Carly's Pregnant Adventures #2 by Doc88102

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Fiction | Blowjob, Cheating, Female, Interracial, Lesbian, Pregnant

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The first thing I did when I got back from the garage was shower. All the way home I could smell the engine grease that had blended with my sweat and the sweat of the three mechanics, I could even still taste their semen on my lips. I could feel it drying up in various places on my body and I almost crashed my car as my mind began to wonder back to what happened.

I got through the door and was up the stairs as fast as my seven month old bump would allow me, stripping off along the way and dumping it all into the wash basket, I got into the shower and felt a wave of relief wash over me. My partner was going to be home sometime soon and I needed to get three sets of semen both off of me, and out of me.

But it didn't take long before my mind began to travel back, the thought of being screwed in every hole had me ready for more. I slid a hand down over my bump and found my aching vagina, massaging it to the thought of Mark choking me with his cock, Brad stuffing himself into my pussy as Darren pounded my ass from behind.

The soapy water had began to tickle me and I was soon stood in the shower urinating, but as golden streams of piss poured out of me I kept rubbing. My fingers massaged my clitoris passed the dull ache and into an orgasm. It was the first time I had ever cum whilst urinating, it was a new sensation and the flow of urine finally stopped leaving my legs shaking. I was almost certain that I was going to fall over but I managed to steady myself.

I finished up in the shower and wrapped myself with a thick robe, I had unsuccessfully tried many times to wrap myself in a towel, but it just came undone and exposed me to whoever I was around. Two weeks ago I gave the postman a fresh outlook on his job when I had to cut my bath short and sign for a parcel.

It dropped whilst both hands were full, his eyes were then full of my new pair of breasts that had come free with pregnancy. He bent down and picked up the towel for me though so I didn't feel too bad about bursting open in front of a gentlemen.

I make sure now to always have a smile for him whenever he delivers next door's parcels, it's such a coincidence that they're never home when he makes his round.

I walked into the kitchen and after a fleeting glance to the window I had realised that I had laundry out on the line. In this weather it would be bone dry and crisp so I scooped up an empty basket and went outside.

The sun was beating down on me harder than Mark's penis, as I made my way towards the washing line I caught a glimpse of our next door neighbour. He was lounging out in a chair drinking a bottle of beer. I had spoken to him a few times, he was generally pretty easy to get on with. His name was Toby and was in his mid thirties, he was a tall and muscular black man that lived along. He had his kids over every other weekend, a term agreed at his divorce. I was seeing less and less of his eldest daughter Rihan though, I guess she had reached the age where she had a social life and would see him when she could. Such a pretty young girl. His two boys were trouble though, Sami and Eli. Their football would almost always come flying over the fence and instead of knocking the door, they would just climb the fence and help themselves.

A few months ago Sami had hopped the fence and took his sweet time admiring my underwear that was hanging on the line. I told my boyfriend about it and he said he would talk to Toby, but then he also promised me that he was going to change the valve on my car.

''Hello Toby,'' I called, ''Hello Miss Price.'' I heard back. I set the basket down onto a chair and walked over to the gap in the fence. It was around 30cm wide and perfect for a quick bit of mindless chit-chat.

''You are looking very lovely today.'' he told me smiling, I smiled in return and thanked him. ''Got the kids this weekend?'' I asked, he nodded his head and took another sip from his bottle. He was wearing only a pair of shorts as he lounged under the sun. ''Where is your boyfriend today?'' he asked, his slow and broken English was attractive in a 'I'm seven months pregnant with chronic sexual frustration' kind of way.

''He's at work,'' I told him, ''Whys that?''

''He still owes me fifty dollars.'' he said kissing his teeth before smiling, ''I asked him if I could have you instead,'' he started laughing, ''But he said no.'' he told me as he laughed a little harder. It hadn't occurred to me before now, and I knew why, but I was getting attracted to him. Being this pregnant with my mood swings had pretty much attracted me to anyone who showed an interest in me.

''You wanted me?'' I asked in slight disbelief, ''Wanted me how?'' as the words came out of my mouth I could feel the generators inside of me warming up, I was starting to feel a little flustered.

