Owned by dogs: part 4 by CupcakeFucker

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Cum pearl became the face of the facility,her husbands fucked her rigorously, three shared a really good bond that viewers of their videos enjoyed as her holes were permanently damaged to the point of no return as they were in gaping state for all the time. You could easily fist fuck both her asshole and pussy at the same time, instead wasting water on enema cum pearl thought Morty and suge to piss in her asshole which inturn acted like her daily enema.in 4 months time she didn't train any other dog as she was continuously rented by share holders whose names were on her thighs unlike previously where they used to just display her in parties etc this time everyone of them took her to their place and fucked her thoroughly as she was sent to them with no accessories on her except her socks ,once a share holder took her to his company's board meeting to impress the directors with almost old men around their 60's and 70's all in their suits with cum pearl stark naked servicing them orally and old men didn't have trouble penetrating her holes with their soft dicks. She had no issues sucking their old stinky wrinkled balls as she didn't care what fucked her whether it be old men, dogs or any other creature she completely transformed into a sex object

although before sending her caretakers used to wash and disinfect her anal hole and pussy hole to get rid of dog scent. even in this cum pearl used her bitch brains to further tease share holders in one of meetings they had. She was like all other bitch girls in facility was given the responsibility to serve drinks
.Cum pearl's attire was special as she wore nothing , not even her signature socks . Her entire body was covered with oil and her wet hair was tied in high pony tail. She had her husbands earrings, her asshole was the highlight of the evening with 8 rings pierced in to the asshole,which held a 10cm diameter ring fitted inside them keeping her asshole expanded her insides were constantly visible, she even had a pussy expander ring of 10cm, her perineum was almost non existent but it's existence was made aware by a piercing ring which ran from her asshole to pussy and her favourite fuck bell attached to it which announced her entry and exit. Main item was her new pearl necklace which had two rows of pearls, it was informed that after her sessions with share holders she would bring back their cum mostly in her mouth and had requested them to be filled inside transparent hollow pearls and once she had all 25 "cum" pearls she had this necklace made for her. the rich went nuts on her dedication to become the cum pearl.the stake holders who missed on top 25 spot paid 15times the money of highest bid to have cum pearl wear their cum so after this meeting cum pearl not only had 200 new fuck sessions scheduled but she filled the treasury way beyond it's limit.

Facility tried to recreate new cum pearls but almost all of them were not consistently impressive as O.G cum pearl they had a girl fuck horses, another girl was trained to eat dog shit yet another had her arms and legs amputated but no gimmicks worked like cum pearl and her wannabe's were sold off to cut the losses.

So one day they called out all 16 dog bitches and their husbands to the garden and the couple's were made to sit in two parallel lines facing eachother.later cum pearl entered with her two husbands and started their mating session everyone could see the pleasure cum pearl was experiencing her face turned ahegao with her husbands humping just as they finished she drank the cum collected in the basin below them and with that basin she went to the nearest dog placed the basin in front of the dog and she just went on all fours with her holes facing the dog. The dog growled at the smell of brothers but instantly went to fuck cum pearl in her pussy, he howled as he dumped his cum inside her as usual cum pearl drank the cum in basin and similarly went to all other dogs and got owned by them , after zig zaging through the parallel line she went to the opposite end and sat in Nadu position but with her hands behind her head. Nurses came and started piercing her with rings from her armpits to her side eights on each side once all 16 rings were firmly in their place caretakers collected all the tags from dog bitches collar stating their husbands name and one by one was hanged to 16 piercings at the sides of cum pearl. Cum pearls eyes were teary due to pain from piercing. they announced that from today onwards cum pearl will be the "queen bitch" and she will be the first wife to all the primordial dogs of the facility and she will be the first possession of all these dogs and all other dog bitches are demoted to "second wife" position and to regain their husbands they have to beat revenue records set by cum pearl and as a punishment they will not have sex for a whole week as cum pearl will go on a tour from one husband to another to spend her honeymoon. Meanwhile to make everything equal the brothers will be given two new dog bitches to train and subsequently make them their second wife during that one week time. So along with current 16 dry dog bitches 2 more will be added and as per cum pearl ,brothers will be her primary husbands who would get more time with her compared to other dogs.

