ZZ2 - Pink by ShySquatch

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Fiction | Incest, Young

-From the beast within-

(This story is pure fiction. none of it is nor will ever take place)

What was a fella to do? I had a good looking girlfriend in the driver’s seat beside me, obviously she already have nefarious plans for me today. Then at home I had a little 10 year old sister that wanted me to guide her into womanhood. Both seem to know of my kryptonite weakness, and were willing to use it against me.

Tina and I had an early class together, but from there on out we were on different ends of the school till lunch. Just before lunch I got a text message that she wanted me to meet her out by the school stadium. Oh man, here we go! I knew she was up to no good, but what's a guy to do? I wandered down to the main stadium entrance and found Tina gazing out at the football field. I eased up behind her and ran my hands down her back, across her ass and down the back of her leg to her knee. She kinda melted into me. I kissed her deeply and said "hi lover". She laughed softly and turned and hugged me.

"Hi yourself, lover, how about helping a girl on a special high protein diet, get her lunch?" she said with a rather evil grin on her face.

"And where do you plan to have this picnic, hmmm?"

"humm, well let’s see, where to have a picnic at a football stadium?"

I was getting a little worried about how public exactly she wanted out private lives. I must have had a look of worry on my face, because she laughed and quickly finished with "oh don't worry, I’m not that evil" and grabbed my hand and drug me to the door to the stadiums control booth. Where she got the keys to that door I'll never know. She practically dragged me up the stairs and pushed me into one of the control booth chairs. The view from here was astounding. Besides being able to see the entire ball field, you could see most of the town from here. That's when Tina stepped in front of me and popped both straps to her bib overall type skirt. It hit the floor in a heap, and she stepped out of it. As beautiful as the landscape was, I couldn’t take my eyes off of Tina's legs wrapped in black pantyhose or her skin tight black spandex tee shirt, with obviously nothing on underneath, or those knee high boots with all the laces.

"I see I have your attention now, don't I?"

"well duh" I replied, with a sheepish grin. I slid off of the chair to my knees in front of her. God, she smelled good! I was sliding my hands from the top of her knees, up the back of her thighs, across her ass, and started pushing her shirt up. I kissed her belly button and tugged on her belly button ring gently with my teeth. That had the desired effect on her. She moaned softly then ran her hands thru my hair, then pulled me up eye level with her and kissed me deep. We kissed passionately for a few heartbeats before she made it clear she was going south. My pants hit the floor mere seconds later, and a few moments after that her soft red painted lips were wrapped around my manhood. I gave up on standing and retired back to the chair.

I managed to detract her a heart beat away from me exploding, and slid to the floor like bag of jello. I tugged her to floor over me in a 69 position with her pantyhose covered pussy in just the right position for me to maul it with my face. As I dove in she started panting and returned to my prick. She was quickly getting worked up as her nylon clad shaved smooth pussy was getting itself all wet and ready. My hands were massaging her tits and occasionally I would tweak her nipples thru her shirt. She hit her orgasm and ground her pussy into my face even harder. This brought me to mine, as I exploded into her mouth. Once both of our breathing returned to some sense of normalcy, she crawled around to snuggle into me. We lay lie that for awhile till we heard the school bell ring to warn us we had 10 minutes to get our butts to class. I think my face was still a bit moist and rubbed a bit red from our activities, but I made in time for class.

I didn't get a chance to see Tina again that day, my parents picked me up from school so I could attend a dance recital of Shawna's. Her dance class was having a family preview of their big production, and after last night, I was more than eager to watch Shawna wiggle her cute butt on stage while wearing her ballet outfit. Even better yet was that it would be a class of 20 cute little butts in light pink leotards and tights. I was starting to feel like a little kid in a candy shop. My mind wandered with that for the next hour. Hummm, which little pink treat shall I lick next?

The answer to my devilish thoughts came bounding into my lap once they were thru taunting me, err, I mean dancing.

"So what did you guys think?" Shawna squealed excitedly, while bouncing up and in my lap. I knew better now than to think it was entirely innocent.

