prince mounted on of the horses as Rayne and I mounted one each. Rayne guided the forth with her as we quickly returned to Lenta and my sister. Lenta rode the fourth horse as my sister jumped up behind me.

“We must not delay!” The Prince said as we took off towards the capital.

We had covered some distance but the light was beating us. It was night as we approached a small village named, Ora. It was a seaside village with many fishing boats scattered the beach.

“We must rest here!” Rayne called as we stopped in the village.

“No we must press on!” The Prince said.

“Your highness, you are weak and we have been traveling for many days!” I tried to reason with him. “You need to let your wounds heal at least a little.”

“Ragnar is right, we can set off at first light!” Rayne told him.

“I will need my strength if I am to face my brother!” He spoke, trying to reason in himself.

“Your brother won’t be much closer to the capital as we are. We saw him at Lupus!” I said to the Prince approaching his horse. “That’s where we heard of the plot against you and the kingdom!”

“He will hang for this!” He sneered. “But alas you are right! We must speak with the village leader.”

Rayne spoke with a villager and soon after an elder man in a long ragged robe approached us carrying a lit torch. He instantly bowed upon seeing the Prince.

“Your highness! You honour us with your presence in our humble village!” His head still bowed down.

“We require a place to sleep and food!” The Prince said simply.

“Of course my liege, we have small hovels for traveling fishermen, they are currently empty but there is only three of them.”

“Ragnar and I shall take a one each and the woman can share!”

“Eh I don’t...” Rayne began to speak.

“See it done!” The Prince ordered not listening to Rayne’s protest as he kicked his horse away towards the fore mentioned hovels.

“Of course my liege!” The elder bowed lower and scurried away.

It wasn’t long after that we were set up in the wooden framed hovels. They were small with little in them other than two beds. I soon found out that the girls hovel only had two beds as well as Rayne entered mine unannounced.

“Don’t even!” She held her hand up in my direction as I lay on my bed. As she place her weapons by the bed side. She took off her thin armour placing that to the side as well.

“Thank you!” I weakly spoke out.


“Thank you for coming with me and saving my sister! Saving me!” I said to her with genuine thanks.

“Don’t mention it!” She said with her back still to me.

“You didn’t have to come yet you did, help me get her back. How can I repay you?” I sat up on the edge of the bed.

“You saved my life in that guard room, call it a debt settled!” She smiled to me as she sat on the edge of her bed.

“Hardly!” I half laughed. “You’ve probably killed double I have the last few days!”

Her head hung low a little. “In that guard room when he was strangling me, there was a moment that I thought I might die!”

I moved across the small space between us and sat next to her. “Rayne I wasn’t going to let that happen! How else would I have found my way out!” I joked.

“Fuck off!” She punched me in the arm.

“But seriously thank you!” I sincerely told her.

“Honestly it’s fine, I’m just glad we got your sister out alive!” She smiled, her hand squeezing mine but remaining there, her gaze on our hands.

“A debt I could never repay!” I said, her gaze lifting to meet mine. There was a burning desire deep inside of me now. This woman had risked her life for me and my sister. She had stuck with me. I had grown to admire her even over such a short time. My heart beat faster as I gazed into her eyes. Her eyes were soft as she matched my gaze. A great feeling of wanting to kiss her lips filled me. I took a chance.

I closed the space between us and planted my lips on hers. She hesitated back at first and I thought I had blown it but her lips soon pressed harder against mine as she closed her eyes and groaned.

Her hand squeezed mine harder as our kiss became more full of passion. Our tongues passing our lips and tangling around each other.

Rayne’s other hand came up to cup the side of my head as she kissed me deeper. There was a deeper feeling than just desire as we kissed.

My free hand cupped the small of her back as we kissed more. Barely coming up for breath.

After what felt like a lifetime we finally broke our kiss. Our lips moved a little further apart but our faces were still close and our hands none moving.

“Rayne I think...” I was silenced by her finger.

“No more talking!” She said as she stood up. My hands fell to my lap as she stripped herself of her clothes. Moments later she stood before me in her naked glory. Her figure silhouetted by the moon light. Hard to believe this beauty in front of me was such an expert killer but her in this bare form. A small sense of vulnerability but still confident.

“You can stop staring!” She smiled as she broke my stare and moved closer.

My hands found her hips and moved round to her firm ass. So soft for such a hardened fighter. Rayne’s hand found the back of my head as she pulled me into her chest. My mouth latching straight onto her hard nubs.

Rayne gave a low moan as I sucked her nipple into my mouth. My hands caressing her rear, squeezing her cheeks. Her hand nestled tightly in my hair as she pulled me closer to her body. My fingers edging in between her legs, feeling her warmth, her want. I slid one hand further in as I traced my finger along the line of her swollen lips. I pressed my finger upwards and I was met with an other loud moan as Rayne’s head fell back. My finger moving further as I found the entrance to her hot liquid heaven. My finger slid inside her with ease, her finger tips digging deeper into my head.

