Owned by dogs: part 2 by CupcakeFucker

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Part 2

Right after their first anal session both fell asleep and after giving them ample time and once dingbat was awake intercom announced that since this is the first time,she is exempted from punishment of not cleaning her husbands dick and lapping up the cum gifted to her. She realised the grave error she had done but it was too late to clean her loving and caring husband's dick but she chose to lick whatever cum was on carpet with her ass held high not to spill whatever was still in her. There was a basin right outside her room labelled "cum collector" she carefully crawled to it and just squatted without applying pressure and just small Amount of cum spilled on to the bowl. She accepted her status as dog cum guzzler , lifted the basin to her mouth and drank it in one go without tasting.

Later that day she found station to clean herself with sponge and an enema station next to it with all the instructions needed.she was to keep her hair in long braids , her nails all in check and oddly she had no products to shave her body hairs but she was already completely bald below her face so she shouted to the roof as if talking to the god asking for shaving products. Intercom responded saying she was lazer treated and will no longer produce hair below her head . She was happy that she will be smooth for her husband and ate her food which was decent without any extra seasoning that were promised. She felt oddly cozy and went to her husband and as a show of love started to lick his asshole. Dingbat felt extremely proud that she able to communicate with her husband as spok started to wave his tail for the first time she has seen and turned to lick her face . dingbat without further delay went under and started to stroke his sheath and once penis started to protrude she licked it , kissed it and started worshipping it. Spok got away and motioned her to get in position to receive his love. Dingbat just went ass up and left the choice of which hole to her husband. Spok rightfully penetrated her vagina and started their mating session, once it ended dingbat remembered to unload the cum in bowl , clean spok's dick and later drank the cum , this time slowly savouring her gift . Catherine was long gone and only dingbat remained.their life went on without struggle with daily 3-4 mating session in ass or pussy based on spok's mood , her food sometimes contained cum ,piss etc but nothing mattered to dingbat.
On the 5th day she was summoned outside and a stud was pierced into both her nipples and two days later the couple was summoned to a theatre with a mutual leash splitting to spok's collar and dingbat's collar, only spok had the authority to drag her by her clit leash which was still intact to her healthy body .
On stage of the theatre dingbat was brought along and made to kneel with her hands back . A cuff was secured on her hands in the back and she was bent such that her studs in her nipples could be locked to floor where each stud was fitted and collar type of thing was inserted under her face keeping her chin parallel to floor and her face towards audience.
She saw many people having dinner, spok was introduced as the trainer for the bitch on stage and he was ordered to sit at the corner and the announcers stated her training is complete and now they would like to showcase their current batch of dogs trained which will be going out to sale. First a German shepherd "scotch" came and mounted dingbat for her pussy. Dingbat wanted to impress her husband since she can't lick this dogs asshole she thought she would just talk her mind out. As scotch inserted his knot dingbat shouted in pacing breath to everyone's surprise "thank you master scotch for inserting your knot into this bitch trained by master spok, since I'm trained by master spok i should be satisfactory to you" . scotch was not as sharp as spok so it didn't care what bitch shouted and ended the session by Cumming into her belly, a basin was produced under them to collect any cum that spills. Scotch just disconnected and went away. This careless gesture made dingbat feel glad that spok was her master as he would always come infront to lick his bitch. In similar fashion 14 other dogs of other breed took turns fucking her in ass and pussy . Dingbat shouted every time knot was entered giving spok credit for her training once the ordeal was over she was left with huge amount of cum collected in basin which was drunk slowly by dingbat after getting free.she along with her husband was later moved to their kennel. Dingbat went to suck her husbands cock as soon as they entered, all the emotionless fucking made her fall in love with spok. After mating ended with all prescribed formalities a guard summoned her outside and attached a small bell to her clit ring , "this is spok's favourite bell from his childhood and when you two fuck the jingle produced by this bell shall make him happy" dingbat became immensely proud that she earned this reward and went inside and started another fuck session immediately this time spok entered her asshole and started his wild humping. Once he heard the loud jingle he started shaking his tail and howled in happiness while claiming his bitch. This burst the flood gates of happiness in dingbat and she started squirting. Spok did not go ass to ass this time instead spent the entire fuck session humping her. This broke dingbat's mind and she fainted in both exhaustion and pleasure. Their happy life continued for their scheduled time together and everyday since the bell was attached both fucked for 6-7 times a day and only exhaustion prevented both to do anymore.as the month concluded dingbat was summoned outside and her clit ring was opened and was hung on the kennel wall. She thought it was a permanent ring but it had some mechanism to spilt the ring.