"I think an excellent performance like that deserves ice cream" dad said. Ya, that helped with the bouncing issue.

Dinner and ice cream at the local 50's style diner. Dad knew how to treat us. I had baby sis Sierra in my lap most of the night. She had a neon pink tee shirt on that said "Too Cute" across the front in glitter. With the black leggings and pink sneakers, she fit the title well. She was rather snuglly most of the night. That usually meant I was going to be reading her a bedtime story. I wasn't let down. After she was showered and in bed, mom hollered at me to come up and read to her. After a chapter from her favorite princess book, I tried to extricate myself but she had other plans. She was acting rather strange. Kind of like she wanted to ask me something, but was too scared or embarrassed to.

“What’s wrong kiddo?” I prodded her to see if it would help her along.

"Would you kiss my privates like you did Shawna's last night?"

Oh hell, what have I done? The little sneak must have seen us. "You know you aren't supposed to sneak downstairs after bedtime." I tried to guilt her into forgetting about it. But that wasn't going to work.

"I know, but I heard Shawna going down there, and wanted to know what she was doing. It looked like it made her feel really good too. I can suck on your boy thingy if that helps." She started wriggling down her bed towards my mid section. I stopped her and said "I don't know, Sierra. It's kind of a private thing and we would be in a lot of trouble if anyone found out."

"I'll never tell. never. never. never. Please brother."

Ok she was pleading with me to give her a blow job. She's 5. This had to be the strangest few days of my life. my tomboyish girlfriend was wearing skirts and heels and couldn't keep her hands off of me. My 10 year old sister was begging me for some hands on sex ed. And now my 5 year old baby sister was pleading for a blow job. Well I figured I was hell bound anyway. May as well enjoy the ride, and spread the lovin.

I slide down off the side of bed and knelt beside it. I gently pulled Sierra towards me. I kissed her on the lips and said "remember, it's a super secret. not even your best friend or teddy bear or invisible friend".

"ok, deal" she whispered back.

I kissed her on the mouth again. Then started working south. My hands slid under her and I started to push her yellow cotton night shirt up. Then I slid her tiny little yellow cotton panties down past her hips and down her thighs. My hands lingered a moment on her feet as her panties hit the floor beside me. I kissed her tiny little feet. She must have just gotten out of the tub, she smelled and tasted like bubble gum. She giggled a bit from my attention to her feet. Then I worked up her legs an inch at a time. I really wanted this to be a very pleasant experience for her. It didn't take long before I reached her knees. She was incredibaly limber from her gymnastics classes, and I was apparently having a positive affect on her. She spread her legs wide till they were lying on the bed flat to either side of her in the splits. I started in kissing her inner thighs again, and worked my way to that bit of puffy flesh in the middle. Once I got there I ran my tongue from her little pink sphincter to just below her belly button. She shuddered and sucked in a huge breathe.

I asked her if she wanted me to continue.

She sighed back "oh yes, please". That was all I needed to hear. I plunged with more gusto and was rewarded with another sigh "oh wow, some more, please"

I started sliding my tongue in and out of her tiny little slit. She apparently had a sensitive spot, because every time I went across it she twitched a little. She was full on panting now, and making soft little cooing and mewing noises. I think I had another nympho addict on my hands here. I wanted to see how flexible she really was. I pulled her knees up around my shoulders, while still tonguing her. Then I pushed her legs up towards her head. She must have got the idea, because she grabbed her knees and put her ankles behind her head, with her arms behind her knees. This had the effect of giving me unhindered access to the inner folds of her tiny little bald pussy. I put my hands under her butt, and my thumbs up over her pussy lips and gently spread her pussy open. That sensitive spot was her tiny little bright pink nipple of a clit. I ran my tongue over it and she jumped, and then exhaled abruptly. I knew I had found home base. I breathed deeply so my warm breath warmed her pussy, then began rubbing my tongue from her clit back to her tiny little opening. I did this for awhile, and she was definitely enjoying my attentions. She was full on panting once again, and running her little hands thru my hair. I repositioned my hands so I could rub her little sphincter and vagina opening with my fingers. She was actually getting wet on her own. Her little cunny was slick, and I could run my pinky finger into her to about the first knuckle. I started sliding my pinky in and out of her in time to my tongue running across her clitty. After 4-5 minutes of this I think my tongue was going to fall off, but her panting was getting stronger.

