Ronnie's mother - part 2 by Hans+de+R

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Fiction | Female, Teen Male, Threesome

A week and a half after my incredible sex experience with Ronnie’s mother, on a Friday afternoon during lunch break, my cell phone rang while I was talking to some friends – Ronnie being among them. I pulled the cell phone from my pocket and saw that the call was from Ronnie’s home number. “Shit, my dad,” I lied to my friends, “he’s gonna bitch about the fact I didn’t take out the trash this morning. I gotta go.” I quickly walked away from my friends and as soon as I was out of hearing range, answered the call. “Tommy here,” I said.

“This is Charlene,” I heard the horny voice of Ronnie’s mother. At least now I knew her first name. “Where are you?” she asked.

“In the schoolyard,” I tried to say as offhandedly as possible, which wasn’t really easy for me since I was very nervous.

“Is Ronnie near you?” I could tell from her tone of voice that the idea that her son was in my close proximity, aroused her in some weird way.

“He was a moment ago, but I walked away. He thinks I’m arguing with my father, but he can’t hear me now.”

“Listen,” she said, suddenly in very business-like voice, “Ronnie will be staying with his father this weekend, so I’ll be alone for almost the entire weekend. Would you like to come over and keep me company?

I almost had an instant boner. “Sure I do,” I said.

“When you’ll tell your parents that you’ll be staying over with a friend, will they believe that?”

“Yeah, I do that sometimes. This weekend they’ll go visit some relatives and they don’t like bringing me along when they do that, because I misbehave most of the time, but they don’t want to leave me home alone, so they will welcome the idea.”

“Good, then you’ll tell them that. In fact it is true: you’ll be staying over with a friend, except that your friend won’t be there, but his mother will be . . .”

I swallowed. She sounded so horny . . .

“Are you still there?”

“Yes,” I hastily said, sound rather uneven.

“Ronnie’s dad will pick him up tomorrow at around nine. I’m expecting you around ten.”

“Very well.”

“And Tommy . . . I also invited a girlfriend . . .”

Before I could reply, Charlene had closed the connection, leaving me with a tremendous hard-on that I desperately tried to hide by crossing my legs.

The rest of that Friday seemed to last forever. I was so excited about what was going to happen the next day that I really couldn’t focus on anything in school anymore.

Once I got home I tried to divert myself by watching some television, but that didn’t work. Every time I saw a hot chick on television, my mind wandered to Charlene and her delicious body. When I finally went to bed I couldn’t sleep either, so I started wanking, I don’t even remember how many times I came before I finally fell asleep in the middle of the night . . .

Saturday morning at about eight my mother got me out of bed. I felt pretty wasted, because I had only slept for three or four hours. My mother was nervous and in a state of semi-panic – as usual when my parents went to visit relatives – and was yelling at me that I had to hurry up. The story that I was going to stay over with a friend instead of coming along on the family visit had gone down really well with my parents, as I had expected, likely because it was rather convenient for them.

While I took a shower my mother checked whether I had packed enough things to stay over somewhere. Pyjamas, tooth brush, that sort of things. I could hardly tell her that I probably wasn’t going to need the pyjama’s . . .

At about nine-thirty my parents left. My mother yelled from the open car window that I had to behave myself while I was waving them goodbye. They had barely left before I ran upstairs to my room, grabbed my bag and hasted downstairs again. I put on my jacket and set off for Ronnie’s house.

I walked quickly and before long I arrived at Ronnie’s house. The first thing I noticed was that all the curtains were still closed, while there clearly was light shining in the living room.

I walked up to the front door and rang the door bell. Soon I heard footsteps and Charlene opened the door. “Hi there,” she smiled, “you’re right on time.” She looked a bit different that she had the way before: she wore a dark green miniskirt and a matching dark green sweater over a light green shirt. Her blonde hairs were still in two long braids and she was also heavily made-up again.

“Hi,” I said.

“Come on in,” she said with a lascivious undertone in her voice, “Natasha is already waiting for you.”

While Charlene closed the front door and I took off my jacket, she said, “Natasha lives a couple of houses away from here. Five years ago she married an ugly old guy so she could come to this country, but she prefers nice, fresh young meat. Her husband is away for the weekend to some conference abroad, so she is here to amuse herself.”

Charlene walked into the living room and I followed her. Natasha was on the couch, holding the television remote in her hands. The moment I laid eyes on her I was struck by her beauty. She had a magnificent, finely chiselled face with strong Slavic features, incredibly long, raven black hairs and dark, beguiling eyes. As far as I could see, she was wearing nothing but a wide jean jacket without arms and white cotton shorts the pants of which were cut so short that her perfectly formed long longs were almost entirely visible. The mere sight of her, while she was thoughtlessly flicking through some channels, was enough to make my cock hard in an instant.

