Owned by dogs: part 3 by CupcakeFucker

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Last part had ending but i loved writing this story so I'm continuing.

Newly christened anus fairy was now moved in with her new master husband "chief" who unlike spok her last husband just used her as a fuck meat and right after mating he would go away either to eat or sleep. Anus fairy wanted to rip his balls off but she kept her last promise to spok and continued to be a submissive bitch which inturn aroused her with humiliation. She thought there wouldn't be anything more degrading than fucking a dog but this seemed like a new level of degradation wearing her lover's murderer's name around her neck, his portrait on her thigh and drinking his cum after getting fucked.only good thing was she always remembered spok when her fuck bells rang everytime chief fucked her.

Chief loved to take her anally so much so that he had forgotten about her pussy so to prevent her anus getting damaged permanently caretakers introduced a tail plug made with few hair fragments shed by chief .it mainly consisted of hairs collected from her previous trainee golden retriever "joshy" since chief has small hairs , chief didn't care much about other dogs scent on her eventually.

After few weeks she was told that her matchup with chief didn't workout that much since their initial mating during funeral of spok .share holders lost interest in them as they had no dynamics. So she was made to go tours to her share holders homes to fullfill the remaining list of names on her right thigh,most of them just had her fuck their pet dogs in their parties and almost no one fucked her as they didn't want this wretched dog pussy around their dicks,Some had torture sessions without any permanent damage to her body .it took her around 3 months to cross off all names and she was returned to chief who was already sold to some rich old women and had only one week in the facility as he became depressed without a competition from spok maybe toll of exacting revenge and didn't train bitches with same tenacity he used to do which had earned him his permanent place in facility.in the remaining one week he fucked anus fairy fairly for around 3 times a day.in a way anus fairy was disappointed to discontinue her degradation.

In coming days caretakers took anus fairy to a surveillance room where her clit leash was fitted to ground and she was in Nadu position ( Back straight, head up, kneel back on heels, legs spread wide apart, hands on thighs). Caretakers sat on chair, a tv was present infront of her. They informed her that she was the best bitch product they have ever produced, her videos would bring in 10 times the revenue of her colleagues ever she has been paired with chief her number has dropped and now they want her to decide her next fuck master/husband for the first time in facilities history.they went through profiles of 8 dog lords each genetically modified to be a fuck beasts. In that list there were two dog brothers , two huge mastiffs. An idea came to her brilliant dog bitch mind she proposed instead of one husband they give these two brothers who get along really well according to their profile. She said she wants to try DP with these brothers one in her pussy and one in her ass which may need time to train the dogs and also that she is willing to let her two holes get permanently destroyed by constant fucking she would recieve at the hands of brothers, honestly she loved this idea so much she started to wet the carpet below her. Caretakers were taken a back with her proposal as DP "double penetration" was never tried in the facility but they knew this gamble may pay off as this was something share holders never saw in their life so they started discussing some technical terms. They were very impressed by anus fairy that they offered her to give herself a new name. Instead of Catherine, anus fairy instantly said she wants "cum pearl" caretakers agreed and said her training will start from tomorrow with guidance of caretakers because although these two dogs were masters at fucking bitches they had to be thought about pacing and mounting the bitch one after another. She was fed with her favourite meal that day but to her dismay she didn't get any fuck that day. Next day all three were brought to a neutral training chamber . The brothers went straight to anus fairy and started to lick her face and genitals in turns. There were two caretakers to overlook mating. Both brothers were introduced to anus fairy as "Morty" and "suge". A caretaker separated the young brother Morty from the bitch and commanded him to sit from a distant to where bitch was .suge was guided to mount her pussy which he did effortlessly and within 1 minutes of humping he released the knot inside her after which he was commanded to go ass to ass with her which suge did easily all while Morty was sitting whining. Morty was brought in and guiding him to penetrate her ass which looked like a challenge for a bit, eventually they got him to mount and even knotted with her but Morty tried to imitate his brother and go ass to ass which was prevented by the caretakers.all while anus fairy was silent and drooling like crazy and went mental with pleasure of two dog knotts penetrating her simultaneously. This training continued for a week where brothers were alternating her holes and the one in her ass was thought to hump while the other was supposed to silently release his cum. On 8th day of training anus fairy was left alone with the brothers with no caretakers.

When aroused brothers actually barked at eachother a bit to decide who gets what and eventually settled to Morty fucking her pussy and suge getting her ass and further during the day they alternated the holes.they fucked her for 7 times with Morty getting ass 3 times and suge 4 times. Her anus seemed to be their favourite since they could hump. Anus fairy cared any less who got what she was happy to witness both brother's dynamics in a good way compared to other brothers she came across previously which was sad, They spent a week in that chamber to fall in sync with eachother.

