Fucking my Mom part 2 by Pussyandasshunter

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This story begins after two weeks of me and mom having sex for the first time and not to mention that I fucked her friend too whom I didn't like much.

My mom is a nurse in a clinic and works very hard and sincerely. She also got promoted to senior nurse but she is only 36. She looks good and is really bright in her nature.

After having to fuck her two times in the same day I always wondered what she did after that because in just 3 days we were back to normal. We just watched TV, had dinner together but sometimes I caught her walking naked in her room as she came from the clinic, she always takes a shower and changes into her pajamas, so she usually walked naked in front of me after her shower.

It was time when I was about to go to the college in Utah and I was thinking about fucking her before I can go. Most of my stuff was packed and my room started to look like an empty room with just a bed in it. I also got to bring a thing or two from my mother's room like my dad's picture so I could search for him and also had a picture of mom and me.

After packing for nearly two weeks now, and in the evening I had a flight to Utah. As usual, I woke up and went to the bathroom and my mom was already there so I went to the kitchen and made us some breakfast. I mad her favorite eggs and bread sandwich made her coffee. She was now in her room and she was whistling like a song in her head. I knew the song but didn't know the lyrics so I moved to the bathroom and got freshened up.

When I came out of the bathroom and moved to the breakfast table I was that there was some more breakfast then I made and mom wasn't in her working clothes, she was wearing that t-shirt and shorts that she like when she goes to the gym. So I got down and said "You are going to the work today"

"No, I want to spend some time with you before you fly off and forget about me"

"I can never forget you, come on who can forget their moms"

"I know but you know, you'll be busy studying and playing basketball impressing girls... Maybe fucking some of them..."

"Oh!!! Come on now, I will never do that playing and studies are good enough for me... But first, I have to get there and stale a bit"

"It will take no time for you, I know you..." And she had tears in her eyes.

I couldn't stop and hugged her, she is short so I kind of like lifted her and she was hugging me back with her head on my shoulder. After a while, she said "you will call me daily... At least two times a day... And you will focus on both the things... Basketball and studies" saying so she hugged me again.

We were like that for a quite long I think and I didn't even realize that I had tears too, after all, it will be the first time I will be gone for nearly 8 months straight if I managed to get in coordination with the environmental their. So it was legitimate for both of us to have a moment like that too.

After a while she pushed herself down and I let go of her, I saw her face, it was red and eyes were in tears, there were even marks like she wiped her tears and it dried on spot. I wiped her tears and tried to wipe her dry spots too.

We sat down on the table we had our breakfast, I knew it was more than enough for both of us and we washed the plates, cleaned the kitchen, table and sat on the couch. I was still in my bathrobes so I was half naked on that couch. Within just a few moments mom put her head on my right leg and she was holding on to my knee. It was just those moments that we were emotional that of was leaving.

After a while like that, I realized that my dick was making its way up and moms had was really close to it. So I moved a bit to signify that things can uncomfortable in some moments, she did nothing but turned her face up looking at me and said "I want to ask something and that is very special for me"

"What it is... I would do it, I guess"

"Do you know girls squirts during sex?"

"I kind of heard of it, but why"

"Well I want you to do that to me"

On that moment I felt like I had no heartbeat and I was already out of breath, mostly because I didn't think that she would ask about such a thing like having sex with her again. It's not like I did had sex with her, but asking me to have sex with her, just like that. It was unexpected and unbelievable for that moment.

"Maybe you want to hold on a bit, I know we are emotional and we both enjoyed having sex but having to do it again..." I said but she interrupted me and said: "don't say no you know how hungry I am for all those things that we did, that day was just like a dream for me, I know you watch me walking naked all the time since then but what else I can do..."

She jumped and sat on the couch and added "I just want to have all the fun with you, I know I could have cheated on with so many people I knew since that fucking dick less idiot left but I didn't because I wanted us to have a thing someday"

"I don't know what to say, its like there is a whole new mom is speaking to me right now and I don't know what should I say to you..."