I managed to pull my head back for a breath before Rayne whined and pulled me back against her teet. I sucked her nipple harder as my finger explored deeper between her legs. Her juices running down my finger and across my hand. I added a second finger as I pumped my arm upwards.

Rayne’s moaning filled our small little hovel. I pumped my fingers faster as her grip on my head got tighter, it almost began to hurt. I switched my attention between each of her delicious hard nipples as my fingers worked harder.

Rayne’s hand fell from my head and grabbed my arm as she dug her nails in. Her other hand holding onto my shoulder as her whole body tensed up. Her legs clamped around my hand as she gave out an inaudible scream. Her nails digging so deep into my arm and shoulder than I’m sure she drew blood. I held onto her tightly as her legs gave way a little, her breathing laboured.

“Kiss me” she said breathlessly.

Our lips locked again as she stood in between my legs. Her fingers pulling at my top as we kissed deeper.

Our kiss only broke as I helped her pull off my top. Our lips didn’t reconnect as she slipped down my body and now tugged at my pants. Lifting my hips slightly she pulled them from under me as my cock sprang free in her face. A wicked grin grew across her face as she knelt down in front of me.

Her hands slid along my thighs as she hungrily looked at the pulsating flesh before her. I wasn’t exactly sure what she was planning to do but with a lick of her lips, the head of my cock disappeared into her eager mouth.

It was an other new experience for me and my head tilted back as a new sense of pleasure rushed through me. It was different to being in between her legs, the sensation of her sucking and bobbing of her head was wonderful. I could feel her tongue swirl around the tip of my cock as I watched it’s length partially disappear into her mouth.

My shaft was becoming slicker as saliva trickled down my length and across my balls. Rayne now moved her right hand from my thigh and gripped tightly at the base of my shaft. She worked in tandem as she bobbed her head up and down which she matched with her hand as her wrist moved to the speed of her head. Her left hand dug a little into my thigh as she moaned around my cock.

Low groans escaped my mouth as I watched on in fascination. Her red hair waving around as she sucked the life out of me. The tingling sensation started to grow fast from deep inside and I gave out a almost frantic moan and felt my cock stiffen even more.

Rayne must have sensed the impending eruption and pulled herself away.

A whine like moan left my lips as I stared at her in frustration!

Wordlessly she climbed onto my lap. Her wet sex brushing my aching cock. Settling herself into position she lifted her hips and used her hand to guide me into her.

We both moaned aloud as I filled her with my cock. Her arms wrapped around my neck as she pressed her breasts into me. Her hips now bouncing up and down. I held her by her firm ass and squeezed tightly as she rode me.

Rayne’s head hung back as she moaned out in pleasure. She bounced hard onto me and in no time the feeling was back. I grabbed her hips and pulled her down onto me as I exploded. My hips thrusted upwards as I groaned. Her pussy gripped my shaft tightly as she tensed a little, a small shudder running through her body.

We sat entangled together for a while as we both came down from our highs. I was seeing Rayne in a completely different light now. The strong feelings I had for her made me want to hold her like this forever. I had no idea if she felt the same but the smile on her face told me that she just might.


Rayne and I shared a bed that night. We made slow love again sometime in the early morning and I could have lay there all day with her if it wasn’t for the Prince calling out that we had to leave. The task at hand coming back to mind and realising there was greater work we needed to do.

Prince Leon thanked the Village leader and we set off. The Prince leading the way with Lenta behind, then Rayne with myself and Luna. The Prince set the pace and we were travelling at some speed.

We continued along the coastal path of the great sea and by late afternoon, early evening we could see Astu on the horizon.

As we approached the main gate, the guards called out and the way was cleared. We made our way through the capital and approached the inner castle gate. The gate was down and armed men stood in front of it and upon getting to the gate, Sir Gareth was there too. A shocked look of surprise on his face.

“You’re highness?!” His face almost ghost like “you? You’re dead? Your brother told it so!”

“I am alive as I stand here in front of you. Now open this gate!” The prince growled.

“We have just received orders from your brother to keep the inner castle locked! he sheepishly said.

“My brother is a traitor, now open this gate at once! Summon the kings guard and meet me in the throne room!” The prince shouted.

“Of course sire!” He said as he bowed his head before her shouted out “open the gate!!”

Sir Gareth glanced at us as we rode past, following the Prince.

A few armed guards met us at the grand door to the throne room and took our horses. All of them with a look of disbelief as they looked at the prince.

We followed behind the prince as he burst open the wooden doors before him.

“BRUTUSSSS!!!” He called out in anger.

At the far end of the throne room, King Nemea sat hunched in his chair, Brutus knelt down by his side. There was an equal look of shock from their faces as Leon called out.

“Leon?” The king muttered as he stared in disbelief at his apparent dead son.

“Brother?!” Brutus mumbled. “Brother!!” He called out more loudly. “Father it’s a miracle!” Brutus rose to his feet and moved to greet his brother. All he was greeted with was a punch to the face.

“You bastard!” Prince Leon hissed as he stood over his brother who was now on the floor clutching his face. “You traitorous bastard!!” He said as he punched him again.