''Well you know, I wanted to see how a white girl felt.'' he said as his eyes ran up and down me, I was quickly made aware of how hot I was feeling in this thick robe.

''I've always wondered what a black man feels like too.'' I replied, I began playing with the belt on my robe. His eyes were on me and my eyes were on his crotch, I watched the fabric move as his penis began to grow.

''Maybe I could help him out with his debt.'' I suggested, like a true slut. He put his beer bottle down and got up from his chair, his short had began to resemble a tent as he made his way over to the gap in the fence.

He reached out and unfastened the belt on my robe, my bump came into view and it was followed by my breasts. He began smiling as he admired me, I returned the move and hooked the waistband of his shorts, I pulled at them a little and his cock sprang into view.

''Oh my god,'' I whispered in shock, I closed my hand around his member and brought him a little closer. If I had two hands closed around it the helmet would still be free, and even with my hands closed around it my fingers didn't meet.

''Why don't you say hello?'' he suggested. I dropped down and took the head in my mouth, I felt one of his hands come to rest on my head as with each bob of my head I tried to take more. If he fucked my throat like Mark did then I wouldn't stand a chance, I thought to myself.

''You have a beautiful mouth.'' he told me, I licked and spat into the palm of my hand before trying to find enough spit for his cock, I began jerking him off with the sloppiest blow job I had ever given. Strands of saliva were strung between my mouth and his prick, as if keeping us together. He brought his hips forward and held the back of my head in place, keeping his cock locked at the back of my throat for a few seconds. Tears began to fill my eyes as I looked up into his, a slight gag and he released me.

''Oh my fucking god,'' I said in a half choke, ''I fucking love your cock.'' I began sliding my mouth up and down along the side of his penis, eventually finding his balls. His entire member was resting on my face as my tongue massaged his sack.

I thought he was on the verge of breaking the fence apart to get at me, but he chose instead to settle for what he could get. I let him slap me in the face with his erection before sliding it back between my lips.

That was when I heard the car pull up on the front, it was Daniel, dropping my boyfriend home from work!

I knew that Toby had heard their voices too because as I tried to pull away he grabbed the back of my head and held it in place, thrusting his cock to the back of my throat again and swinging his pelvis back and fourth as quickly as he could.

''Finish what you started.'' he told me, I was starting to choke on my own saliva. I couldn't believe what he was doing, my boyfriend was going to be through the house any second and catch us. I could feel a knot building up inside of me, I needed to stick my hand between my legs and relieve myself but I had no time.

Toby was now fucking my face with only half of his cock, I could fit no more than that into my mouth. I heard the car door slam shut, just before driving off. My boyfriend must be at the door fiddling with his keys.

Toby pulled out of my mouth leaving a long thick glob of saliva to drop onto my chest, and then he erupted like a volcano. Wave after wave hit me in the face and covered me like a mask. ''Aww that's what I'm talking about.'' he gasped, ''I think I now owe your boyfriend fifty dollars.'' he said with a chuckle.

I backed away and scrambled to my feet, trying to find the washing line with my vision obstructed, I reached out and pulled a towel, furiously rubbing my face clean as I heard the back door open behind me.

''What're you doing?'' I heard him ask, I turned around and greeted my boyfriend with my open robe. Knowing it would take his eyes away from my face.

''Just wiping away a little sweat.'' I replied glancing over to the gap in the fence, Toby had gone back inside and I looked to be in the clear. I was still feeling the buzz though, it was the most intense moment of my life.

I dropped the towel and moved towards the boyfriend, ''I need you, right now.'' I told him as he backed up into the kitchen. He began to unfasten his belt and then dropped his trousers as I entered the room, I let the robe slide off of me as I took his cock in my hands. I pulled him across the room

and sat on the edge of the kitchen table, I pulled him closer and we kissed.

I guided him into me and he slipped inside of me with ease, he began pounding in and out of me like a jackhammer. I could feel the orgasm building up inside of me, I used my elbows to support myself as he pounded me with everything he had, and then he blew his load.