I didn’t know if a girl this young could have an orgasm, but I felt that I owed it to her to find out. I started rubbing her clitty with my now slick fingers. Rubbing it and softly pinching it. Then started sliding my tongue in and out of her vagina. That must have been the trick, because her legs came out from behind her, and wrapped around my head, then she stiffened, and arched her back about a foot off of the bed. She let out a soft little squeal then went limp, and started breathing again.

I crawled up on the bed beside her and held her tight until her breathing returned to normal.

“Oh wow, oh wow, thanks Sean! I love you big brother” she whispered.

“Your welcome kiddo, did that feel good?”

“It felt really really good”

“I’m glad, now I need to finish tucking you in and get to bed myself” I kissed her on the mouth, then on the forehead. I straightened out her blankets and tried to put her panties back on, but she said no, so I just covered her up, patted her on the butt, kissed her on the head again, tossed her panties into her hamper and headed to my room.

As I was leaving Sierra’s room, Shawna slipped out of her room in front of me.

“She knows about what we did last night doesn’t she?”

“Yup, little sneak followed you down to my room last night and watched”

“What did she say? Was she going to tell?” Shawna sounded kinda panicked. She grabbed my hand and lead me to my room.

“No, but only if I gave her a blow job too.”

“So did you?”

“Well of course” I said rather slyly. “Wouldn’t do to have her telling on us would it” I grinned. She smacked me on the arm. She was still wearing her dance recital leotard and tights. I think little sis was feeling a little frisky. “Looks to me like someone else needs tucked into bed, humm?”

“So long as you tuck me into yours” She replied, then jumped into my arms as I got to the bottom of the stairs, wrapped her legs around me. Hugged me tight and kissed me.

“You taste like bubble gum soap. Sierra must have used my bubble bath tonight.” Then she kissed me with her little hen peck kisses all the way down my neck. I stumbled us to my bedroom and onto my bed. Did I mention I love my sister?

“So what does a girl have to do to get her big brother to take her clothes off?”

“I think a good start would be to take care of this beast in my britches that’s been wanting out since your dance recital.” She obliged by spinning around and unbuttoning my pants. I picked her up by the waist and set her legs over my shoulders. I kissed the pink tights covering her inner thighs, and ran my hands down her body. I put my mouth up against her leotard covered crotch and exhaled deeply. She approved of the warm up with a deep sigh. She managed to get my dick out with little assistance from me. She slid her hands up and down it a little then ran her hands down over my sack.

“Well, hello there mister, can I give you a kiss?” She said to my now throbbing dick.

“You better, or he might get mad at you” I said to her, muffled thru her spandex covered crotch. I went back to kissing and mouthing her thighs. About that time, I had the intense pleasure of feeling her little mouth wrap itself around my aching member, and slid down it a few inches. She was still young enough, I didn’t want her to try deep throating yet, for fear it would hurt her. Tina had mastered it, and would suck me down till my nuts were sitting on her nose or chin. I wasn’t going to complain though. I was getting sucked off, and after giving baby sis a rousing orgasm, I really needed it.

The light was still on it my bedroom and that just added to the fun. I got to watch this petite little ballerina girl straddle me in a 69 and suck my dick, while I got to kiss and mouth her most tender areas. She still even had her dancing slippers on. I couldn’t help but run my hands all over her tiny little frame.