"Don't just say anything just do it, I promise you will never regret that you gave your mom a pleasure that she was craving for years... Just do it, I knew you, I just don't want anything else right now but I just want you to fuck this pussy destroy this asshole and this mouth as they will never crave for anything else"

"Mom just don't you say like that, if you want it then fine, just don't use words likes that, it doesn't suit you"

She turned happy and her face turned more lit than lights in our whole house. She jumped again and she was now on my lap facing towards me and kissed as she will just eat my lips if it was a fruit. She was just wild if I say so, I never had expected anything like that, it was like there was a current running through me and was waiting for me to lash out, in those moments we went so wildly close that our teeth were touching and our tongue was at their best starch every now and then.

I slid my hand on her body and took off every piece of cloth by tearing them apart. I took her in my arms and we were still kissing, just kissing. After a very long session of kissing and changing positions we broke out kisses when my tongue went too far in her throat and I slid my fingers in her asshole, her pussy was wet dripping. We both were covers in saliva mix, my dick was hard as a rock, we were out of our breaths and we looked at each other for a while. I didn't even realize that I too was naked. Mom also looked at her clothes on the floor.

"you did all if this... I... Love....you..." Completely out of her breathes she said. I nodded in yes, I didn't have breath enough to even speak at that moment, in just a few moments mom jumped on me once again and this time she did jumped directly on my dick.

My dick was all the was in her pussy, her pussy was wet but it needed some more licking or eating at that moment, her cry and shout when it got in said all of that.

I garbed her mouth and pulled her to kiss again, I took her both lips in and she was muffled in her own lips and voice of her was gone. But still, she was so loud that I had to take her away from my dick and broke the kiss. She was just as in pain because she garbed her pussy and she was hissing of pain. At that moment I took her her hand off and said "there nothing like I didn't see last time, are you sure you are okay"

Still hissing her said "yes, but it just hit me way too in there, I think I'll need some time, sorry my son, my love"

"There is nothing to be sorry about, it is also my fault too, I should have said something" I was still out of my breath, trying to catch some as I spoke.

I went to the kitchen and had some water and made my mom have some as she was hissing dry and it was her voice said that "let's do it"

"What now, like right now, I think you should rest for a bit, I promise I'll do it"

"No, I want it right now, just started my kissing my pussy"

"Okay if you say so" I took her hand off from her pussy and looked, it was red and greenish blue. I kissed her Virginia walls as she kissed me, but I went in slow. She was wet, she was already fucked and had my whole dick in just one shot it all made her pussy quite loosen up.

When I kiss it and took it in mouth she turned she hiss to a moaning and I knew what she needed. I took her whole pussy in and she had no mercy on moaning loud. After eating her pussy like a wild animal eating meat, she took my head off by grabbing my hair she squirted.

She squirts so much that I had a golden shower, I was all in her squirt and she had a very happy and satisfied smile on her face. She put my head on her pussy again and I started to eat it. This time I took her to the edge of couch making her half in the air I ate her pussy. I slipped her butts she was good to go again. She squirted one again and was sure that it was last time she would do that now. She was shivering, shivers made take my fingers out of her ass.

I stood us and made my mom suck my dick but she refused and said "hold up a bit", within just a moment that I sat down she took the whole dick in both of her hands and started to massage it. She spat on my dick 2-3 times which made my dick wetter, then it already was due to the golden showers.

She took her tongue out and started to lick the head, she was moving in circles and it made me have a tickle at the head. She started to stroke it by moving deeper and deeper with each stroke, in just a few ups and downs she took it all in. I was deepthroating when I thought may if could just shoot in her deep throat and in just a few I'll be ready again as I haven't masturbated in a last 15 days.

So moved my hand up and started to fuck her head, she was choking and it was one of the chokes that moved right at the end of her throat and I was balls deep. I did not let go and it was also the time that I cum in her throat, basically, we did a throat-pie. After lashing all in her in just a few seconds I took my dick out that was still dripping cum, mom took it back in her mouth and ate all the cum, sucked it even from the balls, my dick almost died after that.

