The Coach's Wife by eternalone

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Fiction | Group Sex, Non-consensual sex, Teen Male

RWS #17 At University they called her Frigid Freida. A trophy wife that was lousy in bed. She looked the part, a hot tamale, but in bed she was yesterday’s burrito. Coach thought she just needed tender hands, but nothing worked. She went through the motions, but there was no passion or enthusiasm. She tried to please, but had no spirit in the bedroom

One Friday she was at school in the locker room looking for Coach, not knowing he had gone home. She heard a commotion in the side practice room, boys cheering, thought he might be there, opened the door.
The noise immediately stopped when she opened the door.
Suzy was leaning against the wall, clutching the front of her blouse, a group of boys around, cheering and cat-calling.
“Take it off.”
“What’s going in here?”
“Nothing. We’re just having some fun.”
“Suzy – you can leave.”
“But…they didn’t hurt me….”
“Never mind. I’ll take care of them. You go along.”

“Some women like more than one man.”
Ron was team captain, and spokesman for the group.

“What were you boys going to do?”
“Nothing she wasn’t asking for. Just have a little fun.”
Ron grabbed his crotch, and rubbed his pecker, with the smile of a horny teen. Others agreed.
“Lock the door Moose.”
Six foot Moose closed and locked the door, standing in front of it, an immoveable force. Freida’s mood changed, not as defiant, she backed against the wall.
“My husband is right down the hall, he’ll be here any minute.”
“He left an hour ago.”
“Okay, fun’s over. Let me go.”
No one moved.
“Hey guys. My uncle went to State U when she was there. They called her “Frigid Freida”. Maybe she doesn’t like guys. Maybe she’s a carpet muncher. Is that it, you don’t like guys. Maybe it was Suzy you wanted.”
“Don’t be ridiculous.”
“How about you put on a little show for us, like Suzy was going to do.”
Some, under the breath comments from they guys, some cock rubbing too.
“Let me go now, and I won’t say anything to anybody.”
“What are you gonna say, our word against yours. Show us your tits, like Suzy was going to.”
“Jokes over. Let me go – now.”
“Come on…take off your blouse. What’s that gonna hurt.”
More of that horny teen mumbling, cock rubbing too.
Freida clutched at the buttons of her blouse.
Moose got behind her, grabbed a wrist after he brushed the diamond tennis bracelet aside. Grab the other wrist after pushing the gold bangles aside. Then he slowly separated her hands, spread eagle, iron cross of pretty pussy. Moose stood a head taller then the ice berg, outweighed her 50+ pounds. Her struggles were short lived, futility was obvious.
“Maybe you need some help.”
He nodded to the guys close to her, “Go ahead Eli, help her.”
Eli was the youngest, and shortest, certainly the least threatening, but also the least experienced with lady’s buttons. He fumbled around a little, maybe because he was looking at her tit buttons, instead of the blouse buttons. Her nipples pushed through her sheer bra, obvious under the white polyester blouse.

Under her breath, “You don’t have to do this.”
But the guys heard her, started teasing him, did not help his ego problem.
He focused on the buttons, got them undone, pulled her blouse open.
Teasing stopped, silence, silent cock rubbing.
Ron knew what Eli was thinking, everyone was thinking the same thing. “Go ahead Eli.”

The least of you shall be first, that was Eli, youngest, shortest, least experienced, the first to reach up and feel her knockers. Moose was a head taller than her, and she was a head taller than Eli. From his prospective, her nipples were right at mouth level. He licked his lips and looked over to Ron. Great minds think alike, Ron nodded his approval, he knew what Eli had in mind.
Eli put his hands on her waist, right at the waistband of her skirt. Freida started squirming and Moose tightened his grip to remind her that she was not in charge. He whispered in her ear “We’re not going to hurt you, relax. We just want to have some fun.”

For the first time her eyes focused on what she was seeing. What woman could relax in a situation like this. There were six boys, two with cocks showing. She would swear that when she came in, they all had T-shirts and gym shorts on. Now, one nude, one with only a T-shirt, and a lot of skin showing, and more as the minutes tick by.
Freida was nervous, anxious.
“What are they doing?”
Their hard cocks betrayed their motives. Some played with their balls and fingered the root.
Others gripped and stroked.
All eyes were on the prize.

Eli was left-handed, so he went for the left mound first, even though it was his mouth getting the satisfaction.
Her ‘D’ cups filled the sheer bra to overflowing. With the blouse pulled aside, nipples were centerstage in all their glory. The mounds themselves were glorious in their own right. The perfectly formed nipples were the icing on the cake. Eli put a mouth lock on the nipple, before the vision disappeared. He sucked on it, and it was soon saturated with his saliva. His cock was hard, still contained in his gym shorts, he pulled the two of them closer to each other, so that his prick rubbed her skirt at her thigh.

As he switched nipples, he wrapped his hands around, and hugged her, and realized he had a wonderful opportunity.
His hands found the bra strap, he worked until the two side separated, when he took his mouth off, both tits fell from their cups. The reactions varied, but admiration was obvious. The ripe melons were in their prime, the fall from the cups was slight indeed.

