Germany 1946 by Chriscrazy68

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" Fuck me mate I thought the war was supposed to be over once the Russians had taken Berlin and the Germans , God knows how long it will last now "

Chris turned and looked at his long term buddy Phil Fletcher .
Both of them camouflaged in their ghillie suits laying in dug out in a small wooded area looking at the small farm about 300 metres away .

" Yeah me too Phil , but Stalin decided to want the whole of Germany and to make them suffer for invading their motherland , but hopefully now China has declared war on them it wall soon be over ".

" And for fuck sake why aren't France , Belgium and Holland helping us out , after all we fucking liberated them , fucking bastards ".

" They are neutral now , they had enough , and they don't have much of an army now ".

Chris lifted his telescopic rifle and aimed toward the farm .

A man of about 46 was splitting logs , two children were playing , a girl of about 12 was running around with her young brother on her back pretending to be a horse .
A girl of about 17 was walking towards a barn carrying a bucket , she stopped at the barn door for a few moments , looked to the left and right , a boy of about her same age appeared from the left side of the barn , a rifle slung over his shoulder , the girl grabbed him pulled him inside and began kissing him .
Chris smiled to himself , young love in the heat of war , he thought to himself , if the young man died at least he would have died happy .

A woman about the same age as the man came out of the the farmhouse and began hanging washing on a clothes line , two other girl's much not older than the girl in the barn were helping her .

" Bloody hell mate , look at that , haven't seen women like that for ages ".

Chris was now looking past the farm at the track on the opposite side about 500 meters , it wouldn't be long before the advance party of the regiment .

The woman and the girl's finished putting out the washing , the girl's went into the house and then came outside , one girl carrying a couple of bottles of wine , the other girl carrying a tray loaded with bread and cheese .
Then the family sat at the large outdoor wooden table , and began eating , the young girl and her brother kept playing , the girl in the barn stayed where she was ..

About 15 minutes later Chris heard the sound of vehicles , he zoomed in , Americans , what the hell were they doing here , the Americans were supposed to be supporting them on the left and right hand flanks .

They pulled up on the farm courtyard , the farmer stood up and waved at them .

Chris saw the officer jump out of the leading jeep , pulled out his sidearm and fired into the air .
They weren't Americans , the sidearm was Russian made .
The troops formed two ranks , then using their rifles surrounded the family moving them into a group .

The officer sat down and gave out an order .
One of the soldier's grabbed the boy and made him kneel on all fours , the officer put his heavy boots on the boy's back , and relaxed ,picking up a bottle of wine and a handful of bread .

Chris looked towards the barn , looking up he saw the girl a hand was clasped over her mouth .
He understood what was happening, her lover didn't want her screaming .
He saw the girl pulled back out of view .

" Jesus what are we going to do mate ".
Chris looked at Phil .

" Nothing we can do , I've counted 24 of them , we're out numbered , and we don't have enough ammo , we'll just have to hope that the regiment get here soon "

Chris took sight of every soldier , it looked as if most of them had been dragged out of the class room , two sergeants looked to be mid twenties, , the senior officer drinking wine looked about 45 , the junior officer about 30 .
An order was given and the Mother and daughters were made to stand in front of the officers .
They began shaking their heads in protest ,the young girl had her arms wrapped around her mother's legs .

The father moved towards the officer shouting out loud
The officer turned ,pointed his pistol at the man and shot him in the leg , the man collapsed on to his knees .

The mother and daughters began stripping , the youngest daughter sat and cried when her mother pushed her away .
The officer pointed to one of the young soldiers , the soldier moved to the young girl , looked down at her and began shaking his head side to side .

The young soldier dropped to the floor , a fountain of blood gushed upwards .
One of the sergeants moved to the girl , he looked at his officer , the officer nodded his head .
In minutes the young girl was naked as the day she was born , the sergeant dragged her to the table , placed her face upwards , so she was looking upwards at the grinning officer .

The sergeant dropped his pants , the Mother and daughters began screaming when the realised what was to happen .

The sergeant , grabbed the girl's ankles and spread her leg's wide apart , placed his huge cock in between the girl's legs and thrust forward .

The girl screamed out in agony , the sergeant rammed inside her over and over again , the officer poured wine into the girl's open mouth , after a few moments the screaming stopped , the sergeant stopped them pulled out , blood and cum were dripping out of her and down her leg's .
The sergeant smiled as he looked down at the girl , flipping her over onto her stomach .

Chris turned his head away , then heard the girl begin screaming again , after a while the screaming had stopped , he turned and looked back at the girl , all 24 soldiers were in a line waiting to take their turn at the officers commands.

Rating: 0%, Read 195 times, Posted Mar 11, 2023

Fantasy | Oral Sex, Rape


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