She said "I like it... But want my pussy filled like that"

"Just let me rest for a bit, and I'll fill all your holes today" I felt my heart beat was raises and my moms head was on my chest.

She hugged me again while she was on the ground, my dick was touching her boobs and her boobs were pressed, it made my dick tight packed in her boobs. She said "you need to take a rest, you are working too much, let it rest too" putting her hand on my chest she added, "you are beating too much take some deep breaths, you will be good to go."

I did what she said, I felt like my dick dropped one more drop of cum and I fell right on her pussy. She felt it and said "you are an after cummer too, what else do I need to know about your skills"

"What's that and I never had anything like that"

"Oh k, you have a gift for sex but you still have a very long way to go"

Saying that she stood up and sat on my laps, this time very careful of the dick, she moved it down her ass and sat, she kissed on her chick and hugged me again. She boobs were tight, and it was touching my body, they were big, nipples were high, and she said " whenever you are ready, just tell me which one do you want first" I didn't say anything.

We stayed there for a while and I felt her hand moving down her body losing up a bit, she was asleep. Add me on SnapChat: chinkhan07. I didn't want to wake her because she was exhausted by what we just did, I was too. We stayed like the same for I don't know how long but I heard our doorbell ring a couple time and it was mom's friend Mauli.

I knew why she was here, she was here to tell mom about Ab, her son's new girlfriend Tiff, as we called her, My mom not interested in talk about because Tiff mostly because she was our neighbor and us kind of grew up together, my mom ran straight to her room, she took the clothes with her and asked me to open door, I took my bathrobe and went to open door.

Mauli looked existed about some shit, that nighter of us was interested. It was time when she goes to the clinic and was in her obvious clothes, I unwillingly welcomed her in and asked to wait by the table, because couch and floor are all wet of water I dropped and moves to the room.

When I was getting into clothes I herd my mom and Mauli, after hearing some shut about Tiff, mom asked me to come down.

When I went down mom asked to take the car out and we're going to the movie, a morning show movie, very unusual but still, it was her plan. So I went to the car and was Mauli leave with a sorry face, I went back in and said "what just happened"

"Nothing, she just got to work more today because there is a shortage of staff and she will have to do a double shift"

"Then why are you going then"

"I made her work more and also applied for leave 20 days ago"

"That was even before we had..."

"We fucked... Yes"


"I wanted to spend some time with you I also planed on to having sex with you but we did it in just 5 days after that... So you know..."

"What the fuck... You made a plan for that you could have just asked me... I heard you for almost my life every time you passed something in"

"Passed in pussy, get comfortable with there words now and what are you looking at, just help me out fixing this mess we caused"

We cleaned the floor and couch, that was no easy job, because of all the mess was still wet and air-conditioning was keeping the room wet. Mom said "just turn it off, and we can clean it than"

"Without air-conditioning, it will be hot in here"

"So what, if you sweat you can remove your cloths whichever you like"

"You just find a way to get me naked" she laughed and said, "just turn it off".

in just a half hour that I turned it off, I felt very hot and mom did too, but what we could do other than waiting for all the wet floor and carpets of dry, I looked at mom and she was already in more sweat than me. I said "why don't you do that"

"what, open everything before you do hell no"

"Okay, do as you like" saying so opened my shirt and dropped the trousers, as soon as I dropped my cloaths, mom came near me and said "I win", and she hugged me once again, this wasn't a very long hug and she let go of me soon. she looked in my eyes and said "huh", which is kind of like her way saying let's play run and grab as kids play.

She is always laughing whenever we play this game, after dodging all of her attempts to get me she finally did and running around the couch, I caught her fast, so as I caught her she said "not like that" and dropped her top making her boobs free again her tight top.

As we were running around her boobs were bouncing with every step and it was the most amazing part to see her that. After running around for a while we decided to sit for a while so we went to the kitchen and I sat on the kitchen table. She jumped and sat my lap and kissed me again. She kissed me for a quite long and said "your kisses are good"

"Learned from the best" and we kissed again.

After some kissing, I said "let's go it... Let's fuck your holes..."