In her honeymoon almost all dogs loved to own her, something was up with her insides that hooked the dogs, who fucked her more times than they ever fucked their original wives probably it was her fuck bells although all of them enjoyed. only 7 were able to properly bond with with assholes kisses from both and face licks from dog masters. these seven were "buster" a great dane that played by pulling cum pearl around after inserting his knot (which was the biggest in facility and her holes were tight in comparison) , "lover" a Labrador,"Bruno" a doberman but not as big as chief and spok, "Thomas" a saint Bernard with whom cum pearl loved to cuddle due to his warm fur,"thor" rottweiler a ruthless fucker that made her drink his piss,"champ" a German shepherd and finally "doc" a bull dog that would drag out longer mouth to mouth kiss with her. The one she hated the most is "Rex" a pitbull/great dane hybrid who knotted inside her mouth she struggled to breath all along . It seems Rex is the new alpha, cum pearl accompanied the dogs on their social gatherings along with which ever husband she was scheduled to spend time. Rex didn't care who she was with he would piss on her and either fuck her infront of other dogs or make her lick his dick which brothers absolutely hated but didn't want to fight rex so they just used to bark from a far as Rex plowed their favourite bitch.

after that week of honeymoon she was sent to 200 shareholders who had rented her although they wouldn't have their name tattooed on her permanently but they would get to see their cum turned into a beautiful pearl.

During her away time second wives were reunited with their husbands that were stolen by cum pearl unlike before everyone dutifully fucked their husbands with more passion and vigour but it did nothing on the revenue which slightly rose. But all were directed not to drink the cum instead all of that cum was stored away in a container for a planned event i.e., cum pearls fourth wedding ceremony.

Cum pearl after she returned from her share holders tour was introduced all the dog bitches she stole their husbands from ,apart from the new twins who were given to brothers everyone kinda disliked her, twins were still digesting their change in lives. The moment cum pearl saw them she squatted on the ground spreading legs wide she opened her vagina and started saying that she is sorry for stealing their husbands and that she was just acting out orders from caretakers ,she doesn't like to break up lovers like that so as punishment they can do anything to her except harming her body . The caretakers that were around allowed it but they stressed that no one is to harm her body so hitting etc is out of the table .

Rex's bitch didn't like that cum pearl was given the title "queen bitch" so she went upto her asked her to clean her asshole cum pearl obeyed without any question and she also saw her name as "cum knot" tattoo on her back .all the girls had similar tattoos their names on lower back, portrait of their husbands on thighs , only 4 had two husbands and shareholders name on their other thigh but torso had variety of tattoos like scorpion, sun , butterfly, human skull similar to her snake with "this property belongs to dogs of this facility" below their collar bones most odd one was on twins they both had a single fish one swiming upward and another downward and if twins stand together it looked like yin yang. Apart from few bitches everyone came either had their fuck holes cleaned or had cum pearl worship their feet.but at the end an asian bitch came upto her and kneeled and kissed her on lips introducing herself as Buster's bitch "drool drinker" since he drools a lot she is supposed to drink his saliva and clean floors off of his drools with her tongue .she smiling exclaimed that cum pearl truly deserves the title "queen bitch" since she completely abandoned her humanity and need to dominate but lives to just serve whoever commands her.drool drinker was fully covered by tattoos most were patterns but here and there she had woman mating with octopus, dog, snake tattoos. since drool drinker was the last one caretaker interfered stating today queen bitch will be choosing a bitch minister who will be kept with her always during her mating sessions to help her with her toilet activities since they can't install relieving centres everywhere to accommodate cum pearls damaged holes. Everyone went pale thinking they are to eat and drink cum pearls shit and urine they started to pray she doesn't select them. Cum pearl was asked to choose, she internally knew no one would suit her except drool drinker hence drool drinker was named bitch minister and caretaker revealed that she would not eat excretion but will be given tools to clean area with her hand but she will lick queens holes clean and that they opted away from making her eat shit because of their recent failure with dog shit eater girl who got extremely sick and had to be sold off .but as punishment for the behaviours other bitches showed to their queen every bitch except twins who didn't participate will be assigned to eat shit of queen and her minister in their week long stay with all their husbands since eating shit for a week would not effect severely that too they have 15 people sharing the task.

