Jamie and Kenny: Chapter 1 by incestexperience

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Intro: I am a 17 year old guy. My sister, Jamie, is 16 years old, our mother got pregnant again almost directly after having me. We grew up together sleeping in the same room because we didn't have enough money to buy a big enough house for another room to seperate both of us. It wasn't until a year ago until things started to really go into a different direction.

It was the death of our father that brought me and my sister closer together.

From the day that our father died, we vowed to each other that we love each other and we won't disappoint each other ever, and I promised myself I would keep that vow.

It wasn't until one night that our mother went out on a girls night out with her friends (even if she is pretty old she still does it). On that night, everything became a dream.

Our mother left at about 6:30 pm, and left us with nothing to eat for dinner. Most guys my age would be stoked to hang out with Jamie alone. I, on the other hand, knew how this was going to turn out. It always happened the same way when mom went out.

“Kenny, please take care of your sister, get her dinner, and try not to piss her off!” Yelled mom as she walked out the front door.

Just as she walked out, I turned to Jamie and said “Why does she always say that? Do I really piss you off that much?”

“No, you don’t piss me off ever.” She said while smiling her gorgeous white teeth.

Our mom normally was out until about 2:30 am. Pretty late for a woman in her late 40s, but who am I to judge as I’m staying in the house on a Saturday night.

We both sat on the couch and I let her decide what we were going to watch. She wanted to watch a chick flick, so we watched it, me watching it with complete boredom, and her watching in it complete awe as the woman found her true love in the end.

The rest of the night was pretty boring. I went to my room and talked to some friends on the computer, while she stayed in the den watching tv.

It was nearing 11:30 pm and we went to brush our teeth. I started to observe things about her that I have never seen before and I wasn’t quite sure why I started to notice it then. Before I knew it, I realized what a gorgeous, beautiful sister I had. She had a perfectly shaped ass, that looked firm and round through her short shorts, and her tits looked perfect as her nipples poked through her white tank top she was wearing to go to sleep. She just had a perfect body, and I finally saw what a great young women she has turned into. I thought to myself that I shouldn't be thinking about her like this, even if it was true. I was full of mixed feeling. I didn’t want to do anything because she was my sister. It was wrong and I knew she didn’t like me in that way.

I was lying in bed in just my boxers now just watching some tv when I hear loud thumping noises coming from down the hall. I knew it was Jamie running towards my room.

“I heard noises outside the door and it scared me half to death, there’s no chance you’re letting me sleep in there.”

“Well where do you expect to sleep then?” Looking a little frustrated with her at that moment.

“I was hoping I could sleep in here, so that I have a big strong man to defend me incase anything happens.” She said while giggling.

“Fine, you could sleep in my room.” I said, while debating in my head whether this was a good idea or horrible.

I asked her if she wanted me to sleep on the floor, trying to be a true gentleman.

“No, its okay. I don’t want you to hurt your back or get cold over night.” She said smiling.

“Okay, make yourself at home.” I said smiling back at her beautiful face.

She climbed into the bed with me, which was barely big enough to hold both of us, so we had to get nice and snug next to each other. I laid down facing the opposite direction from her trying to hide my obvious erection that I got just from seeing her in here pajamas in my bed. She laid facing me and was rubbing up against me. I could feel her nipples rubbing up against my back. I was embarrassed to be hard while in bed with her so I just decided not to move. When I thought she was asleep, I laid on my back and let the sheets tent up from my erection.

When all of a sudden I heard a whisper “Is the circus in town, because they put up a pretty big tent.”

I dared not to look at her. I thought I was imagining her saying it. When she asked again, I knew it was real.

I jumped out of the bed.

“Holy shit Jamie. I’m so sorry. I swear I didn’t mean to! I’ll sleep on the floor so that you won’t have to see that again.”

“Its okay, I don’t mind. I know that you’re a guy and they can just happen randomly.” She said while giggling.

She obviously saw how embarrassed I was for her to see me like that, so she got up and took my hand and brought me back into the bed. This time she was facing away from me as I was facing her. I still was hard, and I had no where to put my dick. It found its way into her ass crack. I knew she felt it, but why wasn’t she responding, I thought to myself. Maybe she was tired and didn’t want to move or say anything, since it was pretty late.