Natasha looked up. “This is Tommy,” Charlene said, “Tommy, Natasha.”

I walked up to Natasha, not even bothering to try to hide the enormous bulge in my pants. I shook her hand. “So, Thomas,” she said in a lilting Russian accent that sounded amazingly horny to me, “you must like the big boobs?”

“I’ll go fetch us something to drink,” Charlene called over her shoulder, before I could say something, while she was walking towards the kitchen, “you two get to know each other.”

Natasha surely didn’t mince words. She unbuttoned her jean jacket and opened it widely, confronting me with the sight of a pair of large, almost perfectly shaped breasts. Not too small, not too big either, simply perfect.

“You can touch,” she smiled, her eyes locked on my crotch, “I see you like me.”

My dick was almost bursting out of my pants by now, but I didn’t let that bother me and threw myself at her fantastic tits. I squeezed them, kneaded them, rubbed them and eagerly sucked on her nipples that were hard in no time at all. “Oh, Thomas,” she moaned, “you horny boy.”

I certainly couldn’t deny that. I was really enjoying playing with Natasha’s rack when Charlene came back, carrying a tray with three glasses all filled with a clear liquid that I assumed was hard liquor. “Vodka for all,” she laughed, while she put the tray down on the table between the couch and the television set, “ice-cold Stolichnaya. Authentic Russian vodka.”

I let go of Natasha’s tits and the three of us all grabbed a glass. It did feel cold. I had been secretly drinking beer every now and then for a while, but I had never had hard liquor before so I was curious about what it would taste like. We toasted and drank. Natasha emptied her glass in one single gulp, but the glass back on the table and sighed. “Ah, the taste of home,” she said melancholically.

I was a bit more careful and took a small sip that I swallowed carefully. I found the burning sensation that the rather tasteless liquid cause in my mouth, throat and gullet to be very nice.

“Guess you never drank vodka before?” Charlene smiled at me, having emptied her glass as well. “Oh well, just think of it as another new experience. This weekend you’ll experience more things you have never done before,” she said lustfully.

“I teach you drink vodka,” Natasha said, taking my glass from my hand. She emptied its contents on her breasts. “This way you like vodka, Thomas.”

She had a point there, I had to admit and I threw myself back at her tits, early licking off the vodka. “Horny boy,” Natasha grinned approvingly.

While I was still occupied with Natasha’s tits I could see from the corner of my eye that Charlene sat down on the couch next to her fried. She had already taken off her sweater and was busy unfastening the buttons of her shirt. I quickly noticed she wasn’t wearing a bra and when she unfastened the last button and her shirt fell upon, I suddenly realized I was in one and the same room with two pairs of wonderful, naked breasts. If there exists I heaven, I thought to myself, this must be something very close to it.

Charlene pulled up her legs and I saw she wasn’t wearing any panties under her skirt. She began fingering herself with one hand and massaging one of her tits with the other in exact the same way as she had done one and a half week ago in the bathroom.

Suddenly I felt Natasha move aside and I looked up, to see that the two women were busy frenching each other! I hadn’t thought it possible, but the sight of these two gorgeous women intensely kissing each other made me even hornier than I already was. It also inspired me to show some initiative. I left Natasha’s breasts alone for a moment and unbuttoned her shorts. The Russian woman quickly noticed what I was up to and cooperated, making it easy for me to pull her shorts from under her great behind. I was hardly done taking off her shorts or Natasha had already spread her legs. The fact that she wasn’t wearing any panties either didn’t even surprise me anymore.

In contrast with Charlene, who sported just a tiny strip of pubic hairs above her pussy, Natasha’s cunt was completely unshaven. I actually found this to be an arousing sight. I stuck my head between her legs and started eating her out. The first thing I noticed, the difference in pubic hairs aside, was the fact that Natasha’s pussy was completely different from Charlene’s in almost every aspect. Natasha’s labia were a bit smaller, but her clitoris was somewhat larger. Also, the Russian woman’s cunt gave off that salty scent of sex that made me so horny in an even stronger way than Charlene’s. Needless to say, I ate her pussy as if my life depended on it.

Meanwhile the ladies had started the touch each others boobs. From my position I couldn’t really see it very well, but what I could see of it struck me as an incredibly horny spectacle. After I had been licking Natasha’s cunt for a while, the women stopped kissing and fondling each other and got up from the couch. “Well,” Charlene said to her girlfriend, “shall we show Tommy a really good time?”