She got existed and dropped all her skirts and thongs. She said "this time ve careful to drop all in pussy or asshole, start by licking my pussy"

"Oh yeah"I took her in my arms and turned her upside down so she can have my dick while I eat her pussy.

She was not surprised of what I did start to stroke dick in her mouth while I ate her pussy and it was all wet in just a few seconds of licking. As the stocks got deeper and deeper I also made my tough go deeper in her pussy. I was very tight and making a grip on my tough. She was cumming and I knew what to do next.

I turned her up again and made her stand on the floor, she moved to the dinner table and spread her legs wide, as wide as she could go. Her pussy was pink and there was no sign of a hair, a perfect shaved pussy her asshole was not left behind. She had such a round asshole that could take a bigger dick than me if stretched properly.

I took my dick in hand made its head sit on her pussy hood and moved it around. After every two circles, I would hit it hard on her gap where my dick would go. After just a few hits like that, I made the head of my dick go in her pussy. She was totally wet and had no resistance to the dick, she moaned every time I made my dick go in and out, I also moved in like nothing more than 10 strokes, I was already half dick in.

I decided to fuck her like that for a while and then take her ass. So I started to fuck her pussy with only half of the dick and also took my hand to her asshole and moved my finger around her butts and finally pushed one finger in her asshole. I was only one inch deep and mom said "take it all by your fucking dick... I can take it"

So what, I just got permission to get out the jail in a free will. Add me on SnapChat: chinkhan07. I took my dick out and sat head on her asshole, pushed it in, she was right. It took me half in just a few stocks, but I only stayed half in and fucked her wild. The table started to make noise so we decided to go to my room and continue there, but I took her in my arms and pushed my dick in her pussy and started to walk to the room. She was enjoying it, as I walked my dick made stocks on its own and was more deeply in. She enjoyed it and her moans said it very clearly. We kiss all the way to the room and by the time that I got to the room, my dick was all in her pussy. I managed to put her on bad and not to take my dick out. She was just enjoying it, as soon as I put her and took my dick out she moved a but back and sprayed her legs wider than last.

There was a gap in her pussy and was the size of the dick, the asshole was red now and was less gapped. I said "your ass now" and took her ass with dick by made it go half in just one stroke and took it out, made it go in again and deep. I was balls deep and fucked her ass like wild, she was half moaning half crying for joy. There came a time that I was stroking so fast that my dick was all out of her pussy ass and still clipped her butts at least 4 times before I stopped. She didn't know how to react and laughed a bit.

So I took my dick back in hand and made it go in her ass again, this time all the way deep in just one stock. She was now shouting like "aaahhhh....aaaahhhhhhh" with each stroke that I made.

In just a few strokes my dick was out again but the time I only made one clap before I stopped, this time I didn't look down and accidentally pushed in her pussy. She screamed and said "now that's how you do it... Aaahhh... Just fuck it... Just as fast as you did that asshole just fuck it..."

What else was left, I took it all out again and pushed all in just one stroke to her pussy, did the same thing until her pussy was free to fuck without any extra gripping in her pussy. I went on to fucking her hard and fast again, I fucked her so fast that she was pushed with every stock I made. So I took her boobs in my hand and pushed her body towards me and fucked her the same as fast, but she moved again.

I got down from the bed, pushed two fingers in her pussy and thumb in her ass and pulled it to, which also moved her she was surprised with what I just did, and without a doubt she never expected it to happen. I was now on my knees on the ground and again fucked her with all the same force I had. She was screaming again. I fucked her pussy first and fucked her ass. Both of her holes were totally open for me to fuck in any way that I liked.

I fucked her ass like wilds while her pussy fingered by her self. I fucked her pussy she and she took her hands to the ass. I moved her hand aside and I started to fuck her ass on one stock and next to her pussy. Each of the stock was the same as deep and fast. After fucking her like that I only had some strength left to fuck her but I didn't want us to end so I fucked her with all the force in each hole.

