Germany 1946 Part Two by Chriscrazy68

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Fantasy | Oral Sex, Rape

Chris couldn't take in what was happening before him.
Phil kept whispering .
" We have to do something ".
" There is nothing we can do , we have to wait ".
After the young girl had been raped by three soldiers she passed out .
She was dragged away and was put on one of the chairs with her legs spread apart .

The officer pointed to the two youngest soldiers ,then looked towards the chair .
The soldier's knew what would happen if they didn't obey , and started walking towards the chair .

The officer had the Mother and the eldest looking daughter dragged over to the table , they were pushed face down facing each other , the soldier's tied their ankles to the table legs , then stood back smiling .
The two officers stood up they took the other daughter and led her into the farmhouse , a few seconds later they heard her screaming out .

The men began the raping of the Mother and eldest daughter .
They were taken repeatedly , sometimes by two ,and three times at once , the rape lasted about four hours .

All the soldier's finished off using their mouths to clean their cock's .

One of the sergeants looked over at the young girl , the two soldiers were knelt next to her crying and shaking , they hadn't touched her .
The sergeant walked across and shot them in the head , he picked up the girl and carried her to the table ,he pushed her down face up , looked into her crying eye's then spread her leg's and rammed into her, he had leant down covering his mouth over her's but the muffled screams could still be heard .
After a few minutes he stood up , his cock still deep inside , he then lay down on the ground , he held her tight against his chest , his arms pinning her's against her sides .
Chris watched as he looked at the other sergeant , he gave a smile and a wink .
The sergeant walked up to the girl , her ass up in the air , he spread her ass cheeks apart , then in one thrust ripped inside her .
It didn't take long for them to finish , they pulled out and forced her to suck their cock's clean .
The two officers came out of the farmhouse and barked out orders .
The soldier's started dressing .
He walked up to the man and laughed at him .

" We will come back , and see if your wife and daughters have babies .
Two soldier's took the man and his son behind the farmhouse , Chris heard the two shots , at least their ordeal was over .

The officers and men got back in the jeeps and trucks .
After ten minutes they were gone .

The mother and daughter slumped of the table , they crawled over to the young girl and wrapped their arms around her .
The girl in the farmhouse came out and collapsed on the doorstep ,
Her hair and face covered in cum , her lips were swollen , there was blood and cum in between her leg's .
Chris and Phil took off their ghillie suits and then shouldered their rifle and stepped down , and into the courtyard .
When the Mother and daughter saw them they crawled back to the table bent over it and spread their leg's wide apart ..

Phil moved to the farmhouse , the girl began screaming .
Phil returned with carrying a load of blankets .
He covered the girl in the doorway , then moved to the Mother and daughter and gave them blankets .
He made his way over to Chris who was holding the young girl , tears were in his eye's , he looked up at Phil and shook his head .

" She's gone , choked to death , he took a blanket and wrapped it over the girl , then carried her over to her Mother .
The mother and daughter screamed over and over again .
Chris calmed them down , then handed her young daughter to her .

Both mother and daughter cried uncontrollably .
Phil was with the girl at the farmhouse , his arm wrapped around her , her head rested on his shoulder .

Chris turned around and went over to the barn , he entered cautiously , then called out .

" Its ok , we are here to help ".

He moved deeper inside the barn , he saw the boy hiding behind a turned up table , a rifle pointed at him , he moved even closer , the barrel of his rifle moving up and down ,and side to side , he moved even closer and saw that the safety catch was still on , the boy's finger not even on the trigger .

He looked at the boy , and smiled , it's ok . I want to take your girlfriend to her Mother and sister's , they need her ".

Chris out out his hand towards the girl , she backed away .
" Please please don't hurt me , don't rape me . "

"No One is going to hurt or rape you ".
Just follow me outside .

Rating: 0%, Read 244 times, Posted Mar 12, 2023

Fantasy | Oral Sex, Rape


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