Just like that it was over, my orgasm was right there about to pop as he withdrew himself and leaked semen over my aching vagina.

He kissed me before backing away and leaning against the kitchen counter, as if pleased with his own efforts. It had been no different when I conceived.

''That's just what I need babe,'' he told me tucking himself back into his trousers. ''Oh, I hope you don't mind, but I told Toby that I'd go round his later and play some cards.'' he added. That was just what I needed to turn my frown upside down.

''Why don't you invite him over?'' I asked.

As it turned out, I had already made plans tonight with Claire. She was coming over for some girl talk, her and her partner were having some trouble and I had offered an ear to talk in to. I would have to wait to feel the relief I was looking for.

Claire and I had been friends since school, she was a natural blonde but had recently died it dark to try something new. She still had sparkling blue eyes though, and as much as my breast size had grown since pregnancy, they were still no match for hers.

She started developing from a fairly early age, and had recently had to switch to an E-cup bra size. She had gained a few pounds here or there after the birth of her baby boy sure, but she still looked great.

It was a little after eight when she arrived, she had with her a bottle of wine and was wearing her slippers, along with her pyjama bottoms and a loose fitted t-shirt she must have gotten from her other half. ''Very sexy.'' I proclaimed as she walked into the lounge, ''I know right?'' she replied. I saw the bottle she was carrying and dropped my shoulders, ''Your going to tease me with that aren't you.'' I complained.

''I'm sorry babe but I need it after the day I've had.'' she said slumping down onto the couch, she then looked me up and down, ''I'm obviously over dressed!'' she said.

I was wearing a pair of baggy hot pants to show off my recently shaved legs, my booty slippers and a shirt with the bottom half of buttons undone to free my bump. I also had the top three buttons unfastened too, though I wasn't sure why, I had no cleavage without a bra. My breasts though large, hung slightly lower now that they were filling up with milk.

''So what happened with today?'' I asked sitting next to her. ''Well for a start Tyler's being a bastard at school,'' Tyler was her four year old son, ''And of course It's been another week of being ignored, taking the tally up to almost two months.''

''Two months?'' I asked surprised, ''I couldn't do that in my state.'' I replied, her eyebrows raised a little, ''Trust me, another couple of days and I'm going to have to rape him.'' she said.

Claire's fading sex life was no big secret, she was almost as highly charged as I am. I decided to make her feel somewhat better though, ''Well mine hasn't been able to finish me off,'' I said in reference to my boyfriend, ''He sorts himself out just fine, but he always leaves me hanging.''

She smiled a little bit, ''Well I guess that's worse than not having any at all.'' she told me unscrewing the lid from her bottle.

''Claire, when you were pregnant did you ever do something that is very bad, but at the same time,-'' ''Very good?'' she said cutting me off. ''Yeah,'' she then answered, ''A few times. What have you done?'' she asked.

As if I knew where to start.

''Well,'' I slowly began, ''I guess it started when I jerked off Matt.'' I told her, instantly blushing. Her eyes narrowed and face contorted a little, ''Matt who?'' she asked, and then she realised, ''Oh my god you didn't?''

I nodded, ''He was watching porn in the lounge at Mom's, I caught him and watched him for a bit, he didn't know I was there until I was so turned on I just walked over to him and started, you know,'' I began motioning with my hand as her jaw remained dropped.

''I've had the biggest crush on your brother for years! I can't believe you got there first, and your his fucking sister!'' she was astounded.

I wore a slight pout on my face, but to my surprise, she started laughing. ''Fucking hell Car,'' she laughed. ''What else have you done?''

I told her everything. And as someone who had been seven months pregnant and felt the same hormonal changes that I was feeling, I could that she understood. I told her about the man on the bus, how I wanted nothing more than to pull his cock out right there on a crowded bus and suck it. I told her about the postman, and how it felt to give him such a view. I then briefed her on today's events at the garage, at which point she had to cut me off.

''You had a gangbang?'' she blurted.