“My turn.”
Ron was polite, but let Eli knew to step aside. Eli was removing his shorts as he backed up.
“A couple of you go get some practice matts. We want the icebox to be comfortable.”

Freida’s bra was loosely covering her trophy tits. Ron slipped his fingers under the fabric, and Freida squirmed again.
Ron ignored her, as his hand offered his mouth an unfettered nipple. He had some cheerleader tits in his mouth before, and everybody had a taste of Suzy’s offerings, they were lacking compared to these.

As he suckled, his hands found the catch and zipper for her skirt around back.
“What are you doing?”
Rhetorical question.
The skirt dropped, lots of favorable comments as it hit the floor, and black panties remained.
The guys were coming in closer.
“Take her blouse off.”
She was struggling as the two guys helped Moose to strip her down to her panties.
By that time there was a matt in the middle of the room, everyone knew what was next, especially Freida.

Ron stood in front of her. The other swinging dicks were close by.
“Maybe you just haven’t had the right man yet.”

Freida was uncharacteristically calm, her struggling had stopped. She looked around at the proud meat, and with half a sneer, half a smirk, said “I don’t see any men around here.”

Freida ‘came to her senses’.
When she assessed the “men” threatening her, she saw boys. Teenagers, “feeling their oats” was a common expression. She knew their parents, had met most of them. They were going overboard with this sexual stuff, but they had no intentions of actually hurting her. No beatings or broken bones, no knives or weapons. They wanted to feel like men. They were going to take advantage of an innocent girl, that was wrong, and she stopped them. She did the right thing, regardless of the consequences. They outnumbered her now, right here. When this ended, life would return to normal.
Teenagers are notoriously bad at seeing repercussions of their actions. After this was over, she would expose them, put an end to their sexual intimidations. She would get Suzy to back her up. She would let the boys play, and not give them the satisfaction of objecting. They wanted her compliance, she would comply. She would be in charge of this shindig.

Freida shook off her restrainers, stepped out of her shoes and dropped skirt, and pushed her way through the cock handlers to the mat.
“Is this for me? Aren’t you considerate. Who’s first?”

Delay of game as players are looking at each other, trying to figure out what is happening.
Ron speaks up.
“Suzy was going to give me a blow job.”
“Well you can forget that buster.”
Ron considers the situation. He is not in the mood to have teeth marks on his crank. If she is willing to spread her legs…

“Go ahead Ron.”
“Yeah, you first.”
“Get some towels – four of them, the big ones.”

Moose holds Freida while four guys wrap a towel around each ankle and wrist. The towels will help to control her, and prevent bruising.
She is laid down, spread eagle, Ron and Moose go first.
She wiggles and squirms, flailing about, but four against one, it is useless.
She stops struggling, but one of the guys starts playing with her tit, relaxes his hold, and she almost gets her arm free.
Ron rubs his meat on her bush, while he looks at her face, but she will not look at him.
“Do it Ron!”, someone shouts. “Yeah, do it.”
Ron puts it in, watching his stick splitting the hairs, he buries it as deep as it will go. He pulls back, she is unresponsive. Ron goes full speed with the in-out, unable to control his enthusiasm. He shoots, pumps it in, no response.
“Moose, you’re up.”
One by one the boys get their turn, with no reaction.

Ron pulls one of the guys aside.
“Go get Timmy. Tell him we need him – no, tell him Coach’s wife needs him. Here’s the keys to my Lamberti.”

The boys have another go around, they all agreed, better than a hand job.

By the time they are done, Timmy has arrived.

Freida has acquiesced to her situation. She gets no joy from these boys, she has certainly had better. Her revenge will come when they are expelled. Now they bring in this misfit, probably to laugh at him. Boys can be so cruel.