She was walked into another chamber with instructions that she is a fully trained bitch now and she will be in charge of a new dog that is not familiar with fucking human bitches and her clit leash was removed so the dog may not irresponsibly tear her clit. She was given few bottles of bitch harmone to apply on her orifices and was given assurance that these dogs are trained to not harm humans and know generic dog commands however training them in mating was solely her responsibility.
Dingbat felt depressed being separated from spok and his fuck bell whose tune had grown quite well on her also. She fed on the food in the chamber and was wondering how she can teach and a huge Tibetan mastiff was freed inside her chamber.it was very cheerful despite it's scary appearance and went straight to her ,licking her face asking for some scratches. Dingbat read his name on collar "piston" she played with piston and was out of depression but still she longed to go back to her husband. After playing a while she got right to business stroking the dog and licking it. It did stimulate the penis to come outside but piston himself was not interested in mating instead wanted to play. She went opened the harmone bottle and applied it to her pussy which awakened the mating instinct in piston and directly beelined to her pussy and started to lap in up. She sucked his dick again to which piston started to hump. She thought this was easy and went on her hands and knees, piston mounted her but was much heavier than spok. She tried to direct his penis into her vagina but piston was pistoning his dick wildly into her ass cheeks and thighs and due to force dingbat could not maintain balance. She saw a rape bed in the chamber and went and lied on it their although she got balance but she utterly failed to get him to penetrate her . After a hour long try piston and dingbat both were exhausted. Intercom adviced dingbat not to loose faith and that dogs usually take time to figure out penetrations even in female dogs . She had atleast 1 to 2 week to train this dog to just penetrate her holes and after that she will be returned to her master. Dingbat teared up with just the thought of mating again with spok, she was sure that he is her's soulmate. 1 to 2 days went by without piston penetrating her. Dingbat feared her reunion may get delayed so she requested for a big dildo or anal plug. Her plan was to gap her asshole and try getting his penis inside. She was supplied with anal plugs of variety of sizes and she chose one slightly bigger than spok's knot and kept it in her ass for 3 hours and determined she removed the plug and applied harmones to her gaping hole and went to her rape bed. Piston got exited again and by this point dingbat had trained him to unsheath his penis without sucking or stroking. Piston mounted her and she just had to grab his dick and directed it into her asshole. It worked piston penetrated a bitch for the first time and session overwhelmed him as he howled in joy .dingbat was determined to take his knot not just penis so she kept the grip on his penis and after 2 minutes of humping knot finally touched her sphincter , piston was just humping and was not concentrating on pushing his knot into her so she took it on herself and forced it inside her asshole and tried to grip it tight aaaand it worked piston stopped humping and just laying on her slowly releasing his cum into her ass and humping now and then.she mated with him similarly for a second time that day since he is new and couldn't do more sessions, later days she came around to teaching him her vagina and blowjobs. By the 8th day piston owned her forcibly taking her whenever he wanted not caring whether she is eating or sleeping. It was as if the innocent good boy that walked in was no longer present and all she could see is a sex crazed dog that thought her as his property .well, that was exactly her objective. She was congratulated on intercom and was led back to her husband after 9 days with piston. She was eager but as she tried to enter the kennel spok growled at her and she had to back track outside in confusion. Spok sniffed around her as she was some other dog's bitch for 9 days he pissed on her cleansing her off other dogs scent. This liberated her in a way she took the clit ring on the wall separated the chain as it was a bother to her while crawling but kept the fuck bell and went straight into her lovers chamber for a fuck session without even cleaning herself. Even though spok was smaller in size he made up more than necessary in how he treated her, he marks her with his piss, cleans her face when she sobs and fucks her 7 times a day, he even licked the scratch marks left by piston on her back. She realised that size doesn't matter personality does. The bells sound started to echo through garden as two lovers fucked eachother.