Natasha nodded and the ladies put me on the couch. While I leaned back, full of anticipation, Natasha said, “small break for moment.” She walked into the kitchen.

Charlene started to rid herself of her remaining clothes, but I said, “would you mind keeping the shirt and the skirt on? I kind of think it’s a horny sight, half-dressed like that.”

Charlene laughed. “Whatever you want.”

Natasha quickly retuned – still wearing the jean jacket that was hanging open, a sight that equally aroused me – holding the vodka bottle in her hand. She put the bottle to her mouth and took a big swig before handing the bottle to Charlene, who took quite a guzzle herself as well. “You too?” she asked me. I didn’t want to be a spoilsport, so I accepted to bottle and took a little sip, before putting the bottle down on the table.

I had barely let go of the bottle before Charlene sat next to me on the couch and began taking off my sweater and shirt. When she was done she lay down against me and started kissing me. In the meantime Natasha was pulling down my pants. It didn’t take her long to free my rock-hard prick from my underpants and she began to slowly jack me off.

All of a sudden the women changed places: Natasha cuddled up to me on the couch an started frenching me, while Charlene got on her knees in front of me, bent over my crotch and began to blow me. While doing so, she rubbed my legs with her tits, which was an awesome feeling. In the meantime, I was playing with Natasha’s tits again with my hands.

After a while Natasha let go of me and knelt beside her friend. The ladies began sucking and stroking my cock together, driving me completely crazy. At a certain point Natasha was sucking on my dickhead, while Charlene was running her tongue across my shaft and the both of them were playing with my balls. It wouldn’t me long before I couldn’t hold back anymore felt that I was about to explode in a major way. Natasha and Charlene apparently noticed, because just before I was about to reach my orgasm they abruptly halted their divine treatment of my dick. “Wait a second, kid,” Charlene grinned, while my impending climax was slowly fading away.

“Time for fuck,” Natasha smiled and climbed on top of me. She manoeuvred my prick in her pussy and started to frantically move up and down. Charlene sat next to me on the couch and altered between kissing me and sucking on Natasha’s nipples.

Apparently the ladies enjoy variation, because a while later they switched positions again: Natasha got off me and Charlene knelt on the couch. “Take me from behind,” she said. While Natasha sat down next to Charlene on the couch, started to finger herself and to lick her girlfriend’s breasts, I positioned myself behind Charlene and stuck my prick in her cunt. I began to slowly thrust, but that was not what Charlene had in mind.

“I said,” she exclaimed lustfully, “from behind! Stick it up my ass!”

I hadn’t thought of that, but well, if that was what she wanted . . . I pulled my cock back and manoeuvred it upward a bit. I slowly pushed it against her anus, wondering whether this was actually possible. “Come on,” Charlene screamed, “ram it in!”

Then I guess I have to, I thought and shoved my rock-hard cock in her asshole with all my strength. To my surprise it slid in rather easily, even when Charlene’s butt hole felt wonderfully tight. I began to thrust hard and wild and it wasn’t long, before I found myself on the brink of coming again. “Aaaahhhh . . . I’m gonna come!” I exclaimed.

“Get it out!” Charlene yelled back.

I did as I was told and pulled my cock from her arse. Charlene turned around and lay down next to Natasha, both women ready to receive my semen.

I grabbed hold of my hard cock and aimed it at both ladies while experiencing an amazing orgasm. I discharged thick blobs of sperm on the faces and boobs of both women, who eagerly received the streams of semen. When I was finally done ejaculating, they were both covered in sperm and I fell down on the couch, exhausted.

For the time being I had had enough, but Charlene and Natasha apparently did not. I saw they were already frenching each other and rubbing my sperm all over each other’s breasts, which made for an otherworldly horny sight. Before long their fingers were touching their crotches again and it didn’t take long before they had fingered each other to an orgasm.

“Well, “Charlene said while she and Natasha got up, “we’re gonna take a shower together. You can watch some television in the meantime. If you want to you can watch a video as well. In that closet over there is a whole bunch of tapes. In case you want something to drink or eat, you know where the kitchen is. See you in little while.”

I nodded and the girlfriends left the living room. I wondered what kind of other things they were planning. So far this ‘staying over’ had exceeded my highest expectations. And it had only just begun . . .

Rating: 91%, Read 40265 times, Posted Oct 16, 2008

Fiction | Female, Teen Male, Threesome


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