I started sliding her leotard down over her shoulders. I knew I wasn’t going to last long tonight, and wanted to make sure she was satisfied as well. Once her leotard was pushed down to her hips, I slid down a little, pulled her tights and leotard down half way to her thighs, and slid my head in between them and her pussy. Her tights were now supporting my head and holding my mouth up against her mound. This was the first time I had actually made skin to skin contact with her pussy. Last time everything I did to her was thru her tights. This time I wanted to actually get to lick her little pink bud. And lick it I did. She was sucking on my prick with enthusiasm until I ran my tongue along her slit. She almost choked on me. I ran my tongue into her mound and found her clit. She moaned. That’s when I realized she was slowly working me down her throat. I wasn’t going to stop her. She was doing a great job, and I had my hands full of her budding little nipples. I felt the end of my dick hit the back of her throat. Wow, she was determined to get all of me in her mouth. I continued to run my tongue thru her little slit, from the front all the way back to her little sphincter. She kind of wriggled around and figured out that if she spread her legs slightly it pushed my face tighter into her crotch. She was getting wet too. My sisters were amazing!

I moved my hands to her butt cheeks and softly spread her a bit more open. I wanted to see if I could finger her like I did Sierra earlier. She was bigger and I could wiggle my index finger into her up to the second knuckle till I hit her hymen. I carefully backed out a little and started sliding it in and out slowly while continuing her tongue lashing. That had a huge effect on her. She was now moaning around my dick. She picked up her pace of sliding me in and out of her throat. I was about to blow when she all of a sudden started shuddering and bucking on my finger. She was wriggling her hips around like she wanted my finger to be deeper in her pussy, but I was very careful not to scratch her cherry. That was something we would have to discuss and she needed to make the decision as to who took her virginity.

Right about the time I was going to blow, she stiffened up and pushed back against me hard. I forced my face against her crotch, and she spread her legs and sort of collapsed with my face buried in her pussy. She sucked in a deep breath and hummed loudly. That’s all I could take. That had to be one of the biggest loads I had ever shot. And like a trooper she swallowed it all without even so much as a drop missing.

I extricated myself from her tights and crawled up behind her. We snuggled like that till she shivered. I crawled out of bed and finished undressing her. I slid her little ballet slippers off of her feet one at a time, caressing her feet as I went. Then slid her leotard down over her thin but well muscled legs. Next were her pink tights. I slid them off one leg at a time, while lightly messaging her legs. I piled her clothes up in the corner, and then added mine. I crept into bed behind her and covered us both up with a blanket.

She sighed softly and whispered “thanks, big brother.” She drifted off to sleep quickly, I wasn’t far behind her.

I woke up to an empty bed and heard the shower in my bathroom start. I got up and went into the bathroom. Shawna was sitting on the toilet adjusting the water temp. Without even a word, she grabbed my hand and pulled me into the shower with her. She ran her hands all over my body with her now soapy hands. Even making sure my sack and pole were properly cleaned. Then it was my turn. I ran my soap covered hands all over her body, spun her around so she was facing away from me and made sure her nipples were as clean as possible. Then ran my hands down her well toned tummy, and made sure her crotch was properly cleaned. We rinsed off and I dried her off with a towel. Then she started drying me off. She got down on her knees and made sure my legs were dry, then came back up to my dick, which was now at full mast.

“Humm, wouldn’t do to send you to school with this little problem.” Then she proceeded to suck me off again. I didn’t last long before I blew. She swallowed hard, stood up, and hugged me. She licked her lips, kissed me, then pranced out to my bedroom. By the time I came to my senses enough to follow behind her, she had one of my old tee shirts on kind of like a dress and her dance clothes bundled under her arm.

“Thanks, big brother. Don’t be late for school” she teased me as she bounced out of my room towards the stairs. I swatted her on the butt as she went by, followed by “Anytime, beautiful”

Tina was waiting to pick me up right on time as usual. As mischievous and ornery as she is, she is always punctual. This morning it was a black mini-skirt and baby doll tee, and sneakers. And very little else.

“I think I like your change in wardrobe, sexy” I said as I slid into her car.

“Just wait to see what I got me for your birthday” she said with a twinkle in her eyes.

Like I said, what’s a fella to do…………………..

Rating: 94%, Read 113462 times, Posted Aug 15, 2013

Fiction | Incest, Young


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