“Get him out of here. You don’t have to make him part of this.”
“Gosh Miss Freida, I’m here to help.”
“Show her Timmy.”
The chant starts slowly. “Show - her. Show - her.”
Timmy unbuckles, and drops pants and underwear, revealing a man-sized slab of meat, still soft, hanging limply, all 10 inches. Wonderful symmetry, this was no pencil dick, it had girth to match. The uncircumcised head was partially hooded, partially revealed. Such fire power requires a healthy supply of ammo, and by the size of his balls, he was prepared for a siege. Big hairy nuts to complement the weapon of war.
Freida looked, without believing. She had seen dildos, but none this realistic.
“That’s not real.” she smirked.
Timmy got closer.
“Sure it is Miss Freida. You can touch it.”
She knew then it was real. She could tell by the sound of his voice. He was hurt, that she would question his authenticity. Yet, she still had to touch it. She sat up on the mat, slowly, almost ceremoniously, so that the wonder bar was right at eye level, down to her navel.
Her two hands hold it, slide up and down the shaft, feel the roundness of it. The skin is so fresh and new, like the skin of an infant. She skins back the foreskin, exposing the full pink head. It has started stiffening, getting fatter, and longer. She feels the power of it in her hands. Her world becomes herself, and this marvelous display of manhood. If any cock can give her release, that has been so elusive, surely this is it. It feels powerful, but innocent, and new, attached to this child-man.
She looks up at his face, and sees childhood innocence, he looks at hers, and sees a nice lady that needs a good fucking. While looking at each other, she purses her lips and kisses the head of his cock. While he watches, she takes the head into her mouth, and lightly suck on it, as six teen boys watch, while they choke their chickens.
She keeps her eyes locked on his, as she took more into her mouth, while her fingers played the skin flute. The cock was hard, everyone knew what was next.
Freida laid on her back, pulling her new companion with her, between her spread legs. Timmy took aim, and her two hands confirmed the target, as she guided it into her portal of love. As he laid into her, she put her hands on his hips. She felt him inside of her, filling her like never before, but still more. She let out a little chirp, and Timmy stopped.
“Don’t stop. All of it, please.”
Timmy was glad to hear that, because that was the plan. Fill the hole, plant the seed.
It was tight, at the bitter end, her arms circled his waist, and she squeezed, and bit down on his shoulder.
She held her breath, until he bottomed out, and started reverse. She was nice and wet, most of that cum still in her.
The second in-out was slow too, making sure the path was smooth. Then Timmy started giving her the long draw. She was oblivious, to the hands starting to feel her. Her tits first, then some got pushed off, went all over her body. She opened her eyes and saw the boys, who tried, and failed to give her satisfaction. This one was different. One of her fans started sucking, a nipple. He feels a soft hand on the back of his head, and opens wide to try to consume the whole melon in one bite.
Trophy wife is feeling generous, to the boys who started this.
Her admirers started timidly, cautiously. She had stopped objecting, no restraints needed. Their full attention was to displays of admiration. It may have looked like pawing, and molesting, but they were simply inexperienced.
She returned their attention, with some cock holding. Someone placed their plaything in her hand, and she kept it, fondled it. Soon she had two, with others waiting.
Someone got another good idea, and offered his cock for some kisses, or maybe sucking. She was not so enthused, remained tight lipped.
Timmy saw his friends being rejected, and halted the service call.
“Timmy, please, I need more.”
“He’s waiting for you to suck.”
“Is that right Timmy?”
“Yes. Please.”
So nice, so polite. How could she say no.
As soon as Eli’s young cock entered her mouth, Timmy resumed the in-out, and she knew she made the right decision. She certainly did not mind. Eli’s little pecker was cute. It was only in her mouth a minute, and Eli made his deposit, followed by each of the boys in turn, alternating right and left.
During the suck-fest, which lasted about five minutes, Timmy brought Freida to the edge of ecstasy, and held her there with skill unheard of for one so young.
When he was sure all of his friends had a turn, he turned on the charm, and Freida was screaming for joy at her first big O.

They took a break, then Freida asked Timmy for a repeat performance.
The guys gathered around the new romance and stroked their cocks, popping off on the couple, which seemed to trigger the Coaches wife to have her second orgasm.

Ron loves it when a plan comes together.

Welcome to the Rear Window Universe, where everyone is motivated by sexual gratification of themselves or others, and teens are sexually precocious.
These are real people, and real stories, however they represent a very small slice of society. They act on impulses a sane or reasonable person would reject. The chances of these very people living anywhere near you is extremely remote, that is true.
Here is some more truth.
Teenage boys and girls are having sex with their parents, and other adults, the primary sex drive can come from either direction.
It may be consensual, or coerced, but it happens.
Our intent is to give the reader a Rear Window view, into the lives of individuals who were the subjects of various Psychological Case Studies.
A Rear Window view allows for a very personal experience. We want the reader to empathize with the subjects, not merely read about them in a detached way. We want the reader to feel what they may have felt, to experience a release of emotions, even if slightly deviant from mainstream society.
We found certain examples that were particularly interesting, even though the studies themselves were rather sterile, dry, matter of fact. We wanted informative, but entertaining, something with market appeal, for the non-professional.

We wanted case studies that read like narration, a story.
We gave all of the tapes, interviews, court documents, photos to a team of graduate students, from both the
Literature and Psychology departments, who then retold the narrative, often in the vernacular, rather than the formal jargon.

The reader should be prepared for heart wrenching accounts, that may have them crying – sometimes for joy, as they jerk off.
The literature students sometimes got carried away, trying to develop imagery and evoke empathy. The reader may find more description than necessary, but publishers believe that experienced readers will skip ahead to the “good parts”, and be no worse off.
The “Rear Window Series” has a style that will not appeal to everyone, no style does.
We are looking for serious readers, who appreciate the style, and ask for more.

We do not have an efficient way to read comments, we get no alert or indictors. We appreciate comments, but production time is valuable, and we can only review for comments a few times a year.

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Rating: 100%, Read 413 times, Posted Mar 01, 2023

Fiction | Group Sex, Non-consensual sex, Teen Male


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