Revenge for my Mother .Part Three , Deflowering by Chriscrazy68

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Fantasy | Oral Sex, Rape

Jane heard the voices coming down the steps , the light , which was just a light bulb attached to the electric wire .

The woman entered first .
" Good morning my little darlings I hope you slept well , we've got such a busy day ahead of us ".
James and Jason followed behind carting two trays .
" Breakfast is served eat it all up , I want to see empty plates when we get back ".
The three of them left .

Jane was starving , and thirsty , she finished the meal in minutes , and drank half a litre of water , she put the half bottle in the corner of her cage .

Lisa picked at her food , it took nearly half an hour to clear the plate , she drank her whole bottle of water , then pushed the plate and bottle away .

An hour later James entered the basement .

" Come on , time to begin the day , follow me and keep your mouths shut ".

The were led into a large bedroom , one huge double bed was in the centre , a couple of armchairs and a large sofa , a dressing table with a full length mirror .

Then Jane saw the camera's all on tripods pointing at the bed ,whatever was going to happen was going to be recorded , it sent a shiver down Jane's spine .
James went and joined Stella and Jason on the large leather sofa .

" Well my darlings , I do hope your going to behave , especially you , she looked directly at Jane , Lisa know's what happens to naughty girls , don't you Lisa ,we don't want to invite Jake to join us do we ? ".

Jane looked at Lisa who began to shake .

" Lisa take Jane into the bathroom and make sure she has no trace of pubic hair , Jane you will check Lisa , when your certain , you will come back into the bedroom ".

The two girls went to the bathroom , both red with embarrassment , they checked each other's pussies .
Jane looked at Lisa . "Who's Jake another friend of theirs ?

Lisa shook her head

" No Jake is a large black Labrador dog , they tie you down on all fours then rub dog food around your breasts , pussy and asshole then let Jake lick it all off , then you are given the choice to suck his cock , or let him fuck you . ".
" Oh God no surely not , your joking with me , yeah " .

Lisa burst into tears quietly , and whispered to Jane .
"They made me suck the dogs cock , I really had no choice , he was so huge , he would have done serious damage to me " .

" Come on girls stop wasting time ".

The girl's went into the bedroom , they stood with their heads looking down at their feet .

Jane you get on the bed in your hands and knees , Lisa you go and sit in the armchair and spread yourself , legs over the arms and pussy lips held open .

Jane got on the bed and did as requested , she watched Lisa move to the armchair , and spread her leg's wide apart and opened her pussy lips .

Jason took time putting Jane in the position he wanted her , when he was done he smiled at her , nearly ready ".

Jane was in the middle of the bed on all fours , pillows had been placed under her stomach and breasts.

Jason returned with a laptop and propped it up facing her .
" You will keep your eye's wide open , you will not look away from the screen ' .
He knelt close to her ear , " if you do , you'll see Lisa and Jake having fun , then it will be your turn , I bet Lisa told you about her friend Jake didn't she ?..

Jane nodded , " Yes ,yes ,just now in the bathroom ".

" Good you'll know what's in store for you if you don't do anything I say " .

Jason told Stella to operate one camera and James the other one .

" I want close up shots , especially her face Stella "

She felt Jason get on the bed behind her , felt him use his knees to open her even wider apart , felt something cool being rubbed over her clit , in between her labia , the felt something pushed against the entrance to her pussy , a cool fluid was squirted inside her , then felt his cock head put pressure against her hole ..

Jane trembled , so this was it , he was going to fuck her , take her virginity which she wanted to lose to a caring loving boyfriend , not some monster like him "

Suddenly the screen lit up , You have a message popped up on the screen , she watched the cursor , move to open ,
Then in front of her eye's was her father .

" Daddy , daddy , please , please come and get me ".

Stan Buxton remembered the last part of the note .
Turn yourself into the police , confess to everything you did
" Shut your eye's or look away , and you will never see your precious daughter again . .

He gripped James hips , then thrust forward as hard as he could , he ripped into her , he felt his cock head hit her cervix , he pulled nearly all the way out then thrust inside again .
"Scream bitch fucking scream , beg me to stop , plead with me ".

Jane screamed and screamed , she never felt so much pain in her entire life ,, on and on , he kept pounding inside her .

He looked at the screen , tear's were running down her father's face .

" I'm so sorry Angel there is nothing I can do , I have no idea where you are , I can't stop him '.

Jason screamed at the phone , you know how to stop this ,so do it or she'll be getting fucked all day and night , let's see if this helps you make up your mind .

Jane felt him pull out of her , then felt the fluid squirting in her tiny asshole .

"Nooooooo , Oh God Nooooooo , stop stop don't ,not there oh God daddy he's going to kill me ".

Jason thrust hard and deep , felt his cock stretch her anal walls apart , he entered her colon , then collapsed on her back .

" Well Buxton I think she really enjoyed that , two virgin holes gone in minutes , and it's only 09:00 .

Then James looked at the screen .

" I'm next , and I fucking love tight assholes , then we'll both do her at the same time pussy and asshole ".

Stella looked at the screen , and she'll have a nice pussy to enjoy as well ".

" So Buxton , let me know what your going to do tomorrow , don't disturb us until then , we have a fun day planned ahead ".

Jason turned off the screen .
He pulled out his cock , moved up in front of Jane .

" Open wide , you know what to do ".

Rating: 100%, Read 284 times, Posted Mar 01, 2023

Fantasy | Oral Sex, Rape


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