''Well, I guess you'd call it that. There were three of them, I don't know what number qualifies it as one of those.'' I told her. As I made my way through my recent activities I could see her nipples begin to harden underneath her top, the thought of turning her on while telling her about my sexual adventures was starting to turn me on too.

''Anyway,'' I continued, ''I got home and Toby was in the garden,-'' ''Not him as well?'' she interrupted.

''No, no, I just blew him through the gap in the fence.'' I told her innocently. It felt good to get it all off of my chest and not be called a depraved slut.

''And?'' she asked, ''And what?'' I quickly replied, ''What was his cock like?'' she asked. She must have read my facial expression because her jaw dropped open slightly more, ''It was kind of like,'' I began trying to sum it up, ''A foot long Subway sandwich.''

The wine bottle was almost thrown across the room, ''God fucking damn it. I need to move in with you.'' she told me. She was slouching now on the couch, the t-shirt she was wearing had perfectly shaped her breasts and I was almost certain that you could hang a towel on her nipples.

''I want you to tell me about it.'' she told me, my head tilted to the side and I looked up at the ceiling, it was from the corner of my eye I saw her slowly slip her free hand down the front of her bottoms.

''Well he pulled open my bath robe, and I pulled down his shorts, it sprung out at me and I couldn't believe how long and thick it was. I had never seen a big black cock in person before. I got down low and wrapped my hands around it, I tried to wet it a little with some spit, then I took his head into my mouth.''

Claire's back had arched a little, I looked at her and her eyes were closed as she slowly pleasured herself.

''I was starting to get a little rhythm going when he put his hand on my head,'' I slowly reached out to her and lightly stroked her nipple with my index finger. I then used my middle finger to stroke circles around her areola.

She leaned forward quickly and put the wine bottle down onto the coffee table, she brought her hand back up from her bottoms and grabbed me by the wrist, pulling up her top with her other hand to reveal her E-cup breasts. She quickly placed my hand on one of them, and I couldn't lie, it felt as good as they looked.

''Tell me more,'' she said as her hand again disappeared down her bottoms.

''He pulled his hips back and his cock slipped out of my mouth, he then dropped it over my face as I began sucking on his balls.'' I told her as she began to wriggle and writhe. A small moan escaped her as her eyes were kept firmly shut.

I kneaded her breast before closing in and lashing my tongue across her erect nipple, she squealed a little and slowly opened her eyes as I licked it again.

''He then held my head, and pushed his long hard cock as far down my throat as it would go.'' I added, I then slide my hand down the front of her bottoms, she brought hers up and began pinching her nipple as my fingers explored her wet clitoris.

My middle finger slipped between her labia and found her hole, I slid the tip of my finger into her and began to massage her clitoris as her moans became more frequent. I pushed more into her and now was beginning to guide my finger around inside of her, she gasped when I felt the sponge-like ceiling of her inner vagina.

''Oh my god, that's it, right there,'' she began gasping, I began to wonder if I had found her g-spot when her knees came up and she lurched forward, a long cry of pleasure escape her vocal tubes before she collapsed back into the couch. I tried to withdraw my hand when she grabbed me, ''Oh my god, that felt amazing.'' she exclaimed.

I smiled at her as she came toward me and kissed me lightly on the lips, I returned the kiss with one of my own. We looked into one another's eyes before our mouths met again. This time her lips parted and her tongue slipped between them, that was when my own tongue came out to meet it.

We were both about ready to take this further upstairs when we heard the front door open, we broke apart from one another as Toby came into the room with my boyfriends arm resting over his shoulder.

''He couldn't beat me at cards, so he tried to beat me at drinking.'' he said smiling, ''I'm afraid he owes me quite a lot of money.'' he added before laughing as he let my other half drop into the armchair.

''How much money?'' I asked as I watched the dopey smile on my dopey boyfriends face begin to fade, his head dropped a little and he passed out. What a catch, I thought to myself.

Toby looked at the pair of us and continued smiling, ''I think we can work something out, ladies.'' he said.

Rating: 89%, Read 32670 times, Posted Feb 03, 2016

Fiction | Blowjob, Cheating, Female, Interracial, Lesbian, Pregnant


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