Sister in law Squirting by Sex1905

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My wife's sister has been living with us for more than 1.5 years.I absolutely love her and her white tight ass.Over the time I figured out that when my wife is gone for her work i could easily peek in our common bathroom and get a good look at my sister in law while she is taking her bath.So Yeah i have been taking her pictures and videos while she is completely naked and bending over or rubbing her ass and in other positions.

I knew she is a really big slut as we used to go out with her and her BF(she has had 3 so far) and she would get really slutty with them after few drinks.She would kiss them seductively and sometimes used to held their cocks over the pants only.I saw it a couple of times whenever i will get up from the table.But one day she just confirmed how slutty she is.As it is obvious i have masturbated many many times looking at her while she is bathing.That day as usual i was prepared to take a look at her when she will go for her bath.I would usually wait till i listen to the sound of running water and then i will take a look.But that day there was no sound of running water.I was getting impatient.I finally peeked on her and what i saw was amazing.

She was standing naked in front of the mirror and looking at her white sexy body.Her nipples were all erect and then she started rubbing and pinching them.It was light pinching in start but then i could see she was doing it really hard.I couldn't believe if it was real.She them slid her hand on her ass feeling it really softly and then stopped near her butt crack.SHe slid her hand up and down her butt crack and then she slid one finger in her butt hole.I could see she was enjoying it as she bit her lip while pinching her nipple from one hand and pushed other hand further in till she just couldn't get any further.She then rotated facing her asshole towards the mirror.She then lifted her leg and put on the bathtub.Her butthole was facing away from me and i was really disappointed.My sexy SIL is going to cum while fingering her ass and i couldn't get a good view.Then she put another finger in and their was a real satisfaction on her face.She then amazingly went for third but this time it was painful as their was a slight moan and her eyes were closed but she went ahead and pushed all 3 inside.From the angle i could only assume all of them went inside her asshole completely.She looked at mirror for sometimes and then took them out.She started licking her fingers.I never thought girls do that.

Then she went to the clothes she has removed and took out a vibrator.It was of purple color and quite a long but not very thick vibrator.She started it and start using it on her clit.She stood in front of mirror looking at her pussy.Then slowly i could see it getting disappear and quite a good portion of it went in her pussy.Her face was making such sexy expressions.It was amazing.All the while she was looking into the mirror and pinching her nipples with one hand.Then she just started going crazy.She stroked the vibrator in and out of her pussy a few times and she was getting wild.

Now thankfully she leaned over the bath tub as now i can see her asshole which was wet from her fingering.She used the tub side to hold the vibrator in her pussy while letting one of her hand free.The other constantly pinching her nipples.She took a long brush used for washing clothes and washed it while still in that position and then she put the end of it in her ass.She kept inserting the brush in her asshole deeper and deeper.The brush kept getting thicker towards the end but it seem as if she can take in almost anything.She inserted a really good portion of brush in her hole and then just let it go.I could see satisfaction and excitement in her face.Then she wiggled her ass making the brush stroke her inner organs.She was almost moaning and i could hear her.The she started the water flow suppressing her voice and did something amazing.

She took a hold of vibrator and moved in front of the mirror.While standing in front of mirror she slowly sat on the brush in her ass.The brush went in even deeper.And it kept going in.She took hold of vibrator with one hand and started stroking it in and out violently. With every stroke the brush went deeper in her asshole and she was pinching her nipples even more tightly.She kept stroking real hard till she squirted like a water hose.At first she was moaning but after first squirt she fucked herself again going for second squirt.She squirted a few times and slowly her moans changed to screams.Till i saw her legs trembling and she falling down on the floor with brush in her asshole.She didn't stop rubbing her pussy.The brush was slowly being pushed out of her ass and her pussy water kept cumming out verytime she rub her clit.Now the quantity decreased and then it went from clear water to white cum.Her sweet cum was cuming out of her pussy was travelling her sexy thighs and then reaching to floor.After a while she stopped and was panting really hard.Then she slowly got up took out the brush washed it and vibrator and then washed the floor.She even squirted on the clothes she too off and kept there.

Now i just want to see her do the same again or to fuck her brains out.

Rating: 71%, Read 25234 times, Posted May 16, 2017

True Story |


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