After a while, mom said, "now let me do it my way" she made me lie in the bad and sat on dick taking it all in just one go as I was fucking her. She was not just sitting there for a while moving in around, making a grind on my dick. She then moved to her ass and did the same. She said "which one do you like ass or pussy"

"Anything that you like, now it's your way"

She just kept on grinding on with the dick in her ass, she stroked a few times and gained again. After a few strokes, she said "turn around"


"Just turn around... Lie on your bally"

I turned around having no idea what she was going to do. She moved my legs aside and started to lick my asshole, no matter what she I didn't like it first but after a while, it was just as good as knowing how it felt, it felt good to me.

After some time she turned me again and did a few deep throats and said "you are still hard as you fuck just shoot it now"

"Okay, but you said you will take it in"

"I will but just wait"

She passed at a very spot same as we fucked the first time and felt like rush in my balls. Mom was quick to sit on my dick again and started to stock bounce like crazy. It was just a few bounces and I was about to cum I said "I am about to cum"

"I know"

She just continued to jump and she was still jumping on and grinding fast. After a few more grinds like those, I was done. I cumed all the way deep in her pussy and she was still grinding. I made a few very huge drops and followed by some of the smaller once. She was happy and I was still deep in her, she lay on me, kissed me again said "you what you need a reward" she stood up from my dick, I felt it fall down like a dead meat and it was all wet in cum, mom took it all in mouth and the cum that was on my dick was now in her mouth, she came down sat on near my dick once again came down to kiss me. I stopped her said "I don't what to test it"

"You will love it"

Dripping a drop of cum on my lips and she started to kiss me again. I felt it was warm and salty.

After that kiss we played there for a while and moved to the bathroom and filled the bathtub, mom went to get us some water, when she was gone I washed my dick with water, when mom came back and asked about washing the dick, I told her that I just pissed and had to wash it. She said, "you could have pissed on me, now that you are done just drink some water" she sat on the bathroom floor, also made me sit.

She pushed me and she stood again to come near my dick, she was dripping my cum now, and there was some cum on her legs too. She pushed her two fingers in, but I stopped her and said "wait for a while, we just ran a marathon"

"I am doing something else, you'll know in a second" and pushed her fingers in and started to move them in. She was moaning again and she was squirted on me, most of her squirt was on my dick, that still dead, I was all wet and had a bath together. We kissed most of the time, went down to the hall, still naked. It was still hot, but dry, I turned on the air conditioner and sat on the couch. Mom came near me same sat there.

She said "order some food"

"What you want"

"Anything that you take, just make it double"

I ordered two large pizzas and some juice, cold drinks. It all came in 30 mins I was still naked and it was a girl who came to deliver, Add me on SnapChat: chinkhan07. she was shocked, but liked my body and said "you are good, you might be very popular in girls, especially with a took like that"

"Thanks, I guess"

"Can I have a test if it"

"What, why"

"I'm single from last 6 months and haven't looked at anything like the same ever since"

"So what, you can't have it just like that"

I took to food and closes to the door, mom said "just call her in"

"What no mom...." Before I could say anything she said "just call her in"

I opened the door and she was still there, I called her in and she saw my mom said "is that your girlfriend"

"Yes," mom said

"She looks beautiful, nice boobs by the way"


"So, what about the test" she looked at me.

"You can go on, but he just fucked me so there is no go if you want to take come cumin," mom said

"I just want to feel the test of it" she got down and looked at my dick. "You are huge, and I love huge" she added.

She took my dick in her hands and stroked a bit in hopes of getting it up, but as mom said there was no go. So she took in her mouth and she took almost half of my dick in and got it out. "Wish you were hard" she went to mom took her boobs in her hands, played them a bit, pinched the nipples, licked both of them. She also looked at mom's pussy that was still having some gap as pizza girl said. She licked it too.

"I reckon you fucked her just now and she can take it," pizza girl said.

"Yeah," I said

"Thanks for everything" she took the money and left.

Rating: 72%, Read 19559 times, Posted Nov 29, 2018

True Story | Anal, Ass to pussy, Blowjob, Cum Swallowing, Female, Hardcore, Male


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