Hence queen and her minister was scheduled to spend time with atleast two dogs at once with all their toilet bitches attending to them in silence while twins were warded with brothers.first were brothers reuniting with their favourite bitch they instantly mounted her both holes ,all minister could do was stare at how in sync these three were, when brothers were ready for second round cum pearl being the generous queen made her minister go on all four and guided her husbands in drool drinkers holes , minister instantly started to squirt cum pearl crawled in front and started to kiss and bite her tongue passionately,loosing herself she shited while kissing her minister,cum knot was first in line to fullfill her punishment she hated the queen but had no choice but to obey so she slowly ate the pile of shit between queens leg and started to clean her holes this caused cum pearl to orgasm as she looked into the eyes of her minister. By the time their fuck week came to an end even ministers holes started to fall apart they agreed to clean each other up hence the two bitches with damaged holes were the leaders of their bitch pack.

On the day of cum pearls wedding ceremony.all share holders were gathered in theatre with introduction of "queen bitch" who had a crown tattoo on her neck above collar bone and her "bitch minister" who had a septum ring. Queen was scheduled for a cum bath before her wedding, there was a tub filled with all the dog cum collected over last few months. Cum pearl entered the small cum pool and with the help of her minister. cum which was freezing was applied all over her, her golden hairs shined from all the cum that got accumulated in her hair. Later minister brought a pump and started to pump cum into queens ass once it was filled to brim they connected each other's ass with a dildo pipe and queen slowly unloaded her bowel into her minister ,audience could she bulge of queen go down as her ministers belly started to swell a huge dildo was inserted to keep cum in her belly and later program of decorating the queen for her wedding started . Caretakers brought in the cum pearl body chain made of cum from all the share holders. It has a collar of three rows of pearl and a tightly knit column of three rows over her sternum and rows of pearls started from that middle piece and would be joined to her piercing at sides like rib cage starting from her armpit to her hips with 9 rings her breasts were partially covered so they didn't add her nipple piercings. Her eight rings were added to her ass hole piercings and her 16 rings added to her back corset pierced holes and red clothe was laced through those rings and a simple knot was tied above her name tattoo, her white ankle socks were brought in and was soaked in the cum. Her hair was fashioned to drop her left side covering her left breast, a pearl drop tiara was brought and was fixed onto her head the pearls in the shape of drops contained cum of dogs she was about to be married. She was kneeled in the middle of stage with her hands tied together from a hanging rope. Share holders were given the chance to explore her beauty as people poked her with sticks , shoes and even some inserting their shoe tips inside her ass she kneeled there with no emotions in her face.she was taken backstage as share holders got back to their seats while some went to wash themselves from touching dog cum covered bitch. Bitch minister came in announcing the arrival of queen followed by cum pearl with all her accessories and shine on her skin from bathing in cum, her 8 rings in asshole, her clit ring and her fingers except thumb all had leash ends attached to them and as she came further away from the curtain at the back slowly bitches she ruled over crawled behind her with their head down once every one was visible on stage minister stated that since these bitches failed to entertain their husbands properly queen will take over the task of being bitch hole these dogs deserve. the crowd cheered like crazy for the spectacle they saw , all bitches had pearl wrist bands , necklace to show support to their queen although these pearls didn't contain cum.
Their leash was separated from queen and was kneeled in front line with their leash going to an eye bolt in ground front of them. Caretakers removed ass rings and attached a leash to her clit and fitted it to ground as she got on her hands and knees.