After their training it was time for her third wedding ceremony. She was taken for tattoo and she was marked with her new name that she chose "cum pearl" with a pearl necklace at bottom of the text on top of her previous name "anus fairy". Her left thigh was filled her previous husbands tattoo so they moved to her smooth calves with portraits of both brothers with a text under it saying "this brotherly bond shares a bitch between them".
Her wedding was scheduled and all share holders of the company which ranged around 200 people were summoned in theatre. They were informed that they be bidding to get their names on cum pearls right thigh .the top 25 people will be chosen and they can display her in their parties or any events they desire however they liked. The event began with mating sessions with newly trained bitches and their new batch of dogs , share holders were also finished their dinners and as the deserts were served it was time for the show stopper. Cum pearl was now brought in the centre of stage with her clit leash she adorned nothing but her stud piercing in her nipples, clit leash,her fuck bells, a pair of ankle socks and a pearl necklace around her neck although those pearls were fake they were shining on her milky white skin. Her hair was smooth and was let loose hanging to her left as she went on hands and knees facing the audience. Even without the surprise of two brothers-facility had prepared for share holders the bidding war started just to get this elegant beauty ,even the share holders who didn't even cared to bid on her initially during her rape with spok rushed. Once bidding war reached a certain peak and stopped .

the intercom guy came forward saying they have a surprise groom for cum pearl's third wedding and hint was on her right calves which everyone seemed to miss. Without further delay he announced the arrival of "GROOMS" as the brothers were led inside and audience started to talk among themselves as the two dogs were sat at sides of cum pearl . The announcer explained that these two brothers decided to share cum pearl as their wife and all three spent time in their living in phase , now they decided to take it to final phase and marry/own her. Two Japanese style earrings with 4 inch fabric attached to the ring was brought in was showed to audience each ring had name of a brother. A nurse came on stage and started to arrange her tool as the intercom guy pulled cum pearls hair back and held it above. Nurse pierced her ears and placed the earrings with her husbands name. "Morty's cum slut" was on left ring and "suge's fucktoy" was on right which brought loud applause from audience and bidding urge was forcibly stopped so to not interrupt the wedding ceremony. Her clit leash was fitted to a eye bolt in stage with adequate tension. After they brought a microphone infront of cum pearl and let the two brothers loose on stage with the command of "mount" coming from caretakers. Brothers took turns licking her face , ass and vagina which caused bit loud noises from dogs lapping of her face. But both brothers tended to her freshly pierced ear lobes. The brothers gave eachother a look and barked in a decent manner and Morty mounted her pussy causing cum pearl to gasp as he humped for 5 minutes straight (the brothers were star performers they knew what the crowd liked) and once his knott went inside he slowly went ass to ass, as suge advanced almost all share holders started to stand up to get proper view of what was going to happen. Suge first went to cum pearls face and got his dick licked and methodically lifted one leg to enter her ass causing a loud moan from cum pearl and started to hump her as his other leg came down to position as her fuck bells restarted to ring.
Cum pearl collected herself for a moment and with running breath as suge humped her vigorously started to speak on microphone "I cum pearl previously known as "dog-dingbat" generously named by my late first husband spok and "anus fairy" fairly claimed by my second husband chief have been recently claimed by these two brothers master Morty and master suge, they have given this bitch her rightful place as their fuck meat and permanently marked me as their's like no other by damaging my fuck holes to never close by using me as their fucktoy ssh aah ahh, i solemnly swear to be their dutiful wife obeying their every commands" she had stop in between to orgasm as suge continued to hump as Morty started to dump his cum in her belly. She continued as if nothing happened "i feel extremely blessed to be shared by this brothers they always make me feel like i belong to them so please bless us in our new adventure of life as we step into holy bondage of this marriage" microphone was carried away and rampant bidding war started as cum pearl was ravaged on stage by the brothers. The profit from this bidding was atleast 15 times higher than any previous ventures they had.

Cum pearl and the brothers were moved in a huge kennel where every chamber had a relieving centre to accomodate the ever gaping holes of cum pearl . The brothers even learned to spit roast cum pearl without inserting knot inside her mouth as they both cared for their bitch. Sometimes brothers fucked her individually only when one was too tired as brothers absolutely loved sharing their bitch wife.

As per cum pearl she was able to move on completely from spok and the bells rarely reminded of him. Her usual attire would be her earrings which she would remove when it felt uncomfortable, her pearl necklace which she never removes even during bathing, her fuckbells attached to belly ring and clit ring. Although she has completely abandoned her ass wrist cuff rings as they are not needed whenever she is with her husbands only worn to train new dogs. She kept the socks on as it felt cozy and she found it dignifying unlike previously where she craved for degrading. She had more than enough cum to drink but never became chubby due to cardio provided by the brothers, she got a tattoo of dogs paw print on her perineum she was happy as brothers would get jealous of other dogs when they fucked and they used to drench her with their piss.

She was even gifted a corset piercing with a red cloth running inbetween her 10 rings pierced on her back and lace tied just above her name tattoo. It took some time to teach brothers not to mess with it as now on huge demand from share holders a glory hole chamber was fitted and she was to service share holders using her mouth as two brothers fuck her other holes. She was meant to wear her corset piercing and had to look directly into camera fitted right above the hole. The revenue was at all time high thanks to cum pearl, her stomach never had problems in mixing human and dog cum frequently.the sight of milky white lady fucked by two dogs with a piercing suggested by you sucking your dick and staring at her face as all this unfolds was a addictive experience for share holders.

Rating: 100%, Read 49 times, Posted Mar 15, 2023

Fiction | Bestiality


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