Time skip......

It has been 1 year since dingbat was kidnapped and turned into spok's bitch meanwhile she has trained 10 dogs including piston ,all of them started out innocent and by the time they finished they owned dingbat and treated her like a absolute fuck meat so they were very popular in the market such was the training provided by dingbat's submissive fuck holes. She was also rented to her shareholders time to time, first one made her fit into a device which had her ass pointed up and at surface had a volcano . It was for his kids science fair where dingbat's trained asshole muscles were put to use in pushing out fake lava once the service was done the name on her thigh was crossed permanently using tattoo. Similarly two more had rented to play with her body and one for a erotic display of her body as a statue for his private party.

As per her love life she earned a belly ring with another fuck bell, she got a big ring on the two adjacent sides of her asshole which had a chain with wrist cuffs making it easy for her to expand her asshole, she used this accessory while training her other fuck buddies too they were convenient since they were also removable. She had two permanent marking on her shoulder and breast, bite mark from spok while fucking his bitch to the chim of his favourite fuck bells so to prevent further incident she was made to wear her hair in braided bun fashion which worked in her favour as spok now used to fuck her in doggy style pulling her hair arching her back. The videos of these two lovers mating and live shows were huge hit. she even thought spok human way of missionary fuck position. Both were not big fans since they couldn't hear the bells but this used to rouse audience during their fuck shows. A happy ending was soon to be coming to an end, as time gradually went by the fuck sessions which used to go for 5-7 times a day was gradually reduced to 1-2 times due to old age of spok. During a inspection with vet dingbat found out that spok is 11years old and had three bitches in his life time and he had not taken any of them as closely as dingbat. Vet also revealed that spok's liver and heart is damaged severely due to performance enhancer drugs that made him fuck 7 times a day and his days are numbered.

That night couple didn't indulge in pleasure activities instead dingbat was lying on spok's body like it is a pillow just staring at the roof the most feared dog spok was like a puppy with his favourite fuck bitch. She remembered her vow of getting a new master once spok dies, which made her wonder whether the caretakers knew about his condition and she loudly promised that she will obey her new master and make spok in heaven proud of his training despite her feelings.after few days dingbat was given to train a new dog , a mutt called Ronny .she spent 4 days with him and he started treating her like his fucktoy and the training was almost coming to an end but abruptly dingbat was summoned by caretaker and was lead to a morgue with dead body of spok. They informed that spok was killed in a brawl with his old nemesis brother "chief" a black Doberman just as huge as spok. He was killed during daily socializing of dogs in the facility, chief might sensed spok's weakness and pounced to exact his age old revenge. Dingbat uncontrollably weeped for her dead lover, she was informed that spok's funeral was scheduled one day after and during the same time her wedding ceremony will take place with her new husband who is yet to be decided.

Next day dingbat was moved to a chamber and was introduced to her fiance "chief" she was repulsed by the decision and opposed it but caretakers explained that it is the nature's way where the usurper gets all the possession of the conquered. She requested whether there was any other alternative but caretakers didn't budge and said this new relationship even excited their share holders and reminded her of her last promise to spok. She sobbed but accepted it, chief had only eye and other side was deeply scared and had some fresh wounds on his other parts of body. Caretakers explained that when they were pups spok had blinded chief and ever since they hate eachother now chief gets spok's bitch for his eye . Chief moved to dingbat , marked her with his piss similarly to his brother and started taking her from behind and once their first mating session concluded three food bowls were brought in and dingbat realised this may be her renaming procedure.once it was decided she was again taken to tattoo chamber, her left inner thigh was now going to be marked and one more tattoo on top of her previous name. Once the procedure was done she was left to rest and on the sunrise she was woken up and showed her new tattoos her thigh had portrait of chief right next to his brothers and under it read "conquered by master chief".
On her lower back her new name "anus fairy" with wings was marked to deem her revolutionary anal plays. She was given her fuck bells and was told that she would keep it forever. She was equipped with her anal wrist cuff rings and a braided bun with viel. Her thigh tattoos again covered by stockings and high heels. She was led till funeral ground where chief was waiting for her. They attached her clit leash to him and he led her to the burial spot where shareholders had gathered.
There again intercom guy was the acting priest, all this pissed off dingbat now known as anus fairy for making her lover's funeral a vanity event. The intercom guy explained everything to share holders and turned to officiate anus fairies wedding. He asked her "will you take your husband's murderer to be your new fuck master"
Yes answered anus fairy
"You have been re christened by your fiance as anus fairy from now on you will also be referred as "chiefs slut"" with that a collar with tag "chiefs slut" was tied to her neck.
"Chief has already marked you as his bitch and now in front of your old husband's mortal remains you will consummate your marriage"
Anus fairy dropped on her knees. Caretakers fixed her wrist cuffs to her anal rings with her head on ground she peeled her ass open for her new master and requested chief make her his fuck toy.chief took the invitation and penetrated and even grabbed her hair and pulled it right back to which share holders responded by "both brothers take their bitches in similar way" and as he started to fuck his bride 'anus fairy' started to moan in pleasure with tears rolling down her eyes with the sound of her fuck bells.

she was happy that spok's send off is happening with his favourite bell sounds . Share holders interpretted it as "bitch is so horny that she started to squirt during her husbands funeral getting fucked by his killer, such a pathetic bitch is suited for dogs not humans".
It was ecstatic for anus fairy as spok's body was lowered and chief's knot entered her . Chief kept to humping and started to howl his victory.

To be continued

Rating: 100%, Read 71 times, Posted Mar 15, 2023

Fiction | Bestiality


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