Just as I was about to fall asleep I hear some faint moaning noises. At first I thought nothing of it, but then they started to get louder. I was feeling courageous.

“Having fun?” I asked her.

“Kenny, I’m so turned on by you. Before, when you had your dick practically in front of me, I was so tempted to grab it and just start sucking you off. I just couldn’t control myself.” She said as she started to tear up.

On that note, I just went in and kissed her on the lips. She didn’t push away. I opened my mouth and attempted to stick my tongue into her mouth. She gladly accepted it and our tongues danced in swirls for the greatest few minutes of my life. We laid there for 10 minutes kissing each other, but it felt like it were hours. I wish it had gone on forever. As we both pulled away, I started to feel my face turn red.

“How long?” I asked her.


“How long have you been turned on by me.”

“I’d say since my first day in high school. I’d never had the guts to do anything about it and it wasn’t just me being turned on by you, its everything about you. You’re an amazing guy and I’m surprised you don’t go on many dates, because you’re really good looking. I didn’t try to pull anything on you because I was scared that we would ruin our brother-sister relationship that we had and we’d hate each other for the rest of our lives. I’m still scared though. Scared that you were just in the heat of the moment so you kissed me, scared that mom might walk in, but I wasn’t scared about noises outside of my room. I’ve been using that as an excuse to be able to sleep in your room for a while now because I love being around you.”

I sat there amazed at how she poured her feelings for me right then and there. I stared at her for a while, not realizing how stupid I looked and how long I had been staring in complete awe, she finally said something.

“I knew this was a bad idea. Kenny, please forgive me. I swear it will never happen again. We can just have a normal brother-sister relationship as we did before.” I looked into her eyes and saw they were swelling up and tears were running down her cheeks. I hated seeing her like this. Why couldn’t I grow a fucking pair of balls and talk? I knew I loved her.

Finally, I heard just a faint noise come out of my mouth. It was kind of like a little squeal that meant absolutely nothing, but was just a noise. I don’t now why I made it, but it seemed to just make her more upset.

“Jamie...” I finally said

“Yeah?” She said while sobbing into her pillow.

“I love you. I’ve loved you for a while also now. I’m also surprised that you don’t go on many dates seeing as how gorgeous you are. You’re completely perfect. You’re smart, beautiful, caring, and I just love every single thing about you. I didn’t want to make a move on you because I also felt that it could fuck up our relationship. Ever since you started to grow breasts, I knew that you were going to turn into the girl you are today. I’m glad I kissed you. I’m glad you saw my dick tenting up the sheets. I may have been embarrassed then, but that was only because I didn’t know if you felt the same way I did.”

She started to cry more. Did I say something wrong?

“Why are you crying, Jamie, did I say something wrong?” I thought to myself now thinking more logically that how could I have said something wrong when I was telling her how great she was, and how I loved her so much. I poured my heart out to her.

“I’m crying in joy, Kenny. You don’t realize, I’ve been waiting for this day to happen for years. I finally get to be with my true love. That’s why I never dated. I have been asked out many times, but I only wanted you. All the other guys compared to you were horrible. You’ve been amazing to me. You protected me from everything that could harm me. Remember that time when I was 9 and you were 10 and we were in that car crash? I remember you seeing the car coming directly at us and you grabbing hold of me and protecting me. You took the hit for me, and I still got injured but I may have been dead with dad in that crash. I remember I was the only one who was conscious. I saw dad and you laying on the ground. You were completely thrown out the window and dad was already dead because I saw him go through the windshield and the broken glass going into his heart. When I finally realized that I also had broken glass inside my skin and all the cuts and bruises I had gotten, I started to cry. I cried because dad died. I cried because the cuts and bruises hurt. And most of all, I cried in hopes that you didn’t die also. When I saw you laying there motionless being carried on a stretcher into the ambulance, I wanted to kill myself. I wanted to go to you. I wanted to be with you. When you woke up later that day, and I saw you in a wheel chair coming into my hospital room, I nearly cried of the joy of knowing that you lived. You never cry, and when you started to cry there, I didn’t know what was going on. When I realized you were crying because you were worried about me, I hid my face so that you wouldn’t see my tears. Kenny, I love you so much, that its unbelievable.”