Minister announced that this wedding will be decided by dogs whether they want cum pearl or other options provided to him i.e., a real dog bitch in heat of same breed that will be tied next to sides of cum pearl and hence first dog "buster" was announced to enter stage as care takers brought in two great dane bitches and tied them on the stage.
Buster came on stage and went on to sniff all three bitches at his disposal, cum pearl didn't have her signature fuck bells to make it a fair game.buster chose the queen bitch over bitches of his own species going against his instincts to mount cum pearl's asshole and once he went ass to ass he thought of pulling her around like a toy but was foiled by the clit leash attached to the stage many thought clit would tear off but to everyone's surprise it didn't , all while cum pearl was just staring into her front with no expression, no time for pleasure she was doing a duty. Once the mating session ended a tag saying "Buster's ball licker" was added to her piercing in her armpit as her minister licked her asshole clean even lapping up the cum dropped on the floor. Similarly all 18 dogs entered with similar options of bitches from their breed but all chose the queen cementing her claim as a dog's ultimate fuck toy.by the end she was garnished by tags "Rex's blow toy" , "lover's fuck doll","bruno's dick sheath","Thomas's cuddle onahole","Thor's piss jar","champ's cum candle","doc's kiss monster","Rambo's pounding cumbug","kane's anal rose","zumbo's cum tube","zazzy's whore","emperor's concubine","Daddy's princess","Godfrey's oral slave","shadow's vanity bitch" and as usual"morty's cum slut", "suge's fucktoy".

Before her final test a AV played of cum pearl, suddenly emotionless face of cum pearl turned red and she hid her face .it was during her tour of share holders that she managed to stop by her parents who owned a dog "Brutus" her childhood friend. She proposed to enter her parents house in casual clothes and record a video of her fucking her childhood best friend. When she was in her house plotting to take Brutus to attic and record video. Five guards rushed into her parents house tied her parents to chair and forced cum pearl to stand before them as they ripped her clothes and made her wear her cum pearl necklace and earrings. They explained that she has taken two dogs as her current husbands and she has already fucked more than 20 dogs . Her parents started to cry seeing her tattoos. A guard went inside and found old Brutus he brought him to the living room where the action was taking place he fed him some performance enhancers and applied bitch harmones on cum pearls ass as all this was recorded.cum pearl got down and with the help of guard Brutus was inside her humping like crazy as her parents tried to look away guards peeled their eyes open and forced to look at their bitch daughter cum pearl took this as a que for her monologue "she thanked her parents for giving her birth and how thankful she is to life as she got to find her true passion i.e., being a subservient bitch to dogs , she could see bulge inside her dad's pants but the daughter side of her decided not to punish him further by sucking his dick. Once her mating was over Brutus got off and slowly succumbed to his death since his old body couldn't handle such arousal. Her father thanked guards as he now didn't had to put him down after what he saw , he also hoped Catherine would drop dead but that was far from happening. Audience applauded to her brave AV.

Now back to her wedding ceremony,all these dogs were familiar with her holes that may have effected their decisions so to answer the debate a new dog who never fucked a human bitch in his life was brought on .he was a Dalmatian named "spots" along with two Dalmatian bitches who he has mated with before as the dog was let loose he went straight to dogs sniffing their ass and even tried to mount a bitch without even sniffing cum pearl just then in teary eyes cum pearl appealed to spot to choose her infact she begged spot to fuck her .Dalmatian got off and started to sniff cum pearl's back ,instantly he knew this was a special bitch so without further delay he mounted her but had trouble inserting his penis , with help from caretakers he penetrated cum pearl . As knott entered her pussy she thanked spot for considering her to be his bitch and promised to never disappoint him as he was humping her whole crowd gave her standing ovation.

Later that day queen was locked inside a closure with all 19 dogs she married that day with her fuck bells attached to clit ring, belly ring, perineum ring and it was a glorious gang bang with brothers maneuvering their DP , Rex claiming her mouth while other dogs licked her body humping her hands and legs . Once the brothers were done other dogs tried to recreate the DP some gave up and some managed clumsy ly. During this rigorous fuck session she felt she was owned by dogs and her life belongs to this dog when everyone were tired they left the bitch to sleep in her cum pool. Sometimw during gangbang her tiara had fell down and now was lying in a goo of cum just like her representing the status of queen bitch. The photos of this was sold on very high price it was decided that once cum pearl's prime end she is to be made into a taxidermy statue mating two dogs wearing all her accessories from fuck bells to cum pearl body chain.

cum pearl was the ultimate dog bitch!

Rating: 100%, Read 96 times, Posted Mar 15, 2023

Fiction | Bestiality


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