“LEON” the king bellowed out as he rose from his throne. “What is the meaning of this?”

“Father, I was led into a trap. Brutus is in allegiance with Lord Romulos and the white wolves. The negotiation meeting was a trap. Remus wasn’t there. Only an assassin. They killed all of our men and if it wasn’t for these people I would be dead!” He snarled the last word towards his brother as he kicked him.

The room then filled with heavy armed men followed by Sir Gareth.

“Take him away!” Leon barked as some men approached and grabbed Brutus.

“Wait!” The king called out, he wobbled his way and stood before his son. “Is this true?”

Brutus hung his head. “Father I would never betray this kingdom or you!”

“Liar” Leon shouted as Sir Gareth and another guard restrained him. “Ask them! They know it true as well!”

The two brothers began to shout out. Brutus defending his innocence and Leon trying to get to him.

“Silence!!” The king shouted out almost like a lions roar. The whole room fell silent.

We all stood there. The king rubbed his temples as he partially walked away. He then called out to me. “Ragnar, come fourth!” He paused before more softly asking. “Are these accusations true?”

“I’m sorry your highness they are.” I replied bowing my head.

“Lies!” Brutus shouted.

“Be silent!” The king glared at his son before turning back to me “And why should I believe you? What’s to say you and Leon aren’t making this up?” He stared me down.

“Your heighness, before you is my sister Luna and an other captive of Lord Romulos’! They may not have been witness to Brutus’ words of betrayal but they can bare witness that they saw Brutus at Lupus!” I stepped forward “Brutus was there to choose a new wife out of the many slave girls, only just the other day. How could it be possible that he came back so quick with news of your sons death when the attack only just happened. Because he knew the Prince was supposed to die!”

“You’ll die for this!” Brutus snarled at me.

“Not before you hang!” Leon growled back.

The king held up his hand, I fell silent, the brothers doing so as well.

“Sir Gareth?” He spoke out.

“Yes sire?”

“Take Brutus to the dungeon and put him in a cell! Take Leon to his chambers and see to it that he doesn’t leave!”

“Of course your highness!” Sir Gareth nodded.

“You are beyond words!” The king spoke to Brutus, his voice wavering with hurt. “You will go on trial tomorrow!” With that the king walked away and sat back on his throne.

Sir Gareth and the other heavily armed men led the two brothers away in separate directions.

“Guard?” The King called out, “send for Ancilla!”

The guard nodded and left the room. Soon after a large round woman came into the room.

“Ancilla would you please see to our guests. They require food and rest!” The King ordered as the large woman with her black hair bowed before turning to us.

“If you would follow me please.” She gestured towards a door in the side of the throne room.

We followed Ancilla who led us through a hallway into a large dining hall. There was a large wooden table that stretched almost the full length of the room. It must have been able to seat at least twenty people.

“Please take a seat and I will be right back!” The plump maid scurried off.

“This place is incredible!” Luna whispered. “It’s so big and grand!”

“This is nothing like where I came from!” Lenta spoke out. Her eyes wide with amazement much like my sisters.

Rayne remained silent as she simply smiled on at the two gocking girls.

I just squeezed my sisters hand, relieved to have her back safe! No idea what was going to happen to us next but at least she wasn’t alone.

We sat for a few minutes. Luna and Lenta talking away. Stolen glances between Rayne and myself. Suddenly two small girls led by Ancilla entered the room. Upon the table they placed trays of bread, fruits, meat and all other sorts. My sister and Lenta dove straight in. To be fair they must not have had a decent meal in a while. Rayne was hesitant as was I but the growl and rumble from my belly told me other wise.

We spent maybe around a hour eating until we were full. Ancilla came in with the two girls and they cleared the table. Moments later, she returned but this time with a teenage boy.

“Ladies if you would follow me!” She said as she walked to the far end of the room.

“Sir if you could come with me!” He said more quieter to me and indicated the door we originally came through.

With a couple glances of confusion between the four of us, my sister gave me a tight hug before following behind Rayne and Lenta.

The boy took me through a couple of hallways until what seemed like the guards wing of the castle. In a long narrow room were a several beds spaced out.

“You can sleep here!” He said to me, pointing to a bed in the corner and with that he walked away.

“Um ok?!” I said to myself. With that I was left alone in a room that had a few men sleeping on beds and some empty. I took my sword and armour off but lay on the bed with the rest of my clothes on.

I lay there for a while, staring blankly up at the stone roof above me. Eventually I fell asleep.

I was awoken some time later but someone shaking me. I had no idea what time it was but the small stream of light through a small crack window showed it was at least morning. The person shaking me was Sir Gareth.

“Ragnar wake up! The king requires your attention!” He said both hands on my shoulders shaking.

I grunted and mumbled a response.

“Wake up!” He shouted with a more serious tone. “Brutus is gone!”

Rating: 93%, Read 5497 times, Posted Jul 20, 2020

Fantasy | Blowjob, Consensual Sex, Erotica, Female, Male, Violence


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