“Jamie, I care about you so much. I’d take a bullet for you and hell in that situation in the car, I’d protect you each and every time even if death was a chance from each one. I wouldn’t be able to bare with myself for not doing anything for the love of my life. If I hadn’t protected you, I would have felt horrible.”

Just as she was about to speak, I leaned in to kiss her. This time it was a more passionate kiss. One of her arms was wrapped around me, and the other one was in her pants. She started to moan into my mouth. I put my hand up her shirt and started to feel her tits. I used my thumb to feel around them at first. Then I used my forefinger and my thumb to feel around her areolas. Finally I started to rub her nipples. When I finally got to her nipples, she moaned even louder then before.

We stopped kissing for a moment and I took off her shirt for her so she was just in her panties. She saw the tent in my boxers and just lunged forward towards it and grabbed it with her hand.

“Is this for me?” She said giggling

I reached for her panties and started to rub her thighs. They were smooth and pale. I teased her for a bit by rubbing her thighs and getting really close to touching her pussy, and then moving away from it. Finally I felt her panties. They were soaking wet already.

“Wow sis, you’re really wet.”

“I told you that you turn me on.”

We both stood up and took each others underwear off. We stood there naked and she grabbed my dick again. I just stood there looking at her gorgeous body for a few moments trying to take it all in how a guy like me could get a perfect girl like her.

She started to rub my shaft up and down. Slowly at first, then gaining momentum and changing paces whenever she chose.

I reached toward her pussy. I circled my fingers around her wet pussy lips for a few seconds before putting my fingers in the center and entering her pussy. It was the tightest pussy I have ever seen (not that I’ve seen many pussies, but compared to the porn I’ve watched over the years it was amazingly tight).

“Jamie, are you a virgin?” I asked her.

“Yes, I’ve been saving myself for you on the slightest chance that this would happen.”

I started to push my fingers in and out of her pussy, doing the same momentum changing technique as she did. She started to moan extremely loud. If mom was home, she would have heard it from her room downstairs.

“Kenny, I’m going to cum.” She moaned.

Just as she said that, I stuck my head in between her thighs as she let go of my cock. I opened my mouth and stuck my tongue inside of her pussy. I wiggled it all around and stuck it in and out until she let out a finaly loud moan and her body began to spasm. She arched her back up to make it easier for me to eat her pussy. She came directly into my mouth. I stuck my tongue out making sure to slurp up every ounce of her sweet juice. It tasted amazing.

“Sis, I love the taste of your cum.”

We laid there for a few seconds as she was coming back from her climax.

“I nearly forgot! I have to return the favor to you!” She said as she winked at me.

She got on her knees and grabbed onto my cock. Her hand at the bottom of it, she started to kiss the head of it. Then kissed up and down my dick while rubbing it up and down with her hand. She then opened her mouth and licked the head, then going down. She got it halfway into her mouth and then stopped for a few seconds, then continued to take it into her mouth.

“How many blow jobs have you given, Jamie?”

“This is my first.”

She finally got my entire dick into her mouth while gagging a bit. I was surprised, as her first time giving a blow job, she was able to fit a full 8 inches into her mouth. She went up and down on it with her mouth, her tongue spiraling down it in the greatest motions to make it feel amazing. After a few minutes of this, I was ready to cum.

“I’m about to cum.” I said softly.

“Good, I want it all in my mouth. Give your sister your sweet sticky goodness.”

She went up and down on it harder and faster until I blew my load into her mouth going directly down her throat. 1 rope, 2 rope, 3 rope, 4 ropes of cum until it all came out. When I was finished she took her mouth off my cock and licked the head to make sure she didn’t leave any behind.

“Mmm, your cum tastes so good! I want to have this as a dessert every night for the rest of my life.”

“I can do that.” I said laughing.

We finally settled down as I laid on my back and she laid her head onto my chest.

“I love you, Kenny.”

“I love you too.”

Rating: 85%, Read 5798 times, Posted Sep 17, 2010

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